past lives / past life aspects

aspects of self
from the past;

< New Earth 1 > Of all the angels who came to this Earth, there indeed was a special group. It is the one that is family. It is you, and the other eight million plus lightworkers who are on the planet at this time. There are special attributes of each of you that are different than other humans. Each of you came here with particular energy attributes that are indeed different. If you trace your paths and the paths of other lightworkers, you have been ones who have been very involved in religions in past lives. And spiritual quests in the past lives. And workings of energies.

< New Earth 3 > These are the aspects of you who have gained all of the experiences, which in turn have created the Book of Earth. Each of your past lives gathers here in the Circle with you today. They are all part of you, yet each has it’s own distinct identity.

< New Earth 4 > It is not that your old history is wrong. It is that you have healed your past, the past that stood a thousand years ago. You have changed the history and energy of that past. The way you existed your past lives, in trauma or anger or hurt, you are going back now by the work you do in this lifetime and healing those past lifetimes. You are literally changing the course of past history.

< New Earth 5 > In this measurement, it was asked at your soul level if you were ready to take a step forward, if you were ready to become pioneers in the New Energy World, a world that exists side-by-side with your old energy. In this measurement it was asked if you are ready to rewrite the history of your past. What we mean by this is that in this lifetime that you live now - you have designated this lifetime as the lifetime of healing.
My friends, it is not about changing just this lifetime. It is about changing all of the other lifetimes that you have lived.

< New Earth 5 > They (your past life aspects) have designated you - the human in this lifetime - to be the "ascendee" for all of them, to be the "healee" for all of them. For as you heal and as you ascend, you rewrite the history of every past life you have had. You literally, my friends, change the outcome of those past lives. It is like taking the script of a movie - a movie that ends tragically, that ends in tears and destruction, that ends in anger and hatred - and rewriting the last page to end the history of that past life, with understanding and compassion and insight into the balance of the light and the dark. In this lifetime your journey has not been what you think it has been. It has not been about the jobs, even necessarily about the people that you have known. The journey has been about healing the past, about rewriting your own history.

< New Earth 10 > The work that you do here, the work that you have done throughout the days of this lifetime of yours, has been so important, so immensely important. It is not just about you. If you have ever wondered why the burdens seem so difficult and so heavy, and why it takes so long to affect change… my friends, it is not just about you. You are carrying the burden of past lives, not just past lives on Earth, but in many other places. Each of you here, each of you reading this, are going through the tunnel first, the tunnel that leads to what we have talked of before, what we have called the "second creation." It is much more complex than what you would ever know.

< New Earth 10 > With the change of the energy at the end of your previous year (1999) and the opening of the gates that held in the consciousness of your True Self - of your Christ Self - the Christ has come forth. As we have said, in similar gatherings, there was to be a day when the consciousness of Christ descended on a crystal staircase (your DNA) and came down to reunite and to meld with you. And now that this is occurring within each of you, as the Christ consciousness is coming forth through your DNA, through the strands, through the staircase, each of your aspects of past lives that have been buried are now asking to come forth for their "judgement."

< New Earth 10 > Many entities have been waiting for you, the aspect of your soul that exists in this lifetime and in the Now. They have been waiting for you to open, to allow the seed of Christ to germinate and to come forth. They have been, as you would say, Earth-bound. They have not been able to fully return Home until you, the human in this lifetime, the human that sits here, came to the point of finding the Lost Child of Christ within.

< New Earth 10 > They now can move back to Home, back to unity with your soul. And you wonder, you wonder why the work of this lifetime has been so difficult, for you have been carrying the energy of all of your past with you.

< New Earth 10 > With the awakening of the Christ consciousness and the releasing of all of your past lives, the releasing of the "dark angels," there is just you. And this provides the ideal energy now for your True Self to come in. It is time to allow this and to listen it and to be in the greatest place of trust with this happening.

< New Earth 10QA > There are entities that, because of their belief system and because mostly of the guilt that they remain in what you would call a very dark or very depressed state. There are entities, my friends, from your previous lives that are like that, that are in a sense trapped. When you leave this Earth, there is a portion of that personality from that lifetime that can remain in the energetics of Earth (crystalline grid), even while your more pure self, or Truer Self, returns to the room referred to. A portion of you, a portion of your soul, can remain behind. When we took you through the exercise earlier this night of having the dead awaken and come for the judgement, which was simply you, thanking them and them thanking you. This is part of the process that you are going through - to release those lifetimes that are held in that type of energy limbo. Indeed they want to be released from that but do not know how. Indeed it is truly only you that can release them. As we have said before, even Spirit cannot. It is you that must offer this to them. With the enlightenment that you and the others here have you now have the capability to do this, to release your past lives, to allow them to walk through the tunnel of ascension.

< New Earth 11 > There is no right or wrong. There is no punishment. There is not even karma, my friends. You have created that - karma, another word for sin, another word for fear, another word for not understanding, another word for returning to Earth over and over again. It is something you have created and placed in the old energy. There is no karma. You cannot fail God. We will restate that, "you cannot fail (comma), God." You cannot fail, God.

< New Earth 11QA > In our gathering a month ago we went in to release the residual energy of past lives that still existed but were trapped on Earth. We worked with all of those to bring the dead from their graves back to life for judgement day, so to speak. For most at this time it is not appropriate to go back into past lives; however, if there are specific blockages that are making it difficult for you to move forward, then you will be guided specifically to go into those past lives. If you are being guided there, my dear, then continue with this work.

< New Earth 12 > Do you know that Gaia, Mother Earth, has been holding your energies for all the times that you have walked here? Mother Earth has been holding your emotions and your feelings of all of your past lives. Indeed they (your past lives) die, but their essence, their vibration stays on Earth. The you that walked the Earth 2000 years ago… there are remnants of that part of you… there are energy patterns that have stayed on Earth in the rocks, in the dirt, in the water. They have stayed here. The Earth is filled with memories and energy patterns from all of your lives that you have lived here. Do you know that today you drank water that you drank 20 lifetimes ago? The energy patterns are still here.

< New Earth 12 > With this portal that has been created… it is like a tunnel. Through this tunnel Gaia can release, and you can release all of the past. It is not appropriate for it to be in the energy of the new Earth.

< New Earth 12 > You the human that sits here perhaps does not think that you can influence the past, but indeed you can. Do you know that every past life aspect of who you are has been counting on you, as we have said before, the "designated ascendee?" They have counted on you to walk these last few miles on the long path of your lifetimes here on Earth. They have counted on you to transmute, to transform. They have counted on you to be victorious in what you would call that final battle of light and dark within yourself.

< New Earth 13 > You are the ones who are no longer under old karmic contract. You have released this. My friends, we ask you to hear this deep within your being, deep within your mind. You are no longer under karmic contract. You have satisfied that. There is not one of your past lives or even this lifetime that you are still obliged or indebted to. You walk freely without the bondage of past karma. You walk freely to be creators on this Earth in this lifetime.

< New Earth 13QA > There will be Earth adjustments in the upcoming months and years. These will be done in a loving and natural way. For as we have said, Gaia has held much of the energy of your past, much of the energy of who you are. She too is tired and weary, even as your old energy self is tired and weary. She too is beginning to release those energies of vibrations of your past lives. In doing so there will be adjustments. There will be adjustments in the magnetic grids that are in the Earth and surrounding the Earth. In doing so it should be expected that there will be some upheavals. There will be some changes in weather patterns. There will be very high winds that come about across many, many parts of the Earth.

< New Earth 14 > As we have said before "the future is the past rewritten." The future is the past rewritten. Come to understand what we mean by this and you will come to understand why you are here on Earth. As you have gone through the many struggles and the turmoils and the challenges of your life… as you have gone through "choice points" and chosen a certain path, you have changed the outcome of those past lives.

< New Earth 14 > You are no longer bound by karma or contracts. Your contracts have been fulfilled. You are not bound by the past. Your karma is released, dear friends. Many of you are still living in the residue of the old karma. It is time for that to leave. It is time for that to depart. We said earlier that in the first circle that gathers here on this day are all of the past lives of who you have been. They also represent nearly all of your karma. They have been waiting for you and for this incarnation to be released. For indeed as each of those lifetimes passed away and were buried or burned upon the Earth, much of their energy remained in the Earth. Much of that energy of who you were in the past has been held by Gaia. It is now time to release. Oh, your past lives, the ones who stand beside you on this day… they are desiring to return Home. That is why we said earlier that they thank you for the work that you do, for what you are doing is releasing them.

< New Earth 14 > There is a passage in your holy scriptures that we have mentioned before that talks about the Christ coming back for the final judgement day. In this passage it says that the dead will rise, and they will be judged. My friends, the interpretation of that is somewhat different. It is that when the Christ energy returns to you, returns to your being, it is then that each of the past lives that has lived upon this Earth is now free to be released from Earth, free to go Home. This also frees Gaia of a tremendous burden that she has been carrying, the burden of all of your past lives. And again, my friends, you wonder why you feel lonely and empty at times. For you were once surrounded by all of your karma, all of your past lives, but that now is leaving and departing. That leaves only you. Oh, they honor and they thank you and they come back for special occasions like this.

< Creator 2 > What you are experiencing right now in your life is not about past lives! Your contracts are over. The rumbling that you are feeling, the experiences that you are coming to you at night, the terror in the night dreams, relate back to this feeling of the original separation. It is not about past lives. It is not even about you in this lifetime!

< Creator 2 > The biggest challenge will be the remembrance of the time when you lived at the outer edge of the All That Is. This is when you felt the original rumblings of duality and separation, and you lost trust in Spirit. This is what will be coming back to challenge you right now. It is not about your past lives. It is not even about this life. The nightmares you are having are about a different time and a different place and the original feeling of the rug being pulled out from underneath. We are reminding you of this at the very time we are asking you to trust in self. This will be the challenge.

< Creator 3 > Because you existed outside of All That Is, in a sense, you existed in a void, and you were turning void into reality. In order to create in your Earth environment, it was necessary for you to go into the future. It was necessary for you to go into the void and create based on thoughts of what would come to be. In other words, you were always projecting yourself into the future. These vibrations created the pathway for your tomorrow. This is the way you have operated ever since you first came here to Earth. You were bound by the memories of the past (karma), and you created the future by projecting yourself into your tomorrows. This is how most humans on Earth create. This is how the future is created. The future reality is an assimilation of vibrational frequencies from all the humans on Earth.

< Creator 4QA > There are many vibrational changes that are taking place within you. There are many, many activities, including the energy of the past lives that were held by Gaia, that are now being released. As your vibration changes and you release old energy, Gaia is processing many of these for you. You can honor Gaia for this work, and you can understand that when Gaia rumbles - which she will - when she rumbles it is not a sign of the end, it is not the sign of punishment to humans.

< Creator 7 > It should be no surprise to you that things in your daily life right are difficult now. It is not just about you! It is not just you in this lifetime that you are healing. You have already healed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of past lives. Most of those, dear friends, have healed and left, and Gaia is releasing the energy that has been stored in the Earth. What you are truly healing right now is this time of the building of the void, the time between the Wall of Fire and coming to your Earth. You are healing this time when you were bouncing around your universe, experiencing the beginnings of mass and matter. It was a time when you could freely travel through time and space, but you did not like what was happening. This was a great time of chaos.

< Creator 7 > Now, the ones you call "alien beings," dear friends, are simply aspects of you from this past time, this time of the building of the void. We have said to you before that when you look up into your stars, and you look up into your universe, there is not much out there. We mean just that. You are looking into a limited dimensional view of your physical universe. And indeed there is not much there! What is there are the energies of you from the past that are criss-crossing, sometimes intersecting, your current life on Earth.

< Creator 8 > Even as you sit here on this day and are living your human life, and you are coming into the completion of your own circle of your long journey, you are also back in these other places. You are back in the time before you ever came to Earth. You are back in this time when the universe was being created. When you close your eyes at night and go into your dream state, part of you journeys back. You journey across time and space to your past in an attempt to resolve the past. You tell your soul from the past that there is now a coming together, a unity. There is a moving forward. There is no need for the battles to persist because you have found the way through the next doorway. You are going back to tell your own self that it is time to end these conflicts, to end the chaos. You are in the now, bringing resolution to the past.

< Creator 8 > There is something interesting that happens here, dear friends, dear shaumbra. Very interesting. You journey at night in your dreams. You journey back to the time that occurred after you went through the Wall of Fire and before you came to the Earth, the time of the building of the void, the time of the great wars. You journey back there at the same time your consciousness from the past is trying to journey here to your now! And sometimes you meet each other square in the middle!

In our last gathering we discussed that the ones you call the aliens are actually aspects of yourself from the past. These are the ones you collide with at night, for you are journeying back to resolve something old. They are journeying forward to resolve the chaos their "now" time. Is it a wonder that your dreams are so intense?

< Creator 11 > Those who gather in this space shed tears not of sorrow, but of release knowing that you are now also releasing them, releasing much of the karma that has been engrained in your own family. Yes there are families here who have had karma of alcohol, karma of incest, karma of emotional imbalance. You dear friends, dear Shaumbra, chose the most difficult of the difficult by coming into this lifetime to not only heal yourself, to not only heal your past soul lives, but to heal your own lineage.

< Creator 12QA > It is difficult in the human condition to deal with the fact that there are karmas that you are paying for from past lifetimes. As we have said in recent discussions, it is not only your past soul lives, but also the lineage of your family, of your ancestry, of your bloodline. We know it is difficult to not know exactly what was done back then, to not know whose head you cut off, to not know what things were done, but yet to have to release them. There is a blessing in this however. If you had specific and vivid recall of what those things were, it would be overwhelming. It would be overwhelming. It is not necessary to know what all of these were.

However, dear friends, as you find some quiet time by yourself, sit for a moment and observe the energies that surround you. Observe the circle that is around you. It is the identities of your past lives. It is the identities even of your ancestral lineage. They are all standing around you, cheering you for the work you do.

As you release things in this lifetime, as you walk through the difficulties and learn to deal with them, you are not just healing yourself in this lifetime. You are healing the past of who you were. You are healing the past of your families, of your bloodline. You are healing the past from before you ever came to Earth. As we have said before, you are the designated "ascendee" for all of who you have been. That is why the work that you are doing is so important. We understand it is difficult going through this, dear friends, but you are literally rewriting the book of the past. You are healing what has been done in the past.

At the same time, while you are going through your challenges and releases and healings, understand that the energy of your past lives has been held in the Earth. When one of you has died in the past, the Earth has held that energy until the appropriate time. Now is the appropriate time. Now is when the Earth is releasing the energies of the past, letting these go. Not only are you releasing, but the Earth is also releasing, through the volcanoes and the earthquakes, through the winds, through the natural movements of Earth. She, this precious spirit, is now releasing you from the past.

And yes, this will also cause your body to ache. This will also cause your body and your mind quite some conflict if you live in those spots on the Earth that are letting go right now. If you live next to these quake lines and the volcanoes and the areas that will attract the high winds, it will affect you. These are difficult and challenging places to live. Do you not think there is a reason why you, Shaumbra, are there?

< Ascension 1 > It is not about you anymore. The "you" is from the past. The "you" that you knew before was on the karmic wheel. You went from lifetime to lifetime, trying to resolve and balance (past life aspects : karma). It is not you anymore. You have ascended past that. Indeed their old energies will always be close and always be familiar, but it is not you anymore. Do you understand what we mean? It is not about you. You have moved beyond. You are not seeking ascension anymore. You have ascended.

< Ascension 1 > Yes, there are still vestiges of the old energies (past life aspects : karma). Yes, you are still walking on Earth. That is the trick and the joke of your ascension. You have stayed in your body. You have kept the same contacts, but you have moved to a new level of consciousness while you are here. That is why we have been smiling so much these past few years. As you have struggled for this thing that you called ascension, we knew you had already made the choices.

< Ascension 2 > The clearing that you worked on so diligently in the earlier years of your lifetime has proven to be quite successful. You have cleared old karmas. In a single lifetime you have taken on more karma, more clearing and more lessons than you have in the past ten lives put together. That is why it has seemed so intense up to now. And all of this time that you were clearing past lives, you were also clearing ancestral karma. Oh, no wonder some of you are tired to the bone! Tired to the bone. No wonder some of you long to return Home, thinking you do not have the energy to go forward. But dear friends, I, Tobias, and all the others who come in on this day, are here to tell you that going forward will not be like the past. It will not be filled with lessons and contracts and karma. Period.

< Ascension 9 > And, the quakes that come up… indeed, Metatron was also speaking of the shakings and the rumblings that come up within you, the body aches and pains. Your very DNA is being changed right now by you. Indeed, we are there at night. We stand around and help to provide a buffering effect for this. You are changing your own DNA structure, your own molecules, your atomic-level being. You are changing within, and this will cause quakes. You hold energetic imprints from the past in your tissues, in your bones and all over your physical body. Sometimes it takes a quake to release these imprints from within.

< Ascension 10 > The New Energy is not just improved Old Energy. It is truly different. As you move into the New Energy, as you take responsibility for your ascension status, this also releases the identities of who you have been in the past. It releases your past lives. In a sense, you could say your past life identities depart the family of your own energy, of your own soul. They will always be a part of you, but in a sense, you set your past life identities free. These aspects of you then go out and create their own new identity. This does not initially happen in the realms of Earth. These aspects of you will go out to other places in the universe to begin creating their unique identities.

< Ascension 10 > Remember the universe? We have said that there's not much out there right now. You created this grand hall called your universe for new life forms in the New Energy. When you take on your "new identity", it releases the identities of who you were in the past, each individual lifetime (and it's more complex than that). You release them. They then go out in non-physical form to other parts of the universe to take on their own independent identity.

< Ascension 10QA > The children come in with a heightened sense of awareness. They come in with more sensitivity. The veil around them is not quite so thick as it was for you when you were growing up. They remember these things we have spoken of. They remember past lives. And, in particular, they are troubled by the energies and the memories of the times before they ever came to Earth. They are troubled by the times that are being replayed in so many ways, replayed on your movie screens, replayed even in the experiences that you have today. What is being replayed are the times before you came to Earth when you were in the void, creating the universe.

< Ascension 11 > Something is happening. Never before has "new energy" been created. Energy was transformed and changed, but never created. You are creating New Energy. You are releasing your past lives. You are, in a sense, leaving them behind. You are releasing them. And, as you do, they take on their own identity. They go off to other parts of your multi-dimensional universe to begin their own journey. You have birthed these new aspects. These are your past lives.

< DivineHuman 1 > Your past life aspects,… oh, dear one, you know we are talking to you… your past life aspects know you are moving on. They know you are cutting them loose. They are frightened. The prospect of you leaving, letting them go off and become their own creation and their own identity, frightens the hell out of them. So, they are holding on. Yes, Shaumbra, you have released your past lives. But, they have not necessarily released you. Do you understand what we are saying?

< DivineHuman 1 > There are ones who feel they are being left behind. You, Shaumbra, are on a journey of the Divine Human. You are cutting loose all of the Old so that you can walk into the New. The others around you don't like it. They want you to stay. They love you. They enjoy you. In so many cases you help to enable them in good ways and in bad. Some of them need you as the enabler in their life, even if it is a past life aspect. You tend to enable them, let them get away with their stuff. There are others who you help immensely. Your love, your light, your compassion is an important part of their life. Energetically, there are all of these - how to say - "cling-ons" all around you. (audience laughter) They are clinging onto you. They do not want to let you go.

< DivineHuman 2 > Others of you (Shaumbra) do wait. You do wait for a period of time. You spend time on our side of the veil in these types of classes. You spend time traveling, for here we can do interdimensional travel. We can go to other parts of your physical universe, and other parts of all the dimensions that lie around it. You travel around. You come back to a remembering of who you are. You review past lives to help put them into perspective. At some point you are drawn back to Earth. Once you taste the human experience, you want to come back. You are connected to Earth. Indeed, there are even aspects and energies of yourself from the past that are still in the Earth. You are drawn back to the Earth sooner or later.

< DivineHuman 2QA > We suggest to all of Shaumbra not to worry about these entities. If anything… if there is any influence that many of you have had, it is not from these earthbound entities. Rather, it is from aspects of yourself from the past who do not want to let go. They are trying to hold onto their identity, and they are trying to, even though they are dead, they are trying to continue living in you and through you, and they are trying to influence your life. That is much more likely to happen for Shaumbra.

If you feel the influence of these hitchhikers, simply release them. If they do not leave, then demand that they get the hell out of your energy! (audience laughter) And, they must. They must. When you are strong within yourself, they have to go. They will scream and kick. And, they will cause some commotion in your life. But, when you are taking ownership of your own divinity, they have to go. They have to go.

< DivineHuman 3 > Recently some of you have been feeling intense galactic activity. You have been feeling that there is much happening out there in the multi-dimensional planes of your universe. You are feeling a pull. You are feeling your energy being pulled to the planets and the galaxies. You know something is happening out there. Some of you are feeling communications from what would be called the ET’s. We call this your past. We want to clarify this before the questions are asked later. "What is happening out there? Why am I feeling all of this activity on the other realms?" The activity is not just in your physical universe. You are feeling the activity from our side of the veil as well.

< DivineHuman 3 > There is as much activity over here as there is on Earth right now. There is much transforming of old energies into New Energy right now. On our side of the veil we are preparing for the New Earth, this place that we will talk about later. The (multi-dimensional) universe is changing because you are changing. Your past is changing because you are releasing. You are letting go. The future is the past healed. The healing is taking place now.

< DivineHuman 4 > While I have been working on the outer magnetic grids of Earth, you have been working on the crystalline grids of Gaia, the corresponding grids that lie within the Earth. The way you have been working on these and affecting these is by releasing all of the past, by releasing the energies of who you have been in past lifetimes, by releasing the energies that are pent-up. Dear friends, you have been working on the crystalline magnetic grids of Earth while I have been working on the magnetic grids surrounding Earth. Together we have created changes. We have created new potential.

< DivineHuman 4QA > Do you know that your guides, the ones who were beside you for so very long, were truly aspects of yourself from the past? They were parts of you that had died if they had been human form and remained on this side, our side, of the veil, but could come back to you to service your soul and to service your evolution. Other guides were parts of you that had never taken on human experience, but understood your experiences before you ever came to Earth. Your guides were you. Was it not appropriate to release them, to release yourself, to release your past? Was it not appropriate to take off the training wheels so that you could come into full expression?

< DivineHuman 5QA > There are intergalactic levels of consciousness. There are, as you would say, types of intelligent life forms on the layers of intergalactic levels. We have said that when you look out into your physical universe, there is not much out there. But there is much in between on the other layers and levels (other dimentions of your physical universe). There is not much life form on these other planets in your universe. But, there is life form on the layers above, and below, and beside. They are all waiting, by the way, to one day be able to come into this layer that you call your universe. They are waiting for you to do the work that will allow the doorway to open so they can enter what you know as your physical universe. Many of these, what you would call aliens, exist on other interdimensional levels (other dimentions of your physical universe). As we have said before, they are you from the past. They are you from the past. In a way, they are the past in terms of time. In a way, it is because you have seeded those races of what you would call aliens. You have seeded… you have started those families and those groups. Then you moved on. So, they still carry so much of your energy.

< DivineHuman 5QA > Rules! Your rules! Your self-worth! All of these issues that we speak to you about over and over again… old issues from past lives that are still stuck, past lives when you gave the vows of poverty… rules that you give yourself now in his lifetime! Do you know, dear friends, that your greatest fear is your ability to create? You worry that, left without walls, left without rules, and restrictions, and barriers, and filters, that you might create something ugly, or terrible. You think back to the days before you ever came to Earth when you were creating the physical universe, when there were great wars and great battles. And, you said to yourself, "I will NEVER express my power in that way again!" And, here you are, standing before us, asking why you can't create?

< DivineHuman 6 > The Raelians are indeed making contact in the outer realms. They are indeed making contact with the aliens. What they have not acknowledged yet is that the aliens are them from the past. Indeed, they are working with star seed. Indeed, they are working with very interesting energies in their experiments. Dear friends, it takes someone with a very open mind to break through the barriers. Perhaps they are considered a bit unbalanced, but it took that to go to this next level. It took the meld of spirit and science to make the leap. We can tell you now that they will be discounted and ridiculed in the scientific community and in the media.

< DivineHuman 8 > In the Expanded Now, you do not have to leave your body or your reality to go out into the other dimensions to visit us. You are not denying your humanness or the moment (time and space, reality, dimention) you are sitting in. But, you are opening up your energy. You are expanding your energy field to include us. As you expand your energy field, you also include all of the aspects of who you have been in past lives. You are including all of that energy in your Now. As we sit here right now, most of you are not afraid to open up. You are in the sacred energy of your divinity, and of the family Shaumbra. So you can open up to include all of the experiences of your past lives. You can open up to include the other realms.

< DivineHuman 8 > In this metaphor, the waves behind you are like all of the experiences of your past lives. You have created something. You have created movement, here represented by the waves. The waves take on a life and an energy of their own. Much like your past life energies take on their own identity. They are not creators like you. But your past lives live on. We have talked about this before. When you release them, they go into the cosmic planes and continue a life of their own. The waves behind the boat are all of the experiences and all of the energy of your past.

< DivineHuman 8 > You will come to realize so many things. You will come to understand these things that you call Multiple Personality Disorders. You will come to understand that they were aspects (past lives) of yourself. You were experiencing "bleed-thrus." So many of you are experiencing things like Multiple Personality Disorders now. You wonder what is happening to your mind. You are getting feelings. You are getting visions and images from the past, from multi-dimensional aspects of yourself. They are coming through. There is nothing wrong. Stay grounded in the Expanded Now moment, and you will understand what this is all about.

< DivineHuman 8QA > You are now integrating all of yourself. You are integrating your past lives. You are integrating everything in your current lifetime. You have chosen this lifetime to be the designated "ascendee" for all of your soul. You are unifying all of your past (and multi-dimentional) experiences. In the past, each of your lifetimes was independent and separate with very little connection between them. It was like that with your charkas, as well - independent, separate. Now, dear friends, they are all melding together. This is the New Energy - when it melds together.

< NewEnergy 4 > You are releasing things that are stored. We have talked about energies being stored in Gaia (crystalline grid), in the Earth, and indeed they are. You are releasing them, aspects of yourself from the past. There are also energies stored in all of the planets, in the suns, in the stars, and the galaxies. And, they are yours. They are your energies. Why do you think that certain planets have astrological qualities to them, influences? Part of your energies are stored there.

< NewEnergy 10 > It is also the aspects of self that have been lost, that have been scattered, wanting to come back together. Why, Shaumbra? Why would your past lives even - now that you've released them - why would those aspects want to come back? Why would some of the fragments of you that you have buried - literally and figuratively - that you have suppressed and hidden away… why would some of the fragments that are off in other dimensions want to come back now? It is because you are allowing and creating a safe energy. Imbalanced and fragmented energies (unfulfilled energy) come back in when it's safe (new paradigm #3). You are creating the space in the Now moment where it is safe once again. That is why you have felt energies coming to you.

< NewEnergy 10 > If you have been feeling things, and hearing things, and coming to knowingnesses that seem different, perhaps outside of you, or foreign to you, take a deep breath. Take a second guess. It is you, parts and pieces wanting to come back, past lives wanting to be in your Expanded Now energy, even as they are living in their own realities. And, more than anything it is the Divine and the Christed energy of Self that has been in the cocoon for so long, wanting to come in right now. That is what is happening.

< Embodiment 4 > Yes, with Yasser (Arafat) out of the way, what happens next? You are holding your energy, and he is going to hold his into the grave. And, you know that, and that's what the debate is about right now. They want him, and he wants him to hold his energy in the ground. You know, you do that. You die, and then you hold your energy in the ground, part of it. Part of you comes back here to our side; part of you stays there, holding an energy for something you believe in, holding an energy for something you love and you care about.

< Embodiment 6 > Why don't you remember your past lives, you ask sometimes? You consider it a mark of - how to say - spiritual evolution to remember who you were in the past. You don't remember them because first of all you didn't want to confuse yourself in this lifetime up until now. You didn't want to be overwhelmed by those direct memories and images. But, you also had not embodied and then released all of the energies. You are doing that… you have done that, as I have. You have fully accepted everything that you have been. And, then you have let it free; you have let it go. So, you can go back and start visiting, without having to worry about getting caught up in it, but feeling the energies once again.

< Embodiment 6 > In this "year of freedom" you are going to start remembering your past lives. You're at a point now where you don't have to be worried about getting caught up in its energies. You're at a point now of spiritual maturity where you know that you are who you are right now. You don't have to worry about reverting to an old identity from a past lifetime. If you were a great king, a great ruler, a great scientist, or a great philosopher, you don't have to worry about getting egotistically attached to that past life. It simply was. It was part of your makeup.

< Embodiment 6 > How do you handle that now? How do you solve it? You embody every part of it, everything you've ever done, and then you let it move through. We know you have done tremendous work in this area. But, now we're going to go to the real depths, the real hiding places of some of the Old Energies. You are going to start getting the glimpses and the full stories of your past lives. You can handle it now.

< Embodiment 8QA > It's about releasing your limitations and accepting your "I-amness." Your limitations are, in a sense, all of the stories that you have created, your past life aspects. They are just stories, but there is a tendency to believe that they hold the power, that they hold the energies. They are just stories. It is about releasing them.

They want to be released. They want to be set free. They are in this - how to say - this type of crystal or structure that we talked about before, frozen in time and space, waiting for you to let them have their own freedom. When you do this, it lets go of your limitations and your acceptance of this hypnotic state that you have been in.

When you accept everything… everything… including what you consider crazy thoughts in your mind… when you consider what another… when you accept what another person does… when you accept your children… when you accept the world as it is… when you accept everything that happens… this also sets you free in a whole new way. It allows you to go beyond the limitations of the hypnosis.

Hypnosis requires limitations. Acceptance lets you fly past those. So, accepting, which is the compassion that we speak about so often, is so essential for your total freedom. It is very simple, and don't get so much into the head about it.

< Embodiment 9QA > Basically water is an element that you created to help stabilize an angelic or divine energy as it came to Earth. It is an essential part of, not only your body, but it is an essential part of holding you here on Earth. If there is anything you should ever be upset with for keeping you here, it should be water, for it is truly the single most important element of holding you here on Earth.

Water is also the greatest transmuter of energy outside of yourself. It has the incredible ability to cleanse and to purify and to change the wavelength nature of any energy. Most of your Earth is covered and surrounded in water for that very purpose. It literally holds vibrations. It literally is the element that - how to say - holds the magnetic grid of Earth in place. And, also water is also the element that holds the Earth grid or the crystalline grid of Earth in place.

So, the water is very important. It, as you know, shifts and changes from time to time where the oceans, where the lakes and the rivers are. The water also holds… one drop of water holds the memory of everything that has ever occurred on Earth. Every lifetime of every individual is contained within that water. It is the holder of every potential, and it is the partner of the imagination here on Earth.

< Embodiment 10 > As you embody, you accept everything fearlessly. You bring it in. You love it… everything about yourself… everything about your past… everything about past lives… your ancestral past lives… your star-seed past lives. You bring all of these in. You welcome them back to this precious, sacred moment of Now. You have this incredible family reunion, this party in the Now. One-by-one they file in. They file into your Now, aspects of you from the past. Energies that have split off from you for a long time, they file back in one-by-one, groups at a time, all coming for your love, for your acceptance, for your fearless acceptance.

< Embodiment 11 > You know, every past life that you have created continues to live. You granted it beingness. And, it continues to live out in the other dimensions… not here on Earth, for the most part, occasionally, but not generally. Your past life aspects live on and on and on. They are not Creator-beings like you. They cannot create New Energy, new space, but they continue to swirl, to expand in the very energies that you granted them.

< Clarity 2 > Now, what happens to you and your guidance, your support right now in these very, very interesting times of change? The support comes in for you from the Shaumbra energy. It is also a doorway for other energies to come into your life. Not only the energies of I, Tobias, and the Crimson Council… we are always here with you. But, now with the recent changes and the new Metatronic energy coming in to Earth, it also opens other doorways of support, support from the angelic realms, support even from Gaia in ways that you haven't been able to experience before, support from even energies of past lives that have been released, their energies transmuted. And, now they too come back into your life.

< Clarity 9QA > Here is one who has a past life energy that has been brought into this lifetime, and it is not just his. He is also taking on many of the dynamics of an ancestral sexual abuse energy, and he was part of that ancestral lineage. You were also, and other family members, but he is the one acting it out right now. Because of these very strong energies, it has also attracted energies from outside of him. Some of these are nonphysical energies or what you would call the ghosts or earthbound energies. Some of them literally are coming from Earth. He basically has a type of radar and receiver that scans and picks up sexual energies. He can't get enough of them. They're an energy food that he needs to keep feeding on over and over.

< Clarity 11 > Past lives are one of the buzz words of the new age. Past lives are not what you think they are. You are no more your past life than you are your children. You are no more your past lives than you are your parents. Yes, there is a common energy between you, but you are not your past lives. One of the greatest and last barriers that we have to get through, in this work that we have done together, is holding onto past lives.

< Clarity 11 > It is difficult to describe here, but from a - what you would call a soul level standpoint - you don't have a progression (continuation) of lifetimes. You don't. Your Soul Being has tried different experiences - but they are not you. You are not the linear progression of a past life 2,000 years ago or 10,000 years ago or even in Atlantis. There is a common energetic bond, but you are not your past life.

< Clarity 11 > You are who you are in this lifetime. This lifetime, this time you are experiencing right now, is very unique and very special. It is not the culmination (growth) of the past. Although there are elements that you have learned from the past, but you are no longer guided by the past. The concept of reincarnation as it's popularly known is quite deceiving and quite distracting. You are THIS lifetime - and this lifetime is special, as we said recently. It is a very, very special lifetime. It is a very special time that your soul energy (oversoul being) has brought itself down into human form (you) and then the rest of it (other parts of your soul) comes down and enters into your human lifetime.

< Clarity 11 > Any other theoretical lifetime that you have had was not the same. There is not that relationship between the soul and the human. The soul essentially created an energy in a past life and then let it go and released it, gave it its own freedom, it's own ability to go off and do things. But the connection was generally very loose and it wasn't as - what you would say - real or spiritual. This lifetime, this time you are embodied in, is VERY special. The relationship between spirit and human has always been there. The links are very strong, the connection. In a sense it is ubiquitous, it is all the same. It is just the illusion that the divine, the spirit self is not here right now.

< Teacher 10QA > By default, Shaumbra, when you have these entity visits, you feel an energy lingering around and particularly feeding off of you, by default it is going to be an aspect of yourself first. It is going to be one of these disassociated or parts of you that is still lingering. A part from another lifetime perhaps, but very often an aspect of you even from this lifetime. You are so clever, you're such a grand creator that you can disguise even these entities as something outside of yourself, but understand it is part of you.

Now, with any of these entities, whether they are a part of you or outside of you, you - the essence who exists in this Now moment, the one who is conscious of these thoughts - is the Master ... is the Master in the moment - in every moment - and you can literally demand that these entities leave. If it is an external entity, which does happen - they will play games with you at times, pretend that they have control or power over you - simply demand from your place of mastery that they leave. They have to, by the way. And if they don't leave the first time because they don't necessarily believe you - why should they believe you when you don't believe yourself? - demand three times. Use the I am. "I am the Master. I demand you leave. I am the Master." You say it long enough to yourself, even, you might even begin to believe it! But use those simple words.

Now if it is an aspect of yourself, let that aspect know that you are the Master. Let them know that they are simply an aspect and without you they are nothing. Feel the energy of that aspect. Feel where it is blocked or wounded or hurt and then release that energy. You're not trying to annihilate that aspect, you are releasing its blocked energies. "I am the Master, therefore, I release the blocked, wounded or distorted energies of you."

Now, you are tougher to deal with than an external energy because you know all of your tricks. You know your shortcomings and weaknesses, and that aspect entity is going to try to fool you. It's going to try to tell you all sorts of things; that it can't leave until you give it all of these things; it's going to lay a guilt trip on you; it's going to try to fool you, perhaps even tell you that it's not you. But again, you go back to "I am the Master, therefore I release all energies that no longer serve me - and you don't serve me! So I release you back to your pure essence."

Simple as that. If you get more complicate than that; if you get into long discussions with these entities; if you allow them to keep coming back; if you give them an inch, they'll take a foot. "I am the Master and I release you from your blocked energies. And so it is." It's that simple. They will go away.

< Master 7 > You are not your past life, believe it or not. I'm actually - me, Adamus - I'm actually tired of all the past life stuff. There are no past lives. There was no reincarnation. How about that? There wasn't even a yesterday, in a way, in a very, very real way. That's so old and it's not you.

< Master 10 > How many lifetimes do you need? Most of you have had approximately fourteen hundred. A couple here have had over two thousand. How many lifetimes do you need? That's not a condemnation at all, because sometimes it's just interesting to try on different appearances, take on different identities, play on Earth.

< (Next) 7 > In Egypt this month with these uprisings, it's not just a few thousand or maybe ten thousand, a hundred thousand or more people that are rising. It is the old energy in Egypt that is being released from the temple walls, from the ground, from the air. Ancestral karma which is deep and strong there, family karma, incarnating back and back and back again into the same family, is all being released. Millions, millions and millions who have been buried in the grounds are coming up now, being released.

< (Next) 7 > The more difficult cases are the beings who have lived, let's say, in Egypt in past lives. Some of their energy or consciousness was buried in the ground; now they have another physical incarnation happening simultaneously, and that physical incarnation is connecting with the ancient spirit energy of themselves, so it's more difficult for that spirit energy to leave. And a kind of a fight ensues between the current human incarnation and the old aspects. The old aspects want to leave, but the current incarnation is saying, "I'm not ready yet. I'm tied into this land. I'm tied into my family and my job. No matter how miserable it is I'm tied into it."

< (Next) 7 > They almost can't help it, because somebody has been traveling around the world, meeting in groups, talking about sovereignty, talking about freeing themselves, and when the energies in the ground, in the tombs, in the temples feels this and says, "It's time to be released," they do. They do. So there's this huge undercurrent of energies that are being released, that are leaving, that are going back to themselves, back to their true nature. You're going to see it sweeping across the Earth. Somebody's been traveling around, telling these old stuck energies that they can leave. Now, who would that be? And you wonder why some groups get a little upset with you? No mystery to me.

< e2012 4 > This life is not just an extension of your past lives, not just another progression of your past lives. Your past lives are not you. Get over it. None of them are important. Half of them are fabricated. Half of them are makyo crap. They really are. The other half you just relate to the archetypical energies of Yeshua or Moses or Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene or whatever. They’re real, but they’re not real. In other words, they’re an active part of this whole experience that you’re having. Yes, you were part of Mary Magdalene, a little part along with a lot of others, but you weren’t Mary Magdalene.

< e2012 4 > You’re not your past lives. They’re your brothers or sisters or cousins, but they’re not you. And the sooner you can let that go, the sooner you’re going to free yourself, unburden yourself, get over their crap. Some of them are still out there, these past lives, traumatized, active, looking for a new residence, looking for a new house – you. They haven’t freed themselves, and the soul, in its brilliance, is allowing them to do that. You say, “Why doesn’t the soul call them back, make them come back?” Well, you can’t. A creator cannot force his or her creations to come back. You can only invite them back.

< e2012 4 > Up until this lifetime there was a definite link between lifetimes. There was a type of progression. But then, in the brilliance of the life plan and the life design of the soul, it says, “I’m going to create an expression of myself that’s different, that’s not just another lifetime.” Why? Because it got tired of doing the other lives, and realized it needed something to set itself free. The soul, you realized that you’re the Standard for all those other past lives, for all the other humans, for yourself. You’re the [focal] point of integration of [all of] yourself. You’re the point of enlightenment for yourself, not those other lifetimes. Even if you were a Buddha – not that lifetime. This lifetime, right here.

< e2012 4 > You are the point of integration. You are, as Tobias said years ago, the designated ascendee of yourself, of your soul, and in order to do so, your soul comes in here to join you. Your wisdom arrives. It comes in from the other realms – and it’s not even the other realms, it’s just an imaginary block – but absorbs in to your Body of Consciousness.

It arrives, and in doing so, something interesting happens. You become the Standard for these other past lives of that soul. You become the example. You, by example, help set them free. Not that you’re going to go around with a knife, cutting their chains or their ropes that bind them, but your example will release those ropes.

You release, you could say, some energy of your soul – your wisdom. You release yourself of that burden thinking you were your past lives, and in doing so, you integrate all of that energy, all of the consciousness. It is squished and distilled into wisdom, which arrives. Wisdom arrives for you.