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< New Earth 6 > When you came here to Earth, you went through a transformation process. Your soul had you take on a biology, as Kryon talked about last night, during the melding of evolution. You took on a role of an actor, acting out many parts, many lifetimes, many expressions. You have been doing a wonderful job of acting. You have been on the stage of Earth, acting through balances of light and dark, acting through balances of expressions, but you have been acting. The you who is sitting in this room is not truly who you are. You know this.

< Creator 3QA > It indeed will be, not only to those who read your energy, but also to those who look at it under a microscope, although their observations will come later. They will be somewhat shocked. They will ask many of you to undergo further testing. This is a good point to bring up here, for there is the potential for this to bring up fear within you that there is something wrong, that there is illness. We remind you to simply live in the divine present moment to let them test, if you so choose. They will see subtle differences begin in the areas where they can more readily observe them, particularly in cellular structure and alignment. They will see changes in those outward elements of your biology, including your skin and your eyes and your hair. And yes, indeed they will notice differences in your blood, in the balance of red and white cells, and also in the way the blood cells now attract new types of cells, particularly those that provide healing and prevent illness.

< Creator 4QA > The symbol simply would be a photograph of yourself, without judgement, without agenda. Simply use that as a symbol, place that in the oven, and allow grace to work throughout your entire being. We remind you, all of you here, that while you do this, and even though Cauldre may have thought this was 'corny' (chuckling), you will begin to feel the manifestation of this. If you place the symbol of your biology in this oven, dear friends, do not become bewildered or surprised several days later when your body feels different. Initially it may release things that may be somewhat embarrassing, but this is part of the process. Initially there may be discomforts that you may wonder about, but this is part of the process.

< Creator 5 > This is a difficult process to go through. Your biology, in particular, has not yet adjusted to this new element that is coming in. Your emotions are definitely not adjusted to it. You are accustomed to working in duality - good or bad, right or wrong - depending on what particular day it is and depending on the coloration of the third clear marble.

< Creator 6QA > It is not set up within the keys of your biology to have that inherent ability to do that. We do not see that this is going to happen in your lifetime in the biology that you are in. On the other hand, dear friends, we do not want to limit your ability as creators! We simply want to help you understand that the keys for doing this are not necessarily in place.

However, if there is enough passion on your part, and there is enough communication with your inner biological and spiritual being, indeed you have the potential to create this. The new ones coming in, in particular those who gather here tonight that will be coming into biology, will begin to have the first of those keys for organ regeneration and rejuvenation. It is one of the things that will distinguish them and will amaze the scientists.

Now, there are many things you can do with your biology now however. There is faster healing as we have talked about. There is greater communication between the individual parts (cells) that can be facilitated. And again, much of what you are able to do in your current biology will baffle the doctors who look at you. Much of what you do in your current emotional and spirit state will baffle even the psychics who look at the old energy ways. When they look at your aura, they will not see one and they will think you are dead! (audience laughter) It is because they are looking in the wrong place. There are many changes you are going through, but what you have spoken of in this question, with the literal re-growth of organs and tissues, will be somewhat challenging to do, but we applaud you for trying. Your efforts will help set the energy for the "keys" that future generations will use.

< Creator 8 > As you continue to shift in your biology and in your spirit, you will notice things beyond your current human perception. If you have not already noticed, your biology and your senses are becoming much more acute and much more sensitive. Some of you do not so much like what you perceive to be allergies! They are not allergies in the true human sense of your biology. You do not like the body aches and pains. You do not like the feeling of being disoriented, of not feeling there are two feet on the ground. Dear friends, this is all part of the process.

< Creator 8 > There were many entities who gathered. This is the forming of what you would now call councils or energy families, celestial families (Order of the Arc). They met, and at the highest levels of these families, there was an agreement to descend, to lower the vibration of certain entities, certain angels, representing both sides (light and dark) of duality. In this lower vibrational form these entities would take on what you now know as biology. They would take on mass. Part of the reason for this was so that creation would not occur so fast as it had before. It would be slowed down. There would be opportunities to live through experience. There would be opportunities to assess and evaluate and to help balance. When you were angels in your newly forming universe, you created almost as quickly as thought. At times this got out of hand. At times, dear friends, you did not know which side (light or dark) you were on! You did not know how to properly assess your own energy and things seemed out of control.

< Creator 8 > There were many, many angel entities in your new universe at the time, and of course, most of these wanted to be part of this new place of Earth. When there was an asking for volunteers, dear friends, you were among the first. You were among the first. You initially came to Earth in non-physical form. You shifted your energy with the assistance of many, many entities on the other side. You shifted your energy in such a way that you could enter the energy dimension of Earth. You visited Earth in your angelic form a long time before you ever came here in biological form. You and the others came here to set up the energy templates and the grids. You came here to set up the weavings and the foundations. You visited this place to become acclimated, as well as to help set up the energies. There was much assistance from the angels that were not going on your journey.

< Creator 8 > When you came to Earth and descended into biology, you broke yourself up into even more parts, parts that you call chakras. You had these chakras in your human biology in the number of seven, and you had those that you carried in your etheric fields in the number of five. As we have mentioned, these now are coming back together into a single chakra. They are being bridged back together. The ones that are etheric and the ones that are in your physical body are coming back together into one, the "one chakra."

< Creator 8QA > When you came to this place of earth, you accepted many new conditions. You agreed to forget who you were and where you came from. You agreed to forget the journey that brought you here. You agreed to take on a body of biology in place of the energy body as you had known. And, you agreed to leave behind this energy of spiritual passion that you had carried with you from the kingdom.

< Creator 8QA > You are going through cycles of change in your biology, as well as in your emotional being. At times theses cycles seem very fast and intense. There is no need to direct these energies. However, if you want them to be somewhat smoother and gentler on your system, we suggest physical exercise. Do not attempt to direct these energies through your mind. The surges of energy are natural and appropriate, and your divinity knows how to direct them. Simply understand you are going through the cycles of change.

< Creator 9 > Before you came to this place of Earth, there were many preparations that had to take place. Your energy took on biology. You took the physical form. The preparation for this took eons of time. But before you came here in physical form, you visited Earth in spirit, in the light form that you were. As the universe were beginning to take structure, you journeyed to Earth in light body to get adjusted to the attributes of this planet, to get used to the dimension of "two" which is expressed in matter. You needed these visits to Earth, and they were done over much time, but that were not done in physical body. They were done in your light body, for you had to adjust your being to this new, slow-vibration energy of Earth. You were used to vibrating very fast. You had to adjust to vibrating very slowly in order to adapt to a physical body.

< Creator 11 > Let us talk of another type of karma here. It is an "ancestral karma". It is in the DNA, it is in your biology. It is a "family" karma. We discuss it because your fathers and their fathers and their fathers and theirs are here. They are here now to heal that karma. You have chosen to get off the karmic wheel of your soul. But there is another karma that still lingers. It is the ancestral karma.

< Creator 11 > This space fills up with many who are simply waiting for you to say it is time to release the ancestral karma as well. Do you know that within your being, and within the setup of your life, it is not only your soul karma but it also your family karma? It is karma for things that were done five generations ago and ten generations ago and a hundred. It is carried forward in the biology. Indeed you see it with diseases that are prevalent within certain blood lines. If there is a tendency for diabetes in your family, it is carried karmically in your DNA. There are also emotions - ancestral karmic emotions - that are carried within you. There are events that were created by your father’s forefathers five hundred and a thousand and two thousand years ago that you are trying to heal in this lifetime of yours. And you wonder why life can be so difficult and challenging? As we have said, it is not just about you anymore.

< Creator 12 > Some 2,500 years ago the energy of Earth was appropriate to begin bringing this seed of divine consciousness - what we sometimes call the Christ consciousness - from the outer realms and dimensions where it existed. For you know your consciousness does not truly exist within your biology. It exists on levels and planes surrounding you. It is much like your movie projector. The consciousness - the film and the projector - are in one location, and the image is projected onto another. In a sense, you are the image of your consciousness projected into 3D, projected into this body that you carry, projected into this Earth that you walk on.

< Creator 12QA > Limb regeneration, new organs - it is all possible. But we caution you. We caution you. The extent of healing is still up to the ones that you work with, your clients and patients. There are also biological and physical conditions that make it more challenging to regrow a leg than it is to heal a wound. There are still earth physics involved. So we caution you. If you are riding that high wave and things do not quite work out how you would like them to, and you go crashing for a while, simply get back on and go again.

< Creator 12QA > All of these things that you speak of here are potentials that exist now. You, Shaumbra, Lightworkers across the world are indeed the ones bringing in this energy. Do you know that you come here to this space to learn of some of the most advanced technology, even if it involves no machines? It is the new technology of Spirit.

You come here also to learn of the most advanced technologies that incorporate your current or modern equipment, but are used in a different way now to see within, not only the body but also the spirit of the being. You come here to this conference to learn of some of the most advanced developments in medicine, the most advanced understandings of what is taking place at your DNA level, which is, dear friends, quite simply the awakening of your divinity. Your divinity is wrapped around your DNA.

That is why you are here. All of the potential for instant healing is there. All of the potential for limb regeneration, for life extension is there, but understand even the great one Thomas Edison did stumble at times. He did not always get it right the first time. Allow yourself. Allow yourself patience in your process.

< Ascension 1QA > We are finding that those physical symptoms most closely associated with this process are the ones that affect the spine. Indeed the energy moving and surging through the body, we find, in particular, that there are sensitive areas in and around the shoulders and neck. We find from you that there are more facial, headache type of symptoms. We find that the pituitary and the pineal glands are most likely to be aggravated in this process. Anything associated with a sense of disorientation seems to have a direct tie-in to this whole process you are going through. But we have found for the most part that there is not a direct effect on the heart. This is not a common symptom of going through the new energy. It tends to be more associated with the spine and with the neck and with the head areas, and also with feelings of not having two feet on the ground, being in a spacey area. We will continue to work with you, but again we ask you, whether you are a doctor or not, to share this information, to be part of the group that documents this for others.

< Ascension 2 > In my days on Earth, which number several thousand years ago, we would gather indeed, but we could not pull in the energy of Spirit, of our divinity, the way you can now. If every once in a brief while we would get just a glimpse, just a glimpse of the type of energy that is flowing through here now, we would be so delighted. We would feel we had touched God. And now look at you! Look at what you are able to bring in. Look at the pathway you are able to create between your space on Earth, through the veil, into our space. A direct line that works its way to your true and divine being. Incredible! I, Tobias, look forward to the time when I will return to follow in your path on Earth, to experience for myself what it is like to be in biology and to be able to hold my divinity.

< Ascension 8 > When your body goes through shifts and changes, you will understand not to fight it. You see what we are saying here. There is a new rebalancing of your body, but you will not be so overly concerned and so anxious when your body goes through adjustments. This is natural, particularly during this time you are in. Your body needs to go through changes. Honor it. Stop fighting it. If your body needs rest, listen to it and honor it. If your body is purging in ways, through what you would call flus and colds, allow it to do that. It needs it now to release much Old Energy.

< Ascension 8 > Each night when you lie down your physical body is like a factory. It goes to work. It cranks up. The third shift comes in. And, many changes occur within you. There is a literal changing of your DNA and sub-DNA. There is a literal sweeping of the floors and cleaning house and throwing out the trash. And, the trash has to come out somewhere! Sometimes it comes out through your skin. Sometimes it is in your muscles. Sometimes it comes out in ways that Cauldre does not want us talking about! (much audience laughter) But, you know of what we speak. Allow these things to happen.

< Ascension 9 > "Are you ready for the fires that will sweep through your physical body?" You may know this fire as the flu. You may know it as skin irritations. You may know it as hot flashes. These are the fires that come from the clearing within, for there is much friction taking place right now in your energetic being at your deep, deep levels. The friction causes heat, which brings on the inner fires. These fires clear the inner being, and clear the old scars. In your forests there are trees that are down. There is debris on the ground. In your own being it is much the same. There are things that need to be cleared now. The inner fires help release them.

< Ascension 9 > And, the quakes that come up… indeed, Metatron was also speaking of the shakings and the rumblings that come up within you, the body aches and pains. Your very DNA is being changed right now by you. Indeed, we are there at night. We stand around and help to provide a buffering effect for this. You are changing your own DNA structure, your own molecules, your atomic-level being. You are changing within, and this will cause quakes. You hold energetic imprints from the past in your tissues, in your bones and all over your physical body. Sometimes it takes a quake to release these imprints from within.

< Ascension 10 > Michael has never taken human form. He is an architect who, along with you, helped create the templates of Earth and human biology and human consciousness. Michael, in a sense, was your drill sergeant before you left the Order of the Arc to come to Earth. Michael was the one who gave each of you a Sword of Truth, a symbol of your own journey. The sword is part of your own consciousness and your own biology, given to you by Michael before you embarked on your journey to find your own truth. The sword was given to you before you left for Earth. It has been part of who you have been ever since.

< Ascension 11QA > The cells, the molecules, the atoms of your physical body have a certain memory to them. They have a certain pattern that has been established over generations and over eons of time. They are in the pattern, so to speak, of going through a birthing, a living, and a death process. Now, how do we change this? Well, the easiest way is through your consciousness. That is not, by the way, through your mind. You cannot WILL yourself to live longer, but you can ALLOW yourself to live longer. Look at the stone that this one has in the question that came up earlier. The stone shows the effect of consciousness on matter. As you change your consciousness, you can change the patterns of the cells and the molecules within you. You can expand your health. You can expand your life.

< DivineHuman 3 > It will take a bit of work on your part to be present. You are so used to living in the past, or worrying about the future. The past, dear friends, was killing you. Living in the past creates death - period. When you live in the past, you are thinking about what happened before. It sends a signal to your system, to your biology, to begin the death process. When you live in the future… when you worry about what will be… when you worry about your retirement… when you worry about what the world will look like in 10 or 15 years… when you worry if you are going to get a pink slip at the office next week… this causes you to suffocate, to suffocate, to extinguish the fire of the divinity that is birthing within you. The past will kill you. The future will suffocate you.

< DivineHuman 5 > Your body knows that it needs to change to adjust to your divinity. It needs to change because you are allowing your divine energies to come up from within you. These are high, high frequency energies, unlike what your body has experienced in any lifetime past. These energies are strong. They are high. They are intense. And, they are coming in now. Your body is preparing itself. It is going through the changes at the deepest level. Your body is changing at the levels of the space between the space, then up through the DNA, and the cells, and the tissues, and the organs. What you are going through right now is a biological adjustment so that you can handle all of these New Energies. They are coming in now. That is why your body aches. That is why there are pains. This too shall pass. As your body becomes accustomed and adjusted to the new frequencies, the aches and pains will go out of your body.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth, you will be able to go back and pick up any of the attributes of anything you have ever learned and use them there. You will not have a physical human body, unless you want it. You can create it, and you can literally go back into biology, into mass. But, then you can depart it whenever you want. Right now, in the Old Earth you are, as you say, stuck in these bodies, and if you leave, you face certain death. On the New Earth you can create the body, and you can create mass whenever you choose to. If you want to enjoy a fine meal, you can do that. And, at the end of the meal you can move out of physical form, back into pure energy form. I have talked about creating my own scenario of my cottage out in the country. But, in a sense, it is just my hologram, an illusion. But, on the New Earth you will be able to create reality, material reality whenever you want.

< DivineHuman 6 > What is happening with cloning on Earth is also something that will be worked on intensely on the New Earth. You see, the principle is simple. You are not your body. You are Spirit. When you choose to leave your old physical body, you can clone yourself. You can go from one lifetime to the next without having to go through the whole traumatic birth process. If you want to stay on this Earth, you do not have to go through the long and rather painful cycle to get back here. You can just hop back into a new body.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear friends, there are those who misunderstand. You are not cloning Spirit. You are simply cloning biology. There are those who do not understand that life is eternal. You can change your physical body very easily. It is coming. There is much to learn yet. These early clones have many imperfections. But, it is coming. It is coming. We talked about the New Earth and said that you can go into biology and then back out of it. It is also going to be possible here on Earth. There will be clashes with the forces that do not want to see this. They are afraid. They are afraid because it will mean having to revise and change or throw out the old books. They do not want to do this. They are in such fear. That is why we have spent so much time talking to you, Shaumbra, telling you that you are the new teachers. It is time for you to step forward and be heard.

< DivineHuman 6 > The divinity, the God that you are, is so simple. But, yet you try to make it so complex. It is so simple. It is there right now. You test your powers at times. You say, "If I am God also, then why can’t I create grand abundance for myself? Why can’t I heal my body? Why can’t I read the thoughts of other humans?" Dear friends, you are putting your energies in the wrong place, in the end result. You are not putting the energies in the moment. When you focus on abundance, surely you will have abundance problems. When you are always worried about a relationship, when you are worried about your health, you will always have these as problems. It is about being in the moment, being in the Now.

< DivineHuman 6 > This Divine Self is you. It always has been. It comes in now. It comes in to be such a part of you. It wants to share in a way it never could before. You will find now that as you rely on yourself for your own guide, that as you stop looking outward, as you stop looking for external dates that keep you from being divine… you will find that this Divine Self truly takes care of every need. You, God, truly take care of every need that you have. The abundance will flow into your life. Your health will return. The relationships will come to you appropriately when you do not focus on them, when you live in the Now, when you are divine.

< DivineHuman 8QA > Your body knows how to regulate itself. This is trust. This is trust. It knows how to regulate itself, if you let it. But when you are always thinking that there are going to be difficult times ahead, always thinking that life is harsh, always thinking that you're vulnerable to others… it will do the best thing for you. It will store and protect. Open up and breathe. Breathe in your divinity. This weight will be gone

< DivineHuman 9QA > To breathe in deeply, to stay in the Now moment, and, for you - and you may debate with us - but for you, my dear, to choose life. You are still debating whether to come or to go.

< DivineHuman 9QA > There is an interesting process here, too. By being bold enough to get up and acknowledge this, in a sense, you are bold enough to say you are truly ready to release it and move on. So, now start releasing all of the pent-up energies that are in that area. It is very simple, very symbolic. You are not allowing life to come all the way down to ground you and to re-energize you. We are not dispensing medical advice here of any kind. But, we simply say to do this, and you will find great relief.

< DivineHuman 10 > It is because there are many souls who choose to leave while they're still in the Old Energy. They know at their inner level that transitioning from the Old human energy into the New while still remaining in biology (new ascension status) is very, very difficult. There are so many humans who do not want to move into the New Energy yet. They do not feel they are ready. They will transition. They will leave the human body behind. They will come to our side of the veil. They will come here for understanding, and love, and nurturing.

< DivineHuman 10 > You wondered why there wasn't money, or love, or health in your life. You were approaching it with the Old Energy mind. Now, release all of those problems. Stop focusing on them. Do something in your life. Those problems will go away all by themselves. Do anything. Make a radical move. Eat something different for dinner tonight. Take a walk. Come out of hiding, dear Shaumbra. Allow creativity to move you. And, understand that all of the time it is you, but it is a part that you have not known for so very long.

< DivineHuman 11 > She is changing in response to your changing consciousness, slowly withdrawing her energies, slowly going back to the Order of the Arc so you can take those energies within yourself. As you do, you will come to a whole new type of understanding - one we will ask you to feel here in just a moment - of how rejuvenation of biology truly happens, how the cleansing and releasing truly happens. Gaia asks you to feel this capability within her now for a moment, the ability to clear and to renew, to birth over and over again, where no energy is ever truly dead. It is just cleansed. You see, you will be taking in these energies. You will be the ones who are providing a life force energy and the balance that goes with it.

< DivineHuman 11QA > We see so many of you get up in the morning, and look at the mirror, and count the days and the years going by. And, you are simply triggering your biology into a death process. You hold onto a date when you were born onto this Earth, even onto a sign that you came in with. None of these are truly appropriate anymore. Yes, you can still mark that date. You can still chuckle to yourself on that date. But, you're all being rebirthed. You are all being reversed. You CAN rejuvenate yourselves, particularly with some of the energies brought in today by Gaia. You can rejuvenate. You don't have to hold onto an aging process anymore. You don't have to hold on to having a specific number of years. This is still ingrained within so many of you. And, so many of you still follow the - how to say - the birth, and the age cycles, and count the years. It is time to release that, to release your consciousness from that Old pattern.

< NewEnergy 2 > In the times of Lemuria, dear friends, you did not have churches. There were no religions. There was not even the understanding of God! There was no need to try to understand at that time. You were coming into this Earth to experience what it was like to be in human body… and also to help balance out the biology… and to also help Gaia develop the life system here on Earth. You had difficulty holding your energy in the physical body. It was rather challenging. But, it was a fun game to play. As the energies became more and more focused, you were able to hold yourself in biology.

< NewEnergy 2QA > In the purest form, your body can heal itself of anything. But as long as there are still beliefs that it is beyond you, as long as there is still suffering energy, it is difficult for the body to respond to the proper healing. We will discuss this in more detail in an upcoming Shoud. You, Shaumbra, can take responsibility for your healing. At this time, however, we still suggest a balanced or an integrated program of your current doctors and technology along with a good New Energy facilitator.

< NewEnergy 3QA > In the early days of Lemuria and even into the days of Atlantis, sex and reproduction were two different things, you see… different orifices. So, that you did not need to worry about getting pregnant by having pleasure. Through all of this programming and all of the struggling that humanity has gone through, they were combined into a single organ. And, they were also placed near the anus of the body. They were all put together in the same area. You are eliminating wastes from the same part of your body that you are trying to reproduce and enjoy pleasure. Dear friends, it is time for all of this to change.

There was a time when you could enjoy the physical, emotional, and spiritual pleasures together in a grand orgasm, in a beautiful, wonderful sharing with each other, or by yourself. This has been so distorted.! So, we ask you, in particular - all of you - to go out and begin the new work in this area. Do it without shame. Do it boldly. You will see how quickly people respond to it. (audience laughter) You will see that people are craving for the remembrance of Home. How do you think the quickest way to have this remembrance is? It is through the human sexual experience. This will bring about the remembrance of Home faster than anything.

< NewEnergy 4 > Anger is a natural reaction. It is a natural emotion to things taking place around you. You can't ever suppress it. It will come out somewhere. If it doesn't come out in that harsh word that you speak to your spouse - Cauldre - if it doesn't come out there, it will come out when you are driving, and you have a little accident. If it doesn't come out there, it will manifest itself in your physical body. It will come out as irritations… rashes… or potential cancers… or other great imbalances… or "dis-eases" within your body. Anger is natural. And, it is happening right now. It is best not to deny it. There are ways to handle it. But, it's best not to deny it.

< NewEnergy 5 > The biology is changing rapidly right now. It is changing rapidly because you are bringing in New Energy. There will be many new ways to facilitate the rebalancing of the body. One thing that you gave yourself, your biology, was the natural ability to heal, to come back into balance. It is already there. It is an intrinsic part of your biological system - rebalancing when you allow it to be. If there are things within you biologically that are out of balance, that are in disease or dysfunction, simply take a deep breath. Breathe often. Let your body know you are giving it permission to come back into balance. It has the natural ability to heal and mend.

< NewEnergy 5 > It has the natural ability even to re-grow limbs. But, that portion has not been exercised in so long - re-growing an arm or a leg. You're already doing it on a rather crude sense with things like teeth and some tissues. But, it has the ability to re-grow limbs. It is not one of the strong suits of your DNA structure right now. But, it has the ability to come back if you give it permission. You will see great advances, even in this next year of your time, in medical research. You will see many more over the next years. And, you will see this accelerate even more rapidly after our date of 2007. But, dear friends, still the fastest and the most effective way is to allow your body to rebalance itself.

< NewEnergy 5 > As you move into the New Energy, you will find that your body does rebalance itself much faster and much better. We know many of you have asked - and will continue to want to ask - about the advances in medicine. There will be some. They will not overcome cancer within your lifetime. It is too deep within the human consciousness right now. It is there for a reason. It will not be overcome. It will be controlled, but not overcome.

< NewEnergy 5 > You will see a proliferation of other types of diseases popping up. Some already are. The imbalance of sugar in the body is reaching epidemic proportions… with diabetes… with low blood sugar. Dear friends, this all relates to the acceptance of sweetness in your life, of love in your life. It relates to self-love. It relates to the ability to allow others to love you and for you to love them. This will continue to grow, and grow, and become such a problem. And, when medications are taken, the problem will manifest somewhere else.

< NewEnergy 5 > You will continue to see problems such as AIDS, which relates to the immune system - the ability to heal self, the ability to have the biology take care of itself - because there is a lack of self-worth. There is a feeling of - how to say - negative energies consuming the person. From our perspective we also do not see this being healed, being eradicated in your lifetime. It will come under control. It will take more consciousness surrounding the root causes of these things.

< NewEnergy 5 > You will see a remarkable increase in mental health problems to the point where the government, your governments, will not be able to handle the problems. They will have to close the door, close their eyes to the problems. They will hand out drugs like candy because it will help to reduce the effects. People are having a very difficult time right now adjusting. There are New Energies coming in, Old duality trying to leave. There are such forces that cause the mind to go a bit out. These will continue.

< NewEnergy 5 > Our message to you today, Shaumbra, is you don't have to accept any of these things. You don't have to accept them. You can allow your biology to rebalance itself.

< NewEnergy 7QA > I want you to be the ones who show the others that you can reverse a process that has been in place ever since you have been on Earth… this process of karmic cycles… this process of being born… and then dying… and coming back again and again. I want you to be the ones to show others you can reverse the process even of aging of the physical body. Show them how to bring life into biology… even while you are in the body… to bring a rejuvenating life force back into it… to make yourself younger in appearance… to make your body more vital, stronger, more resilient… to show them that you don't need to take knives to cut out part of your body when it was in disease… that you can take life, life force energy, Spirit energy, and allow it to flow into that imbalanced part of your physical body to reinvigorate it to heal on its own. It was designed by you to do that, to heal itself. But, when you cut off, when you suffocate the life force energies that are flowing through you, nothing happens. The body deteriorates.

< NewEnergy 9 > In Atlantis we looked inside the human body to try to find the source of life, the fuel of life. Why? Why - so we could take it. We could take it out of somebody else's body and put it into our own. But, it wasn't a spiritual thing. It was a very scientific thing. When we failed to discover it inside the body, then we started to think it must be out in the stars somewhere. We tried to find ways to bring it in to us.

< NewEnergy 9 > Belief systems about money… another crucial one with Shaumbra. You believe money is limited. You believe you have to work hard for it. You believe you're not worthy of a lot of it. You believe that the only way to heaven is either not having the money, or not giving yourself enough of the flow that comes through you, diverting the flow around you. We see some of you do that. You are excellent manifestors, but you divert the flow around yourself. Another Old belief system… a belief system that the biology will break down… belief system that you have this hereditary, biological line. It is time to let all of that go.

< NewEnergy 10QA > Every problem that ever arises in your lifetime - or the lifetime of anyone here - has a built-in solution, built in by you - built in by any of you. Long before you created the situation of your physical body right now, you also created a solution. It may not be what you think it is, the solution. You have your mind, your imagination even, set on what a solution looks like, what it should be. So, we ask you now to spend some time exploring through the imaginations, going into the other realms. The solution is there for you. You already gave it to yourself. It would be - how to say - it is not just about healing a body. It is about discovery of something else. The challenge for you right now is - will you allow that discovery to come into your life?

< NewEnergy 11 > So, between the electromagnetics changing, the intensity of the magnetics changing, even the gravitational pull of Earth, and the Schuman resonance… all of these things are affecting the body and the mind. All of these things help hold a focus on this 3-D reality… you see. And, now they are changing.

< Embodiment 3 > And, now we have resistance. Yes, there is resistance. There is a type of friction that occurs in duality, everything resisting the changes… or at least trying to protect its own identity, its own story… you see. This is a wonderful thing. It is a natural thing. It has been set up by all of you over quite some period of time. It is a type of forced resistance. And, it takes its toll eventually on the body and the mind. You can feel it. You know what it has been like in the last month or so of your time in particular. You know how the body drains quickly. It tires quickly during time of change. Even the Earth changes and the lunar changes and solar… these affect your body. There is a natural resistance to them.

< Embodiment 3 > Humans tend to get into a type of rut, a type of comfort zone. And, it is very difficult at times for the energy to continue its natural cycle (change). When the energies are very blocked, when there is great resistance to change, they back up in your system, in your physical system. And, you see the results in everything from aches and pains to diseases, to all types of other things. It also backs up in the mind. And, you find yourself being lost or confused or disoriented.

< Embodiment 3 > It is not the mind that truly resists. It is simply trying to protect, trying to hold on to what the spirit is feeling. It is not the body that resists. The body is a beautiful vehicle, a beautiful creation that simply responds, the body responds. The body has all of the capabilities to heal, and to rebalance, and to rejuvenate when it is called on to do that. But, the spirit resists. Why would that be, Shaumbra? Why would the spirit resist? It is because it is used to connecting and corresponding to The Field, to this infinite energy source, in a certain way. It is comfortable in that. It has established a connection with The Field in a very certain way. It is not sure what will happen when it changes that connection.

< Embodiment 3 > But, let us go back here to the spirit. This energy that is within you connecting to a source, pulling energy from The Field, or the source into your reality - like we said - it is a bit inflexible. It has been a bit traumatized. It is not so sure of itself anymore. So, who saves the spirit? What comes in and assures the spirit? Why, you do… you do, because you are the collective of your body… and your mind… and your spirit… and your divinity… and your soul… YOU. You thought you were just a human, sitting here.

< Embodiment 3QA > Indeed, this fullness that you speak of in the body, and particularly the physical body, is what we have discussed several months ago when we said, "As you learn to re-embrace what you have called the darkness, in other words, that compassionate side of yourself that has held all of the negativity, you will feel a fullness in your body because you are filling it back up with everything that you are." As you release the Old stories from past lives - or even this lifetime - you will feel more of a fullness, an aliveness in your body because they are coming back to fill the empty spaces.

It is interesting - some of you have such empty spaces in your biological body. And, you try to fill them with food. And, then you wonder at times why you gain weight. But, there is an emptiness within you. And, you are experiencing what it is like to have a full body. Some humans… they complain about this; they don't understand it. There is some confusion with it. They don't understand how empty they are until they start to fill up again. It is a whole new sensation as you understand in the body to feel it once again, you see. You feel aches and pains, Shaumbra, but you don't really feel your body because it has been empty for quite a while.

< Embodiment 4QA > This is something, once again, that so many Shaumbra are going through. And, there are a variety of reasons for it. There are some of the - how to say - some of the basic reasons are that your biological body and its rhythms and movements are very much tied into the movements of Gaia. And, for so long the body would sleep and be in a waking state as it had to do with Gaia, and indeed the sun and the moon and all of these things. Now, you are coming to a point where you are changing your inner being. And, as you do, you are not connecting to Gaia biologically as you once did. So, this throws all of the sleep patterns off, and it makes it very, very frustrating.

< Embodiment 7QA > You play around here on Earth too. You create aspects. For the most part they don't stay in this reality. They don't continue a living in a biological form. It's rather tricky to do that. They will come in and out of reality. You've heard your science talk about how particles come in and out of reality. They seem to come from nowhere into reality, and then go out. It is the same way with your aspects - they come in and out. Very rarely do they take on their own long-term biological expression. There are many complications right now with doing that.

< Embodiment 7QA > There are some interesting things being done right now with incarnating and biology. There are some humans who are… they want to bypass this rather difficult and burdensome time frame of being a baby and even being a teenager. So… oh, it is hard to explain. They are creating a temporary vessel, a biological body that has a temporary personality planted in it that they will come into later when they get past the difficult part of growing up being a human, generally at the age of about 16, maybe 17. These are not "walk-ins." Let's not mistake this for one soul-being switching for another soul-being. You're creating basically an empty vessel that has a - what would you call - a false story.

I am going to tell you something that I have to double check for permission. Tobias has talked about coming back to Earth. Well, he's back. He's already back on Earth. He has created for himself one of these empty vessels. He doesn't want to go through being a baby and a teenager (some laughter) and all of the rest of that. So, he has created this vessel.

It does not know it is Tobias. And, we are not going to identify who it is. It does not know it is Tobias. It is growing up just in a typical life style right now. And, he at the appropriate time - no guessing here - at the appropriate time, he will then manifest his energy into that biological being. He'll integrate with it.

When that happens, perhaps there will be a traumatic event that happens to that biological being. It is like a biological robot. There will be a traumatic event. Tobias will slip his energy into that being. There will be a period of sickness, perhaps where he - this biological being - is hospitalized for Tobias to fully integrate his energy into that being. And, then, voila, he will appear as Tobias. But, he most likely will not use that name.

< Embodiment 8QA > Absolutely, you will want to be in your physical body. There is a great gift in being here on Earth. And, there is a great gift of being in the physical state of being. So, this is something that Tobias and I are going to encourage everyone to do - to have the choice and the option to walk in and out of your physical being. A few of you will walk out of your physical being and look back at it and decide to start over. But, the important thing there is that you won't have to go through the traditional birth process in order to do it. You won't have to be born out of the womb. The… the… whole other discussion… but the fabric of biology will be there waiting for you to inhabit it. But, in answer to your question, no, you won't have to give up the physical body, unless you choose to. That is the whole purpose of this movement into the New Energy - it is to stay embodied, stay embodied, but yet be free.

< Embodiment 8QA > The major reason right now for the distortions and the disease in the biology, as well as the - how to say - the changing of the human mind are not so much directly related to Atlantis, although there are some fringe elements there. But, right now it is more a combination of individual karma of a human. And, when there is the non-acceptance or the anger with who they are, and they bring this into biology, it shows up in the biology as disease and imbalance.

There are also some overall group consciousness reasons for some of the things that are going on. There are groups of humans who are working literally at changing DNA structures. And, this has a tendency at times to cause some distortions in the biology. There are those who are living out group or family karma. And, this again will bring in the distortions.

There are, for instance, in this disease known as AIDS… it is a manifestation of humanity's sexual guilt consciousness that those who are 13-stranders - what you would call gays and lesbians - are bringing onto themselves on behalf of humanity to help better understand the sexual guilt. But, as we have said before, it is not necessary for them to do this any more. There are other ways of handling energy changes and problems.

The mental imbalances that you speak of (ADD) are so often right now caused by this change of energy going from mental, or a mind-type of intelligence, to a Divine Intelligence. The mind is almost rebelling and almost shutting down in many cases, for it wants to be relieved of the burdens that have been placed on it. And, this is causing - how to say - deterioration of the Old mind skills. But, for those humans who are ready, the Divine Intelligence will quickly pick up where the mind leaves off and will expand far beyond that.

So, biology is an interesting thing. It is a very delicate fabric. It is a very, very delicate type of organism. It has been susceptible to disease and all sorts of other types of fluctuations. But, as we have talked about recently, we are coming to the point where the biology doesn't have to suffer. And, the biology doesn't have to take the brunt of what is going on inside the soul of the person.

We are coming to a point where the biology can remain very balanced and literally, as with the energies of Saint-Germain, he maintained an appearance of looking approximately in the mid-30s to forty-ish… he felt that was the most appropriate age to be at. He maintained that look, even though the biological body that he had was at well over a hundred years old. And, this is something that all of you can do as well.

< Embodiment 9QA > The abundance isn't the issue here. And, even the relationship isn't the issue here. It's "can you let go of control and the Old limitations?" If you are having these problems in your life - abundance or relationships or health, any of these things - it means something is stuck energetically. Begin a process. Do anything. Let go of the control, and watch to great amazement how everything comes to you. If there's anything in your life that is lacking or hurting, let go of the control. Begin to move energy, and watch what happens. You are phenomenal Creators… all of you. All of you begin the process.

< Clarity 1QA > The physical body, actually at this point in your cycle and your years, can be at one of its most resilient and energetic states. The muscle mass starts going, and there is a good reason for that. Muscle is an older energy tissue. And, it is being replaced by another layer of energy tissue that cannot be seen. It is not a physical tissue. But, you can start incorporating that into your body. You don't need the muscle - what they say - muscle mass. You don't need that mass anymore. You can be very resilient.

But, this is the first group to show that age doesn't have to bring upon the decay of the body. We get very emphatic here. But, we want all of you to enjoy living in your body. And, then the day you decide not to live in it, don't go through months or years of disease. Walk out of your body. Drop it. Leave it behind like a pair of old underwear. So, right now the body gets decayed and diseased and old and the last years of living are miserable. You should able to walk directly out of your body.

< Clarity 5 > Let's talk for a moment now about the "shadow biology." You take a look, or you feel your body, and you say, "This is it. It's getting older. It doesn't serve me as well as what I would like it to." And, you accept that. Don't accept it anymore because you are seeing just one expression. At a level that goes even deeper than the DNA, a level that is non-physical, there are a myriad of "shadow biologies" already existing within you. They're not in the outer realms or the ethers. They're right in you right now. They are hidden behind the reality of your current biology, but they're there. The fully healed body is right there - yes, it is - the fully balanced body… the body that is not dying… the body that is filled with energy.

< Clarity 5 > Within you is "shadow biology," the potential for your body to be truly anything. The potential for the body to re-grow a limb… we were asked several years ago, "Is it possible?" And, we said, "It is possible but not probable at this time because of the overlay of consciousness. But, now within Shaumbra even that overlay is going away. The "shadow biologies" are all of the other potentials… yes, indeed the potential to re-grow hair… the potential, Shaumbra, to clear through some of the physical discomforts. The "shadow biology" also incorporates its own tremendous healing capability that will literally… has the potential to go into old scars, even literally that have been carried over from past lives, and to rejuvenate those as well.

< Teacher 8 > So we're going to take a moment here together just to rejuvenate the biology, to let the biology catch up with your consciousness. You see, sometimes they tend to get out of balance. Your consciousness races forward and your body's not sure what to do, partly because you don't have the type of relationship with your body yet that is totally balanced and harmonious; partly because your body is still functioning and moving through its patterns as it assimilates New Energy into it; partly because your entire DNA and other aspects of your particle being are changing right now.

< Teacher 11QA > Your body absolutely knows how to keep itself balanced and healed. What it doesn't necessarily know is the outcome of the - what we would call - the New Energy physical or biological reconstruction. It understands itself in the Old Energy, but it is still learning how to become adaptive to the New Energy. So you have a very interesting combination of elements taking place in the physical being right now. The body is discovering its new self. This will cause - what you say - the pains and sometimes the concerns about the body. The best thing you can do is go in energetically and encourage your body to continue this path of remaking or reconstructing itself.

< QuantumLeap 3QA > Every emotion and every bit of consciousness or awareness that is held within is stored somewhere in the physical vessel that you carry around. Emotions like love, of course, are directly related to the heart, and you've stored all of these energies in the heart. And no matter how much you thought - and that is the underlying problem, "thought" - that you were letting go, you were still hanging on. The breathing, true breathing, opens you up, but it also changes you and so many people are afraid of that.

< QuantumLeap 8QA > For anybody going to a conventional medical doctor for things like brain waves and brain activity, as well as any Shaumbra going to a traditional psychic, they are going to see some things that alarm them. In your brain, the balance of what you would call left brain/right brain or "creative versus analytical" is changing rapidly, and the mind has to go through its process of how it brings in and compiles information, how it stores it and how it triggers the creative activity.

You're going to - you, all of Shaumbra - are going to a place, you're not going to any longer have this separation of the lobes, the left brain/right brain activity. You're going to have basically an elevator that goes up and down on a continuing basis, retrieving information from the crystalline realms, bringing it in through some of the other realms into your human life. That consciousness from the human self then goes back up the elevator and is basically shared back in the other realms. So there is no longer all of this separation that takes place.

So I'm going to ask you - all of you - to be very cautious in dealing with anything that you are told by professionals regarding brain waves, regarding psychic readings in particular. The typical psychic does not understand what is happening.

< Returning 6QA > Let me say here that every animal on Earth is here in service … is here in service. The angelic/human kingdom is the grandest. Every animal - chicken, every cow, every deer - every animal is here in service one way or the other. They give of themselves to feed Earth, and right now it is a way that protein is supplied on Earth. It will change, indeed, but it's not a religious or a spiritual thing. The body will change how it brings in and utilizes proteins and nutrition and other things. But it doesn't mean that you have to convict yourself to a life of being a vegetarian. There are times, literally, when your body does need that meat. Not every day and not in huge portions, but it does because of the genetic coding that's in it right now.

Simply ask your body. What does it want? If there is days you feel like going lighter or nothing but water. There's other days when it's going to need or want meat of some sort. Indeed, you are correct in saying that sooner or later the enlightened humans move away from meat, because they don't need that heaviness. But it's not about because of the poor animals. Honor the animal, whether it is while it is in growth, while it is in slaughter, or while it is in the plate in front of you. Honor it. That is a transmutation of energy of what you call the cruelty.

Humans are going to become more aware of the raising and the production and the honoring of livestock - and plants, by the way. On your list here, you didn't say anything about those poor heads of lettuce (laughter) and the bean sprouts, because it is not that much different than the animals. It is about the human honoring them. So, we thank you for your question …

They all have consciousness, indeed. And I do not say that jokingly. Honor the food that you put into you and you'll find your own biology changes what it needs. There'll come a point, absolutely, question being asked - "Will I be able to drink just water and breathe air?" Absolutely, but don't force it. It will happen naturally.

< (Next) 4 > Your body hurts. You get up in the morning and say, "What is that all about?" The neck. Now you're getting it in the feet. You're getting it so intense that sometimes your hands and your feet start to go numb, shutting down, because it's so intense. Your teeth, your mouth, all of those, feeling the intense energies. What's wrong? And then - let's not get gross - but the sinuses. The sinuses are acting up. Plugged up in the eyes. And then, what's happening down here. It's actually not about you. Your mind is sending out false signals. They are false signals with false responses. Period.

< e2012 10 > They are supporting or facilitating the physical change in the template of humans – the Adam Kadmon body – literally changing the DNA, changing the biological structure, literally separating or pulling apart some of these Atlantean conformity energies that have been so much a part of biology. Particularly, for those who are ready, and there are not many, but for those who are ready, this energy is literally going to go into their biology and start pulling them out of their family hereditary characteristics, pulling them out of their ancestral karma, and they're going to notice it first in their body.

< Discovery 8 > I've used the word mind. Actually, the mind, the brain is a very necessary element. Early on when you started coming to this planet and taking on physical form, it was very hard to stay here, to stay balanced. Kind of like a light being trying to be a physical being. The mind was kind of the connection piece, the part that allowed you to stay in balance here. The mind was used to understand – actually to direct – biology. That was its number one purpose – to direct biology through this thing that we call the anayatron. So it was to basically integrate the light self into the biology.

< Discovery 10 > So where we are in the New Energy, still surrounded by a world of duality. It is truly a challenge, also an amazing experience, to now be walking and talking as a Master in this New Energy, but still surrounded in a world of duality. Something the other Masters didn’t do. They left. They left the physical body. It was difficult on their physical body. They hadn’t prepared the physical body. As a matter of fact, there was almost a rejection of the physical body. So in their enlightenment, they left shortly afterwards. But you said, “We’re going to stay.” You’ve come to realize that enlightenment isn’t a mental thing. No, no, no. You can read all the philosophy in the world, and none of it will give you the experience of enlightenment that you can give yourself.

< Discovery 10 > This biological vessel has been foreign for a long time. When you came here to Earth for the first time in your angelic body, your nonphysical being and suddenly started taking on biology, it was very awkward, very uncomfortable. Now, you spent lifetimes and lifetimes trying to adjust to it, but more than anything, the biology has been like monkey on your back – a monkey that's constantly smacking you in the head, constantly chittering in your ear, constantly crapping on your back – and you put up with it. You put up with it and you just get used to that monkey on your back, but something intuitively tells you that it's a foreign object. It's not really supposed to be there.

< Discovery 10 > But if you're going to go into your true mastery, into enlightenment, that body is going to go with you. That body is going to be integrated, one of the things that the other Masters prior to you did not do. As a matter of fact, they spent many lifetimes trying to deny the body and trying to even manipulate the body, control the body from the mind. It simply does not work. But if you're going to go into true enlightenment, be a true walking Master, it's essential that this body is healthy.

< Discovery 10 > This biology, your biology, my dear friends, it's time to integrate it. It's time to bring it in. It's about absolutely integrating it, breathing it in, right into the Body of Consciousness. Right in there in this beautiful soup that includes your mind, your Spirit, the I Am-ness.

< Discovery 10 > The body is actually essence. It's essence. In other words, what science will see is tissue and organs, bones. But at the core, the body is the essence. It's part of the I Am, part of the Body of Consciousness. It's a way for the I Am to be in deep experience. It doesn't have to be bones and tissue. It doesn't have to be hair and eyeballs, tongues, toes. That's just the way it kind of ended up. But it's really essence, beautiful essence. Part of the I Am certainly doesn't have to track along an old ancestral pattern. It doesn't have to conform even to the way other humans look. The body is the essence that allows you to experience your creation from within your creation.

< Kharisma 4 > Greatest thing for a souled being is to know the I Am, and that is also to feel alive. They, you, come to this planet to embody in biology. It's kind of foreign, but now you've gotten used to it. You come here to feel alive. There is no better way to feel alive than to have five human senses, a physical body that can experience pain. To be in a linear reality with all of its narrowness actually, in a way, helps you to feel alive. But at a certain point you get caught in the routines and the ruts, in the mass consciousness, in your own dogma, in your own filth – energetic filth – and you stop. You compromise. You hold back. You tell me that you really are ready for it, whatever 'it' happens to be, but you're just waiting.