< Embodiment 12 >
It is not about trying. It is about choosing. It is about allowing, letting it in, of clarity about your own choices and potentials. There are almost an infinite number of potentials swirling around you right now. The ones that are the closest are the ones that you are most likely to choose. But, you don't have to. You can change in a moment, and choose another potential.

< Embodiment 12 > You say, "But, Tobias, I don't understand. How do I be clear?" Choose clear… see clear… know clear. In these days, weeks and months to come look at any object or person. And, then clear… and you can do this through the breath… clear. And, use (this) to clear out the old way of looking at it, the old preconditioned, third-dimensional ways of observing anything. Be clear. That will, in a sense, dissolve the layer or the facade that is appearing, presenting itself to you. And, now you can see into it further. Clear again, and you can see deeper and further. This is not a psychic exercise. It is not about trying to go in and be invasive. It is about seeing things in their truest, simplest form of energy, breaking through, getting out of the box of the 3-D, of the way you've been looking at it.

< Clarity 1 > Let us take a breath. And, clearing means allowing the clarity into your life, allowing yourself to perceive things as they really are… what a concept when you begin perceiving them as they really are rather than the illusion (facade, masquarade) that they pretend to be… how much easier it is to work with everything. We are going to come back to this time and time again. We are going to dwell on it. God is not a power. It is an expression. Spirit is expression of life - not just life here on Earth - but life, the ability to be, the ability to express, the ability to create in your spirit. It is that simple.

< Clarity 1 > There is an easy way to do it. It is to understand and to accept the true nature of energy and its building blocks. As you clear, as you come back into a pure energy, New Energy focus, you are going to see the chair as not just the icon of the chair, not the illusion of the chair. It becomes the metal of the chair. It becomes how it was structured from its raw organic materials into the chair. It becomes everyone who has sat in the chair. All of that exists. Even though you can't see it, perhaps, it exists.

< Clarity 1 > As you clear, you see beyond the illusion. You're going to see or feel, whatever you want to call it. You're going to perceive what is in the other layers. And, as you continue to clear, you're going to see how even the metal that went into the chair came out of the Earth and how the Earth originally brought that metal, or the rocks, or the elements out of potential, then brought it into manifest. And, when you begin to understand how these building blocks work, you'll no longer be a slave to the illusion, but you'll be a master at the new creation.

< Clarity 1 > The Simplicity of Clarity, or Simple Clarity. It is the first point to remember as you do clearing - that it is all simple, easy. Remember Door Number 2: Easy. So, there is a tendency to try to make everything complex and to try to figure it out. There is a tendency to assign the mind the task of trying to understand. And, as you know, it doesn't work. You just become more ingrained or more stuck in the Old Energy ways. So, we go back to simplicity. Everything is simple. Clarity is simple. Clarity is going back to the original building blocks.

< Clarity 1 > You see, it is all an illusion. You can clear right through it. "How do you clear," you say? You simply breathe in. You choose to clear. Don't try to clear. Don't force to clear. Choose to clear. Go right through the energy. Now, we use the example of the chocolate or the hamburger. But, it also applies in everything. It applies especially to dealing with people. Clear the illusion. Go right through. You're going to start perceiving past life aspects of that person. You are going to start feeling it. Now, an important thing to remember here: get out of the logic at this point.

< Clarity 1 > You're going to start feeling their stories. Their stories are going to start playing out. And, you perhaps will see physical changes in them because you are clearing; you are going back to source, core energy. And, on the way back to the core energy you are going to see everything that built up the current illusion. But, allow it to play out. Don't filter it in your mind. No matter how absurd or bizarre it might seem, let it play itself out. You may have past life aspects of, let's say, your partner come through and start speaking with you and talking to you. Now, don't buy into their stuff either. Simply let it play out; let it play out. Don't try to go in there and heal or any of these other things right now. All you're doing is clearing for yourself, to see the clear, core energy.

< Clarity 1 > Now, what you're going to see with a lot of this - how to say - clarity that you're going to have, whether it's for yourself or other things, as you return back to root energy on things, you're going to see how energy or potentials got stuck along the way. They're trapped. You're going to see how perhaps you started a business 15 years ago, and now you're stuck there. You don't know how to get out.

As you clear - not in the mind, but in the heart - as you clear, you're going to come to the understanding, you're going to literally see or perceive energies along the way. As you reverse engineer here, you're going to see energies that got stuck.

They're like a car breaking down on the highway. Sometimes the car has the… and the driver of the car has the foresight to move off to the side and allow the rest of the flow to continue… you see. But, sometimes the car stops right in the middle of the highway and blocks everything… you see.

Now, as you clear and you go back on your own root energies, you're going to see some stuck vehicles, some stuck energies in the way. You put them there for whatever reason. You can clear them.

< Clarity 1 > How do you clear them? Well, not by force because if you do, they're going to remain stuck. When you use force on any energy, all it does is confirm that energy. It validates that energy. And, we're not in the business here - you don't want to be in the business - of validating Old or imbalanced energies. You want to release them. When you release them, it is like taking that old clunker, broken-down car off the center lane of the highway. When you release it, everything can flow again. That's what we are doing here.

< Clarity 1 > We are going to ask you to take a look at all of the major issues you've had in your life these past six years - physical, emotional, spiritual. Every one of them you brought to you. It was a potential, a bubble, a beautiful clear bubble potential that then joined together with other potential bubbles. This is all spiritual energy that joined together with those, and then grouped together, and then found their way into reality to serve you. We are going to ask you to take a look. We're going to clear through what was the obvious problem or imbalance and go back to the core energies… clear.

< Clarity 1 > So, this whole process of clearing, it's not about logic. You are not trying to find a logical pathway back to the essence energy. You're just clearing the way so you can feel the core energy in anything. Keep it simple. If you get tied up in your brain with it, just take a deep breath, and give yourself permission to clear. Go back to core energies.

< Clarity 1 > You are not doing it to try to change anything. When you clear - especially when you're dealing with other humans - when you clear, it's not because you're going to try change to them. Actually, if you're truly clearing, you're going to honor them in a way that will bring you to tears. You're going to honor them for what they are. You're not going to try to change one thing about them… unless they ask… unless they say that they're ready… unless they come to you. So, it is not about going in and trying to change. Clearing lets you see things for what they truly are, rather than the illusion that you have come to believe in.

< Clarity 1 > Now, this is something that you are going to have to experience. In other words, we are going to ask you to put a focus on it. But, a focus is also not a force. We are going to ask you to consciously do this each day. Have some time in the morning or in the evening for clearing. It could be frustrating at first. And, that's when we ask you to bring in the energy of "hose off," Hossaf. Bring in the energy of Hossaf as you are working with this clearing.

< Clarity 1 > Saint Germain has talked to us recently about transmuting stones into gold. And, some of you went off and tried it. This is where he and I had a good laugh because you were trying to force; you were trying to literally push your way into transmutation. That is so Old also. It is about clearing your way. You see, within that stone is the potential of gold. Within that stone are all of the ingredients of gold. They just haven't been potentiated yet… you see.

< Clarity 1QA > When you begin to open up, when you begin to clear now, that this Old way of handling your life, dealing with your life, this thing called logic, begins to change. It is very difficult to even imagine going out of a state of logic because logic was… well, so logical (some laughter). It was designed to make absolute sense out of a very focused and limited amount of energy standards or a limited amount of criteria. And, it did allow you to operate within this reality.

< Clarity 1QA > We are going to ask you to be very open, in particular, to allow the imagination to come in, even if you think these are - how to say - crazy thoughts or even crazy voices. Don't suppress them. Let them flow through. You can be clear about them. In other words, understand their root energy. But, don't suppress them. Let from flow through. This flow right now, in particular, is so important that we are going to ask you to do breathing in particular this next month. That is a physical way of keeping the flow going. Breathe on a regular basis.

< Clarity 1QA > As you do this clearing, you're going to start to see into energies in a whole new way. Sometimes this can be challenging because as you get back into… as you break through the illusion and get back into core energy, sometimes there is a tendency - how to say - not to want to come back to this reality. And, for a little while it will appear that you are switching back and forth between different types of energy levels. It will be hard coming back into your normal human energy level.

Some of you will find yourself… a few may find yourself not wanting to stay in the human consciousness and the human reality… come back to our side. And, a larger number of you are going to find yourself right in between - not wanting to come to our side, but not wanting to return to your full human consciousness. This is not a good energetic place to stay in. It is not clear at all to be in-between. It is good to be very clear in your Now moment, your present human reality, but yet expanded into the clarity of all of the energy building blocks that make up this reality. But, when you're clear about that, about what the energy building blocks are, then the illusion doesn't affect you in the same way.

< Clarity 2 > You don't need it anymore in your lives either. You don't need to have energies destroy. Transmute… yes. Change and expand… yes. But, it doesn't have to destroy. It doesn't have to wipe out. It is part of clarity, part of clearing. We clear the old overlay of destroyer. Creator, the singular Creator, the clear Creator, evolves, expands, flows but it doesn't need to destroy.

< Clarity 3QA > Indeed the weather patterns, particularly the storms, are as a result of consciousness of humanity. These storms come in to help clear. And, there have been so many hurricanes, for instance, in the last year or so of time that start and also affect the area of the Bahamas, of Cuba, and now going up into the Gulf. These are the energies of Atlantis, clearing out old stuck energies, allowing a new type of Atlantis to come back up. So, indeed it is coming from the consciousness of humanity. Is it the result of deliberate and calculated planning by sinister forces who want to take over the world? It all depends. It depends on you. If you choose that to be, then you're going to live in that reality. You're going to live with these sinister forces around every corner. And, you're going to spend your days and your time worried about what new conspiracy.

< Teacher 12 > You see storms roll through your life and most of you feel that these storms are coming from the outside - from other people, from the world events, maybe just from your bad luck - and these storms move through your life and cause a lot of drama and cause a lot of chaos. These storms actually are not storms at all. These storms are a way... what you would call storms are a way of clearing energy; energy that is yours - that is you - consciousness that is yours, but consciousness that no longer serves you in a New Energy way.