ego / human ego / I go

old human passions; incomplete passions;
divine passion; 

< New Earth 9QA > On our side of the veil allowing is such a natural process that we do not think of it. When you as humans came to Earth, came under the veil and took on a human body, you separated yourself from Spirit. And this was part of the understandings that would come from Earth, the understandings of light and dark. When we speak of the honor that we have for you for the work that you have done, it is because there has been no other creation of Spirit that has ever consciously and purposely disconnected from Spirit. This was part of the energy of Earth, to forget who you were. In doing so, when you became disconnected from Spirit, when you forgot who you truly are, you began to mistrust. You began to rely on your mind and your ego. Your ego then created a new definition of you in the place that was voided by Spirit. Along the way you lost trust. Again, this was a result of the separation that we did not know of.

< New Earth 10QA > The human ego has been appropriate in the old energy. The human ego allowed you to take a spiritual energy, the angel that you are, and come under the veil and be able to manipulate and use a human body, and to be able to understand your human things. The human ego has gotten much bad press, but it has served a valuable purpose. The human ego at this point, interestingly for those that are here, is tired, is wanting to let go, is wanting to be relieved of its duties at this time. This is happening; however, there are such strong memories, such strong past experiences that continue to drive it to do its function. But indeed, if you would ask it, it truly would desire to let go at this time. As it releases and lets go, then your own divinity can come in. The divinity is the replacement of the human ego.

< Creator 8 > The Fruit of the Rose is the passion that you left behind. It is the passion you left behind when you came to this place called Earth. It was the passion that you had in the kingdom, in the First Circle. It was the passion you carried through, even through the Wall of Fire. But when you came to Earth, this passion stayed behind. It stayed behind. Your passion, your divine passion was replaced with something you call the human ego. You built your life upon that. Your passions became things of human nature. Your passions were for other people. Your passions were for food. Your passions were for certain types of work and creative expression that you did on Earth. But your passions were based on your human condition, not on your birthright as a spiritual being!

< Creator 8 > When you receive the fruit of the rose, you bring back your divine passion. What was it that Catherine was missing in the room, as she sat there and sobbed? Why was it that she felt such an emptiness? It was because she had let go of her old human passions (human ego), the incomplete passions. There was nothing left inside. There was nothing that came from the heart. There was an emptiness.

< Creator 8 > As you receive of the fruit of the crystal rose, you bring back to you a passion that was left behind. As you do, you will feel renewed in the energy of your body. You will feel renewed in your purpose. You will feel renewed in your purpose. You will bring this important element of divine passion back into your being. The old incomplete passions of the human that were based in the ego have left. That is why Catherine felt incomplete.

< Creator 8 > As you receive the fruit of the rose within your being, it will ignite a passion that we cannot even describe now, for it is not explainable in human words. It comes from an energy that you are not used to right now. This will be an experience that you will have on your own, but it will fill you. You will feel a new glow from the inside and it will emanate out from you. It will not be like anything you have experienced before. It cannot be created out of the human mind. It cannot be manufactured from the ego. For those who say they can try to control it on the human level - this will not work. It resides in this place of ALL. It is available to each of you.

< Creator 8 > Passion, dear friends, is love expressed. Passion was something that you had all the time before, for you were always expressing outward. Jack was always expressing outward. Spirit has always expressed outward until part of you went into the cocoon. When you came to Earth, you put this passion aside. This was one of the templates that you created. You created duality. You created a type of amnesia. You also left behind your true passion, your divine passion. You built your lives on the wants and needs and human passions that are small in comparison to your divine passion.

< Creator 8QA > It is no wonder that Catherine and that you have been feeling empty, depressed, and emotionally heavy. The old human passion that you have built upon during your times on earth - what you would call your ego - is going away. It is going through a death of it’s own. It is fading away.

< Creator 8QA > The ego has been presented as a "bad" thing. It is not. The ego has been an important element in all your lifetimes on Earth. It has been the foundation of the Earth energy up to now. It is letting go as you let go! It is letting go! It is not some demon that has a life and a control of it’s own. Psychologists in the old energy came to believe that it was all powerful, that it could take control of you and manipulate you. We are here to tell you this is not true in the new energy. You have made a commitment to be in the new energy and in doing so, your own ego, your soul and humanness is ready to move aside. That is why you have been feeling deep changes lately at your inner levels. What comes to re-unite with you is the passion you had before you came to Earth. This is your spiritual passion.

< Creator 8QA > There is a tendency in the old energy to analyze, to intellectualize, to dissect, and to try to figure out. This is a characteristic of the human ego. You will find your divine passion is a - we are struggling for the word here - it is a completely different thing than your human ego. Divine passion comes from allowing. It comes from being. It comes from knowing. It does not come from the mind, it does not come from one of seven chakras. It comes from your soul, for indeed it is your soul! Each of you will have a personal experience as it comes into your life. Divine passion cannot be forced and it cannot be controlled. It simply is.

< Creator 8QA > You are transitioning from the human of the old energy, where your foundation was based on the thing that you call your ego. Although you are transitioning to a Divine Human, you are still a human in physical form that still walks each day in duality. But you are now integrating your divinity, your passion and your love. You could not possibly understand what it is like to be an integrated divine human with the consciousness you have at this time. Yet, you attempt to define your divinity before it rises from within you. This is what is causing the feelings of despair and loneliness. Dear friends, these are the thorns of the rose that we spoke of during the channeling!

< Creator 9QA > As we mentioned many months ago, you will see your stock markets go up and down without apparent logic. This is the attempt to find a balance between the old and the new. These will be the adjustments that are necessary to go on. As we mentioned before, you will continue to see your earthquakes. You will see the shatterings that take place, for even within the Earth is the attempt to transition from the old to the new. As each one of you here, each one of you reading this knows, it is not so easy to release the old and go into the new. There are energies that cry out for attention. There are other elements and energies that do not want to be released. There is even your human ego, as you would call it, which is not so sure it is ready to give up this control.

< Creator 10 > When you move into Divine Will, you are transcending a duality and a separation that you have carried with you since the Wall of Fire. You are transcending the separation from Spirit you first experienced when you left the Kingdom. When you move into Divine Will it is about the Divine Will that comes from within you. It is connected and it is integrated with Spirit at the deepest levels of who you are. When you move into Divine Will you transcend the humanness (ego) that you have carried with you. You transcend the duality that has been part of you are ever since you have been on Earth. You move past the two into what we call The All. In the Divine Will there will be solutions that have never been there before. They have not been able to come through Free Will and duality. In the Divine Will there is not so much the consideration for just yourself, but there is a greater compassion and understanding for All That Is.

< Creator 11 > One of the attributes of a male-oriented energy is that of strong ego. It is not to say that women do not have this also. We would classify the ego as a male-oriented energy. Ego. Dear friends, it was important that Jack took on the male energies. In doing so, the ego was accentuated. This was important and necessary for the long journey that Jack would take.

< Creator 11 > You have learned well of the ego! It has served you well while you have been in human form, and even before you came here. But you have a feeling that this ego is a bad thing. There are those who have been involved in spiritual work that feel the ego must be killed. They feel the ego must be destroyed for you to move forward. This is not true. The ego only needs to be melded and healed and balanced. This male-oriented energy has served you well.

< Creator 11 > Ego … derived from your Latin word meaning "I". I-go. I-go. This is what Jack did. He waved goodbye to the King and Queen and said, "I go now." Indeed, the ego was developed when you, when Jack, crossed through the Wall of Fire. It needed to be, because there had never been separation before. There had never been a loss of identity of who you were. This ego was developed and it was important. It created a sense of identity for you.

< Creator 11 > Your ego was then refined over periods of time. Your ego was intensified when you came to Earth and began taking on physical body. Your ego, dear friends, was the one thing that you could relate to from the past. Your ego was the one thing that always stayed with you, from the time you went through the Wall of Fire, through your journeys in the void, until the time you came to Earth. You felt tremendous separation and loss when you left the King and the Queen and the Kingdom. You ego was the only constant that came with you. Ego. "I go," said Jack. "I go to the void, I go to an adventure." Ego.

< Creator 11 > It is interesting that you spend so much time battling your ego. You give it a bad rap. You try to kill it and destroy it. (chuckling) And you have found that you cannot! It is an integral part of you. It is your one connection back to Home. It is your one remembrance of Home that has always been with you.

< Creator 11 > As you move into the new energy, the ego is transforming. It is changing. You are transforming and changing. Instead of "I go" you are becoming "I Am." I AM. This is the new energy. This is the new balance of the male and the female, the King and the Queen. That is the new balance. Dear friends, be kind and gentle to your ego. It is a father or male oriented energy within you. Love it and bless it as much as you would love and bless your own biological father in this lifetime and the fathers who have come before them, and the Father from the Kingdom who helped to birth you.

< Creator 11 > We spoke of ego earlier because the first thing that will happen, when you go to thank yourself, this male-oriented energy of ego is going to pop up. You are going to say to yourself, "I cannot give myself thanks." This is the energy of male ego coming through. It that has caused battles in the void when you first crossed through the Wall of Fire. It has caused battles on Earth. It has caused the misperception of Spirit as a strict and stern and even cruel Father.

< Creator 11 > It will take a bit to get over the old concerns of ego. You will have to work through this. You will have to bring in your own balance of male and female. It will take a bit of work. Some of you will be so challenged by it that perhaps you will even give it up and go back to the old ways. We are challenging you to move beyond the old feelings of the ego, which was filled with that male energy that we have spoken of. Move beyond to understand that the ego has served you well. Understand that you are going from the journey, that could be defined as "I GO" to the new energy which is the "I AM."

< Creator 11QA > These are core issues. You are done with your other basic issues. You have walked through and processed those. We are now coming to the core issues. The issue of the fear of being Creator. We talked much today of the ego, of the male energy, of the battling energy. These are all fear issues that will come up.
In a sense, you would like to be "junior creators", or "sub-creators". You would like to have an energy higher and stronger and above you that places controls or limitations on the extent of your ability to create. Dear friends, it is not meant to be that way! There is not meant to be another who is higher. As we said in our story of Jack, one day Jack will inherit the throne.

< Creator 12QA > It is, to say, with practice you will soon learn. First of all, understand there is no separation between your ego and your Higher Self. You look at it as your ego being a lowly human thing and your Higher Self being an elusive angel that exists in another sphere of consciousness. Begin to integrate them. Listen to the answer that comes forth. Do not try to judge where it comes. Simply listen within. If you continue to do this and practice this, you will refine this. It is not so much a matter of whether you are listening to Higher Self or ego, but as you continue to ask yourself, it opens a conduit or a path for a grander truth to come in.

Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) asks us to also share his story, for at first he was not so sure either. We kept encouraging him to continue doing this. We told him also that he would stumble at times. He would try to make some assumption or some prophecy, and it did not always come true, and then he would get frustrated with himself. But we encouraged him to continue on and on. Now he knows the difference between us and his own being. He is learning to trust it more and more. We encourage each of you to continue asking within. Do not try to determine where the answer is coming from. It is all coming from within. The more you practice this, the easier it will be for clarity and truth to come forth. Practice this each day. Practice it each day. It will come forth stronger and stronger. The answer is within you.

< Ascension 1 > Right now there is still a new relationship developing between you and the spirit within. Neither is quite so sure of the other yet. You, your human ego, find yourself putting on the brakes. At times you are not quite so sure what this new energy is. But as you breathe it in, as you allow it - all of who you are - to come out and express itself, you will have such a different life, such a different way of looking at things. The struggles that you have felt up to now will change. They will change.

< Ascension 1QA > In the past three to five years, there have been those humans who have agreed to be the very first to begin integrating the energy of the divine field around them. They agreed to be the very, very first to try to develop this within them. They found it quite difficult. They found that the human ego did not so much want to accept this new divinity coming in. Many of those who agreed to be part of this - bringing this divinity in on a faster basis - did not stay on Earth. The biggest reason for them leaving - the difficulty in having this new energy - was the difficulty in seeing the human condition around them.

< Embodiment 3 > The mind is the vehicle that stores data. It has remembrances… has a memory bank. And, also it has been granted the gift of making judgment. So often you think that it is the mind that is blocking you, the mind that is resisting (to changes). You associate ego with the mind. And, you think the mind is somehow trying to stop you. And, you battle your mind. You go back and forth. I watch you. I hear you doing these things in your mind.

< Embodiment 6 > The foundation for the new you is the essence, the soul, the divinity of who you are. It is not just the story of you in this lifetime right now of what you would call "the ego." It is the collective of all you have ever been and all of the potential of who you are going to be and your divineness and your purity. It is a story. It is the foundation rather of everything that you have been. Don't try to build it on just the story of this identity in this lifetime. Sometimes your stories are what are holding you back. You try so hard to hang onto them. You try to build on them. But, it is not about building on this one story. It is about building through the imagination in a whole New way.

< Embodiment 7QA > There are those humans who simply are not ready to go to these next levels. They are not ready to explore the depths of who they are. They are so bought into their stories. And, they want to continue playing them. And, that is fine, but it is not for the work that we do within the Crimson Council. That is not an egotistical thing. As Tobias said recently, "ego" is a wonderful thing. It means "I go." It means ego is a way of expressing yourself in different dimensions. So, let's not associate this was some negative ego type of thing.

< Embodiment 7QA > Tobias told the group in Hawaii recently, and he's talked about the ego. He talked about the fact that the ego is constantly generating, constantly making all of these creations, all of these stories. You're not locked into these stories, but you play around in the multi-dimensions.

< MNEC2006-T > The mind has been overworked, overstressed. The mind has been given too many responsibilities and it doesn't know what to do right now. So much focus right now in the schools is placed on the mind, on the brain, on things like IQ, and this is causing a tremendous imbalance on a very individual basis, but also on a consciousness basis. The mind isn't a bad thing. The mind is not where the ego is. The mind is just trying to do what you've asked it to do. But it is taxed and it is overworked.

< QuantumLeap 4QA> Ego is actually a beautiful thing. Ego literally means "I go" or "move forward" or "express." Ego ultimately is about the creation of aspects that are there to serve you. But an out-of-balance ego is one where the aspect believes it is the Master, believes that for instance the aspect of the humanness takes over and thinks that's all there is.

Underneath it knows it's just an aspect. It knows it can disappear like that (Tobias snaps his fingers). So it lives in great fear, and it tries to hide from that fear by boosting itself up. It continually has to inflate itself and this is what we call an out-of-balance ego. It has to pretend it's much more than it actually is. It doesn't have a true base of love or honor. It has to find its feeding by stealing energy from other humans - having other humans worship it or be frightened of it or what ever you call. It is an errant or an imbalanced aspect. That is the negative definition of ego. But at the core of every one of you, ego simply means your ability to express yourself in a variety of different manners, or through aspects, while remaining absolutely integrated, understanding that you are the creator of aspects.

Perhaps one of the greatest creators of aspects is Adamus Saint-Germain, because he understands that it's all an act. It's all a role, but he always knows who he is. He always understands where his center or his spirit is. So he comes before you as an arrogant and pompous jerk at times ... he is gone by the way. (laughter from audience and Tobias) He creates this type of aspect but he always understands in his being who he is. He's an actor, and he has fun with it but he never gets lost in it.

So the ego - it depends how you want to use it. It depends how you want to expand or to create. Do you want these aspects taking over? Do you want the inmates running the asylum? Or do you want to take responsibility and ownership for everything you do, everything you say and everything you are?

< Master 8 > Comfort and the pleasure are also programming that I'd like to see us get rid of, release. You don't need to get a little biscuit at the end of the day. You're not lab rats anymore where you have to get the goody. Sugar was a wonderful discovery a long time ago. So the human needs to survive, have pleasure, comfort, and then it gets into other energies like control and power. It loves those. It gets into the building of its identity. This is the negative interpretation of ego. So let's say identity. Old programming.