limitation;  centeredness;  concentration;  realizing;  bringing into reality;
one of the five divine senses;  Sense of Power;

< Creator 7QA > We have talked of this issue of "prayer." We have riled some lightworkers! (chuckling) We want to make a point here - and underline it - that we are not in any way condemning prayer. We are not saying that prayer has not been, or will continue to be, appropriate. We are simply saying that you are changing your energy, you are changing the way you create and the way you affect your outer world. Prayer has been a powerful tool for you. It has helped bring a focus of energies. It has helped to solidify your intents. It has helped you to truly know your path. When you pray from your heart with love for others, it has had an effect, if they so choose to use that energy.

< Ascension 6 > Soon she determined she would cook. She pulled the spices and the raw goods from the shelves and from the refrigerator, and cut them up into appropriate pieces. She focused on preparing the meal, on putting it together. She focused on the amount of time certain things would need to cook. She focused on the levels of ingredients that would be needed, how many cups of this, how many tablespoons of that, and how many pinches of this.

< Ascension 6 > Now, let’s continue moving around this five-pointed star. Next is the SENSE of FOCUS. Focus. We also call it the Sense of Power. It is the ability to take raw energy that comes from the imagination, blended with compassion for others and for self, and focus that energy, to bring it to reality, to bring it to life.

This sense is so important, dear friends. So many of Shaumbra have allowed this divine sense of Focus to go dormant while you have been on Earth. You forget to focus. You forget to bring it into your reality. So many of you have totally ignored this divine sense. You don't want to necessarily focus on being human, for someone along the way told you that it was a sin. You ignore the sense of focus, and it is so important for the balance.
Focus on your imaginations and on your compassion and on your humanness. The sense of Focus draws the energies of the raw God-power and brings it into a focus. It begins to funnel the raw energies.

< Ascension 6 > Those of you who meditate, dear friends, don't do it anymore! You were un-focusing. You were unraveling during your meditations. We speak to nearly every one of you. Meditation WAS a wonderful thing. It got you to this point. But there is a great, great misunderstanding of meditations.
You were taught how to leave your focus through meditation. We are asking you to do the opposite. You were taught to leave your humanness. Indeed, some of you were taught to focus on a candle or focus on a thought. But, in a sense, you were letting go of any other balances that were in your being. Yes, meditation did help you to get to parts of your consciousness. But now, dear friends, your meditation should be a focus on Earth as a human. Meditation should be about all that you are, not trying to forget who you were.

< Ascension 6 > There is an energy associated with the right foot with the sense of Focus, "dig your heels in." Do you not tap your right foot, dear friends, when you are trying to stay focused on something, when you are nervous, and you might go out of your body? And, then you bring yourself back in with the tapping of the right foot, because it is associated with or somewhat connected to this divine energy of focus. Do not misunderstand - that energy is not located in your foot, but it is associated externally with that foot.

< Ascension 6 > The Language of Ah will come in through the ability to focus, the ability to funnel energies in. This is what Nancy was doing with her cooking. She was taking raw energies - the ones that the farmers worked on - and bringing these in, focusing them. That is what your divine sense of Focus does. Your universe is filled with energy, raw, undefined energy. Focus makes it possible to bring it in and apply it on your level. This will be an important one for you to work with this year, not what we would call the most fun one, but so very important.

< Ascension 6 > And, finally Expression. If Nancy had just imagined her cooking and had compassion about it and had focused on what she was truly hungry for, she would have starved if she hadn't expressed it, if she hadn't gone into her kitchen and begun the work.

< Ascension 7QA > There is no need to focus on anything other than being. When Metatron first came in on this day, he was amazed at the wonderful energy of human beings - Being-ness in human form. He commented on it during our lesson. He said, "Such a joy is it to be a human! Why do you need to focus on something?" We know why. It is because that has been the way of duality. You focus on this side or that side. You focus your attention here or there. There is no need to focus. We know some of you are already rolling your eyes, saying, "Tobias, without focus, I become nothing." And, that is correct. You become nothing that you were before. You leave it behind. You become all that you are. You become divine and human, all rolled up into the same wonderful package, the same sweet package. There is no need to focus, as in the terminology that you are using right now, on any particular thing.

< DivineHuman 10 > You wondered why there wasn't money, or love, or health in your life. You were approaching it with the Old Energy mind. Now, release all of those problems. Stop focusing on them. Do something in your life. Those problems will go away all by themselves. Do anything. Make a radical move. Eat something different for dinner tonight. Take a walk. Come out of hiding, dear Shaumbra. Allow creativity to move you. And, understand that all of the time it is you, but it is a part that you have not known for so very long.

< Clarity 5 > That overlay of discipline has been built up in societies and cultures all across the Earth to where it is still very prevalent. And, that disciplined overlay, triggered by old vows, is one of the things that literally help sustain - how to say - this consciousness of Earth right now of just enough, just barely enough. It's perpetuated in schools and in churches and by governments. You have to work hard. You have to stay disciplined. Your parents reinforced it for you because they were part of that consciousness. Discipline… discipline yourself. Focus… focus.

< Clarity 5 > You think that you need discipline to keep you focused. That is actually what has kept you limited. Discipline will definitely create a focus, but the focus can be so limiting. And, it causes things like depression. The human spirit was never intended to be so focused, so limited that it got lost. That is why so much depression occurs because these beings are screaming out from within, screaming out to be who they are, to enjoy life. But, all of the overlays, all of the hypnosis from themselves and from society holds them back. It is probably one of the greatest causes of depression - limitation. The spirit was not meant to be limited. You are not meant to be limited.

< Clarity 6 > So, the question was asked - darkness versus evil. And, we said darkness is a natural state of being. It is part of duality. It is a dimension in itself. It is the partner and the lover of the light. And, they switch rolls back and forth. Evil - which some of you know would be "live" spelled backwards - evil is an imbalanced dark, where there is so much focus on the dark, and so much focus on - what you would call - energies of perhaps anger… or hate… or emptiness… lack of love… however you want to define it. It is an imbalanced dark. It is putting a focus on the dark and trying to ignore the light.

< Clarity 6 > One of the biggest blockages is the different agendas - the human agenda versus the spiritual delight, the spiritual purpose, the spiritual presence. You have been asking for all of these things in your life to satisfy the car - to try to fix the wheels, to try to take the tears out of the upholstery, to try to correct the rust, to try to make the engine sputter a few more miles. Your focus, Shaumbra, humans, has been on repairing the car.

< Clarity 6 > And, it's time to re-invent the car, re-create the car, and stop trying to rebuild it. The fear has been death. The fear has been finality. You've been operating in the three - what we would call - lower levels, or basic levels, of trying to always maintain the integrity of the car, trying to preserve and protect it. So, your agenda for making the car just a little shinier, a little faster, making the car a little better than someone else's is not necessarily consistent with the desire of the soul. You've been removed from your soul because you've been trying to focus on the basic things of keeping that old car running.

< Teacher 7 > So now here you are in the idea phase and you decide now perhaps you'll give it a try. You'll see if you can manifest it. It's a creation at this point. It has a certain life force energy behind it. It has a certain energy pattern and dynamic. Let's say you're trying to create a new type of food product, since we'll be talking about that shortly. You have a desire. You've imagined it. Now you're going to start bringing a focus of energy into it. Here you're crossing a chasm. You're crossing a chasm that goes from idea into focus. You're going to be bringing it into reality, into this world.

< e2012 2 > But the real magic is the awareness of yourself, of your presence right now, in every dimension that you're operating. You like to think that you're just operating here, but you're operating in a multitude of dimensions. This (human reality) is kind of the center where so much of it's happening. Yes, a lot of amazing things are happening for you, with you, in these other realms. This is kind of the point where it's all coming together, where it's all coming into focus and it's all coming into materialization.

< Transhuman 9 > I'll actually go so far, I'll extrapolate and say the word “Christos,” “crystal,” “Christ” actually means “senses.” In the true literal definition it means senses; the ability to perceive with more than just the eye, with more than just Focus.

< Emergence 2 > So now into phase two, you're on the planet Earth and you take on the human form. In a way, you kind of leave behind the wisdom, the Master, and you leave behind the I Am, the soul. You don't leave them behind, but you kind of shut the door so you're not aware of them, so that you could get away from all those senses that you'd created – because it was kind of confusing now – and go into Focus and go into experience. Go into deep experience. And the experience with this sense of focus, this experience was all about finding answers. Finding answers to the “Who am I?” question, but I would say there was an adjunct, a side question that came right along with this that your soul was asking: “Am I ready to be a creator?”