point of separation / energetic crossroads

point of new consciousness/awareness/enlightenment; dimensional portal;
point/portal/navel/level/layer of consciousness that connects other reality/dimension;
There is no wall (time and space) between realities. There is only a point of consciousness shifts in the expanded moment.

< DivineHuman 9 > In the recent Divine Tools workshops, we have taken many groups through a journey to experience the Expanded Now. We go beyond time and space. This experience helps you understand how to be a Divine Human in the moment while having access to all of the multi-dimensional levels. We have talked very recently about what we call "points of separation." These are points of separation of consciousness. There is no time and space, per se. But, there are points of separation of consciousness.

< DivineHuman 9 > We sat together a few minutes ago when the music started. The music brought us together as a group, as Shaumbra, into a point of separation of consciousness. We were moving together from one level or one point to the next. Now, we are at the new point of separation together. At this level you are much more aware of your spirit, and spirit all around you. You are still a human, sitting in these chairs, or sitting beside your computer. But, now you have opened to the other realms. You are at a new point of separation.

< DivineHuman 9 > You might recall an experience of standing in a lake or a river. Remember how you could feel different layers of temperatures in the water? The layer at the top was warm, and slightly below that a cooler layer of water. But, yet when you go down a bit deeper, you find another layer of warmth. There is not specific layers of water. But yet there are points where you go from cold to warm. You can feel the sensation on your body. The multi-dimensional levels are like this also. In a sense, they are very melded, but you can find the points of separation of consciousness. This is how you begin traveling into the multi-dimensional levels.

< DivineHuman 9 > This is a new level of consciousness. It is not better or worse. It is simply expanded. It is simply grander, or more encompassing. You can be firmly grounded in your human reality while accessing all of these points of separation of consciousness. You can go to the many layers of understanding when you are working with your students, with your clients. You have been working very linearly. You have been trying to follow a path with either their mind or their body. But, now, dear friends, you can literally go to these new points of consciousness with them. You can take the journey as their guide and go with them to a whole new understanding of the root cause of the imbalance within their system.

< DivineHuman 9 > You can go to points of separation in the consciousness of your own soul. Your soul is not linear. It is deep. It is wide. It is narrow. It is small - all at the same time. It expands out, and it contracts in. Your soul is so multi-dimensional. You have been operating on one linear level. Now you can open up to all the points of separation. The points of separation can be the consciousness of one lifetime to another. It can be the understanding of your relationship to all of the other angels. You can allow yourself to go to points of separation in all of these layers. Within each point is information, wisdom and understanding.

< DivineHuman 9 > You can go to a point of separation in a past life while still remaining in this present moment. You can receive and remember all of the information from that lifetime. You see, so many of you have been blocked from your past lives because you have been trying to figure it out in your mind. You have been trying to will your mind to remember experiences. Your mind is programmed for this reality that you are in. It is not programmed to take information from your other lifetimes… up until now. Now, you can allow your consciousness to go to a point of separation, a layer of your soul, to receive and feel information.

< DivineHuman 9 > This is how you will travel and journey in the New Energy, all while remaining right here as a human on Earth. You will expand in so many ways. You will have such a greater understanding. This is where you are going, Shaumbra. It is the ability to have everything come into your present moment (expanded now). This includes remembrances of the past, the ability to go to the other dimensions, to truly be able to feel and to understand the celestial realms, to travel to parts of the universe that you could never have imagined, and dimensions that lie between all of the stars and all of the layers.

< DivineHuman 9 > It will take a bit of time to understanding what we are bringing you today. We do not want you to get intellectual about this. We know there is that tendency. But, in the New Energy, as you breathe in, as you feel, as you live in the moment, now you can start having contacts with these points of separation of consciousness.

< DivineHuman 9 > He comes in on this day that we talk about points of separation or points of new consciousness so that he can help you balance between physical and nonphysical realms. He will be the one working with you as you expand your energy in the Now moment and integrate the multi-dimensional levels. There is a potential to get whacked out, or get out of balance, as Cauldre experienced several weeks ago during one of our channels (at the San Francisco "Divine Tools" workshop). There is the potential to become imbalanced as you expand your Now, as you go to these other layers and levels. Hossaf has agreed to now work directly with you in your human state to help keep the balance as you now expand multi-dimensionally.

< DivineHuman 9 > How do you get there, dear friends? How do you connect with the Divine Plan and have it meld with the human? It is by giving yourself permission to go to that point of separation, that energetic crossroads where the two meet - that point that you sit in now. Your Divine Plan is all around you. If you try to race in your mind and put it into words… try to analyze it… try to segment it, like you do with time or space… it will elude you.

< DivineHuman 9 > We cannot define for you. We can only tell you that it exists, in this moment, in this point of separation that we sit in together. You can bring it into your reality by staying in this now moment with us, by breathing. Aah… that will bring its energies into every tissue of your body. It will bring the Divine Plan into every aspect of your consciousness. As you breathe in the moment, it will bring the melding of the Divine Plan and the human plan.

< DivineHuman 9 > You can use your consciousness and your understandings to truly create. The universe, the omniverse, is constantly unfolding and becoming, constantly fulfilling. You can allow yourself to be at that point of separation to receive the blessings of the fulfillment at all times. It is that simple. It is that simple - different than any way you have ever behaved, or thought, or acted before. This is the New Energy. It is different now.

< DivineHuman 9 > There was no need for a separate Shoud. There is no need for I, Tobias, to speak and then for the Shoud. It all becomes one. We sit at that point of separation where all the layers intersect or meld together. The Shoud is the channel. I am you. You are me. All the voices are one. The Shoud is the channel. There is no need for that distinction anymore. A bit of a change… we should have warned Cauldre… he gets so nervous. (audience laughter) For the past 15 minutes he has been saying, "But, Tobias, you are talking long today. Will we have time for a Shoud?" We have been in Shoud, dear friends.

< DivineHuman 9 > What you see happening in the war is a result of your changing consciousness. Yes, the war is your fault. (audience laughter) It could have been devastating. It could have been Armageddon. It could have been all across your world - World War III - but this time played with nuclear bombs. The war, yes, is your fault because it is isolated to a small area. There are only a small number of humans who will transition during the process. They have given of themselves for the changes to occur. The war will be quick. It does not have to play havoc on human consciousness. The war is televised in real-time in your Expanded Now so that you can see the effects, so that all of humanity can tap in and go through a consciousness change, go to a new point of separation.

< DivineHuman 9QA > We continue with working with you to help you understand how you can move to these different points of separation, these layers where consciousness melds and shifts. You can bring in the wisdoms. You can celebrate all of the experience that is contained there. These are like the stars that are in your heavens. These are points of light… what you call the stars. In a sense, all of the dimensions around you have star points, points of separation, where different energetic attributes come together at a crossroads. There is a gift for you, there for you to access while you remain in the Now as a Divine Human.

< DivineHuman 9QA > Indeed, the stars are points of separation. Indeed, you can allow yourself to meld with those energies on some night when you can see the stars clearly. Meld with it. Bring that energy into your Now and feel it. It is a point of separation from an occurrence that took place in your universe so very long ago. The stars are symbols. The stars are points of separation of experiences that took place while you were building the universe.

< DivineHuman 9QA > Each star, each planet, each galaxy, and solar system has its unique attributes. They have contain specific information. Each star point is like a library of wisdom. This is a good way to practice bringing a point of separation into your consciousness, to feel it. Indeed, the stars are the history of your journey, the history of everything that took place before you came to this Earth. Indeed, this massive universe of yours is the new playground of the New Energy. We have said before that there is not so much out there, other than potentials to be built on and experienced.

< DivineHuman 10 > You stepped off the Old road, the Old road that led from one linear lifetime to the other, the Old road that was paved in karma. Now, you go multi-dimensional, off of the karmic path, off of the Old Energy. You wonder sometimes why you feel so strange, and why you act so strange. It is because you are truly becoming multi-dimensional beings, integrated with all that you have been, all who you are in this moment. This is a point of separation, the fulfillment of a journey that began when you left the Kingdom, when you left Home.

It was a potential to leave Home to understand your identity as the Prince and the Princess of creation. It was a potential to know that you too had Creator energies, and that you could create something called the "cosmos." You could create something called the Order of the Arc, where the energies of the archangels reside. It was fulfillment to know you could come to a place of Earth as the launching pad for New Energy.

< NewEnergy 1 > Morgaine, who held the balance of light and dark… greatly misunderstood for the work she did… trying to keep the dimensional portals open… trying to, dear friends, maintain an understanding of all sides (multiple realities)… maintain an understanding of the mystics at a time when through the work of the - how to say - the flourishing church at the time, this was all being squelched… everything taken up. The church at the time was a mixture of politics… sometimes religions… very rarely spirituality… trying to create conformance within everybody… trying to make them conform to certain ideas and concepts of God and of Christ. So, Morgaine, who is such a part of all of you is also ready to leave her energy, so that she can return to our side and work with you in a whole New way, even with a New energetic name.

< NewEnergy 4 > Your human plan was to make yourself one or the other - to be male, or to be female, and to exaggerate whichever one that was, and to feel separate and removed from the other energy. Part of this was so that you could experience what it was like to have this outgoing masculine energy. Part of it was to experience the nurturing and loving feminine energy. But, the divine plan and the human plan weren't meeting. It is now time to bring those together. You are at the point of awareness. You're at the point of enlightenment where they can come together now. They don't have to be separate.

< Clarity 7QA > Your body does go through a tremendous level of change when something like this happens or when you reach this point of - what Tobias calls - a point of separation or cosmic consciousness, when you can actually understand and perceive that you've released your past lives, which so often are still literally in the dirt of Earth, and you've let those go. You've let your whole past be healed so that your future is clear.

< Clarity 9 > It (New Earth) is a place of training. It is a place of great research, energy research. It is also a point of separation, meaning it is a way-point, a stop-over between quantum leaps of consciousness. It is your doorway to the Third Circle. The Third Circle is where you are a full creator, full God also, and the Third Circle is where you create your own universes. In a sense, you could say that right now here on Earth you are God also, but you are gods in training. You are learning what it is like to be creators in a very limited, very slowed down energy. But in the Third Circle it is wide open. You take what you have learned here and then apply it there with the wisdom that is even beyond words.

< Teacher 2 > Take that moment of winning something... perhaps in the lottery, perhaps at a casino, perhaps through the mail... that is a moment of consciousness, what I would call a point of separation, where a variety of energies come together at the same time to create a happening - a point of separation.

< Teacher 8 > Basically, there is no time. Time is an artificial creation by humans to help understand how to get from one moment to the next in their daily journey. Time... if you all took off your watches and if you all were sitting in a totally closed-off room where you didn't see the sun or the moon, you would lose this whole sense of time, the ticking of the minutes and the hours, and you would understand that time is just a belief system - the time that you have divided energy into. In reality, and definitely in the other realms, what you would call time is a matter of sequence of events that takes place, or a sequence of what we call points of separation that take place. It is a series of choices or sequences that build one upon the other. But because the final choice has already been made, the sequence of events, in a sense, is just walking backwards through time.

< (Next) 9 > A point of separation means when you suddenly change consciousness. It means you're not going to go in that straight line anymore.

< (Next) 9 > You get to the point of separation like we're at now and it's a little daunting, because at least you know how this story goes. You can almost say that you know what that last chapter is. You know the story and it's kind of boring, kind of painful. So you get to this point of separation and say, "Okay, I'm ready to take a big leap." The leap is going to happen anyway, if you haven't figured that out. There is something in your true heart that's making you leap. You can leap because you want that free expression, or you can leap because there's somebody with a fire right at your backside. And that somebody with a fire is you, is your true heart, your spirit.

< (Next) 9 > So you're at a point of separation right here, ready to break away. You've gone through it hundreds of times so you know what this is like. Well, it's always filled with anxiety, with excitement, filled with trepidation and filled with a lot of past aspects. Your aspects love lining up on your timeline, on your past. They love it. They cling to it! They hold onto it like it's a rope, onto that past timeline. And aspects get so jazzed up over the past that it solidifies their perception of themselves. They don't want to let go of it. They convince you not to let go of it, even though you really hate it, and it just reinforces the past. And then it's like dragging around a big rope, a big very stiff rope, with you, and on that rope are clinging a bunch of aspects. That's your past.