lightworker / energy worker

tenders of the light (energy); energy holder/mover;
the ones who transmute energies by their inner work; the ones who take old energy of fear, darkness, void and transmute it into pure energy, into love;

< New Earth 1 > Of all the angels who came to this Earth, there indeed was a special group. It is the one that is family. It is you, and the other eight million plus lightworkers who are on the planet at this time. There are special attributes of each of you that are different than other humans. Each of you came here with particular energy attributes that are indeed different. If you trace your paths and the paths of other lightworkers, you have been ones who have been very involved in religions in past lives. And spiritual quests in the past lives. And workings of energies.

< New Earth 1 > Each of you came here with an ability to carry and to hold large amounts of what you would call light. This light was hidden from you, but was connected to the grids of the Earth and the grids above the Earth in order to hold a specific balance. This light, crystal light within you and other lightworkers has provided a needed balance of light and a connection between you third dimension and the higher realms. And you have carried these energies well, even though you have not consciously known you were carrying them.

< New Earth 1 > You have been walking a long path in this lifetime. You have endured many emotional challenges. This has been the signature of a lightworkers. You have endured many hardships lifetime after lifetime.

< New Earth 2 > My friends, you have done much lightwork in the past, and you have wondered why you kept hitting the wall. Why did it feel like there were days you could never overcome the difficulties? From the core of all things, it was not possible for complete unity within yourself! If you wondered why there are days that were so difficult, it is because the consciousness of separation and opposites (duality) still existed from the very center of all things.

< New Earth 3 > We ask each of you that is doing the light work - the healing and the traveling and the praying and the meditating and the working on your inner self - we ask each of you to continue this. There are times when it would be easy for you to let go, to release, to come back to home. There are times when the road seems burdensome and endless. Yet, the change point - this time that you have been anticipating for so long, and all of your past lives have been working for - is simply a breath away. We encourage each of you to continue the teaching, the holding of energy, the opening of new insights. The work that you do is not trivial. Perhaps it does not make the headlines of your newspapers, but in ours it does! On this side of the veil, we see what you are doing. And when you make decisions based in love, based in moving forward, it is like flames into the night that we all see.

< New Earth 4 > For it is that each of you will carry the energy into this new age. It was you that was there a thousand years ago and you that returns again. You are indeed "tenders of the light".

< New Earth 5 > There are those that are ready to go into the New Energy Earth at this time. There are those that are ready to begin integrating the True Self into their reality. There are those who appropriately have decided that it is not yet time for them, for indeed understand that there must continue to be balances. For if all had chosen at a single time to go into the New Energy, this would have caused an imbalance. So honor those who have not yet come over, who have not yet decided. There is a small group of lightworkers around this world who have decided to take the step into the New Energy World. These two worlds will exist side-by-side together for a period of time. As we have said before, the ones in the New Energy World will be aware of their energy attributes and structures and dynamics as well as the old energy. The ones who remain in the old energy world will not be consciously aware that there has been a split.

< New Earth 5 > But now as the Earth, the consciousness of Earth splits, and moves into two separate consciousnesses, and as you move into the New, it is appropriate for you to once again open the doors, to once again allow your power out. My friends, you were not wrong growing up. You were not wrong with the insights and the thoughts that you had. You were not wrong with the different belief systems and structures you had. You were simply being a lightworker. You were not wrong when the others took a different approach than you. You were simply being a lightworker. You were not wrong when you felt things in your heart and knew things in your mind that others did not feel. You were not wrong. You were simply being a lightworker. You were simply feeling the connectiveness to the Christ energy that you had put away so, so long ago. You were not wrong when you studied different arts, when you felt the strong need to be alone all by yourself, removed from other humans. You were not wrong. You were simply a lightworker who was coming back in touch with your Christ-self. You were not wrong when you were attracted to, should we say, different, unique lifestyles, beliefs, ways of doing things, ways of looking at things. You were not wrong. You were simply being a lightworker.

< New Earth 6 > Now you might ask, "why has all this been taking place, why the tremendous amount of creation, the elaborate plan here?" As we have said before, there is a new place being created - what we call the Second Creation - with a foundation based on the energies that you have created here, the energies and the insights and the learnings from your Higher Self while it has been wrapped in this energy cocoon. As you create the tunnel and the way to this Second Creation, it is not just you that are ascending. It is like you are creating a vacuum through this tunnel and then all things are able to follow. We say, jokingly, that in listening to your sessions yesterday there was much talk about a "sucking" effect. This is precisely what happens. Sometimes we find much humor in your stories. You - the ones that are here - and other lightworkers around your world are creating this tunnel. You are among the first to go through, among the first to integrate with your True Self.

< New Earth 8 > The seeds are beginning to germinate. They are beginning to shed their blankets, the ones that have made it, and not all have, but the ones that sit here, the ones you call family and lightworkers all over the world. You are the seeds that begin to germinate. This is the time for the seed that is awakening and feeling the discomfort but yet the joy of bursting forth, that is confused but yet filled with ambition. This is the time for the divine connection to take place, for the analogy that we used of the seed, for the lightning bolt to strike. We assure you, my friends, it will not be like a painful lightning bolt. It will be a stream of love that begins to come in, that connects with the seed that was within you, the Lost Children of Christ. It begins to help you sprout and to break through and to become the tree, the fruit, and the way.

< New Earth 9 > Many angels-turned-human have dropped out. Many, many could not continue to withstand the veil which separates you from a knowingness of Spirit. When they returned Home, they were honored for all of their work. They turned right around to continue helping you in this lifetime.

< New Earth 10QA > The family of lightworkers are creating templates that others will use in the future. Up to now you have been, as you say, holding in the energy. Many of you have been holding in the energy for your Earth. Many have been holding the energy in for groups of people, even at work. With the changes that began occurring on December 13th (two earths) you are no longer carrying that responsibility of holding in the energy for others. This task/responsibility has been assigned to others. You are now being freed of those responsibilities in order to optimize your ability to bring in your divine energy. As you and others here are learning, it is taking all of your being and all of your energy to go through this transition of your divine energy coming into your dimension.

< New Earth 11 > Now there is a group that has been together on our side of the veil but also on yours, a group with deep intent, a group that truly understands the workings of energy and the workings of creation. We call this group "Lightworkers." They are all over this world but they are small in number. They are adept at working with and handling vast amounts of energy. They have taken on - you have taken on - incredible challenges in your lifetimes to know about the workings of energies, to shift and balance the energies of this Earth. This is indeed a spiritual family, a spiritual family.

< New Earth 11QA > There is a funny tendency on the part Lightworkers to feel defensive about their beliefs. In feeling defensive they set up an energy barrier when working with others. This is felt by the others. They feel that something is not quite right.

< New Earth 14 > You have given much and asked for little. You have recently, within the past several years of your time, forsaken relationships that had once been near and dear to you. This tore at your heart. There were reasons for this. You have given of those things that you would call material wealth. You have given up abundance so that you were not distracted. You have even given up parts of your health and of your physical body to come to deeper understandings of the new energy that you are now beginning to walk in. You have given up much, dear Lightworkers.

< Creator 3QA > Never has such a large group of humans walked through the process of the awakening divinity at one time. There are tens of thousands of Lightworkers that are awakening at this time.

< Creator 6 > They have been amazed at what you have done, and what is like to be on Earth, to be in duality, to have no remembrance of who you truly are. They are honored that you are coming back into remembrance. They are honored when they see that you have gone from the energy of "two," and you are now beginning a new balance. You are bringing in the energy of the Christ consciousness. When there is appropriate mass, when enough Shaumbra and enough lightworkers around your world have brought in and integrated this energy of the Christ consciousness, then it will be their turn to begin coming in.

< Creator 7QA > Many lightworkers choose a time of aloneness for the inner reflections that are necessary to recharge their own energy levels. As you move deeper into the new energies and as you learn the first step of outward creation - pro-active creation with the broad stroke - apply this to your relationship area. Know that the appropriate acquaintances will then be drawn to you. They will come knocking at your door. And indeed, there is always Shaumbra, always willing to connect.

< Creator 10 > It is not because you have this great desire or need to process. It is not that you need to always be - how to say - resolving your issues. It is because this is an attribute of the lightworker, to continue digging within and then digging more and considering and pondering and thinking and doing more digging. Each time you do this you are making a pathway through a tunnel of consciousness. You are digging the tunnel further and further. That tunnel leads to enlightenment and understanding. That tunnel creates a passageway for your divine vibration and your divine energy to come through.

< Creator 10 > Do not chastise yourself for the work that you are doing within. It IS making a difference, not only in you, but in the energy of this planet and of the universe and of the kingdom from whence you came. Dear friends continue your inner work and do it with love and honor at this time.

< Ascension 7 > So many of you have had such strong agenda these past years. You called yourself Lightworkers. Wonderful beings. It was a blanket that protected you from the realities of the world around you, a blanket that made you feel good. "I am a warrior of the light," you said. "You are fighting a battle of duality," we say.

< Ascension 8 > You have used the opposing energies of the light and the dark to help propel you forward, to help move your consciousness forward. They have been important elements for you. That is why we say, "Be careful when you speak of being Lightworkers." You are ' all' workers. You are divine workers. Be careful, dear friends, when you speak of being Warriors of the Light, because you are also Warriors of the Dark.

< DivineHuman 8QA > When a human begins their true awakening process, there is a shift in these energies. This can cause much physical discomfort - some of the reason for the body aches and pains. As these energy centers reunite into one, it is somewhat of a difficult time to go through. For you who are energy workers, for you healers, observe the difference between someone who still has the independent chakra system and someone who has a unified chakra system. The healing modalities that you use with them will be very different.

< Embodiment 5 > It is important to have energy workers on Earth - or Energy Movers - on Earth right now to keep up the flow of energy that is taking place, particularly as we are accelerating towards the quantum leap in only a few years of time. There is more and more neutral and pure energy coming to Earth right now than at any other time. It is coming in fast… it is coming in fast. It is attracted by what is going on here. It is attracted because humans are calling for it. It is attracted because of your dreams for change.

< Embodiment 7 > I (St. Germain) have tried to help other scientists of your time - and my time - understand this. I worked closely with Tesla when I was Samuel Clemens. We would meet. We would talk. I would try to help him to understand. We had some degree of success, but quite frankly society wasn't ready for what Tesla had to offer, but instead reverted to a more Edisonian type of understanding of energy. You are ready to move beyond that now, ready to go beyond that Old understanding of energy. Interesting… they were both the modern-day energy workers, Tesla and Edison.

< Clarity 6 > Light… you are "light-workers." You work in the light, eliminating the dark from the universe. That is the biggest crock, Shaumbra (some laughter). That is imbalanced also. We have a word for it here. It doesn't really relate to any human word. But, in the best translation we can provide, we call it "anost," anost (Tobias pronouncing this as uh-NAHST). That means an imbalance to the light. The imbalance to the light, or anost, is a denial of the dark. It is a denial of half of yourself, if not more.

< Clarity 9 > This group of human beings (Shaumbra) - you are coming in at a time of change. You weren't lightworkers like some of the others, you were change-workers. It has nothing to do with light. It has to do with energy. Change. Moving into a whole new realm of understanding of what takes place, not just in your physical world but in the worlds that surround you. You came in as change-workers into this lifetime, THE lifetime.

< Master 6 > There was another shift in 2007. It went unnoticed by most people in the world, but it happened and it was quite large. And it didn't have to come as a storm. It came as a welcome invitation. It was called the Quantum Leap, and most of you participated in that. That opened the door for amazing new technologies to come in. A lot of them are still on the desktop, so to speak. Still haven't been implemented.

But the changes of consciousness that occurred in 2007 are going to lead ultimately to new energy solutions, incredible medical solutions, if we can get by some of the religious moralistic issues - I'm speaking of things like stem cell - incredible openings in particularly in one of the biggest issues confronting humans right now, which is fuel, energy. Isn't it amazing that you're energy workers who are bringing in New Energy and the world is confronted with a huge energy crisis? Huge. It's not talked about so much. I'm not saying there's a conspiracy, but humans just don't want to address the fact that the world is consuming more and more fuel and using up a lot of the resources.

< e2012 8 > The old masters, the masters that painted back in Europe hundreds and hundreds of years ago, they weren't just painters. They were energy workers. They would take a combination of paints and herbs and sometimes even ground-up crystals. They would combine them and they could paint life into a picture.

The art is almost lost now. Very few artists know how to do that, but they could create a painting that the energies would endure for hundreds or thousands of years so that when you stood before the Mona Lisa or some of the other paintings of the master, it did something to you. You can almost measure the energy coming out of it.

And the sinister side, they also knew how to paint somebody's soul – not really their soul, but their essence – into a painting. Trap them there. It's a type of black magic. They could paint your portrait in a nasty way, and now you're trapped in that picture. But we're not going to go there.