The Clarity Series SHOUD 9
Presented to the Crimson Circle April 1, 2006
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And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather with you today in this classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth. Such a delight for I, Tobias, for our special guest today, Raphael, and for all the other guests who join us to be here with you.

One of our favorite parts of this Shoud is when the breathing is being done, while the music is being played - we can come in, we can move into your energy, your reality, because you are inviting us in. You are opening the doorways much more than ever before. You get out of your minds, you open those beautiful hearts of yours and you let us come in. We can sit beside you and tell a few stories, laugh with you about some of the experiences that you went through in this last month that you couldn't laugh about a few days ago. (light laughter) We can simply watch your energy open up and expand.

And, you can feel ours. You can feel this tremendous glow of energy. Some of you can see it dancing across this backdrop. Some of you can see it dancing in this room. Some of you can see it dancing across your computer screens, even as we come to you via the internet, which is an incredible network all unto itself.

Indeed, today's guest once again is the energy of Rapha, Raphael. He comes in very close right now, to you, to this group of Shaumbra and to humanity as a whole. He brings with him an entourage of angels and beings who are working with each one of you to go through the process of change and growth. Moving from old ways of operating and old systems into new ways - not just in your mind, not just in your spirit, but also in your body.

A statement was made earlier wondering how Beings... what would appear to be normal, typical human beings, such as Andra - or the one you know as Norma... Garrett, who's gone through his own physical transformation and re-creation in this past year... Linda, always patient (laughter), always moving energy, at least I should say... and Cauldre, keeping such busy schedules. Some of you wonder how it is done. It is simple. It is letting go of old ways of doing things. Letting go of old ways of feeding, old ways of thinking how the body has to sleep or how it has to feed itself and how it has to be in its familiar surroundings. They are examples of releasing, letting go and re-creating themselves in a more natural and a new way.

And certainly, it is not always easy - the process. It would be wonderful if you could just snap your finger and have it happen, but there is an entire changeover in energy networks and systems that takes place at every different level. There is a time of honoring and a time of change that they go through and that you are going through. But it is happening.

Your sleep will never be the same, we're sorry to say. Some of you want to hold onto the old 8 1/2 hours. Some of you want to have a very - what you would call - normal type of dream pattern. And as you've seen over the past 30 days, dreams will never be normal again. Some of you want to hold onto the old ways of operating, and it is changing. It is all changing now, for you, changing on this Earth as well. But you're experiencing it first and foremost.

As Shaumbra, you are spiritual physicists. That's what you are. Spiritual physicists. Physics are the principles behind the workings and the movement of energy. You're not scientists, by the way. Scientists are different.

Scientists study how things are done. They study actions and reactions, and a scientist will look at having repeatable events in order to validate the reality of what is taking place, you see. A scientist must know that the way it was done yesterday can be repeated or replicated tomorrow. Then it becomes science and supposed fact.

But, as spiritual physicists, you might as well throw that one out the window, because spiritual physicists open up to other realms, not just the third dimension. You're operating now in many different realms. Sometimes you're not aware of it, but that is what is happening. You can't always repeat the way energy works, at least not in your 3-D realm - your third dimension - because you find as you open up inter-dimensionally, a typical action-reaction event from today could be quite different from tomorrow. A fact today could become an untruth or a new fact tomorrow.

It doesn't work the same as it used to anymore, because you are dealing multi-dimensionally, because you are bring in a new element that you've never worked with before. It is called New Energy - energy that is not vibrational, but energy, rather, that is expansional - expansional in every direction at one time.

As spiritual physicists you are indeed pioneers because you are working with this energy first and foremost before the others. You are experiencing what it is like to move out of old networks and structures and move into entirely new ways of operating. It becomes difficult at times because you never know... your mind never knows what's going to happen next, and your mind always likes to know. That's the programming of the mind. It wants to know what's going to happen next. But as physicists, working multi-dimensionally, it doesn't operate that way.

You'll come to new understandings in these next few months of time and certainly before the Quantum Leap in somewhat over a year from now. You'll come to new understandings about energy design and energy movement. And unfortunately for the mind, it doesn't work like energy does now. It is completely different. Creation, as you have known it in the past, changes now.

You get frustrated sometimes with yourself - and you indeed get frustrated with us - because you want to know you can replicate something over and over again. Perhaps you have a new spiritual understanding of how energy works, of how you operate and how you want to be able to repeat that over and over again, but it doesn't work. It changes continually.

Over these next few months of time in our Shouds together, you're going to understand how it truly works at its core so you won't have that old mental need to replicate, to repeat experiences. You'll understand that it was very old and limiting. And now you understand the very nature of energy, how it flows, how it can be created and un-created continually. You'll begin to understand how you can implement it into your life.

Many of you, being the spiritual physicists that you are but also being human, you keep your principles and your concepts and your ideas - your spirituality - separate, out there in another realm. You call it your laboratory or your workbench and you go out there from time to time, doing your work, particularly at night in semi-altered states. But there is a resistance or a barrier to bringing it back into this reality.

It's like oil and water, you say they don't mix. Sometimes spirituality and humanness, you say don't mix. "How can I bring these principles together?" The truth of the fact is: oil and water do mix, they do! It is just that the eyes deceive you. The eyes tell you, "Well, obviously one lays on top of the other. They have different chemical attributes." However, what you're failing to see is the energetic system behind these two that truly ARE integrating together. So, an old fact - out the window. Oil and water do mix. They give the illusion, though, of their separateness.

Everything that you have learned up to now about living on Earth, changes. As spiritual physicists... as quantum spiritual physicists you begin understanding the fact that what appears to be real is no longer real. What appears to be a truth is only a portion of the truth. As spiritual physicists, you are using your own life and your own experiences to come to greater understandings about this.

Some of you are going through great difficulty; creating events, situations in your life, to be able to experience what it is like to try and to play with all of these different energies. You become caught sometimes in those experiences. You believe yourself to be ill - it is only part of the truth. You believe yourself to be destitute - it is only part of the truth. You're going to be learning that "destitute"... that poverty and abundance actually are the same thing. The same energy, Shaumbra, the same energy. You've been playing a game that they're separate. You've been acting them out different but it is all the same. You are spiritual physicists of the highest order.

We're going to make many different points today. We're going to be covering a lot of information that is also going to set the basis for our next couple of gatherings. We want to begin with a quote from our dear friend, the Kryon, who is very active working with you and working with others on facilitating the energy of New Earth. The Kryon says, "Things aren't always as they seem."

But we're going to amend that a bit. We're going to amend it a bit. As spiritual physicists you probably understand: things are more than they appear to be. Things are more than they appear to be.

Sometimes you are only seeing a part, a facade... a part of the picture and a part of the story and you tend to believe that's the whole story. You tend to believe that oil and water don't mix because a scientist, one who works linearly and one who must learn to replicate over and over again in this reality, has told you so, and you accept it as fact. But as physicists, you're going to begin to understand that oil and water are deeply mixed together, you see.

Let us talk for a moment about Shaumbra, my favorite subject and perhaps yours. When we began working with you, lo these many years ago in this lifetime, we said this was a group. This group of human beings - you are coming in at a time of change. You weren't lightworkers like some of the others, you were change-workers. It has nothing to do with light. It has to do with energy. Change. Moving into a whole new realm of understanding of what takes place, not just in your physical world but in the worlds that surround you. You came in as change-workers into this lifetime, THE lifetime.

You've been creating an incredible story as Shaumbra, a story that has captured the attention and the fascination of a few other humans, but many other angelic beings on our side. They are observing you. They are fascinated by what you are doing, because you come from their leagues. You are them. You are an angel. It's fascinating for them to watch what you're doing. It's fascinating for them to watch your progress, individually and as a group of Shaumbra, and share the stories and the experience that you're going through with other angelic beings in the far distant realms - angelic beings who have never been on Earth before, who have never put on a human body and come into matter and density.

And they tell these stories about this unique group - about you - about the experiences that you create for yourself, and it is absolutely fascinating. Beyond fascinating, actually, for these other angels in the distant realms. They can't imagine what it is like to embody, to go into physical matter, to forget about your true essence and self and then to awake and rediscover, actually, something that you never even knew when you were in the angelic realms. Not just rediscovering who you were, but you are rediscovering something that you had forgotten a long time ago, but at the same time discovering something brand new about yourself.

You're not just going backwards. You're not just going back to discover who you were. You're discovering something brand new about yourself as an angelic being, as a god. You're discovering it here, in this lifetime.

There are... what you would equate to on Earth as historians... on our side, who are recording your progress, who are putting it into the New Energy library, but also other libraries in the other dimensions. Stories about you, your trials and tribulations. These are very animated multi-dimensional stories. Not just words, but feelings and pictures and energies that activate all types of senses. You're in the movies. You're a television show on our side (little laughter). The work that you are doing... perhaps you could cleverly think of a few names for your program (laughter)...

There are those who are following what you are doing. They are charting it, recording it, because they are fascinated by you but also because there are others who are going to come your way. All of those in the angelic realms, sooner or later, have to come by way of Earth. So they want to know before they get there what it is like. They want to read up about it. They want to feel the energies.

They're fascinated by those who are going first or those who went first. They are fascinated by this group of Shaumbra, the pioneers, the physicists, who are literally the first walking into New Energy. Fascinated how you can possibly hold a balance, hold your - what you would call - sanity, while you are going through this entire process. More than anything, that is truly what fascinates them. And what fascinates many of us who work with you is how quickly you want to go through it. You could have stretched this over many different lifetimes, but you're going through it all at once. All at once.

Shaumbra is an entity. We talked about it many months ago, we said you made Shaumbra into something. It used to be just a word. It used to be a breath. Then it developed into its own type of energy and then it developed a type of persona, identity. And then it developed into an entity, a collective based on all of your energies. It has been becoming very evident on our side of the veil exactly this identity of Shaumbra. It has been becoming more and more clear on our side of the veil this entity called Shaumbra. Some day there will be those who call on Shaumbra much like they call on Archangel Michael or Raphael or any of the others. They will call on Shaumbra to come to their side, to be with them during the difficult and the dark times in their life.

Shaumbra, you made Shaumbra its own entity. You made Shaumbra real on our side of the veil. And now Shaumbra is becoming more and more real on your realms as well. Because of your energies that have been placed into it, it's now manifesting on Earth in many different ways.

We see - and we are not directing it - but we see how this New Energy Company is taking place. We see the potential that it has. We see that it is the expression of Shaumbra and you on Earth right now.

There's an interesting attribute about Shaumbra. It is a type of network, but not an Old Energy network. We're going to discuss networks today, with a loving thanks to Fred and the Swiss contingent who helped to - how to say - bring this issue up to the surface. Thank you, Fred. Don't be embarrassed.

We're going to talk about networks today. We're going to talk about old networks and new networks and what the difference is. Shaumbra is a new network. Typically, an old network would become dependent on itself and form a structure of itself and then set up its own protection or defenses to maintain its identity. An old network would be inter-linked to itself, dependent on all of the other aspects of itself. Shaumbra is not like that.

In setting up the energy of Shaumbra, it is not dependent on other elements of the energy. Each one of you is sovereign and independent. You're not dependent on any other Shaumbra, you're not feeding off of Shaumbra. Have you noticed that? Some of you have actually tried to feed off of Shaumbra. Nothing wrong with that, it's just you're looking for something to feed you in this life. Shaumbra doesn't feed. Shaumbra doesn't give that kind of old energy, does it?

So, Shaumbra is a new type of network, a new type of energy cooperation, a new way of energy to move. You're bring it to Earth. You're making it real. You're making it real simply on your website, your internet. You're making it real in so many other ways now. The important part here, Shaumbra, is to know that you are creating the story. You are creating a vision. You are creating a pathway that many, many others are going to come by. They're going to follow in your footsteps. They're going to do it their way, of course, but they're following in your energetic footsteps.

Sometimes you forget... you forget - you forget - how important the work you are doing is to so many others. Other humans on Earth right now who are beginning to wake up, they need to feel a different... a new type of truth. They can feel and access the consciousness of Shaumbra. Not feed off of it, but they can feel the consciousness, this template that you've created. And then, the other angels who will eventually come to Earth, take on physical body, they're going to talk, share stories about the way of Shaumbra. The way that you created. It's amazing.

Let's switch gears here for a moment. We want to talk now to you on a more personal level about something called Destiny Seeds. Destiny Seeds. You all have them.

To make it quite simple: A Destiny Seed is a potential or a plan for your lifetime. It was not absolute or concrete but there were events in your life that, in a way, you created, and sometimes were created for you because of karma, and you called it destiny. Certain things that had to take place or unfold in your life for the next thing to unfold... certain milestones or events... certain things that would happen to you, sometimes, again, based on karma and sometimes just on plan... We call these Destiny Seeds because you planted these seeds into your lifetime of potentials. In a lifetime of potentials anything can happen but these seeds tend to take precedence and they tend to dominate.

In all of the work that you have done in your lifetime, you have released many, many, many things. We know - you keep releasing over and over again. You're amazed to discover how many layers there are, how many years that it can take.

We get down to that layer now of Destiny Seeds. Some of you still have them there. Some of you they are dormant. Some of you have already activated them unknowingly. And we want to clear those today, because for some of you a Destiny Seed is cancer. For some of you a Destiny Seed is a fatal car accident. For some of you a Destiny Seed is the loss of something very, very important to you. For some of you it's losing your job. For some of you it's doing such a clearing in your life that you lose everything that you had built, that you had created for yourself. Some of you created a Destiny Seed of loneliness, being away from others.

Cauldre... we're going to pick on him for a moment... we'll give a very interesting Destiny Seed - death in an airplane accident. That was a Destiny Seed that he planted a long time ago. He doesn't so much like us talking about that. It was an interesting and dramatic way to go in this life, was one that would put an abrupt end and perhaps create - how to say - a bit of attention and drama.

Now for every one of you, including Cauldre here, we're going to say you don't need those Destiny Seeds anymore. You can eject them, you can let them go. You can convert their energy into something more productive. You don't have to follow an old path anymore. Some of you weren't even aware that those Destiny Seeds were within you. They were just waiting for the right time and the right event and then they would become triggered.

Some of you buried them so deeply. You told yourself, "I don't want to know about it. I don't want to find it. I don't want to discover it. I choose for this to happen, I choose for an illness to come into my life, I choose for some other event," because you felt that was important to have that. You felt that it was a trigger mechanism for yet another series of events to take place.

We're going to tell you right now, you are not the same person that you were five or ten or fifty years ago. You don't need those Destiny Seeds unless you choose to have them within you.

Some of you are saying right now, "But what are mine? What are they?" It's not important to have to identify each and every one of them. You don't have to know their strength, you don't have to know what other event they triggered. But we're going to use this opportunity right now with this group to let go, to deactivate those Destiny Seeds. You don't need that illness. You don't need that sudden shift in energy flow in your life - unless you want.

You've taken a quantum leap in consciousness. You're no longer on a linear, old path. You're no longer the same person that you were before. It is time to set those out. These are like little time bombs within you. You set the timer. You said "When I reach a certain event... and sometimes even a certain date... when I reach a certain level of new consciousness, I'm going to let this seed go off. I'm going to let this thing happen in my life because that will catapult me to a new level. Even if it means death. Even if it means death, it will catapult me. It will force me to go to that next level even if I should try to resist."

It is a New Energy right now. You are in a different consciousness. As spiritual physicists, as pioneers and as the creator of your Destiny Seed, we want to take this opportunity right now to deactivate them. We don't want you to be in fear here - that's why Rapha has come in - and wonder if you've gotten all of them, because if you choose to deactivate all of them they will be deactivated.

If you choose to simply send those Destiny Seeds out of any reality base - out of your body and out of your mind - there are many of us today, angelic beings, who will help remove them - not with any pain of course - remove them gently and easily. You have to give us permission though. You put them there. You were the doctors. You were the creators of these Destiny Seeds, but you can give us permission to help you remove them.

They really don't suit you any more. They might have 20 years ago. They might have when you first came into this lifetime. It might have been a perfect plan, but right now it's not. You have changed so much. We want your path from this point forward to be clear and open and free. We want you to get out of the old systems and the old networks, if you choose. We have seen from our perspective that the Destiny Seeds that you have planted - the cancers, the hardships, the difficulties, any of these things - we've seen that they could block you right now. They could make your journey more difficult and more painful.

So, let's take a deep breath, and if you choose to release them, if you give permission, if you want to deactivate them, let us do that now in this safe and sacred energy of Shaumbra. Let us release those.

Destiny Seeds, for some of you, also meant you had to stay in a certain physical or geographic location. You had to stay in a certain town or country based on old karma and old families. For some of you a Destiny Seed meant you even had to stay with an old partner because of some type of contract that you had.

So, if you're ready, if you're willing, let those deactivate or completely let them be clear now. Let them be clear.

So... it is that easy, by the way. You don't need long rituals... a few deep breaths. When Andra comes back after our discussion, she'll lead you through some more breaths to do a full and complete clearing. Drink a lot of liquids in the next day or two just to make sure, just for fun. Just to make you think you're really doing something! (laughter) And let them be deactivated - and they will be. They will be.

The reason for some of your strange dreams lately also has to do with these Destiny Seeds. You can feel them getting ready to be activated and therefore the dream scenarios start coming in, start presenting - how to say - a next level scenario. We're going to tell you though, you can move to the next level much quicker. You can open up and expand much, much better without those Destiny Seeds.

Speaking also of a subject, a bit difficult to speak of, but many of you have noticed in this last month of time that there was a very difficult energy on Earth in general. It was a low energy, somewhat what you would title a dark energy, and a very fearful energy, all over. Not just in your home, but all over Earth. A heaviness that you've been feeling. There are many reasons for this.

We're at a point of incredible change on Earth right now. Everything about human consciousness is at the verge of changing, but as you know from your own experiences, on the eve of change the biggest resistance comes in as well. And resistance brings fear. Actually, what creates fear is resistance. So there's been this tremendous resistance on Earth to change. Earth and the consciousness of humanity can feel this Quantum Leap coming up, not much more than a year away. So there is a resistance from consciousness to this whole series of things taking place.

In the midst of all of this resistance and fear and terrorism, and a very sickening feeling, a very nauseous feeling. If you can feel energies, this energy around Earth right now is nauseous. We're not just talking physically... even spiritually nauseous. It is very thick and can be described as - how to say - greenish gray, very decrepit, (groaning from audience) very nauseating - even to us on this side. It is very difficult for us to throw up (laughter), but sometimes... you are lucky, at least you can purge! (laughter, Tobias chuckling)

A very heavy energy on Earth right now. Part of this is because of the impending Quantum Leap. Part of it is because there was an opportunity in this past month for a melding of the energies of Old Earth and New Earth, the beginning of a melding of these. And it did not take place Shaumbra, and it's not going to take place for quite a while.

We know it was the desire, it was a dream of so many of you to have this energy of New Earth and this old physical Earth meld together so they can have a type of a marriage and type of a blending. So the two could work together, so that there wouldn't be a separation of the Old Earth and the New.

There was a type of a measurement that was taken a few days after our last Shoud. It was a type of time to either move forward or not. After the measurement was taken it was very well understood that Old Earth doesn't want to move forward. It doesn't want to meld with the New. So we'll continue to have a separation for a period of some thirty or more years, where the two energies still don't come together (audience disappointment). And you've been feeling that. You've been feeling the sadness, the disappointment. You've been feeling that perhaps it could be much longer than 30 years or more before the two even begin to meld.

But looking at the brighter side, there's a wonderful reason for this to have happened, and we want you to always understand, things are MORE than they seem. More than they seem. When the Old Energy and the New Energy communicated with each other... the Old Energy, even though it was resisting, even though it was holding back, wanting to maintain its old ways... there was equally a desire for the Old Energy to want to free itself and liberate itself.

When the Old Energy took a look at the consciousness of humanity, the consciousness of Old Earth, it said to the New Earth, "I will only hold you back. I will only hold you back, so I choose not to meld with you right now so you can move at light speed. So you can change and grow and expand, even if it is without me. I would be a hindrance and a burden to you right now, and more than anything I want to see... I want to see you go into the true New Energy and create a potential - potential that may not be there if we melded together." So the Old Earth said, "I will stay back and let you move forward. I will always love you, and one day perhaps we will... we will meld together. But for now, New Earth, you go forward and I'll stay here."

This also, dear Shaumbra, in a very interesting way, has provided some new opportunities for you. Yes you still are going to be here for a number of years on the Old Earth, working in your physical body. And we know there was the great passion or anticipation that the two could meld together because each one of you is working on the New Earth right now. You are going there on a regular basis. Even when you're sitting here right now or listening in to this, a part of you is working on the New Earth. Part of you is there. You go there in your dream states. You go there in your multi-dimensional state of being. So in a sense, this offers you a new type of opportunity to go even faster in building the New Earth.

It is an amazing place, somewhat beyond description. This New Earth has all the attributes of the physical Earth without the restrictions or the limitations. The New Earth doesn't work on the same network, same systems as the Old Earth, because it is very fluid, very expanding.

Indeed in the New Earth you can sit down and have a fine meal. On the New Earth you can meld with another angelic being and share the intimacy of sex, and then you can go out of your bodies, let that illusion go, so you can go to being totally free without the limitations of the body.

You meld the best of both in the New Earth. The best of what you've learned in all of your many lifetimes, all of your journeys through the universe, you bring that to the New Earth. But in the New Earth, systems don't get locked into place. Energy doesn't get locked into place. It is very free and very open. It can re-invent or re-create itself in any different way.

The New Earth is a library. It is a library of the whole journey of angels from the time that we call the Star Wars period, long before you ever took on physical body. It is a library of the Order of the Arc. A library of every experience that you have had on Earth is being placed in the New Earth for others to benefit from what you have done.

The New Earth is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation - rejuvenation in ways that you couldn't even possibly imagine in the Old Earth. There are those of us - I, Tobias, Saint-Germain, the others - we go there now to this New Earth to rejuvenate. You could say the essence of the Shaumbra Service Center is on the New Earth. It is a place of rejuvenation and a library.

It is a place of training. It is a place of great research, energy research. It is also a point of separation, meaning it is a way-point, a stop-over between quantum leaps of consciousness. It is your doorway to the Third Circle. The Third Circle is where you are a full creator, full God also, and the Third Circle is where you create your own universes. In a sense, you could say that right now here on Earth you are God also, but you are gods in training. You are learning what it is like to be creators in a very limited, very slowed down energy. But in the Third Circle it is wide open. You take what you have learned here and then apply it there with the wisdom that is even beyond words.

So the Old Earth, and many of the people of the Old Earth, by agreement, have said, "New Earth, you go forward. Shaumbra, you go forward. We're going to stay here. We're going to go at our own pace. We weren't ready for the marriage yet between the two. Come back later and check on us, but we're not ready."

For many humans it means additional lifetimes, reincarnating, but please have compassion and honor them, because this is what they are choosing.

For Gaia it means holding an Old Energy for an even longer period of time. And she does this lovingly and willingly, but She has to release some of the energies here in these coming months of time. She can do it gently and easily, but without the integration into the New Earth understand that there is a different type of energy burden that She takes on. So... Gaia is very prepared to do this and very prepared to deal with all of these energies, but understand that it changes things, and you've been feeling this also. You've been feeling how the separation continues, but understand the separation was actually done in love.

Many of you, as you go to the New Earth, you're going to find a different type of energy there now, the ability to go faster, the ability to continue building this whole New Earth, this beautiful dimension in itself. But do honor the ones who have chosen not to go forward or not to meld at this time.

Now let us talk about energy networks. Energy networks. This is going to become important information as we move through the next few Shouds and culminate at our - what would be your Shaumbra gathering in the mountains in July - the final Shoud of our series. We will culminate this whole discussion with some very interesting information and a very unique group experience that we are planning. We will bring in the joint energies of Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, Ohamah, Quan Yin and myself for this gathering, along with the energies of Rapha, who will continue to be our guest between now and this last Shoud of this series.

Let us talk about energy networks, energy networks. Everything is a network. All energies. Your body is an incredible energetic network. It is made up of cells and molecules and DNA. It's made up of organs. It's made up of all of these things that compose the network of your biology. The network isn't just the tissue and the bone and the blood of the body. That is part of the network. But the network involves all sorts of energetic and electric and magnetic fields that would be far too - how to say - it is far too intricate to try to get into all of these. It absolutely makes no sense to go into all of the details, other than to know you are a network. A biological network.

In the biology, the network generally contains information and has knowledge of all the rest of the components of the network. Within the cells of your liver are all of the informations and all of the knowledge of how the kidney works. The cells, and the energy surrounding the cells of your liver right now, are liver cells. They are part of the liver network, but they could change at any moment to become part of the kidney. They are very adaptable. That is the way networks work. They are aware of all of the other portions and, when need be, they can shift their own identity to go from liver to kidney. They can go from a heart energetic network and can quickly change into brain, if need be.

You are this massive network, interconnected. There's an interconnection between all of the vital organs. Within the blood itself is a very elaborate network, not just of cells, but of all the communicators in the cells. The cells that communicate with the other like cells, and the cells that communicate with totally different types of cells.

When we look at you we see you, not as a physical being... we don't see your flesh, we don't see your hair. What we do see is energetic networks - billions of energetic networks that comprise your physical body - all melded together, all coming together to create a single physical network. What we are saying here is networks can meld together, networks can cooperate together to create even a larger, bigger network. That is your physical body.

You also have a spiritual network. A network that connects you to the other realms. A network that has connected you to the Field. A network that connects you to what you term your Higher Self. And by the way, sometimes that definition of Higher Self is very limited. It is very elementary. Sometimes your definition of your Higher Self or your Angelic Self gets very religious actually, very much associated with what has been taught by the churches, tends to be parochial. So we want you to understand that even your true Self is much different. It is actually much more. Things are MORE than what they appear or what they seem to be.

But you have an elaborate spiritual network, as well, and that spiritual network interconnects with your physical network. Some of you are actually seeing very appropriate pictures or getting the feelings of these massive amounts of energy units working together, creating networks and then melding with other networks. It is all very intricate and it is actually not important to understand every network and how it works. It is not important to understand all of the unique attributes. It will only, actually, bog you down, because there is a brain network as well, how energy works in the mind. Not just the chemicals in the brain itself, that is incidental. But there is tremendous amounts of energy flows and patterns. It is like an energy highway that creates this thing you call the brain and thoughts and the mind.

There are energy networks within families. You are individual beings within a family unit, but now you create a network with each other.

Networks... any type of biological network or even spiritual network, energy network... it tends to create itself, it tends to understand itself. And all of the individual components of a network tend to have knowledge of, or have familiarity with its other elements, much like a family. You have mother and a father, grandparents, some brothers and sisters and a dog and a cat. They are aware of the other elements of their network, but they have just created this system - this network - that binds them together, that holds them together.

The networks tend to do several things. They tend to maintain themselves. They are designed by their creators, or you, to maintain themselves, to build an identity and then to maintain it. Not only maintain it but to protect it. So there's another elaborate network that goes over any network. It has to do with maintenance, protection, continual feeding and continual reinforcing its identity.

You are a brilliant creator. When you 'created' yourself... when you created all of these micro and macro networks... as the Creator, as YOU, you said "Take form and shape, take identity. Feed that identity and protect that identity." And that is exactly what is happening. You've created tremendous identities or alternative networks for yourself. Past lives; projects in this lifetime; your identity in this lifetime. This identity of yours is nothing but a massive network. And in that network, again, charged with, or given the responsibility to, create identity and then maintain it, you see.

And here we are now, with you in this Shoud, in this series talking about clarity and saying it is time to take down the networks - all of them. All of them. And you see what happens - the moment we say that there is a reverberation, there is like almost a shock that comes into your networks and it says "Get out your defenses! Someone's coming in here and trying to tear us down. We were designed and we were programmed to defend ourselves." Deep programming, which we're going to talk about over these next few months. Deep programming.

So you've created all of these networks and your networks then feed off of things like the Field - which is just an energy network - and you're starting to disassemble all of those. You're starting to let those go.

As we said, a network has a tendency to understand itself. It has a tendency to recreate, to continue to rejuvenate itself, but to try to maintain itself. The network has a specific purpose and a job and a responsibility and you've charged it with that. You've told it to do it. You've told it, much as a robot, to continue doing this. So much so that you even got lost in some of your own network games.

Sometimes a network is given permission to do a certain amount of growth or certain amount of its own expansion or consciousness changing, but generally it is limited. You talk about this thing in your computer work, your software programming, about artificial intelligence, about interjecting that into your programming or into your code. You have done the same with your own neural networks; your physical, spiritual, mental networks that you've created. You've allowed, in some of the portions of the network, a certain amount of intelligence growth. But again there was a programming attribute that was built in there, a long time ago, that has limited it, that has created dead ends and locked doors.

So even when you have tried to grow your Self and your consciousness, some of these locks and restrictions that were placed on there keeps you from going beyond. And, quite frankly, it is probably a good thing, because in this New Energy, you are not going to need networks anymore - at least not in the old way.

You, as a god and as a soul, are not a network. You are an essence. And over these next few months we're going to discuss the difference between "essence" and "network." You're an essence. You cannot draw this or chart an essence on a piece of paper, where you CAN draw out a network. You can plot the energy movement of a network. Sometimes it is very complex - lines and energies and everything, moving every which way. But your essence is not a network.

Some of you have been led to believe through, what we would call training or teaching, that you, as a spiritual being, are a type of energy network. You are not. You are an essence, and there is a big difference. An essence is raw. It is simple. It does not NEED structure. It does not need networks.

You are an essence, but you have built this elaborate maze - in the body and the mind and the spirit - you've built this elaborate maze as your way of creating. It was your crayons. It was your magic markers. It was your watercolors. It was called "network building." Now you're letting go of all that.

The Field was part of the network. The Field fed your old systems and structures and networks. It fed the old highways and roadways and lines and grids and everything else that has been your way of creating and manifesting.

So now you are disconnecting from all of that. You are letting go. And again it seems uncomfortable, but you're going to realize in New Energy... you're already realizing in your work on the New Earth, but you're going to begin realizing it here on physical Earth... that you don't need that Old Energy network structure anymore, or at least the attributes of any structure, network building that you do, it's going to be different. It's not going to be locked in place.

You see, if you just scan your grids, your personal grids - mental, physical, spiritual - so many of those networks or energy sequences are actually locked. In the New Energy, where you don't have the need for network building like you've had, things aren't going to be locked. Things are going to move very easily. They're going to shift and change very easily.

Even if you build energy networks, like a physical body, it will not be DEPENDANT networks. You see, most any network right now... and again we say; a network is the energy patterns and structures that you use at the core level to build anything, a body... software is a wonderful example. Code is network-building. That is all it is. Programming, software programming, is simply building a network that will then perform certain limited services: crunching numbers; doing drawings; working on the internet. It is an elaborate network or structure, and it starts with the code. But the code has its limitations.

Any network right now is a dependent network. It depends on its other pieces. It depends on even, sometimes, other networks to reinforce it. And it depends on things like the Field to feed it. Networks - creations - are dependent. They need something else to keep them going.

The New Energy, if you even want to call it a network or a structure, is INDEPENDENT. It is not dependent on anything. It gets life, it gets its dynamics directly from the creator - from you. It gets it straight from your essence. You don't have to create it with locks and limitations because it can work multi-dimensionally. It doesn't have to be limited to this reality, you see.

We wanted to give you this primer, this basic discussion, on how networks work because we're going to be expanding on that in our upcoming Shouds. And we want you to understand... we want you to begin seeing how everything is just a network. This chair, the chair that you are sitting in, is a network of interconnected and dependent energies, working together, following - how to say - the creator energy that was put into them, to manifest as a certain object - a chair. It is a network of energy though.

As you know from your human physics and earth physics that you know it appears solid. It is not. It is spinning... atoms and micro-atoms and sub-atoms that are all spinning. A magnetics... we're going to deepen every physical object that's below this - subatomic particles are a very interesting or different type of magnetics than you would generally think of - but it is magnetics... and they are all spinning and moving. And there is great distance between them, as you know, between the physical parts. But they create a network, interconnected to each other, to then manifest as a chair.

We want you to be very aware of how networks work. You have them in your everyday life. You have them all around you. A good example perhaps is a radio station. It is a network. It sends out signals to other elements of its network that pick up the signals and then bringing in yet another network of energy - electricity - that allows the amplification of sound.

Everything is network. Your internet is a wonderful example of a network - what you call virtual - because for the most part it is out there somewhere else. You can't see it or touch it or feel it. Where is the internet? It is everywhere, but it is dependent on your computer, on your processor and the software that was written to go into your processor. So it is a dependent network. Everything - the mind, the body - everything in your reality is nothing but an energy network.

As you release networks from your life... as you get yourself off of things like the Field... as you stop feeding off of other people... as you stop feeding off of human consciousness... it brings you back more and more into your own pure essence, by the work that you do with disconnecting from networks.

It's not that you just disconnect from Earth. Actually, what happens is you operate on Earth smoother, more gracefully and more naturally. You find that other networks don't stick to you. They don't take things from you. You aren't dependent on them and they can't be dependent on you. So it's not about letting go of all of these things and then leaving Earth or disassociating from it.

When you let go of old network building and feeding, life becomes much easier. What would normally be perhaps a difficult chore becomes very easy. The way your body takes in food becomes much easier. Some of you, many - too many Shaumbra - have had indigestion problems for these last few years because your stomach network is changing, changing how it takes in food. You're going to find that some of you are going to be getting away from quantities of food. You'll need very, very little and you won't desire it, as you let go of the old structures, as you disconnect.

The advantage of letting go, of disconnecting from everything, is that you can now be with everything in a new and free way. We talked before about disconnecting from your family. We're not saying to run from your family... (laughter) although some of you... (more laughter).

What we are saying is if you disconnect from the energetic networks and the grids that you have developed between you... when you stop feeding off of them and they stop feeding off of you... you're going to see them - understand them - in a brilliant new way. And instead of it being draining and tiring, instead of feeling that you have to carry so many of their burdens, which you tend to do, you can be with them and be at ease and to be at peace. And it won't take effort and it won't take struggling.

The same with any work that you do on Earth - you don't have to struggle through it. So many of you have gotten encumbered... you see a network can also be like a spider's web, and you get encumbered in things like work and money. And you get caught in the spider's web, in the spider's net, and it makes it very difficult for you then to manifest and you think you aren't a spiritual person. Some of you even then reverse that and say I am a spiritual person so I can't allow myself to have an abundance flow in my life. You've just gotten caught in an old network or structure.

You're going to discover that once you release, disconnect from all of these old ways, that you don't have any spider webs anymore and you can't get stuck in some else's, because you're disconnected. You are the essence. You are the soul, the spirit. You are not a network. You are an essence, a pure energy. Therefore, you do not need to take from the others, from outside networks and systems. You don't need to feed outside of your own trough.

So, the beauty of the disconnecting is it makes life on Earth so much easier. And you deserve it. As humans, you deserve it. As Shaumbra, you deserve it. You don't need to continue to struggle. You don't need to continue to get caught in these old networks. You deserve it.

We're going to be discussing more of networks, how they are going to be built in a new way, how this whole concept of neural networks, intelligent networks and New Energy networks come into play in your life.

Let us talk for a moment though now about the disconnecting itself... about disconnecting. Rapha has been working with you for months now, because the fear does come in. "What if I disconnect myself from a work network? What if I let my job go?" Even though you know you should at times, you know it is detrimental, you hang in there because you think that that's how you make a paycheck. You think that that's what you have to feed on, so a fear comes in when we challenge you, when we say that sooner or later you're going to have to work for yourself. You're going to have to. A true creator doesn't go to work at somebody else's office. They go to work at their own. You may interface and work with many others, but it is your work - your work.

So a fear comes in when we talk about disconnecting. It is natural that the fear would be there because you programmed every network, every structure, every grid to protect itself. To claim its identity and maintain its identity and protect itself to outer attacks. So fear comes in right now when we talk about letting go.

Sometimes there is great resistance on your part. You tend to hold on, much as the humans of the Old Earth have held on to their Old Energy ways. You tend to allow blocks to come in and then, worse yet, you tend to try to think your way through this process. You say, "Well Tobias and Saint-Germain said it is time to disconnect." So you get into your head and you try to start disconnecting and you get very intellectual about the process. But we want to remind you that above all, disconnecting is a natural process. Natural.

As a creator of your networks and of your creations, you also coded in, or put into any one of your networks, that sooner or later that it would have to dissolve itself, un-invent itself and return back to pure essence. So it is a natural path for you to disconnect. As a creator you were bright enough, intelligent enough, wise enough to code in its own disassembly. It is a very natural process and it is happening right now. Even though the fear comes up, even though some of you feel uncomfortable, it's happening anyway.

You can't really push it along, because that would be false. You can only let go. You can only allow it to happen. You can't say "I want it to happen in the next two days." You can only say "I know, as a perfect creator, that I coded in the disconnection itself and now I allow it to happen."

You can't think your way around it. You can't fight it. If you do, indeed, it just becomes more difficult. The resistance builds up. Resistance creates fear. Fear creates blocked energy, and then what was a natural process becomes inhibited.

You see, you know a river flows naturally. It flows naturally. It finds its easiest path. It finds its way back to its origins. It's when you start blocking it up, damming it up, thinking that you have to control the river, thinking you have to tame the river, that it becomes a problem. It's not apparent right away, but the river, sooner or later will pollute itself, will choke on itself, will back up its own energy.

It is much the same with you as the creator of any structure, any connections that you had. Just let the natural process happen right now. Let it flow. Don't get terribly esoteric about it. Don't try to manipulate it or control it. The best thing right now is just give yourself permission. Allow the natural processes to happen.

Observe them as they happen. Feel them. Feel the sense of release and freedom as, right now even, you're letting yourself disconnect from the Field, from other people, from old belief systems and overlays. They are very strong and very heavy, those overlays. Feel the sense of liberation and freedom as you disconnect. Feel the sense of fear if that happens to come in as well. Fear of "What happens if I let go? What will happen to that person, that person that I love, what will happen if I disconnect my energy from them?" There is a fear associated with that. Fear of not only of potentially losing them, but a fear that something bad is going to happen to them if your protective network isn't all around them.

Let the disconnection continue, even if you're observing some of these things about fear. A big fear, a very obvious fear, is "What if I disconnect from my old way of making a living?" You call that a living?! (laughter) Let yourself disconnect from that. Do you really need that piece of paper on payday, that little morsel of energy, that "just enough" energy. Yes, you feel the fear of "How will I feed myself?" literally. "How will I buy the groceries?" You're going to be feeding in a whole new way where it doesn't require dependence on outer, or even your own inner, networks.

So Shaumbra, very interesting times. Very interesting times, and we want you to remember, things are MORE than what they seem to be. Things are MORE than what they seem to be.

So often in a limited structure, a network that you exist in, you see only a slice or a sliver of full potential. You see only a part of yourself. There is so much more, and if you allow the natural processes, the natural evolutions and cycles to take place right now with trusting yourself. You created all of this. You programmed or coded this next level of change to take place, and now you're just experiencing what you already created, you see.

That's enough information for one day. Some of you are feeling even a bit nauseous now from so much moving through. (some laughter) So we're going to ask you simply, in this next month of time, simply to be aware of networks - micro, macro, physical networks, mental networks, computer networks, programming... that is a beautiful example! Programming, computer networks, every type of network - and look how you've built networks of consciousness, of physicality, of your mind, of everything for yourself.

Allow the natural processes of disconnecting to take place. Do it with breathing. Do a little conscious breathing every day and allow the natural and beautiful, graceful process of disconnecting to old networks take place.

Come back to your essence, Shaumbra. In there you'll discover that you're never alone.

And so it is.

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