;  punishment;  unworthinesssuffering;  wounds;
old woundcore issue;

< New Earth 10QA > There are entities that, because of their belief system and because mostly of the guilt that they remain in what you would call a very dark or very depressed state. There are entities, my friends, from your previous lives that are like that, that are in a sense trapped.

< New Earth 14 > Think of how you judge yourselves. Think of how you hold guilt and shame. You think you have not done the "right" thing at some point or the other in your lifetime. Now look at it from God’s perspective. Switch over to that consciousness for a moment and see that there is no judgement. See that there is only love. There is no judgement for any part of your past or anything that has occurred along the path. There is only love and understanding. This is not a test that you are in, and it never has been. There are no tests. There is no agenda. It simply is.

< Creator 2 > Susan realized how tightly she had been clenching. When she opened up, she remembered the parable of Oryan in the canoe going over the waterfall. She did not care. She opened up. She said, "it is time for me to release all of who I thought I was. It is time for me to release all of the beliefs that I have carried with me. It is time for me release any guilt, any pain. It is time for me, as I open my hands, to accept my human self. As I do, I will surely begin to know my divine self."

< Creator 2 > We ACCEPT you and LOVE you as human. We accept every thought, every deed, every action, everything in the passion and love and wisdom of Spirit. The Eternal One loves you infinitely, endlessly, and without condition! As we have said before, Spirit has no agenda. There is not a right way or a wrong way. There is only the new way, and you are creating it. If Spirit loves you so deeply and has no agenda, then dear teachers, you should be able to accept your human selves, to release as Susan did. As Susan released the grip of all her beliefs and guilt and pain, and she accepted everything that she had ever done unconditionally in the form of total forgiveness of self, she began to understand her own divinity.

< Creator 2 > She said, as she released her grip and opened her palm, "I will now live in the NOW. I will no longer fear a future that does not exist. I will live in the NOW." She began living in the NOW, as she continued to practice standing behind the short wall in acceptance of all that is. As she began to consciously release her grip on her own guilt and pain and the past, she realized that she was creating a moment, a divine moment, in all of the NOW that she was living. She was learning once again to trust self. She was learning that there was no need to project a future fear scenario, but simply to live in the NOW. As she did, there was a unique melding of her humanness with her divinity.

< Creator 2 > Many of the pains you are feeling in your physical body are related directly to holding onto old belief systems that no longer serve you. You are feeling the pains in your physical body as a reminder to you to let go, to release the grip. These are pains of old beliefs, of guilt, of the way you thought things should be. Letting go allows the divineness to come in and provide that moment that you chose to create.

< Creator 4QA > It is to honor her for all she has brought into your life. When one departs Earth and come back to our side of the veil, they often bring with them guilt and tears of sadness. There is energy that they bring back over. It is best to simply honor them. We are somewhat harsh here with you tonight, but so many humans pray for one who has crossed over to the other side, praying that they go to heaven, praying that there is no bad thing for them, like going to hell, praying that they find the right space.

My dear, and all who are here, simply honor them and thank them for the process, for being part of your life. You do not so much understand the energy that we are in back here. We are often curious why you are praying for them to go to someplace that even we do not understand or see. At times it can be confusing to them because there is an energy that is placed around their being that is trying to direct them to a place that does not necessarily exist!

Now, indeed there are legions of angels who guide those who are recently departed safely back on the journey. But it would give those who have crossed over the greatest joy if they looked back and saw another human honoring them. It would begin to dissolve the veil so quickly when they look back and could see that you understood the journey.

< Creator 6 > This (wall of fire) was a traumatic experience for Jack - and for you. For the first time he felt he was not in control, when this wall of fire pulled him in, and he screamed within. This was the first time that Jack had ever felt terror. This was the first time Jack had ever felt a splitting apart within his own being. He had always been a prince, the heir to the throne. He had always had the freedom to create in whatever way he chose. But now the wall of fire changed all of that for him. While he was passing through the wall of fire, it burned at the core of his very being, and it awoke within him conflict and pain and sorrow and suffering - all things he had never experienced before while he was in the kingdom. It awoke within him something called guilt. As he was tumbling through this dreaded wall, as he was wondering what he had done, he felt the guilt of having gone too far. He felt he should have stayed home in the kingdom where all things were good and right.

< Creator 7 > There is an ingrained fear within you, within all humans, of your creator powers. There is a reluctance to create once again, for it has been a long time, and there is still a shame and a guilt associated with what you perceive you have done in the past. There is an original sin that you perceive in yourself of crossing through this Wall of Fire. You feel you went too far. You feel that you battled in the energy of chaos in the process of the building of the void. Oh, dear friends, the battles that took place then would make Star Wars look like child’s play! So when we talk of using your true creator abilities, some of you may be taken aback. Some of you will wonder if this is the right thing and think perhaps that it is not time.

< Creator 11QA > One of the challenges that humans have of moving into the new energy is a fear of creating. There is a core fear within all of you. It has come from experiences in the past on Earth and before you came here. The outcome was not what you would have expected. It comes from a feeling of guilt - a spiritual guilt - that you did something wrong when you left Home. This fear comes from knowing, at the core level, how truly powerful you are, knowing that you have the power to create anything. Anything is possible. Then what happens is this old fear, the old spiritual guilt, hits the brakes and won't allow you to create in the way you would truly like.

< Creator 12 > You woke into this (void), dear friends, carrying nothing with you from Home. In the metaphor it would mean that you had no luggage. You had no belongings. You had no real remembrances. You woke up into nothing. It was part of your new journey. It was part of your new adventure. And from this there was a tremendous sense of loneliness and separation and guilt and anger. When you woke up in the void after you left Home, after you left the original creation, there was nothing. The feelings of loneliness and separation and guilt and anger and sadness and the wanting to return back to wholeness and completeness have been with you ever since.

< Ascension 3 > When the darkness comes up, and the fear comes up, and the snake comes up within you, own your divinity. Breathe it in. Stay in your balance. Do not try to change something that you do not quite yet understand. Do not try to kill it. Do not run away in fear. Hold and own your divinity. Ask the darkness within you why it is there, what needs to be released. There is an imbalance of energy within you that needs addressing. Perhaps there was an old remorse. You do not need to go back into lifetime after lifetime to know exactly what it is. That would be a waste of time and energy. But, there is perhaps an old remorse or guilt. Or perhaps it is part of a wisdom that it is not fully complete, so it stands in imbalance within you. The snake will come forward at the appropriate time to let you know that there is something within that needs to be released.

< Ascension 4QA > This is one area that is receiving the most amount of energy and the most amount of transformation right now, but one that causes the most concern for humans. You have been taught that there is a ceremony that takes place. You have been taught that there are certain rules that you must abide by. Relationships and marriages, all of this… this is one of the areas that is causing the largest amount of guilt within humans at this time.

< DivineHuman 2QA > Do you know that this is one of the greatest challenges that humans have? It perplexes us. Why would you NOT choose living and life? Why do you choose to be in pain when you do not need to be any more? There is no karma. There are no sins. But, sometimes the human feels so guilty that they place these things upon themselves.

< DivineHuman 3 > When you have peace, and balance, and integration within yourself, when you have transmuted the old fears and the old guilts that are within you, and have transmuted these into wisdom and divine energy, dear friends, that does more to change the consciousness of the planet than anything else. You do not need to do anything specific at that point. Your vibration will change those who are around you. It will change events and change situations, and perhaps then allow some of the conflicts that exist to find a way to resolve themselves in a healthy, positive manner.

< NewEnergy 2 > But humanity was still filled with guilt, still filled with so much struggling and suffering that they could not hear your words or the words of Yeshua. Indeed, they nailed Yeshua to a cross! Dear friends, the cross is a divine symbol, a sacred geometric pattern. It is the intersection of the divine and the human. The horizontal line represents the human, and the vertical line represents the divine. They intersect, and all of the elements are equal and balanced. There is not one line longer than the other. It is a sacred symbol that has been around for a long, long time. It has also been abused by many.

< NewEnergy 2 > There are religions on Earth right now that treat women like second-class citizens. Those women have agreed to be treated like that. They are carrying a burden from the past, a time long before you ever came to Earth, when the feminine energy was in power and was very abusive. The feminine energy had learned how to be the seductress. It still is. There was an abuse of power, so now there are many women who allow themselves to suffer and continue to suffer for this. They wear veils over their faces. They cannot even sit in the churches. They cannot allow themselves to be seen. They are covered in a shroud of guilt. They suffer for old wounds. It is time to let go of that.

< NewEnergy 4 > It is the energy of Chiron, the Wounded Warrior… the victim… the warrior who has guilt of what he has done… the wounds, the karma, and the remembrance of the past. So, the Wounded Warrior has to come in right now to be part of this Star of David to say, "Are you ready to release the wounds?"… because that is what keeps the two halves from coming back together. That is what is keeping the union of the male and female from happening - is the Wounded Warrior, Chiron. That is what is keeping the separation of heaven and Earth - Chiron.

< NewEnergy 4 > You think because of some of the - how to say - your perception of destruction and chaos, of working with the dark forces… you think that is something to be shameful of. You have carried that wound with you for so long. Some of you here allowed yourself to be enlisted by the dark forces. Oh, your movies (referring to the Star Wars movies) depict it so well. You go over to the dark side. You work for them because of your anger. And, then you feel guilty about it, and you make yourself suffer. We are talking about events that took place a long, long time ago, in a place far, far away. But, dear friends, it was only a breath away.

< NewEnergy 5 > It is time to understand that you were carrying a burden for all of femininity, for all of Isis. It is time to understand that you put yourself through the experience of abuse on behalf of all women in your culture and your society now, as well as the feminine energies of Isis. You allowed this to happen to go to the depths of sorrow, the depths of pain, and the depths of understanding, pure understanding. We know you struggle with this. And, you have difficulty opening up because of this.

< Embodiment 6 > The past holds you back sometimes because you have hidden it away. You have tucked it away… under the rug… in closets… in your subconscious… or whatever you want to call it… parts of you that you have been ashamed about… parts of you that you couldn't deal with up to now. Yes, there are some wildly ridiculous things that you have done in the past. Some of you are so filled with guilt for these things.

< Embodiment 7QA > There are stuck energies, aspects of yourself, that are manifesting in what you assume to be a physical form. But, it is just part of yourself. They are parts of yourself that are terrorizing yourself, parts of yourself that are afraid that you're going to release them to the point of their own annihilation. It is an expression of your own guilt.

All of you can create an inter-dimensional aspect of yourself that seems to manifest in a human reality. And, if you touch it and probe it, you'll guarantee yourself that it is real. But, in this case these are just aspects of yourself reappearing.

I can make myself appear simultaneously in many places, in many different characteristic goal aspects at one time. And, so can every one of you. You just think it's something outside of you. I even have to… we're going into a long discussion… but let us move on. It is just aspects of yourself.

You have to understand that at any time with anyone, whether it is an aspect like this that does not have a souled being, or if it is another human, or an alien, or whatever, you are in command at any time. You can tell any energetic being that they have to leave your presence, that they have to be out of your life. You can tell them. You can demand that of them. Often these aspects will come back and say that you can't do that, say that they are not going to leave. They are testing you to see if you know that you are God also. But, you can command them to go.

< Embodiment 8QA > The major reason right now for the distortions and the disease in the biology, as well as the - how to say - the changing of the human mind are not so much directly related to Atlantis, although there are some fringe elements there. But, right now it is more a combination of individual karma of a human. And, when there is the non-acceptance or the anger with who they are, and they bring this into biology, it shows up in the biology as disease and imbalance.

There are also some overall group consciousness reasons for some of the things that are going on. There are groups of humans who are working literally at changing DNA structures. And, this has a tendency at times to cause some distortions in the biology. There are those who are living out group or family karma. And, this again will bring in the distortions.

There are, for instance, in this disease known as AIDS… it is a manifestation of humanity's sexual guilt consciousness that those who are 13-stranders - what you would call gays and lesbians - are bringing onto themselves on behalf of humanity to help better understand the sexual guilt. But, as we have said before, it is not necessary for them to do this any more. There are other ways of handling energy changes and problems.

The mental imbalances that you speak of (ADD) are so often right now caused by this change of energy going from mental, or a mind-type of intelligence, to a Divine Intelligence. The mind is almost rebelling and almost shutting down in many cases, for it wants to be relieved of the burdens that have been placed on it. And, this is causing - how to say - deterioration of the Old mind skills. But, for those humans who are ready, the Divine Intelligence will quickly pick up where the mind leaves off and will expand far beyond that.

So, biology is an interesting thing. It is a very delicate fabric. It is a very, very delicate type of organism. It has been susceptible to disease and all sorts of other types of fluctuations. But, as we have talked about recently, we are coming to the point where the biology doesn't have to suffer. And, the biology doesn't have to take the brunt of what is going on inside the soul of the person.

We are coming to a point where the biology can remain very balanced and literally, as with the energies of Saint-Germain, he maintained an appearance of looking approximately in the mid-30s to forty-ish… he felt that was the most appropriate age to be at. He maintained that look, even though the biological body that he had was at well over a hundred years old. And, this is something that all of you can do as well.

< freedom 2 > The first forgiveness is for separation. There is a guilt, a shame that you are carrying around – and been carrying around for a long time – that you did something wrong by getting separated. Did you really get separated from Spirit? No. You, you … there's a very deep wound that you have from that – it goes way, way back to when you crossed through the Wall of Fire a long time ago, but it's also very current, very present – and you keep repeating separation over and over, trying to learn something new.

< Discovery 4 > Where at one point you had felt like a mighty grand being, royalty, boss, the big guy, the big lady, power and everything else, and suddenly coming face to face with your own soul who doesn't see you quite that way. Your soul who says, “What was that lifetime about?” Suddenly, falling into the abyss, seeing the ghosts of yourself and of your past, and then what? To raise you up from those depths and that darkness, then what? Forgiveness of yourself. Taking a deep breath and releasing all of that guilt, all of that shame. Not an easy thing to do. Saying, not just saying in your head, but saying, “I release myself. These were experiences in a lower consciousness in a less awareness time. These were part of my experiences and everyone else's.”

< Wings 11 > You all have really come a long way, brought in a lot of wisdom and really stopped being a victim to your parents. Doesn't that seem like ages ago where, you know, the family stuff and blaming them? You've stopped being a victim to your exes, your ex-husbands and wives and partners and lovers, because you realized it was just like dragging around a lot of extra garbage with you. So, you stopped being a victim to them. You've stopped being a victim to mass consciousness, kind of, generally. I mean, you realize it's still there, it can be seductive, but you stop letting it really bother you. But you've got this one victim thing, a big victim thing left, and it's the victim of feeling guilt, of feeling guilt. That makes you a victim.

< Wings 11 > You know they're there, you actually know what they are, but the mind plays a game. The mind plays a huge game and, first of all, it will deny being a victim, until you finally realize that your own guilt is the biggest sense of victimness that you'll ever have. You hang on to that guilt. You hang on to it out of shame. You hang on to it as the biggest form of self-testing that you have. You won't let it go because you're feeling too guilty. You're feeling that you did something so incredibly terrible, you can't let it go. How could you let it go? There's something inside you that says, “That wouldn't be right to just release myself from that. I have to carry that around in order to remind myself not to be a bad human anymore.” So you have this guilt that turns you into your own victim. Usually, one thinks of the victim as being something outside of them. But actually, the biggest victim, the biggest cause of being a victim is yourself, your guilt.

< Wings 11 > It presents an interesting dilemma here. What do you do with it? How do you handle guilt? I can tell you right now and most of you know you can't fight guilt. It will win. It knows where your vulnerable spots are. What do you do with it? You can't go into embodied Realization with being a victim. You've gotten over the outside victim stuff, but what about that inside victim? What about the guilt? And it's funny, the mind has a way of hiding it. You know it's there. You know it's there, but you can't say the word. Easiest word, but it's hard to say. That's what guilt does. We're just going to get rid of it. But that brings up guilt (Adamus chuckles) about guilt.

< Wings 11 > It is time for you to recognize it's a big frickin' game that you're playing. That's it. You're playing your own victim game. You can't go in and try to remedy guilt, because it just makes guilt bigger. You're actually energizing it. But once you recognize it's a big game, it's a big way of testing yourself and a big way of holding yourself back and you just get rid of guilt, you will be free to emerge, to fly, to soar. But you're going to try to hold on to it. You're going to try figuring it out in your mind, “What am I guilty about?” And I guarantee, every one of you has issues of guilt. Self-victimness. It's just time to stop playing the game. That's the question that needs to be answered, “Am I ready to stop playing the game of being my own victim? Am I ready to stop the self-testing?”

< Wings 11 > Guilt is a weird thing. Guilt is pretty much uniquely human, at least it started here. You go into other realms, other beings, and they don't have the issues of guilt. Humans have really perfected guilt. Guilt starts out first as a judgment, the human mind judging “Is that right or wrong?” Then it turns it into guilt, which is not mental anymore. It's emotional and it gets into your veins, literally into your veins, but into the veins of your life, into the veins of the energy flow and everything else. And from that guilt, it'll drain you. It'll drain you.

< Wings 11 > The point in all this is we've talked in the past,  about being a victim or being an abuser on the outside world. But now it's taking a look at how you're playing the victim game with yourself, with guilt. It's time to acknowledge, if you're ready, that it's time to stop playing the game. No more guilt. No more guilt, and part of you is going to insist on holding on to it, “I was a bad person. I need to feel guilty.” No more. That's it. Done. Wipe the slate clean, and that's where the issues will come up, “Can I really just wipe the slate clean?” And then the guilt is going to speak out and say, “No, no. You can't. You can't get over it that easy. It's going to take a long time. We have to work at it. We have to deal with it and process it, inner child it and all the rest of that.” It's like, no. Stop playing the game.

< Wings 11 > The human experience has a lot of feelings of guilt. And it builds and builds and builds, and it really turns one into a big victim. We come to this point, coming into true embodied Realization, we come into this point and it's a decision on your part. A conscious decision with the Master sitting, waiting, the I Am. A conscious decision on your part. Are you going to stop playing the game of being a victim to yourself? Now we have to take a turn to you being a victim, playing a victim to your own guilt. Look how guilt has caused you to live your life, make decisions; how it's caused you not to enjoy a lot of things in life.

< Wings 11 > I would say the worst thing to do with guilt is to try to process it, to address it in any way, to delve into it, to have it counseled. That's exactly what guilt wants. But to say, “I am done playing the victim game on myself. Game over. No more guilt.” Blow it up. That's what we're here to do. This doesn't apply to all humans. No, not at all. It's about you, you, where we are right now. You don't need it anymore. You don't need it to regulate yourself, keep yourself from being a bad person. There are a lot of addiction guilts that Shaumbra has. There are a lot of relationship guilts.

< Wings 11 > You may say that the guilt has kept you from repeating mistakes. You may say the guilt is even a little bit of your own self-imposed punishment. You may say that guilt is nothing that you really can control; it's just there, it's a demon. You may say that it comes from somebody or somewhere else. No. It's all a game. And the very simple question I ask is are you ready to stop being a victim? That's it. You can let it go just like that – peooww! I bet you never really thought of yourself being a victim to yourself. But, you know, there's also something in it that you really liked. There's something you've really liked about being guilty.

< Emergence 1 > One of the other fundamental realizations is that you realize that, as the human, that guilt and shame are self-indulgent human distortions. There's no room for them in Emergence. There's no room for dwelling in the past, carrying the load of guilt or shame. And to the human sometimes that's troubling, because the human feels it needs to cover itself in guilt as to not repeat mistakes from the past. It's been trained, it's been hypnotized into believing that guilt will keep the human in its place, from abusing power, from harming others, from destroying creations.

< Emergence 1 > But now you cannot possibly do so. You have the wisdom of the Master. You have the joy. You have the consciousness of the I Am. There's no place where you go now into Emergence for any guilt or shame. It's time to let go of all that and move forward into the joy of your experience in your creations.

< Emergence 6 > In ProGnost, we said that the dragon enters not only the planet, not only the planet right now, but it enters into yourlife as well with a very, very different effect than it has on the rest of the planet. But the dragon enters, it comes in. The dragon is something that probably touched more Shaumbra than anything else in a long time. The symbolisms of the dragon, the affinity, the closeness to the dragon, it touched Shaumbra all around the world, and so many of you had your personal stories about the dragon coming in, about your past with the dragon. And the role of the dragon in your personal life is to really clear a lot of the old guilt and shame. Guilt and shame from other lifetimes, but in this lifetime as well. Guilt and shame that simply cannot be brought withyou into Realization. It can't.