Ascension Series 1 Q&A Session
Presented at the Crimson Circle August 4, 2001
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TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, we feel sometimes that you are singing to us (referring to the music played prior to the session). We love this. We love when we gather with you like this.

Now before we begin with the questions on this day, we would like to point out to you that you are spiritual explorers. You are ones going into uncharted realms and territories. It is difficult. It was difficult for the explorers of your new world when they left the continents far away, and they journeyed to find the new lands. It had not been done before. Their voyages were difficult and challenging, but yet so rewarding. They opened the pathways for the others to follow. They charted the new territories. They drew the new maps. They recorded what they saw. They told others about things to avoid, things to watch out for.

You are the explorers of the new spiritual realms. You are the ones going out ahead of the others. That is why it is difficult. That is why it is challenging. That is why we took you to your deathbed today, to show you what it was like to look back and to say, "I was one who went out and explored. I was the first to cross over. I went through the difficulties, but my reward is the knowing of what I've contributed to the All, contributed to the love of Spirit. My reward is knowing that I’ve made the path easier for the others."

Dear friends, ascension… it is a wonderful thing. You can now move through lifetime after lifetime, while staying in body, and at the same time begin to integrate that divinity that has been waiting to come in. It is a wonderful thing. As the final adjustment of the grids is made on Earth, you will see a new and different type of energy.

Do not look to the past for ways to handle things. And we will say that many times today in these questions that are about to be asked, for we see what they are. We will say, "Do not look to the past." There will be new ways to handle this. What they are, we are not so sure, for you will be discovering them. But there will be a new element of your divine seed that comes into play in your reality now. It will not be held in the grids far away. It will not be hidden in the True Self. You will be able to bring it to this very place that you reside in with your physical body.

And with that we know Cauldre tells us that we must rush along here, so we would be happy to answer your questions.


QUESTION: Tobias, you are wreaking havoc on my love life and potential relationships. (audience laughter) You fill me with love energies and teachings, but often it is perceived as being aloof or strange or menopausal by the opposite sex. It’s so difficult. I know it's not about me anymore, but I want it to be, so I can find a relationship to share all of this joy. You don’t make it easy. Please help.

TOBIAS: We can only have compassion for you. We know it is a difficult journey. But we remind you… when you begin to not look at yourself as a victim of all of this, and you understand that you are moving to a new level, there will be new relationships and new joys that are associated with it. Again this is all quite new. Do not look to the past for the answers.


QUESTION: In the scientific world, the scientific method provides some guidance for assessing the quality of health remedies. In the world of complementary medicine, I can find no consistent criteria to use, other than intuition. If you are a healer trying to provide assistance to others, what criteria do you suggest?

TOBIAS: There are built-in intuitive criteria for this. Again we will tell you that you are venturing into new territories, and the criteria have not been developed yet. That is what we mentioned earlier. We are looking to you to specifically document these, to specifically chronicle these, and to determine appropriateness. We do suggest you go into your intuition but also to combine it with the patient’s intuition. Together there is an inner knowingness of the things that work most appropriately. As you learn more and more, and as you begin to understand more of these elements and these treatments you work with, yes, indeed, document what you have learned. Then you will discover the most efficient and effective methods.

We throw in a caution here also that there is a tendency for many of you to look down upon your rather strict scientific ways. You feel it is too slow. You feel it is too deliberate, and that for a quantum leap to take place in the development of things, you must look in other areas, in other directions. There still is much value, wonderful value, in the scientific protocols that have been set up. But we do underline that they are not conducive right now to the new type of research that you are doing. As you learn from your healing and work and the treatments that you help to create, there will come a point when it will be more appropriate to put these through the typical scientific protocols that you go through. But now call on your intuition, and again do not go backwards for the answers. The answers that you are looking for exist in a new place, a new potential that is not in the past.


QUESTION: Tobias, why do you ask us to begin documenting our experiences? I have long held that when we need the memories and information, it will be there in total recall. Am I mistaken?

TOBIAS: We ask you to document it, because it is not about you. You are doing this for the benefit of others. How could they all tap into your memories and brains? For you, it would be fine. For the many who need the understandings that you come to, it will be important to document, to write down, to creatively find a way to illustrate what you’re going through. Do you realize that there are a small handful of humans that are going through this process right now? As we said, as of this timing, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 million. But do not hold to that number, because it changes quite fast. It is growing rapidly. If there is a small handful of humans who are going through the process, think about all of the others that are coming through soon. Where will they turn to for help? What will be the best way to help facilitate their process? Do you want them going back for their answers to the very churches that you created in old energy? No, this would stifle them. It is not that we are saying that the churches do not provide a wonderful service, but it is - how to say - a step along the way.

These are the ones who will need the books to read to assure them that they are not going crazy. If you had had these to read, imagine how much easier your path would have been! They are the ones who will need to go to the classes to understand the difference between going into ascension and going through menopause. (audience laughter) Because many of you are at that age when you are accused of going through menopause, you tend to think that’s what it is. We are here to tell you something different. Oh, indeed you are going through a change. Indeed your chemistry, your body, and your mind are changing. But it is not menopause.

We ask you to be the ones to create the classes, to create the tools, to create the communication vehicles in all sorts of ways, to be the ones who are ready to answer the calls. If there are 14 million today, next year at this time there could be 144 million, and it could continue growing from there. As we said, the time is short for the quantum leap. It is not about you. It is about serving those who come after you.

We would like to make a point also that you are not bound to any contract here. Your contracts are done. They have long been done. You do not need to do anything. You will not be punished if you do not accept this role. We are here recruiting in love. We are asking you - if you so feel - to step forward. There are difficulties and challenges. One of the potentials that you may select on this day - (and that is why the energy of your spiritual potential exists here; it has never been brought in before, but it comes in) - you may choose at this time to not continue in this process, because it is difficult. You may choose to lead a quiet life, what you would call a "normal" life. We will love you just the same. We will still come to you in your dreams and be beside you. Life will take on a somewhat easier pace, an easier role. We will still love you. But we also encourage all those who are ready to continue moving on that your energies are needed at this time.


QUESTION: Tobias, it seems very difficult. It is difficult to watch our families work through their life challenges. How can we facilitate that process without being involved with their choices?

TOBIAS: This is, as we have said in the past, one of the most challenging of all things. It will be the most challenging for you. As you continue forward with your understandings and your wisdom as part of your new ascension, it will be most difficult. It will be most difficult, watching the challenges that people go through. But we remind you that you were in the same place at one time. As you step into your new role of service, there will times when your compassion and love for humanity are so great that it will cause you to want to leave Earth.

In the past three to five years, there have been those humans who have agreed to be the very first to begin integrating the energy of the divine field around them. They agreed to be the very, very first to try to develop this within them. They found it quite difficult. They found that the human ego did not so much want to accept this new divinity coming in. Many of those who agreed to be part of this - bringing this divinity in on a faster basis - did not stay on Earth. The biggest reason for them leaving - the difficulty in having this new energy - was the difficulty in seeing the human condition around them.

Many of you are beginning to understand this. You are seeing and feeling it when you go to stores, and you are in public, that you do not feel part of that same world. It is not to say that you are better or more important, but you do not feel that you can relate. When your neighbors come over, it is more difficult to relate to them now. You love them deeply, but you just don't relate. When you are at parties… the one who just said, "Oh, yes, Tobias, I know what that’s like. I want to scream. I want to run out of there." You feel like you don’t belong. Why is it that five and ten years ago you could be the center of attention, you could be quite the socializer, but now it doesn’t fit? These are all challenges.


QUESTION: Tobias, could you expand on physical symptoms that are a part of the transformation process. Are heart palpitations, inner ear symptoms, like spaciness, and dizziness and feeling a buzz and feeling vibrations on the back of the neck, also surges going up the spine, a part of that?

TOBIAS: Indeed we are still working with you. (And that is why we ask you to document these things.) We are finding that those physical symptoms most closely associated with this process are the ones that affect the spine. Indeed the energy moving and surging through the body, we find, in particular, that there are sensitive areas in and around the shoulders and neck. We find from you that there are more facial, headache type of symptoms. We find that the pituitary and the pineal glands are most likely to be aggravated in this process.

Anything associated with a sense of disorientation seems to have a direct tie-in to this whole process you are going through. But we have found for the most part that there is not a direct effect on the heart. This is not a common symptom of going through the new energy. It tends to be more associated with the spine and with the neck and with the head areas, and also with feelings of not having two feet on the ground, being in a spacey area. We will continue to work with you, but again we ask you, whether you are a doctor or not, to share this information, to be part of the group that documents this for others.


QUESTION: Tobias, I work with breast cancer survivors. Many of them wonder what was the causative factor in their lives. Is there a common emotional or energetic cause? Can you expand a little on cancer and our remedies for it, especially dietary?

TOBIAS: This would be a very, very long discussion, but in a sense, there is a combination of factors that are taking place here. One is on your psycho-spiritual level. There were - how to say - plans that you had for checking out at a certain point. It was a set-up for disease that would have caused you to leave this planet. Again, because of the options that you are choosing, because of the new realities you are choosing to go into, you are finding that the initial attack of cancer takes place, but that it can be overcome. It can be overcome through your medications and drugs and treatments, but you are finding more and more that you are overcoming it by those programs and homeopathic remedies that provide a new balance.

As is being discovered, the vibrational and energetic fields of humans carry many potentials. To the doctor who is now working on this, we tell you that there are many, many potentials that are carried here. It is up to you to help determine what are potentials and what are being acted on. The fact that a potential exists does not make it real. It is only a potential.

Now again we could discuss this at great length, but the greatest advances in your cancer treatments will be found in the natural substances. The ones who are working with this today have not yet found the appropriate ways to release the energies that are in these substances. Specifically, yes, the ones that come from the seas and the oceans will carry the most potential, but is not limited to just that.

There is a belief or a feeling that if you simply ingest the substance that it will have the appropriate effect on the diseased tissue within the body. But there is yet another step, a processing step that these extracts must go through before their true healing and balancing capabilities can be released into the body. There is still a doorway that is closed between the potentials that exist within these and the assimilation of these into the body. Much, much of this is going to waste now, for it passes right through.

There are those who are working on these techniques, but we encourage all who are in this field to find the ways to - how to say - unlock these doors, to find the keys that will unlock the true healing capability within these essences. These, in a very short period of time, have the strong, strong potential to replace any of your current chemical and electronic types of treatments that you have for cancers, such as the ones that are so caustic to the human body. It will not be, as we see, so very long before this type of cure is found. It will, however, take awhile to get through your (regulatory) systems for acceptance.


QUESTION: Dear Tobias, what percentage of children being born are now Indigo, or another more evolved nature? Is there an early way to identify them?

TOBIAS: As you come into Earth… you move in cycles. You tend to move in cycles. The timing is now ready for nearly all of those being born to carry what you would call the attributes of Indigo with them. It is not a select group. There are those who go through first, and then there are those who come through en masse. The Indigo period was and is a relatively brief one.

We have talked before of the next level, the next generation that comes in. These would be - we have put the name on these - the "crystal" children, for they carry almost none of the old patterns, almost none of the old attributes. Many humans coming in now are Indigos. All carry those energetic attributes. They will stop coming through within the next six to seven years to allow yet the next group of "crystals" to move through.

Indigos carry a conflicting energy within them. They have come to Earth many, many times for the most part. Yet they come in now bearing a new and unique attribute, an attribute of the new energy. However, this is causing conflict within their being. Again they will need books to read. They will need courses to attend. Their parents will need these same things to help them understand.

That is why we will be challenging you over and over again in this next year to begin documenting this process. There is a temple of wisdom that each of you hold, that each of you contain. This to be shared with others. Do not become so focused on the Indigos at this time. Understand that the work that you do, these tools that you help put together will be used by humans for generations and generations to come.


QUESTION: Tobias, does everyone have inside of them a being like you, Tobias, that they can bring forth and communicate with? How can we bring this being out?

TOBIAS: Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) says you do not so much want this! (audience laughter) It is such a curse at times, he says! Now we encourage each one of you to begin breathing in your OWN being, your OWN Self. It is a Self that is you, and offers the divine elements, offers a new peace, offers a new balance. Breathe THAT in.

Now we say this, even in front of Cauldre, but this type of channeling will become old soon. It is not the way of the new energy. You do not want to channeling some dead entity! (audience laughter) You want to bring in your own light, and your own radiance. We have said before that there will come a point where we will leave. We will not be here anymore. We said that to scare Cauldre! (audience laughter) We will always be beside you, but we will be encouraging you more and more. We will be encouraging Cauldre - we do not even so much like the word "channeling," - to be all that he is, and for you to be all that you are.

We have told you before, and we will tell you again, we do not know the answers to all of these things. You are the first to be going through this process of divine integration. We are the ones journeying along with you. We are the ones encouraging you. We are looking from a different overview and can therefore offer you advice along the way. Dear friends, you are the first.

Imagine yourself in the role of a teacher in front of another human. You are glowing and illuminating. You are shimmering in colors. They will ask who you are talking to, "Is it an angel? Is it someone from a distant universe, or from another planet, or are you channeling a saint?" And you will say, "No, that glow and that illumination and that love you feel comes from all who I am, the empowerment of my being, my True Self. I am allowing that to come forward."

When the grids change, when the final adjustments are made over the period of the next year or so, many of the entities that have been around will be leaving. And you know why. It is so that you can take your own power. You can take your own place. They do not want you to channeling them. They are here simply in service to you. Many of them will be leaving. They will not be quite so available at that point for channel.

We truly love talking to you. We find it so enjoyable now that you are opening up, now that you are chatting with us, now that you don't feel so embarrassed about driving down the road, talking but having no one else in the car with you! (audience laughter) We welcome these dialogues. We welcome the sharing back and forth. We welcome when you laugh with us, when you allow us close into your life. Oh, this we encourage! You will find that you can open to this. This will be easier and smoother.

We will tell you one thing. As much as we enjoy your friendship - and we hope you enjoy ours - do not ask us how to do it. Do not ask us for the answers. Hold discussion with us, much as you would hold one with your co-worker. But dear friends, when you ask us, you know what we have to do. We have to throw it back at you and say, with all of the potentials that you have to choose from right now, all of the alternative realities, "What would YOU co-create, what would YOU choose?" We will support you in those choices. We will walk beside you, whether you think that choice was right or wrong. We will be there with you forever. You are not alone. The choice is yours.


This next year will be intense. We have much work to do together. We will challenge you at each one of our gatherings. We will also love you. You will find as the grid is changed and completed that there will be a new resource open to you. We will work with you to bring it in and use it. We will push you on this.

It is not easy work. But dear friends, as you looked back at the end of this lifetime (referring to the channeling earlier in the day), and you reflected on all of the things, you said, "I was there, teaching others, facilitating them. I was there at what will be described as the quantum leap of humankind. I was there at that moment of great light that shined across the world. I was a teacher. I was one who opened the doors for the humans to come through on their path of divinity. More than anything, I was one who opened the door, so that Home could expand to this place called Earth."

And so it is.



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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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