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< Embodiment 1 > You all carry a story, you know. It is an illusion. You think that you had a certain type of upbringing. You think that you have become a certain type of person. We are here today to tell you that it is an illusion, a very potent one, one that seems very real. But, you are not bound to it. You are not stuck in it. You are not caught in it. With the Shoud of last month, with your agreement to let forth this information, now this provides the opportunity to let go of your story. It provides the opportunity for a remembrance of who you are. It provides the opportunity for the OH energy to come back to you and share everything about itself, which is also you.

< Embodiment 1 > There is a fullness that comes into your life now that we have crossed that barrier, crossed that line, and come to a new understanding of who you really are. As you sit here right now, listening, watching this message, or perhaps reading it… dear friends, it becomes a safe time and a safe opportunity to let go of the Old story of who you thought you were… the Old story of a human who had the bad childhood… who had the bad marriages… who got caught up with drinking or drugs… who got caught up in even the addiction to religions and spirituality… the Old story of the human who felt they had no control over their own life… and especially the Old story of the human who thought that they were less than perfect.

< Embodiment 1 > That has been your story, Shaumbra, and the story of humanity, thinking that you were less than perfect (God). You have carried that story with you. You played it out. Any time you got tired of the story and you wanted to get out of it, you were held back, feeling like you had anchors around your legs because of your Old story, because of that bad childhood, and the bad marriages. You felt you were caught in this rut.

< Embodiment 1 > You can shed that Old story of yours, much like a snake would shed its skin. You can let it go. It doesn't belong to you anymore. Oh, you created it indeed, but you don't have to wear it anymore. You can let it go. Ah, and when you do, what happens? As you know, it is released. You are no longer bound by it, and the energy comes back to serve you in a New Energy way (new paradigm #3).

< Embodiment 1 > You thought you were brought up in a difficult family somewhere in the world. You thought that you had certain relationships, and went to certain schools, and took on certain careers. We are here to tell you, dear friends, look beyond that. That was only one aspect, what we call an illusion, only one aspect of what was really going on. We know some of you are scratching your heads a bit. We know some of you are actually beginning to feel it. We know that you are ready for this, ready to go beyond the Old story, ready to begin understanding what has really been taking place here.

< Embodiment 1 > When you left the gathering of the Allatone, every one of you was given hundreds and hundreds of celestial helpers, of runners, of angels, who would be there supporting the energies, holding all of the inter-dimensional aspects and all of the potentials together while you went and experienced one on Earth, one reality, one illusion. But, there have been so many others around. You are going to start meeting some of those angels. You are going to start meeting some of those runners. You are going to start having remembrances of some of the - what you would call - parallel experiences, multi-dimensional aspects of what was going on. You are going to start feeling and hearing and knowing some of the experiences that the OH was having.

< Embodiment 1 > When you let the Old story go, it is not that you become a nothing, a neuter, invisible. No, indeed, you'll find something quite different takes place. It actually gives you more of an understanding of your true identity. But, we have to underline the word "true identity" here. You were living in a limited identity and a limited consciousness before. And, now you can have an understanding of the new.

< Embodiment 1 > But, now without the Old story, now without the Old baggage, it allows you to pull in the energies of the OH energy into your life. It allows you to actually, literally re-experience everything you've ever experienced. With this new wisdom and this profound understanding about the energies of OH and AH that you have articulated, it truly allows the re-experiencing of everything that you have ever gone through. In a sense, you could say all of your enlightenment shines across time and space of everything that you have ever gone through. It doesn't change the sequence of events of past lifetimes or things in this lifetime. But, it truly changes how you experience it. You will find here in these days to come that you can go back and re-experience (rewrite/heal) what have been very difficult and painful memories.

< Embodiment 1 > Imagine from this day forward - no right or wrong thing. There is only "thing." There is only "beingness," no more "doingness" in your life. Can you possibly grant yourself that it can be this simple, the gift of simplicity? Ah, yes, indeed, if you possibly release this Old darkness, this Old battle, and this Old story about yourself, and more than anything, Shaumbra, can you allow yourself the gift of re-immersing into humanness? Ah, yes, the baptism of the New Energy… re-immersing yourself now back into the humanness.

< Embodiment 1QA > As long as you carry that story with you, the world will respond. We don't want to say the universe, but we want to say the world around you will respond appropriately. The people around you will respond to your story appropriately. If your story is woven with lack, they will respond that way. If your story is woven with imbalanced relationships, they will respond that way. If it is woven with physical illness, they will respond that way. So, it is time to change the story - not to annihilate it or deny it - simply to change it. It was but one aspect of you that you chose to experience in this reality. But, there are many, many other aspects. Your story is not permanent upon you. It is not the only thing that defines you.

< Embodiment 1QA > Stop using that story to limit yourself. People around you… life around you responds to you directly. If you allow your story to change, that is something you do not have to work on. You do not have to go back and re-create it. It wants to be released. It wants resolution. If you allow your story to now fill out and encompass everything about you - not just the part that you have known about - but everything of your spirit, of your entire being, of the AH and the OH within you, people will respond different. Life will respond different to you.

< Embodiment 1QA > You don't have to try to re-create your story. It is simply about giving freedom to the Old story and letting it go, letting it go, and now just being. If you find there are difficulties and burdens and all these other problems in your life, it is time to let the Old story go and simply embody this, the being of life.

< Embodiment 2 > We are joined today by the energies of Ohamah (Tobias pronouncing this as O-ah-mah), who has come in recently… You see… like I, Tobias, Ohamah, has been in human form, and he understands what it is like to be in the body. He understands what it is like to be trapped within the prison of a consciousness, within your story. He understands what it is like to will himself out of that story.

< Embodiment 2 > During these times he was SO angry with Spirit, and so angry with humanity, and so angry with everything he had ever done during these seven years of healing. But, he had so much passion that he healed himself through the will. He transcended his body through will and force. He transcended the limitations of humanness of his story. He moved beyond. He became independent. He didn't align with any one particular group. He started his own. He didn't call on the angels once for help when he was lying upon the rocks. He willed himself to do it. He was that passionate… and that bold… and that daring… and that strong… and that stupid, too (audience laughter).

< Embodiment 3 > And, now we have resistance. Yes, there is resistance. There is a type of friction that occurs in duality, everything resisting the changes… or at least trying to protect its own identity, its own story… you see. This is a wonderful thing. It is a natural thing. It has been set up by all of you over quite some period of time. It is a type of forced resistance. And, it takes its toll eventually on the body and the mind. You can feel it. You know what it has been like in the last month or so of your time in particular. You know how the body drains quickly. It tires quickly during time of change. Even the Earth changes and the lunar changes and solar… these affect your body. There is a natural resistance to them.

< Embodiment 3QA > You've all experienced some moments in your life where you are in such a place of joy and passion and with melded energies. You are doing something that you absolutely enjoyed, and everything just flowed. You know the feeling - it just came together. It was synchronistic. It was flowing. Everything worked together. It was a point of joy and creation. You know what that feels like. As you release the Old story… as you let go of the worry about tomorrow… and all of these are the things we talk to you about - that can be in your life every moment. Every moment can have that blended, melded flow of spirit and human and self with all of the answers being right there.

< Embodiment 3QA > Time is indeed part of your story. And, it is very difficult to explain. Your association with time is based on everything from the wristwatches that you have and the clocks to the patterns and the cycles of the moon and the sun and the rhythms of Earth itself. You base your time sequence on this. This is an illusion, but there are things that allow for a flow of experiences.

We have been asked on a number of times if it is true that the past, present, and future are all occurring together. That is again one of those difficult questions to answer. But, from your perspective we have to say, no, they are not all occurring together. The future has not been created at all. You can go back to the past and change the story - or your perception of that - but you can't change the events. What truly matters is the Now moment that you are in. This is truly the important thing. So, you ask wonderful questions. And, it is so much about just allowing yourself to be in the Now.

< Embodiment 3QA > Indeed, this fullness that you speak of in the body, and particularly the physical body, is what we have discussed several months ago when we said, "As you learn to re-embrace what you have called the darkness, in other words, that compassionate side of yourself that has held all of the negativity, you will feel a fullness in your body because you are filling it back up with everything that you are." As you release the Old stories from past lives - or even this lifetime - you will feel more of a fullness, an aliveness in your body because they are coming back to fill the empty spaces.

It is interesting - some of you have such empty spaces in your biological body. And, you try to fill them with food. And, then you wonder at times why you gain weight. But, there is an emptiness within you. And, you are experiencing what it is like to have a full body. Some humans… they complain about this; they don't understand it. There is some confusion with it. They don't understand how empty they are until they start to fill up again. It is a whole new sensation as you understand in the body to feel it once again, you see. You feel aches and pains, Shaumbra, but you don't really feel your body because it has been empty for quite a while.

< Embodiment 5 > But, dear Shaumbra, as you are grounded, fully present, these energies (Metatoron) come in to help you release some of the energy that you have been holding. Some of these energies that have wanted to stay with you haven't wanted to leave. You see, as much as you have difficulty releasing some of the energies you have been holding - the energies of family, or the energies of past lives, or energies of Gaia - some of these do not want to leave you. Some of them are so attached to you.

Some of them are so used to feeding off of you… yes, feeding off of you like a child, a baby feeding off its mother. It continues to feed off of you. It continues to help you perpetuate a story… you see. It doesn't want you to let go of the story because that Old aspect thinks that if you let it go that it will go out of existence. It doesn't. It truly doesn't go out of existence. Anything that has ever happened or ever been created always exists. But, there are aspects, perhaps, of past lives, or even aspects of you in this lifetime that want to be held. Being held can be comforting. Being held can be loving.

< Embodiment 5 > We say they (neutral/pure/unflowing/unactivated/stuck energies) need it. More than anything, they are asking for it. They are asking for a way to help get their energies unstuck. They have been in their stories. They have been in their structures for so long, and they want a way to help release it. What is through the flow of the New Energies? It is the flow of energies now moving through you that will help facilitate the process.

< Embodiment 5 > Watch, as you flow energy, what happens. Watch what happens. You will start to get a whole new idea of what the results can be. As you flow and move energies through you, give them their own life. Allow them their own expression. So often humans will take an energy in, and they will - how to say - they will hold it so much in a structure or a story that it cannot have a life of its own. Every energy is like you - it's designed to have a life of its own, an expression of their own. You're different because you are Creator-beings, but yet every energy that flows through you, every thought, experience, lifetime, any of this, needs its ability to express itself.

< Embodiment 6 > How do you handle that now? How do you solve it? You embody every part of it, everything you've ever done, and then you let it move through. We know you have done tremendous work in this area. But, now we're going to go to the real depths, the real hiding places of some of the Old Energies. You are going to start getting the glimpses and the full stories of your past lives. You can handle it now.

< Embodiment 6 > The foundation for the new you is the essence, the soul, the divinity of who you are. It is not just the story of you in this lifetime right now of what you would call "the ego." It is the collective of all you have ever been and all of the potential of who you are going to be and your divineness and your purity. It is a story. It is the foundation rather of everything that you have been. Don't try to build it on just the story of this identity in this lifetime. Sometimes your stories are what are holding you back. You try so hard to hang onto them. You try to build on them. But, it is not about building on this one story. It is about building through the imagination in a whole New way.

< Embodiment 6 > Anything that is holding you back, any prisons that you are in, are of your own making absolutely. And, you can free yourself, not for yourself through force, not for yourself through some type of willpower mental exercise. You free yourself simply by opening up, giving yourself permission. It is time to evolve the identity, to evolve YOUR identity. That means letting go of the story, a story that is you in this lifetime. It has served you up to now. But, it's had its limitations. It is time to evolve the identity to become more of who you truly are.

< Embodiment 6 > Only when it (old issue) is embodied can it be released. Do you understand? Things that you deny, things that you hate will follow you around. Things that you embody and bring in fully into your reality and love and admire, even if they were dark - and remember what darkness truly is - only when they are embodied can they be released. When they are released, the energy serves you in a whole New way.

< Embodiment 7 > I (St.Germain) spent many, many lifetimes in what you would call lower positions, as well, dark positions. I can tell tremendous stories about some of the things I went through, including, yes, indeed a time where I had no lapse between lifetimes. I remembered everything, one lifetime after another. That is hell… unless you are prepared for it. You, Shaumbra, are prepared for it. I was not at the time. It is hell. It is hell, continuing a story, continuing the memories, not having a resolution. It is hell.

< Embodiment 7 > You are playing too many games right now. It is getting you confused. It is getting you lost. I know who you are. We have worked together for eons of time. I am going to remind you of that. Yes, it will irritate you at times, but it is time to get over the games, to get over the stories, to stop playing in your sandbox. We are going to start playing in the whole arena of multi-dimensions.

< Embodiment 7 > What you have is energy that is stuck, energy that has been formed by you and, in a sense, is boxed in, or structured by you, and it can't get out. You try beating on it. You try forcing it. And, you try willing it. And, every time you do and it doesn't work, you feel less and less empowered than before. You feel that certainly there has to be some supreme being or some higher force that's going to come down and save you, come down and take you away from this unempowered state of being. There is not. There is not. You are the supreme being. You are all connected to the supreme being.

< Embodiment 7 > I spent much time in my lifetime as Saint-Germain working with Mesmer, helping him to understand the nature of reality, helping him to understand hypnosis, mesmerizing, the fact that if you can get the human consciousness tuned into a certain level, it can transcend its stuck state of being. It can get the energy moving and flowing again. With a certain type of hypnosis, or mesmerization, you can get out of that Old story, and you can transmute energies very quickly.

< Embodiment 7 > We are going to ask you to feel into the water - how energy is stuck in there. There is stuck energy in water and in air. Energy can get stuck. There is this elaborate, elaborate gridwork of these 12-stranded-type-of-energy particles that go as far more the sub-level to what you call your atomic structure. It is the true Earth energy structure. We are going to ask you to feel how energy flows within these lines, these grids. We are going to ask you how it gets stuck in these grids. We are going to ask you how it responds perfectly to your imagination.

< Embodiment 7 > There are so many misconceptions about energy in your culture right now, misconceptions that you have to use types of instruments to detect its strength and its power… and it's biased. That is not energy. That is an expression of energy, but it is not energy itself. You are energy beings. You have much stuck energy around you. You have stuck it on purpose. You have molded it like clay, and now it has hardened to create your story. We are going to unmold it. We are going to set it free between now and going into our next discussion. We are going to liberate you from your own creation. We are going to show you how energy can be played with.

< Embodiment 7QA > You have been - as you call it - stuck in your story. You have been so emotionally attached to your story that has gone on for thousands of years. And, it affects you. There is guilt associated with it. There is a burden that you've placed on yourself. And, you've simply gotten stuck in your story. Try different ways of doing things now. Understand that it was just a story. It was an aspect of you. I (St. Germain) have aspects of me that are… some are wonderful and some are miserable. But, I had to recognize those were my creations… and I gave them life… I gave them expression. But, they were just a story of me.

< Embodiment 7QA > As you let go of your own story and realize what it is, then you're going to start looking at other people and realizing how stuck they are in their story. Believe it or not, you are still… you are actually coming from a place of greater compassion because now you can listen to them as they ramble on and on about how they were done wrong, about their victimhood, or whatever. And, I'm not making fun of this, but I have to be direct.

You create stories, and then you live in them. And, you want to… people tell you about the things that are happening because the vast majority of them just want to expand the story. They are so enamored and taken with their own story and their own pain that they just have to keep talking about it.

There comes a point, Shaumbra… as Shaumbra knows, you get tired of that. You get tired of that. It is time to move on to greater, more efficient and more joyful forms of creating, of moving energies, of playing with energies. I take great joy in jumping in and out of energies. As I said before, I lived the most miserable of lives, so I can tell you how wonderful and joyful it is to move in one and out, not get stuck in any story.

Many of you who are professional facilitators and counselors take great pride that you could have this deep empathy for people's stories. And, you can listen for hours. And, you know you just wanted to slap yourself upside the head at times when people were going on and on. But, you forced yourself to listen and listen, and you absorbed so many of their energies as well. You became part of their stories.

You are learning now that it is time to move on. The question to be asked of anyone who is carrying on - "Are you ready for change? Are you ready for change?" And, if they cannot answer that question, no longer treat them, no longer listen to their stories. They'll find someone else. And, they won't even remember you and all of the long hours you spent with them (audience laughter).

It is a question Tobias individually asked everyone of you before you became involved in Shaumbra. And, you could say if there is any sort of membership into Shaumbra, there is one simple thing - "Are you ready for change?" And, you said, "Yes!" And, that is why you are here. Ask the ones you facilitate - "Are you ready for change?"

< Embodiment 7QA > This whole concept of self-love is perhaps the core issue for all angels and all humans. So, you are addressing something that is so basic and so important and a challenge that you face and all Shaumbra face. When you can accept yourself as you truly are and get to that level, then you are truly expressing as God also. Don't give yourself a hard time for this ability to accept and love self. It is the most challenging thing.

The moment that you - and any of us - went through the Wall of Fire, it was all a matter of coming to this point of love and acceptance. Now, I'm simplifying it. But, that is truly what it's been about. When you come to that intimate connection with yourself (all aspect of you) and your divinity, all of the elements, everything you've ever been done or been, come back together in the Now moment. And, there is almost like an explosion of this blissful energy that takes place. And, then you realize that you are a Creator. You realize how simple it is to create anything around you.

So, you are on the perfect and right track. You're coming down to core issues. You're not worrying about the little stuff anymore. You're getting down to the basics. And, we know you've gone through many cycles of releasing. It takes a lot of cycles. It takes tremendous amount of movement of energy to work through all of these layers, all of these stories that have been created, all of the things you've been experiencing. But, I would say to you - and to all of Shaumbra - you are getting there. You are close.

< Embodiment 7QA > You create aspects on many different levels and many different dimensions, continually. As you're sitting here right now, you are creating stories or aspects in other dimensions. They are not physical dimensions necessarily, although a few have physical characteristics. You are literally… there are expressions of yourself flying off of you now in these other dimensions. You're taking energy potentials and putting them to work. You are activating energy. Some of those you will bring back into this reality. Some you create from this reality base in this reality, the aspects that I spoke of later, or earlier. This is a continual process.

< Embodiment 8 > So, perhaps you have fallen deeply in love with your own story. And, perhaps it is time to let that connection go. Perhaps, the way to let the connection go is the full acceptance, the full embodiment, that you are the Creator of that story, the full responsibility that you are creating every moment.

< Embodiment 8 > We know it is difficult to see at times because you try what you call "creation." You try to - how to say - blow out a candle without literally blowing, without touching it. You try to do it in your mind, and you struggle, and you strain. And, then you fall back and say, " I must not be a Creator. I don't understand why Tobias keeps saying I am." Perhaps, you are looking at creation in an Old Energy way. Perhaps, so much of your energy is tied up with making your story work… you see. Sometimes you don't get what you ask for, do you? Sometimes you pray to God, and you pray to angels for certain things to happen. Perhaps, you're just trying to make your story bigger. Perhaps, at the inner soul level there is a deeper desire, a deeper understanding. And, perhaps now is the time to bring that to your consciousness.

< Embodiment 8 > So, Shaumbra, take a look at your story. Take a look at the amount of energy you are expending, holding that story in place. As a wise one said very recently, a wise Shaumbra, "We try to make our stories work. We work at our stories all of the time. And, when the stories don't work, we get frustrated, and we get angry. And, then we come back and keep repeating the cycles of incarnations on Earth." Perhaps, it is time to let that go. Perhaps, you don't have to use tremendous volumes of energy to try to support a story that is nothing other than an illusion, just an illusion.

< Embodiment 8 > And, we are going to dispel the spell that you have placed upon yourself. Yes, we are going to dispel the spell you have placed upon yourself. We are going to release the state of hypnosis that you are existing in. Yes, there is part of you that related so well to my story (St. Germain) of the crystal - trapped inside your own being (vessel), inside your own creation (belief, story, illusion). Don't you feel some days like you're screaming, and no one can hear you… like you're trapped… suspended… frozen… eyes wide open… mouth screaming… hands out… frozen? I know what it's like. I know what it's like to be so hypnotized, asleep, mesmerized that you actually believe in these things that no longer serve you.

< Embodiment 8 > So, Shaumbra we have these very strong effects, these hypnotic effects, these belief systems that you have bought into so deeply that you can't seem to get out. You are locked in this crystalline structure… frozen into it… screaming… trying to get out. You're literally - because of the hypnotic effect - you're literally continuing to try to work on your story, thinking that if you get your story right, that it will free you. It won't. It won't. You continue to try to build on a story that had its time. YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE (identity, story). It's all an illusion. I'm sitting on the other side of your illusion, chuckling, and laughing, knowing that you are going to get out of it, knowing that it's so much easier than what you think, what you feel, knowing it's so easy to clear those hypnotic effects from you.

< Embodiment 8 > It's interesting that belief systems perpetuate themselves. We have talked before that anything that you create, in a sense, you give it its own life form and allow it to continue living on its own, allow it its freedom. Belief systems are like that too. Belief systems try to maintain their own integrity. They try to build on themselves and to expand themselves. And, that is what is happening right now with you and with your society. Because of the hypnosis, the belief system effect that you carry with you, your stories try to protect and defend and build the stories. So, even as I'm speaking to you, your story is trying to protect. Your story is trying to find fault with what I'm saying… trying to shoot holes in it… trying to think that what I'm saying is for someone else and not for you.

< Embodiment 8 > It is for you. I'm looking at you, and I'm on the outside. You're trapped on the inside. But, yet even though you're trapped, even though I'm coming up to your encasement, your little shell, your crystalline structure, saying, "I'm out here; I'm free," there is still something inside you - that hypnosis - that's trying to protect your shell. There is still something inside your being that's trying to decide where I'm wrong. It's still a protection device. The hypnotic effect that you're under is trying to build your story even grander… and your crystalline structure even grander… your prison even more imprisoned. That is what hypnosis does. That is what belief systems do.

< Embodiment 8 > Any time you structure energy, it tries to maintain its integrity. Why? Because it loves you… you created it… you made this story… you made you. Everything will try to protect that because it's what it thinks you want it to do. You've trained it to do that for you. You've trained your belief systems to constantly protect you. You've trained them to build bigger belief systems. You're incredible. You created a little belief and let it turn into a big belief. And, now you can't get out. Even though you say you want to, your belief systems go in defensive mode right now, like they're doing right now, going into defensive mode. They don't know how to handle this barrage that Tobias and I (St.Germain) are sending it. They want to run, don't they? They're not sure what to do.

< Embodiment 8 > Let me tell you, Shaumbra, I am fully crazy. I have kings and queens and bankers and bishops that will tell you that I am. But, yet they have called on me for counsel. They have called on me to help show them how to get out of their crystal prison. Simple… I tell them. I tell the kings and the queens and the princes and the government leaders and the rulers - "Let yourself go from that hypnotic state that you're in. Let yourself go 100 percent - not a little, not some, not 90 percent - 100 percent." Ah, and herein lies the challenge. You're going to do 10 percent. You'll let go of 10 percent of your story. But, alls you're doing is letting it go to try to make your story bigger. Under the influence of hypnosis you're going to try to defend and protect and build your story. It has to be.

< Embodiment 8 > So, I had to learn to let go of everything… everything… 100 percent. I had to learn to let go of every belief system. And, that's where I came to understand what hypnosis is. We'd never talked about this thing called hypnosis back in the temples. But, that's exactly what it was - belief systems that can be like demons, like monsters… needing to feed off of more energy… needing more and more energy… needing you to create more stories… in other words, taking a neutral state of being (potential), turning it into energy. It's a vicious and mad cycle. A belief system needs to continue feeding. So, it needs you to continue creating story. It needs you to make your story bigger. You see… you see how this works? It is a very interesting dynamic… until you walk out of it… until you walk out.

< Embodiment 8QA > Under hypnosis the aspect-self will do anything it can - anything it can - to justify itself. Under hypnosis the aspect-self, which is the story that you expound right now, will do anything it can to justify its existence. It will lie to you. It will steal for you. It will do anything to justify its existence. Remember that. You are an aspect-self right now. You are not fully expressed. You are not fully awake, no matter what you think. And, it you think you are, and if your mind is telling you are, you are really hypnotized right now (audience laughter). The aspect-self will do anything it can to perpetuate this story because it loves you, because you have asked it to serve you. The trick is - how do you get out? That is the reason that we are here now.

< Embodiment 8QA > I want you to take a look at the belief systems that you have bought into about yourself. A belief system in anything from your physical being… are you believing something within you is diseased? Do you believe you are going to die? Well, indeed you do, don't you? But, you don't have to, not in the way that you think. You will end your story. You will evolve. But, you don't have to die in the way that you have been doing lifetime after lifetime.

< Embodiment 8QA > It's about releasing your limitations and accepting your "I-amness." Your limitations are, in a sense, all of the stories that you have created, your past life aspects. They are just stories, but there is a tendency to believe that they hold the power, that they hold the energies. They are just stories. It is about releasing them.

They want to be released. They want to be set free. They are in this - how to say - this type of crystal or structure that we talked about before, frozen in time and space, waiting for you to let them have their own freedom. When you do this, it lets go of your limitations and your acceptance of this hypnotic state that you have been in.

When you accept everything… everything… including what you consider crazy thoughts in your mind… when you consider what another… when you accept what another person does… when you accept your children… when you accept the world as it is… when you accept everything that happens… this also sets you free in a whole new way. It allows you to go beyond the limitations of the hypnosis.

Hypnosis requires limitations. Acceptance lets you fly past those. So, accepting, which is the compassion that we speak about so often, is so essential for your total freedom. It is very simple, and don't get so much into the head about it.

< Embodiment 9 > It's a wonderful thing if humans could play, could do more role-playing with each other, with yourselves. But, yet you get so caught up in your identity and reality that you don't even want to role-play. Act out when you have your Shaumbra meetings. Act out. Play different roles and different stories. Then, you will begin to see how easy it is to move in and out. We do that all the time on our side.

< Embodiment 9 > Can you wake up each day with a new identity and a new role to play? It is a wonderful thing to be an actor on this stage of the 3-D. On our side of the veil we are not locked into an identity. I'm not Saint-Germain here. I'm more Adamus than anything. That is more of a complete name. But, we play; we role-play back and forth. And, we encourage you to do the same. You'll begin to understand it's all a game. It's all illusion. And, it's all a phenomenal part of Creatorship.

< Embodiment 9 > And, change is the most wonderful thing. You see, you are trying to solidify yourself in that story. But, the story - even the story - doesn't want to be the story any longer. Even the story that defends you and protects you and supports you knows that it is time for it to be released from its structure. Every energy ultimately has to be free of a structure. Every energy has to soar. Every energy has to be able to expand. As Tobias says, energy seeks resolution, fulfillment, and freedom. You have trapped energy in this illusion, in this body, in your identity. And, it is time to get out of that.

< Embodiment 9 > Energy is like clay… or Playdough for some of you. It can be formed and shaped. It can do anything to serve you. But, ultimately it needs to be set free once again. This is Creatorship 101. You are Creators. You are God also… so let all of your creations free. When we are done with our gathering today, let them all free. Open the birdcage, and let them all go. Oh, yes, some of it will bring sadness, and you will feel so sad to have your story leave. But, you are going to feel happier when that story reshapes itself, and the energy transmutes itself, and comes back to you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine.

< Embodiment 9 > I am speaking here of total trust in yourself - not God - because you don't even begin to know what God is. How can you trust something that is just an Old belief system? A total trust in yourself… an implicit, 100%… give everything… trust in yourself. Some of you go there at times in trying to understand the level of trust in self. Some of you get close, but you haven't gotten all the way there. Total trust… now that raises issues. How can you trust something (divinity) that you feel has betrayed you, or you don't understand? How can you trust yourself when you don't know who you are? Well, that is the irony. That is the beauty of this whole thing. You're being put in a position now to have to trust yourself - not yourself as in your limited story - but yourself as God also. You have to love yourself.

< Embodiment 9 > It is also about opening up, getting outside of that story that you're in. It's not about diminishing the story or getting rid of it. Some of you think that's what we are saying. Releasing is freeing the story, not getting rid of it, not hiding it. You can never, never successfully hide energy. Sooner or later it comes back up. We are asking you to release it from the structure that it has been placed in. We're asking you to take off all limitations about everything within you… limitations on the way you think… limitations of what you think is up or down… limitations that you have about wealth… limitations of energy. We are going to ask you to open up.

< Embodiment 9 > So, it is about trust. It is about loving yourself. It is about living beyond. With those basic, basic things, Shaumbra, this is going to be easy. This is going to be easy. You see, that tool, that key, that you gave yourself is going to come soaring back into your life. The knowingness is going to come to you. We cannot explain it here. We cannot say that there is a specific thing that you have to do. But, the knowingness, the remembrance, is going to come to you. With that trust and with that love and with no limitations, living without limits, you're going to be able to do exactly as I do - walk in and out, walk in and out. You're going to be able to transmute energy in any way you want.

< Embodiment 10 > So, Saint Germain talked to you about going beyond, living beyond, having such an intimate trust in yourself, to know that you already gave yourself the tools. Oh, the tools aren't the tools that you would think of. They are not a specific method. It's not a specific type of ceremony that you have to perform. It's not a key hidden word… none of those things. It is about trust. It is about embodying everything. The moment that you bring back in every aspect of yourself and bless it and love it is when you discover this key. As long as there are parts and pieces of you that are scattered out there, parts of you that you don't love, parts of you that are trapped in energy, you won't be able to see what is already right there.

< Embodiment 11 > Control limits the ability for energy to expand in you. You have been controlling your energy for every moment of this lifetime. You have been the potter, shaping your story. You have shaped it well. You've cleaned off many of the rough surfaces. You've reshaped it at times to fit your new consciousness. But, in a sense, it is still controlled. It is still formed into a very specified vessel. It is called your story. Now, it is time to take those controls off of your story and watch what happens in your life. Watch what new synchronicities come to you. It is time to have this radiance of energy take place.

< Embodiment 11 > Energy by itself doesn't exist. It is just potential, waiting to be expressed. Now, you are the ones forming it. You are also the ones controlling it. The control limits the ability of any of your creations, including yourself and your story to radiate.

< Embodiment 11 > Every Creator being, every souled-being has the ability to re-create, to continue perpetuating the creations, to create over and over again. This Creator ability is not inherent in inanimate objects, in things like trees and most animals. Most of your pets even are not Creator abilities. They do not radiate an energy like you do. You are a Creator being. Your radiance is the extension of your creation. But, yet you have been living in this very controlled vessel that you sculpted. And, you are not radiating any longer, not to the degree that you could be. There is no continuation of your energy. In other words, you have everything so tied up in your story, tied up in the overlays, the belief systems, and the hypnosis that your true Creator energy is not free.

< Embodiment 11 > The human desire sometimes was wrapped up in such a limited story. It was wrapped up in belief systems that did not serve the grander purpose of the being. We sometimes say on our side - the human desire versus the higher, the divine desire. And, as a rule, the divine needs took precedence over the human because you do want to die sooner or later; otherwise, you get so trapped in your own old story. It is very difficult to get out. You designed death. You designed death so that you would be released, so you didn't get trapped or embedded in these stories. So, that is an example of how the human desire and the divine desire sometimes don't seem to come together.

< Embodiment 11 > The synchronistic life is one that others will not understand for quite some time. The ones who are still in the duality world… they will not understand at all. They will envy it. They will envy you to the point of perhaps scorning you, rejecting you, or possibly trying to harm you, to find the secret, the elixir. They want it. They want it so very bad, but they don't understand what's truly in it. They want to make their old story just a little bigger and better story. They want to be a superhuman, rather than a divine human. And, there's a huge difference. They want superpowers instead of divine beingness. They want to create and control, rather than creating and blessing and allowing, allowing your creations their own beingness.

< Embodiment 11 > We are in this Embodiment Series, the embodiment of your divinity, the embodiment of every aspect of you into this reality, the complete acceptance, the fearless acceptance, the understanding that the aspect that you have known as yourself in this lifetime was just a story, a wonderful, beautiful story that you grant beingness to. You let it go also. Then, you can get back to the roots of who you truly are.

< Embodiment 12 > You create the story. You give it a name in this lifetime, and you give it a body form to walk in. Then, there comes the point when you realize that it is no longer you; it is an aspect of you. And, you let that story go. Oh, and when you do, things change, of course. But, it truly allows you to expand and to go to the next levels. It allows you to go beyond this 3-D that you are in, a 3-D that can feel so real and look so real but it was only one reality, this 3-D that is so dense, so thick that it actually gets murky after awhile. It loses the clarity. You lose your clarity about it. You lose the way. So, in the embodiment, in the acceptance of all that you are and everything around you, everyone, everything… oh, it releases energy that wants to express in a new way. It wants to go into the New Energy.

< Embodiment 12CC > Learning to embody yourself, everything about you… it is so difficult but yet one of the greatest gifts of all… embodying you… being you… bringing back all of the parts and the pieces in love… bringing them back into the center… into the circle of your love… no longer rejecting… no longer dividing… but bringing them all back. Oh, and as we have said so many times now, when you bring it all back, then you can bless and release the very structure of every one of those creations and sub-creations. And, now you go on an incredible journey, a ride, an expression. When you release those, everything can now go to their appropriate next level.

< Clarity 2 > Other times, it becomes very clever, very clever indeed. It says, "Oh, but true full God-self, I own you. I made you. I am the human. I have the mind. I have the body. You have nothing. You are a figment of my hallucinations (more laughter). I own you, and therefore I am. I take ownership of our spiritual journey because without me you wouldn't even be having one." So, it tries to claim the spirituality. Oh, that is a very interesting situation, a kind of reversal of energies with that little human self. Then, it starts feeding on your spiritual journey. It starts controlling it. It starts getting into its story, using it to expand its story.

< Clarity 3QA > There are - how to say - conspiracies. There are those who are trying to get wealth and money and power. But, generally because of the beautiful balance of human consciousness and because of the love that's in it, including the love of Shaumbra, it is very difficult for any individual or group this day and age to try to take control of everyone.

There are enough wise ones in the world - Shaumbra and others - who know that it's their game, that it's the game on the part of these others who are trying to control that they don't need to get involved in it. If there are just a dozen on this Earth who understand they don't have to get involved in what you would call the "matrix" or the overlays, that is enough to eventually break down the overlays. That is eventually enough to keep the energies moving and pure. So, we take a whole group of Shaumbra who realizes - whether there are specific deliberate attempts to, whether it is control weather, or anything else - that the consciousness now won't allow it.

< Clarity 4 > So, laws… they are belief systems. And, some are afraid to even think beyond them, to say, "Why is that there? Well, that is quite silly." Or, perhaps it serves a reason. But, there is an energy, an underlying energy that supports consciousness. Laws - no matter what city, country that you are in - they help to define mass consciousness. That is all they are. They're defining mass consciousness. And, you were told that you have to accept them, one way or the other; this is the way the law is. You have to believe in it, and if you don't, you'll get thrown in prison. Well, if you believe that, then you will create that. And, you'll go right along with the game. It is time to go beyond that, Shaumbra, time to move beyond.

< Teacher 6 > Some of you struggle with belief systems. For instance, you try to create them in the mind. You're playing with yourself in your head. A belief system is what you feel not what you think. You go in and say, "Well I believe in being abundant," but yet you don't feel abundant. You feel that the world is controlled by a small few, which it is, who give nothing to others, which they don't. But you forget to believe and to feel that you don't have to play that game with them. You can create your own game.

< Teacher 7 > If you can't - if you can't see the humor in this blessing called life, if you can't see the humor in this... basically this theater of life, this game that is being played by humans... it's going to suck you in. It's going to take you right into its drama. It's going to feed off of you. It's going to twist your thinking, and it's going to get you to believe that it's you. It's going to get you to believe that you're the one with wars going on, you're the one with disease, you're the one with deep and dark and depressed feelings. It's going to get you to buy right into this game that we've called mass consciousness. And as you know, then it becomes so difficult to get out.