etheric energy / angelic form

etheric form; angelic energy; energetic form; spirit form; non-physical form;
physical form/body; biology;
state of energy free from physical matter; vibration; consciousness;

< NewEnergy 7 > We went into great details about this in our wonderful School II - coming to Earth… projecting your energies into matter for first the time… placing your energies into life forms on Earth… into the molecules and even the atoms… to feel what it was like to place etheric energy… to place angelic energy into matter. From there you placed your energy into various types of animal forms - into the dolphins and into the whales. You rode with them, so to speak. It was not your body. You simply placed your energy in them. You can do that now today… when you place your energy in a bird… or a dolphin… or one of your pets at home. You can feel what it is like to place your living energy into another being.

< NewEnergy 7 > You will always take with you the wisdom, and the knowledge, and the enlightenment of what it was like to live. Then, you will be able to have a wonderful melding of the etheric energy, the energies that can shape and shift very quickly. You will have a deep understanding of living energy. This is why you chose to come to Earth. In doing so, it helps to answer so many of the questions of the omniverse. You wanted to know what it was like to live.

< NewEnergy 8 > Yeshua asked Myriam not to touch him after the death, not because she was tainted, or not worthy, but simply that his energy was so high at the time and their love was so strong that he feared if she touched him in his spirit form that she would want to go back, that she would want to leave the physical body in an instant to be with him on this side of the veil. So, he begged of her not to touch him. He begged of her to continue the teaching, to continue the writing, to continue holding the feminine energy. Yeshua told her in that meeting, in that gathering, that the feminine energy would be subject to abuse and attack for thousands of years to come, for humankind had become so ingrained in the masculine energy. And, the feminine energy was allowing it to happen, allowing itself to get beaten down (the wound of Isis).

< Embodiment 9QA > Basically water is an element that you created to help stabilize an angelic or divine energy as it came to Earth. It is an essential part of, not only your body, but it is an essential part of holding you here on Earth. If there is anything you should ever be upset with for keeping you here, it should be water, for it is truly the single most important element of holding you here on Earth.

Water is also the greatest transmuter of energy outside of yourself. It has the incredible ability to cleanse and to purify and to change the wavelength nature of any energy. Most of your Earth is covered and surrounded in water for that very purpose. It literally holds vibrations. It literally is the element that - how to say - holds the magnetic grid of Earth in place. And, also water is also the element that holds the Earth grid or the crystalline grid of Earth in place.

So, the water is very important. It, as you know, shifts and changes from time to time where the oceans, where the lakes and the rivers are. The water also holds… one drop of water holds the memory of everything that has ever occurred on Earth. Every lifetime of every individual is contained within that water. It is the holder of every potential, and it is the partner of the imagination here on Earth.

< Teacher 3 > You didn't necessarily understand that, being amongst the first - many of you - to come to Earth in the first place. Suddenly your consciousness, which had been in angelic form, found itself pulled into a vortex, a portal you might say, pulled into the heaviness of this thing called gravity, electromagnetic energy, dirt, water, hardness, physical reality. And it was a shock on your system. But the ones coming after you won't have that.