transitioning / crossing over / death

passing over;

< New Earth 10QA > For the human self who is dying and still continuing to hold onto the human dimension, it is indeed harrowing. Humans have been taught that when they die there is either judgement or nothing. They attempt to hold on for as long as possible. This experience of going through the doorway, so to speak, will bring up the greatest fears in the human, will bring up the greatest terrors. Many, many we hate to say, hold on so closely to their human concepts that they stand in line even now, even after they have crossed over, waiting to be judged by the one they call Jesus, waiting for Judgement Day. What they are truly doing in this state is a self-evaluation but it is not needed. They are punishing and judging themselves. It is a harrowing experience. When the human consciousness, the human grip, is finally released, there is great relief. When they understand that they have not died, there is not a jury on our side waiting to judge them, there is not a place of hell where they will burn forever, there is overwhelming joy at this point. There is tremendous release, and generally at that time is when this spirit of that soul then says, "I’ll go back."

< Creator 4QA > It is to honor her for all she has brought into your life. When one departs Earth and come back to our side of the veil, they often bring with them guilt and tears of sadness. There is energy that they bring back over. It is best to simply honor them. We are somewhat harsh here with you tonight, but so many humans pray for one who has crossed over to the other side, praying that they go to heaven, praying that there is no bad thing for them, like going to hell, praying that they find the right space.

My dear, and all who are here, simply honor them and thank them for the process, for being part of your life. You do not so much understand the energy that we are in back here. We are often curious why you are praying for them to go to someplace that even we do not understand or see. At times it can be confusing to them because there is an energy that is placed around their being that is trying to direct them to a place that does not necessarily exist!

Now, indeed there are legions of angels who guide those who are recently departed safely back on the journey. But it would give those who have crossed over the greatest joy if they looked back and saw another human honoring them. It would begin to dissolve the veil so quickly when they look back and could see that you understood the journey.

< Creator 7QA > Even your most recent shaking of the land in the place called India was appropriate. To pray that Gaia stops these activities would be inappropriate, for these are necessary. Just like you, Gaia is releasing old energies. Simply love Gaia, simply be in a place of balance yourself, be in a place of divinity and so will Gaia. The humans who left the earth in India during this event chose to do so. For you to not honor this is not honoring their path. As difficult and painful as this may seem, all of those who crossed over recently simply ask you to honor them. When you pray with sorrow, you send the energy of sorrow and sadness and despair. This is what they receive, and they do not so much want this. Instead, they want the energy of your honor and your acceptance.

< Creator 10QA > They, in a sense, are working with you. For the most part they do not need the type of healing work that you believe you should offer to them. They do not - Cauldre challenges us here - but we continue. (audience laughter) They do not even so much need the type of prayer that you do.

Now there is an exception here. That is when they go through their transition where they are still heavy into the energy of Earth and of being human. This lasts for anywhere from a period of three days up to several months. You will be able to feel their need to be forgiven and released by you or others that hold them back. They have a need to be told that they are in a good space and an appropriate space.

There are those who come to our side who so deeply and firmly believe in judgment that they sit and wait for it. It takes some work on our part and your part to help release them from this. There are those who are in hell even to this day. They have been there for quite some time, for they choose to believe in it, even though there are angels on this side who are working with them to try to break down those old belief systems. But it is difficult when there is an engrained belief that they belong in this place called hell. It is difficult to get through to them. They think, oddly enough, that the devil is trying to trick them once again - to release the concept of hell.

When another comes to our side, release them. Forgive them if there are unresolved issues. And know that they come back to serve you. They are the ones who join the team of your runners, so do not feel that they need your healing all of the time.

< Ascension 2 > Ascension. Ascension is when you do not need to die in between lifetimes. You do not shed the physical body. You do not need to go through this very difficult and challenging experience of death and rebirth. It is all done while you are still contained in the same package. Ascension is when you move from one lifetime to the other. In the past it was important to work on a single set of contracts in a lifetime, to complete those, and then to leave, and to not have the memory that is carried forth.

< Ascension 2 > When the human goes through death there is so much emotion and fear in this. There is so little understanding. In a sense, the anticipation of death by all, not just by people who are lying on their deathbed, but by all… this anticipation builds up a tremendous wall of fear that needs to be released now. In ascension status, dear friends, you do not need to die. You continue on. You do not have all of this anxiety associated with the process. There is a period of grieving, indeed. And there is a long period where you are going through deep inner changes. All of you who are connecting to these words in one way or the other are experiencing this type of thing. But you do not have to die. You do not have to leave your body. You move into your next lifetime. What is different about this new lifetime versus your other ones is that you are not bound by contract.

< Ascension 2 > Even before you came to Earth in this lifetime, you had a long set of goals and objectives. You had an extensive spiritual contract. You had a checklist of things to work on. In a sense, this was the lifetime of final clearing. Now you are transitioning, as you have ascended. There are no contracts. The difference between ascending versus dying is that now you get to write the book. Now you get to create what it is you want and who you choose to be. It is no wonder then that in your new ascension status things are blank, things are in neutral. Things are waiting for you, waiting for you to react. The transformation process you are going through… it will last for a period of time. There will be ups and downs in your journey, but understand that it is all simply part of a process.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron has been called the "Angel of Death." This is somewhat of a wrong interpretation. He prefers to call himself an "Angel of Transition and Change." He assists you, whether your transition is that of leaving the body between lifetimes, or whether you are simply transitioning into the New Energy, into your ascension. That is what he comes forth to do. Metatron will be an important part of the work that you and the Crimson Council do this year. It is the year of the final releasing of old energies and the bringing in the new. It is a wonderful year of balancing, shifting, and changing.

< Ascension sp > There are many humans who have stayed on Earth to hold an energy. They have been holding onto an energy. And, when they cross over, when they come to our side, do not be sad, for it is appropriate. So many of them will come back to help you. There may be great numbers of humans who choose to leave, and it may be done in ways which appear dramatic.

< DivineHuman 1QA > It is busy here. (more audience laughter) When the ones who make the transition from your side to ours come over, they are amazed at how busy it is. There is activity all around. There is commotion all around. There is chatter and talking and activity and planning. We are trying… and we are tired. But, we are trying to respond to your changing consciousness, and at times we have a difficult time keeping up with it. You are changing so fast and releasing so much. Do you know, each time you release something, there is a TREMENDOUS amount of work on our side. (more laughter) Now, Cauldre tells me that my old Jewish side is coming out right now! We are worked to the bone over here! (more laughter)

< DivineHuman 2 > The three days after a human leaves the physical body is a very delicate time. It is a very delicate time. There is not a prescribed process for what takes place. It is based on their consciousness and the events that surrounded their life and their death. When we, the angels, go to meet them - and there are highly, highly trained angels who go to meet the ones crossing over - sometimes we are welcomed with open arms and with tears, and other times we are rejected, because the transitioning human was expecting something else. There are times when the angels are not even seen by the transitioning human, for they are so focused on their human ways that they cannot see the angels in front of them.

< DivineHuman 2 > The group who is here today welcomed the angels to their side… wanted to know what just happened to them… where they were… where they were going to… what comes next. There were many in this group who were waiting for some type of judgment, who are waiting for the angels to bring them to a place of judgment. Some of them thought that when they felt the golden, warm glow that emanated from this space that they were being brought to the place of judgment.

< DivineHuman 2 > I have been asked by so many of you here what it is like on our side of the veil. What do we do to occupy ourselves? What type of jobs do we have? What is it like when you cross over? Where do you go to? It cannot be explained in definitive ways. But, we will try to give you a bit of an overview. In this part of the discussion, we are not speaking about humans in general, but rather we are speaking about Shaumbra.
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< DivineHuman 2QA > The consciousness they were in at that moment of time when they chose to cross over will determine their vibration level when they get to our side. If they were filled with anger and rage, that anger and rage are here when they show up on our side. If they were filled with compassion for themselves, the compassion shows through when they get here. So many people who commit suicide are filled with compassion for themselves in spite of the sadness or the pain that they are going through. It is quite easy for us to work with them.

< DivineHuman 7QA > You think that when someone dies, all of their problems, all of their misperceptions or imbalances go away. Dear, dear Shaumbra, it is not that way at all. When one dies in rage on Earth, they have rage here. It is as simple as imagining yourself suddenly without physical body. The consciousness does not necessarily change, especially for those who are not in an enlightened state.

When Shaumbra comes back over, they generally understand the transition process. They understand that they do not have to carry duality with them. But, for the vast majority of humans, when they are in rage, they come here in rage. When they are in a place of very limited and harsh beliefs about God, they come here with that.

As we have said before, there are millions, and millions, and millions of humans who have left the Earth plane, who have come back here, and are waiting. They are waiting to be judged. They will not listen to the greatest of the angels who come by to visit them. They are waiting for Jesus to come to save them and to judge them.

When we approach them, they do not let us in because they are waiting for this one entity. We'll have you know that even Yeshua, the energy of Sananda, has walked amongst them, and they have not recognized it. They have said, "It is a trick." So, we are really not sure what they are waiting for!

When a human crosses over, so many times they do not even get all the way back to us. Their energy stays in a somewhat Earth-bound state. They understand that they are no longer walking in physical body, but they do not allow themselves to fully come over to our side. What generally happens is, for a very short period of time, they stay bodiless.

Then they feel the strong pull to immediately come back into human form. They do not spend time reviewing their lifetime. They do not spend time talking to the "angelic analysts" on our side. (audience laughter) They want to jump right back into duality. So many times they have anger and rage within them. They have imbalance, and they grow up with this.

This is difficult, for there needs to be a transition period between lifetimes. But so many do not choose this. There are humans who come back into human form days or weeks after they depart. You will see this so often when they are killed in a war. They want to come back in to be with a loved one. It pulls them back immediately to Earth.

We are encouraging you to work with the subject of death and transition in the Shaumbra University. The New Energy death is about how to leave the physical body gracefully… how to release before you go… what to expect when you get here.

Oh, there will be those who challenge you. Yes, yes, they want to believe there is a line for judgment over here, a great line of sinners waiting to be judged. They want to believe that there are certain levels of heaven they are accepted into based on how much they donated or what they did in their lifetime.

None of these things, dear friends, are reality. Does it even make common, human sense that these things would be true? We think not!

< DivineHuman 9QA > Humans have been a victim to death in the past. Shaumbra, as you become more fully grounded in the New Energy, death will be a choice for you. You will not be able to overcome death, at least in this lifetime. It is part of a process that is still very deeply embedded and has a certain amount of intelligence behind doing this. But, instead of being subjected to death because of a disease that comes into your body, or any of these other painful experiences, you will begin having the choice of how you want to leave, and even when you want to leave. This happens when you integrate with your Divine Plan. So, you will not be able to escape the coming back Home, the dying. But, you will be able to define it and create it much better yourself.

< DivineHuman 9QA > The most difficult thing that we see here from our side is when you grieve over someone's death. Oh, we know, it is difficult to lose someone who you love. We know it is even more difficult to have all those pent-up guilt feelings within you, and then have them check out. It leaves you in a type of lurch where you have to work through things. But, dear friends, let go. Release them. Honor them. Find joy in the experience. It truly is.

There has been such a misperception about death which has led to the rather disgraceful way that humans have had to die. Let go of them, as we said before. If there is a dear one who is about to cross over, we have been asked what to say to them, how to treat them, what type of medications or other remedies to give them.

The greatest thing you can ever do is to hold their hand. Bring them into your loving Now moment. Let them know the transition will be filled with joy and love. There will be those of us on our side of the veil who are there to receive them. And, let them know that you can release them now.

< DivineHuman 10 > There are quite a few who are leaving, more than before. But, it is not by war. It is not by flood. There are other ways. They are leaving quietly. This will baffle medical experts who look at the trends associated with death. And, they measure it against diseases, wars, acts of God - an interesting term - and other things. But, they will find people are just beginning to die more and more. They will not understand why.

It is because there are many souls who choose to leave while they're still in the Old Energy. They know at their inner level that transitioning from the Old human energy into the New while still remaining in biology (new ascension status) is very, very difficult. There are so many humans who do not want to move into the New Energy yet. They do not feel they are ready. They will transition. They will leave the human body behind. They will come to our side of the veil. They will come here for understanding, and love, and nurturing.

But more than anything, they will come here to observe what you are doing. They will watch your path. They will watch the way you are making the shifts. They will use that as a model for when they return to Earth in their next lifetime.

< DivineHuman 11 > She actually left before the accident happened. That is why it seems like an accident happened because she had already departed her physical body. What a wonderful way that all of you have for setting these things up.

< NewEnergy 5 > It (death) is changing in this New Energy to the point where you can choose how you want to depart. You were never made to live in this body of yours forever. It was temporary. It was designed that way by you and by us, so that you didn't get lost. The human body was designed to die at some point. The wonderful thing is that you can come back and create another one, a young one, a vital one, a good-looking one. But, have compassion for death, and understand it's not a punishment from God. It's a way of cycling through experiences.

< NewEnergy 5 > But, the essence of who you are in this lifetime will always be there… always be there. It will never go away. It does not go to the grave. The name… the identity that you have right now does not disappear. It is always a part of you.

< NewEnergy 6 > Imagine sitting in a totally safe space… safe for your physical body that it can rejuvenate itself and rebalance itself at any time. Yes, your body will continue to go through things. You may pick up a cold, or a flu, sometimes a disease. But, it has the ability in the New Energy to rebalance. It is safe. It is safe. But, when it comes time to leave your physical body behind - what you call death - it will be a choice of yours. It won't be inflicted on you. You will choose when to leave and how to leave. You will honor and love the body, and it will honor and love you back.

< NewEnergy 8QA > This is a very difficult area for so many to understand. But, the New Energy wisdom is to have joy in this one's parting. They had stayed longer than they had ever planned to. It was their choice to leave and to leave so it - how to say - did not cause great pain. But, we know it always does.

As you know, her energy has been very present over this short period of time since her passing. She is here today indeed. And, she is so much there for all of the family members. She will be out of touch for a period of - what you would say - several months of time. Do not worry about this. Generally after humans cross over - come back to our side - they go through a rejuvenation process, a reintegration process, that would take several months of human time… although from our perspective not long at all.

So, the greatest thing that you can do, the greatest wisdom, is to have joy in her crossing over. It is appropriate. And, there are - how to say - some reasons involving new family members coming in, being birthed in… the reason why she left now so she can come back in very soon, very soon.

< Embodiment 4QA > It is - how to say - a difficult question, for there are those who are elderly or going through a transitional time who want to remain as sharp as possible and as present as possible until the last possible moment. But, they have to understand that there is an aspect of themselves that is releasing the grip on their mental faculties, so they can go out and explore what it is like to cross over.

Now, it raises some interesting questions. When you leave the human body and cross over to our side and come to our side of the veil, there is not a set criteria of what happens. There are many variations. It all depends on a combination of your belief systems and what you choose to embody.

You can come back to our side and choose to bring in a grand feast or celebration for yourself, to be an honored guest at your own party of your own creation. You can choose to come back to our side and hold onto perhaps some religious beliefs that would have you waiting for the savior, waiting to be judged. And, we are delighted to wait with you. And, you will be waiting for a long, long time (audience laughter).

Many of you, Shaumbra, when you come back to our side, you will choose to - how to say - come back here and spend a bit of time. You will choose to take a look at many of the experiences of your life and to play them out or to replay them on many different dimensional levels. You will choose to come back here, as some Shaumbra already have done, and you will take different potentials and look at them to see what would have happened if you would have chosen different potentials. But, when you come back here, there is no set pattern.

So, what happens when - how to say - a non-awakened human begins their transition process and the realization that they are about to die comes over them, they begin to go off and explore all of the different possibilities. They begin to explore the religious and spiritual nature. They begin to explore death. In a sense, they are probing on our side for where they want to land once they leave their body.

So, to take these drugs that you are speaking of here deprives the mind and the spirit of going out and doing this probing. But, yet it keeps them more aware, more functional in your world. So, they have to make the choice.

And, we have to remind you here that it is not for the families to make the choice for them. Many times the families want to give them these pills, demand that these pills be taken, so that these transitioning ones can be - how to say - more able to take care of themselves and to hold conversations and such things. But, you have to understand that there is also an important aspect of letting the mind go, letting the mind wander off prior to death taking place. We are not particularly advocates of any of the drugs that alter the psychological and the psycho-spiritual nature of the human because sooner or later the toll will have to be paid.

< Embodiment 9QA > Your dear partner and friend who crossed over is not in the gathering today because there is so much that happens during a crossover and transition time. It generally takes a minimum of three Earth days up to many months for that entity to be ready, particularly in this dear one's case. And, the transition worked quite well, but there are so many details to attend to energetically with those who are left behind. So, they were not able to attend today. One of the things that will come into play here is the relationship between the two of you now - one of you here in the 3-D realm, one on the celestial realms - working together to essentially show others how their energy can extend beyond the 3-D reality. Sometimes it helps when there are beings on our side who can help basically stretch their level of consciousness out. And, that is much of the work that you are going to be doing, as it is about expanding consciousness and moving it into other realms while still remaining here in the 3-D.

< Embodiment 9QA > Indeed… this whole area of death and dying and transitioning is coming to the forefront. It is coming for - what you would call - rational or intellectual reasons because the population is aging in many, many countries. And, there is more of a focus on death and dying. But, it is far beyond that. It is that consciousness is at a point where it wants to know more about death and dying. Consciousness is at the point where it doesn't want death to be a morbid, dark, or frightening thing. It doesn't want to be treated like a disease. Death is a celebration. It's a change and a transformation. There is incredible work to do. And, indeed, as you intuitively know, you are highly intuitive. You have the ability to work with those who are transitioning who have lost the function of their mind, but yet their heart is still fully intact. And, this is where your greatest strengths will lie.

< Embodiment 9QA > There was a whole session done in this place of San Diego regarding death and dying, the need for what has been termed "the flower hospices." The need for "dream walkers"… it used to be a long, long time ago that there were dream walkers that literally would assist those who were transitioning. These were human beings in the days of Atlantis and in some of the other cultures, human beings living on Earth who understood the nature of transitioning. They were literally employed as dream walkers to escort the ones who were departing, to escort to them over what we call the "Bridge of Flowers."

They literally worked in an altered consciousness, again while staying in the physical body. But, they worked in an altered consciousness, standing ready to walk with the one who was dying up to a certain point on the Bridge of Flowers. At the certain point the humans would let go and the angels on our side would take over. It makes for the most balanced and beautiful transition. But, imagine now the way your culture works: a person dies, and they have to find their own way to the Bridge of Flowers. They have to find their own way across this great chasm. And, it is frightening, and it brings up issues. And, it makes the work of transitioning so much more difficult for all of us. It has a tendency to cause many humans to become very, very Earth bound.

< Embodiment 11 > The human desire sometimes was wrapped up in such a limited story. It was wrapped up in belief systems that did not serve the grander purpose of the being. We sometimes say on our side - the human desire versus the higher, the divine desire. And, as a rule, the divine needs took precedence over the human because you do want to die sooner or later; otherwise, you get so trapped in your own old story. It is very difficult to get out. You designed death. You designed death so that you would be released, so you didn't get trapped or embedded in these stories. So, that is an example of how the human desire and the divine desire sometimes don't seem to come together.

< Embodiment 11QA > Indeed… coming back soon has not yet been decided. Sometimes there is a period of time before a being or soul decides whether to come back. And, sometimes there are other dynamics involving the family, and other family members or when they cross over that influences. But, it has not been decided yet.

< Embodiment 11QA > Indeed, what you did was intuitive in the dream-walking. And, it made the journey for her so much more friendly and warm, less lonely and fearful. There are some zones that the being crosses through on the way from the Earth dimensions into what you would call the angelic dimensions. It is very easy for a being to get lost or confused along the way. In some of the harder cases in this - but not involving your mother, but we're using it as a general example - sometimes when a spirit, the energy first departs the physical body and starts its crossover journey, there are non-physical beings that are very close around that sometimes want to play tricks or try to frighten the just-released soul.

And, they will - how to say - it's like getting a bad taxi driver in New York City (some laughter). And, they will give you one heck of a ride until you make the choice to get out of that car and get a better taxi. So, it is very confusing sometimes for the souls that have just departed the Earth plane. They're not sure where to go to.

We - how to say - we can only come in so close because - we're trying to explain this - we can't be right there for the human who crosses over because they're not going to accept us when they first cross over. They need the consciousness of a human in a type of expanded, altered state of being to help them make that first half of the journey over the Bridge of Flowers. From there we can greet that person and take them the rest of the way.

So, your work was very intuitive, and because of the relationship with your mother, very loving. And, it made her transition here very easy. She didn't get distracted along the way. She didn't go down into any of those dark alleys.

These beings who take some of those routes and get off on some of the bad astral streets… they are eventually found and brought back. But, it is a very frightening experience on some of these other dimensional levels. What you would call the forth, even the fifth dimension, tend to have some very needy and very depressed energy.

But, there are also some wonderful con energies in there. These are dis-incarnate beings who do not want to come fully to our side and have learned to exist in these realms. It is a subculture within itself. They don't want to go back into physical form. They don't want to come fully back onto our side. And, they will resort to all sorts of trickery to try to take energy from the one who has just departed.

The reason for the school for the dream-walking is to help those who are learning how to do this dream-walking not get caught and not be deceived in some of these other realms… how to go through some of the potential obstacles and challenges… how to keep the soul energy of the person who has just died at a very calm and balanced level… and how to tell a few jokes along the way… and how to have fun along the way. But, also one of the reasons why we do this training is there is an overwhelming desire for some of the more ancient dream-walkers… once they got to the Bridge of Flowers they would come right over with the one who had just died. And, now we have two on our hands instead of one (some laughter). So, part of the training is how to get back to the human realms.

< Clarity 1QA > The transition is in process right now, meaning that there are energetic movements within her that are already leading to this. But, when humans who are still energetically fully present here hang on, it makes the transition very difficult. It is about letting go. And, during the actual period, the final period of transition, simply it is best to hold the hand of the one who is transitioning, to breathe with them. If you get into their breath, and let them get into yours, the transition will be absolutely filled with love. And, allow your grieving afterwards, but understand it is your grieving for you. It is your grieving for a being who was here on Earth who you shared with physically. But, allow for your grieving without holding onto them. Saint Germain is going to get into the details during the Dreamwalker School about how to actually escort one over to the other side.

< Clarity 2QA > Indeed, the vibrations of colors and sounds, in particular, can have a very soothing effect on those who are transitioning. But, you do want to be careful that these are vibrations that are appealing to them, not just you. In other words, what is your musical or sound vibration, what is your color vibration may be different. And, you have to go very deep within. You have to clear, and go into their energy to feel it is appropriate.

< Clarity 2QA > More importantly the color spectrum for the human eye is quite limited. Many of you understand this because in your dream state you dream of colors that don't possibly exist back here. And, there is no way you could even begin to explain them. So, if you are going to work with colors, it is important, particularly in the death and transition process, to open yourself up to a spectrum that exists in other layers and levels. You do this by clearing, taking off the illusion that there is a certain vibration range or frequency range for the colors.

< Clarity 2QA > Also, add into the mix a bit of the soothing energies of the music, literal music that you can play, but also then start bringing in other sound resonances. These will also assist with the transitional and hospice work.

< Clarity 2QA > Understand that so often in hospice, as they are going through the death stages, there are two factors that enter in. One is a fear of the unknown. But, this is also served by a type of numbingness, a type of desensitizing that comes over the body and the mind. So, it is important not to overly stimulate the mind and the senses at this point that would bring back the fear energies. The desensitizing actually helps to keep the fear energies from becoming too overwhelming. So, in your work with these be very aware of how your client is reacting.

< Clarity 3QA > We have to take a moment to check on this. We have to sometimes use other agents to find… we're being told here that she's not with her husband, that there was a meeting, a reconnection between them. But, because of some imbalances they had between them that she has felt it's best to go off on her own.

She was with a group of other beings actually that she has known in other lifetimes. She is preparing to go beyond the fourth dimensional or the Earth-bound realities very soon. But, she is finding it difficult to release some of the attachments she had to some people here on Earth. So, she is literally working those out. She's not having a difficult time. We're being told it is simply her desire right now.

You may feel her energies around for another several up to six months of time. But, then there will be a time when you don't feel the energies at all. And, it is not because you've lost contact. It is simply that she's gone off into some other realms for the time being.

< Clarity 4 > There are so many beliefs about death. Saint Germain has been talking about this, some of the oddest, strangest beliefs about death. And, they are true because what you believe is then what you bring over and experience when you get to our side. And, there is no one, single right answer… other than what you believe is what you get when you get to our side. You will create it. If you believe in hell, you're going to be in hell. If you believe, as Cauldre does, that hell can be fun, hell will be fun (some laughter). You see… there is even a belief system or food behind the word "hell." It's become so much a part of consciousness. You say "hell." You say "Satan." It immediately starts feeding.

< Teacher 11QA > I will offer this advice through Belushi. Don't leave. Earth is the most beautiful experience, ultimately. It has its ups and downs, it has its pains, but it is an absolute gift. For here on Earth you can understand what it's like to be the ultimate creator because you're in one of the most difficult and challenging environments - duality, solidness, matter. But yet it offers so many beautiful gifts, the gifts of life itself.

Finding what it's like to embody your spirit into matter; what it's like to not only see another angel, now disguised as human, but to hit them, to love them, to kiss them, to party with them, to experience with them. You can't have this in the other realms - the angelic realms where Belushi is now and where I, Kuthumi, are. These are the etheric realms. Oh they are beautiful indeed and you don't have to lug around that physical body, but you can't get into the depth and the experience of living like you can any place on Earth.

As you transition yourself, you do have a time where you are leaving behind the old you and the Old Energy. Being with other humans is difficult. Concentrating on a mundane job, working for somebody else is very difficult. You get through that period, you get through that time of transition, and then you come to the point where you realize the sheer beauty of living here on Earth. There is nothing like it. There is the potential to gain depth of your soul and to understand what it is truly like to be a creator can only be done here on Earth. So, advice from Belushi: Stay here. On the other side, you're going to get back there and you're going to realize how much you actually miss this place called Earth.

< QuantumLeap 9 > Before you actually depart the physical body, you have a type of conditioning, let's say, that reminds you instantly of the many, many times that you've crossed over before. You've done it a thousand or more times so you know what it's like. This consciousness that comes back to you shortly before death actually helps you to release your body easier, overcome any of that last minute fear. This is not like going up on a roller coaster and hitting the top and saying, "Damn, what am I doing?!" It's not like that, Shaumbra. It's like going up to the top of the roller coaster and saying, "I've done this before, and it's so easy."

< (Next) 4 > If you could really understand the intensity of all these energies - the energies coming in, the energies going out and the swirling that it causes here on your planet, not only on your planet, but in the near Earth realms surrounding your planet is like a hornet's nest right now. It's really difficult. If you have a loved one who has crossed over recently or is going to cross over, please spend a little time with them out there. They're having it tougher than you have it here. It is crazy out there. It is bizarre, and it is good.

< (Next) 5 > Folks who leave here that are in despair, they think that they can just forget about it - they bring it with them. But you finally discovered beautiful words - "I'm all that I have." Whew! I'm all that I have. Now, to some humans that may sound a little sad, but to enlightened beings, that is the greatest gift. It's the I Am that I Am.

< (Next) 7 > I'll talk more about it at our workshop in Sedona, how to command the energies, how to alchemize energy. Energy goes from one form to the other to the other, and it can be alchemized or transmuted or changed by every human. But you have to believe and trust in yourself, and you have to realize that you are Merlin. Merlin simply took energy and changed it from one state to the other. So let's, for Shaumbra, never worry about survival. The worst case is what? Worst case - you die! Yeah, worst case, you die, we come and have a big party over here, and then you have the choice, do you want to go back for more?

< (Next) 7 > Dying is much easier than being birthed. You've died thousands of times, and your consciousness generally leaves actually before you die, several days. Now, your physical being and your mind are still working. Most people wouldn't suspect a thing, but you leave before you leave. And if you think, "No, it's some car accident or sudden heart attack." No, no, no. You're already gone. You're really just acting at that point. Your body is still carrying on. The vitals are still there, and you're kind of acting in an autopilot, but you're already gone. Because you were smart enough, you've done this - you've crossed over - enough times to know "leave before you go." (laughter)

< (Next) 9 > When any of you leave, when you depart, you're going to be taking your Body of Consciousness with you. That's why I've been talking about the Body of Consciousness. So when you leave you're going to be taking the attributes of your physical body, and I'm not talking about the dead tissue; I'm talking about the attributes or the consciousness of a body.

You came here to Earth as a light being. You spent ages in this physical body, for a reason, and - I'll make this very strong statement - you're never going to go back to just being a light body, ever, because you've invested, you've given, you've chosen thousands of lifetimes here to understand the integration of a physical body and a physical mind and a spirit, now all integrated together.

So after you leave this planet, you go wherever it is, or you ascend, you're going to be recognized by angels through all of creation. They're going to look at you and say, "You're a Body of Consciousness. You've been on Earth. You've been there, done that. You've allowed yourself to dream and then become." And that's very important, see, dreaming and becoming. It's like going backwards in time. You dream it and then it happens.

They're going to recognize you, not just by colors in your aura, but they're going to recognize you by the - here words are limited - by the expansiveness or grandeur of your entire being. They are going to know that you were a sensual spiritual pirate here on Earth.

< e2012 7 > Death, as I've said before, is a very natural thing. It's a good thing. You planned on it. You, like, implemented this. Why? Otherwise you get stuck on this place, and there's more to do. There's more to see. There's more to create. So you came down here and you said, “We better have our exit strategy,” like good business people. “Better have our exit strategy. What will that be? Termination! Out of physical body.” Easy thing to do. It's a sad thing right now though.

< e2012 7 > Death is … it's too bad the way it's happening right now. Hopefully, you'll help change that, the consciousness around death. People get sick, or right now they're losing their mind, but not in an aware state of being. You can lose your mind. You can go beyond your mind and be very aware of what else is out there while aware of what's going on in here.

So it's taking them seven, ten years to die off. And I don't say that without compassion, but that's a long time to put that burden on other people and on yourself and on your soul. There's actually very little to be learned by it, and it's painful and it's degrading. My god, do you want somebody having to clean you up and to feed you before you go? No, I don't think so. I don't think so.

So it's about death with dignity, death by learning how to walk out when you're ready. Not when you have a bunch of emotional crap and you just want to get off the planet; when you're really ready to leave. And sooner or later you will, whether you ascend in this lifetime or not.

< e2012 7 > The reason why I bring up death, it's … there's a big death cloud all around Earth right now. It's all around Earth. It is an issue in mass consciousness. Probably the most prevalent issue in mass consciousness. Why? Fear. Many of the countries in the world having an aging population, you're starting to think more about death than when you have in the past. Fear, end of the world type of scenarios, and what's also happening is a lot of the beings who were buried in the ground …

You bury somebody in the ground, a lot of their energy stays there. It makes it more difficult for them to incarnate, although they do, and then it's really a mix-up. It makes it more difficult for Earth, who you are now inheriting from Gaia, to manage and handle all the energies. It is truly environmental litter. It is truly a pollution – energy pollution – when you have all of these buried bodies in the ground. But they're coming up right now, a lot of them.