most difficult thing


< New Earth 13 > As you begin to learn who you truly are and to understand your vibration, and as you begin to work in the new Earth, you are literally increasing your consciousness and vibration. You are literally moving into a new place. There will come a point, dear friends - as you become accustomed to your new house - there will come a point where one day you will be deeply impacted by humanity. You will be deeply sorrowed when you look out from your new house onto the humans that reside outside. This will bring tears to your eyes. This will bring overwhelming grief to you. We have seen it in several instances now.

< New Earth 13 > There comes a point in your own transformation where it is difficult to see the suffering that other humans are going through. This may be your own family or friends or people you work with. It will cause a sorrow for humanity as a whole. The sorrow will be deeper and potentially harder to deal with than when your guides left. The sorrow will be more difficult to face than even when you were given the choice to leave Earth or remain by re-enlisting in spiritual service. It will be more impactful and more sorrowful to you than any of the things that you have gone through in the last 20 years of your life.

< New Earth 13 > When the one known as Yeshua ben Joseph was on a hill one dark and terrible day, he was in great physical pain from being affixed to a cross. It was not himself that he cried for. He looked out onto humanity. He looked out onto the suffering of each of you. He knew the journey that you would be going through, and he wept, and he bled, not for himself, but for you. You will experience something akin to this in your own lives here. We bring this up now so that you are prepared, although there are no words that we can say that will adequately prepare you for this time. When your vibration is at a level that you are coming close to attaining, it will be difficult for a period of time to look out onto the rest of the Earth and onto humanity.

< New Earth 13QA > We know that there will come a difficult time when you are in unity and you have melded with the New Camelot - with your new self - that it will be difficult to look out at humanity to know the suffering, as we talked about earlier (in the channeling). But much of this, my dear, we are learning side-by-side with you. It is our pleasure to tell you that we are not the gurus. We are not the ones who have ascended. We are a support team for each and every one here. We are learning with you. Each of you here is at the threshold.

< New Earth 13QA > Now when we refer to the suffering that you will see and to the agony it causes, dear friends, this suffering is already going on at the moment. However, you will be in a new place and a new vibration, in a sense standing on a mountain, seeing all of this, knowing that you came from there.

The Kryon speaks clearly about the parable of the " tar pit". In the parable Kryon talks of the human who becomes empowered from within and leaves the tar pit. He looks back and knows that’s where he came from. He knows that the others who are in the tar pit at the time can only save themselves. There is no way the enlightened human, the high vibrational human, can pull another human from the tar pit. This is the suffering that we refer to. It is a suffering that is already taking place, the suffering that you have already been through.

But you will be in a new place and a new vibration, and for the first time, truly aware of what angels do when they become humans to help All That Is move forward. This will bring great grief, great internal pain for you to know that it is the other angels that you have walked with that are still in their suffering. At this time you may choose to go Home.

We specifically bring out this example, this concern, on this night. In the period of the past six months, there have been some humans that have walked into this new vibration, that have walked into their new house, and could not handle the heaviness of the suffering, and quite to our surprise, chose to come Home, instead of continuing on.

We are bringing out the messages now to other Lightworkers such as yourself. We are weaving the blankets of comfort to help you through this time. We overlooked the fact that a human that has gone through the cycles of life and then comes to a higher vibration would have such a difficult time seeing other humans that are still walking… that it would be so difficult that you would choose to leave.

< Creator 12QA > There will still be challenges in this new energy. Not all humans will transition into the new energy in one sudden poof. It will be one by one. It will be individual. You will find it challenging, dear friends, in your new consciousness of divinity, very challenging, to work with humans who are not quite so awake yet. You will have empathy for them at the deepest level. It will cause you pain to see what they are going through, to know the long walk that they have to make across the "Bridge of Swords." You will remember what it was like for you.

As we have said in these sessions before, this will be your greatest challenge - to see the suffering on Earth, to see the pain that others go through and inflict on each other. This will be one of the greatest challenges you will have. A part of you will want to leave. It will be so difficult to watch the sufferings of others. This is why we come together and talk like this and to bring our love because we ask you to continue on the journey.

< Ascension 1QA > This is, as we have said in the past, one of the most challenging of all things. It will be the most challenging for you. As you continue forward with your understandings and your wisdom as part of your new ascension, it will be most difficult. It will be most difficult, watching the challenges that people go through. But we remind you that you were in the same place at one time. As you step into your new role of service, there will times when your compassion and love for humanity are so great that it will cause you to want to leave Earth.

In the past three to five years, there have been those humans who have agreed to be the very first to begin integrating the energy of the divine field around them. They agreed to be the very, very first to try to develop this within them. They found it quite difficult. They found that the human ego did not so much want to accept this new divinity coming in. Many of those who agreed to be part of this - bringing this divinity in on a faster basis - did not stay on Earth. The biggest reason for them leaving - the difficulty in having this new energy - was the difficulty in seeing the human condition around them.

Many of you are beginning to understand this. You are seeing and feeling it when you go to stores, and you are in public, that you do not feel part of that same world. It is not to say that you are better or more important, but you do not feel that you can relate. When your neighbors come over, it is more difficult to relate to them now. You love them deeply, but you just don't relate. When you are at parties… the one who just said, "Oh, yes, Tobias, I know what that’s like. I want to scream. I want to run out of there." You feel like you don’t belong. Why is it that five and ten years ago you could be the center of attention, you could be quite the socializer, but now it doesn’t fit? These are all challenges.

< Ascension 6 > Dear friends, 2002 will also be a year of sensitivity. You will have deep sensitivity for what is going on within you and the world around you. You will have compassion like you have never had before. It is an awareness that you could not have previously imagined. This sensitivity comes in through all of these places that we had talked of in our last gathering, through the seven senses. Your senses will be so awake and so alive at times that the energies around you may literally hurt. You will be so sensitive to energies that sometimes you will have to take refuge. Sometimes you will have to get away.

While you are on your swing this year, going back and forth, you will look out at the other houses, and the other people, and the cars on the street, and at humans walking down the sidewalk. You will have sensitivities and awarenesses that you have not previously had. You will find yourself energetically flying into a situation another person is going through, drawn into that like a magnet, feeling their pains, feeling their challenges, feeling everything about the situation.

Perhaps, it could be a joyful situation. You could find yourself immersed in their joy, feeling what it is like from their standpoint to move to a new level. You could feel what it is like when they fall in love, when they have something good happen at their job. In 2002, you will find yourself like a magnet being drawn into energy situations of others, because you are becoming more sensitive. And, this is appropriate.

When you find yourself falling out of your own balance and not sure you can find your way back to your centeredness, remember the numbers of this year, the balance of 2-0-0-2. You will be increasingly sensitive to all things around you, to energies. Know this and you will be more prepared to handle what comes to you.

< Embodiment 9QA > Sometimes your body goes into pain, and sometimes your system goes into anxiety because it has a difficult time handling the overload of New Energies coming, the changes that are taking place. Sometimes you get the pain and the anxiety because literally your system is trying to protect you, saying, "Do you really want to be doing this? Do you want to be going outside of anywhere that you've ever gone?" So, it is acting, in a sense, as a bit of a - how to say - a balance for you to say, "Do you really want to go here?"

And, then once it understands, once your body and mind understand this is where you are going, it will help regulate the process. It will do so in a way that doesn't burn out or overwhelm your DNA and your cells. We know that to be a potential problem. As we have mentioned before, there was a small group that we worked with back, perhaps six, seven years ago on a very fast track. And, they agreed to go about as fast as they thought they would be able to. And, many of them are not on Earth anymore. They tested the limits of how fast the psyche and the physical body could go before burning out.

So, a lot of the pains, a lot of the anxieties are simply your body doing its own check-and-balance system. And, it is important for you to assure it that this is where you want to go. It is important for you to let go of the control, like what we said. Let the body purge and flush itself, as needed. Let the mind go through its own cycles. You are all going to find that.

< Clarity 10QA > Tobias tells the story of a group of beings - you could say they were Shaumbra - when the Crimson Circle first started working together back in approximately 2000. This group was more or less an experimental group. They wanted to go very, very fast. They wanted to see how to push the boundaries or the edges of this whole process. It was very difficult on them. Several decided to leave their physical bodies - to go beyond. Others decided they had to totally remove themselves from society and from everything for a while because it was so difficult on the system.

We honor that small group that did this on behalf of all because it gave all of us a chance to take a look at how this process can unfold in a gentle way that didn't destroy the body or the mind. So it is a very, very difficult and tiring process to go through. You are switching over from one type of energy physics into another, and the body is going to respond at times. It will get very tired. The mind will become exhausted.

< MNEC2006-T > As we told Shaumbra before, back about eight or nine years ago there was a small, small group of Shaumbra who volunteered to see how fast the Shaumbra consciousness could go, to see how it held up. This group... none of you here in that group... but this group went very, very fast. They wanted to test. They wanted to see how the systems held up and how they broke down. They were the Shaumbra crash dummies. (much laughter)

This group of Shaumbra gave of themselves willingly and freely. It was their love and their choice before they came to Earth. They knew that they were going to be doing this. They went very, very fast to test the threshold. They've all since passed. They're all back on our side and this group is all here this weekend as a guest also. They're helping, sometimes to slow you down when you're trying to push too fast.