evil / imbalance to dark

imbalance to darkness; ⇔ anost;
putting a focus on the dark and trying to deny its mirror, the light;

< NewEnergy 7 > "Live" - such an interesting word! "Live" - the antithesis is "evil" - "live" spelled backwards, contained in this wonderful word of the English language - "live." You see… the English language is indeed appropriate for so many things because it is based on other languages and other vibrations, other cultures that were put together in the new language. It contains many of the - how to say - the very old energies of the Atlantian song language, indeed. It contains energies of the Limurian, the vowel language… that are all put into this… a part of the English language. But, in this word "live"… spelled backwards is "evil." Contained in "live" is also the word "lie." It is also the "veil," dear friends. All of these things… but the essence is about living.

< Clarity 3 > Evil is essentially stealing of energy, taking of energy. It started out as a simple thing. One being wanted to take energy from another, felt that would make them stronger, or smarter, or give them the answer on how to get back Home. And, when consuming one, or trapping, stealing their energy didn't work, they tried others. When that didn't work, they teamed up together in groups or families. And, they went and attacked other groups or families on the angelic realms. And, it has been going on ever since we left Home. Stealing energy… that is all evil is… trying to take away from another what belongs to them.

< Clarity 3 > Now, it has been highly perfected and refined over eons of time. Evil has turned out to be… it has gone from a relatively innocent type of work into something that is quite hideous. There is a lot of evil on Earth right now. Some of you deny evil. Others of you are fearful of evil. Some of you deny it, saying, "The world is wonderful. We're all God. We're all angels." Well, that is true. But, some gods have forgotten that they are gods. Some gods have forgotten that they were angels. They've gotten so caught up in their own trip and their own story that they have to keep building on it. They have to keep stealing energy. And, then it turns what you call "evil," or "dark." And, it's here. It's all around.

< Clarity 3 > Evil comes in and out of our gatherings. We don't like talking about it because we don't want any focus on it. But, it is here; it comes in and out. Some of you feel it sometimes, inside or outside of yourselves. It's interesting that in the English language "evil" is the exact opposite of "live," written backwards. It also contains all the letters of "veil." In other words, it is a reverse. It is the antithesis. But, it is here. It is all over.

< Clarity 3 > Some of you are very fearful of it because you have dealt with it before in past lifetimes. One way or the other, you have been its slave. Or, you have been the one who has used it to enslave. So, you fear it because you know how powerful it can be. You know how it can disguise itself in so many different ways. Evil can come to you with an innocence of a young child with bright eyes, shining hair… and in one moment be this most innocent being… and in the next moment destroy an entire city.

< Clarity 3 > Evil has intensified on Earth in these last few years and will continue to do so for the next few. It is all around. Some of you fear it so much you literally weaken in your physical body, and your mind goes into an old type of surrender. You wonder how to get over it. You know when evil comes around. When you feel its presence, your mind goes into surrender because you were hypnotized. You still carry that overlay. Your body freezes up, and you can't even think for yourself anymore. Because you have been there, you know what it is like.

< Clarity 3 > We are here in this imaginary but real maintenance center. You can just let that overlay out right now. You can let that water energy just clear it away. Let it go away. Oh, we don't need to do a lot of banging and pounding and twisting of wrenches to get it out of you. Just let it out. There is nothing to fear in evil, nothing at all. Now, don't go playing with it; that is a stupid thing to do! Why play with evil? Some of you are tantalized by it, by the way, seducted by it. Some of you say, "I'm this incredible Lightworker. I'm going to go play with evil and perhaps maybe even change it." It is a sexual energy that you're dealing with now. And, you have just lost the game.

< Clarity 3 > The minute you feel the seduction of evil… oh, we're not talking about sex from your genitals. Sexual energy… yes, it does affect your genitals. It keeps you enslaved by it on Earth. What sexual energy is is something else. It is an intoxicating, seductive energy on a soul level. It is not just a physical act. And, that's why we have talked before about sexual energy and how it is used to trap and enslave people. Oh, physically, of course… but it is really affecting at the soul level.

< Clarity 3 > So, some of you like to go out and play with evil. You like to say, "I'm going to go shine my light in evil." You are playing with an energy that, first of all, is mocking you because you are unbalanced to the light when you start doing that. You can be unbalanced to the light and to the dark, you know. You can be so naive and innocent of things that you can be unbalanced to the light. It is the integration of the two. Some of you say, "But, Tobias, you say that the darkness is simply my divinity." It is YOUR divinity, not others. They haven't recognized that yet.

< Clarity 3 > So, the evil, this dark, dark energy, is very smart and very experienced in this whole process of capturing energy, hypnotizing it - what term you would use - "enslaving" it. Evil enslaves through torture of the physical body, one of the easiest ways to take energy from another, sexually the very easiest. Many of you have been enslaved - or still are - because of sexual abuse. It started a long time ago; it wasn't just in this lifetime. It started a long time ago. You have been held slave to it ever since.

< Clarity 3 > You know, any hypnosis, any overlay, or spell that is placed on you is only there because you are allowing it to be. You're letting it be. Oh, you feel that you are all wrapped up in it, and there's no way you can get out of it. You try to hide from it. You've done so well at hiding that you've even come into certain lifetimes and pretended you weren't even you to try to hide from the ones who were enslaving you. But, they follow you around lifetime to lifetime, in between lifetimes as well. They follow you around because, once they had you, they want to continue to have you, until someday you say, "No more." Your energy goes back to you.

< Clarity 3 > It is like an addict who has to continue feeding. They feed off of divine energy. They feed off of soul energy. They collect souls. And, they have them so imprisoned, so mesmerized. And, they continue to feed. And, you know what? They can never get enough. So, they go out looking for more. It's there; it's real. And, you don't have to get caught in it. You don't have to save them. There is nothing to save them from. Actually, it is about honoring them and their games that they play, but not getting caught in it.

< Clarity 3 > Sometimes this energy of evil comes lurking around because you are at a very sensitive and fragile state. It's because of what you are going through. You become - how to say - a quality prospect for them because your mind is in a state of transition. Your body is tired. Your spirit is going through its own very, very important changes right now. So, they come around, tantalizing and tempting. They cannot do anything to you, Shaumbra, at all. They have no more power… even if they tell you they have a legion of beings… even if they tell you they come from grand places in the universe… even if they tell you you are a putz, that you are a lowly human. They have absolutely no more energetic power than you.

< Clarity 3 > The only thing that they have are some very strong convincing energies. They're going to try to convince you not to go through this process… try to convince you to stay in an energy of confusion… try to convince you that it is everyone else's fault. That's how evil works. It tells you it's everyone else's fault. So, it is around. Some of you have been feeling it. It has been taking its toll on your physical body because you have been letting it. It comes into you when you read the papers, when you watch the news. It soaks right into your reality from those different medias.

< Clarity 3 > "Understand that evil lurks in the ink and on the airwaves." And, you don't have to accept it one bit. It has nothing on you. If you have had its hooks into you, you can let those out right now in our service center. Remember you are divine… and sovereign… and God in your own right. The god-quality is not a quality of power or strength. You've been led to believe that God equals power. And, it is not. God is simply the expression of Spirit, of you. God simply seeks expression and expansion. It is not about power. So, if any evil ever comes to you and tells you it has more power, it is lying. There is no power in God. It is simply what you would call love, balance, expression and "being-ness."

< Clarity 3QA > Those forces who do attempt to control - who are based in fear or directly based in evil - will continue, will try to continue to do their work, especially over these next few years. Whether they are terrorists or politicians - and not much difference between the two (much laughter) - or any other beings, whether they're large companies or small, they're finally going to realize what you have already realized: you are sovereign in your own right. You don't need to steal someone else's energy. You don't have to try to take away from another. It is actually easier to create on your own as a sovereign being rather than trying to take somebody else's energy for power. Ultimately, you can have what you choose as a Creator unto yourself, rather than having to take it from others.

< Clarity 3QA > Those dark, or what you would call evil forces, who have enslaved other humans' energies, who have literally hypnotized them, now have the responsibility and the burden for every one of their subjects. They take on a responsibility. For every spell that is placed, they are under that spell as well. That is the fallacy of any of this type of work, whether they are spells or hypnosis. He who puts out the energy gets it also. It is a very simple energetic principal. That is the reason why it makes no sense to do this.

< Clarity 4 > Some of them had actually dabbled in what you call dark or evil energies, as you know. They had fed themselves that way; that is another type of food, another way of giving yourself energy. Some of them did it by being what we would call the spiritual social workers, always having to counsel others, always having to be there, the listener, the counselor. You know the type. You are the type, many of you (some laughter). You always are the ones your friends can come to. Well, they're feeding off of you for one. But, you're feeding off of them.

< Clarity 5QA > Darkness is a natural occurring energy that is part of the duality reality. It is an energy that is - how to say - literally is part of the whole but helps the light understand itself. There is no bad in the darkness. It is just an opposing force. It actually works in harmony with what you would call the light.

What you now term as evil, we say would be the unbalanced or the imbalanced darkness. Evil is when you take the energy to an extreme, and you literally try to shut out its partner, the light. It becomes obsessed with itself and - how to say - it believes in only itself. It becomes very centered in self, and it begins to twist and distort its relationship with the light. In a sense, it will deny the light in order to pump itself up.

As much as you have the imbalanced energy of the dark called "evil," you have an imbalanced energy of the light as well, believe it or not. There is an energy of light that denies the darkness, that finds comfort and joy only in itself, that pretends it's the beginning and the end, and that wants to take everything for itself. That is also an imbalance. Just like evil is to dark, there is this other side of the light.

It is about understanding that the two - lightness and dark - both have a right to exist. And, both work together in harmony in a duality scenario. Once you move out of duality you don't any longer have the opposing forces of light and dark, and therefore evil cannot be present in total pure New Energy.

< Clarity 6 > So, the question was asked - darkness versus evil. And, we said darkness is a natural state of being. It is part of duality. It is a dimension in itself. It is the partner and the lover of the light. And, they switch rolls back and forth. Evil - which some of you know would be "live" spelled backwards - evil is an imbalanced dark, where there is so much focus on the dark, and so much focus on - what you would call - energies of perhaps anger… or hate… or emptiness… lack of love… however you want to define it. It is an imbalanced dark. It is putting a focus on the dark and trying to ignore the light.

< Clarity 6 > The dark is simply asking to be acknowledged… you see. Now, this is a tough issue for some because of the overlay of dark. Dark has gotten a bad rap… you see… from, yes, from the churches, from everything. You can't be dark. Dark is often equated with evil. And, it's not. It's simply an imbalanced version, unstable version, of darkness. There is nothing wrong with darkness.

< Clarity 6 > It has to be balanced. Why? Because you're understanding the light and dark… you're bringing them together. You're doing a soul eclipse. You're marrying the two. Money doesn't ever have to be out of balance… relationships never out of balance… love…sex… food… all of these things, never out of balance because you've chosen to come here. By the way, some of you worry; you say, "Well, but I'm coming into balance. I'm learning these things. I'm truly ready to accept the gifts and the joy into my life. But, what if I slide backwards?" There is a spiritual physics that almost makes it impossible - not totally, but almost makes it impossible - because you reach a certain level of enlightenment. You cannot erase enlightenment… you see. You cannot erase it. So, you're not going to slide backwards. You're not going to go do evil, dark things. You're not even going to do imbalanced light things. It'll be a balance.