・ Dr. Norma Delaney (Doctor of Breath, Master of Breathing); Andra;
・ Dr. Garret Annofsky; On;

< NewEnergy 2 > The trip that Cauldre, and Linda, and the two doctors (Dr. Norma Delaney and Dr. Garret Annofsky) took to Europe recently was no coincidence. Oh, no, they did not plan it. We did. We had to shift things around rather quickly for them. We had to take them to an area where suffering is so deep and thick, so Old, where the fifth chakra, the Fifth Seal, is so closed. We had to go there, to this land. We had to make the arrangements to be on this boat (at Lake Constance, Germany) to deal with this energy of suffering.

< NewEnergy 6 > If you want to feel, and see, and touch, perhaps even smell the essence of Quan Yin here today, there is one who has agreed to - how to say - allow this, to show this, for she works with it so very closely. Talk to the master, the "Doctor of Breath" (referring to Dr. Norma Delaney), if you want to see and feel the love and the compassion of Quan Yin, for they have been working together for so very long. She, the Doctor of Breath, has embodied Quan Yin within her. All of you have that potential. It is not reserved for anyone. All have the potential of embodying compassion and mercy. All have the potential of bringing in the energy of the white lotus, the 33 that also corresponds to Yeshua's number. And, that should tell you something.

< Clarity 11 > The two that we are speaking about are Garret and Andra, the one you call Norma. They came to a point in their lives, not so very long ago, where they felt very confused, disoriented and disillusioned. They wanted very much to be doing this New Energy type of work, but yet they held many obstacles between them and actually doing it. They'd gotten into a... and we hope that we don't mind us speaking about you so openly... they had gotten to a point in their life where they felt that there was only two choices: go forward, take that big leap; or absolutely get out, leave the planet, so to speak. Obviously, they didn't leave the planet!

They couldn't have stayed in neutral. An event had to occur in their life to get them out of neutral. Many of you know what that event was, but it had such a profound impact on them, made them get down to the soul level of why they were here - the importance of why they were here - they made a decision. With that decision and with taking that great leap of their own faith, with saying that "Yes we do choose to be the teachers. Whatever it takes to be the teachers - we will do it." And they did. They didn't plan it out. They didn't draw out a plan of action on pieces of paper. They simply, deeply agreed.

In a very short time, everything changed. They are now doing a work that is a passion. They are now traveling all over the world as so many of you would love to do. They are now filled with abundance - and the abundance in their life is just going to continue. We're talking abundance of the finances; we're talking about the abundance of the health and energy. Even their own relationship with each other changed and came to a new level. They are human examples of what can happen.

Perhaps you don't have to go as extreme in getting there but, in a sense, Garrett gave of himself in service to say, "Look, here's what happens." You expect anything. Would he change that experience? We're going to let him answer. Would you change that experience?

GARRETT: Not one bit.

Not one bit. Because it opened new doorways, it opened a new authentic nature for both of them and it brought them to what they came here to Earth to do. Neither one of them had to be here. Both of them, as a matter of fact, were bored for many years (Tobias chuckles) waiting for the consciousness of humans to catch up so they could start doing their work. They are still learning how to get into the flow of it, how to become very energy efficient in what they do, and the energy efficiency means that they can do more, enjoy more, have more, be more satisfied.

< Teacher 5 > And, of course, the dear one, Kwan Yin, is out. She is with Norma - Andra - and Garret in this land of the Kiwi right now. They're working on something very, very special in this land, and on their whole trip they've been helping to bring in a new understanding not just of Kwan Yin, but of the energy of Sophia. We'll go into that energy with you, and Tobias and Kwan Yin will talk more about it.

< Teacher 5 > But you know now that the energies of the masculine/feminine are coming back. Well look at me for instance. Integrated with the masculine and feminine - I'm not a man, I'm not a woman, I am that I am. I am both. I am none. I've gotten rid of that costume a long time ago so that I could be all that I am. But Norma, Garret are working with Kwan Yin and the energy of Sophia at this time of transition, this time of melding back together all of the energies. They are going to be bringing that to Shaumbra as a whole.

< QuantumLeap 6 > I'm going to ask the energy of Quan Yin, embodied now in Aandrah, to come up for a moment to work with those of you who choose to breathe this in now, into your reality, into your life, into you. Receiving unconditionally, receiving unfiltered, receiving the gifts of life. Aandrah...