disconnection / total disconnection

cutting off;  unplugging;

< Clarity 7 > You're truly - as a great one said - you're truly going out on a limb. Your own limb by yourself. Just you. Disconnecting from the crystalline realms, from the field, from mass consciousness, from your old belief systems. Yes, sometimes you feel like you're stripped bare, but in that being stripped bare, you have a whole new sense of freedom. A whole new sense of fulfillment. It is the Soul's purpose - that one purpose of a soul, if you choose to believe it - that you become totally sovereign.

< Clarity 7 > The Whole or the Oneness splits into pieces. The pieces then help to recreate the Whole but each piece stays independent, totally free, totally sovereign. It was the plan that we all agreed to when we left home. Tobias talked in our last gathering about the Soul desire versus the human desire. He said the Soul sometimes truly doesn't care about the human desire. It doesn't. The Soul simply wants to discover what it's like, what it's absolutely like, to be sovereign. That means total freedom, total creation, total empowerment. If you look deep within yourself, there is one purpose in the Soul of yours - total discovery that you are God also. It's also, by the way, the total discovery of what love is.

< Clarity 7 > So, you're in this month of love now in your human consciousness. Human love is nothing compared to the love of Spirit and Self. The whole purpose of Soul is to understand that sovereign nature - the gift of love from Spirit, from All That Is. But in order to fulfill that, there must be the total disconnection. Total disconnection.

< Clarity 7 > And you, Shaumbra, you, living your world still connected to old fuel sources. Whether it's the grid, whether it's even the crystalline realms, whether it's your belief systems, still feeding off of all that causing you sometimes great suffering, great pain, when all around you is an abundant garden. Your garden - it is filled with so many potentials, but you don't see it. You're so used to the old ways of being fed, the old ways of bringing in energy, that you don't see that all around you every potential you could ever want or that you could ever choose, you see.

< Clarity 7 > Once you start making choices in your life, once you start letting yourself be disconnected from the field itself, you're going to see what a true creator you are. You're going to see that you're not tied into anybody else's consciousness or any other group's consciousness. You're going to understand what it's like to be totally free and sovereign.

< Clarity 7 > Take a moment here as we sit together, as individual sovereign beings and as a group that has many common attributes. Feel for a moment, or even imagine for a moment. There is this Crystalline Realm within you and in the crystalline realms all the birthing of every creative energy that you could ever want. Stop going into the fourth dimension for your answers. Go into your own crystalline realms.

< Clarity 7 > Now go into your own. There's an energy center within you that doesn't need to be connected to any other energy center, the grid, any of the other energies as well. It's within you. It's time to activate that. It's time to bring that up in your life. Time to breathe some energy into it. Get it moving. You're going to need it moving. You're going to need it working - this energy field within yourself. Your own personal energetic power plant. You're going to need it because you're disconnecting right now from the field.

< Clarity 7QA > When you're connected to the Field, you are indeed connected to mass consciousness, angelic consciousness, to everything. By disconnecting, by getting off that feeding, you learn how to go inside and awaken those things within you that give you total freedom and total independence. It doesn't mean that you will never have loved ones, never share with other people, never have groups that you associate - it means that you're going to be doing it in a different and an independent way. Instead of feeding off of your job... which by the way, that's going to have to go sooner or later. Instead of feeding off of your family and your mates, instead of feeding off of mass consciousness, you become energy independent. Sovereign. Complete unto yourself.

< Clarity 7QA > It's all with a wonderful soul purpose. "Soul purpose" being letting go of the Whole or the One, becoming full and complete in yourself, which reinvents the One once again. A wonderful spiral of energy.

< Clarity 8 > It is also the lifetime that you chose, not only to have your own learning but also you chose to be the teacher to others. That is written right at the top of desires for this lifetime - to be the teachers. Obviously, the teacher will have to go through the learning process themselves. You gave yourself that, by the way. You said, "Before I go out and teach it, I want to experience it for myself. I want to experience what this embodied ascension (new ascension status) is like." In other words, to be in a physical body and go through the total ascension, which means also the disconnecting.

< Clarity 8 > We said to Shaumbra all over the world that sooner or later you're going to leave your jobs where you are employed by other people or corporations. You're going to disconnect from those. What a wonderful example to show someone: You don't have to work for something else, you just be for yourself. Do what you choose to do. You can break out of some of the patterns of working a certain number of hours, going to a certain number of meetings, performing certain routine or mundane tasks. You can break out of that. It is not always easy to do because there's great comfort and security in staying in those jobs. At least you know what to expect each day. When you break out of that, you're into the unknown but also into the true joy. It's also where you're the true example, the teacher to others.

< Clarity 8 > We talked about disconnecting from the Field. You know that's something that most of the angels haven't done. They're still connected to some type of field or energy source somewhere, you see. It's not like they've gone before you. Quite the opposite. You're the Grand Ones, you are going first. You are going first. You're disconnecting from the Field. There's been, literally, no groups of humans that have done that together. There's been very few individual entities, who've been in human form, that have done that. And there have been a number who have gone part way but did not finish it in their lifetime because the energy on Earth wasn't right and/or new energy wasn't available.

< Clarity 8 > There are Enlightened Ones, enlightened masters such as Buddha, who spent a lifetime, actually many lifetimes (Tobias chuckling) ... We joked about him. He was the grand sufferer of all! There was Buddha who denied everything in his lifetime, as Gautama, or Buddha, and his whole attempt was to disconnect from the Field. He did it first by disconnecting from the physical planes and from his body, and then he did it by disconnecting from his mind. Then he slowly started disconnecting from the crystalline realms. But he went through so many trials and tribulations to do it. He punished his body and he damned his mind.

< Clarity 8 > He (Buddah) eventually got there. He eventually got there after many, many, many lifetimes and many attempts to disconnect. But he was able to do it in a pure moment of brilliance when he finally said "I give up!" (laughter) It wasn't some grand angelic inspiration, it wasn't the hand of the Spirit coming down upon him. When he finally said "I give up with this suffering and trying and I give up with this discipline," in that moment sitting under the tree, he did have enlightenment, and then the heavens opened up and we all applauded and said "Thank God, finally!" (Laughter)

< Clarity 8 > Yeshua. Yeshua - or Jesus as so many of you call this dear one - is a composite being, not a souled being. He came to - in a sense - help lead the way for Shaumbra, and the world, indeed, but even when people say, "Well did Yeshua disconnect from the Field?" Yeshua is not a souled being, he is not like you. He is a composite of many, many, many energies. So you could not even say that Yeshua disconnected from the Field. Yeshua is still very much part of the Field, actually, particularly in the persona of Jesus.

< Clarity 8 > Jesus is so woven into the Field right now! You hear people saying that you have to go through Jesus for your salvation. That means they're continually stuck in the grid, the network, the matrix, whatever you want to call it. He has been woven into it. Now, the energy of Jesus is a bit different than Yeshua. Consciousness has created this... actually what we call a fairy tale being, Jesus. There never was a Jesus. That was not his name. That was Yeshua, and the energy of Yeshua is quite different. But even Yeshua didn't go through this process of disconnecting.

< Clarity 8 > This energy of Ohamah was able to disconnect from the Field after tremendous anger, after tremendous suffering and tremendous loneliness. Ohamah disconnected from the Field as well, became independent, a souled being who had let go of all the connections - connections of family, connections of his warriors and his armies, connections even to God, you know. That's a big one. That's a big one Ohamah had to learn. A big one that Ohamah even likes talking about now. Disconnected from God, you see. That's a big one.

< Clarity 8 > Humans truly go into their fear when you start talking on those levels because it's so ingrained that God is this almighty male being with a bad temper and a way of judging - absolutely no compassion - and that has dominion over heaven but not hell, you see. So it is a very big... it is a big fear that humans have. But Ohamah said, "I will even disconnect from God. I will disconnect from everything because I don't care." He actually thought he was going to die, actually wanted to die. He was trying to force himself to die. But there was something within him that wouldn't allow that to happen, that was actually forcing him to disconnect from everything. And he did. He did. He's been his own being ever since, returning to Earth to work with humans now in his own blustery way, to help them disconnect.

< Clarity 8 > Kuthumi, another grand being who DIDN'T have trouble disconnecting. It was not a difficult process for him He didn't have to go through the suffering, he just let it go. He went off, indeed, by himself for a long period of time. Stayed away from friends and family, moved away from even the university life, which he loved. He went off by himself and said "I'm going to do this the easy way, the fun way, and disconnect. I'm going to be my own being." And he let go also. He did it, actually, with much of the love and the compassion of Gaia. Not connected to Gaia but working with those energies to let go. So Kuthumi is another independent being. A godded, souled being who has let go of all of the connections and all of the ways of feeding.

< Clarity 8 > I, Tobias, disconnected. I did it the hard way. I went through many, many lifetimes of being very pious, very religious, trying to follow the book to a tee. Very righteous in my own way. It felt like I was trying to earn my way to God, to try to show God that I was so worthy because I could follow every one of the rules. It wasn't until the very end that God said, "Tobias, I had no rules! None at all! You made them all up. You read it in some crazy book written by some imbalanced humans who had an affinity for rules."

I learned to disconnect, but it took a long time, many, many lifetimes. Part of the process came during my lifetime as Tobias. I was known as Tobit and I had to go through suffering... first of all suffering of being a slave. Suffering of an interesting family life. (Tobias chuckling) We won't go into the details there. (laughter) Suffering of losing my sight. Suffering of drinking too much, which I admitted to recently in our discussion about addictions. Definitely addicted. Addicted to my own pain, actually, my own emotional pain. Trying to drown it through the drinking.

When that life ended, I found myself, quite to my dismay, reincarnated again right back into the same place I had just left. Right back into the lands of Israel, because it was calling me back. It wanted completion. I wanted completion. So I came back again. Once again, drinking a bit too much, I have to admit now. "I am Tobias..." I would say at some of the gatherings. (much laughter, as audience realizes Tobias is referring to the usual introduction used at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings)

And finding myself eventually thrown in prison and in that prison hating every day, hating every person, hating God, hating everything about life. Until at the very end, at the very end, in total despair and knowing that I was about to die, I finally found my release as well. It took a prison and it took all that suffering to finally let go. The realization that there truly weren't any rules. There was truly nothing I needed to hold onto anymore. I'd lost everything, you see. My family, my lands, my health and my God. I'd lost all of it, so I let go.

< Clarity 8 > There are not many Beings that have truly disconnected. The list is quite short actually. Not many Beings who have let themselves go through that process - a process that right now you are going through. It is not about - how to say... This whole concept of spirituality and religion, it is actually... should be, actually... one of disconnecting. But what do the churches teach? More connection. More addiction to their energy. More dependence on their energy. In the simplest teachings it is about totally disconnecting. That's when you become your own sovereign being.

< Clarity 8 > Saint-Germain is another being who disconnected ... forced to - forced to after finding himself literally trapped in a crystal, as both a state of consciousness as well as something he allowed to be manifested. But knowing no other way out, not alive and not dead, but finding himself entombed in this crystal was his way of learning how to disconnect. He says he spent a hundred thousand years... how ever long of a time it was, it forced him to go within and look for the answer, the way, in that lifetime of his. To disconnect from all of these other things and to realize that all the way along he truly had the answer. He truly knew how to get out.

< Clarity 8 > Symptoms like unexpected tiredness. It happens because, as you are disconnecting from the old way you were feeding yourself, it has to bring up something new from within you. You're in transition from the old way of getting your energy to the new. So, from time to time you're going to have very unexpected tiredness, when you'd least expect it. You're going to have different sleeping patterns, because as your new crystalline self comes on-line, so to speak, within you, you're not going to need the old patterns of sleeping for eight hours. Everything begins changing. The food that you eat changes because you're fueling yourself in a different way.

< Clarity 8 > Your relationships and your connections with other people change, again. They've changed before but they change yet again. The way you employ yourself... the work that you do, even how you get paid... starts to change. You're used to very old energy ways of getting paid; for instance, by the hour. What should be by the creative expansion of what you do, not by the hour. The symptoms for this disconnection go on and on and on. They're very similar to the original Shaumbra symptoms - the awakening symptoms - but there are some differences. Yes, different body aches and pains now, so often in the legs. Where before you were feeling it in the shoulders and back, now you're starting to feel certain aching in the legs. It is because the energy is running in and through you differently now.

< Clarity 8 > You are, in a sense, ungrounding yourself from the old way of how you grounded and now there's a new way of grounding your energy. A new way of even working with the energies of Gaia. There's a whole difference and there are changes going on right now in nearly every aspect of your life. Your dreams are another reflection of this whole process of disconnecting. The way you're breathing changes. Many of you have been noticing that. Your breathing changes as you disconnect. You're invigorating your body in a whole different way through the breath. Everything starts changing.

< Clarity 8 > Now, the good news is that you'll find yourself filled with great amounts of energy at other times. You'll have tremendous bursts of creativity and insight. Your mental process goes from being very linear or analytical into being very creative and you find solutions to answers very quickly, and they're very big solutions as well. You find yourself very intuitive about other people, and you find yourself, more than anything, coming up with very simple but profound understandings. Simple - meaning that you see the basic, simple quality of life. You see the core energies of things. You don't have to get muddled in the mind with all of the different analyses that go on. You can see very simply and very clearly and profoundly.

< Clarity 8 > It's going to help you to understand how you create the routines and the ruts. Those are also things that are keeping you attached to the Field. Those are things that are making it very difficult for you right now to disconnect. By consciously doing it different, you're going to see a different energy and you're going to find it very easy to start releasing more and more of those things that hold you connected to the Field.

< Clarity 8QA > One of the things that makes it difficult to disconnect is expectations. Expectations tend to have their genesis in the Near realms and the human conditions. You have certain expectations for how your body should be, how much health and wealth you should have. Expectations about how other people should interact with you. Expectations even of Spirit and the angels. So you are heavy with all types of expectations, which in themselves are a limitation. Your expectations tend to limit the nature of the outcome of your creative expression.

< Clarity 9 > As a creator of your networks and of your creations, you also coded in, or put into any one of your networks, that sooner or later that it would have to dissolve itself, un-invent itself and return back to pure essence. So it is a natural path for you to disconnect. As a creator you were bright enough, intelligent enough, wise enough to code in its own disassembly. It is a very natural process and it is happening right now. Even though the fear comes up, even though some of you feel uncomfortable, it's happening anyway.

< Clarity 9 > Let the disconnection continue, even if you're observing some of these things about fear. A big fear, a very obvious fear, is "What if I disconnect from my old way of making a living?" You call that a living?! (laughter) Let yourself disconnect from that. Do you really need that piece of paper on payday, that little morsel of energy, that "just enough" energy. Yes, you feel the fear of "How will I feed myself?" literally. "How will I buy the groceries?" You're going to be feeding in a whole new way where it doesn't require dependence on outer, or even your own inner, networks.

< Clarity 9QA > Indeed, not at all, not missing the point at all. However, however, you are still - you and so many other Shaumbra - you're still so embedded with old belief systems and overlays and fears... you're still interconnected to so many old networks... you're still operating in the 3-D world from an old sense of duality... that now you find yourself fighting the very systems that you're actually a part of.

We're going to say this: First, disconnect from all of these old things first, before you go out and attempt to fight the system, because right now the system is very strong. Right now - how to say - you're fighting duality from within it. Allow yourself to fully disconnect and ascend and then you're going to find out that, in a way, the system doesn't even see you anymore. Right now they see you! Their energy is focused on you. You are very obvious to them.

Go ahead and take care of these - what I would call - incidental things, so that you can focus your energy on this process right now of disconnecting from Old and activating your essence, because right now it's going to be very difficult for you to do this work if you're so tied up in these rather mundane things. All of you are going to find out, after you let go of old consciousness and overlays and old networks, that the system doesn't even see you. You don't have to "not" pay your taxes - they're not going to know that you should be paying your taxes in the first place.

< Clarity 9QA > The Field is something that ... a tool that you have used forever and ever. And the Field, in terms of what we discussed in this CD, has several different layers or levels. If you are teaching creation and you are teaching others how to use the imagination, you have to be aware that they're still drawing on the Field for their energy. However, you have changed. Times are changing and even how you develop energy is changing. The Field now, when you're ready, is within you. It's not an external dynamic or force. It's not an external energy. The Field is still there but you've integrated it. It's your own. You don't have to go outside.

< Clarity 10 > And here you are, being asked to disconnect. You are asked to go back in within yourself, to find the heart, the core and the essence. To let go of all of those things that have been feeding you and everything you've been feeding everything else. The process is a natural one. You don't have to force it. You don't have to even try to manipulate it. There's no particular exercises that you have to do. It just happens, and that is where Shaumbra is right now. Slowly, gently, with the assistance of all of these angelic beings, letting go of those old connections.

< Clarity 10 > You say, "But how long will this process take?" It could take several years. It could take through the rest of your lifetime. For some it may even take into the next lifetime. But it is happening and it is happening naturally and gently. Nothing you need to force. If you want to do anything to facilitate the process of disconnecting, it is just to do the conscious breathing and drink plenty of pure water.

< Clarity 10 > One of the things that you're going to notice in this whole process of disconnecting is the lack of cycles that take place. Energy flows and works and then manifests in cycles. Nature has its own cycles, for instance. It has its summers and its autumns and winters and springs. And the cycles keep repeating themselves over and over and over again, because that is the way the nature network is programmed. And humans, therefore, have learned to accept that.

< Clarity 10QA > As you disconnect from some of the old ways of feeding and even from the field, you are going to find a whole new burst of energy. We are working with Shaumbra right now who are already experiencing this. It is not something that - how to say - that no one has gone through yet. Many are already experiencing a new sense of vitality, a new ease in their life, a new simplicity. But they are taking full responsibility for themselves. They aren't blaming it on others. They aren't blaming it on the other Shaumbra or the - how to say - the organization or any of these other things. They are taking full responsibility and they are learning that life becomes very easy almost to the point of it being effortless, because it is so - it becomes such a natural flow in their lives.

< Clarity 10QA > What you're doing right now - what Shaumbra is doing - is actually letting go of what we call the field energy or external energies and you're going into an internal essence energy that is not measurable by any human devices right now. So you are actually letting go of all of the external ways that you have been connected and bringing energy into your life. You're going into the essence energy and this energy actually isn't powerful at all, because in true essence there is no power. There is no need for power, you see. Power has to do with opposing forces, and when you get into your essence, there are no opposing forces, you see. But it is your inner essence energy (New Energy).

< Teacher 1QA > This feeling of loneliness is very, very common amongst Shaumbra, because you have gone out on your own; you have left old Orders and organizations; you have left your angelic family; you have left everything that you were connected to; you've disconnected from even things like the Field. So you are by yourself. The gift in this is that you're learning to become a sovereign Being. You're learning to find the happiness within. You're learning to find that your own God-self is within. You're learning to bring in all the various aspects of yourself that have been scattered all over, but yet this loneliness is persistent because you can continue to feel energies of family and friends and things that you've disconnected from - again, a very, very common feeling.

< (Next) 9 > The way you connect to Earth, to what you call light energy. There's this constant flow of prana, I think you might call it, life force energy. You've had a way of plugging into it before, just like everybody else. So what's happening right now is there is still life force energy, but there's a different stream or different current in it now that you're tapping into to. You tapped into the same old current for lifetimes and lifetimes. You wanted just more of the same part of the current you were tapping into. Now you're learning that you can tap into a different part of that current. And you don't need to draw out or through as much life force energy, because ultimately you're going to unplug everything. But I'm going to save that for another discussion. Yeah.

< Discovery 7 > I talked about it in our discussion of re-ordering. (speaking of Re-Order Your Reality) It's also changing orientations, changing where you're plugged in and connected to things. You go through a phase of unplugging from many, many, many things – literally, millions and millions of order points, and you unplug from those – it feels very awkward. There is a desire to try to get plugged back in. But what happens, the mind tries to plug back in into this reality and things it understands, where indeed, you're actually not even plugging in, but tuning in, orienting to other things that are much more flexible, much more dynamic and much more energy efficient. But there will be a period of time where you feel very disoriented, very disconnected.

< Discovery 8 > Because there are those who are still wanting to have thoughts, little fart bubbles, chase after other thoughts and round them up, collect them, control them and now you just have even more of a mess – more thought and more separation. Take a deep breath and you allow. You're allowing yourself. You're allowing a natural process of basically unconnecting, disconnecting all of the thoughts that have linked together, creating kind of a strange bond with each other, but yet creating a huge veil or a huge illusion. They cannot stay connected in their dysfunctional way – your thoughts – the moment you start allowing.

< Discovery 8 > With allowing, it's basically a solvent for the glue that's locked together a lot of thoughts. It starts to disconnect them. The glue was the belief that this was real, and when you start allowing, the glue starts dissolving. You don't have to do anything. Don't get in there with little scrub brushes and little squirt cans and try to … you'll get so lost in your thoughts, literally, that they will absorb you. So what do you do? You sit back. You don't even have to address the thoughts themselves. You don't have to think about your thoughts, because that's not so good. You take a deep breath, and you allow.