crystalline / ideal / imaginative

1. clear;  pure;  transparent;  essence;  christdivine;
2. invisible but solid/rigid;  ⇔ energetic;  spiritual;  etheric;  electoro-magnetic;

crystalline white energy: white light; golden liquid light; energy of crystalline realms;
crystalline structure: crystal prizon; limitation/story/belief system/illusion/hypnosis;

< New Earth 1 >
Each of you came here with an ability to carry and to hold large amounts of what you would call light. This light was hidden from you, but was connected to the grids of the Earth and the grids above the Earth in order to hold a specific balance. This light, crystal light within you and other lightworkers has provided a needed balance of light and a connection between you third dimension and the higher realms. And you have carried these energies well, even though you have not consciously known you were carrying them.

< New Earth 8 > Now we come to this lifetime. So you chose to come in, most of you in this room, from a time period generally - and this is not limited to - but generally shortly after your last World War up until what would be your approximate mid-1970's, and those are general, my friend. There are some who came in before and some who came in after, but this was a time period when most of you chose to come in - the seed bearers - what we call the Lost Children of Christ. You came in, my friends, each carrying the seed within you, the seed containing the crystalline white energy of the Christ consciousness that would be needed on this Earth should the Earth move into two, should the Earth begin the graduation process. The Lost Children of Christ, the seed bearers, are here tonight and many other places around your Earth.

< New Earth 8 > The attempt to come back, to bring that back - oh, there is still remembrance within you of what that was like, an energy remembrance, perhaps not of the specific event but the feeling of the connectedness, the crystalline Christ structure within you, the shame that you felt, the need to put this away until the appropriate time. All of this, my dear friends, was by design. There was no mistake. There was no accident. For indeed it was necessary for you to hold this energy in a safe, hidden place within your being until the appropriate time. Oh, if you had allowed this Christ energy to come out in full in your teen years, in your early adult years, you would have been committed or killed or ridiculed. It was important for you to put this away. You, the Lost Children of Christ.

< New Earth 8 > As they come in, you will feel a tingle of familiarity around your energy field. They will generally come in one-by-one over a period of time. They will not come in en masse, for this would disrupt some of the energy grids of your physical being. But they will let you know in their way that they are there, and you will feel them. They are not there to answer your questions, for you must ask within yourself. You must go back to the Christ consciousness, to the crystalline structure within you and begin to pull that from yourself.

< New Earth 8 > We will tell you now that there are certain parameters with this that you have set up for yourself but we will repeat to you. If you choose to use energy of the white light, the Christ consciousness, for totally self-serving purposes, it will not work. It will be blocked. You have set up this energy pattern for yourself in love and honor. Oh, it will not backfire on you, my friends, but if you choose to use this for selfish or self-serving purposes, it will be dormant for that intent.

< New Earth 8 > The reason we mention this is also to help you understand that all things that you need as humans, all things that you need in terms of your health, in terms of your abundance, in terms of your energy levels - assume that they are there. Do not work from a position of lack, but assume that they are there. You will find that your own Christ-self responds to that (your needs) when you assume that all things that you need are there, when you have trust in yourself. That is why you set up the energy parameter of not using this new empowerment for things that you need for yourself. It was assumed that you have all things.

< New Earth 8 > It is not that it is bad to use this energy for selfish purposes; certainly, it could be. But you have set up the energy dynamic that it would be dormant because you assumed that you would have all things that you needed. Begin walking in that space of trust and knowingness, that everything that you are is in perfection. Begin using the energy of the Christ consciousness with your committed intent and with the help of the runners who come in to work with you.

< New Earth 8 > It is time for each of you to begin creating. It is not time to sit back in the chair and do nothing. It is a time for each of you to begin the true work that you came in for, and we use the word work, but there will be joy in it. There will be joy as you help (guiding) others. There will be joy, teachers. And each of you are teachers in guiding others. There will be competence as you begin to guide them. There will be a knowingness within you. You will see fast results, for you are now beginning to bring in the new power to help you work both sides of the veil.

< New Earth 8 > It is a time of creation. It is a time of new adventure for each of you, but it is a totally new empowerment also. You cannot fail in this, for the energy does not even allow for that. You can simply do nothing, but you cannot fail. Do not be afraid of using the energy.

< New Earth 8 > As we mentioned in our last group of sessions like this, the energy of the new Earth is different in that you can sit upon your bike each morning and the environment will change around you. That is meant to say that everything appropriate will be brought to you. You do not need to go out in search for it. All things appropriate from this moment forward will be brought to you. Then it is up to you to open up the energy of the Christ consciousness and to begin creating.

< New Earth 8 > What is it that you should create? You will know, my friends, when you ask yourself, when you ask yourself what it is that you should do. Look around you from this moment on, that everything is appropriate. There are no mistakes. There are no coincidences. Look at each situation and ask "what brings it to you?" A person comes into your life, ask their Higher Self, ask within your being "why is this person being brought to me?" And you will have an answer. Perhaps not immediately. It may take some time but as you learn to work with your own empowerment, it will happen faster and faster. It will amaze you how fast it will happen.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron helped to architect the technology and the physics and the math of your universe and planet. Metatron came to Earth, never as a human, but he did come to Earth when the energies were being formed. He came to help you and the others create the energetic templates for Earth. He helped place within Gaia certain crystalline energies that would surface at the appropriate time. Metatron returns now to be with you. With the changes that the Kryon has made in the grids, Metatron can now come in and be of assistance to you in the work that you are doing.

< Ascension 9 > Neither was Gautama when he went through his period of denial. He was in the lowest state of lows, physically and mentally. But, yet this provided the energy and motivation for him to keep moving along. In duality, the lows provide - how to say - a roller coaster effect to take you to a high. The highs periods are when you solidify the enlightenments and the wisdom that you gained in the lows. It is here that you bring the new wisdom into a more tangible, crystalline form.

< DivineHuman 4 > While I have been working on the outer magnetic grids of Earth, you have been working on the crystalline grids of Gaia, the corresponding grids that lie within the Earth. The way you have been working on these and affecting these is by releasing all of the past, by releasing the energies of who you have been in past lifetimes, by releasing the energies that are pent-up. Dear friends, you have been working on the crystalline magnetic grids of Earth while I have been working on the magnetic grids surrounding Earth. Together we have created changes. We have created new potential.

< DivineHuman 6QA > Now, there are the grids of the Earth, what are called the "crystalline grids." These come into adjustment now, and this would be more along the lines of what you speak. These have to do with ley lines. These have to do with energy vortexes. And, most certainly, these have to do with energetic connections to the outer dimensions and universes. These are all being adjusted now by you, the humans. Your consciousness will change the crystalline grids of Earth. This is your responsibility. You do not need to focus on it each morning when you wake up. It is being done naturally in response to you.

Here is how it works. When you, all of you, first came to Earth before having physical body, you seeded Earth with your energies. You seeded this rock of earth with new life. You placed very special energies all around the Earth that now form a crystalline lattice, a crystalline gridwork. These crystalline grids then helped to bring life as you know it on Earth - the plants, and the waters, the animals, all of these things. The crystalline grids help to bring that to Earth. The crystalline grids are the giver of life to Gaia.

< DivineHuman 6QA > There is a type of gridwork for the New Earth. It is not magnetic. It is not crystalline. It is very difficult to describe.

It is not light, either. There is a crystalline structure on the New Earth. It is different than what you have on the Old Earth. On the Old Earth you needed very intense and strong magnetics to both keep you in and to keep others out. You also needed the crystalline grids and the crystalline energies in Gaia to support life form. On the New Earth it is a New Energy that is the making of this grid.

< NewEnergy 4 > You are releasing things that are stored. We have talked about energies being stored in Gaia (crystalline grid), in the Earth, and indeed they are. You are releasing them, aspects of yourself from the past. There are also energies stored in all of the planets, in the suns, in the stars, and the galaxies. And, they are yours. They are your energies. Why do you think that certain planets have astrological qualities to them, influences? Part of your energies are stored there.

< Embodiment 8 > I (St. Germain) was simply the slave from the working-class who was brought into the temples to serve you, to bring you your meals, to clean up your wastes. I was there to make your life and work easier. Interesting that I also got caught in the middle of your experiments. Literally, on a day when one of the experiments with energy was spiraling in a way that you didn't understand, and you could no longer control, I happened to walk through the wrong door at the wrong time, this little slave boy, and get caught up in it. I was taken into this vortex of energy that you had created and basically placed in a - what you would call - a crystalline structure that I could not get out of… you see… and you could not get me out of.

< Embodiment 8 > Oh, yes, I (St. Germain) did get out after a long and a horrific time within that crystal… no death when I wished I could die… no one to hear me when I called out… my body suspended frozen in place… my mind active. Nobody could hear, not in the other realms. The crystalline structure that your energies created prevented any outside energy from hearing me. It cut everything off. Not an angel in heaven knew where I was. Talk about loneliness, and talk about a hell that you put me in! I'm not here for revenge (more laughter). I'm here for sharing.

< Embodiment 8 > So, Shaumbra we have these very strong effects, these hypnotic effects, these belief systems that you have bought into so deeply that you can't seem to get out. You are locked in this crystalline structure… frozen into it… screaming… trying to get out. You're literally - because of the hypnotic effect - you're literally continuing to try to work on your story, thinking that if you get your story right, that it will free you. It won't. It won't. You continue to try to build on a story that had its time. YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE (identity, story). It's all an illusion. I'm sitting on the other side of your illusion, chuckling, and laughing, knowing that you are going to get out of it, knowing that it's so much easier than what you think, what you feel, knowing it's so easy to clear those hypnotic effects from you.

< Embodiment 8 > It is for you. I'm looking at you, and I'm on the outside. You're trapped on the inside. But, yet even though you're trapped, even though I'm coming up to your encasement, your little shell, your crystalline structure, saying, "I'm out here; I'm free," there is still something inside you - that hypnosis - that's trying to protect your shell. There is still something inside your being that's trying to decide where I'm wrong. It's still a protection device. The hypnotic effect that you're under is trying to build your story even grander… and your crystalline structure even grander… your prison even more imprisoned. That is what hypnosis does. That is what belief systems do.

< Embodiment 8 > Let me tell you, Shaumbra, I am fully crazy. I have kings and queens and bankers and bishops that will tell you that I am. But, yet they have called on me for counsel. They have called on me to help show them how to get out of their crystal prison. Simple… I tell them. I tell the kings and the queens and the princes and the government leaders and the rulers - "Let yourself go from that hypnotic state that you're in. Let yourself go 100 percent - not a little, not some, not 90 percent - 100 percent." Ah, and herein lies the challenge. You're going to do 10 percent. You'll let go of 10 percent of your story. But, alls you're doing is letting it go to try to make your story bigger. Under the influence of hypnosis you're going to try to defend and protect and build your story. It has to be.

< Embodiment 8QA > It's about releasing your limitations and accepting your "I-amness." Your limitations are, in a sense, all of the stories that you have created, your past life aspects. They are just stories, but there is a tendency to believe that they hold the power, that they hold the energies. They are just stories. It is about releasing them.

They want to be released. They want to be set free. They are in this - how to say - this type of crystal or structure that we talked about before, frozen in time and space, waiting for you to let them have their own freedom. When you do this, it lets go of your limitations and your acceptance of this hypnotic state that you have been in.

When you accept everything… everything… including what you consider crazy thoughts in your mind… when you consider what another… when you accept what another person does… when you accept your children… when you accept the world as it is… when you accept everything that happens… this also sets you free in a whole new way. It allows you to go beyond the limitations of the hypnosis.

Hypnosis requires limitations. Acceptance lets you fly past those. So, accepting, which is the compassion that we speak about so often, is so essential for your total freedom. It is very simple, and don't get so much into the head about it.

< Embodiment 10 > Adamas talked well about his story, and an incredible story it is… much of it embellished, I have to add… polished off many of the rough edges he did. But, his point was - as you already know - to wake you up a bit, to shake you up a bit. He told you the story of how he was trapped in this crystal for 100,000 years. And, I have to tell you a bit of a secret. He is not here today, so I can say these things. Time is not what it appears to be. A hundred thousand years in Saint Germain's exaggerated state of being could be a few minutes of time in your reality. So, take it for what it is.

< Embodiment 10 > Adamas talked about how he was trapped in the crystal and how he tried every means he knew to get out. He tried to force his way out. He tried to cry his way out, beg his way out. He tried to psych his way out. He tried everything. And, he finally learned that he was only using the tools from his reality. He had to go beyond. He had to live beyond. He had to literally expand his reality-base, for he had placed himself in a limited state of being.

< Embodiment 10 > His crystal is both a metaphor and a reality. But, it was a limitation, like each of you live in a crystal right now… yes, you do. You live in a beautiful crystal called "human." You are inside of it, wondering how to go beyond. You have tried to break out. Some of you even tried to end your life, thinking that would get you out of the crystal. It just puts you in a more solidified crystal, that's all. Some of you have tried to beg, borrow, steal, cheat, lie, every way out. It just makes the crystal a little bigger, a little harder, and a little brighter.

< Embodiment 12CC > In the past year of time you have learned how to set your soul free, how to take it out of any crystalline structures or traps that you have put it into, any holes in the ground. You have learned to let yourself soar beyond the reality that you think that you're in. And, now indeed is the time to get practical with all of this. You have learned about it. You have breathed it in. You have embodied it. And, now it is the time to actually express it in your life. Remember, God is not a power. God is an expression. So, God, now is the time for you to take all of this and express it in your life.

< Clarity 1 > Oh, 1999 was pivotal because there was still the overwhelming potential and fear that Earth would have its termination with the advent of the millennium, the change in the - how to say - in the energy on Earth, not just by the calendar, but in the energetic dynamics. There was the potential in August, 1999, for everything to start falling apart.

Take a deep breath and clear and feel the person that you were back then with all of the burdens you were carrying… the fears that you had… the uncertainty… but yet… but yet a type of beautiful crystalline energy within you… the Christ-seed energy that was seeking… that was wanting to find itself… that was wanting to find resolution. That is the part of you - the Christ-seed, wanting to find resolution - that has kept you going through some of the most difficult times these past six years, through the releasing and the processing, through the uncertainty and the doubts that you have faced in your life. It has kept you going.

< Clarity 6 > The crystalline realms are where new things are birthed. The crystalline realms are called "crystalline" because they are the Christ seed energy in an embryonic form, birthing. If you come out to these realms, you'll feel birthing taking place. It is creative. It is non-mental. The mind doesn't work out here. Some have tried to propel themselves into these realms through the use of drugs, and they go crazy because the mind doesn't work. And, on drugs you always bring your mind… you see… bad trip (some laughter).

< Clarity 6 > In the Shaumbra Service Center right now, as we have been talking, we have shifted - with your permission - we have shifted out of the mental. Some of you have fallen asleep because we have gone into the crystalline. Some of you are keeping your mind occupied with games or pretending you're listening. But, we've actually been in the crystalline. From here - and again I am going to emphasize, and underline and exclamation point, if you do this in the text, please - in the crystalline realms the mind doesn't work! And, if your mind is working away, you're not in the crystalline realms… period.

< Clarity 8 > Saint-Germain is another being who disconnected ... forced to - forced to after finding himself literally trapped in a crystal, as both a state of consciousness as well as something he allowed to be manifested. But knowing no other way out, not alive and not dead, but finding himself entombed in this crystal was his way of learning how to disconnect. He says he spent a hundred thousand years... how ever long of a time it was, it forced him to go within and look for the answer, the way, in that lifetime of his. To disconnect from all of these other things and to realize that all the way along he truly had the answer. He truly knew how to get out.

< (Next) 8 > I love jewels. Crystals. You are a crystalline being. You have literal crystals inside you right now. They're not necessarily physical, but you have crystalline structures that keep your spirit, your body, your mind all supposedly flowing harmoniously, crystalline structures that allow this network of communications within you to take place. So these crystals (holding up the rubies) kind of remind your Body of Consciousness.

Crystals at one point contained tremendous quantities of energy. When the angelic beings came to seed Earth with life-form energy, they brought crystalline energy. It doesn't mean physical crystals - later it was changed into physical crystals - but these were crystalline energetic structures.

The crystals that were created by Gaia, by Earth, literally contained tremendous quantities of energies. The Atlanteans, in particular, knew how to - how would you say - get these crystals to tone or to resonate, to vibrate in attunement with their energies, therefore supplying energy as you now use electricity. Electricity's pretty crude, but the fact is that the energies of the crystals of Earth left a long time ago. But it's coming back.

The crystals, actually, when worn by certain individuals like you, actually are a reminder to your crystalline form and a reminder to energies - worn by the right person - to attract in New Energy. I don't want to get into a long discussion right now about the meaning of different crystals, the meaning of different gems, because you can also probably figure it out yourself. There are rubies and diamonds and sapphires and all of these other ones. The important thing is they don't contain the energy anymore. Neither does gold, it doesn't contain the energy, but when put together with you, it provides balance, it provides flow and it looks mighty damn nice also. (laughter)

< (Next) 10 > There are others who are in convents, who are doing their … well, they call it their prayer, but it's a type of chanting, meditation. They have been in these convents for lifetimes. Lifetimes. Yes, hidden away under the banner of the church, but they're really not at all. They have been holding the energy for the right time, holding what you would call precious crystalline energies - not physical, but within them - waiting for the right time, for a group of humans, serious and dedicated, to bringing in Source, Source energy, and this group of humans willing to expand their consciousness far beyond their minds, out of their minds, crazy out of their minds. Yes.

< (Next) 10 > Gaia is a spirit like you, an entity like you, an angel supported by millions of other angelic beings, including many of you. Deep connection to Gaia. Gaia comes from the House of Isis and is a very pure, loving, what you would call a feminine energy, beautiful energy, a creator energy. Gaia, the angel Gaia, came to this planet, I'd say millions of years ago, to infuse a life force energy into this rock. She was preceded in her literal journey here by other angelic beings, coming here, not in physical form but in celestial form, who provided what you would call the design or the imprint for crystalline energies that would ultimately allow Gaia to stay here for awhile. This planet is filled with crystalline energies. You have a crystal grid. You don't have to study it; just feel it.

< (Next) 10 > Gaia came here after these crystalline seeds (imprint for crystalline energies and core crystal) were planted into this whole rock. Gaia came here - what's the first thing she did? She breathed into it just like you can breathe into rocks and anything else and bring it to life. And when she had done her job and created the species, the walking species on Earth - many that don't exist now, but the prototypes of life, the potentials of biology - she sent a message to the Order of the Arc, and said, "I'm ready. I'm ready, bring 'em on." And the angels started coming here.

< (Next) 12 > The pyramids, my dear friends, for the most part - not all, but most - were built from underground up. History says, "Well, no. They had to take a bunch of rock and pull them for thousands or hundreds of thousands of miles, rocks that were too big for even groups of men to handle." They built them from the underground up. There was still enough energy resources in the crystal structures in the ground, plus just the natural energy sources underground - thermal sources, heat sources, pressure sources - it wasn't all that difficult to build them from the ground up.

< (Next) 12 > Plants … you say, "Well, but it's dark down there." No it wasn't, because there was still enough crystalline energy - still is some - that it provided a beautiful illumination, a steady illumination, actually, quite frankly, more beautiful than the sun. It was a radiance. The sun has some very harsh lighting and harsh energetic effects. These crystal structures were beautiful. And they also … the Atlanteans knew how to use these to generate anything they wanted. It was their energy source. They could grow food. They could, oh, they could do healing with some of these.

< (Next) 12 > Not a lot of crystalline energy left in there, other than one great big crystal in the center of this Earth. It's not molten lava down there; there's a huge crystal in the center of the Earth. Still there. That's a good thing. That's what allows you to be here. So, to the point. The energies in the crystals began to leave a long time ago, and all that appropriate, because humans called for it. It was appropriate. It was transition, because ultimately it's about realizing that it's here. It's here. Or the nothingness is attracting it here. The I Am is attracting it.

< freedom 8 > The next level of energy that's available to you right now – crystalline! Crystalline energies are very ordered. They're very aligned. The cosmic [energy] sometimes feels kind of chaotic, even though it's not; Earth [energy], very sluggish. Crystalline will align itself with you. Crystalline energies have the amazing ability to be in alignment. They tend to stay very pure. They don't get caught up in all the 'goings on' and the agendas of cosmic and Earth, which tend to be more physical oriented. Crystalline is non-physical, very pure, but it can manifest, it can come down through cosmic and Earth in crystalline forms, and that's why you have crystals that you wear, that are buried in Earth and are beautiful.