beyond the mind


< (Next) 1 > One of the things that every one of you is experiencing right now - right now - in a very beautiful but sometimes confusing way, is going beyond your mind. And that's a difficult thing. As I said in our discussion on this radio Internet program, the mind is highly programmed. The mind is highly susceptible to programming, first of all. It is highly programmed over many, many lifetimes - many, many lifetimes - of programming, indoctrination, a constant set of information and regulations and rules going into the mind.

< (Next) 1 > The mind has been tied into mass consciousness. Mass consciousness, for the most part, does nothing but to govern and to rule and to manage and manipulate mind activities of humans. Now, you think of mass consciousness as perhaps something grander. The way mass consciousness works right now, it has its tentacles into every human on Earth interconnected with every other human, it is now actually being infiltrated by ETs and angels, and so the control, the manipulation is at a very intense form.

< (Next) 1 > People are, well, they're hypnotized, absolutely hypnotized, and every one of you knows it and feels it. There's part of you that for years has been rebelling against it. Ever since you came here to Earth in this lifetime there's been a significant part of you that's been rebelling against this. It has gone on for many, many lifetimes. But years ago Tobias talked about releasing mass consciousness, so you set into motion the mechanics to start doing that. You reach a certain point though, and it has to be more - not quite the right word - but aggressive, more determined, more choice to get out of that mass consciousness and to get out of your own mind-lock.

< (Next) 1 > Typically what happens is when you get into this dynamic of whatever you want to call it, but awakening, you know it's time to break free, the mind has become the limitation. And you can't get mad at the mind, but it's limitation. It's the one that creates a very limited artificial reality. The I Am, the heart, whatever you want to call it, knows that there's something else out there, and now it's going to go into this conflict, and now you've got this constant battle back and forth. It's tremendously energy consuming.

< (Next) 1 > But what often happens, and in the example I give, for instance, of Buddha, of Siddhartha, was that he felt that deny the mind, deny the body and the spirit would come forward. Bad advice. Really bad advice. Why would the spirit want to come forward or your divine come in if you're suffering? So that's actually what's happening is burn out, thinking that this is the way to basically annihilate the mind. You don't have to do that. You don't have to do that. The mind is not your enemy. It's really not. It's a beautiful device, not your enemy.

< (Next) 1 > How to get out of the mind? It's really simple. It's absolute acceptance. That's all. Absolute acceptance. Don't think about it. That is the I Am. That is the breath of life. Absolute acceptance - of what? Everything. Everything. Don't start laying out a structure and a pattern and, you know, putting this into a 12-step program. It's for you right now, absolute acceptance. Wow. Wow, absolute acceptance. That's an easy one, isn't it? Or it's a tough one. Which potential do you want to choose? (Shaumbra says, "Easy") Easy.

< (Next) 1 > The mind has a very difficult time with acceptance. It's not programmed for acceptance. It's programmed for constant analysis, and it's programmed for judgment, and it's programmed for expression of its weird mental ways through drama and emotion. It doesn't really know what to do with acceptance. It really doesn't. The mind doesn't know how to put its tentacles around acceptance. So what happens? It bypasses. The mind just does a 'duh' for a moment. Just "huh?" - and it bypasses. It goes straight to the heart, straight to the I Am, straight to the You. Absolute acceptance. (Adamus snaps his finger) You just got out of your mind.

< (Next) 1 > And you know who's really rejoicing the moment you do this? Yes, the mind is rejoicing. It really is. It needed and wanted you to make that choice and to go beyond. And now just that one little grain of going beyond the mind, that one little tiny example of it, now becomes the standard of the mind. That one little grain.

< (Next) 1 > Shaumbra, that's a wow moment. Wow. That's all it took was a little acceptance, a little breathing it in and you have - every one of you - every one of you has created just this little example, this little kernel or this little grain of going beyond the mind. This one tiny little example of going beyond the mind, of being in the total Body of Consciousness - your total Body of Consciousness - provides the template or the standard now in your mind. Your mind goes "Finally." You've freed yourself. You've freed your mind of its rigid hold.

< (Next) 1 > You don't have to manipulate anything. You don't have to do anything. It's just, wow, now it's going to happen. And that's the amazing thing. And if you can accept that and accept that the process is already now in place - we just did a little simple breathing, the process is now working - then you're going to go beyond the mind. And you don't have to work at it, and it's not going to be suffering. You're not going to have to burn out your brain. Yes, things in your life will change, but rejoice in them. Accept them. It's amazing. And you're going to need it for where we're going.

< (Next) 1 > We move into the next zone. It entails allowing yourself to transcend the old limits of the mind. The mind is probably one of the most adaptable, programmable and actually flexible and amazing parts of you. The angels - the angelic beings - do not have minds. So they don't really understand how brilliant a mind is. You now are a Body of Consciousness with mind and spirit and body and gnost and aspects and everything else. It's really quite amazing. There are non-human, non-physical beings who would kill to have what you have - literally, if they could. Fortunately, they can't, so they manipulate instead. They want this.

Can you imagine? Just imagine for a moment: you're an angel, you've never come to Earth. But imagine just contemplating having more than just this fuzzy wuzzy angel being self; very … kind of … airy fairy, I guess, is the right word; the integration of a mind; the ability to take on physical form; and eventually to be able to be in or out of physical form by choice. You have to experience it. You have to really get into it first.

They want this. They want it because it's a type of fulfillment. It's a type of - they feel - the advanced being. That's why I have to laugh when I hear people talk about these ETs, these aliens, these advanced civilizations. Until you've been in physical form and had a mind, been here on Earth and learned to integrate the I Am or the Godself, there is no more advanced form anywhere. Anywhere. It's just a bunch of mind junk.

With a being who says they're from an advanced civilization - I highly doubt it, and I have been around a little bit. Haven't met anything more advanced than a conscious human being, because you have the body, the mind, the spirit; because you are learning right now how to choose, how you want to work with those. Do you want to be physical or do you want to be non-physical? Do you want to be mental for a moment to help figure out something that requires mental or be the divine? Or how about the combination of all of it? That is the most advanced species in all of creation and can only be found here on Earth and can only be had by experiencing lifetimes on Earth through the birthing process.

< (Next) 2 > Potentials used to come from out here (outside the waveform) and be attracted by the dynamics of the waveform. Waveform attracted energy that brought in potentials that you had once contemplated when you went through the Wall of Fire. That make sense? In other words, in the Old Energy, the old waveform going like this (horizontal), depending on the balance of the waveform, would attract energies from the outside that would then basically manifest potentials you had contemplated when you left Home. So you brought the appropriate situation into your life.

< (Next) 2 > What happens now is that the potentials no longer come from outside, and the energy no longer comes from out there. You're not having to call anything up or call anything in. It's all in the moment. The energy is in the moment. The energy's already in here now, in other words. You're no longer having to wait for the old situation of 'cause and effect' to take place, and that's going to be one of the most challenging things you're going to have to work with, because you're used to cause and effect - something happens, something happens as a result of that. It's not going to work that way anymore. There'll be a transition period, of course.

< (Next) 2 > The potentials are not going to come from what you experienced in the Wall of Fire - going through that zone, coming to this reality, and the energy is not going to be coming from the outside. It happens absolutely the moment. When we did the song before in the moment, Linda writing in the moment, Hannibal singing in the moment - you're going to be experiencing that in your lives. Not necessarily writing and singing, but the experience of being in the moment. There's going to be a tendency to want to quick go out there somewhere else for the answer or go back there, back into memory, back into previous experience for the answer. It's going to knock you flat off your feet.

< (Next) 2 > You're going to have to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and realize the energy and the potential is already right there. The potential … it's kind of interesting because the potential is in the moment. It didn't happen 'back when' so that you can pull it in now. So the potentials are right there right now, but if you try to go in mentally and try to figure them out in advance, you won't be able to. It sounds terribly confusing, but it's really not. It's terribly simple, wonderfully simple - wonderfully simple.

< (Next) 2 > It's all happening in the moment, and guess who really doesn't like that? (someone says "the mind") The mind and? Your aspects. They do not like that one bit. It's uncomfortable for them, they're not used to it, they definitely feel a loss of their control, because that's where they've been working. They've been working from the past, and they make a lot of promises about the future. But aspects - dysfunctional or disconnected aspects - do not like the Now moment at all. No, no, no. They hang out in the past, and they play with the future. So what's going to happen? Aspect riot!

< (Next) 2 > You actually don't have to do a lot. You don't have to go and beat yourself, please. You don't have to drink twelve gallons of water a day; three or four is good enough. (1 gallon = 3.8 liters) There's not a lot other than accept. Accept. That's it. Anything else is makyo.

< (Next) 6 > It's not about being intelligent or smart. It's about being the I Am. The intuitive nature is quantum leaps ahead of the mind. The knowingnesses that come in, the ability to just energetically tap into the Akashic Records, which are just a small part of everything, the ability to tap into mass consciousness and future potentials will never come from the mind. It comes from the Body of Consciousness, which is the physical body, the mind, the spirit, the gnost - every part of you coming together.

< (Next) 6 > How do you attract potentials? A lot of it's done through desire for change, because you're tired of the old way. How else? Imagination. Imagination is the ability to go out of your mind, to go beyond your mind. Imagination is not necessarily even understandable by the mind. When you truly imagine, you go so far beyond the mind that it can no longer interpret, comprehend or analyze. That's pretty scary, because you're letting go. You're letting go. But you're not, because you can feel into those energies and those potentials.

< e2012 1> Humanity is going through a tremendous evolution of going out of the mental era that it's in been in for a long time. It's arguable, but you could say anywhere from about 800 years to 2,000 years in a very mental era. It's going beyond that, and as you know from your own personal experience, it's a tough one. How do you get out of your own mind? How do you go beyond the mind, the very thing that's controlling and managing and consuming energy, the very unit that is demanding and consuming huge volumes of energy, the mind? Not the body, the mind.

< e2012 1> Mass consciousness is going through that right now. It's not going to settle down right away, but sooner or later mass consciousness will evolve beyond the mind. You're doing it right now. You've been doing it for a while. What is beyond the mind? Awareness and consciousness are all beyond the mind. Intuition. You don't have to think about things anymore, you just know them. Where you don't have to try anymore.

< e2012 5 > This is the year (2012), the high potential opportunity to really invite your wisdom and your potentials, also known as your soul, into your reality. In order to do so, it's about going beyond the mind, trusting yourself; going beyond the mind, as it would try to define the soul, because the old definition you can definitely throw out the window. It is about trusting yourself that there is something beyond the mind, that there is this part of you that's really aching to be here, wanting to be here with you.

< e2012 12 > So are you ready for this freedom? Because it will mean letting go of attachments on a wide variety of things. What if you lost your job tomorrow? “Aah! What did I do wrong?” you're going to say. No, it's freedom. It is truly freedom. Relationships, everything else, we won't go into that because I don't want to depress you, but it's releasing into your sovereignty, into your freedom. Sovereignty is being alone, by the way. But the thing that we're really going to take a look at today is the freedom beyond the mind.