new energy

the energy that your new consciousness activate out of the potential (neutral state);
New energy is balanced and complete unto itself that is created when you let your divinity find the solution; But all the time remember it is you;

= (human + divinity) = (outer expression + inner reflection) = (the king + the queen)
= reunion = new love = new ascension = new divinity = new energy
= new consciousness = new deimension = sacred and safe space

< New Earth 1 > It has been the theme of the Crimson Council, from the very first, that there are many changes for you at this time. You have recently entered into a new energy.

< New Earth 2 > But, as you develop your own empowerment and you begin to learn to work with these new energies, you will be able to heal people in a way that you could never imagine. You will simply be able to - hmmm, Cauldre asks for clarification on these words - you will simply be able to look others in the eye, into their soul, and tell them they can put down their swords. They can put down the battles. They can stop living in their shelters and in fear. FOR THERE IS NOW A UNITY THAT THEY CAN TAP INTO IF THEY CHOOSE.

< New Earth 4 > We call them the "weavers" for they are here to meld the dimensions, to meld the worlds together. They are here to help create that new space that we sit in. In so many channels before, we have said that the energy that is created here, when the human melds with Spirit, when the humans open their hearts up to let the sacred energy in, that is the new energy, the energy that you are going in to in you new times. So we call in the "weavers" now to do their work.

< New Earth 4 > Literally, after the energy measurement takes place, you could imagine two different earths, now appearing side-by-side, together. They will be in the same space, but they will be different. There will be the earth of the new energy, for those who are willing - or for those who have taken the leap across the chasm (Tobias makes reference to a previous channeling about the Spiritual Chasm) - who are willing to go into a place of love, and who are willing to be the pioneers in the new energy.

<New Earth 4> Shortly after the measurement of December 13 will occur a very powerful astrological event. It is an event that was planned many eons ago. This is a specific alignment of the planets in the fifth month of your new millennium. The purpose of this event is to bring in a new energy. It is an energy of renewal. It is an energy of resources. The bottom line is that it is an energy of empowerment that comes in the fifth month.
Now, this event has been lining up for a long, long period of your time. And again, it was assumed from your prophets that the earth as you know it would no longer exist. There would only be small pockets of humans that remained after the major cleansing. This alignment of the planets in the fifth month would bring them new energies to build a new human race.
Again, my friends, the earth is different. There was no need for destruction and chaos on earth. The vibration level has been raised high, so that this energy that comes in can be used by you and by all humans. It is the energy of the new empowerment.

<New Earth 4> And then there is the human of the new energy that moves into this new earth after this measurement is taken. And in this scenario of the movie of the human on the bicycle, the human and the bicycle are not moving. They appear to be mysteriously floating and balancing. The backdrop is moving, not the human on the bicycle.
Now, to all others who see this movie later, it will APPEAR that the human of the new energy is pedaling and making the bike go. But it is not. The BACKDROP is moving.
The story here is simple, my friends. You will be moving into an energy where you do not need to pedal, where you do not need to "figure out" what to do next. Where you do not need to battle in your own mind "what it is you should know" or "what it is you should do" for it will come to you. You will be in a place of grace ad peace and empowerment. The SCENERY will change. It will come to you as appropriate. It is not a simple, two-dimensional road that you will be on. The scenery is multi-dimensional and will change constantly all around you. You simply need to be in the Present Moment. You do not need to worry about where you should be or what you should be doing next. For when you sit still upon your bicycle, you will come to a knowingness that all things are as they should be. That you do not need to worry about you next experience, for it will be drawn to you from the grand potentials. From the choices that are out there, the appropriate new "backdrop" will be brought in to you.

<New Earth 4> You are defining the way of the human of the new energy. Through your trust in Self and Spirit, you will create this new way. You will be amazed at what happens when you sit still and allow those appropriate things to come to you. Even when your intellect tells you "this is not the way to go", when it sends up the danger signals, simply take a deep breath and release, and know and trust in your sacredness.

< New Earth 5 > There are those that are ready to go into the New Energy Earth at this time. There are those that are ready to begin integrating the True Self into their reality. There are those who appropriately have decided that it is not yet time for them, for indeed understand that there must continue to be balances. For if all had chosen at a single time to go into the New Energy, this would have caused an imbalance. So honor those who have not yet come over, who have not yet decided. There is a small group of lightworkers around this world who have decided to take the step into the New Energy World. These two worlds will exist side-by-side together for a period of time. As we have said before, the ones in the New Energy World will be aware of their energy attributes and structures and dynamics as well as the old energy. The ones who remain in the old energy world will not be consciously aware that there has been a split.

< New Earth 6 > We come to a place here where there is the true meld of Spirit and human - as we have said so many times before, where we together create a sacred energy. Think of the physics of this, think of the physics. Here you sit, supposedly as humans, and invite Spirit into your space, invite us into your space. This melding, this overlay of consciousnesses, creates truly a new dimension. It is not a dimension that you can relate from what you would normally think as in your third or fourth or fifth dimensions. My friends, this dimension does not own a number. It is a new dimension, a new consciousness that is created when humans meld with Spirit like this.
Here you sit in a safe space. You open your hearts. You invite All That Is into your being. This creates a new and sacred energy, a sacred consciousness. This is the consciousness and the state of being that you will walk in in your "now" time. It is not just temporary here. It is something you can begin bringing into your reality. It is not just for when we gather in family. It is something that now you can own. You are creating it. It is not the weavers that create it. It is you. You own this.

< New Earth 6 > This fog and mist is the veil, and you are being asked to place yourself in a heart state, in a state of trust, in a state of letting go. It will go against all things that your human intellect has learned. It will go against all things your human intellect has devised as safety mechanisms to protect the Christ-self. But that is what you are being asked to do at this time - to simply trust, to simply allow this trusting. This is a new energy that we are talking of here. This trusting is an inner knowingness that you may have had glimpses of but you are not yet used to working with this energy.

< New Earth 8 > Each of you chose to be here in this time frame, for each of you carried in a seed within you that should the Earth continue and move into a new energy, there was an important energy attribute that would be needed in the energy dynamics of the new Earth. Each of you brought in a seed, knowing in advance that there was the potential for termination. There was potential for non-fulfillment of your coming to this Earth. For if there had been destruction, you would have simply passed and simply recorded another human life, but without germinating.

< New Earth 8 > For all things to move forth, there must be the ones to bring the light into the new energy. Quite simply, this is what you asked to do in this lifetime. Now that the measurement has taken place, my friends, there is such honor! There is the one that you call Sananda that stands before you tonight in honor of the journey where you have come. You think the tears flow from your eyes. They flow from Sananda. They flow from all who watch this. The Lost Children of Christ. It is time for you, each of you, to become All That You Are.

< New Earth 8 > Do not ask your runners which way you should turn. They simply respond to your committed intent. Ask within, my dear friends, for you are the one that is responsible. You are the ones who have carried the seed within you. You are the ones who are planting the Christ consciousness in the new Earth energy.

< New Earth 8 > My friend, do not look to others for the tools. Look only to yourself. Ask the question of yourself. Bring it forth yourself. With the practice of this, you will become adept. You will understand how to work with the new energy. The guides, as you know, could not answer most of the questions for you. The runners that will come in to work with you will not be able to answer questions. Simply rely on Self. Allow, allow the seed to germinate.

< New Earth 9 > You are the first to be going through this. You are the first to be learning of the new energy. You are the ones that are creating the pathways and the tunnels for the other humans to follow. Then the other humans follow. When you the teachers that are gathered here on this night teach other humans how to create their own reality in the new energy, they come through the tunnel into the new energy. As we have said before, my friends, what happens then is that those of us who have died - your angels, your runners, those in the Crimson Council, those in the Brotherhood of Light - then we come through that tunnel also.

< New Earth 9 > You have been journeying into new areas that even Spirit does not understand. That is why you agreed to come to Earth in the first place. In your lifetimes in the past, in your current lifetime up until recently, you were working under the veil to help to understand the balance of light and dark. It was not a test. It was a new energy construction. You wondered why when you prayed to Spirit, when you prayed to your guides, that many times nothing would happen. It is not that your prayers were unheard, my friends, for you have never been alone. It was simply that we did not know the answers. It is only through you, through your work on this Earth, your work in duality, that we learn. It is only through your work that we learn.

< New Earth 9 > In the energy of the new Earth as it relates to your physical body - understand that your body chooses to heal. There is not a cell in your body that is not attuned to healing. This is different from your old energy. In your old energy there was the contradiction at times between the energies of light and dark. There was the duality even on your cellular or biological level. In the new energy your body chooses to heal, if you desire to heal. Now this will be a point of much controversy (but most of what we say, henceforth, will be controversial). It will cause much of your old ways to change. You here are the ones who will begin to work with this, to study it, to understand it. Your biology as a Divine Human chooses to heal if you so choose. It is appropriate for you to step out of the way. Your body knows how to heal itself. You do not. Your mind does not know how to.

< New Earth 9 > To heal yourself, simply allow the body to heal. This will be a most challenging point for you, for you feel you must have a certain mindset, that you must keep a certain direction of your mind, that you must think positive affirming thoughts. That was the old energy. In the new energy, in the new world, my friends, it is simply allowing. Imagine, if you would, every cell in your body shaped like a triangle, an equilateral triangle, and in the cells many are pointing in various directions. There does not seem to be symmetry. In the new energy when you are allowing, all of the cells line up and point in the appropriate manner. There are magnetics involved here that cause the alignment to happen. It is up to you, the new energy, the new Divine Human, to allow this process.

< New Earth 9 > We have seen many spiritual people attempt to sabotage their mind, which is interesting, for it cannot be done. We have seen many spiritual humans opposed to their own mind for they feel that this is the root of disharmony. Your mind does not create judgement, for that comes from another place. Your mind is a processing area. As you have read in your books, only a small portion of your mind is being utilized, and this is a true statement. And up until now those unused areas of the mind have been blocked intentionally. They are now becoming available to each of you who walk in the new energy. Love your mind. Trust your mind. Honor your mind in the new energy. You will need it to store more information and data and electromagnetic impulses than you ever have.

< New Earth 9 > The new energy is being formulated by those of you that are here on Earth. And it is an awesome responsibility! It has not been done before. Your Age of Atlantis does not even come close to approaching what you have here. You are the ones creating it. We are the ones helping. That is why you are sitting here on this day in the classroom.

< New Earth 9 > Your emotions in the new energy will be quite different. There will not be the reason nor the necessity to understand the light and the dark, for, my friends, remember at the core of things, the core of creation, a unity has taken place once again. There is no reason in your new energy to continue understanding or playing the light against the dark. Your emotions now will be free to begin true creation.

< New Earth 9 > There is no room or place anymore for drama. But yet you have a tremendous amount of energy coming from your emotional center. Begin to allow this emotion to be used as a driving force. It is a fuel for your own creations, your own spirit in this new energy. This is difficult to describe, my friends, for things will start happening in you and around you. You will begin to feel a new connectedness. You will begin to feel a new partnership. This is your True Self beginning to come in as you allow it to happen. This is your True Self melding with you while you are still in human form on Earth. Again, it is simply a matter of allowing this to take place, of allowing this to happen.

< New Earth 9 > There are many attributes of the new energy that will be very new and unfamiliar to you.
It is a matter of simply calling these into your being. For instance, when you need more physical energy than you have used before, simply access this, simply call it into your being, then allow it to happen. When you need more insight and intuition, simply call this in. All of these energies are, as we see it, around you, surrounding you. They are becoming available to you. These energies are the essence of your True Self. But you must call them in to use them. If you continue to stay in your old energy ways, this new energy, this True Self energy, will stand by patiently waiting until you are ready to call it in.
The energy that we speak of here is what we have termed the Christ energy, what we have talked about in our last gathering like this. It is the energy of purity and strength and love. It is now becoming available to you, but it is up to you to use it.

< New Earth 9 > The old tools that you had, my friends… it is time to bless them and honor them and release them. They will not work in the new energy. They will not be appropriate. This again will be a point of much controversy. You are being asked to no longer rely on your crystals and your beads and your incense and your other tools that have brought you to this place, quite appropriately. You are being asked to no longer rely on messages from others, from readers who tell you what your life should be like. You, as Divine Humans, are being challenged to look within, to come forth with this Christ energy from within yourselves.

< New Earth 9 > The chakras - the energy chakras - are melding into one. Your energy center in the new Earth, the new consciousness, does not come from where it did before. In the past you have been used to creating things through your mind or through your heart (emotion). In the new energy they are not created from either one of those places. It will take place from the oneness of your being, from the Christ center of your being. This is not a literal place. Now include your entire being in your process, your Oneness and Allness.

< New Earth 9QA > In the new energy there is not the cause and effect that you have been used to in the past. In the past you have called this "karma" at times. You have been playing in the old energy between the energies of light and dark to help understand the balance. In the new energy it is not cause and effect. It is INTENT and CREATION.

< New Earth 9QA > You and the others that are in this room and reading this material have been working for several years - for many years - in helping to create the initial templates for the new energy, but truly what we define as the new energy has been a very recent creation. It is totally new. It has not been done before. That is what will be challenging for you and what will be wonderful for you. When we speak in our channels to you, when we gather here together with the human, and when we meld with you, a new energy is created. It is not simply that you are coming to our place, or we are coming to yours. Together we are creating a sacred place and a sacred energy. When there was the split in consciousness, in what we call your "Two Earths" recently, this was truly a new energy that had never been created before.

< New Earth 10 > It is powerful. You will learn to work with it. It will address you. It will be there for all that you need, this new energy. My friends, what this new energy is… it is what we have termed the True Self, the Christ Self. It is wanting to come forth into your life, but it cannot if you are busy with your head down, tending the earth, chopping and fertilizing and plowing and watering and praying. My friends, this is a phenomenal energy. It is growing in spite of you.

< New Earth 10 > The first sign that the new energy is coming in, is that you will begin to understand and to feel the consciousness in all things around you. This will be your first sign that you are moving through the process. This will not be an intellectual concept. You will find yourself, for instance, addressed by a rock, addressed by a chair, addressed by an insect. You will not need to struggle in your mind to communicate. It will come to you, and when that event takes place, you will know that you are moving through your period of "NO-thing" into your period of realization and new creativity. As you know, all things contain consciousness. All things are connected. You know that in your mind, but you will begin to start seeing and feeling it.

< New Earth 11 > Those from our side - those from the other side of the veil - begin to pour into this room. They begin to join together with you, and as we say each time we gather like this, when the human and Spirit join together, a new energy is created. It is not what you would call your 4th, or 5th, or 6th dimension or any other name previously given to it. This, my dear friends, is a sacred and divine and new energy. It is indeed the energy of the Divine Human.

< New Earth 13 > This, my dear friends, is the time of the new energy of Earth. With the spiritual physics such that they are, this is truly the first time in the history of humankind on Earth that it is possible to bring in the energy of the Divine Self. Oh, you and others have tried in the past. You have tried to figure out God. You have tried to be holy and spiritual. You have had journeys in past lifetimes in religious orders. You have started many religions, as we have mentioned. But until recent months of your time, it has not been possible to truly begin bringing in this divine energy. The veil was thick. The True Self was in a cocoon of sorts. The vibration of Earth was not appropriate. We come now to the time where it is now possible to bring it in and to begin working with it and to begin using it.

< Creator 2 > There are levels that are difficult to describe here. In this great and grand process that took place, a circle outside of All That Is was created by you and other angels with only the slightest intersection, only the slightest overlap, with All That Is. You and the other angels who were living on the edge of All That Is moved into this new circle. You began experiencing there, forgetting who you had been, forgetting where you had come from. You took with you a new sense of division (veil) and duality that you had never known before, completely shutting the door to Home. You did this in order to create a closed environment to set the foundation energy of the Second Creation. You, the Creators!

< Creator 3 > This is all evidence showing that there is a new energy here on Earth. You are in duality. It will be difficult to overcome duality as you know it here. It is not appropriate even, friends, to return to singularity. You are in duality, but there is a new type of duality that you will come to know soon. The number 4 will represent this. The number 4 will remind you of this.

< Creator 4 > Now it would have been difficult for Taylor to have tried to create a all of this in her mind. It would be like eating food and trying to mentally control how it is processed by your body. You simply eat food and allow it to be. That is "digestive grace."(chuckling) And in the same manner, dear friends, when you place something in your Oven of Grace, it takes care of itself. There is a natural balance. There is a natural fulfillment that takes place in this new energy.

< Creator 6 > Part of our responsibility in the Crimson Council is to offer you perspective, to show you what we see. There are times that you cannot see your own progress, for you are in the midst of your life and your experience. You are so much a part of duality that it is difficult for you to see who you truly are. So we offer you our perspective. And indeed, dear friends, you are not of the same consciousness as you were only a few months ago. You have shed much of the old, and you are beginning to embrace the energy of the new. And this energy is your own divine self.

< Creator 7 > They help weave the vibrations of this space. In this time that we spend together here - in the next hour or so, perhaps a bit longer, perhaps shorter (chuckling) - we are with you in a new energy, in a new dimension that we create together. This is the energy of the new Earth. This is the new spiritual energy. It is not something that simply disappears when you leave this place today. It is something that becomes part of your being. It becomes embedded within you. It provides a type of energy template that the old energies you continue to carry with you will then start to copy and to mimic.

< Creator 8 > You ask us, "Where do I find the new energy?" Dear friends, tap into what is called your True Self, what we prefer to call The Inner Being. Sit in the inner room of your new house, a metaphor for sitting in a quiet space. Force nothing in your mind. Force yourself to do nothing. Simply be, and simply listen, and it will come to you. Be patient, and it will come to you. We know this to be true. We know this to be true!

< Creator 8 > In the new energy the choices are not limited to light and dark and neutral; positive, neutral or negative; left, right or center. There is a new choice. Let us call it - ALL, A-L-L. You will be presented with yet another choice, and it will come from a place of knowingness. It will be a new type of choice, a new answer that surpasses the other ones. It will come in as a knowingness. You will not have the mental exercise of having to choose left, right, or center. This will come in from above. It will be ALL. It will be All that is. It will not feel like a choice to you. It will simply be a knowingness, a knowingness of divinity. You will then move in that direction. You will look back on your previous struggles about making choices as an old energy human. ALL will seem full and inclusive and complete. ALL will seem filled with love, whereas the other choices you previously had will seem to be only partial solutions.

< Creator 9 > Do you know when we gather like this that we create a new energy, a new dimension? It is not of Earth. It is not of our plane. It is a new dimension of divinity. That is what is created when you open your heart, when you welcome in the others who are not in physical body. That is what is being created here at this very moment.

< Creator 9 > There was a group, and there continues to be a group, that we call the "runners." They are the ones that go back and forth from your side of the veil to ours. They are the ones that continue to serve as messengers and adjusters of energy. They are the ones that take things of your dimension of duality, that are in your consciousness. They then help to facilitate bringing these energies back through the other side of the veil. They are runners, for they run the energy from you back to the other side, and then they bring back with them the new tools, the new vessels, and the new energy. They are very busy these days, these runners, for there is much work that you are doing! They no longer interface with the guides. It used to be that the runners would work directly with your guides. The guides were always positioned like pillars of love directly beside you. Now the runners, dear friends, are seeking to work directly with you.

< Creator 10 > As you move into the new energy you will begin to understand the power of the I AM, of the NOW and of the DIVINE MOMENT. You will no longer need to pray to an outside entity or to a spirit that you do not know so well. You will not need to a guide who you have never met and do not even know their name! You will not need to do that in the new energy. It will simply be in the I AM with no intent, but simply IS-NESS.

< Creator 10 > I AM in the DIVINE MOMENT.
We say to you NEW ENERGY is here. This DIVINE ENERGY that emanates from within you is here at this moment. Search no longer for it. Struggle not in your mind but open your being to allow it to come forth.

< Creator 10 > We see something that you do not quite see yet. We see the ones who will be the teachers, the ones who are setting the energy templates of the new energy. We see the ones who have a light that is beginning to shine brightly within - beginning to glow steady and true. Your light is not flickering, it is not dim like it was a year ago. It is shining strong and bright. We see this light building, we see this light within you growing, but yet dear friends, so many of you do not see it yet. That is why we chuckle. You struggle with it too much!

< Creator 10 > You have looked outside of yourself to find what is inside of you. That has been appropriate, but now things are changing. That is what the Crimson Council is all about. That is what your human angel group of the Crimson Circle is all about. All of the work you have done, all of the challenges that you have been through, have been to transmute the energy. They have been part of a process that has ignited a fire (a light) within you, the Christ Fire that we have talked about. It is coming into being. We tell you that from where we sit, for we can see it in each and every one of you. No matter how much you doubt yourself, we do not, for we see it within you.

< Creator 10QA > You are breaking through old paradigms that are as old as all the lifetimes you have had on Earth, that are as old as the times you had before you got here. The old energy has its origins from the time that you came through the Wall of Fire. Do you expect to change all of this in one week of time? It will take a bit of work. It can go rapidly if you are able to release. If you are able to accept, the new energy, the Divinity, will arise from within you.

< Creator 11 > The female energy, as you know, is one that births. It is one that is creative. It is one that is filled with love and nurturing. The Kingdom is predominantly nurturing, predominantly creative, predominantly birthing. So therefore we say that the energy of Home is predominantly female. Isn’t it interesting that in your society you refer to God and to Spirit as "Father." It should be "Mother"! It should be Mother. And that is why we are speaking of this in this energy. It is time for a healing to take place. It is time for a change in the energy. The new energy, dear friends, that you are moving in to has a dominant "female" energy. It is balanced, but it reverts back to what you knew in the Kingdom.

< Creator 11 > The energies of Jack and of all of you have been predominantly male. This male energy was needed to journey outside of the First Circle, the Kingdom. Each of you has carried a strong male energy, even if you are female in biology. It is time for healing of that (male dominance) now. It is time for healing. It is time for a rebalancing. As you move into the new energy, you will have much more of a "female" balance to your being.

< Creator 11 > Those males who will become fathers of children in the new energy in the next few years to come - what we call the clear fathers, for there will not be a lot of old energy attribute - they will have a new strength and they will have a new balance. These new clear fathers will have a closer and stronger relationship of love with their own biological children. They will spend more time playing with their children than fathers of the past. They will help to raise them and care for them because they will have a better balance within their being. They will have a better balance of the male and female.

< Creator 11 > As you move into the new energy, the ego is transforming. It is changing. You are transforming and changing. Instead of "I go" you are becoming "I Am." I AM. This is the new energy. This is the new balance of the male and the female, the King and the Queen. That is the new balance. Dear friends, be kind and gentle to your ego. It is a father or male oriented energy within you. Love it and bless it as much as you would love and bless your own biological father in this lifetime and the fathers who have come before them, and the Father from the Kingdom who helped to birth you.

< Creator 11 > We see you as teachers. We see you, Shaumbra, as ones who will go into this world to help others cross into the new energy. This is another way of saying they will cross into their own divinity. They will need human guides. They will need you.

< Creator 11QA > There is no other being who will restrict your ability to create. There is a core fear that you do not have an outside Father/God energy to watch over and to regulate your creations. You tend to put on the brakes. We are telling you now that in the new energy it is different. Your own divine self will not allow you to create inappropriately. This divine balance comes from within you. It comes from the wisdom of all of your past experiences. It comes from your True Self.

< Creator 12QA > We want to see you continue to do the work, to help all of this Earth and all of the humans upon it transition into the new energy. Transition means to bring forth the divine consciousness that has been hidden within all of you since you left Home.

< Creator 12QA > We do not want to define for you what this shift, what this new energy will be like. We do not know. Nobody is there yet. We do know, based on what we see in all of you, that it is creation that happens quickly, but it is of a divine nature. It is not limited to simply creating a grander paycheck, for that will have very little meaning for you. You will find that all things will come to you. You will not have to struggle for them. They will be there.

You will be amazed at how easy it is, and we can tell you now from watching you that there are those who are beginning to experience this. It is so easy that you might have a difficult time accepting it. You might purposely sabotage it to make it difficult. You might feel uncomfortable that there is no struggle, that there is no strain. You might think you are getting something for nothing. In the new energy, as you transition into it, the struggle is gone. The struggle is released.

We will talk more of this in the coming year in our new series. We will talk about it over and over until you are quite tired of it. We will continue to tell you that it is not about you any more. It is not about the old self. Your needs do not need to be fulfilled in the way they were. They will be fulfilled in a new way. You will not have to worry so much about the small details. It will not be about you and how much money you have or how much health you have.

You will transition into a new consciousness where you understand now that you are ones who are in service. You are the ones who are the teachers. And surely all of your needs will come to you appropriately. Understand that it is not Spirit or the angels bringing these to you. It is you creating them. There will be a new balance within, a new vibration within that brings forth all of the appropriate things.

< Creator 12QA > You come to this place of Earth to help determine a new balance, to create a nest, to create a new home to birth a new type of divinity. That is why you are here. This Earth is a nest, a home. You are birthing a new type of divinity (new ascension status) that has never been seen in all of creation. You come here to create the new energy, what we have called the "second creation."

Dear friends, when you ascend, you do not go back Home. Home will eventually come here to you. It will come here. We do not know how to say this so well - you cannot go back Home. You cannot. But Home can come to you. Creation, All That Is, the First Circle will expand into where you are. It will come to you.

Ascension means going into this new energy where your divinity shines in this new place (second creation) where you have birthed it. It is not about going BACK Home. It is about creating something new for Spirit that could never be done before. You who are here… you exist outside of All That Is. Oh, Cauldre has challenged us over and over on this, but we continue to say that when you left the Kingdom, you went outside of All That Is. But someday All That Is will come to you. It will expand. That is the whole reason why you left the Kingdom in the first place.

< Ascension 1 > Right now there is still a new relationship developing between you and the spirit within. Neither is quite so sure of the other yet. You, your human ego, find yourself putting on the brakes. At times you are not quite so sure what this new energy is. But as you breathe it in, as you allow it - all of who you are - to come out and express itself, you will have such a different life, such a different way of looking at things. The struggles that you have felt up to now will change. They will change.

< Ascension 1QA > In the past three to five years, there have been those humans who have agreed to be the very first to begin integrating the energy of the divine field around them. They agreed to be the very, very first to try to develop this within them. They found it quite difficult. They found that the human ego did not so much want to accept this new divinity coming in. Many of those who agreed to be part of this - bringing this divinity in on a faster basis - did not stay on Earth. The biggest reason for them leaving - the difficulty in having this new energy - was the difficulty in seeing the human condition around them.

< Ascension 2QA > Because this happened in the past, does not mean it will apply to the future! There are those who still hold to the physics and the understandings of the past and assume they will become part of the new energy. This is not true. There are those who do not understand yet of a person getting off of one of your mind drugs. They assume a certain reaction based on what they have observed when they were in the old energy, or dealing with people who are still in the old energy. What you and what they have not observed yet is the reaction in the new energy. It is different. It is quite different.

< Ascension 2QA > Most ways you approach how to make money, how you draw in your abundance, will be different than what you have learned in the past. You have been taught this thing about working for an hourly pay. This does not make sense in the new energy. It is different. It is, in a way of speaking, an entirely new physics revolving around this number 4, which we have spoken of so often. The "quad math" ties in with the quantum leap that you are all going through. The convergence of science, of technology, of knowledge, and of spirituality is coming together at a very rapid speed. It will converge in these next few years of your time. Do not assume what you learned in the old energy will apply in the new. There is a new physics on Earth.

< Ascension 4 > There are still attributes within you that need this transformational process, that need you ask, "Dear snake, why are you in the road? Why are you here?" Demand the answer, for this snake truly is miserable. It truly seeks release, but it will hold on as tightly as possible until it knows that you are genuine and sincere. The snake needs to know it can trust you. Then, it can release its old ways. Then, the transformation takes place, when the darkness allows the release to take place, because you have been in your truth. Then, a new energy bursts forward. It comes up, and it begins this transformational process that you are going through right now, that you are experiencing right now.

< Ascension 6 > This is a "4" year and a significant year. It is the year of the completion of the changes in the grid. The grids, in a sense, are reflections of your consciousness. The grids are like an energy surrounding this planet of yours. The energetic grids surrounding your planet keep energies in, and keep other energies out. The grids are a reflection of consciousness. The grids, in a sense, store potential of your new spiritual energy that was not ready to come in.

< Ascension 6QA > We cannot do it for you, but there are energies that can be brought in to assist. We cannot lift your hand for you. You have to do that. But, when you do lift that hand, and you do begin the work, you will feel an energy of not only support and love, but we can help you to create new energy for yourself that was not available before. In a sense, we can help you take a limited and defined amount of energy, and expand it. We can help you create more than was there in the first place. It is a type of energy birthing that we help you with, but you ultimately bring it into expression.

< Ascension 7 > Perhaps you thought that as you walked into this New Energy - into your ascension status - these sensitivities would be less. You thought you would feel others less, be less affected by them. You thought you would be less affected by your own cycles, by your own ups and downs. You are now learning that you are more aware of them. You are more sensitive.

< Ascension 7 > You ARE able to hold this divinity in. That was one of the big questions that you and that we had, particularly going into this lifetime of yours. You felt relatively certain that you would be able to overcome the karmic challenges, the final clearings that you set up for yourself. So many of you took on several lifetimes worth of karma in one life. But, you felt confident that you would overcome this in a single lifetime, or half of a single lifetime. But, none of us was so sure how well you would be able to hold the energy of divinity within you as you transitioned into the New Energy.

< Ascension 7 > We come here on this day that symbolizes duality, a day of 02-02-2002 to tell you that you are beginning to hold this energy (New Energy) within. This is the energy of your divinity. We can see that you are breathing, and by breathing you are igniting this fire of divinity within. But, this fire is not blown out so easily anymore. It continues to glow.

< Ascension 7QA > Your spiritual journey is probably your biggest agenda! You have an agenda regarding where you think you should be… how smart you are… how enlightened you are… where you are in relationship to others. The agendas that you place on yourself are like huge boulders sitting in the stream of divine energy, attempting to come through. Take away the agenda from yourself. It will be easier to look at external agendas relating to your family, your work, and your friends. The difficult agendas to release will be those on the inside.

< Ascension 8 > The energies will be heating up later this year, because, as the final adjustments of the grids are made on Earth (the fourth element comes), the extremes come forward. The Old (duality) does not want to change. The Old (whire and black marble) does not want to change. Plus, new energy has to be created to propel consciousness forward. How is this energy (new energy) created? When there is a friction! It is when there is a battle between the forces of duality. That is why you will see these things.

< Ascension 8QA > When we speak of New Energy, indeed it is so very true. The old ways of duality are leaving. They (white and black) are melding together (new love)… going through a sacred alchemy of their own. This is releasing the need for the interplay between the dark and the light that has always existed. They do not need to drive each other like they have in the past.

< Ascension 8QA > Now, is there work ahead? Indeed, there is! You still live in a world of duality around you. It will still have an effect on you. You are still going through the transformational process. You are still releasing energies from the past. There will still be body aches and pains for a period of time. There will still be doubts and swings back and forth. But you will notice an underlying and an overlying New Energy, an energy, an understanding of love that you could never have had before. It begins within you. It is not found in another person. It is found in Self.

< Ascension 8QA > The message we brought forth to you on this day was from yourself. And, it was saying, "The time is NOW. The time is in this moment. It is not in the future. In this moment the duality is leaving. Slowly, quietly, and patiently, it is leaving. It is leaving, and it is being replaced by a new understanding of love, a love that has no agenda." Can you imagine that? Love without agenda! A love that is patient and quiet with you… a love that is honoring of you and of others… a love that continues to fulfill itself over and over… continues to grow unto its own energy. Yes, yes, creating New Energy, all by itself!

< Ascension 8QA > In a sense, it is a very crude indicator of your own vibrational changes, your heightening vibration. So, you will see this… what is called your Schumann resonance… increase, but it will not be in a predictable pattern. This is similar to what we spoke of at the beginning of our session today. You will see changes all around you. You will see extremes of polarity taking place in human consciousness. Then you can see how this change in consciousness then affects the magnetics and the vibrations of Earth. All of this is a delightful and wonderful way of saying that you are on course, that you are on the path. It is time for the energy of duality to transform into this New Energy of "four" that we have spoken of.

< Ascension 8QA > Indeed, there IS the potential for disaster to occur. There is the potential for some sort of disaster. This is all part of the energy of duality that we spoke of. Riding right along side of that biker, riding right along side of every vehicle going down the road, is the other potential. And, you are seeing that. You are seeing that, especially now, because you are more sensitive than ever before. Through the Language of Ah, you are beginning to sense things. Do not let it frighten you. You are seeing the beautiful example of duality, working to create new energy.

< Ascension 8QA > You have been trained to have expectation. You have been trained to think of desired outcomes. As the awarenesses of the New Energy, the new love, and the new dynamics come in, this will quickly replace some of these concerns and doubts that you have.

< Ascension sp > There is a New Energy that is blossoming, and it is coming up within you. And, in this is a new physics of love, a new balance of energy. In the past you knew love as a mirror. You learned of love through the mirror. You learned of it by playing this game of duality - light and dark, good and bad. That is how your consciousness grew. Yes, and there were times when you found another who you loved so much. But, in a sense, they were a mirror to you, that mate or spouse, that family member, that dear friend. You came to understand love by looking in the mirror, by going through the steps of duality.

< Ascension sp > In the new understanding of love, there is a marriage of the elements. These elements have always been there. In a sense, they were opposing each other, bumping into each other. This action transformed energy from one state to another. But, it was not new energy. It was only the transofmration of existing energy. In the new understanding of love that is coming into you, there is something new being created. It is no longer simply a transformation of energy from one form of consciousness to the other. The new understanding of love IS New Energy.

< Ascension sp > Duality is shifting its consciousness into a New Energy. It is no longer of light and dark, no longer of good and bad. Duality is shifting its consciousness into a New Energy, what we have called the energy of "four." Four is a very stable energy, a balanced energy. With it will come new learnings and new understandings and indeed New Energy. But, because of this rapid shift, we find that you are at a delicate point. Your Earth is at a very delicate point.

< Ascension spQA > You are also riding many cycles within yourself, ups and downs. They are becoming more intense and more frequent. It is the energies of duality, seemingly going out of phase, because, in a sense, that is literally what they are doing. Light and dark were always phased appropriately. Now they are going out of phase. You will feel these dips. You will feel the peaks also. They are going out of phase in order to realign in this new marriage that we spoke of earlier. In doing so, you are creating a New Energy.

< Ascension 9 > Over the course of time, even before you came to Earth, the energies of duality played off of each other. The light played off the dark. The left played off the right. Male played off female. And, in a sense, they did a dance together. At times the energies collided with each other as a way of shifting energies, but never creating new energy. These energies of duality would change their balance of light:dark, but never change the amount of energy within them. Duality is simply two energies opposing each other. At times they come together, at times they trade roles, and at times these energies put on a new face, a new mask. But the sum, or amount, of energy never changes.

< Ascension 9 > Now, the waves (of duality) have never created New Energy. They have simply brought new understandings to the energy that was already there. Now, comes the time that Metatron spoke of when you enter into the New Energy. You are entering into it now. It is no longer like a wave of high and low.

< Ascension 9 > It is difficult to describe the New Energy. Indeed, even the words we speak today will evolve in later discussions. The old energy was like a linear wave of highs and lows, going in one direction. The New Energy is like adding another wave that runs sideways. It interweaves with the old wave of duality - one wave still going up and down, but a new wave that goes sideways, that goes left and right. These waves intersect each other.

< Ascension 9 > Now, we will have many more discussions about this. But, it is to say that duality is not destroyed or denied. It is expanded. You go from "2" to "4." You will see that there are four wave patterns in the New Energy, ups and downs, but also side to side. They intermingle with each other and intersect with each other. This changes the perception of the lows, because there is a new balancing wave that flows on its side. This is the New Energy. It still contains the essence of duality, but it has a whole new dimension to it.

< Ascension 9 > As you are transitioning into the New Energy, and you have experiences come up in your life, and you have questions come into your life, and challenges, go into the Void for a brief period of time. When you have a very pressing question on your mind, do not ask us. Do not even try to fill in the blank yourself. Oh, there is such a tendency with humans. When you are ready to release something, you want the answer to the new before you release. It does not work that way in the New Energy. Go into a void. We say "void," because you just allow it to be for a period of time.

< Ascension 9 > What happens is that your own divinity, that exists in the New Energy, will bring resolution. This is the solution that Metatron spoke of (the fruit of the rose), the one that is already there. But it exists in the New Energy, not in the Old. It (going into the void) allows your divinity to bring this up, in you and through you. Then you will have the "Ah hah!" moment, the knowingness, the "Ah" that we spoke of, the enlightenment that we spoke of. But, there is the short time of this Void of Ascension, when you have let go of the Old, when you have released the Old and not replaced it yet. It is not an abyss. It is not darkness. It is not the low of duality. It is just setting it aside for a divine moment, into the void.

< Ascension 9 > What happens here, dear friends, is a miracle. It is a miracle. As you put it to the side, you let the Fruit of the Rose bring forth the divine solution. As you allow this to happen, something takes place that is precious, that is fulfillment. It is something even Gautama could not realize in his lifetime. When you let your divinity find the solution, new energy is created. New energy.

< Ascension 9 > We said earlier that when you left Home, the Kingdom, a finite amount of energy came with you. No new energy has ever been created outside of the First Circle. You have just changed and transformed the existing energy base. And do you remember when we have spoken to you about all things in the Second Circle coming to an impasse? The energies of the universe came to a standstill at one point. Duality could no longer re-express itself. It was the "star wars" period where energy could move forth no more. It came to an impasse. It stopped. That is when the Order of the Arc was created to find a solution to the impasse. Earth was created to find solution to the energetic impasse that occurred. When you gaze into the stars at night, you are looking at your past. When your scientists use the new, sophisticated telescopes to probe the universe, they are also looking at your past. They are looking at what you left behind, at what you created. That is what it is.

< Ascension 9 > When you go into the Void of Ascension, you are not bringing in the old energy or duality. You are not seeking solutions from the mind of duality. You go into this quiet space. You do not fret over your problems. You allow the Fruit of the Rose to bring forth the resolution. This is indeed when new energy is created. It has never before been done. Now, this new energy is not in a form that you might recognize right away. It is not in a form that is going to shoot through your hands and feet. It is not in a form that you can consume. But, it is new energy. And, there will be implications all around you.

< Ascension 9 > Lesson Nine of the Ascension Series - YOU ARE CREATING NEW ENERGY. You are creating it by releasing duality without trying to replace it with a consciousness of the Old Energy. When you find solution that comes from within (divinity), this creates New Energy. It has never been done before. The implications of this are tremendous… the implications to consciousness, to Earth, and to you as individuals.

< Ascension 9 > Meditation has been a very important part of your journey up to now. And, we have asked you recently to release this. Meditation served you well. Indeed, it served the Buddha quite well. But, in meditation there has been a form of denial where you tried to block the mind and the body. In the New Energy, even in the Void of the New Energy, there is no blockage. All energies come through your being. The river flows once again. Identity is melded into the river now. It does not need to be a boulder in the water. It flows through you. It is like the breath coming through you. It flows in, and it flows out.

< Ascension 9 > You ARE creating New Energy. You thought this New Energy was just a replacement word for New Age! It is not. The New Energy is a new physics, and it is beginning to happen now. When we speak of New Energy, YOU ARE CREATING IT.

< Ascension 9 > We all told stories of journeys back in our days. That is how we explained things. That is how we expressed enlightenments. And, indeed, even Siddhartha had four realizations… and four enlightenments… and met four humans on the road. It is not just I, Tobias, that does that! (some audience laughter). There is a significance to the number of "four." It is the New Energy. And, there is a significance to any story of Shaumbra on the road. When Shaumbra is on the journey for truth, you are accompanied by the ones who call YOU master. They go by the name of Yeshua, and Metatron, and Gautama and all of the others.

< Ascension 9QA > You are coming to a point of fulfillment, not to the end of a journey. Even Gautama found that the journey continued. The journey continued. Truth evolves. You are coming to a point of fulfillment, of completion, before going into a next cycle. The fulfillment is creating New Energy from a finite source, getting out of the game of duality, where you were just changing the appearance and the looks of two energies of duality. Now with your new identity and knowingness, you are making it possible for the creation of New Energies, and, at the same time, making it possible for Home to come to you.

< Ascension 9QA > The implications of this New Energy are vast. They are far-reaching. It will not necessarily be something that affects you the moment you walk out this door. But, it will in these days and these moments ahead. It will if you allow the solution that is already within you to come to you in this void.

< Ascension 9QA > A void is a nothingness, a pause. It is silence. As you go to this Void of Ascension, something will come from within you. The solution you seek cannot be credited to another. The solution that you seek, perhaps, is nothing like you thought it would be. That is why we have asked you to release your agendas. By releasing your agendas, you have no preconceived box, limitation, or idea of what the outcome is. Releasing agenda is, in a sense, being in the void, with no expectations of the outcome. The outcome in the New Energy is far grander than it was in duality.

< Ascension 9QA > In the New Energy there will be subtle changes in your life. For instance, as Cauldre learned today, time is warped in the New Energy. It is not linear like what you have experienced in duality. Your perception of time will change quite a bit. In a sense, that is good, for you can learn new aspects of time, new ways to work with it. In a sense, it will be difficult for some of you who have time-regulated lives, like having to be to a job at a certain time. You will find that it is more difficult to work with this, because your perception of time as it has been no longer exists.

It is the same with space. Space will appear different. For some who have not been so claustrophobic, being in tight spaces will make you claustrophobic in the New Energy for a short period of time. For those who get anxiety being in these small places, perhaps now things will not seem so small. Space will also change. Time… space… depth will change.

So many of the elements of duality will change around you. Things will not be so linear. It may seem like they are going in swirls when you have been used to going down the track in a straight line. You are releasing the bonds that created a linear type of existence. Now, you are going to an existence that is a spiral, but not limited to any direction, not limited to any phase.

< Ascension 9QA > You cannot possibly imagine the grandness, the love, the fullness of the New Energy in the mind that you have today. So, quit trying. Quit trying. Come into the Void of Ascension. The answer will come up through you. This IS the Fruit of the Rose. Oh, dear ones, some of you have already gone through this experience with a few things in your life. And, what do you do at that time? You say, "Ah, I could never have imagined this. Why did I hang on so tightly to the past? Why did I hang on so tightly? Why did I not trust myself? Why did I not trust myself to let go and know that divinity would be there within me?"

< Ascension 9QA > Use this tool, the Void of Ascension. Use it. Come to new understandings. Know that you do not need to replace things right away. It may be fearful at times, for the old duality within you may be screaming to have it replaced with something. But, in this energy of ascension, answers will come to you, solutions, fulfillments, new ways of doing things and thinking about things that you could never have imagined before. Work with this, dear friends.

< Ascension 10 > We will tell you a little bit about Archangel Michael. He asks you to simply open up to his vibration as we talk. Michael, in a sense, carries a responsibility for each of you. Michael is one you work with very closely at many different levels. When the Order of the Arc was formed in an effort to bring about the New Energy of the universe, it was Michael who worked with you, helping to train you, helping to prepare you for your journey to Earth that began so long ago.

< Ascension 10 > The New Energy is not just improved Old Energy. It is truly different. As you move into the New Energy, as you take responsibility for your ascension status, this also releases the identities of who you have been in the past. It releases your past lives. In a sense, you could say your past life identities depart the family of your own energy, of your own soul. They will always be a part of you, but in a sense, you set your past life identities free. These aspects of you then go out and create their own new identity. This does not initially happen in the realms of Earth. These aspects of you will go out to other places in the universe to begin creating their unique identities.

< Ascension 10 > Remember the universe? We have said that there's not much out there right now. You created this grand hall called your universe for new life forms in the New Energy. When you take on your "new identity", it releases the identities of who you were in the past, each individual lifetime (and it's more complex than that). You release them. They then go out in non-physical form to other parts of the universe to take on their own independent identity.

< Ascension 10 > You have just given birth to New Energy! You are the parent of yourself. Think about it. Think about it. Perhaps now you have a better understanding when we say, "It is not just about you any more." You are the parent of many children of yourself, giving them identity from a lifetime that you walked through and then setting them free, so they can go out, too, and become creators much like you. But, you are the only ones… you are the only ones who will have this type of parenting or identity-creating capability. The aspects of yourself that you send out, that you free so that they can go and develop their own, will not have the same type of creator ability in terms of releasing aspects of themselves.

< Ascension 11 > Something miraculous is happening here. When you left Home, there was a limited or finite amount of energy that left with you. There was a finite amount of energy that entered the void, what is now your known universe. Oh, that amount of energy was vast, but it was finite. Through the journey that you have taken ever since, and the journey of many lifetimes on Earth, you are creating New Energy. That is a miracle! You do not see it yet in your own life. But, you will come to understand what we are talking about. You will understand why the Kryon is so excited about the work you do, why all of us who gather here honor you.

< Ascension 11 > Something miraculous is happening here. When you left Home, there was a limited or finite amount of energy that left with you. There was a finite amount of energy that entered the void, what is now your known universe. Oh, that amount of energy was vast, but it was finite. Through the journey that you have taken ever since, and the journey of many lifetimes on Earth, you are creating New Energy. That is a miracle! You do not see it yet in your own life. But, you will come to understand what we are talking about. You will understand why the Kryon is so excited about the work you do, why all of us who gather here honor you.

< Ascension 11 > Something is happening. Never before has "new energy" been created. Energy was transformed and changed, but never created. You are creating New Energy. You are releasing your past lives. You are, in a sense, leaving them behind. You are releasing them. And, as you do, they take on their own identity. They go off to other parts of your multi-dimensional universe to begin their own journey. You have birthed these new aspects. These are your past lives.

< Ascension 11QA > You are at that chasm, that crossing-over point, not having trusted your own inner self enough, so you have not truly let go of your old ways. You are still trying to hang on. You want something from the New Energy to replace it before you let go, don't you? Now is the time to let go of the Old. Trust your divinity to guide you into the New Energy fully and completely. That is when you will get out of the rut. That is when relationships will move forward for you. Right now you are trying to hang on to old attributes regarding relationships, but wanting in your heart a new relationship.

< DivineHuman 1 > Oh, there is so much New Energy in emotions and feelings. We have talked before of how Shaumbra is creating New Energy - never done before in all of Creation outside of Home. And, it is happening now. You are creating New Energy. Within the feelings that you are experiencing in your own being, within all of these emotions and thoughts, even the difficult ones, there is a seed of New Energy (golden liquid light) there.

< DivineHuman 1 > New Energy you are creating is finding its way out into the universe, helping to set up the templates for the new universe… for what we call the Second Creation. So much of what is happening within you is flowing out to all places. When you come to our side, whether it is in a dream, or whether it is when you leave your human body behind, we will show you what you are creating. They are the new sacred paintings in the universe, the sacred creations. We will show you what you are creating.

< DivineHuman 1 > At the same time, dear family, in the emotions that you are experiencing right now, there is a seed of New Energy. It will come to you in your reality at the appropriate moment. But, it is there. The New Energy you are creating… you will also be able to utilize. There is a direct correlation between this New Energy within you and the level of your own wisdom and the level of your own (dinine) self-acceptance.

< DivineHuman 1 > In other words, this new very potent, spiritual energy will not germinate, will not come into your reality until you feel that your wisdom is in balance and you accept your new divine self. Then, that seed will sprout. At the internal levels you are saying, "This is a powerful tool. This replaces any sword that I have ever carried. This replaces any previous belief systems I have ever held. I do not want this new divine tool to come forth until I am truly ready." But, we tell you today, sitting here, looking at you, Shaumbra - Kryon, Michael, Metatron, and Mary, and I, Tobias, looking out at you. You have the wisdom. You have the understandings. Perhaps, you don't have the (divine) self-acceptance yet, but only you can do that. It is appropriate. It is time for you to now bring this New Energy up from within.

< DivineHuman 1 > So many of you have experienced this before where you walk into a large crowd, and you become aware of what some others are feeling. If they are transmitting in a very strong way… if they have a painful headache… oh, they are strong transmitters at that point! AND, their barriers are down, so they are sending out this headache energy all around them. And, you feel it first, because, Shaumbra, you are much more open. In your new clarity you will pick up on these things very quickly. Do not take these as your own. Go in. Explore the feeling. Ask it where it comes from. Ask it why it is there. So often you will hear it say, "I am not yours. Do not try to own me. Let me go. I am simply emanating from another, and you are picking up on it."

< DivineHuman 1 > You, dear Shaumbra, are becoming strong receivers. You are feeling all things around you. As your clarity opens, it opens first in the sense of feel. And, you will feel others. Don't retreat. Don't put back up your own walls and barriers. Simply go in and find out where this is coming from. Then, release it, much as you would take a bird in your hand and release it. Set it free. Let it soar. Let it be gone. You will have just learned something from the experience, the energetic experience you've just had with another human. You will have learned something within.

< DivineHuman 1 > This New Energy seed within you will have touched this vibration from another person. Let us use the example of the headache energy that you have touched and released. This headache energy then will come back to them at the appropriate time when THEY are ready, transformed now into pure energy of love and Spirit (waves of love vivration). Do you see, do you see, how you are teaching and affecting with just the touch? Do you see? It is so simple. It is so subtle, but you have just helped another human. You have helped them transform their own energy for them to use when they choose.

< DivineHuman 1 > This headache energy, in this example, that goes out, that you touch for a moment with your New Energy (seed)… it also then flows outward and continues going out to other people. But now it also has a new potential within it. It is not just a vibration of headache. It now contains the vibration of love, of divinity, and of self-empowerment. You have included this package of New Energy in with their energy. The receiver of this information down the line, another human walking along in a crowded shopping mall, who suddenly picks up on the original headache energy, now has a new potential within this energy. It contains two elements: The original headache and now your divineness, your love, your new potential.

< DivineHuman 1 > This is the New Energy. This is the way the Divine Human operates. This is what you are already doing, but you have not realized it. This is how, in one small way, you are all teachers. You are all transmuters of energy. It is a beautiful thing. We see it happening here all the time.

< DivineHuman 1QA > Indeed, as your divinity blossoms within you, this has an effect on energies that are transmitted to other humans. You are, in part, electromagnetic beings. You send out patterns of frequencies and vibrations. Now, you can literally pick up another human's vibrations, then add your own packet of vibration to it. As it continues traveling out and their original vibration touches other people, there is now a new energy attached to it … your energy. It is a potential. It is up to other humans, who are the receivers, how they want to use it, and if they want to use it.

< DivineHuman 3 > There is the threat of war. There is a desire for change, and this sometimes brings about conflict. Sometimes to move into the New Energy, as you know, requires battles within. All of you here have experienced that. There are also battles on the outside, old karmic conditions that need to be balanced, that need to be resolved. There are imbalances that are caused when this much New Energy is available to all humans - and other New Energy being delivered from other parts of the Omniverse (It comes from healing of your past, ETs). This creates an imbalance.

< DivineHuman 3 > When you have peace, and balance, and integration within yourself, when you have transmuted the old fears and the old guilts that are within you, and have transmuted these into wisdom and divine energy, dear friends, that does more to change the consciousness of the planet than anything else. You do not need to do anything specific at that point. Your vibration will change those who are around you. It will change events and change situations, and perhaps then allow some of the conflicts that exist to find a way to resolve themselves in a healthy, positive manner.

< DivineHuman 3 > There is as much activity over here as there is on Earth right now. There is much transforming of old energies into New Energy right now. On our side of the veil we are preparing for the New Earth, this place that we will talk about later. The (multi-dimensional) universe is changing because you are changing. Your past is changing because you are releasing. You are letting go. The future is the past healed. The healing is taking place now.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth, you will be working with and studying and playing with New Energy. As we have told you before, New Energy has never been created before. There was a finite amount of energy that left the Kingdom, and you have just been switching its forms and its ratios (of light and dark) back and forth. But, now, you as humans on Earth have created New Energy for the first time outside of the Kingdom. The New Earth is the place where you will study this energy. You will learn about the potentials of New Energy. You will learn what can be done with it. You will learn how to be true creators. The biggest difference is you will no longer ask the question, "Who am I?" You will understand the statement, "I Am."

< DivineHuman 5 > The New Earth will be a laboratory for studying the applications of New Energy, and how to use it for creation. The New Earth will be a learning place where the energies of Home can come in fully. Yes, indeed the New Earth will be a beacon to Home, to allow the energies of the Kingdom, of the King and the Queen, to now expand outwards.

< DivineHuman 6 > You can be or live anywhere and not have it affect you. This is what we call compassion. Compassion is the true understanding of the journey of others, and of the journey of yourself. With compassion you can sit in the darkest of the dark, in the most fearful of places. You do not have to create shields. In your own right, now Shaumbra, you are illuminators. You glow. You shine. You send forth a New Energy, whether you consciously realize it or not. When you go to a grocery store, when you go to a crowded public place, you do not have to put up these defensive walls. You simply have to be in the moment. What you would consider negative, dark, or any other type of imbalanced energies pass right through. They do not have to affect you. They pass right through. When you put up these walls of protection, it also keeps the energies from coming to you.

< DivineHuman 6QA > St. Germaine comes to be with you, to sit with you, and to love you during these difficult moments. St. Germaine is the great alchemist, the great transformer of energies. St. Germaine understands how to move from one form into the other, how to transmute an old energy into a new energy. He has been away from the Earth for many years because he has been working on the understandings of New Energy that you have brought in -how to use these, how to apply them. He will come to you during these challenging and difficult times to work with you, to help you understand.

< DivineHuman 6QA > It is about trusting your own divinity to provide the solution and the resolution. It is about learning to release the old ways of going to the brain, going to the logic. It is about feeling. Dearest friends, you will call it a miracle when it starts happening in your life. It is not a miracle at all. It is the spiritual physics of the New Energy - fulfillment, total fulfillment where you do not need to worry about the details. Your Self handles the details on other levels.

< DivineHuman 7QA > But, yes, we told you many months ago, many months ago that they were starting to understand what New Energy was. You were creating New Energy. We told you back then that it could not be utilized by you right now, but that you were creating New Energy, and that it was taking form out in your universe. Here is one example of this.

< DivineHuman 9 > This is how you will travel and journey in the New Energy, all while remaining right here as a human on Earth. You will expand in so many ways. You will have such a greater understanding. This is where you are going, Shaumbra. It is the ability to have everything come into your present moment (expanded now). This includes remembrances of the past, the ability to go to the other dimensions, to truly be able to feel and to understand the celestial realms, to travel to parts of the universe that you could never have imagined, and dimensions that lie between all of the stars and all of the layers.

< DivineHuman 9 > You can use your consciousness and your understandings to truly create. The universe, the omniverse, is constantly unfolding and becoming, constantly fulfilling. You can allow yourself to be at that point of separation to receive the blessings of the fulfillment at all times. It is that simple. It is that simple - different than any way you have ever behaved, or thought, or acted before. This is the New Energy. It is different now.

< DivineHuman 10 > This is a point of separation, the fulfillment of a journey that began when you left the Kingdom, when you left Home. It was a potential to leave Home to understand your identity as the Prince and the Princess of creation. It was a potential to know that you too had Creator energies, and that you could create something called the "cosmos." You could create something called the Order of the Arc, where the energies of the archangels reside. It was fulfillment to know you could come to a place of Earth as the launching pad for New Energy.

< DivineHuman 10 > The Earth was created to resolve an issue with energies that had become stuck. But, that was only part of it. You came here to Earth as the place to launch New Energies, to take fulfillment to a whole new level of understanding. You did this by disguising yourself from yourself… by taking on duality and the veil… by taking on a human body. You, the Spiritual Artist, designed this as a way of coming to understandings.

< DivineHuman 10 > Creativity, life force energy, moving unbounded in you and through you is the essence of the New Energy. Do something, beginning now. If you're not sure what, breathe in, breathe in, and then follow your passion. It is that simple, dear Shaumbra. You have made it complex. You have approached it with the Old Energy mind. Now, approach it with a New Energy spirit and creativity. It wants to come out. You want to come out and play. It is time.

< NewEnergy 2 > Each time you come to the end of a cycle, you create New Energy. The completion of the cycle now creates New Energy. That New Energy is available to you in the next cycle that you go through! The next cycle will be easier. It will become broader. It will become more defined. It will be deeper. It will have so much more clarity to it. New Energy is created when you come to the end of each cycle. The New Energy is then made available as a potential to the consciousness of other humans. They can choose to draw on it during their journey. Some of them will not recognize it. Some of them will not want to use it. But it will be available.

< NewEnergy 2 > You are creating New Energy. That New Energy will help the shift of consciousness. The New Energy will help create new technologies that will benefit mankind and the universe. Many of you are coming to a completion of a cycle. When you come to this point, understand what is going on. Understand you just simply now create New Energy and go to a next level.

< NewEnergy 2 > If you allow yourself to release suffering right now, in our time together, if you allow that process of the suffering to be released, it can be transmuted. It can be turned into New Energy. It can be then made available to others, for when they come to the point where they realize they do not have to suffer, they can pick up on the New Energy that you helped to create. Their transition can be easier because of what you have done here. You're not making the world release suffering. You are letting suffering out of your own life. You are changing the vibration of humanity, changing the potential of tomorrow. You are doing it for yourself in this Now moment that we sit in.

< NewEnergy 2QA > This is such a tenet of the New Energy - if you allow it, then so it is, if you allow it. If you allow the love of Spirit to be in your life, if you let go of the suffering, then it will be real. If allow yourself to be a Divine Human and take responsibility, then it will be so. If you allow yourself to feel once again, then it will be so.

< NewEnergy 3 > As you go through your changing cycles - the cycles that we spoke of in our last gathering - they also help to take this New Energy that is being created and put it in the appropriate places. You are now creating New Energy, but there are not the mechanisms yet to use this in your human reality. Your runners are putting it into storage for you and also bringing part of that energy back to our side of the veil where it is applied throughout the physical universe, and where it is applied throughout all the dimensional aspects as well.

< NewEnergy 3 > When you get to this point of quantum leap , the elements will begin… they will not vibrate any more. Reality will not be created from elements that are vibrating at opposing energetic levels. At the quantum leap there will be a new type of physics that's introduced into your reality. It will take a while for the scientists to understand, even know it's there. The particles will no longer vibrate to create their reality. Instead, the particles will expand in every direction. Energy will expand inwards and outwards… and sideways… and up and down in unison. You will not need the dualistic energetics of vibration to make reality happen. Instead, it will be the expansion of energies that will create the new reality. It will take quite some time for this to integrate and for the scientists to learn how to use it.

< NewEnergy 3 > What is this indeed? This is the New Energy. This is what you have been working on. These are the templates that you have been helping to create, that the runners have been helping to store until the appropriate time. Energy, by itself, is neutral. All of the energies that you have used in creating the universe and creating your reality here on Earth come in neutral. But, then you activate them. You get them moving. You get them vibrating. You get them opposing each other, working against each other to create something new, to create your reality. That was the Old way.

< NewEnergy 3QA > The New Energy dynamic will be integrated into your reality. It is an energy that currently exists in the space between the space of your particles… it sits there in a neutral state. Scientists can't see it. They know something is there. They can't see it because they're looking with Old Energy eyes. After this golden door is opened, as you enter in this whole New era, you will know it's there. You will begin working with it on a consciousness level. Some of you already are in what you would call more of the experimental levels. Soon enough, scientists will begin to see it and then begin to understand how they can apply it, perhaps not how it works, but how to apply it.

< NewEnergy 6 > This whole concept of New Energy began some time ago. And, for the first time in your last calendar year it was available to you to use here on Earth. Previous to that you indeed were helping to create New Energy. But, it was - how to say - being taken from the physical Earth and being applied in other places, specifically in this place we call the New Earth. After working with your runners and all of the angels who work with you in applying New Energy in other places, in other dimensions, it then came back to you for the first time to be used here on Earth in your lifetime.

< NewEnergy 6 > New Energy comes in without effort." It is there, waiting for you. You will know… you will definitely know when you are working with New Energy because it does not contain the elements of duality. There are no opposing forces. Opposing forces create the struggle and the conflict. New Energy is without effort. You see… if you dig too deep in trying to find it… if you struggle trying to figure it out… it will elude you. It will be right there in front of you, but it will elude you. It is very simple. And, we wanted to start this Shoud today with that note… no efforting… no efforting. It is all right there. (New Energy is like floating petals of flower in the river. You have to remove barriers to let them come to you and have to behave gracefully to take them.)

< NewEnergy 6 > There is something very special in this New Year with New Energy… something that may take a bit of time to realize what it truly is… how it integrates with you and your life. This attribute, this energy, is that, dear Shaumbra, YOU ARE NOW SAFE. YOU ARE NOW SAFE. New Energy unto itself is safe. It is balanced. Old Energy was in a constant state of flux, and change, and imbalance; therefore, you never felt safe. You never felt safe to be yourself. So, we bring in New Energy; it contains the element of "safe."

< NewEnergy 7 > Truly what you are doing when you are creating and expressing - you are giving life to thoughts, ideas. They are yours. You are the Creator of these things. But, you give them life of their own, in a sense. It is playing the role of a Creator right here on Earth. These ideas then take on the New Energy attributes. And, they continue to expand in every different direction. They emanated from you, but now they have a life of their own. That's what the New Energy is truly about, dear friends.

< NewEnergy 12 > When you left Home - the Kingdom - there was a finite amount of energy that left with you. And, part of what you wanted to experience, part of what you wanted to create eventually was New Energy. So, for eons of time you simply took the energies that already existed and learned how to sculpt them… learned how to play with them… learned how to transform them from one energy to another… from one vibration to another… until quite recently simply playing with existing energies.

< NewEnergy 12 > But, in this past year, Shaumbra, New Energies have been created for the first time ever outside of Home. What that means quite simply is that you have learned to be Creators in your own right, Creators of brand New Energy. It is still new. It is still something that is taking a while to assimilate, to bring into your reality. But, each moment - each new moment - you are learning more and more about this miracle of New Energy.

< Embodiment 2 > The Field… "the zone"… as we understand how energy really works at this point in The Field… oh, this is something Ohama is going to get into in great detail in his school. The field, Shaumbra, is where the New Energy comes through. And, by being able to access this source energy, you also have New Energy… New Energy. It is phenomenal to work with. We have been working with it somewhat on our side here, helping to prepare it for you actually. And, it defies any type of description. It is New Energy for the first time ever.

< Embodiment 3 > So, Shaumbra, it is about bringing in the New Energy - isn't it? - literally on your Earth right now bringing in new types of fuel sources that don't come from the ground, but that come from the inter-dimensional energies that are neutral. But, the scientists can't see it yet because it is neutral. They are looking for something that is dynamic, that has what you would call duality characteristics to it - a positive and a minus, an opposing force. That is what they are looking for.

< Embodiment 8 > It is a very delicate and very fragile time, and a time where we want to cut to the chase. There are only a few years left. And, years on our side are nothing. They truly are not on your side either. They go by so quickly. This is not a panic or a desperate situation. But, we know there is an important energetic event that is taking place - the "quantum leap" where a significant portion of mass consciousness reaches a level to transcend vibrational energy and go into expansional energy, that it affects everything else around it.

< Embodiment 8QA > Absolutely, you will want to be in your physical body. There is a great gift in being here on Earth. And, there is a great gift of being in the physical state of being. So, this is something that Tobias and I are going to encourage everyone to do - to have the choice and the option to walk in and out of your physical being. A few of you will walk out of your physical being and look back at it and decide to start over. But, the important thing there is that you won't have to go through the traditional birth process in order to do it. You won't have to be born out of the womb. The… the… whole other discussion… but the fabric of biology will be there waiting for you to inhabit it. But, in answer to your question, no, you won't have to give up the physical body, unless you choose to. That is the whole purpose of this movement into the New Energy - it is to stay embodied, stay embodied, but yet be free.

< Embodiment 11QA > There are many - how to say - we don't like using the term "portals" or even "vortexes." But, there are many energy pathways that are opening up right now. These are a type of, in a sense, grids or matrixes that connect the Earth to the New Earth, that connect the Earth as you know it to the Order of the Arc and ultimately to "the field," the source of all energy potential. As the consciousness of humanity is changing, these new pathways are opening up very quickly.

And, that is what you are witnessing, one of these opening up. Through the human eyes you are going to see it in various different ways. Some will see it as a light burst. Some will see it as a large shadowy movement across the sky. But, what it is is an opening that is occurring. It is New Energy pouring into Earth as a potential.

< Embodiment 12 > The synchronistic life is when you open up… when you embody… when you love yourself… when you grant yourself freedom… when you get out of the worrisome way of thinking and go into the New Energy way of being… everything is synchronistic. It does happen in that moment. All of the events just seem to flow in. Literally, the answers are there before the question is ever asked. That is actually the true and natural way of the New Energy. The answers are there before the question is asked. That is the way it is supposed to be. How it got out of polarity we're not quite sure. It is time to return to that state of being where all of your needs are there before you even know you that you need them. Well, then it truly eliminates the need for need.

< Embodiment 12 > But, now in the New Energy, God (all that is/all things) is simply expression (of neutral poential/source). It doesn't need power. It doesn't even need the old negative and positive. Imagine and feel for a moment, existing and creating in your world that doesn't need to activate negative and positive. It doesn't need the Old Energy balances. It operates in a New Energy type of expression. You see, expression and force, or power, are two different things. We know we are dealing with semantics here. And, the English language sometimes is very limiting. But, imagine… feel for a moment operating in a synchronistic life where you don't have power. It is simply pure, clear expression. That is one very important thing to remember. God is not power. God is expression.

< Embodiment 12 > The next attribute to remember - and this will really cause your head to spin but your heart to open up - you have already gotten there. You've already completed all of this. It is so very true. What you are doing now is having fun with the experience of getting there… you see. You have already arrived. You have already ascended. You have already integrated. You have. Oh, we're not speaking metaphorically. We are speaking literally. You have already transitioned into New Energy. You have already received your full Creator-ship… whatever you want to call it. You have gone full cycle. You have closed the circle.

< Clarity 4 > Our spiritual being has to be fed from something. Something has to sustain consciousness. So, even we are always bringing in things. Something is feeding us. Basically, if you want to the look at the physics of it, we are taking energy from "the field," which is neutral; in a sense, it doesn't even exist. We are "dualizing" it. We are then breaking it down into duality elements. We are shaping it into potentials. And, then that energy flows into - whether you are an angel, whether you are human - that energy then flows into your reality. It feeds you and sustains you. You are the one determining the vibration (Old Energy) or the expansional (New Energy) characteristics of that energy coming in that's feeding you. It's coming from the Source of All, coming into you. But, you are shaping it.

< Clarity 10QA > What you're doing right now - what Shaumbra is doing - is actually letting go of what we call the field energy or external energies and you're going into an internal essence energy that is not measurable by any human devices right now. So you are actually letting go of all of the external ways that you have been connected and bringing energy into your life. You're going into the essence energy and this energy actually isn't powerful at all, because in true essence there is no power. There is no need for power, you see. Power has to do with opposing forces, and when you get into your essence, there are no opposing forces, you see. But it is your inner essence energy (New Energy).

< Teacher 5 > You see that New Energy, that harvest (of christ seed), is here waiting for you right now. It slowly finds its way to you, no matter what. That is a natural principle. The New Energy slowly transforms you. It could take many, many lifetimes, but it's just the natural evolution of energy.

< Teacher 5 > The New Energy, it works totally different, totally different. First, it is much more efficient - much more efficient than the Old Energy. The New Energy doesn't need duality. It doesn't need conflict and it doesn't need its mirror image in order to understand itself. This New Energy that is you, already knows. This New Energy can't be controlled like you're used to doing with Old Energy. It can't be manipulated because that was just you manipulating or controlling yourself. This New Energy has a purity to it. This New Energy is very difficult to measure in any terms, any terms that you've been used to measuring energy or consciousness in the past.

< Teacher 5 > All the time remember it (New Energy) is you. It is just a different you, a new experience of you. It starts making its way into your life and at first it may appear to be a little clumsy to work with. It doesn't respond like the old energies responded, so it may be a little frustrating at first. But as you continue to allow this New Energy in, you'll begin to notice little things in your life. Synchronicities start to occur more frequently. Things seem to just get a little easier. Old things seem to dissolve away faster. Even down to simple things like requiring less time for sleep, requiring less food for your body. This is all part of the way the New Energy works.

< Teacher 6 > A new energy pathway has been created in the collision of the two opposing elements smashing back into each other. An energetic pathway that allows in an energy that exists in a different dimension. Current understanding and the current consciousness of dimensions is very, very crude - very crude and very rudimentary. Many humans equate it with being simplistic - we have the third dimension and the fourth dimension, the fifth. It doesn't work like that. Dimensions are an amazing thing. It's a flow. It's a swirl of energy. Dimensions don't necessarily know limits or boundaries unless they have been structured that way by the human belief system or consciousness.

< Teacher 6 > But what happens here, you have the collision of energies taking place in a very profound way. Let's call this the collision of consciousness taking place. At that moment of collision is the potential to bring in new energy from the outside, from another dimension. Now this could be you personally. It could be you as a company, with others or a group. It could be Shaumbra. It could be humanity in general. A collision takes place - a potential for a new energy to move in, right then and right there.

< Teacher 6 > It is a physics, what you would call a spiritual or a omniversal physics that is taking place. It is not necessarily a belief system. It just is. It is the way that you have worked to construct the universe and bring it into physical form. The potentials that occur in this bubble here - the collision. We froze-frame right when the two energies smacked into each other. The potentials are nearly unlimited, and there's the potential to bring in what we call New Energy. So instead of just the sum total of dark and light coming together, we now have something far, far grander.

< Teacher 6 > The old equation of "the quantity of energy in has a limitation to the quantity of the energy out" applies no more. It's like a whole new manufacturing process. It doesn't need a specific amount of input to equal a specific amount of output. Throw that equation away. In the New Energy, the way is much easier.

< Teacher 10 > Now, that leads us to the next part of this discussion. You have just brought in your New Energy, whatever that happens to be. It is there now. It is in your reality. It's no longer a shadow, no longer a parallel. It is now integrated. Now, Shaumbra, important: do something. Do something. If the energy is just sitting there, it's either going to go dormant, go back out of actualization, or it's going to, in some case, implode on you. New Energy is energy in motion. Do something in your life. Write a book, start a business, run a marathon - do all of the above - but do something.

< QuantumLeap 6 > The New Energy is not answers. There are no answers, because New Energy is potentials. And the potential doesn't have to define itself as a singular answer, as a singular truth, but as many, many layers and potentials. So while the old human searches for an answer to a problem, sometimes very desperately or in great frustration, the New Energy comes to you, sometimes unseen and unknown, as potentials. You could start letting the word "answer" out of your vocabulary - when you choose of course -and allow the consciousness of potentials to start coming in.

< QuantumLeap 6 > The mind wants it to be equal and steady every time, but in the New Energy it's not. Actually, in the New Energy the sum of any two parts always comes back to one. You can add up tens and thousands of elements or numbers or whatever you choose - bits of energy - and instead of arriving at a new sum they will always, in the New Energy, add up to 1.

< Returning 6 > This is the New Energy. You are the ones that are changing that old dynamic, bringing the essence and the spirit here to Earth and allowing the soul to bring your awareness to it in the other realms. This is where heaven and Earth meet. This is the new consciousness.

< Returning 7 > New Energy isn't vibrational. New Energy is expansional - this goes back to Shaumbra 101, old stuff for some of you, but new to some of the others - and this New Energy it doesn't need an opposing force to know itself. It doesn't need the reflection of itself with a mirror image. It doesn't need something to bounce itself off of. It is expansional because it flows out gracefully, and it flows in at the same time. It is so different than the old vibrational energy that it's hard to recognize.

< Master 1 > New Energy is here. We have talked about it at length in our previous Shouds. It is here, it's an energy that was created outside of Home, it was created by you. Its physics and its characteristics are distinctly different than the old vibrational energy you have been working with. That's not to say that we're going to completely eliminate vibrational energy in your life - not at all. We're going to start integrating this thing called New Energy.

< Master 1 > We're going to work with you to understand how to bring New Energy in. At times, perhaps, it could be challenging, confusing, because one thing we do know about New Energy - it doesn't set up patterns of itself like Old Energy. Old Energy gets into a type of rut. It tends to repeat itself over and over and over, until some large outside force or stimulus pushes it out of its old pattern. That's what many of you have been going through for the last few years of your life, trying to get out of that old pattern of Old Energy. So you have to take some infusion coming in, created by you, but an infusion of energy to create an incident in your life, sometimes traumatic - usually traumatic - to get you out of that old pattern of Old Energy.

< Master 1 > New Energy works quite different, and we're not sure how. Basically, you've agreed to be part of this discovery. You've agreed to be the next level of pioneer on Earth to understand how to bring it in and what it does. You've agreed to be here to allow this New Energy to … that you created, by the way. It's yours. It's not a gift from God like the old vibrational energy. That was Spirit's gift to you; this is your gift to yourself. It doesn't set up the same patterns. It doesn't respond the same way each time it's applied.

< Master 1 > We're going to explore the ways to bring it in, because right now it exists in and around you in an area somewhere close to your human energy field but it really hasn't penetrated fully. Part of it's because the timing hasn't been right. You've been so absorbed in a lot of your issues and your processing that it hasn't been appropriate for it to come in. It would have blown a lot of circuits. You've dabbled in it a bit. Oh, we've all dabbled in it together in our nightly forays into the other dimensions. You put your finger on it just oh so slightly and then tasted just a bit of it, but now we're going to be bringing it into our lives.

< Master 2 > When you do this, it will also invite into your life this thing called New Energy. I don't want to define New Energy, we're not going to get into that today. Later. But now, with the potentials of the past opened up, brought here, now New Energy has the freedom or invitation to come in. Within New Energy … I'm going to have to write a book about this. Within New Energy are not potentials. There are no potentials in New Energy, and I know that seems to be contrary to what we've talked about, but there are not potentials in it anymore, and we'll talk about that in our next gathering. What is in New Energy? If it's not potentials, what is in it?

< Master 3 > These new potentials contain none of that. They have your deepest essence in them, but unrestricted and unlimited, not based on the past. Dear Shaumbra, this is New Energy. You say, "Haven't these always been there?" Absolutely. They've been in a state of dormancy. They've been sleeping. Even prior to today, if you would have gone in looking for them, you would have never found them, because you were looking for something else. You were looking for something with other attributes, and you were always pulled away by seduction - your own seduction.

< Master 4 > When energy is finally released, cleared, it has a life cycle to it that it continues its expansion or expression up to a level, and then at some point it returns back into pure energy. But it's different now. This energy here that's been stuck and is now flowing doesn't necessarily go back up there into the neutral field - and this is a little bit difficult explaining - it stays here (gestures to the consciousness and manifestation area of the drawing). It stays with you. It returns back to neutral, but it stays with you. It then calls out, just as you have called out, it calls out to the big "N" - New Energy.

< Master 5 > Old Energy was created out of the soul's desire to one day return back to itself. New Energy is the result of returning back to Self. Old Energy was the result of this intense desire to return back to Self, to be whole again, to have a - what do you say - a process of fusion take place within Self. When the process of fusion takes place - or begins to take place, I should say, begins to take place - you no longer have the need for the masculine/feminine, for the light/dark. You don't meld these two back together and come up with something that looks like this or whatever.

< Master 5 > You no longer have a separate masculine/feminine, a separate light/dark, a separate human/spirit. You don't bring back the God and the Goddess and then walk around with that duality. They disappear. They evaporate. The illusion absolutely goes away. So when these two come together and they no longer are two or four or ten, when there's no longer the need for light and dark, masculine/feminine, good/bad, that creates New Energy. It is different, obviously, than Old Energy. Old Energy was the result of desire to return back to thyself. It was the rocket fuel that you were going to use to come back to you. When that process even begins occurring at the most miniscule level, it creates New Energy.

< Master 5 > You've created Ne1w Energy because you've contemplated and you've allowed coming back to yourself. That in itself has created New Energy. It is yours; you have created it. It is very personal to you right now. But it will go out into the rest of creation, because you can never own what you create. You can use it. You can love it. You can have grand passion for your creations, but never own your creations. Sooner or later they want expression in their own right. Sooner or later the energy has to flow. And the most beautiful thing from the original creator, from Spirit, was giving you absolute divine will - I don't like the word free will; divine will - "Go out and discover yourself."

< Master 6 > That New Energy is the byproduct of human and divine finally integrating. That's what created it. It's even new to those who are on the angelic realms, and they're watching and observing. They're aware of you on a very intimate basis, because so goes humans on Earth goes all of creation. So they're extremely interested to see how it works. What's happening in your life right now, the reason why things are a little off kilter, a little disoriented - real disoriented, let's be honest - the reason why things are really upside down right now is this: the New Energy is here.

< Master 6 > It is your creation, but it's coming from, you could say, a different realm, a totally different basis, and it's coming to integrate into your life here on Earth. It is now exploring you. It is exploring your emotions, because in the process of integration it has to understand where you've come from and what you're made up of. It wants to know how to work into your life. It doesn't want to fight you. It wants to know how to be a part of your life. It's the divine energy that you've sought forever, and it's here. And it's coming in to say, "How does this emotional part of you work?" And so it's going right in and probing you.

< Master 6 > What makes you go. It's the emotions. It's the desires. It's these aspects. It is feelings. Remember what I said before that your choices aren't intellectual, although you'd like to think they are? They're not. They're emotional. So the New Energy goes in and is starting to look and to feel what is causing you to make those choices. At this moment, it is going into, probing into your past lives, because it's part of you. It's what makes up you.

< Master 6 > When there is no true meaning in anything anymore, you're in the right place. And in you're in the right place and it's appropriate, and don't panic. Just trust - in yourself, not me, not anybody else - because this New Energy is even probing that. The nothing, the void, the in-between, the total sense of loss - it's trying to understand that. It's trying to understand you. It's you. You could say - this isn't quite right - but it's you from the future coming to you right now. But it's not the future in terms of a time line. It's you of all the potentials that you are, now coming to you right now. Not just coming to visit, but moving in. Moving in. And that's what's happening.

< Master 7 > This New Energy, which is you, not a future potential, but from the greater consciousness of you, is coming to visit. The New Energy - true New Energy, expansional - is now coming down into this reality or up into this reality. It's coming to play with you. It's testing you out. It wants to see what you're made of. As I said last month it wants to know what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what makes you feel different things. How does that brain work? And it's probing or it's investigating in a very loving, non-intrusive, compassionate manner. And it's you. Not the big golden angel, not something that's different or separate. It's actually you. It's coming in.

< Master 7 > It's the You that you've always longed for. It's the You that you've always wanted to love you, it couldn't love you, because you didn't want it to. You weren't ready for it. You didn't love yourself enough to allow something so precious as the real You to come in. You kept it away, waiting to get better, waiting to get over your karma, waiting to perfect yourself, waiting till you learned how to meditate properly or pray properly. It's always wanted to come in, and now it can. You release the yesterdays. It doesn't mean giving up your identity. Your identity is you. The identity is I Am that I Am. That's the identity. What more do you need besides I Am? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

< Master 9 > You had consciousness, represented by this (Adamus draws the circumpunct), and you had energy, which was created by your desire to go back Home, that came in to consciousness (Adamus draws) - energy, consciousness - to create reality, to manifest so consciousness could experience itself. They were two separate components - consciousness, energy. This thing we call New Energy is very different, because it's not consciousness and it's not a separate element of energy. New Energy is literally the integration of consciousness and energy together in the same packet.

< Master 9 > So consciousness doesn't need to call in energy to support it. It already has it built in, and that will provide for a lot of discussion later on. It's already there. That's why it's new. It's never been there before, but it also operates in a very new way. Total new operating system. So keep that in mind. Let's go to the next step.

< (Next) 1 > It's consciousness and energy moving together, and that's what it's all about. Remember consciousness, energy, used to be two separate things? You did whatever you could to try to make them work together. Consciousness would call out for energy to try to support its desires, its dreams, its manifestations, but now what's happening in all of this is they don't need to be separate. It is truly what I would call wholistic consciousness and energy contained in the same vessel, contained in the same dynamic together. That's what, by the way, we call New Energy. They're together.

< e2012 2 > But remember when these particles - not just these physical particles but particles of beliefs, particles of aspects, particles of anything - collide together like that, that it creates pure energy. It returns things back to their original form. It also creates New Energy. It's doing that right now as we're talking - creating New Energy. That New Energy doesn't go out into some grand reservoir, the grid, the Field, whatever you want to call it. It'll stay right there. It doesn't serve a collective. It doesn't serve the good of all beings.

< Discovery 7 > Your body, when it was in its old ancestral DNA, could not have handled that rapid of a transition, transformation. Could not have handled that quick of a change, and it would have caused such an energetic imbalance that it could have led to things like – and very specifically – things like diabetes. If the body tries to change too quickly, the energy inputs and throughputs would cause diabetes. Secondly, cancer. It would, again, send stray signals throughout the body and cause cancer in certain parts of your body. So you're bringing it in, this new level of light energy, as you're making your changeover from your ancestral biology to your own true light body. And it's happening most of the time while you're sleeping, but sometimes in your waking state. Sometimes you feel that your body is going to hell, but it's not. It's reorienting. It's changing.

< Discovery 10 > So where we are in the New Energy, still surrounded by a world of duality. It is truly a challenge, also an amazing experience, to now be walking and talking as a Master in this New Energy, but still surrounded in a world of duality. Something the other Masters didn’t do. They left. They left the physical body. It was difficult on their physical body. They hadn’t prepared the physical body. As a matter of fact, there was almost a rejection of the physical body. So in their enlightenment, they left shortly afterwards. But you said, “We’re going to stay.” You’ve come to realize that enlightenment isn’t a mental thing. No, no, no. You can read all the philosophy in the world, and none of it will give you the experience of enlightenment that you can give yourself.