abundance / wealth

issue of money;

< New Earth 12 > Your fear, your guilt of abundance… it is time to release that also. Did you know that it is simply a residue of your past lives? It is simply a pattern of your past that does not need to be in your life going forward. Release that.

< New Earth 14 > You have given much and asked for little. You have recently, within the past several years of your time, forsaken relationships that had once been near and dear to you. This tore at your heart. There were reasons for this. You have given of those things that you would call material wealth. You have given up abundance so that you were not distracted. You have even given up parts of your health and of your physical body to come to deeper understandings of the new energy that you are now beginning to walk in. You have given up much, dear Lightworkers.

< Creator 6 > we see four areas of human concern.
There are also resource or abundance issues. As a human, there are certain things that you need, and your money usually buys them. These are resource issues. These are abundance issues. Dear friends, we have seen many, many of those issues in your ovens lately! (chuckling) Some went in repeatedly! Abundance issues will be the most difficult to break through and may need to go back in the oven again and again. But when it finally starts working, you will see the fastest changes in this area of your life.

< Creator 8QA > Part of the missing element has been the passion that we have spoken of on this night. The abundance that is awaiting you in your new house needed this new fuel of passion. As you receive this passion, it will fuel all of these things that are in your new house. These very things you mention are literally waiting to come into your life. We remind you, we remind the others this is not an intellectual process! This is not an intellectual process. It cannot be plotted and planned by your old energy human mind, otherwise you will certainly feel the thorns of the rose! Simply receive the fruit. Take within you the passion that is yours, from your birthright in the kingdom.

< Creator 12 > When it is abundance you choose to create in your life, do not be so specific with it, but rather breathe in abundance, and understand that it is not coming from the outside. It is coming from within you. When you breathe it in you are allowing this awakening divinity, this Christ consciousness within, to now come from the outer realms of who you are into your very being. You allow it to manifest in your life. When you are paying your bills, breathe in abundance. Breathe in abundance. When your body aches and hurts and is in disease, dear friends, breathe in, breathe deeply, breathe in biological balance.

< Ascension 2QA > Most ways you approach how to make money, how you draw in your abundance, will be different than what you have learned in the past. You have been taught this thing about working for an hourly pay. This does not make sense in the new energy. It is different. It is, in a way of speaking, an entirely new physics revolving around this number 4, which we have spoken of so often. The "quad math" ties in with the quantum leap that you are all going through. The convergence of science, of technology, of knowledge, and of spirituality is coming together at a very rapid speed. It will converge in these next few years of your time. Do not assume what you learned in the old energy will apply in the new. There is a new physics on Earth.

< Ascension 6 > As you work with the energy of the Language of Ah, this will enable you and your empowerment to create things in a way you never would have thought possible. And, you know what? We know you already know this. You won't rush out and try to create all sorts of money, all sorts of material things, because that is not what is in your heart. That is not what is in your heart. You will create things that will ultimately bring others into their divinity. And, when you do, dear friends, when you use this language of your own divine being, the abundance will be there automatically. Not because God said you were worthy on this specific day, but because you have created an energy balance that places it there. It may come from strange or unusual places that you have not been so used to, but it will be there.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, as Divine Humans, are learning to allow abundance into our lives. We have gone through many old identities, where we have kept abundance away. We resisted abundance so that we could walk the deep inner journey. But, we, Shaumbra, are learning now that abundance is simply the expression of the love of All That Is back to us. We are learning that abundance is an important energy in our journey. As a group we are learning to release the old notions that we have to have very little in order to become spiritual beings. We, Shaumbra, now embrace the concept that abundance is an important part of our life, an important part of our journey.

< DivineHuman 1 > As Divine Humans, we are embarking on yet another new segment of our journey. We realize that we must have all the resources at our disposal. We are learning that, without the abundance, it is difficult to be a teacher for others. It is difficult to go through the ascension process. So, we, Shaumbra, bring abundance into our lives and accept it.

< DivineHuman 2 > Spiritual abundance cannot be figured out with a plan from your mind. Abundance comes when you sit with yourself, when you acknowledge your divinity, when you open up and realize that everything is complete in the moment. When you stay in the moment, it is filled with abundance.

< DivineHuman 2 > Right now, in this moment you sit in… having released the issues of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow… the moment you sit in is complete. Allow yourself to feel it… in this moment that you sit in. It is not about what happened in the past… or what will happen tomorrow… or worrying about that stack of bills… or worrying about anything else… or screaming to us for answers… but rather sitting in this Divine Moment. It IS filled with abundance… and healing… and wisdom… and love. Allow yourself to feel this as we sit here together as Shaumbra. All things are appropriate… all things are balanced… all things are in the Now.

< DivineHuman 2QA > The abundance… it will be there. It is the result of living. Abundance is the result of expressing yourself in each moment of time. It will be there. If your focus is on abundance, it will elude you. You will always be trying to have abundance, or trying to have happiness, or trying to have health. You will always be trying and never being, never realizing.

< DivineHuman 2QA > In the moment, the breath, the moment of Now, is the point of abundance. This is the point of balance. This is the point of oneness with self. Your Higher Self is not off in some far-off place or in another galaxy. There is not a wall separating you from all of who you are. There is only a breath in the moment of Now. It brings you back together. It is that easy. It is. You will find all other things come to you. Everything you need in your human life will come to you. It will be there. You will realize there is no death. There is only living.

< DivineHuman 2QA > Indeed, and this is a challenge, this challenge of financial abundance, this challenge of abundance in general that faces so many who are Shaumbra. And, you are all learning. You are still using old ways to try to bring it in. We tell you, all of you, that it is as simple as being in the moment. What you need in the moment will come to you. Not what you expect to get, not things that you do not need on your journey. If you need a home to be comfortable to do your work, it will be there. If you need the finances for your journey, it will be there. It comes to you.

This is one of the most challenging things for all of you. You are learning to allow the energy to come in at the last moment. This is the true acknowledgement that you are living, and you plan to continue to live!

Shaumbra, you think so much about death. You think about leaving. What happens then? The flow begins to cut off! When you are thinking about coming back to our side… we are not saying through suicide. But, we are saying that you just know when it's time to come back, or perhaps want to come back. Things in your life start dying, much as the leaves on a tree start dying. They lose energy from their source. They begin falling off. When you are wondering whether to stay or leave, you cut off the flow.

When you begin to live in each moment, all the energies start coming up, up through the tree, through the branches, and out to the leaves. And, you become abundant once again. Do you see how it works? It's so very simple, dear friends. Know that you are here. Know that you are living in each moment. It will come to you.

< DivineHuman 5 > You think that living a life of poverty will bring you enlightenment. So, on the inner levels you choose a life of poverty. Dear friends, in this work of Spirit in the New Energy, you need abundance. Allow it into your life. You have lived in poverty too long. You have lived too long in lack. Has it brought you enlightenment? No. It’s only brought you pain. It has only depleted your strength and your energy.

< DivineHuman 6 > The divinity, the God that you are, is so simple. But, yet you try to make it so complex. It is so simple. It is there right now. You test your powers at times. You say, "If I am God also, then why can’t I create grand abundance for myself? Why can’t I heal my body? Why can’t I read the thoughts of other humans?" Dear friends, you are putting your energies in the wrong place, in the end result. You are not putting the energies in the moment. When you focus on abundance, surely you will have abundance problems. When you are always worried about a relationship, when you are worried about your health, you will always have these as problems. It is about being in the moment, being in the Now.

< DivineHuman 6 > This Divine Self is you. It always has been. It comes in now. It comes in to be such a part of you. It wants to share in a way it never could before. You will find now that as you rely on yourself for your own guide, that as you stop looking outward, as you stop looking for external dates that keep you from being divine… you will find that this Divine Self truly takes care of every need. You, God, truly take care of every need that you have. The abundance will flow into your life. Your health will return. The relationships will come to you appropriately when you do not focus on them, when you live in the Now, when you are divine.

< DivineHuman 6QA > Our message today is about allowing your Self to be your own guide. You will find yourself in situations where you are divine, where you are allowing that divinity to come through, where solutions come to you like you could never have realized. In this new way you do not need to worry about the abundance. Your life will be so abundant in every way. You won’t have to plan and plot how you are going to make ends meet. They will always meet. It is difficult to describe this in words, so we give much of this to you in energy. It is about letting go of the old ways, trusting yourself, having total compassion for yourself. It is about living as a Divine Human in each moment.

< DivineHuman 8 > Number 5, Moshe, "You are the creators. You can create your own abundance of life. You are the creator of everything that you need in the moment. Again, take responsibility." In the days of old he would have said, "Do not steal from another. Do not covet thy neighbor's goods." But he says now, "You are the creator. You do not need what anyone else has. You can create for yourself… everything… everything in your life." Do not look to another and have envy about their lives and the good things that they appear to have, for you do not truly understand the challenges that they go through. Be the creator of your own life. Take responsibility.

< DivineHuman 10 > Then, there is your economy. It does not have to affect you. We see so many of you who hear news about the economy. And, we see your energies then pucker up. (audience laughter) You say, "Indeed, bad times are here. Indeed, I do not have abundance. Indeed, the economic systems are crashing." And, then you go back into your Old lack of abundance mode. You are in the New Energy. In the New Energy there is total fulfillment, not necessarily in the way you assumed with your Old Energy mind. But, there is total fulfillment for you. The economy could crater, and you would still have abundance.

< DivineHuman 10 > The economy will continue on a roller coaster, up and down, no apparent logic to it. You will watch your news shows, and you will hear the so-called experts debating about why the economy is doing certain things. And, the very next day everything they said will be proven wrong. Dear friends, there is no logic to what is happening right now in the Old Energy standpoint. There is, from a New Energy standpoint… there is a momentum that is building through this roller coaster effect. Every time there is a dip, it helps to build an energy to catapult into a New type of abundance.

< DivineHuman 10 > You wondered why there wasn't money, or love, or health in your life. You were approaching it with the Old Energy mind. Now, release all of those problems. Stop focusing on them. Do something in your life. Those problems will go away all by themselves. Do anything. Make a radical move. Eat something different for dinner tonight. Take a walk. Come out of hiding, dear Shaumbra. Allow creativity to move you. And, understand that all of the time it is you, but it is a part that you have not known for so very long.

< NewEnergy 4 > You see… it is interesting because you ask for abundance. "Dear Spirit, pay this bill. Give me the money I need." Oh… but, when you look at your human plan, it was quite the opposite - give yourself as little as possible, learn as quickly as possible on your journey. Oh… you said to us… you said to yourself, "I can endure anything. This little stint on Earth as a human being… I don't have to have anything." Your human plan was bare necessity. Allow it now to meld with your divine plan, which is grand abundance of every kind. You thought it was the other way around. You thought divinity was holding out on you. Dear friends, it was YOU holding out on you. Allow your divine plan and your human plan to come together.

< NewEnergy 7 > You wonder why you don't have abundance in your life. It is because you're not choosing life; therefore, abundance can't come in. Abundance is there for those who choose life because it supports your desire to live. Some of you wonder why there isn't a relationship in your life. If there was a relationship to come in, it would be one that matches your indecision about life. You can both die together then, slowly rot away (audience laughter). When you choose life, a corresponding relationship will come in. It will be another who chooses life… who wants to live… who wants to enjoy and experience… who doesn't judge everything as right or wrong… who doesn't wonder why their life seems to be falling apart.

< NewEnergy 7QA > You find that you are happier with yourself right now without the abundance. This is your choosing… not ours. You desire the abundance, but you know that it doesn't bring the happiness, so you've cut it off from yourself. The question to you now is, "Can you allow the abundance in and stay in a place of balance with yourself? Can you have abundance and have happiness?" Now, we are not just talking about the happiness of being able to pay your bills or taking vacations, but the true happiness.

< Embodiment 5 > Take care of yourself. Allow yourself to be abundant, Shaumbra. Be the example of incredible abundance in your life, incredible abundance. You think sometimes because you don't know how to do it… you don't know how to make the money… that's because you DON'T want to know how to make the money. This is an Old thing that you are holding onto, going back to the early days of Christianity for most of you. It is time to be wildly abundant. And, if you're not, quite simply look at your story, and look at why you are preventing yourself from this. No more things about that you don't have the proper family… you don't have the proper education… you didn't have the right breaks in life. Take a look at YOUR measurements and YOUR parameters… YOUR benchmarks.

< Embodiment 5 > There is nothing, Shaumbra, nothing that is keeping you from any of this, not on our side, not with Spirit, not with anything. It is you. And, we know you don't want to hear that. But, take a look. There is something. If you're not experiencing abundance and love and joy in your life, take a look at what it is. The flow and the movement can be there. But, there is something blocking it. Take a look. Take care of yourself. We are going to ask you also in this whole realm of becoming Energy Movers to always take a look. Is it you, or is it something on the outside? Is it your reality, or is it someone else's? Many of the experiences that you have gone through in these last few weeks… the vast majority of the feelings that you have been having actually were not yours… you see, Energy Movers.

< Embodiment 5QA > And, we are going to use this opportunity with your question to also encourage Shaumbra to join your resources together. It is very difficult at times to - how to say - work in an Old Energy situation and have this flow of abundance come in because you are working against - or with - so many Old Energy belief systems. As Shaumbra works with Shaumbra, and you explore New potentials and opportunities, you are going to find out first that you have so many more talents than you thought you did that you don't have to be working for somebody else. That is a very key point - that you can be creating your own grand potential. As long as you are working for others, it is difficult to truly receive the amount of abundance that you are entitled to.

< Embodiment 6 > You are like a magnet, but a magnet that works different than your physical magnets on Earth, for the opposites attract in your magnets on Earth. But, with the type of magnet that you are the likenesses attract. If you feel disempowered, disempowered things will come to respond to you. You will be surrounded by disempowered people, or people who use their power to take yours away. You are asking for it. Like responds to like. If there is a lack of abundance in your life, it is because you are feeling that you are not worthy. You are energizing yourself, or spiritually magnetizing yourself, and you bring it into your life. Everything around you and everything in your life is a direct literal response to who you are. It is not being inflicted on you. You are bringing it in. You are manifesting it. That is how strong and powerful a Creator that you are.

< Embodiment 6 > In this year of 2005, it is time for your freedom from those things. It is time for you to understand that you are no longer bound by them. You can change them. You could also give us all of the reasons on Earth and in the heavens why it can't be done. And, then we have to support you in that. We have to continue helping you feel disempowered, continue helping you feel like the victim, continue helping you have no abundance. That's the one we don't like at all because that is what you are choosing. That is what you are drawing to you.

< Embodiment 7 > You focus on this lack of abundance. You are so stuck in it. And, the fact is that there is the potential of money abundance just waiting to come into your reality. But, you are not letting it. You hold Old belief systems about it. You think that you have to work within the system. I will tell you one thing - in my lifetime as Saint-Germain I never worked within the system. The system is mass consciousness, and it will grab you and pull you into it so quickly. Tobias has asked you if you are ready to leave mass consciousness, and most of you said, "Yes." But, you are still stuck in it. You have to work outside of the system.

< Embodiment 9QA > Indeed… and we brought up the issue of stepping out of mass consciousness to give all of Shaumbra a taste of what mass consciousness is truly like. When you agree to step out of this, there are still many things that will try to hold you back in, in particular, your own belief systems. You have been having your own challenges within yourself about where abundance comes from and about jobs. And, we do want to clarify the record - we never said you should leave the job. We simply said that there are new types of jobs. You don't have to hold an Old Energy way of manifesting.

Abundance is strictly a set of belief systems. Abundance in your own life is also about allowing yourself to have it in. It's about stepping out of your limitations, as Adamus said today. Some of you think that because you are spiritual that alone will bring the abundance in. You have to understand that it still - how to say - takes a type of energy moving on your part. As we told a group a number of years ago, abundance begins when you begin. Abundance is sitting there waiting for you in your life. You don't have to work in the Old Energy way to achieve it. As a matter of fact, it's really quite simple. It is waiting for you right now.

But, now we put the question back on you - What do you want to do? What do you want to… how do you want to move energy to have energy then come and move back with you? That is how abundance works. When you begin a process, everything around you responds accordingly. So, we are going to ask you to begin anything… to do anything… not feel trapped or stuck anymore… but to begin any movement… and to understand that even if it is not - how to say - the correct movement, you will adjust and correct yourself accordingly. There is absolutely nothing that is limiting abundance from coming into your life. It is there. It is ready for you.

< Embodiment 9QA > The abundance isn't the issue here. And, even the relationship isn't the issue here. It's "can you let go of control and the Old limitations?" If you are having these problems in your life - abundance or relationships or health, any of these things - it means something is stuck energetically. Begin a process. Do anything. Let go of the control, and watch to great amazement how everything comes to you. If there's anything in your life that is lacking or hurting, let go of the control. Begin to move energy, and watch what happens. You are phenomenal Creators… all of you. All of you begin the process.

< Embodiment 10QA > But, you see so many things every day in your life all around you that will try to tell you otherwise, that will try to say that you are less than God also, you are less than capable of walking out on your job and having an abundant life.

So, yes, indeed you do feel trapped. And, you do feel stuck. You can feel how close you are to this freedom. But, yet you still feel that all of the doors are shut. You still feel it's not quite there… so a very frustrating time. And, it is easier to work through this than what you have built up in your mind and your belief systems. It is as easy as taking off the controls, letting them go.

They (belief system) don't really want to be there anymore. They weren't put there for any negative purpose. They weren't put there by alien beings, or they actually weren't even put there by your true biological parents. It was a series of energetic maneuvers that had to be done by you and by humanity to create this beautiful experience (living in a biology on earth). So, now you, God, can begin releasing the controls.

< Embodiment 11 > In a sense, you could say that in the synchronistic life there are no needs. Everything is already there. You don't have to struggle with it. You don't have to arm-wrestle with life anymore. It is just there. In a sense, in the synchronistic life there is no forced creation. You don't need to even define what you need. You don't need to ever worry about this thing you call abundance or health or any of it. It is just there. In the synchronistic life there are no needs because everything has already been met. There is a flow that comes into you that you can simply reach in and take out what you need in that moment.

< Clarity 3 > You have so many of your beautiful creations right outside the doorway of the Earthly realms. You're afraid perhaps it won't pay the bills. "But, I have to keep my regular job so I can pay my bills." Once again, remember Edgar Cayce. Talk to other Shaumbra also. It is becoming a very common occurrence for Shaumbra to become highly unemployed. Or, as Cauldre likes to call it - they are self-unemployed. They have gone beyond the regular belief systems for earning money. They have taken a big step across a very big chasm. And, what has happened? Nearly all of them are finding the abundance flows in much easier and much grander than before. They don't quite understand how it's all working. But, they know it's there.

< Clarity 5 > One of the things that holds so many of you back are things that you don't even recognize. There are still some levels of old vows and oaths that you have taken in the past, past meaning this lifetime. Some of you even took vows and oaths last week. There are some of those that are still holding you back from past lifetimes, lifetimes when you said, "I will never…" and then fill in the blank, lifetimes when you vowed to - how to say - some of you vowed to never enjoy sex. You took a vow, a holy vow for a religious order that "I will not enjoy sex." Some of you said you will not have abundance. There is an old overlay that said in order to discover God you had to be poor, you had to do without. And, it served a purpose for a while, but that too is last week's news. It is time to let go of that.

< Clarity 7QA > Too much in your head. Way too much trying to analyze this, trying to figure money out. As soon as you let go of trying to manipulate it and just become self-sufficient, it is there. There are too many Shaumbra now that have learned that. They would tell you the same thing. You have to let it go. You have to stop trying to push on it. It is just there. Energy abundance, energy manifestation and realization is a natural thing. It is unnatural to have lack. Look at how much work you had to do to create lack in your life. Now let that overlay go. It is just always there. Everything you need just comes in. It is such a simple principle but you all want to make it so complicated.

< Clarity 9 > You believe yourself to be destitute - it is only part of the truth. You're going to be learning that "destitute"... that poverty and abundance actually are the same thing. The same energy, Shaumbra, the same energy. You've been playing a game that they're separate. You've been acting them out different but it is all the same. You are spiritual physicists of the highest order.

< Teacher 2 > Keep your gnost very open and free. Don't try to get so specific of saying, as the example was given earlier today by Cauldre, "I need $100 so gnost it for me." Well now you are limiting an unlimited force. You are overly defining. Why would you want to do that? Gnost addresses and solves anything such as an abundance issue. And again, don't have expectations of how it does that. It can do it in some very interesting ways.

< Teacher 2 > Perhaps an envelope shows up at your door - that's the most obvious. Or perhaps gnost will come in and help you to remove the issues that have really been holding back on abundance - self worth. Self worth. So gnost - the solution - might come and knock you on the head regarding your self worth, to get over some of those hurdles so that the natural flow of abundance can be in your life. It is that simple.

< Teacher 3 > This consciousness, this beautiful consciousness, when the Standard Technology comes in and gets into your cycle which you have regularly, your cycle of financial abundance. Have you noticed that your life is in patterns of financial... some would call it "inflow-outflow," others call it, "I got money, the next day you're broke." You go in these patterns. You've established these patterns. Your belief systems, and then your mental thoughts, create the experience. But this high consciousness can sit right in there with that cycle.

< Teacher 8QA > Debt is as much of an illusion as anything else but it tends to be very real and sometimes very emotional and painful and it takes your energy out of you. You can get out of your mind, beyond the ways you think of making money, of having a regular job or these type of things, and you can find an abundance flow very easily if you are in your passion. If you have developed the relationship with your Self, then all of these things come easily and naturally. You don't have to worry about them.

The abundance is there. This is a universal principle. It's the law of attraction. It's something that Abraham talks about quite a bit. If you're interested in more information about this natural law of attraction, this is one of the areas that Abraham is focused on with their teachings. When you are in your passion, when you are listening and not compromising your Self, the abundance is there. It takes care of all of this debt.

In a sense you could say that debt is also a symbol of the extent of how much you're also holding onto past life karma, past life incidences. The debt, you think in terms of money, but it is actually indebted energy that you're still holding onto. So we want you to take a look: What are you still holding onto? Guilt? Shame? Fear? All of these things that you brought with you into the Now. They don't serve you anymore. It's time to let them go.

< Teacher 10QA > Energy, right now, is moving. Energy is in motion, and it's about allowing yourself to get into that motion. Don't be afraid of losing a few things or a few failures, because in that dynamic, in that evolution of your own energy, will be the fulfillment that actually brings the abundance itself. The abundance is rather secondary to everything else, but it's about the desire to have your energy in motion and the desire to just do something. Now, you have put all of these blocks in front of you, and they are like great tall walls, but they're actually illusions also. The fact is that as you let go and as your partner lets go of things, something new comes in. It doesn't necessarily just fill the old space, it actually comes into the new space.

You want to know that ... basically what you're asking me "Are things going to be alright?" Well, that's a hypothetical question. Absolutely, they'll be alright - but maybe not to your initial liking. But are they going to be alright in terms of allowing yourself to enjoy life in every way? The answer again is, yes; it comes in. Sometimes from unexpected places, but it occurs. The question back to both of you today, are you willing to let go of what you thought were the important things in terms of a car payment or a house payment? Are you willing to let that go? Are you willing to release it? And that is my question back to you.

< Teacher 11QA > There is something - and you know about this and we have talked about it - the resistance to absolutely enjoying your life. You measure it through abundance - and this is causing you great stress, as you know - but there is that something in you that won't open up and let you just enjoy life.

There is past life reasons for this, there are self worth issues for this, but you still haven't let yourself enjoy. You say that when the abundance is there, then you can enjoy. But it is the other way around. Can you enjoy life right now? Can you give yourself that blessed gift of enjoying life? Forgetting about all of these other things - for you, in particular - let go of all of these other things we have talked about, the breathing and everything else. For you it's important to ask yourself the question over and over again, "Can you let yourself enjoy?" Part of you says "Yes," but there's another part that continues to say "No," that continues to be cautious, that doesn't want to get hurt, that is afraid that if you open up, that if you let go of some of these walls that you have, that you're going to get hurt.

This is a time of truth or consequences. This is a moment of truth for you. And this is something I would like you to work on, to consider, not just for a day or two, but until you truly arrive at the answer. Can you enjoy life? When you can get beyond the mind and honestly say to yourself "Yes," and honestly understand what I'm saying here, not out of desperation that you have to have the dollars to pay the rent. ... I went homeless for a long time, wandering, not wanting any of these things, and I found that I could completely sustain myself as you can also. Let go of the expectations and ask yourself over and over: Can you actually let yourself enjoy living? Being on Earth? Being in your body? Being a human being? Then all of these other things come in.

You understand also that when you have had money, it hasn't brought you happiness. It has brought you relief, but not happiness. When you have had the energy of abundance flowing in your life, you found a way to turn it around and use it to actually destroy yourself. You found a way to sabotage this flow.

So let's get back to the basics. Can you enjoy life? Take a look at that question over and over again. Let go of the abundance thing for now. You'll have just enough to get by until you answer that question. And please do come back to us and let us know.

< QuantumLeap 2 > This whole thing about money, now this is one that we could have a talk about for a long time. It has been a struggle for so many of you and it doesn't need to be. It is so very easy. And you're saying now in your mind, "Well tell me, Kuthumi, how am I supposed to do this? Is there a scheme? Is there a plan?" There is none of that. You don't worry about it anymore, because the focus isn't on the little (human) needs. When you are in this New Energy, you have surrendered and you are unto you, it (your prana, Yo-ham) just happens to take care of itself. It really does.

< Returning 9 > And you say, "Well I chose abundance, and where is it?" Oh, it's on its way. It's on its way, truly, but you realize that there was part of you that had to do a flushing out, a natural transmutation of some of your old belief systems. And sometimes it doesn't just appear as a pot of gold on the floor in front of you. There's an entire process that involves every aspect of you that's ever been in lack of abundance that goes through a type of transformation or an integration.

< (Next) 4 > How many of you have money issues? So it's a pattern you've got into. Somewhere along the line you developed a pattern of not ever having quite enough or, as Tobias would say, you bought into the 'just barely enough' consciousness - just barely enough to fill the gas tank to get here, just barely enough to pay the rent - but not enough to absolutely enjoy life.

It has its origin - I'm speaking generally here - it has its origins in some of your early church work, you know, the vows of poverty are still hanging around. And I would say, actually, for most of you now it's more of a matter of thinking that if you suddenly got a lot of money that it was going to overpower you, that it would affect you, corrupt you, make you do something bad. You would get off of this disciplined - crap - path that you've been on, and it would somehow keep you stuck here on Earth. Part of you is thinking, "You know, this is going to be probably my last lifetime - maybe second to the last - and if I get a lot of money, I'll probably want to stay, because I'll be rich and I can do all these things. And you know what? I really don't want to stay, so I'm not going to have any money."

< e2012 9 > Energies are serving you literally right now. If you're not really sure you want to be on this planet, you're sitting on the fence, you're waiting for a breeze to come along and push you off one way or the other and then you can blame it on the breeze, not take responsibility, that's exactly the level of energy that's going to come in to support you. Not much. Just enough to survive. Just enough to live. Just enough to get by. And that's where a lot of you are. It's not because you haven't figured out abundance. It's because you haven't chosen whether you want to be here or not!

< freedom 5 > Actually, abundance is just an attitude, as is mastery, as are your dreams. You start walking those dreams, being in those dreams. Not keeping them out there, but just being in them right here. It's a very natural, spiritual, universal principle. If you act it, you are it. It's that simple. And then realize you can start acting anything you want. You can start acting healthy, strong. You can start acting clear, like you really know what you want. You can start acting, and you realize you can change the act whenever you want. Every day can be a new act. That is the joy of freedom! Anything you want – It's very, very real.

< freedom 6 > It has nothing to do with capabilities, powers or any of that. It's simply about the ability to accept yourself. That's it. Now with that true love of self, all things are possible. With that true love of yourself, there's never a question again about money. Money is just a rude way of telling you you're not loving yourself – or the lack of money, I should say. Or health – just a rather painful way of saying you've yet to totally come into love with yourself. Once the acceptance is there, the true magic begins.

< Discovery 7 > Do it or don't do it, but don't complain about it. That's one of the very simple dynamics of abundance. Shut up! Truly. It's in my book – abundance book – “Shut up!” (Adamus chuckles) Stop complaining. Do it or don't do it. Stop talking about all the reasons why it's not working and why people are bad and why, you know, all your talk. Do it or don't do it. Get on with abundance or don't. And if you don't want to get on with abundance, that's fine. But don't complain about it. Don't talk to other people about it. Don't come to me about it. If you're ready for abundance, let's get on with it.

< Discovery 7 > Abundance is about receiving energies that are free, natural and yours. It's that simple. It's that simple. It's directly related to your desire to live – your choice to live, your passion to live – and they're very, very simple things. In this whole thing with the studio, the Connection Center, you put it out there; some of you would call put it out to the universe. I never understood what that meant, because the universe is kind of just a big nothing. Put it out there to the universe – put it out there to the I Am, yourself.  Step back. Let it fill your bank account, your health account, your whatever account. Just let it do it. Don't restrict it. Don't manage it. Don't stress on it. Just watch how it flows. It's that simple. That was the first session, the first lesson in the abundance thing.

< Discovery 7 > The same thing that happened to Crimson Circle can absolutely happen to you, and probably easier. It's easier for you to do it for yourself. Here we were involved with thousands and thousands all around the world and all the dynamics involved with a group. It's actually easier to do it for yourself. It's that simple. If you make it any more difficult, I contend that you're really not ready for abundance.

< Discovery 7 > If you simply say, “I Am that I Am. I choose abundance,” and then step out of your way, let it roll in. And then don't go through the mental torture of asking how it got there, why it got there, what you're supposed to do with it, anything like that, or if you're supposed be extra nice now because you received it. (some giggles) You just allow it. You just allow it to come in. It's that simple.