The Clarity Series SHOUD 3
Presented to the Crimson Circle October 1, 2005
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And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together on this beautiful day of music and sunshine and Shaumbra energy. We gather together once again as we have done each month for many, many years now. For some of you who are new here today, both in person or listening in, perhaps the energy is familiar; perhaps you can't quite put your finger on it, where it is coming from. It is because you are simply feeling the energy of Shaumbra, feeling the energy of yourself.

You have agreed to participate in this Shoud. Oh, this isn't a channel. This isn't us talking to you, giving you some lofty perspective. Indeed, we have been called "lofty" a few times. But, indeed in the Shoud we gather together like this, all of you humans, divine human angels, all of us who come in from our side of the veil to add our energy to your beautiful and sacred circle that you have. And, we come in together like this, and it is familiar because we work together like this in your conscious and your sleep-state journeys.

We are there speaking with you all of the time. Perhaps, you don't recognize the voice. Perhaps, you think you are one who cannot do channeling. But, you are talking with us all of the time. You hear it most of the time as your own voice or as aspects of your own voice. But, as you continue to be your own vast expanse, you learn to feel the difference between yours… yours from the past… other voices… the voices of I, Tobias… or any of the beings on the angelic realms. This may be familiar to you because it is the energy of Shaumbra. And, you are part of that.

Shaumbra is not a club or an organization. It is consciousness. And, there is a difference, a huge difference. It is a consciousness that is continuing to grow and grow. "It is a consciousness oddly enough if you look at it," you say, "but, define it for us, Tobias. What is Shaumbra? What are the Shaumbra rules?" Those who have been in this energy for a while will chuckle and tell you, "But we have none." "What are the Shaumbra dues? How much do you have to pay?" There are none, not in terms of dollars anyway. There are dues perhaps in other ways, but not in terms dollars.

"Who is your leader?" There is none. We are all leaders. And, we are all gods. "Well, then who is your spokesman? It must be the one who sits on that barstool and allows us to come in and work with him." No, it is perhaps partly his voice that you hear, partly the voice of his partner, Linda, and partly your voice as well. That is the beautiful thing about a Shoud.

And, you think that this simple concept would be something that so many other groups, so many other people would do. But, it is generally unique to Shaumbra. It is generally a very unique New Energy type of communication, consciousness communication, consciousness expanding right here where we can all put our entire beings into this group for this precious period of time that we meet and continue to grow and expand. Shaumbra… you.

We talked last month about our guest, Shaumbra, coming in. Shaumbra, by the way, for those who are new, simply means a family or an affinity energy… an affinity for a spiritual journey and a spiritual awakening… a family of human angels who have been together before… perhaps just passed on the street in a past lifetime… perhaps sat together in a similar type of group meeting. Shaumbra is the energy of family, the energy of Home, the energy of a deep affinity for the love of Spirit and for the discovery of this spirit energy in this human reality, this human dimension.

Now, some of you may think that perhaps those angels on our side of the veil would have the discovery of Spirit, the understanding of Spirit. And, perhaps we might surprise you when we say, "No, but it is the humans who discover it first." Everything on our side of the veil tends to be lofty, tends to be concepts, tends to be ideas and belief systems, perhaps in a more fluid way than what you experience on Earth because you are in 3-D and we're not. But, we don't have the type of intimate understanding of Spirit that a human can have - the intimate type… meaning you are living it… and you are breathing it… and you are experiencing it… and you are playing with it.

Again, everything on our side tends to be more etheric, tends to be less defined. We, the angelic beings - no matter what level of angelic being we are at - we eventually come through the corridor, the portal of Earth for true discovery. It is the difference between being in a classroom and going out and experiencing it.

You sat through classes all of your life. Many of you went on to college and went on even on beyond that to study, to learn. It was all preparation, wasn't it? It wasn't the real thing. It was preparation. Then, you went out into the world, as you call it, the real world. And, you discovered part of what you learned was very valuable.

But, much of what you learned in school really didn't apply to your actual Earthly experience. Oh, they could teach you how to do a mathematical equation. They could teach you how to be a doctor or a dentist, or even a healer. But, it wasn't until you got out there and began experiencing it that it really mattered.

It is the same with us. We concept it here. We discuss it. We have a different type of perspective and different insights than so many of you do because we aren't held in such a tight energetic formation. So, we have the ability to be our own vast expanses. So, eventually, though, we have to go to Earth. We have to be intimate with it, be intimate with Spirit. We have to be intimate with ourselves.

You have spent so many lifetimes learning the intimacy of self… what a beautiful concept! And, as you get so intimate with yourself that you sometimes literally drive yourself crazy - in there, in that moment of intimacy and that moment of that single breath - you discover Spirit. You know, it cannot be written about. It can only be told that you did it, this discovery, this integration of intimacy with yourself, with the God-aspect of you. No one could ever write about it because there are simply no words to define it.

Some of you here know exactly what I am speaking of: that most intimate and precious moment. Many of you have had an experience or two with it. For those who haven't, you are going to have that experience. And, there is more than one experience with it. They tend to continue to grow and expand. They continue to take on even a new depth of intimacy.

So, even we, the angels, must ultimately come through this grand, but tiny place called Earth to learn the intimacy with Spirit. That is where the energy of Shaumbra becomes so very beautiful at this time. We said to you last month that it was birthed. It had been a concept. It had been in the embryonic stage. It had been developing.

You could feel it stirring. So many of you could feel it all around you and inside of you, this energy of Shaumbra. And, because of what you were doing, because of your desires and your creations, and because of this large infusion of New Energy on Earth several months ago, you could actually birth this Shaumbra. It becomes an archetypical energy, just as the energy of Raphael, Metatron, Gabriel, and so many of the other archetypical energies. They are real. They have their own identity. They have their own perpetuance of life force energy, meaning they continue to grow. They continue to expand. They continue to unfold themselves.

Shaumbra is like that. It becomes an archetypical energy that can be viewed or felt as an entity. Perhaps we will call it the Archangel Shaumbra. It can take on human attributes. Why? Because you are human. You may see it as a human form. Some of you have begun feeling it… the presence of this grand being with a flowing crimson type of gown or robe… with a beautiful presence that is strong yet still… that is loving… that is reassuring… that sometimes weeps a few tears because your pains, your challenges and difficulties also become Shaumbra's… but so do the things you learn… the new understandings that you develop… and ultimately the intimacy with yourself and with Spirit.

This energy of the family Shaumbra is with us today once again, our special guest. We have two today. One of them is this beautiful energy of Shaumbra. And, it even expanded and unfolded since a month ago of time. Some of you lately have been getting particular what you call "hits," or "nudges" to do something. You have been feeling that you're being talk to. That is the energy of Shaumbra, most likely.

Yes, the rest of us are still here, still playing our role with you in moving your energies. But, this energy of Shaumbra comes in to assist you, to guide you, not to do it for you. But, it is a resource you can draw on. Because it is also you, it takes nothing from you. It only gives back. Because it is your love and the love of this family group here on Earth, it supports you, even on the days when you can hardly stand yourself.

This energy of Shaumbra is not one you have to try to tap into. You see, so many of you have tried to tap into Metatron. You had to work at it sometimes. Many of you have tried to tap into other archetypical energies of the archangels, other beings perhaps.

This energy of Shaumbra is different. You don't have to tap into it. You already are. You don't have to go into an altered state of being to be within that energy. You already are. You're already there with it. It is simply the acknowledgment that Shaumbra is part you, is part family. And, breathe it in. And, somehow in a wonderful, beautiful and sacred way, it starts working right along with you.

Some of these things you have been stuck on for months, or perhaps years, knowing that you understand, deeply understand that type of healing modality, or type of transformational work, or type of alchemy, you just know it. You say perhaps you knew it from a past life. Perhaps, you have developed it in the other realms. We will talk about that in a moment. But, the other realms are your laboratory.

And, then it is time to bring it here to Earth. Sometimes you get stuck with that. You're not sure how to bring it in or what to do. You're waiting for us to give you guidance. You're waiting for us actually to do it for you, but that's another thing. And, then you get all the credit, and we don't. It doesn't work that way (some laughter).

So, with this energy of Shaumbra right now go back into some of those passions and dreams. Go back into some of those things that you have wanted to do for a long time. You'll find that this energy comes in and supports in a very beautiful way, in an incredibly clear way. It supports you in the work that you do. So, we bring in the energy of Shaumbra into this gathering on this day.

We have to tell you that today's Shoud is a bit different than some of the other Shouds that we have done. As a matter of fact, it is different than any Shoud we have done before this. We are removing Cauldre's accoutrements here (some laughter as Geoff removes his watch). We prefer that he and even perhaps you don't wear your watches in particular during this Shoud today. We are going to slow down time. We are going to absolutely stop this thing that you call time. Put it someplace safe so you don't forget it.

So, today's Shoud is a bit different because, as we gather together the energies of Shaumbra and you, we see that there is a need for something a bit different today, a need for a bit of rejuvenation. So, we bring in our second guest to guide and assist. This one also literally has the energy of Shaumbra, a very early Shaumbra perhaps, but one that we have all known in the past, one that every one of you has worked with in one way or the other, with the soul being of this dear guest today.

This one comes in for he started the work early. He started opening doors and opening consciousness quite a while ago. He started working with rejuvenating energies and expanded energies. This dear one is - how to say - very closely connected with the Earth realms because of his deep and dear love for the work that goes on and for the continuation of the work that he began a long time ago. And, he took a particular fascination with this group called Shaumbra long before you ever heard the term Shaumbra.

So, we would like to welcome in the energy of our dear guest, Edgar Cayce on this day (many ahs and hmms from the audience) to be with you. He talked to you before even I was talking to you like this. You read the books, and you felt that you were right there with him in his channels, in his seance work. You understood that "sleeping prophet" like most others didn't. You never thought what he was doing was frivolous or crazy. You knew it made so much sense; it was so clear.

He came in early with a few others to begin breaking the ice at a time when the Earth was on such a very interesting path, a path of potential destruction. He came in to move consciousness, create a potential of change for those who were ready to embrace it. And, look at what he did. Look at how he went beyond.

Many of you literally were helping to guide and assist him in his work before you ever incarnated onto this Earth. You sat during the sessions. And, I know that many of you can remember this, even bring a few tears to your eyes. You sat in the Second and the Third Circle before you came back to Earth in this lifetime.

Back in his heyday you sat there as an angel, being observing and watching, assisting him in his transformation work, assisting him in keeping his balance. That is what you did for him back then. When you were working with him from our side of the veil, you knew it was very, very difficult. Consciousness wasn't anywhere near what it is now. You knew it would be easy for him to go out of balance.

When you're doing this kind of work, Shaumbra, as you know, it's easy to go out of balance because suddenly you're being tugged at. You're being pulled at. You're being ridiculed and judged. You're going outside of what would be a traditional belief system. You're doing work that no others have done before. You know what that's like in this lifetime.

So, you helped to keep Edgar Cayce balanced… balanced in his family life... balanced in his financial life… balanced in his work… balanced with his ego… not because he would get a large ego, but you know he would tend to have destroyed his ego, put it down. You know what that's like. He was doing phenomenal work. And, it wasn't a fear that he would get this big head, get full himself. It was the fear that he would belittle himself.

And, you helped to remind him how much you loved him, how important his work was for the work that you were going to continue on Earth. Your work right now as Shaumbra is a continuation of what he started. His work was a continuation of what you had started prior to that. It is like a leapfrogging back in time - one serves the other.

Many of you have felt dear Edgar's energy around during some of these Shouds because it has been. Many of you talk to him because he also embodies the energy of Shaumbra. He was an early Shaumbra. Many of you knew you knew him from a previous time. And, you did because he was with us in the temples in Atlantis. Many of you helped to move and to balance energy during his sessions. And, when you read them later in a book, you felt so close, so intimate to that. And, you couldn't understand why. And, now you know.

So, we are asking each and every one of you to welcome very dearly this energy of Edgar Cayce into this room, into this very center of Shaumbra. When he left Earth in this past lifetime as Edgar Cayce, he did go all the way back to what Saint Germain describes as the Bridge of Flowers. He did it very quickly because he understood the path. He knew it. He had walked it in his "sleeping prophet" stage.

But, then from the Bridge of Flowers he was able to come back to the Earth realms without taking on a physical body. He was able to come back into the near realms, the non-physical Earth-bound realms. He was able to - much as a magician or an alchemist - not get caught in the energy that would have pulled him back into a body… but yet to be close without coming all the way in so he could continue the work that was started by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)… so he could be so very close to his dear loved one and a partner that he'd had for many lifetimes - Hugh Lynn Cayce - working almost as one with Hugh Lynn… almost so closely that some thought that Hugh Lynn was the reincarnation of dear Edgar. But, they worked as one.

You can do that, by the way, yourselves, working as one with the Shaumbra energy, working so closely with this beautiful entity that you have helped to create. You can also work so closely with Edgar Cayce. We're going to do some work with him on this very day.

So, I am asking you once again to welcome our dear guest. It has not been that many years since he has been in a physical body. He knows and remembers quite well, unlike I, Tobias; it has been a few thousand years. For dear Edgar it has only been a few decades.

So, let's talk about today. Let us talk about where we are at. When we surveyed the energy of Shaumbra all across the world, it felt different. We surveyed to find out what information needed to come forth. And, the response was, "No information at all on this day." The information was that it was time for a bit of rejuvenation.

So, it was also time to learn through a very practical exercise how energy works. We talk about it each month. We talk in concepts and theories. Oh, we also talk in grand energy. But, you said to us that it was time to now experience, to get a taste of how simply and clearly energy works.

You told us that your bodies are tired. Your minds are maxed out. Your spirit sometimes seems to be off somewhere else. You told us that it was basically time for your 100,000-year check-up (audience laughter). You have missed a few of your scheduled maintenance visits (more laughter).

You have said to us that the energy of Earth was so fast-paced right now that you needed just one Shoud where we can be together, slow down, have no time at all, as a matter-of-fact, join together in our rejuvenating energies of Shaumbra on this day. So, we've made arrangements here. We've made arrangements for a little visit to my cottage.

We recently had a delightful group of humans there, literally, physically. We recreated the cottage on Earth. And, my, what a time it was! And, my, how we moved some boulders out of the way, didn't we? It was a wonderful time.

And - how to say - it is taxing on Cauldre's energy to - how to say - move through that much energy and to be involved in that many Shouds or channelings. But, it is something that I have to say that I, Tobias, absolutely love doing (some laughter). I absolutely love sitting with you in a group, of course, but one-on-one, together where we can explore some of your history… where we can explore how you got to where you're at… and where we can explore ways of expanding out… ways of continuing to live in a whole new way. Yes, I'm slightly nudging Cauldre here to - how to say - perhaps lighten up a bit.

So, we've made arrangements for us to visit Tobias' cottage. Now, some of you say, "But this is just a fairy tale." Ah, it is, but how wonderful fairy tales are! You know, sometimes you read these fairy tales, or there are now movies about them. You walk out of the movie, or put down the book, and say, "That was nice, but it was just a fairy tale."

But, we want to tell you that something happened during that time. Just because it isn't Earth-physical-tangible - just because you can't touch it or taste it with your human senses - doesn't mean it isn't real. It is all very real. And, if there's any one point we want to convey to you today, it is that it is all real. The thoughts, the images, the dreams, the fairy tales - they all have an impact.

Perhaps, it is not real as defined by your current science or physics because it says it has to have certain physical qualities for it to be real. But, even science is finding out that real isn't what they thought it was. And, they're going to continue to find that out. They're going to have amazing and startling discoveries that show a new type of physics. And, we're going to call it "New Energy physics." It doesn't have to be material to be real.

So, you say, "It is Tobias' cottage. How real is it? Is this a fairytale?" Oh, indeed it is. But, it has reality built right into it. Even though it is not of your world, it has an effect on your world.

I was saying before that your laboratory is/are these outer realms. You go into the outer realms, the non-physical realms. And, there are a variety of them. They are different shapes. They have different energetic attributes. You go there in your dream states, of course. You also go there in your daydreams. You also go there in your imagination.

You don't go there in your visualization and affirmation, by the way. You don't go into the creative realms with affirmations. Affirmations are disciplines for the mind. But, they are not… they don't have anything to do with imagination and creativity. Visualizations are a focus of the mind. And, while they've had some benefit, they are very, very limited.

So, your laboratories are these outer realms, the creative realms. This is where you concept your ideas. This is where you play with creation energies. We're not talking about what you would normally typically call creative energies on Earth just because you are an artist or a writer. That is a different type of creative energy. Here we are talking about creation energies in the outer realms. The outer realms can be also right within you. They are non-physical. That is the only thing that separates them from the reality base that you are so used to. The outer realm can be within, by the way.

So, you go into these outer realms. And, this is where you concept. This is where you daydream a song long before the song has words or notes to it. Words and notes are attributes of the third-dimensional consciousness. But, you go out there, and you play with energies. You play with frequencies. You play with different types of sacred geometries. Sacred geometries have nothing to do with mathematics. It has everything to do with energy formation and flow… you see. And, you all go out there; there is not a single one of you that doesn't.

We are going to use our delightful musical group today as an example. When they compose their music, they don't sit down with the mind to write it. They allow themselves to expand vastly. In a way a skeptic would say they are just floating out there. But, they aren't at all. They have expanded their energy. And, now they are playing in the imagination realms. And, it is real. It is as real as this reality… perhaps more so. You just don't know how to sense it yet or to truly understand it. It is beyond the realms of the mind.

So, they go out there, and they play with energies. They shape and shift energies. They hop on a few energies and ride them around. They put different energies together and see how compatible they are. You can imagine this any way you want. You can imagine yourself literally hopping on an energy wave and riding it. You can imagine yourself in your human state riding this around, grabbing a few and riding them. Yes, this is imagination, and this is your laboratory.

And, then ultimately from the laboratory you choose the various concepts and creations that you love and that you want to intimate or bring to Earth. And, then you do. You let them flow. Now, those energies now have to reform themselves, in a way, simply to come onto this Earth dimension, simply to come into the realms of what you call the 3-D, even if it is a non-physical type of energy, such as music. It has to redefine itself to come in. It is like a spaceship trying to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. Everything changes, and it has to in order for it to be accommodated on this level. But, the core energies are still there. So, you bring them in. Our dear musician friends bring this in.

And, now they start defining the words. The words weren't done first actually, nor were the musical notes. But, what was done was the energy shaping. Now, it is difficult because the mind doesn't understand that part of creation. The mind struggles to define it. The mind thinks you write music or you write words, but you don't.

You go out and play with energies for a while. Then, they are brought back in here. When they are brought back in here, perhaps you might hear a song as you're waking up from your dreams. "Where did that come from? Am I tapping into some sort of mass consciousness?" No, you're tapping into your laboratory. You might be driving down the road and have an idea. Where did that idea come from? Well, it was your own. It comes from your laboratory. It was finding its way to you.

Now, you start defining it so it can be sensed and engaged on this human dimension. You define, for instance, this energy play from your laboratory now in terms of notes. You have a very specific scale or frequency for notes. And, you start writing these in. Then, you start defining words so there is more understanding, literal understanding, of the energies behind all this. And, you put the notes and the words together.

And, now you have a song. You have a creation. You materialize it by playing the guitar, by singing the words. And, it enters into full reality. And, others can now experience the energy behind it. More than anything you get the unique opportunity to be in your own creation, to be expressing your own creation here… very simple, very simple. So, we don't want anybody to say, "Well, this is a fairy tale," or, "This is just imagination." It is your laboratory.

So many of you have had wonderful ideas. You've developed them in your own etheric, celestial laboratories. But, then you fear bringing them in. They get stuck. We are going to show you some that are stuck today. They get stuck right outside of the 3-D realm. They're at the doorway of the 3-D, but you don't want to open that door.

You're afraid of perhaps being ridiculed. But, remember Edgar Cayce. You are afraid perhaps that it won't work. Remember Edgar Cayce. You're afraid that maybe this isn't what Spirit really wants you to do in this lifetime. Remember the dilemmas that Edgar Cayce went through with his own religious background, wondering if this was the right thing.

You are wondering if you're going to have the resources to pull it off. Again, remember our dear friend was laid down on the couch, went into his trance state and did this wonderful work. What happened once he was willing to start doing it? The organization showed up to support him, including those in the angelic realms and those on the Earth planes. Well, the angels and the other humans didn't show up first, and say, "Edgar, we're here to work with you once you decide to lay down on that couch and start channeling." He started channeling first. And, then they showed up.

That's a little nudge to quite a few of you here today. You have so many of your beautiful creations right outside the doorway of the Earthly realms. You're afraid perhaps it won't pay the bills. "But, I have to keep my regular job so I can pay my bills." Once again, remember Edgar Cayce. Talk to other Shaumbra also.

It is becoming a very common occurrence for Shaumbra to become highly unemployed (audience laughter). Or, as Cauldre likes to call it - they are self-unemployed (more laughter). They have gone beyond the regular belief systems for earning money. They have taken a big step across a very big chasm. And, what has happened? Nearly all of them are finding the abundance flows in much easier and much grander than before. They don't quite understand how it's all working. But, they know it's there.

So many of you use your human job as an excuse. "But, I have to pay the bills. I have to feed my family." What a burden you are putting on your family! You are using them as an excuse. It is time to move beyond that. It is time to open the doors, begin doing your work. Nobody said you had to quit your job to begin. That was your belief system that was screwing it up.

We know every Shaumbra here and Edgar Cayce walking around the room and talking to everyone who is listening in today has been working in their laboratories. That is one of the reasons you're a bit weary. You've been working in the outer realms, playing with energies and now ready to bring them in. Perhaps, it is an invention. You say, "But I need the money first." Think again… old belief systems. You need the invention first. The money will show up. It comes to you.

Some of you have wanted to take off and do healing work. But, you say, "I'm not sure where to start. I'm not sure if it will bring in the money." We'll give you one clue here. The healing work… if you choose to do this… and you choose to leave your other job… and you want to be successful in your own right and assist others who choose to be assisted… the healing work must have your own name on it… you see.

You've taken courses, learned many, many things. And, they are all wonderful energies. They have basically taught you how energy works. But, when you go off and you hang your shingle out, it should be your work, no one else's. Don't call it by any other method.

Yes, you have read the books. You have taken the courses. But, until it is fully your energy, and until you take ownership, and until you embody your own work, it is going to limp along. And, you're going to be very frustrated. Call it your own. You created it. You created it in your laboratory. You created it then by studying on Earth. Now, do your work.

So, you hold many of your creations out. This literally blocks energy, plugs up energy. When you have dozens - thousands, some of you - of ideas and creations stuck at the doorway into this realm, it is because you are afraid to bring it in. Or, you are waiting for us to tell you that you have to. Or, you're waiting for something. Or, you don't have enough time. Or, you're too tired.

Or, whatever your excuse is, it literally plugs up energy. It stops the natural flow of energies. And, then you become a victim of your own beliefs. You become tired. You become broke. You become worn out. You become, more than anything else, very frustrated because you know you are so close. You know you are so close, but yet you are not doing it.

So, Shaumbra, the imagination… my cottage… is it real? Yes, it is, if you let it be. It has real energy. Oh, perhaps you can't touch it with your hand. Or, perhaps soon enough you'll be able to. It has energy that is very, very real. It is not just a fluffy dream. It is there. I created it. And, you are continuing to help create it.

Tobias' cottage… so let's go there now as a group. How do you get there? Follow me… just follow me.

There is one thing I would love to impress upon every one of you today. The reality of the unseen energies… they have an influence… they have an effect. They come back down from the imagination realms, and they start playing in your reality.

Those who are blocked right now from the imagination versus what you would call the practical or the tangible… those are the ones who get frustrated. There are humans all over the world who discount anything that they cannot analyze. My, oh, my… what a limitation to only have the mind! What a limitation not to be able to go into the Divine Intelligence, the grander you! You discover that you don't want to analyze when you get out onto the other realms. You don't want to have to put everything into a little box.

So, we are at my cottage now. It is a delightful place. Yes, it changes. I can instantly change the color. I can change the roof style. I can change the size. I prefer it to be a quaint little cottage… surrounded by trees… and a little stream out back… a beautiful country road passing out front… beautiful gardens all around… and the sound of waterfalls. But, you can't see them necessarily. But, the sound is always there.

Obviously I put in a lot of birds. I love the energy of birds, for they have crapped in my eye (audience laughter); they have mocked me while I was in jail. And, they ultimately helped set me free. My, how I love these dear ones! I show up to you sometimes, by the way, as a bird as a reminder of your own liberation from yourself, from the trappings and the prison of your own mind.

So, I have this beautiful cottage. But, we're not going to go inside today. We're going to take a walk down the road. Again, feel the energy. Sense the energies in this. I'm creating a bit of a story, creating a little imagination. You can discount it, and say, "Well, that was cute." Or, you can look at the truly energies that are taking place here. You can feel what is really going on here - how we go from imagination into manifestation.

Just down the road we'll walk over a little wooden bridge. And, you can hear your footsteps as we cross over the bridge… and again… once again the sound of water everywhere… that beautiful, bubbling, gurgling noise… music all by itself. Some of you have sat by streams before and heard music. You've heard us as you listened to the water. It is a beautiful way to tap into energy.

And, now down the road just a little way, there is a beautiful meadow. Let us walk into the meadow. And, obviously flowers of every kind… I planted them here. I didn't have to get on my hands and knees. I just imagined them. And, now I would love to share it with you… and the fragrance here… the fragrance something that is beyond the Earth senses… the fragrance of flowers… the fragrance of a sweetness that's hard to even describe… all right here. See how easy this is? I told you, as we started today, that I wanted to show you how easy it is to work with energies. And, we're doing it right now.

Now, over to the side here… you see a building, a beautiful old-style stone and wood building with a beautiful slate roof on it. This is the Shaumbra Service Center. This is where we're going to go today. Oh, it's not like a service center that you have for your automobiles. Those are… they smell of oil. There are loud noises. There is foul language and spitting on the floor (audience laughter). Ours is beautiful. Ours is luxurious.

Let us walk inside now. Yes, some of you are straying. You're looking around outside. Let us walk inside, for we have some work to do today, some rejuvenation. Obviously on the inside I have created it so there are windows everywhere you look… yes, a big fireplace too over on the side. But, there are windows everywhere.

There are chairs, comfortable and large. There are places just to lie down. The sound from the water continues in here, even though there is no direct source that you can see. You can't see a fountain or a river in this beautiful service center. But, you can hear the sounds. You can actually feel the sun in through the windows. See how easy this is? Don't discount the energy. It is very real.

Now, go ahead and take a seat anywhere. I have my favorite chair, a large beautiful wingback chair of a crimson color, of course. I have my cigar over to the side. Some of you might have smelled that. It was from the night before.

Let us just sit down. It is time for some rejuvenating. You said today that you didn't want a lot of information, that it was time to let your body, your mind, and your spirit rebalance, rejuvenate. And, that is why our dear friend Edgar is with us also. He was a master at helping others to understand how to clear their bodies and their minds. He was a master at understanding unique applications of energies, whether they were in human form or the etheric form.

You've been going so fast lately. We're going to just stop time here right now. And, we can do that. Actually, there is no time; it's a human invention. In here we're going to go back to natural "no-time." Time doesn't exist. It's just us.

In here we're just going to slow down. Your Earth right now, back on Earth, it is so fast. There is so much happening right now. It's in the midst of all sorts of changes and chaos, dramas and traumas.

You're working so very hard back there doing your consciousness-moving, working so hard back there, trying to help others. You have sacrificed so much of yourself for families and friends. Sacrifice sometimes even means being alone, you know. You've sacrificed yourself being alone. It's not because you don't have a wonderful shining personality. But, you've chosen to be alone, away from others, because you know sometimes it's easier to do this consciousness ascension work when you're away.

Some of you have very intense jobs right now… oh, and intense families. But, here in our Shaumbra Service Center, you can just let that go. Your body has been under a great amount of stress lately. You've been trying to deny it, trying to say, "What's wrong with me? I have to keep pushing, pushing, pushing." I'm going to say, "Stop doing that now."

You try to deny sometimes that your body is overtaxed, overworked. You pretend that you have the strength of 10, or 20, or 100, and you can keep going and going. It is taking a toll on your body. And, you know that. We're going to slow it down right here. Listen to that water again.

Your mind has been working overtime. You're trying to keep things in your own life in a balance, in a state where you can still function. But, you know, something else is going on. You wonder what it is driving you crazy. You wonder why you can't seem to get a grip at times. You try to act normal even. And, you know that doesn't work.

So, here in the Shaumbra Service Center we're going to just turn it off for a little while. There is nothing you have to do… no place you have to go here. You don't have to do any healing on yourself or anybody else here. Just let it slow down for a moment.

Your spirit has been going through an incredible transformation, its own expansion, its own opening, its own rebirthing. It's been happening while you were in your everyday physical form. Your spirit, in a sense, has its own trauma that is trying to integrate, trying to intimate with you, with the human you. Sometimes there is a tremendous disconnect between the two.

You're busy trying to do the things you have to do to function on the human level. And, your spirit yet is wanting to open and unfold. And, it doesn't know how fast you're willing to let it open and unfold. Sometimes you say, "Go fast." Other days you say, "I don't know what's going on. I can't take this anymore." But, here in the Shaumbra Service Center, in the safe energy that we are in right now, you can just let go.

I use the term "service center" because, in a sense, it is a bit of a silly metaphor, a silly example. But, you are like a vehicle. You're like a hybrid vehicle. You're part Old Energy. You're part New Energy. And, you're developing your hybrid characteristics, just like there are hybrid cars that run on both gasoline and electricity. But, they were built and designed that way. They were rolled off the factory line that way.

You're doing it on-the-fly. You're integrating hybrids. You're integrating the New Energy attributes into the Old Energy vehicle all at the same time. It is amazingly challenging to do this, particularly being the first. The others who follow later… they may have it easier, as you'll have blazed that trail for them. But, right now, Shaumbra, you've gone through a tremendous amount - changing, rebirthing, transmuting, integrating New Energy, opening up to new concepts - all while still in your physical body. That is why we needed this service break today, not a typical Shoud at all.

Take a moment and literally let the energies of this flowing water - its sound… its movement… its cooling soothing energies - let them flow through your energetic vehicle. Let's have a little cleansing on this day, a little opening up. We do this through the breath also.

Again, is this just the imagination? Indeed, it is. And, it is real… literally. And, it is so simple, Shaumbra. Literally while we sit here, you're letting your body be cleansed. You're letting it get rebalanced.

And, you know we're not lifting a single hand here. We're here supporting you. The energy of Edgar Cayce is here supporting you, as you supported him. But, you see, you're just letting it happen. You're giving yourself this energetic break in this safe space.

You are concerned that you are putting so much pressure on your body that it could go into imbalance. For some of you it has. But, it can clear up. You are concerned that you're overstressing your organs, and indeed you were. You need a little maintenance checkup here. You need a little energy flowing in your life right now.

You are worried that you are pushing your mind to its limits. And, you were. And, there is no need to push your mind. It serves a very rudimentary function. It's there to store information. It's there to help perform some of the physical and third-dimensional tasks.

But, you never really truly wanted to expand your mind. It's about expanding your divinity. It's about opening that up. Your mind knows that. If you asked it, it'll tell you, "I'm not supposed to be all that is. I'm not supposed to be your higher self. I'm here just serving you." Your mind was in the place of potentially going into imbalance, going a bit crazy.

So, take this opportunity to let that energy of the water - its sound, its clarity, its cleansing ability - flow through the mind as well, just relaxing it, just allowing the energies of the mental being to come back into perspective. Just take a deep breath. And, this helps to keep everything flowing here. It helps to do this rejuvenation.

And, while we're at it, while we're letting this flow go through your entire being, let's walk around to the back of your vehicle. We're going to call your vehicle here, just for the sake of a silly metaphor - and like you are a vehicle, just as your car is - we're going to call your vehicle a "Di-man." Yes, it's the brand, a Di-man. It's like as in Divine Human. It's a hybrid. Some of you may call it a "demon," but it would be a D-i-m-a-n (Tobias spelling the word), Divine Human. Yes, we are being a bit silly today, but for a reason. Sometimes you get too serious. Sometimes you get so clogged up in your own energy.

Let's go around to the back of your vehicle, back to what you would call the trunk, the storage area. And, let's open it up and see what's back there. My, oh, my… how much stuff are you carrying around (some laughter)! I want you to take a close look at it, just feel the energy of all this stuff in the trunk.

Well, it's not yours, is it? These suitcases and boxes and bags that you have back there… they aren't yours. They belong to others. You're carrying around so much of their baggage. There is a box over here; it belongs to your spouse. Throw it out. A suitcase here… that belongs to a friend. Why are you carrying it for them? Do you really think that's going to help them?

There is a large briefcase back here. It's all the stuff from your office, all of the stress, all of the pressure, all of the silly goals. Goals… what a crazy thing! That is certainly an invention of the human mind, thinking it's doing the right thing, thinking that it had to organize itself and attain these high goals. You might as well throw those out right away.

The spirit has no goals. The human shouldn't either. We know it's going to upset some who live and die by goals. But, the operative word there is the "dying-by-the-goals." Up here we feel you cannot possibly live by goals. Oh, yes, you can get yourself somewhat organized each day. But, if every day is writing out a goal, you're not living.

You're going to office. You have all these crazy goals. You even have software for keeping track of your goals. Are you on track? Are you doing it at the right time? What a stifling energy for creation! Now, there are many who will argue, and say, "But we cannot possibly accomplish what we need to accomplish without all of this." So, they are stuck in that. They insist on it. They buy into that belief system.

Shaumbra, you know better. You can create circles around them. When you get outside of the analytical, outside of the goal energy, goal energy is very limiting and restrictive.

So, throw out that suitcase. You don't need that briefcase. You don't need to be carrying that around. You have bags of junk from others that you picked up along the way. You didn't even realize you were dragging it around with you. You can go ahead and throw it out. None of it belongs to you.

As we continue to just be in this safe energy of the Shaumbra Service Center… just let all of the flow… let all of the flow happen… particularly in your body. Your body needs it right now. Your body needs the energies to move. You don't have to struggle with this. Just take a few deep breaths. Listen to that sound of the water.

This is our maintenance tool, by the way. The sound of the water, the energy of the water, should give you some clue how you can do this on your own, whether it is a bath, a shower, sitting by a lake or a river, tremendous flow energies in water. That's what water loves to do, by the way; it loves to flow. It doesn't so much like to evaporate. It loves to flow.

Let it flow through your body. And, don't try to guide it or direct it. Don't tell it to go to your knees or go to your shoulder or any particular place - now you are changing a natural flow. It knows where to flow. Just let it go there.

We talked last month about the rough stones. So many humans continue to drag around rough stones, live with the rough stones. Human life is like a rough stone in a way for so many. It's a metaphor for the way they live, like rough rocks, so dense, so jagged, so inflexible. You can let that go also. Continue breathing. We're not trying to do a meditation here. We're not even trying to do a healing. We're just collecting your energy and saying that it's time to slow down for a minute.

See, your body already knows how to rebalance itself, if you let it. You don't need mantras, hand waving, oils, cigars, or any of these other things (some laughter). Your body knows how to rejuvenate itself. It's you just allowing that flow to take place that makes it happen.

Some of you have been going so fast, but yet not knowing where you're going, even running in circles and chasing the sun, as we call it up here. From the moment you get up in the morning til the moment you go to sleep at night, you're trying to do this, you're trying to do that. You know, that's a highly inefficient way of working, chasing stuff. We tell one of our groups when we gather with them… we tell them that all energy serves you. And, it does if you let it. If you are chasing it, how can it serve you?

You know, things can naturally take care of themselves. We have said jokingly, but also very real, recently… you see, your house can kind of clean itself. It does indeed. Those who are continually chasing the sunlight from morning til night, their houses tend to get dirtier. Obviously, you're going to have to put away your dishes. But, even your dishes just seem to be a bit cleaner.

The floors tend to stay a bit cleaner. The yard tends to grow a bit better on its own. This is natural energy flow, Shaumbra. When energy is held back - restricted, dammed up, or whatever you want to call it - it affects everything around you. It affects your physical environment, your home, your apartment. You see… when you are flowing and rejuvenating like this, even the paint on the walls in your house tends to stay cleaner and brighter, even the plumbing tends to work better.

Oh, and you've experienced this with your computers. We don't need to say much about that. When you're in chaos, so is your computer. When your hard drive fails, it's more about that damn manufacturer… it's NOT about the damn manufacture… it's more about you. Your energy is so strong it can affect the circuits of your electronic equipment.

You need to come in for maintenance once in a while like this, just being here, no efforting here, by the way. The service center is open 24/7 (some laughter). You can come here anytime. There might be a few other Shaumbra here. That is fine. Let them do their maintenance, their regular service cycle. Just sit here in this energy.

There is a funny thing here. There is no efforting. There's no pushing. You don't need it. Why would you need to effort? Why would you need to struggle? That is an Old Energy attribute, Old Energy belief system, that if you push on something that it will create a result. When you get into the New Energy, you find out truly what happens when you push on it: it pushes back on you. So, there's no pushing. There's no need for it. There is no need to try to manipulate the rejuvenation of your own body, mind and spirit right now in this beautiful service center with the water sound everywhere, flowing everywhere. There is no need to push or force. It happens naturally.

You can come back here anytime. We recommend it particularly in these next few years. It's going to intensify on the Earth realms back there. It's going to get faster. It's going to get more demanding. It's going to get pushier. It's going to get more evil, by the way. It will.

Let us talk about evil for a little bit… funny place to talk it about here in the service center while we're waiting for our engines to get overhauled, so to speak. Nothing else to do here… we might as well just wait. Let's talk for a bit about evil.

Evil is essentially stealing of energy, taking of energy. It started out as a simple thing. One being wanted to take energy from another, felt that would make them stronger, or smarter, or give them the answer on how to get back Home. And, when consuming one, or trapping, stealing their energy didn't work, they tried others. When that didn't work, they teamed up together in groups or families. And, they went and attacked other groups or families on the angelic realms. And, it has been going on ever since we left Home. Stealing energy… that is all evil is… trying to take away from another what belongs to them.

Now, it has been highly perfected and refined over eons of time. Evil has turned out to be… it has gone from a relatively innocent type of work into something that is quite hideous. There is a lot of evil on Earth right now. Some of you deny evil. Others of you are fearful of evil. Some of you deny it, saying, "The world is wonderful. We're all God. We're all angels." Well, that is true.

But, some gods have forgotten that they are gods. Some gods have forgotten that they were angels. They've gotten so caught up in their own trip and their own story that they have to keep building on it. They have to keep stealing energy. And, then it turns what you call "evil," or "dark." And, it's here. It's all around.

Evil comes in and out of our gatherings. We don't like talking about it because we don't want any focus on it. But, it is here; it comes in and out. Some of you feel it sometimes, inside or outside of yourselves.

It's interesting that in the English language "evil" is the exact opposite of "live," written backwards. It also contains all the letters of "veil." In other words, it is a reverse. It is the antithesis. But, it is here. It is all over.

Some of you are very fearful of it because you have dealt with it before in past lifetimes. One way or the other, you have been its slave. Or, you have been the one who has used it to enslave. So, you fear it because you know how powerful it can be. You know how it can disguise itself in so many different ways. Evil can come to you with an innocence of a young child with bright eyes, shining hair… and in one moment be this most innocent being… and in the next moment destroy an entire city.

Evil has intensified on Earth in these last few years and will continue to do so for the next few. It is all around. Some of you fear it so much you literally weaken in your physical body, and your mind goes into an old type of surrender. You wonder how to get over it.

You know when evil comes around. When you feel its presence, your mind goes into surrender because you were hypnotized. You still carry that overlay. Your body freezes up, and you can't even think for yourself anymore. Because you have been there, you know what it is like.

We are here in this imaginary but real maintenance center. You can just let that overlay out right now. You can let that water energy just clear it away. Let it go away. Oh, we don't need to do a lot of banging and pounding and twisting of wrenches to get it out of you. Just let it out.

There is nothing to fear in evil, nothing at all. Now, don't go playing with it; that is a stupid thing to do! Why play with evil? Some of you are tantalized by it, by the way, seducted by it. Some of you say, "I'm this incredible Lightworker. I'm going to go play with evil and perhaps maybe even change it." It is a sexual energy that you're dealing with now. And, you have just lost the game.

The minute you feel the seduction of evil… oh, we're not talking about sex from your genitals. Sexual energy… yes, it does affect your genitals. It keeps you enslaved by it on Earth. What sexual energy is is something else. It is an intoxicating, seductive energy on a soul level. It is not just a physical act. And, that's why we have talked before about sexual energy and how it is used to trap and enslave people. Oh, physically, of course… but it is really affecting at the soul level.

So, some of you like to go out and play with evil. You like to say, "I'm going to go shine my light in evil." You are playing with an energy that, first of all, is mocking you because you are unbalanced to the light when you start doing that. You can be unbalanced to the light and to the dark, you know. You can be so naive and innocent of things that you can be unbalanced to the light. It is the integration of the two.

Some of you say, "But, Tobias, you say that the darkness is simply my divinity." It is YOUR divinity, not others. They haven't recognized that yet.

So, the evil, this dark, dark energy, is very smart and very experienced in this whole process of capturing energy, hypnotizing it - what term you would use - "enslaving" it. Evil enslaves through torture of the physical body, one of the easiest ways to take energy from another, sexually the very easiest. Many of you have been enslaved - or still are - because of sexual abuse. It started a long time ago; it wasn't just in this lifetime. It started a long time ago. You have been held slave to it ever since.

Cauldre is saying, "I thought we were going to rejuvenate today." (audience laughter). We are, Shaumbra. Oh, dear, we are. In this safe space you can let go.

You know, any hypnosis, any overlay, or spell that is placed on you is only there because you are allowing it to be. You're letting it be. Oh, you feel that you are all wrapped up in it, and there's no way you can get out of it. You try to hide from it. You've done so well at hiding that you've even come into certain lifetimes and pretended you weren't even you to try to hide from the ones who were enslaving you. But, they follow you around lifetime to lifetime, in between lifetimes as well. They follow you around because, once they had you, they want to continue to have you, until someday you say, "No more." Your energy goes back to you.

Well, let's do that right now in our service center. I'm going to ask Edgar to pull out the mirrors and hand them out to everyone. Everybody, you have a mirror now. Now, don't look in it yourself. You're going to shine it back, turn it around, reflect it back on the one who's been enslaving you.

You say, "But that's terrible. Now they're going to get their own energy, and it's going to burn them up!" Oh, dear, yes (some laughter). They've been asking for it. That is truly what they wanted in the first place. They wanted somebody to come along and stop them from what they were doing.

Now, hold that mirror up, those of you who have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused. You don't even have to know who you are holding it up at. That energy will go straight back at the one who continues to have their hooks into you. Energy is a funny thing, and it is so very simple. It only works if you accept it, if you believe in it, and allow those beliefs to continue to affect you.

Some of them have had their hypnosis, their hooks into you so strong. And, their hook said, "You can never let go of this. I own you forever." You have tried to run and hide and pretend you weren't you… take on different personalities… stories… lifetimes… all to run. And, you still find them right there.

It's time right now, dear God, to disconnect that, to let it go. Let them have their own evil to themselves.

You're going to see it around the world right now all over, groups, individuals, even countries doing the most heinous things to each other. They are just stealing energy; that is all. They've been doing it for so long they don't know how to stop.

It is like an addict who has to continue feeding. They feed off of divine energy. They feed off of soul energy. They collect souls. And, they have them so imprisoned, so mesmerized. And, they continue to feed. And, you know what? They can never get enough. So, they go out looking for more.

It's there; it's real. And, you don't have to get caught in it. You don't have to save them. There is nothing to save them from. Actually, it is about honoring them and their games that they play, but not getting caught in it.

Sometimes this energy of evil comes lurking around because you are at a very sensitive and fragile state. It's because of what you are going through. You become - how to say - a quality prospect for them because your mind is in a state of transition. Your body is tired. Your spirit is going through its own very, very important changes right now.

So, they come around, tantalizing and tempting. They cannot do anything to you, Shaumbra, at all. They have no more power… even if they tell you they have a legion of beings… even if they tell you they come from grand places in the universe… even if they tell you you are a putz, that you are a lowly human. They have absolutely no more energetic power than you.

The only thing that they have are some very strong convincing energies. They're going to try to convince you not to go through this process… try to convince you to stay in an energy of confusion… try to convince you that it is everyone else's fault. That's how evil works. It tells you it's everyone else's fault.

So, it is around. Some of you have been feeling it. It has been taking its toll on your physical body because you have been letting it. It comes into you when you read the papers, when you watch the news. It soaks right into your reality from those different medias.

No, we are not saying, "Do not read the papers, or watch the news." We're saying, "Understand that evil lurks in the ink and on the airwaves." And, you don't have to accept it one bit. It has nothing on you. If you have had its hooks into you, you can let those out right now in our service center.

Remember you are divine… and sovereign… and God in your own right. The god-quality is not a quality of power or strength. You've been led to believe that God equals power. And, it is not. God is simply the expression of Spirit, of you. God simply seeks expression and expansion.

It is not about power. So, if any evil ever comes to you and tells you it has more power, it is lying. There is no power in God. It is simply what you would call love, balance, expression and "being-ness."

So, while we have been chatting away here, these energies of the water… we use the water today because it is such a cleansing thing. You are familiar with its energies… with its texture… with its feel… and its sound. So, we use that today.

We are going to ask you to now just breathe in. Let it fully flow the energies in your body. Let the energies of this beautiful healing water… we're going to call it "the Shaumbra water" right here. It makes you thirsty, doesn't it? We are going to let it flow in.

You can come back here any time. Let it simply help to get things moving again, moving perhaps even on these other levels, in these other realms where you've done this incredible creation work in the other realms. But, you haven't let it into this realm.

Let's just flow that now. Open those doorways. Let all of your works, your creations, start flowing to Earth. And, the ones that are appropriate you can pick up on and begin to work with, play with. Perhaps, it will make you a lot of money. Perhaps, it will just make you happy, satisfied.

Perhaps, Shaumbra, your passion was tied up out there… you see. You had that doorway between the human reality and your grand expansive realities closed up, bottlenecked up. Perhaps, your passion was out there as well. Let's open those doorways and let them flow in through the Shaumbra Service Center. Let them into flow all the way into your body, your mind and your spirit.

Reality is a funny thing. Energies are amazing things. Reality is whatever you choose it to be, whether it is tangible or not. What you have done today is real. It is very, very real. You don't even have to work at it. You just had to be with us here in this beautiful place of rejuvenation. By the way, if it sounds a little bit like the Temples of Tien - if some of you were thinking about that - it is quite the same energy.

You needed it, Shaumbra. You've been overtaxing yourself lately in every way, working too hard, trying too… you've been trying too hard. We have to mention that here today - trying too hard. You know everything just happens. It just happens if you allow it. You don't have to try at anything. You are a Creator. Why would a Creator try?

Do you think God tries? God just does. God watches as the results unfold. God has no agenda about how the creation unfolds. God creates and then frees, breathes life and energy and creation into whatever she chooses and then gives it freedom. That's why you're here. That aspect of God that you are breathes life, gave you freedom, and said, "Go out; go out into nothing and create whatever you choose. Call me if you ever get stuck." (some laughter)

So, dear Edgar Cayce would love to come back a few more times. He loves working with his group. He's actually literally going to try to make arrangements with other humans for a Shaumbra gathering in this beautiful place on the water where he has his center - Virginia Beach - yes, what a place. And, we would like to right now invite so many Shaumbra to come there to be in that energy of honoring the work that he did and the work that you are doing now. This beautiful place that the some of you have been to and attracted to… it is also a Shaumbra energy, where we all work together, call it the Shaumbra, call it the A.R.E., whatever, we all work together.

So, take one more deep breath before we leave our service center today. Come back here often. Don't drag anybody else back here, by the way. It is not about anybody but yourself. Don't think that you have to bring clients here. If you come here, come here for you. Come here for you. If you share this with your clients, have them go there. But, you don't need to be doing anything for them.

It is time to rejuvenate the body. Drink plenty of liquids these next few days. Some of you have very hectic schedules coming up. Let the hectic go. Let that pace go. You can be in any moment, any time of Now, and be very balanced and relaxed and flowing.

So, today's Shoud was a bit different because you asked it to be different. You asked for that rejuvenation. You asked for the imagination to come in and play with your reality. It's been our honor to be here with you today.

And so it is!

Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," in Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

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The ultimate purpose of the Crimson Circle is to serve as human guides and teachers to those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. This is not an evangelical mission. Rather, the inner light will guide people to your doorstep for your compassion and care. You will know what to do and teach in that moment, when the unique and precious human who is about to embark on the journey of the Bridge of Swords comes to you.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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