building block of energy

bubble/circle of potential; energy structure of potentials;
little bubbles of potential that were called on through your consciousness/imagination;
root cause; root energy; core energy;

< Clarity 1 > There is an easy way to do it. It is to understand and to accept the true nature of energy and its building blocks. As you clear, as you come back into a pure energy, New Energy focus, you are going to see the chair as not just the icon of the chair, not the illusion of the chair. It becomes the metal of the chair. It becomes how it was structured from its raw organic materials into the chair. It becomes everyone who has sat in the chair. All of that exists. Even though you can't see it, perhaps, it exists.

< Clarity 1 > As you clear, you see beyond the illusion. You're going to see or feel, whatever you want to call it. You're going to perceive what is in the other layers. And, as you continue to clear, you're going to see how even the metal that went into the chair came out of the Earth and how the Earth originally brought that metal, or the rocks, or the elements out of potential, then brought it into manifest. And, when you begin to understand how these building blocks work, you'll no longer be a slave to the illusion, but you'll be a master at the new creation.

< Clarity 1 > The Simplicity of Clarity, or Simple Clarity. It is the first point to remember as you do clearing - that it is all simple, easy. Remember Door Number 2: Easy. So, there is a tendency to try to make everything complex and to try to figure it out. There is a tendency to assign the mind the task of trying to understand. And, as you know, it doesn't work. You just become more ingrained or more stuck in the Old Energy ways. So, we go back to simplicity. Everything is simple. Clarity is simple. Clarity is going back to the original building blocks.

< Clarity 1 > Before things are even brought into reality, before they are formed into matter, they exist on the invisible side. We don't want to say the other side of the veil; that wouldn't be accurate. But, they exist in a neutral state, sometimes directly in your third-dimensional reality base, sometimes outside of it. But, they exist in a potential. And, then they are all brought in, and brought to manifest. So, going back to the example of the chocolate, it is the ingredients. But, then let's go deeper. Yes, indeed, it is the atoms - we hear some of you saying - it is the molecules. It is all of these things that make it up. But, beyond that there is a whole other subset of structure. Similar, in a sense, to what the atomic structure will be to the physical universe, there is an energy structure of potentials.

< Clarity 1 > The potentials… let us envision these almost as bubbles, as circles. Each exists outside of physical reality, waiting to be brought in. Each, in a sense, is a bubble on its own, representing a different potential. As the human chooses their experience, and chooses to bring things into reality, literally these bubbles of potential start gathering together, similar to what the atoms do in all the molecules in your scientific structures. These little bubbles of potentials begin to gather together. They form a larger bubble of potential. That eventually finds its way through this very thin layer, very thin layer that separates what you would call physical reality from the invisible, the unseen, or the etheric side. These potentials gather together.

< Clarity 1 > They (larger bubbles of potential) are attracted to what you are choosing in your life, and they begin to come in. Sometimes they will cluster all around you still in the state of potential, waiting for expression. Sometimes they will begin… they will come into Earth reality and begin turning into matter or opportunity or concept, and then finding their way to you.

< Clarity 1 > But, at the very core they were little bubbles of potential. They were energy - and we have to rechannel that - they were not even energy yet; they were potentials. And, as they were drawn to you, it activated them into energy. That energy then began to manifest itself. What was just potential in the chocolate then came through a very interesting and elaborate series of movements to get its way to you. At some point you requested chocolate, and it found its way to you.

< Clarity 1 > And, if you reverse engineer everything that is in your reality, you are going to begin to see clearly what it is… why it is posing in its illusionary statement in your life… and how the illusion of the object that it is… or the thought that it is… or whatever. The illusion can also be dismantled, unstructured, and restructured any way you want… you see.

< Clarity 1 > We are asking you to return to core root energy. You aren't going to get there logically. You're only going to get there by allowing yourself, by understanding the building blocks of energy. It starts as potential. Everything… everything starts as potential. Then, the potentials, like bubbles, flow into your reality because you are calling on them. One way or the other, you're calling on the potential. As these bubbles of potential cross over that thin line that separates the material from the nonmaterial world, it starts transmuting, changing its energy. It turns from potential into energy. From energy it can turn into matter. It can turn into something material. It can also turn into simple etheric energy that you can use in your own life.

< Clarity 1 > For those of you in your jobs who are wondering about what to do, and you ask so often, "Dear Spirit, what should I do about my job? I'm so unclear." Breathe in. Go back to your root. Oh, stop trying to evaluate why that workplace is doing what it does. Go back to your root. Go back to your core energy. You brought that (bubble of potential) to you somehow or the other. And, you can get back to its simple basic understanding of why it's there. Then, you can determine whether you should leave or not.

< Clarity 1 > Now, what you're going to see with a lot of this - how to say - clarity that you're going to have, whether it's for yourself or other things, as you return back to root energy on things, you're going to see how energy or potentials got stuck along the way. They're trapped. You're going to see how perhaps you started a business 15 years ago, and now you're stuck there. You don't know how to get out.

As you clear - not in the mind, but in the heart - as you clear, you're going to come to the understanding, you're going to literally see or perceive energies along the way. As you reverse engineer here, you're going to see energies that got stuck.

They're like a car breaking down on the highway. Sometimes the car has the… and the driver of the car has the foresight to move off to the side and allow the rest of the flow to continue… you see. But, sometimes the car stops right in the middle of the highway and blocks everything… you see.

Now, as you clear and you go back on your own root energies, you're going to see some stuck vehicles, some stuck energies in the way. You put them there for whatever reason. You can clear them.

< Clarity 1 > How do you clear them? Well, not by force because if you do, they're going to remain stuck. When you use force on any energy, all it does is confirm that energy. It validates that energy. And, we're not in the business here - you don't want to be in the business - of validating Old or imbalanced energies. You want to release them. When you release them, it is like taking that old clunker, broken-down car off the center lane of the highway. When you release it, everything can flow again. That's what we are doing here.

< Clarity 1 > We are going to ask you to take a look at all of the major issues you've had in your life these past six years - physical, emotional, spiritual. Every one of them you brought to you. It was a potential, a bubble, a beautiful clear bubble potential that then joined together with other potential bubbles. This is all spiritual energy that joined together with those, and then grouped together, and then found their way into reality to serve you. We are going to ask you to take a look. We're going to clear through what was the obvious problem or imbalance and go back to the core energies… clear.

< Clarity 1 > So, this whole process of clearing, it's not about logic. You are not trying to find a logical pathway back to the essence energy. You're just clearing the way so you can feel the core energy in anything. Keep it simple. If you get tied up in your brain with it, just take a deep breath, and give yourself permission to clear. Go back to core energies.

< Clarity 1QA > We are going to ask you to be very open, in particular, to allow the imagination to come in, even if you think these are - how to say - crazy thoughts or even crazy voices. Don't suppress them. Let them flow through. You can be clear about them. In other words, understand their root energy. But, don't suppress them. Let from flow through. This flow right now, in particular, is so important that we are going to ask you to do breathing in particular this next month. That is a physical way of keeping the flow going. Breathe on a regular basis.

< Clarity 1QA > As you do this clearing, you're going to start to see into energies in a whole new way. Sometimes this can be challenging because as you get back into… as you break through the illusion and get back into core energy, sometimes there is a tendency - how to say - not to want to come back to this reality. And, for a little while it will appear that you are switching back and forth between different types of energy levels. It will be hard coming back into your normal human energy level.

Some of you will find yourself… a few may find yourself not wanting to stay in the human consciousness and the human reality… come back to our side. And, a larger number of you are going to find yourself right in between - not wanting to come to our side, but not wanting to return to your full human consciousness. This is not a good energetic place to stay in. It is not clear at all to be in-between. It is good to be very clear in your Now moment, your present human reality, but yet expanded into the clarity of all of the energy building blocks that make up this reality. But, when you're clear about that, about what the energy building blocks are, then the illusion doesn't affect you in the same way.

< Clarity 2 > Take this imaginary stone out of the other imaginary realms. Bring it into your reality in a potential bubble. Breathe it into your life and watch how it manifests… perhaps as a literal stone… perhaps as many other things in your life. It is that simple and that clear.

< Clarity 7 > Sometimes belief systems, like things in your closet, get so buried and hidden you don't even see them anymore. Sometimes you need to go and do a complete clearing of that closet. Take everything out. Let it get some fresh air. Put back only what you truly want in your life. There is nothing wrong with belief systems. They're one of the very core energies or way to structure reality. You need belief systems, but what has happened is that you've had them overlaying on top of other overlays. Some of them are competing or conflicting. That will drain your energy right away.

< Clarity 8 > Now, the good news is that you'll find yourself filled with great amounts of energy at other times. You'll have tremendous bursts of creativity and insight. Your mental process goes from being very linear or analytical into being very creative and you find solutions to answers very quickly, and they're very big solutions as well. You find yourself very intuitive about other people, and you find yourself, more than anything, coming up with very simple but profound understandings. Simple - meaning that you see the basic, simple quality of life. You see the core energies of things. You don't have to get muddled in the mind with all of the different analyses that go on. You can see very simply and very clearly and profoundly.