just enough / barely enough

carrot in front of the horse;

< Clarity 5 > Absolutely enjoy life. There is an old overlay on Earth, and it is still there. It is still strong. You see it in some of your more radical religions and political systems where that life is not to be enjoyed. Life is to be barely tolerated. Life is to be survived but not lived. You know, there is a difference. You can survive. You can get along just enough. Or, you can truly live. Literally, governments and churches work at "just enough" of a hypnotic overlay… just enough so they don't revolt or rebel or take us over… just enough food and money… just enough freedom where they think they truly have freedom but they have just enough… just enough money where they think that having a house and three meals a day is fulfilling. Shaumbra, that's a bunch of crock.

< Clarity 5 > Do you see how the overlays work and people fall into them… and they believe it… and the governments play along with it because the governments are a representation of the people? Just enough. And, then once a year you get this thing called Christmas. You get a few extra days off. "Boy, the company sure was nice to give us a few extra days!" Just enough, Shaumbra. Two weeks vacation… barely enough to keep you from going absolutely wild and mad crazy from working all of the time. Just enough… you see.

< Clarity 5 > Most people don't enjoy life. They "just-enough" life… just enough of it… just enough to keep you in the physical body… just enough to keep you in that nice little resonance called hypnotic overlay of life. Yes, one of you is asking us… Adamus coming through as well right now indeed… you can probably feel his energy. We are singing somewhat of a tune together today during this Shoud. So, Shaumbra, life is to be enjoyed. Life is to give yourself permission to be who you are and enjoy life. Get rid of those overlays that say "just enough, just barely enough." Don't be afraid to enjoy life.

< Clarity 5 > You have a belief that you have to be disciplined in order to get by, have just enough. You have to discipline yourself in diet. You have to discipline yourself in working out. You have to discipline yourself mentally and, more importantly, discipline yourself spiritually. There is that old saying - no pain, no gain… no discipline, no structure, no evolution… you see. Many of you have vowed discipline. Perhaps, you didn't say those exact words, but you were vowing to keep yourself so focused that you didn't see anything else… you see.

< Clarity 5 > That overlay of discipline has been built up in societies and cultures all across the Earth to where it is still very prevalent. And, that disciplined overlay, triggered by old vows, is one of the things that literally help sustain - how to say - this consciousness of Earth right now of just enough, just barely enough. It's perpetuated in schools and in churches and by governments. You have to work hard. You have to stay disciplined. Your parents reinforced it for you because they were part of that consciousness. Discipline… discipline yourself. Focus… focus.

< Clarity 9 > Let the disconnection continue, even if you're observing some of these things about fear. A big fear, a very obvious fear, is "What if I disconnect from my old way of making a living?" You call that a living?! (laughter) Let yourself disconnect from that. Do you really need that piece of paper on payday, that little morsel of energy, that "just enough" energy. Yes, you feel the fear of "How will I feed myself?" literally. "How will I buy the groceries?" You're going to be feeding in a whole new way where it doesn't require dependence on outer, or even your own inner, networks.

< (Next) 4 > How many of you have money issues? So it's a pattern you've got into. Somewhere along the line you developed a pattern of not ever having quite enough or, as Tobias would say, you bought into the 'just barely enough' consciousness - just barely enough to fill the gas tank to get here, just barely enough to pay the rent - but not enough to absolutely enjoy life.

It has its origin - I'm speaking generally here - it has its origins in some of your early church work, you know, the vows of poverty are still hanging around. And I would say, actually, for most of you now it's more of a matter of thinking that if you suddenly got a lot of money that it was going to overpower you, that it would affect you, corrupt you, make you do something bad. You would get off of this disciplined - crap - path that you've been on, and it would somehow keep you stuck here on Earth. Part of you is thinking, "You know, this is going to be probably my last lifetime - maybe second to the last - and if I get a lot of money, I'll probably want to stay, because I'll be rich and I can do all these things. And you know what? I really don't want to stay, so I'm not going to have any money."

< (Next) 7 > So humans are focused on survival, which is interesting in itself also, because survival in this modern age is really quite easy. Everything is there. All the tools, the energy, the technology - it's all there. It's being withheld. Survival is doled out to humans in so many countries, including this country, as just enough. Just enough. The carrot in front of the horse.

< e2012 9 > Energies are serving you literally right now. If you're not really sure you want to be on this planet, you're sitting on the fence, you're waiting for a breeze to come along and push you off one way or the other and then you can blame it on the breeze, not take responsibility, that's exactly the level of energy that's going to come in to support you. Not much. Just enough to survive. Just enough to live. Just enough to get by. And that's where a lot of you are. It's not because you haven't figured out abundance. It's because you haven't chosen whether you want to be here or not!

< kharisma 9 > Annoying, because mass consciousness is in a type of beautiful, but dull, hypnosis – just enough energy, just enough of everything – and for the most part humans are rather content with that. Amazing. You're not, that's why you're here, but most humans are content with that – just getting through the day. And suddenly along comes this exuberant bright light – I'm not just talking about your physical energy, but I'm talking about your presence – it's annoying to them, because it's really telling them that there's something more, something they're missing out on, something that they're being so lethargic and dull. And you come along – you're not dull. No, that's the last thing. You're not dull (some chuckles). Lethargic once in a while in the body and in the mind, of course, because so many things are changing so quickly, but you come along with your kharisma? It's annoying. So get used to it, for a while anyway.