New Earth

library of consciousness/experience;
indication of the completion of the second creation;
prototype of new Earths;   TheosNibiru;  Planet X

Adamus talks at length about Planet 9, also referred to as Planet X and Nibiru. He says that scientists now acknowledge the existence of this planet but have not yet seen it. He says that the scientific community knows something is there because of the gravitation motion of other matter in the region, but says that the gravity is actually not caused by physical matter. Instead, the motion is caused by the gravity of New Earth and Theos. He notes that while gravity is generally regarded as the result of matter moving through TimeSpace, it is also caused when TimeSpace moves through non-matter like thought, emotion, passion and beliefs.

< DivineHuman 2 > There are many who have not been to Earth, many, many, many who have never been to Earth. Many of them wait for the time that they can come to Earth. Others wait for the time when the literal New Earth is created in your universe. You see, right now, there is only one planet of Earth. But, in the days ahead there will be many places of Earth vibration. The work you are doing now will create a New Earth and a New Earth after that. And, the universe will begin to open up and provide the opportunity for other entities to experience human consciousness and ultimately Divine Human consciousness. Now, dear friends, do you understand the importance of the work that you are doing?

< DivineHuman 3 > Gabriel oversees the development of what we call the New Earth. It is not a planet, but it is different than the Earth you are on now, the Earth that you are feeling through those toes of yours. Indeed, there is a new place being built, a new consciousness.

< DivineHuman 3 > But, know, dear friends, it is not just about your life on Earth. You are helping to set the energies of the New Earth. Indeed, when you depart from your physical body in this lifetime, you will have a choice. You will have a choice to come back to this Earth to be a teacher for many, to be one who is enlightened, and who has come to terms with themselves. You have the choice to come back to this Earth to be a human angel guide for others who are going through their awakening.

< DivineHuman 3 > Your other choice will be to go to the place we call the New Earth. Again, it is not a planet, but some of you and some of your scientists have perceived it as a hidden planet, the tenth planet. They will never see it with their scientific instruments. Indeed, there is no hidden planet, not a hidden material planet. But there is an energy being built that will be the New Earth, the new place. You will have a choice to go there, for you have been the architects. You have been the builders. You have been building the framework for this new place.

< DivineHuman 3 > There is as much activity over here as there is on Earth right now. There is much transforming of old energies into New Energy right now. On our side of the veil we are preparing for the New Earth, this place that we will talk about later. The (multi-dimensional) universe is changing because you are changing. Your past is changing because you are releasing. You are letting go. The future is the past healed. The healing is taking place now.

< DivineHuman 3 > Live in the Now, in the moment, fully present, fully available to do what is needed when those things come to you. This is the energy of the New Times. This is the shift in paradigm that will be so important, particularly in these next few months ahead. We know this is the energy of the New Times because we see it on this place we call the New Earth.

< DivineHuman 3 > Living in two worlds at one time is a challenge we never quite expected like this. But, with the new tools  Eof the breath, of the moment, of the feelings, of allowing it to come to us  Ewe are learning to adjust to it. As Shaumbra we know that we have picked a very challenging job. As Shaumbra we know we have much teaching to do. And, we have learning to do also about the New Energy. As Shaumbra we know that we are creating the energies of the New Earth. But, we are also helping to adjust the vibrations of the Old Earth.

< DivineHuman 3QA > It does not apply to all humans at this time. It is meant for Shaumbra, for those who connect in one way or the other to these words. This allows a good opportunity for me to point out that so much of what we discuss here, so much is about Shaumbra. It is not about other humans, for their journey is different than yours now. But in this case in particular, with making this selection to come back to this physical Earth, or to go to what you would call the new heaven, the New Earth, this is meant as a message for Shaumbra.

< DivineHuman 3QA > But, we do tell you one thing. You all visit the New Earth at night in your sleep, in your dreams. You are helping to build this place. You are going there, working with Gabriel, the giver of life. And, you are working with Metatron. And, you are working with Amael, and Uriel, and Raphael, and all of the others from the Order of the Arc to set up this new place. So, you already have a feel for it.

< DivineHuman 4 > My time on Earth is coming to a close. But, I will always be with you. My work now takes me to in new place where I will come to know you again, but in a different way. My work now takes me to this place that brother Tobias has talked about, this place that Archangel Michael will be talking about much in the months to come. It is the New Earth. The Kryon will go to this place of the New Earth to help you and to help the other angels set up the new magnetic grids. But, it will be different than the grid types that you have an Earth. It will be much different. The grids of the New Earth will allow you to travel without body. These grids will allow you to create again nearly at the speed of thought. The grids that I will set up will allow you to always be in communication and connection with every part of who you are, every part of Spirit, all at the same time. It will be enjoyable work for me and my entourage.

< DivineHuman 5 > The New Earth, it is not a planet, although it has characteristics of a planet. It has a type of gravitational pull, this place we call the New Earth. It has a type of energy that at one moment could appear to have mass, and the next moment does not.

< DivineHuman 5 > The New Earth is being built right now. It is being built by you. It is being built because of the changes that you are making within yourself. The New Earth is being built with the assistance of all the angels of the Order of the Arc. But, in a sense, you are the general contractors. They are only helping to shape, to weave, and to structure the energies because of what you are telling them to do. You have all been journeying there in some of your nightly wanderings, in your dreams. So you have a perception of this energy already, this energy of the New Earth. Some of you, when you leave this physical body behind, when you end this lifetime… some of you will go there, and in a sense, reside there. Others of you will choose to come back to Earth.

< DivineHuman 5 > Let us tell you the main difference about the New Earth, as compared to anything else. Right now you still ask the question, "Who am I?" On the New Earth there is no question. There is simply the knowingness, "I AM. I AM. I AM." You’ve gone through a very long journey to get to this point, and you no longer need to answer the question, "Who am I?" You come to the new awareness of "I Am." When you go to this New Earth - sooner or later - you will find things very different than on the old planet Earth. You will find that you do not need to create situations for yourself to answer the question, "Who am I?" When you go to the New Earth, you will understand, "I Am."

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth, you will be working with and studying and playing with New Energy. As we have told you before, New Energy has never been created before. There was a finite amount of energy that left the Kingdom, and you have just been switching its forms and its ratios (of light and dark) back and forth. But, now, you as humans on Earth have created New Energy for the first time outside of the Kingdom. The New Earth is the place where you will study this energy. You will learn about the potentials of New Energy. You will learn what can be done with it. You will learn how to be true creators. The biggest difference is you will no longer ask the question, "Who am I?" You will understand the statement, "I Am."

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth you will be a receiver of energies, as much as a giver. Do you know, here on the Old Earth you give… and you give… and you give. It is an outward expression (male explorer energy represented by Jack) all the time, giving in to creation, giving in to creating new forms and new identities. On the New Earth you will be giving AND receiving. On the New Earth you will be a balanced energy of male and female. In a sense, there won’t even be a male and a female anymore. That was Old. That was duality. You will be totally integrated.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth, you will be able to go back and pick up any of the attributes of anything you have ever learned and use them there. You will not have a physical human body, unless you want it. You can create it, and you can literally go back into biology, into mass. But, then you can depart it whenever you want. Right now, in the Old Earth you are, as you say, stuck in these bodies, and if you leave, you face certain death. On the New Earth you can create the body, and you can create mass whenever you choose to. If you want to enjoy a fine meal, you can do that. And, at the end of the meal you can move out of physical form, back into pure energy form. I have talked about creating my own scenario of my cottage out in the country. But, in a sense, it is just my hologram, an illusion. But, on the New Earth you will be able to create reality, material reality whenever you want.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth there won’t be any death because there is no permanent body. You never die. On the New Earth there is no death, so you don’t have that dreaded thing to look forward to. On the New Earth you go through cycles and changes. You go from one level of vibration, to the next level, to the next level, perhaps taking breaks in between, but there is no death.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth there is no need to seek a partner or a mate to be part of your life. You will be complete unto yourself. You are whole unto yourself. But, on the New Earth you will find that you can easily meld and blend your energy with another entity if you choose. You can become part of them and part of their experience. You will understand everything their soul has ever gone through. You can literally view it from within them. But, on the New Earth you do not need to consume them. They do not need to consume you. You are whole and complete unto yourself.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth, you will not have a brain (central processing facility) like you have now as a human because you will FEEL everything. You will not need this barrier, this filter of the brain, to process things through. In a sense, all of the records of all of your experiences will be contained within you. You will have access to them, but it will not be like a brain that makes judgements, that tells you what’s right or wrong. On the New Earth there is no right and wrong. It is simply "I Am."

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth you will have incredible senses of feelings… and understanding… and compassion… and love… and joy. On the New Earth you won’t have to experience the things that you did on the Old Earth, of fear and anger. Those were all part of this game of answering the question, "Who am I?"

< DivineHuman 5 > The New Earth will be a laboratory for studying the applications of New Energy, and how to use it for creation. The New Earth will be a learning place where the energies of Home can come in fully. Yes, indeed the New Earth will be a beacon to Home, to allow the energies of the Kingdom, of the King and the Queen, to now expand outwards.

< DivineHuman 5 > The New Earth will be a place where you, you human angels, can also work with the humans who have stayed on the Old Earth. You will be able to literally sit beside them. They may not recognize you because they are still in duality. You will be able to transport yourself back to the Old Earth because you were there. You helped to create it. You know how the energies work. So, you will be able to go back and be next to the ones who are asking for guidance. You will be able to go and sit with them. Very few will recognize you because they are still in the Old Energy. Do you understand, dear friends, that even we who are on this side of the veil cannot come in too close to you, the humans? There are energetic barriers that prevent us from coming in very close. But, from the New Earth you will be able to come and be even much closer than we are right now.

< DivineHuman 5 > There is a question here - wondering, wondering if entities like I, Tobias, or Mary, or any of the others can go to this New Earth at any time? In a sense, yes, we can, but we cannot stay there. They can visit. That is the best way to put it. In order to truly be a resident of the New Earth you must go through the entire process of enlightenment (new ascension status) on the Old Earth. That is the pathway to get to the New Earth. The angels on this side of the veil cannot by-pass Earth to get to this new place.

< DivineHuman 5 > The question is also asked, "What is the name of the New Earth?" We tell you that it has not been given a name yet. The energies are still being built. It would not be appropriate to name it at this point. We also tell you that the New Earth is a separate place, not a planet, but rather an energy build-up. This is a wonderful place from what we have seen, from what we perceive it will be. It will be a place where you will truly understand the "I Am-ness" of who you are.

< DivineHuman 5 > What happens to the Old Earth? We don’t know yet. It is up to you. It is up to the other humans. We see the strong potential for the same changes that are taking place on the New Earth to also happen on the Old Earth. We see that the understanding of "I Am" can occur here on this physical Earth, just as well. We see that the Old Earth, the physical Earth, also has the potential to release duality. We see the potential that you do not have to carry around the physical body all of the time on the Old Earth. We see the potential where there are not wars because there is nothing to battle about anymore. With the understanding of "I Am" there is no need to battle.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear, dear St. Germaine has been such a part of your journey in these past years, but mostly when you were in your dream state. He has been away from the Earth realms for a while, working with you on setting the energies of the New Earth. He has also been preparing for this time, preparing his energies so that he can once again walk closely with you. The energies of St. Germaine have stayed away for a while. He returns at this time of the completion of the grids. He returns at the time when you can truly own your divinity. He comes in now, so happy to be here, so happy to be with all of you in a remembrance of his own human journey. He will be coming back to visit this group many times this year. He will be visiting you directly. His energy will come in directly, no longer in the sleep state, but when you are wide awake.

< DivineHuman 6 > What is happening with cloning on Earth is also something that will be worked on intensely on the New Earth. You see, the principle is simple. You are not your body. You are Spirit. When you choose to leave your old physical body, you can clone yourself. You can go from one lifetime to the next without having to go through the whole traumatic birth process. If you want to stay on this Earth, you do not have to go through the long and rather painful cycle to get back here. You can just hop back into a new body.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear friends, there are those who misunderstand. You are not cloning Spirit. You are simply cloning biology. There are those who do not understand that life is eternal. You can change your physical body very easily. It is coming. There is much to learn yet. These early clones have many imperfections. But, it is coming. It is coming. We talked about the New Earth and said that you can go into biology and then back out of it. It is also going to be possible here on Earth. There will be clashes with the forces that do not want to see this. They are afraid. They are afraid because it will mean having to revise and change or throw out the old books. They do not want to do this. They are in such fear. That is why we have spent so much time talking to you, Shaumbra, telling you that you are the new teachers. It is time for you to step forward and be heard.

< DivineHuman 6QA > There is a type of gridwork for the New Earth. It is not magnetic. It is not crystalline. It is very difficult to describe.

It is not light, either. There is a crystalline structure on the New Earth. It is different than what you have on the Old Earth. On the Old Earth you needed very intense and strong magnetics to both keep you in and to keep others out. You also needed the crystalline grids and the crystalline energies in Gaia to support life form. On the New Earth it is a New Energy that is the making of this grid.

Indeed, on the New Earth, all of those pets that you have loved so much, that you have cared for so much, in a sense, they will be there… they will be there. Their energies will be there, if you choose them to be. The New Earth is a wonderful place where these energies can now come in and be with you much more present than they were here. You will have a new way of communicating with them. In a sense, you could say your pets also represented a type of entourage that has followed you around, and for many, many lifetimes. They do not just come in in one lifetime and then leave. Your pets tend to come back in many lifetimes. They love this work in service to you. So, yes, they will be there on the New Earth.

< DivineHuman 7 > Each time you went through one of your difficult and challenging experiences of moving into ascension status, you filled it, the Shaumbra University, with that energy. It already exists on a different dimension and a different place. It already exists, and it is being melded right now into this place called the New Earth. You see, the New Earth is a library and the university of the New Energy. The New Earth is the library, and the university, and the research center for the Divine Human.

< NewEnergy 6 > Dear friends, let us talk for a bit about this thing called the New Earth. We have spoken about it before. It is not a physical place. It is not a planet. The New Earth is a dimension unto itself. It does not exist in another dimension. It does not exist as a part of another dimension. It is a dimension unto itself. It carries many of the attributes of Old Earth because those who are building the New Earth are deeply connected to humans who have lived or are living on Earth right now. The New Earth has a wonderful meld of physical and - what you would call - spiritual.

< NewEnergy 6 > As we said, it is not a physical place, but yet those who are there - and there are only a few, and the many who will be going there - can move in and out of physical matter. Indeed, one day you can choose to be in body. The next day you can be without that body. You can change the looks and the nature of the physical body. You can use… you can bring in the physical body… by the way, which you do not have to be born into. There is no birthing process on the New Earth, as you would know it on Old Earth.

< NewEnergy 6 > The framework, the energetic - how to say - framework, for the New Earth was recently completed. It is like saying that all of the frames, all of the two-by-fours of a house are up. The exterior walls are on. And, now it is about putting the finishing touches on the inside and then doing the decorating. On the new Earth the framework has been built. There are some who were Shaumbra here on Earth who have left, who are there permanently now, who have chosen not to come back to the Old Energy world that you live in now. They are there to help guide the others who will be coming there soon.

< NewEnergy 6 > And, we would have to say right now that there is a strong tendency for Shaumbra who are on Earth right now as human beings… a strong tendency for them to want to come to this place called the New Earth. We would say at least two-thirds of Shaumbra worldwide have the leaning towards coming to this place. It is grand. It is magnificent. I, Tobias, have been there on a number of occasions… with some of you, by the way, journeying there to watch how all of the weavings are taking place.

< NewEnergy 6 > But, what is the purpose… why a New Earth? It serves two primary purposes. It helps to balance the Old Energy Earth. It helps to provide - how to say - a type of influence, or a potential of influence, for those who are still on the Old Energy Earth, who are asking for guidance from the other realms. So, it is a place for you, Shaumbra, and for the others who will be residing there to work with those from the Old Energy world.

< NewEnergy 6 > From the New world, from the New Earth, you will not only be able to manifest physical body when you want, you will also be able to travel the conduits, the inter-dimensional conduits back to this Earth, this Old Earth in a way that even we cannot do. Even the archangels, and the angels, and all of the others… we have great difficulty when we try to come through to your world. It requires a very elaborate system where - how to say - there are other entities who, in a sense, are creating a tether line for us, for it is very easy to get lost in the energies of Earth, to get stuck in the energies of Earth.

< NewEnergy 6 > You will be able to go from the New Earth back to the Old at will because you have spent so many lifetimes here, and it is so familiar to you. You will be able to come back, not in physical body, but to come back energetically. Those who are still on the Old Earth will be able to perceive you. They will be able to see your apparition, to see your image… to them much easier. You talk about ghosts and seeing shadows or seeing images… those who travel from the New Earth will be able to come back energetically to the Old and appear… make their presence known… particularly to open and enlightened humans like never before. There will be a whole new - how to say - a cycle of sightings, so to speak.

< NewEnergy 6 > Remember years ago, when you went through numerous - what you call - UFO sightings that occurred particularly back in the period of your late '50s and '60s? And, there was a proliferation of these. That was because so many aspects of who you were were projecting into a potential, into the future, to see how things were going, particularly when the Earth had the probability of destroying itself.

< NewEnergy 6 > Now, there will be a whole new flurry of what you call sightings, but they will be different from the sightings of "grays," or the sightings of disincarnate humans who have left their bodies but not left Earth. This will be a different type of sighting. It will be - how to say - generally seen by other humans as a circle of colored lights that are highly condensed, highly packed together. It will almost seem like there is a door or opening surrounding this circle of lights. That's how most humans will perceive when a being from the New Earth comes back to the Old Earth.

< NewEnergy 6 > Of course, the only beings - the only beings - that will take up residence on the New Earth are those that understand the true nature of compassion. Yes, we feel you all going inside on that one. It will take compassion to stay on this place of New Earth, a compassion not to go back to Old Earth and rescue it, or save it, even if destruction is imminent. Do you see? It will take a compassion to come back to the Old Earth and simply be a light, simply be a potential for those who choose… but not to interfere… not to change… not to try to make change where change is not wanted… you see.

< NewEnergy 6 > So, the New Earth serves another purpose as well, a grand and glorious purpose that is somewhat difficult to fully explain. You see… you have this grand universe… grand. We know you look out at the stars at night and wonder what's out there. As we have said before, "Not much." Raw energy… energy in transition… energy that is responding to what you are doing here on Earth… you see. This massive, massive universe of yours - like an empty room.

< NewEnergy 6 > Now, why would you have created so much space, so much room, and only occupy a little bit of it here on Earth, a tiny, tiny speck in comparison to your whole universe? Why would you have done that, Shaumbra? Ah… indeed, so that Home can come into your reality… so that the angels from the celestial realms - which are not in your outer space, by the way - the angels from the inter-dimensional realms can come in. The energy of Home, of Spirit, of the Elohim, can come in. You see… you built this grand, grand hotel called the universe, anticipating many, many guests.

< NewEnergy 6 > So, now the angels, all of those entities on the celestial realms, the energy of Home, of the King and the Queen, and all of the rest can come in. And, when they do, they are going to need guidance and understanding of how to establish whether they choose a physical life form or simply an energetic life form. They will need a place to go for understanding. They will need a library, dear friends. And, the New Earth is the library of the universe and All That Is.

< NewEnergy 6 > Contained on the New Earth are all of the experiences that every human has ever gone through. This is not like the Akashic records that you speak of. It is different. It is not simply a catalogue or a file, like the Akashic records. It is a living library that contains all of the emotions… every thought… every feeling… every experience… every choice… and all of the wisdom of everything you have done on Earth.

< NewEnergy 6 > The angels who come in from the other realms into your physical universe will need a place to go for understanding. They will need others to talk to about how civilizations are built, about how they can learn to connect with their own divine through their experience. You see… in order for fulfillment and completion, it is about coming into - difficult to understand - but, it is about coming into more of a physical reality… coming into your universe… going through the type of experiences that all of you have gone through… but not so difficult… not with so much struggle.

< NewEnergy 6 > The construction, the building of the New Earth is going - how to say in your terms - ahead of schedule because you are ahead of schedule. The building of the New Earth responds to you, to your own enlightenment, and your own wisdom. It can only be built as fast as you are moving. So, indeed, there are some who are starting to reside there permanently, many who are there working, but will not be able to stay. And, again, dear friends, we have to emphasize that those who come to the New Earth, those who inhabit this library of all wisdom, and knowledge, and love come there because they are filled with total compassion.

< NewEnergy 9 > You've learned to release your expectations in a dualistic energy. It was very difficult to let go of everything that you thought you were, to be who you truly are. That is why we say the most difficult part is over. There will be struggles and challenges because you live in a world of duality. If you came back to our side now, you would not have to face these things. If you went to the New Earth to take up permanent residency - and every one of you here is entitled to it - you would not have the struggles of living in duality. But, you are choosing to stay here so there will be the simple, irritating things that happen in your life.

< NewEnergy 9 > Imagination is one of the base energies in the New Energy. You are using it on a regular basis on the New Earth. The New Earth is being created through your imagination. But, the wonderful thing is now you have the experience of having been in human form, in matter. So, you can now - how to say - bring in those energies through the imagination to the New Earth.

< NewEnergy 9 > In a way, your imagination is like your dream state; however, your dream state tends to be very etheric, very - how to say - unstable at times. But, for the sake of our discussion here, think of your imagination as a dream state. We are not trying to put logic to it. You are dreaming while you are fully present in the Now moment in a human body. But, you are allowing yourself to dream - to visualize, envision, have vision of - all of the potentials. So, in a sense, you could say your imagination energy goes out and plays with potentials. But, it doesn't try to define them and limit them.

< NewEnergy 10 > So, this movie and this song came out immediately prior to this world war. It brought people to the theaters. It gave them a song. It gave them a hope in the hour shortly before great darkness spread over the entire world. But, it also helped to create the picture and the vibration, the energies of this thing that is now known to us as the New Earth… you see. Somewhere over the rainbow, dear friends, there exists this New Earth that is being worked on right now. Some are already occupying it. It will continue to grow, and it will continue to be worked on.

< NewEnergy 10 > Remember… the whole time Dorothy was seeking to get home, even when she was in the Emerald City, even when she was in this grand palace, she still sought to get home. She allowed her imagination to soar. She allowed herself to get back to the Now moment. She allowed herself to bring part of that New Energy, part of the New Earth back to her. She, in a sense, by crossing over the rainbow the first time took one huge step, transcended into a New level. She was able to go to the New Energy. But, then she did another beautiful and wonderful thing. She completed the circle by coming back, by bringing it into her Now.

< NewEnergy 10 > This is a decision that so many of you are faced with. Do you go to the New Earth now? Do you transcend? Or, do you go to the New Earth, and then complete the circle, and bring it back into the Now like Dorothy did? When you do, everything becomes different. So, with the energy of Sananda now, with everything that is woven into this specific song and this specific rendition of the song, we ask you to breathe in, open your imagination, and allow yourself to be a little bluebird with us.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, you are starting to create this frequency that you will all be able to tap into and use it to communicate better with each other. Use it even to communicate with other humans when they allow themselves to be tapped into it. This type of frequency is not resident here on the Old Earth. It is being created and maintained on the New Earth. It is being provided as a type of direct link between the Old and the New for those of you who choose to go to the New Earth after you leave this physical body so you can easily communicate and connect with the Old Earth.

< NewEnergy 11QA > It is not certain at this time. There are so many things that are not determined as of yet that we will know within the next three years of time (before the quantum leap). There are so many who are hoping that this what you call the Old Earth will morph into the New Earth. There are some who very strongly feel that they will be two separate Earths for quite some period of time. It is all changing.

This New Earth is, in a sense, like a Shaumbra dream. It is a type of place that is more - how to say - like a university. It is like a place of education. It is the library for the New Energy that all of you are helping to create. So, it has the energies of what you would feel from one of your finest universities without all of the layers and the hierarchies and the bureaucracy associated with it. It is where those who have never been in human form can come to learn, and those in particular who have had a very difficult journey on Earth in lifetimes, that their energies are very far out of balance, can come for relaxation and rehab - these type of things - before returning to Earth.

So, it will serve a variety of purposes. But, it will be a place where Shaumbra energy will be - how to say - the guiding energy here. And, it is where you can go and - as we have talked of before - be in physical body when you choose, and not when you don't want to be.

It is a place here where you will have clear access to information about all of your past. Even this information is not available in the Akashic records, as you know. The Akashic records are quite a bit different than what the New Earth and the library of the New Energy are becoming. The access to much of who you have been is very limited in the Akashic records, whereas in the New Earth, it will be very available.

So, it is still in the process of being developed, and all of you - including you - are helping to develop this and helping to determine what will happen, truly happen, to the Old Earth. It has not been decided as of yet by the consciousness.

< Embodiment 1 > As we gathered, we talked about things like the New Earth. We talked about the Old Earth and the changes that it would go through, the potentials that it had over the next 60 years for destruction and termination… or for revitalization and renewal, a re-immersion, and a redefinition. At this grand gathering, Shaumbra, is when you stepped forward and said you were ready to come back to Earth.

< Embodiment 3QA > We're not going to sink Earth right now. We've come too far. We have set up the New Earth, a corresponding energy with this physical Earth, with that New Earth firmly in place and connected to the Old Earth, working together like twins, loving twins. It has changed the whole balance and the dynamics of this Earth, where this Earth does not have to be terminated. It does not have to go through hardships anymore to realize its full potential.

< Embodiment 3QA > I want you to feel for a moment here how this New Earth that we have spoken of - this place that is physical and nonphysical - holds the very best dynamics and characteristics of everything from Earth, everything from the celestial realms together. It is working now heartbeat and heartbeat together with the Old Earth. Their hearts are beating together. This sets up some very interesting energetic patterns and connections between the two, some very interesting things that we are going to talk about - how you can be there and be here at the same time.

< Embodiment 6 > We are having a bit of a problem on the New Earth right now. You see… many humans left the Old Earth, or your physical planet of Earth, and came back to our side. They left their physical body. They transitioned back here. And, then they went on to the New Earth to help build this phenomenal place, this library of human consciousness, this place, this New Earth, where all other angels who have never been in the physical body before will come to learn and to study before they incarnate on Earth. That is a wonderful place. I spend much time there, as well.

We are having a bit of a problem because many of the entities who have come here to be part of this are now longing to go back to the Old Earth, the very ones that said, "I will never go back to that place. I will never incarnate again." They are seeing what a wonderful place it is, what a wonderful place it is becoming. They are seeing that you can be free and be human. They are wanting to reincarnate. They want to get here as quickly as possible to be part of this quantum leap. That should tell you something. That should tell you something about how joyful your life can be if you give yourself permission.

< Embodiment 7 > I never died. In my lifetime as Saint-Germain, I walked out of my body. I walked out of it. There was no long, prolonged death. I didn't do any suffering. There was no pain. I walked out of my body. And, this is a true, true story - it disappeared the moment I walked out of it. There are no bones buried in the ground, no flesh left to stink and rot. I walked out. And, this is where we are going, Shaumbra. This is what you have asked for. This is why you are here on Earth right now. I walked out. And, I can walk back in. Yes, it sounds like the New Earth, doesn't it? I can walk back in at any time, manifest myself, my energies into human reality.

< Embodiment 7QA > It is valid because it is a potential. It is something that can be expressed as a reality. We don't want you to - or any of you - to get stuck on ley lines. We'll tell you right now - every ley line you thought was there has changed. Those who continue to go back to the old ley lines and the old gird lines are working in very Old Energy. There is a precious gem, an energetic gem, in understanding that ley lines have moved. They're even performing differently. They don't have the same type of energy structure to them any more. They're actually… you can't even call them lines anymore. They are simply a point of reference now that connects Earth and the New Earth… and it goes on and on and on. It is very interesting mathematics. But, don't any of you tie yourself up with ley lines.

< Embodiment 10 > We spoke recently to a group of Shaumbra about the Third Circle opening up. The First Circle, of course, was Home, the energy of the Kingdom, All That Was. The Second Circle was everything outside of Home, the existence, the reality that you have been in ever since you went through the Wall of Fire and went into the Void and began creating. Now, you are on the very edge of completion of that cycle. The New Earth that we spoke of a week ago is indicative of that. The New Earth could not be built; it could not even be conceived, if it was not the appropriate time. There are so many questions about the New Earth: where it is… how it is progressing… who can go there. But, none of this would be possible, Shaumbra, unless you were at the point right now of completing the Second Circle.

< Embodiment 11QA > There are many - how to say - we don't like using the term "portals" or even "vortexes." But, there are many energy pathways that are opening up right now. These are a type of, in a sense, grids or matrixes that connect the Earth to the New Earth, that connect the Earth as you know it to the Order of the Arc and ultimately to "the field," the source of all energy potential. As the consciousness of humanity is changing, these new pathways are opening up very quickly.

And, that is what you are witnessing, one of these opening up. Through the human eyes you are going to see it in various different ways. Some will see it as a light burst. Some will see it as a large shadowy movement across the sky. But, what it is is an opening that is occurring. It is New Energy pouring into Earth as a potential.

< Clarity 8 > This lifetime is so important especially for those of you who are going to be going off to the New Earth. What you clear here and what you realize here will have such an impact and such a significance, then, on what you do in the New Earth. Some of you are going to go on to become teachers in the classrooms of the New Earth, teaching those angelic beings who have never been to Earth before - never embodied in physical matter - teaching them what it is like. Helping them to understand before they get there.

< Clarity 8 > Some of you are going to go to the New Earth, you're going to work with new energies, helping to understand what they truly are, what they mean, how they can be applied back on old Earth - if humans are interested in doing that. Some of you are going to go to the New Earth for a while and then choose to go beyond into what we call the Third Circle. This is a realm that is very difficult to describe because this is where you go from being a god in training to a full God, full rights. Full rights. It is hard to even imagine because it is so expansive. Some of you are going to go there after this lifetime.

< Clarity 9 > A very heavy energy on Earth right now. Part of this is because of the impending Quantum Leap. Part of it is because there was an opportunity in this past month for a melding of the energies of Old Earth and New Earth, the beginning of a melding of these. And it did not take place Shaumbra, and it's not going to take place for quite a while. We know it was the desire, it was a dream of so many of you to have this energy of New Earth and this old physical Earth meld together so they can have a type of a marriage and type of a blending. So the two could work together, so that there wouldn't be a separation of the Old Earth and the New.

< Clarity 9 > There was a type of a measurement that was taken a few days after our last Shoud. It was a type of time to either move forward or not. After the measurement was taken it was very well understood that Old Earth doesn't want to move forward. It doesn't want to meld with the New. So we'll continue to have a separation for a period of some thirty or more years, where the two energies still don't come together (audience disappointment). And you've been feeling that. You've been feeling the sadness, the disappointment. You've been feeling that perhaps it could be much longer than 30 years or more before the two even begin to meld.

< Clarity 9 > This also, dear Shaumbra, in a very interesting way, has provided some new opportunities for you. Yes you still are going to be here for a number of years on the Old Earth, working in your physical body. And we know there was the great passion or anticipation that the two could meld together because each one of you is working on the New Earth right now. You are going there on a regular basis. Even when you're sitting here right now or listening in to this, a part of you is working on the New Earth. Part of you is there. You go there in your dream states. You go there in your multi-dimensional state of being. So in a sense, this offers you a new type of opportunity to go even faster in building the New Earth.

< Clarity 9 > It is an amazing place, somewhat beyond description. This New Earth has all the attributes of the physical Earth without the restrictions or the limitations. The New Earth doesn't work on the same network, same systems as the Old Earth, because it is very fluid, very expanding. Indeed in the New Earth you can sit down and have a fine meal. On the New Earth you can meld with another angelic being and share the intimacy of sex, and then you can go out of your bodies, let that illusion go, so you can go to being totally free without the limitations of the body.

< Clarity 9 > You meld the best of both in the New Earth. The best of what you've learned in all of your many lifetimes, all of your journeys through the universe, you bring that to the New Earth. But in the New Earth, systems don't get locked into place. Energy doesn't get locked into place. It is very free and very open. It can re-invent or re-create itself in any different way.

< Clarity 9 > The New Earth is a library. It is a library of the whole journey of angels from the time that we call the Star Wars period, long before you ever took on physical body. It is a library of the Order of the Arc. A library of every experience that you have had on Earth is being placed in the New Earth for others to benefit from what you have done.

< Clarity 9 > The New Earth is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation - rejuvenation in ways that you couldn't even possibly imagine in the Old Earth. There are those of us - I, Tobias, Saint-Germain, the others - we go there now to this New Earth to rejuvenate. You could say the essence of the Shaumbra Service Center is on the New Earth. It is a place of rejuvenation and a library.

< Clarity 9 > It (New Earth) is a place of training. It is a place of great research, energy research. It is also a point of separation, meaning it is a way-point, a stop-over between quantum leaps of consciousness. It is your doorway to the Third Circle. The Third Circle is where you are a full creator, full God also, and the Third Circle is where you create your own universes. In a sense, you could say that right now here on Earth you are God also, but you are gods in training. You are learning what it is like to be creators in a very limited, very slowed down energy. But in the Third Circle it is wide open. You take what you have learned here and then apply it there with the wisdom that is even beyond words.

< Clarity 11 > Gaia is here to support the physical processes on Earth. Gaia, by her own right, is strong and can sustain herself. As you have seen, she can cleanse with a storm or a volcano or an earthquake. She can shift energies in many different ways. It is not Gaia's intent to run out humanity from her body. It is Gaia's intent to be here to support the work of Old Earth and also to be a presence on the New Earth as well.

< Teacher 3 > We've said before that there is this place called the New Earth and the New Earth is the library of consciousness. The New Earth stores all of the history of everything that you have done since leaving Home and everything everybody else has done. These are not the Akashic Records, it is a bit different. The New Earth is a library, a reference. The Akashic Records are data. The New Earth is consciousness, you see.

< Teacher 3 > Can you imagine a library of consciousness? The library is not filled with books and volumes. It is filled with energy and experiences. Those who come after you, the angels... who are waiting, by the way, waiting on the other realms, many who have never ever been to Earth before and are waiting for a chance to come here... many of them will go by way of the New Earth. They will go to the library. They will feel your experiences. They're not just going to study it, but they're going to feel it. What you're doing right now is part of the library.

< Teacher 3 > There will be those who assist them and serve them, and yes some of those assistants and servants, some of those Master Teachers may be you. When you leave this physical lifetime, before you go off into the Third Circle, many of you are going to choose to spend time at the New Earth, spend time helping to teach angel beings... many of them who will come from your angelic families seeking you out ... and you will sit with them. You will help them to understand the consciousness of what you experienced.

< Teacher 3 > Those who go to the New Earth library to study will understand the need and the joy of multiple lives, because it gives you - and it will give them - the experience of what it is like to take on different identities; to take on different - whether it is masculine or feminine - aspects; to take on different cultural aspects; to take on certain - what you would call - deficiencies of the mind or body deliberately, to experience that; to experience love in a way that no angels can love. For indeed it's one thing to love each other consciously and in a consciousness way, but quite another when you take that love into physical form and share that in the most intimate way.

< Teacher 3 > Those who study at the New Earth library will study your consciousness, will feel your experience. They will understand the wisdom that you gained. Then they will go off on their own. They will come to Earth, for all must pass by way of Earth. It is written. It is known. All must pass by way of Earth before they can go off to the Third Circle. So what you are doing here Shaumbra is indeed significant. Indeed, you are the Masters. You are the first to go through this, and I, Tobias, ask you never to forget that.

< Returning 1 > You've been going off to the New Earth, many of you. Some of you have been intensely working with your own aspects, trying to create that safe space within your reality here as a human, welcoming them back in. Some of you are doing tremendous work right now in the dream states in the release of Gaia. As we've talked about, this entity of Earth is slowly leaving. Oh, not because She's had it, not because She's upset, but it is time. It is the time right now for humans to take the responsibility for Earth, for themselves, for their spirits, and many of you have been working intensely with this whole transitioning of Gaia.

< Returning 9 > I see a movement on Earth as I've never seen before. There are some inspired political leaders. I understand also there are some very Old Energy, very stuck political leaders, but you're seeing a whole new breed and a whole new generation of leaders who are truly selfless in terms of their service, who truly are inspired. And you know them and I know them, because they're the ones who are sharing our time together on the New Earth.

< Returning 9 > We have an entire campus on New Earth that is dedicated to understanding the choice process, subheaded "Why It's So Damn Difficult for Humans to Make a Choice and to Manifest It." I suggest, if you haven't gone there, spend a little time there. You sometimes have a very defined terminology or concept of choice. You want it to become very material, you want it to be very quick, and again, you're using it as a test on yourself or on God. Understand what it's truly like to make a deep choice for yourself and a choice where you understand it doesn't matter. It's how you want to experience life.

< Returning 9 > New Earth is primarily three things. New Earth is a classroom for all of the angelic beings who have never been to Earth in physical form before, to study. You are the teachers, you who have lived lifetimes on Earth. The students that come are coming from your spiritual families primarily, but you do cross-teach into other spiritual families. You are telling your stories there - amusing stories, I have to say. Profound and wise stories.

< Returning 9 > Up until very recently there have been very, very few humans who have had lifetimes on Earth who have been coming to the New Earth to learn. They generally go off into what Adamus calls the Near Earth realms. But now we're starting to see some humans who have gotten so trapped and stuck, who are looking for new inspiration. They're starting to show up in the New Earth in between their lifetimes. And you're starting to put together classes called "New Consciousness 101 - How to be a Human and an Angel at the Same Time." You're starting to talk to them about things you've learned. You're starting to talk to them about choice. You're talking to them about sovereignty. You're talking to them about the extensive matrix of belief systems and how to release yourself from them.

< Returning 9 > The New Earth is also becoming a very - what you would say - sophisticated library of the wisdom of many of humans. It's becoming … it is not the Akashic Records. That is a different type of universal physics or interdimensional physics. But here it's a living library, on New Earth, of the wisdom of all your experiences and all of your lifetimes on Earth. It is a repository of your journey, what you have learned. It is a place that collects this information for all to behold and it becomes its own consciousness.

< Returning 9 > And more important to each and every one of you, New Earth is the place right now where the new consciousness of Earth is being incubated and nurtured and birthed in a cycle over and over and over again. Not just once, but in a continuous cycle.

So now you go off to New Earth and you're helping now to develop the potential solutions. So you're helping, in your state of consciousness, develop a New Energy fuel source for humanity. You may not be the one that invents it on a laboratory bench and then patents it. You may not be the one that writes the book about it that inspires others. But you are the one that is working on levels of consciousness not seen here on Earth as of yet that help to inspire it.

< Returning 9 > You imagine or you expand out your consciousness, not to the specific, not to something like wind power or how to extract energies out of crops or anything like that. But you expand your consciousness in a very deliberate and very learned style into all of the realms, not just the physical structure of Earth, but into all of the realms, and you feel energy. You feel its potency. You feel what is the difference between consciousness and energy and what is in between all of the points of consciousness, which is, by the way, latent energy waiting to be activated. And you go in, in a state of consciousness, and feel what it is like to activate latent energy potential.

< (Next) 5 > There's not just one New Earth anymore. The original New Earth that we talked about, this mirror of physical Earth, was a starting place. Remember, there are billions of angelic beings who have never been embodied in matter, who've never had a physical experience, that have been waiting to come in. Your spiritual families, standing back and watching as you've been going through your experience, wanting to go through their own. This Earth, this physical Earth that you live on, can accommodate about 10 billion, maximum, right now, for a lot of reasons. So where do the others go? To the new New Earths. What are the templates for those new New Earths? Right here.

< (Next) 10 > The integration of this physical Earth into New Earth, you've been working on it. You, my friends, have been working on it, and everything that you do here on this planet, everything that you're doing on the new Earth, now it's become new Earths.

< (Next) 10 > You've been working on the prototype (New Earth). This is like a science fiction story, isn't it? It is a prototype that you have helped to develop, taking the best of humanity, the best of Earth, the best of life, sans duality, without duality - nice, nice touch - without the heavy forces. Duality on call, just-in-time duality, but brought in when you need it, released when you don't want it. Sounds like heaven. Ah, yeah. These are the new Earths. They'll be able to take on - oh, and some of them are huge, makes this little original Earth look small - they'll be able to take on billions of beings.

< e2012 2 > When I say it's probably your last lifetime, and I would say most every one of you here, some of you will choose to be aware of your ascension that's already occurred. Some of you are going to go off to these new Earths. There's a calling for you. They want you there. They want you there, and it's going to be pretty easy. You get to be the big cheese. You get to talk about how you built Earth, how you create it. You get to feel pretty good. A lot of you are going to go there. You're going to choose not to recognize your ascension quite yet. Why? You want another shot at it. You want to do something still, and it's going to be very, very tempting on New Earth. Very tempting.

< e2012 3 > There's more and more beings that want to come here. So there's kind of a push almost even for that population - a push of beings that want to come in. And, you know, in the middle of the act of love, somebody forgets to put a prophylactic, because, you know, all this kind of haze from all this energy from the ones who want to come in. So the situation here, the way to relieve that? New Earths. More than one. We've talked about it at length, setting these up so that angels can have the experience of Earth on these other places. They're not necessarily physical, but they're very real. The templates of New Earth are being set up by you. So, population. New Earths. That's one of the things you're doing. Helping to develop these new places for the new angels. Not only that, but you're teaching there as well. You're teaching there.

< freedom 5 > The energies associated with this are backed by the archangels. The archangels have taken kind of temporary residence right now on the New Earth. One hundred and forty-four thousand of them have all convened at the same time. Why? First time this has happened since the very creation of the Order of the Arc. Why are they all there? What are they doing? They understand right now the balance between New Earth and Old, what is happening, the dynamics. They are helping to build the bridge. They are an arc. They are a bridge way between the two. They are helping to support and keep a balance for your withdrawals. They are there as the team that's helping to keep the energies balanced and moving for you and for your projects.

< Wings 4 > New Earth and the Old Earth are not coming together. There's too much of a chasm between the ones who are conscious, the ones who know what a choice is, the ones who are allowing the integration of the Master and the human, so many that understand that, that it's created a New Earth. It's not what you'd think of as Nirvana, but it is the place to go to be the creative expression of your soul, with a lot of human attributes, but without ever getting stuck in the human attributes.