aspects of self / expressions of the soul

layers/levels; identities; stories;

  1. past life aspects; and their fragments (shadow selves);
  2. residual energies (emotions and feelings) of your past lives held by Gaia;
  3. potentials that has been acted out in the other dimension;
    shadow potentials; alternative realities; spiritual family;
  4. physical body, mind, spirit and gnost;

< NewEnergy 10 >
It is also the aspects of self that have been lost, that have been scattered, wanting to come back together. Why, Shaumbra? Why would your past lives even - now that you've released them - why would those aspects want to come back? Why would some of the fragments of you that you have buried - literally and figuratively - that you have suppressed and hidden away… why would some of the fragments that are off in other dimensions want to come back now? It is because you are allowing and creating a safe energy. Imbalanced and fragmented energies (unfulfilled energy) come back in when it's safe (new paradigm #3). You are creating the space in the Now moment where it is safe once again. That is why you have felt energies coming to you.

< NewEnergy 10 > If you have been feeling things, and hearing things, and coming to knowingnesses that seem different, perhaps outside of you, or foreign to you, take a deep breath. Take a second guess. It is you, parts and pieces wanting to come back, past lives wanting to be in your Expanded Now energy, even as they are living in their own realities. And, more than anything it is the Divine and the Christed energy of Self that has been in the cocoon for so long, wanting to come in right now. That is what is happening.

< NewEnergy 10 > It is time to feel so safe within your being that even the Divine can come through. There is not some part of you that's a ghoul, or a demon, or a monster, not some part within you that is going to possess you. It is all you. It is all divine. It is all glorious. We know some of you feel very guarded when we begin talking like this. You have spent so much of your life - and many past lives - barricading yourself within yourself, fearing the darkest aspects of yourself. It is time to let that go. It is time to feel so open, and safe, and trusting that you can take all of that down now. You can get rid of the walls. You can get rid of all of the weapons that you created, the mental weapons, you see, to keep the inner darkness out.

< NewEnergy 11QA > This entity you know as Dakkon is… is you. It is an aspect of yourself. It is what you would call more of an oversoul name. It is your spirit and your divinity contacting you. And, indeed, you do work with the energies of Kuthumi. We know that sometimes it seems hard to imagine that this energy - which appears to be so much on the outside - would be so much of you, but it truly is. It is - how to say - you are many, many faceted here. And, this is one opportunity for you to take a look beyond your own humanness, to look at the Master that you truly are, and to look at your own grandness. But, this is who you are, and this is why it has been coming through so strong lately and making itself also known with others. And, Kuthumi and you have known each other for a number of lifetimes, so there is a natural closeness here.

< Embodiment 1 > In these days to come, as the OH energy integrates on a very careful and safe level, it is not going to all come in at once. It does not want to overwhelm you. It is going to come in safely, slowly, gently into your being. You are going to feel full, full in your body. Some of you are going to be thinking you are gaining weight, but then the scale shows that there are no pounds that were brought in new. But, you will feel full in your body. And, a funny thing happens when your body feels full, your physical body. It doesn't then need to store… it doesn't then need to consume great amounts of food. And, indeed, indeed this provides the perfect energy to lose weight. Your body will feel full because you are bringing in all the aspects of yourself.

< Embodiment 1 > You thought you were brought up in a difficult family somewhere in the world. You thought that you had certain relationships, and went to certain schools, and took on certain careers. We are here to tell you, dear friends, look beyond that. That was only one aspect, what we call an illusion, only one aspect of what was really going on. We know some of you are scratching your heads a bit. We know some of you are actually beginning to feel it. We know that you are ready for this, ready to go beyond the Old story, ready to begin understanding what has really been taking place here.

< Embodiment 1 > When you left the gathering of the Allatone, every one of you was given hundreds and hundreds of celestial helpers, of runners, of angels, who would be there supporting the energies, holding all of the inter-dimensional aspects and all of the potentials together while you went and experienced one on Earth, one reality, one illusion. But, there have been so many others around. You are going to start meeting some of those angels. You are going to start meeting some of those runners. You are going to start having remembrances of some of the - what you would call - parallel experiences, multi-dimensional aspects of what was going on. You are going to start feeling and hearing and knowing some of the experiences that the OH was having.

< Embodiment 1 > You'd have to say, in a way - Yeshua is you. His experiences are near and dear because you helped to create this entity called Yeshua. Some of you also are repulsed by his experiences or reject his experiences because they are yours also, things about yourself that you have had difficulty with. Yeshua is not the one from the Bible. Yes, an aspect of Yeshua is published there. Some are stories, once again, stories written about him. Some are influenced through channeling energy, as the stories were being written. Some are completely fabricated. The energy of Yeshua that joins us on this day is not the one from the Bible. Push that off to the side.

< Embodiment 1QA > As long as you carry that story with you, the world will respond. We don't want to say the universe, but we want to say the world around you will respond appropriately. The people around you will respond to your story appropriately. If your story is woven with lack, they will respond that way. If your story is woven with imbalanced relationships, they will respond that way. If it is woven with physical illness, they will respond that way. So, it is time to change the story - not to annihilate it or deny it - simply to change it. It was but one aspect of you that you chose to experience in this reality. But, there are many, many other aspects. Your story is not permanent upon you. It is not the only thing that defines you.

< Embodiment 2 > I, Tobias, give myself permission to be fully present in the Now, and that includes not just the human reality, not just the human illusion, but all of the others. I give myself permission to be here with Shaumbra on Earth as I am on the angelic realms. I give myself permission to be full and expansive, soaring across the realms and through the realms of dimensionality. I, Tobias, give myself permission to be more than Tobias, to be more than an aspect that it was in one lifetime a long, long time ago. I give myself permission to be all that I am and all of the potentials that I can ever be and all of the expressions I choose to express.

< Embodiment 2QA > Some of the releases you will never even experience (unnoticeable). You will never have recalls. They are energies that are easily released that exist all around you. Others are very stubborn and difficult energies. Some of them will literally resist the release, for they do not want their existence to change. So, they will, in a sense, come to haunt you and come to tell you how crazy you are. But, the wonderful thing is that you created them in the first place. So, you can release them. It is through giving yourself permission to release them.

Sometimes they do not want to go away, and you will feel them… you will hear them in your mind. They will play games with you. You have to understand that they are really testing you to see what you are made out of, to see if you are at the point of truly embodying your divinity. And, there comes a point where you do need to be very firm and tell them that they have to go… tell them that they must go… you are the Creator… and you are now creating that energy to leave, to be freed. You don't have to be overly sugary with them or fluffy with them. You could demand that they leave.

There are other energies that stay deeply hidden for a long, long time. They are frightened. They are very frightened, and they're not sure they want to even come out and make themselves known. But, sooner or later, in a sense, as you take off the many, many layers of reality, you'll uncover them. You will find them, in a sense - how to say - they are like curled up in a ball, shivering and shaking, and frightened. What you will feel within yourself - for you and so many others - is a sense that you are curled in a ball and shaking and frightened and you do not know why.

This is time to take a deep breath and to understand that it is an Old Energy, perhaps a past life, perhaps even an existence on a multi-dimensional reality that is seeking your love, your firm and gentle love and letting it know that no harm can be done. This is the concept of the safe space. Let all of yourself know you are in a safe space now, to let all of yourself know that releasing doesn't mean death… you see… at all.

Releasing means freedom, freedom to grow and to create in a whole new way. Aspects of your past lives - and all of you - aspects that are fully and truly released then go off into different dimensions - we're not talking outer space here; we are talking about dimensional levels - and continue in existence of their own. The freedom that you give them allows them to go off and continue exploring their given identity. They're not souled, creator beings like you. But, they can go off and experience their own identity in their own way. It is part of the blessing of your total soul. It is part - and will always remain part - of who you are. This gets a bit complicated, but you are on the right path. And, we honor you so much for standing here.

< Embodiment 2QA > A salute to you… I, Ohamah, will answer this for you. Every expression of who you are that exists in another dimension or another reality must pass through you, dear child, in the Now. It must pass through you. It must come in through you now. It is not that you go out there. It is not that you have to worry about all of these expressions having all of these various livelihoods and jobs and other things that they do. Everything comes back through you.

Now, you have to realize that many of these expressions that are out there - it is so difficult to put into words - but many of them are fragments of you, fragments that you have disregarded or abandoned. They are like orphaned children, wanting to come back to their mother. Many of the expressions are also potentials that you are working out in other realities, some potentials that you are afraid to bring into this reality, others that you just choose to keep out there.

It is time for your re-integration. It is time to bring everything back in through this vehicle of the Now moment in your physical body and your divine being in this Now moment.

Is there another part of you wandering lost across the Earth somewhere else? We don't even know why you would want to think this. You are sovereign. It is contained within YOU right now. Stop fragmenting yourself.

Yes, there are parts and pieces of you wandering around. They don't have physical bodies, though. They are aspects and energies of yourself that you have fragmented, that you have abandoned, and that are roaming the Earth. And, they don't even come with you when your physical body dies. You leave them roaming.

Not just you… we are not singling you out. Tobias is asking me to settle down a bit (audience laughter). It is all of humans.

I look at humans and become so aggravated sometimes - and I was one at one time - because you shatter yourselves, and you deny yourselves, and you leave parts and pieces of yourself. You are littering the cosmos (more laughter) with parts of yourself. And, we are trying to clean this up (more laughter). But, in greatest love to all of you, it was done for many, many reasons. But, now it is time for all of that to come back together, all of that to rejoin you in the Now.

So, don't worry about aspects of yourself in some other part of the world, other than the aspects that you have sent out there in nonphysical ways. Don't worry about a soul mate, or any of this.

What matters now… we are going to ask you to take a deep breath. What matters now, yes, is this moment. Everything comes to you now (new paradigm #3). You are like a magnet now, a magnet energetically attracting, bringing in all of these aspects, all of these energies so that you can be the sovereign God being right now. Everything emanates from this moment, so bring it all together. Bring it all back home.

< Embodiment 3 > These Old Energies of Atlantis want to be released. These Old Energies want to be released so they can change. But, you have this whole thing going on with you now… changes on the outside… Atlantean energies coming up (to the surfice) wanting to be changed… everything calling on you… demanding your attention… demanding your energy. That is why it is so confusing right now. But, it doesn't have to be, Shaumbra.

< Embodiment 3 > There is a part of you that is so structured and bottled up and hurts… hurts, yes, from this time of Atlantis. It comes out because it wants change also. And, it wants to know that YOU - you, you who are sitting here, listening here - are going to allow this to happen. Yes, so much of your spirit is tied up in those energies. So much of your soul is tied up in your energies. And, they're all looking to you to allow the change and the release to take place… yes.

< NewEnergy 10QA > Indeed… this is going to be happening more and more with you - and with others - where the dreams become so much deeper and so much more mystical and, as you said, like a soul experience. And, indeed, they are because you are opening the imagination and going into a whole different level in your dreams also. You've all noticed your dreams shifting lately. You are going into different levels.

There is a different purpose now for your dreams. The dreams of the past in the Old Energy were designed to help - how to say - resolve issues. They were also designed to help live out different potentials of situations. But, now that is changing. And, the dreams are - how to say - your dream, in particular, was - finding the right words - it was an expression of how the divinity is going to be melding - and is melding - into your life right now. So, what was a dream to you will now also begin to happen in your everyday life of your waking Now state. It doesn't have to be a dream anymore.

< Embodiment 3QA > Yes, indeed… indeed… and as a human begins their whole awakening process and opening up, one of the first things that is affected is their dreams, which you have experienced. The dreams become much more intense, and sometimes it appears to be quite violent, or confusing, or dis-empowering.

The vast majority of these dreams have to do with times long before you ever came to Earth in what we call the Star Wars time and when you were in the Void. And, there were so many things that happened back then that all of us are still trying to understand, trying to come to terms with. When you go into your dream state, you almost immediately project back to these pre-Earth days, back when there was no physical body, trying to help understand and resolve the situation. You will literally pick up pieces or aspects of conflicting energy situations that happened back then. You will literally attempt to go back there through the dream state so that you can pull some of the energies into your Now reality, into this lifetime, to help them get resolved. You could say you're trying to go back there to rescue yourself.

Now, you don't have to do it that way anymore. You don't have to go back and go through the trauma of the dreams and relive so many of the things that have happened. You can literally allow those pre-Earth energy aspects of yourself to come to you now to be in this space with you. You have built a beautiful and safe house, meaning that in this lifetime you have created a very stable and a very healthy type of energy around you.

Now, you can invite all of those aspects of yourself - they are like your spiritual relatives - to come into your house. In your house you can heal them. You can help release them from the energies that they are tied up in. You can tell them about who you are. You can sit with them… and share the love you feel in your heart… the joy that you have for living… what you have learned about being in human form… and what Earth represents. So, invite them into your house. Then you can release them from the energy that they are currently bound in. You can release the spell, you see. And, you will no longer need these types of dreams affecting you.

< Embodiment 3QA > Indeed, so much of the energies that you and others have been working to create for this balance of masculine/feminine came into manifestation, came into this reality, with the advent of the Harmonic Concordance. Now those energies are available for you and for everyone else to use.

The balance of the male and female is really understanding all of the aspects - the sensitivities, the empowerment - all of these aspects. It is just bringing it into your life. It does not necessarily mean there is going to be drastic physical changes. It is on more of the emotional or the spirit level this balance of energies.

The very fact that you ask this question indicates that you are bringing this balance in. You are aware that both masculine and feminine need to allow and to hold a space for each other. And, then they naturally do. It is a - this balance of masculine and feminine - is a natural process. It is. The energies want to come back together. They want to share with each other what they have learned while they have been separate. They want to come back together. So, we say there are no techniques or gimmicks. There is no particular school you have to go to. It is about creating the safe space. And, they will reunite with each other.

< Embodiment 4 > We have talked before about the aliens, about the UFO's. And, indeed they are out there. Indeed, there are - how to say - there are these entities from other dimensional realms. They are not material. They are not in matter like what you are. But, they are out there. They are either aspects of you from the past, or they are your lineage from your family. And, they also know that if they come too close to the energies of Earth, they will get pulled in as well. It is hell for an alien to begin going through incarnations when they have never done so before… very, very difficult.

< Embodiment 4 > The aspects of your Atlantean self - nearly all of you have had those - come back to visit now because it is a time of change. It is running a similar pattern to Atlantis. In a sense, you could look at the energy cycles or spirals of the Atlantean times. And, you can then look at the energy spirals of your current times. And, they would appear to be twins. They would appear to be very, very similar. They are similar because you were involved in both. They are similar because they were both approaching times of quantum leaps of energy. They are very similar because it approached the time when the divine energies could begin truly manifesting and embodying on Earth. The similarities are very, very similar.

< Embodiment 4 > That aspect of Atlantis comes back now to join you on this day in this sacred space that we have together… to serve you… and to assist you… and to also move through this change… this quantum leap that will take place in a few years… to move through with you. That energy no longer wants to be separate, no longer wants to be loathed or hated by you. That energy doesn't want to be an energy that frightens you anymore, like has happened. Some of your nightmares when you were a child, some of the greatest fears were when this Atlantean energy was trying to reintegrate.

< Embodiment 4 > Yes, with Yasser (Arafat) out of the way, what happens next? You are holding your energy, and he is going to hold his into the grave. And, you know that, and that's what the debate is about right now. They want him, and he wants him to hold his energy in the ground. You know, you do that. You die, and then you hold your energy in the ground, part of it. Part of you comes back here to our side; part of you stays there, holding an energy for something you believe in, holding an energy for something you love and you care about.

< Embodiment 4QA > An interesting thing is happening right now that you and other Shaumbra are beginning to experience that most humans don't. And, it is that there is a melding that is taking place, that there is an opening for every part of yourself to come in.

There is this thing called the "oversoul" that you humans talk about. The oversoul is a collective of all of the energies of everything you have been. It is not this grand angel that is controlling everything. You have to understand YOU are the grand angel controlling everything. The oversoul is your collective. And, it is looking to come back in to serve you through all of its various experiences. But, you cannot look to it for the answers, but simply for the presence.

There is also - how to say - your divinity. Your divinity is what we call the pure essence. It is the most innocent… and the most grand… and the most glorious of all energies. And, it was - how to say - sealed away for so very long by all humans, by most angels… as a matter-of-fact, by most angels. Most angels will have to come the way of Earth (through 3D human reality) to reintegrate with their divinity.

So, you are seeing aspects and feeling aspects of yourself. And, it is a grand and glorious time that these are coming in. By default for you - and for any of you - if you are seeing things and feeling things, or dreaming of things, understand that it is you, that it is parts of you. Use this as your default when you dream of strange and unusual things. You are really dreaming of yourself. When you feel presences around you - as we were talking earlier today of the Atlantean energies - it is that aspect of you. It comes to you. It is all flowing to you right now.

So, you are very perceptive, very wise to know that this is part of you. It will change. It will be difficult to go back and try to recreate it because it will continue to change and evolve and to be with you in new ways. And, we are going to tell you - you personally - you are going to find and understand a whole new definition of being in love because it is going to be about being in love with yourself.

< Embodiment 5 > But, dear Shaumbra, as you are grounded, fully present, these energies (Metatoron) come in to help you release some of the energy that you have been holding. Some of these energies that have wanted to stay with you haven't wanted to leave. You see, as much as you have difficulty releasing some of the energies you have been holding - the energies of family, or the energies of past lives, or energies of Gaia - some of these do not want to leave you. Some of them are so attached to you.

Some of them are so used to feeding off of you… yes, feeding off of you like a child, a baby feeding off its mother. It continues to feed off of you. It continues to help you perpetuate a story… you see. It doesn't want you to let go of the story because that Old aspect thinks that if you let it go that it will go out of existence. It doesn't. It truly doesn't go out of existence. Anything that has ever happened or ever been created always exists. But, there are aspects, perhaps, of past lives, or even aspects of you in this lifetime that want to be held. Being held can be comforting. Being held can be loving.

< Embodiment 5 > As you are moving energy and opening yourself, you are becoming so much more sensitive to everything. The moment you open yourself it attracts outside energies… it truly does. It attracts the outside energies of other people, even if they may not be aware of it because there are portions of them that want to be released, that want to be transmuted. And, they find their way to you on the - what you call - the psychic realms and inter-dimensional corridors. They have been bombarding you for weeks now, coming into your reality. And, you think they are yours. You think some of the feelings of anxiety or depression are yours. Some of them are. A lot of them come from the outside. You think some of the feelings of - how to say - being trapped and imprisoned are coming all from you, but most of that is from the outside.

< Embodiment 5 > But, in order to do it without all of the hardship on your systems, remember you have to change the benchmark. You have to change how you measured yourself and how you measured other things. Yes, it is uncomfortable at times because the benchmarks help you maintain a focus or help you to understand what you are doing. But, everything is changing right now, Shaumbra, everything - you've noticed that - everything. Change the benchmark. Again, we emphasize - take care of yourself… take care of yourself. Give yourself what you need. Allow yourself the abundance. Stop arguing and fighting with all of these internal aspects, and understand that so much coming through you right now is not about you.

< Embodiment 6 > Why don't you remember your past lives, you ask sometimes? You consider it a mark of - how to say - spiritual evolution to remember who you were in the past. You don't remember them because first of all you didn't want to confuse yourself in this lifetime up until now. You didn't want to be overwhelmed by those direct memories and images. But, you also had not embodied and then released all of the energies. You are doing that… you have done that, as I have. You have fully accepted everything that you have been. And, then you have let it free; you have let it go. So, you can go back and start visiting, without having to worry about getting caught up in it, but feeling the energies once again.

< Embodiment 6 > In this "year of freedom" you are going to start remembering your past lives. You're at a point now where you don't have to be worried about getting caught up in its energies. You're at a point now of spiritual maturity where you know that you are who you are right now. You don't have to worry about reverting to an old identity from a past lifetime. If you were a great king, a great ruler, a great scientist, or a great philosopher, you don't have to worry about getting egotistically attached to that past life. It simply was. It was part of your makeup.

< Embodiment 6 > How do you handle that now? How do you solve it? You embody every part of it, everything you've ever done, and then you let it move through. We know you have done tremendous work in this area. But, now we're going to go to the real depths, the real hiding places of some of the Old Energies. You are going to start getting the glimpses and the full stories of your past lives. You can handle it now.

< Embodiment 7QA > You have been - as you call it - stuck in your story. You have been so emotionally attached to your story that has gone on for thousands of years. And, it affects you. There is guilt associated with it. There is a burden that you've placed on yourself. And, you've simply gotten stuck in your story. Try different ways of doing things now. Understand that it was just a story. It was an aspect of you. I (St. Germain) have aspects of me that are… some are wonderful and some are miserable. But, I had to recognize those were my creations… and I gave them life… I gave them expression. But, they were just a story of me.

< Embodiment 7QA > There are stuck energies, aspects of yourself, that are manifesting in what you assume to be a physical form. But, it is just part of yourself. They are parts of yourself that are terrorizing yourself, parts of yourself that are afraid that you're going to release them to the point of their own annihilation. It is an expression of your own guilt.

All of you can create an inter-dimensional aspect of yourself that seems to manifest in a human reality. And, if you touch it and probe it, you'll guarantee yourself that it is real. But, in this case these are just aspects of yourself reappearing.

I can make myself appear simultaneously in many places, in many different characteristic goal aspects at one time. And, so can every one of you. You just think it's something outside of you. I even have to… we're going into a long discussion… but let us move on. It is just aspects of yourself.

You have to understand that at any time with anyone, whether it is an aspect like this that does not have a souled being, or if it is another human, or an alien, or whatever, you are in command at any time. You can tell any energetic being that they have to leave your presence, that they have to be out of your life. You can tell them. You can demand that of them. Often these aspects will come back and say that you can't do that, say that they are not going to leave. They are testing you to see if you know that you are God also. But, you can command them to go.

< Embodiment 7QA > This whole concept of self-love is perhaps the core issue for all angels and all humans. So, you are addressing something that is so basic and so important and a challenge that you face and all Shaumbra face. When you can accept yourself as you truly are and get to that level, then you are truly expressing as God also. Don't give yourself a hard time for this ability to accept and love self. It is the most challenging thing.

The moment that you - and any of us - went through the Wall of Fire, it was all a matter of coming to this point of love and acceptance. Now, I'm simplifying it. But, that is truly what it's been about. When you come to that intimate connection with yourself (all aspect of you) and your divinity, all of the elements, everything you've ever been done or been, come back together in the Now moment. And, there is almost like an explosion of this blissful energy that takes place. And, then you realize that you are a Creator. You realize how simple it is to create anything around you.

So, you are on the perfect and right track. You're coming down to core issues. You're not worrying about the little stuff anymore. You're getting down to the basics. And, we know you've gone through many cycles of releasing. It takes a lot of cycles. It takes tremendous amount of movement of energy to work through all of these layers, all of these stories that have been created, all of the things you've been experiencing. But, I would say to you - and to all of Shaumbra - you are getting there. You are close.

< Embodiment 7QA > You create aspects on many different levels and many different dimensions, continually. As you're sitting here right now, you are creating stories or aspects in other dimensions. They are not physical dimensions necessarily, although a few have physical characteristics. You are literally… there are expressions of yourself flying off of you now in these other dimensions.

You're taking energy potentials and putting them to work. You are activating energy. Some of those you will bring back into this reality. Some you create from this reality base in this reality, the aspects that I spoke of later, or earlier. This is a continual process.

Tobias told the group in Hawaii recently, and he's talked about the ego. He talked about the fact that the ego is constantly generating, constantly making all of these creations, all of these stories. You're not locked into these stories, but you play around in the multi-dimensions.

You play around here on Earth too. You create aspects. For the most part they don't stay in this reality. They don't continue a living in a biological form. It's rather tricky to do that. They will come in and out of reality.

You've heard your science talk about how particles come in and out of reality. They seem to come from nowhere into reality, and then go out. It is the same way with your aspects - they come in and out. Very rarely do they take on their own long-term biological expression. There are many complications right now with doing that.

For those of you who are wondering if there is another part of yourself - your other self, your other half - living somewhere on the other side of the world, generally not. There is no particular reason for doing this. You are fully integrated in yourself in the Now moment. So, don't think that there is some twin flame. And, I am nobody's twin flame, by the way! (audience laughter) Don't think that there is some twin flame somewhere else. Everything for Shaumbra… everything is integrated into yourself now.

There are some interesting things being done right now with incarnating and biology. There are some humans who are… they want to bypass this rather difficult and burdensome time frame of being a baby and even being a teenager. So… oh, it is hard to explain. They are creating a temporary vessel, a biological body that has a temporary personality planted in it that they will come into later when they get past the difficult part of growing up being a human, generally at the age of about 16, maybe 17. These are not "walk-ins." Let's not mistake this for one soul-being switching for another soul-being. You're creating basically an empty vessel that has a - what would you call - a false story.

I am going to tell you something that I have to double check for permission. Tobias has talked about coming back to Earth. Well, he's back. He's already back on Earth. He has created for himself one of these empty vessels. He doesn't want to go through being a baby and a teenager (some laughter) and all of the rest of that. So, he has created this vessel.

It does not know it is Tobias. And, we are not going to identify who it is. It does not know it is Tobias. It is growing up just in a typical life style right now. And, he at the appropriate time - no guessing here - at the appropriate time, he will then manifest his energy into that biological being. He'll integrate with it.

When that happens, perhaps there will be a traumatic event that happens to that biological being. It is like a biological robot. There will be a traumatic event. Tobias will slip his energy into that being. There will be a period of sickness, perhaps where he - this biological being - is hospitalized for Tobias to fully integrate his energy into that being. And, then, voila, he will appear as Tobias. But, he most likely will not use that name.

So, we could go on and on, Shaumbra. The point here is that you are immense Creators. You are creating right now, as we speak. That is why it fascinates me sometimes and frustrates me that you focus on little things like… in your life… and you know what they are. We won't embarrass anybody, but you focus on these little things. And, you forget who you really are. Well, we are going to change that now.

< Embodiment 9 > I had to learn to love every part of me when I was trapped in the crystal. It's easy to love someone else, by the way. It's easy to love outside things. I found it to be the most difficult thing ever to love myself. But, I knew that was the only way out. I had to love everything I'd ever done. I had to love everything about me.

< Embodiment 9 > As I said earlier, every aspect, every part and piece of you wants to rejoin you, has to rejoin you right now. You see… that's the other thing - you can't do this with any piece left behind… no one left behind. You have to incorporate every aspect, every past life, every thought. Now, some of you are thinking, "This is going to take a long time to inventory." "Every thought," you say, "my gosh, how will I remember?" It is not coming from the mind. It is coming from the heart, the pure, unadulterated love.

< Embodiment 9QA > Adamus talked to you about this whole concept of living beyond. It involves the intimate - the deepest and most intimate - trust with yourself. He talked about the concept of the total, unconditional love. And, again, you have heard the concepts. But, now you are going to start living this way, the total love of self, reintegrating every part of who you are. He talked about expanding, going beyond the limits. And, God knows, there are many limits that you create. The limits actually help you to understand the reality around you. But, the limitations and the restrictions on the energy also lock things into place.

< Embodiment 10 > As you embody, you accept everything fearlessly. You bring it in. You love it… everything about yourself… everything about your past… everything about past lives… your ancestral past lives… your star-seed past lives. You bring all of these in. You welcome them back to this precious, sacred moment of Now. You have this incredible family reunion, this party in the Now. One-by-one they file in. They file into your Now, aspects of you from the past. Energies that have split off from you for a long time, they file back in one-by-one, groups at a time, all coming for your love, for your acceptance, for your fearless acceptance.

< Embodiment 10 > No change, Shaumbra… not trying to change a thing… why would you want to change anything about your past? You created it. The aspects are filing in… filing past you, even right now… just wanting to see that smile on your face… wanting to know that everything is okay… wanting to know that there is no animosity in your heart towards you or any aspect of you… wanting to know that you bless, just as Spirit would bless… that you release, not a release of denial, but a release of total love. Oh, you can only release something when you totally love it. You can only release something when you totally love it.

< Embodiment 10 > So, all of those aspects of you from the past that have been waiting… all of those aspects that were buried or wounded… or were in a type of frozen energetic state… all those aspects that were splintered, fractured… all of those aspects that were denied, unloved… they come filing back in now at this time of completion for your blessing… that is all. You are God also. These are your creations. They simply want your blessings right now.

< Embodiment 10 > So, Saint Germain talked to you about going beyond, living beyond, having such an intimate trust in yourself, to know that you already gave yourself the tools. Oh, the tools aren't the tools that you would think of. They are not a specific method. It's not a specific type of ceremony that you have to perform. It's not a key hidden word… none of those things. It is about trust. It is about embodying everything. The moment that you bring back in every aspect of yourself and bless it and love it is when you discover this key. As long as there are parts and pieces of you that are scattered out there, parts of you that you don't love, parts of you that are trapped in energy, you won't be able to see what is already right there.

< Embodiment 10 > Oh, and you will get angry with us, and you will cry out, and you will say, "Tobias, this a some type of trick. You say that it (the solution) is there, but I have looked everywhere." If you've looked everywhere, look at the parts and pieces of you that aren't loved, that aren't accepted. The Fruit of the Rose, the passion of passions, is a total love and acceptance. Oh, we're not talking about an intellectual love here, but a true love from the heart, a true love of everything that you are.

< Embodiment 10QA > Every time you think you can only have a good thought, what do you think happens to the potential of the other side, the opposite, the mirror of that good thought? It is causing a very imbalanced, suffocating energy. It is as much a part of you and wants your love as much. Could you imagine just loving one child and not another? Could you imagine that you only love those who are of a certain race, or a certain gender?

< Embodiment 10QA > Your painting opens inter-dimensional pathways. And, that's why you have the ability to do soul paintings because you pull in from all aspects, not just the physical being who is sitting there. You pull in from all of their different - how to say - multi-dimensional personalities.

But, you also have the incredible empath energy where you feel everything at such a deep level. And, now you are literally taking it on as your own. You are not just processing it and letting it move through you in a creative way. You feel you have to live it in order to paint it. Well, you can bypass that. You don't have to bring it into your system. Again, it's being the observer of the energies flowing in.

< Embodiment 11 > Spirit, the essence of Spirit, doesn't create on one level. Spirit creates on every possible level at the same time simultaneously. And, one of the things that you are learning as Shaumbra, as the New Energy teachers, is that you can be many things at once. You can have many stories going on. And, it doesn't need to be a negative. Oh, integrated stories indeed… the difference between having many stories and being - what you would call - a multiple-personality disorder is that they are integrated. They know about each other. They come from the same active source of energy. They love each other. They honor the roles each other plays, whereas a multiple-personality - in your psychiatric sense - plays hide-and-seek games with the aspects. There is tremendous denial. But, Shaumbra, one of the things that you are already learning is how to operate on these different levels.

< Embodiment 11 > You know, every past life that you have created continues to live. You granted it beingness. And, it continues to live out in the other dimensions… not here on Earth, for the most part, occasionally, but not generally. Your past life aspects live on and on and on. They are not Creator-beings like you. They cannot create New Energy, new space, but they continue to swirl, to expand in the very energies that you granted them.

< Embodiment 11 > We are in this Embodiment Series, the embodiment of your divinity, the embodiment of every aspect of you into this reality, the complete acceptance, the fearless acceptance, the understanding that the aspect that you have known as yourself in this lifetime was just a story, a wonderful, beautiful story that you grant beingness to. You let it go also. Then, you can get back to the roots of who you truly are.

< Embodiment 11QA > This was what you would call a fragment of your own self. It does not have a name or an identity. But, it is a part of your own self that has been disassociated for quite a period of time that you could say that it was one of your creations. It was an aspect that you had been disconnected with for a long time. It was what you had perceived as your shadow self, or an aspect of yourself you did not like very much. And, it was coming back in now. You had created a safe space. You had created a beautiful, loving energy. And, it was coming back into reunite.

You have all been calling out to bring back the fragmented pieces. And, they do come in. The animals are highly sensitive to these type of energies. So, your dog when it… what was that noise that it made? (more laughter) They are very sensitive, but because pets are also a type of extension of your own self - they are little shadow selves, in a way - it perceived the other shadow self and didn't want to allow it back in. The shadow self you call your pet wants to have that close one-on-one relationship with you and wants to keep out the other aspects that are trying to come in. So, it is also important for you - all of you - to share with your pets that there may be some visitors coming in from time to time (more laughter).

It was not a lifetime per se. It was not that defined. It was more of just a portion of yourself, a sliver of yourself that has been dangling on for many lifetimes. It has been following you through many lifetimes. But, you could not say it has a name or its own type of unique essence. It has just been a disassociated piece, not a total fragment, but somewhat dangling on, following behind you. And, it has appeared at other times in your life, particularly when you were a child. It is just a part that needs the reintegration. And, you have done that now.

< Embodiment 11QA > Indeed… the energies of what you would call the starships or the alien beings are absolutely out there. But, we are going to ask you to understand them for what they are. These are, again, aspects of yourself from the past, projecting into potential futures of theirs - not of yours - but potential futures, probing and analyzing to see if the answers are found, to see if resolution has come to this whole thing called "the impasse."

Those aspects, which are really parts of you, they exist in another time, in another space. They exist in a type of energetic impasse, "impasse" meaning energy cannot expand. It only circles within itself; it cannot expand. In true creation energy always expands.

So, that part of you and others is stuck. It is probing forth. That is what you and this psychic - and that is what so many Shaumbra and so many new agers - are perceiving at times when you think you are getting alien downloads. It is really you.

And, we're going to ask you over and over, and we're going to be very emphatic, and say, "Please understand: all of this is you." The aliens, so many of the experiences - like the dear woman who was just up here - it is you. Default always to you. It is you that is in your dreams. Default to the you because it is all about trying to understand and process.

These alien beings are from the past. They are not in your Now. They're from your past. They are not smarter or wiser or more technologically advanced. They are far less spiritually advanced than you. And, don't ever believe anything otherwise, especially when they tell you how they've come to save you. It is a lie… "alien," as we have said before… it is a lie. There is tremendous information contained in that. You can tap into it, but realize it is taking place a long, long time ago, in a place far, far away (audience laughter, as Tobias repeats the introduction to the Star Wars movie series).

< Embodiment 12 > You create the story. You give it a name in this lifetime, and you give it a body form to walk in. Then, there comes the point when you realize that it is no longer you; it is an aspect of you. And, you let that story go. Oh, and when you do, things change, of course. But, it truly allows you to expand and to go to the next levels. It allows you to go beyond this 3-D that you are in, a 3-D that can feel so real and look so real but it was only one reality, this 3-D that is so dense, so thick that it actually gets murky after awhile. It loses the clarity. You lose your clarity about it. You lose the way. So, in the embodiment, in the acceptance of all that you are and everything around you, everyone, everything… oh, it releases energy that wants to express in a new way. It wants to go into the New Energy.

< Embodiment 12CC > Learning to embody yourself, everything about you… it is so difficult but yet one of the greatest gifts of all… embodying you… being you… bringing back all of the parts and the pieces in love… bringing them back into the center… into the circle of your love… no longer rejecting… no longer dividing… but bringing them all back. Oh, and as we have said so many times now, when you bring it all back, then you can bless and release the very structure of every one of those creations and sub-creations. And, now you go on an incredible journey, a ride, an expression. When you release those, everything can now go to their appropriate next level.

< Clarity 2QA > You are not able to - how to say - because of the various levels that you are operating on and still undermining yourself, you are not able to integrate everything (all aspects of yourself) together. Go into breathing. Some say that we use this as our - how to say - excuse, or as our simple remedy, much as a doctor would prescribe aspirin. But, the breathing eventually gets you back to a point of integration. You cannot breathe consciously without sooner or later coming into a still point, coming back into a unification point. So, we are going to ask you just to focus on some of this breathing. Let the destroyer energy go. And, give yourself literal permission to enjoy life, which you still aren't doing. Sometimes, you parrot the words, thinking that that will solve the problem. But, now can you truly allow yourself to enjoy life and your creations?

< Clarity 2QA > In a way you could say that you are all aliens (some laughter). You all have come from other places to be here. And, you have all come here through the Order of the Arc. And, you have changed the way you look. You have changed your energy patterns. You have changed everything about you.

So, indeed you do feel, and during the meditation you observed and felt that you are alien. The ten that you felt were all aspects of yourself from non-physical, non-Earth lifetimes that, in a sense, melded together, formed together to literally provide the energy to bring you through the Order of the Arc and to Earth. You are you, but your carrier, your vehicle, was ten of your non-physical aspects coming together to provide enough energy, enough, yes, enough energy to get here. So, that's what you are seeing within yourself.

It is important to understand though that all of these right now should be unified together. And, you should understand also that you are here for yourself. You are here for yourself. And, that is a reminder for all of Shaumbra. You are not here to save universe. You are not here because any of you - how to say - are in an exclusive group. You are here for yourself.

Now, what you do for yourself has a phenomenal impact on everything and everyone else. But, you have to do it for yourself. If you do it because you are trying to save everyone, you are going to understand some of the burdens of Yeshua carrying savior energy.

< Clarity 6 > Put it out there… you see. You're really putting it in there actually. You're putting it into yourself. You're listening from within. Let go for a while. Stop thinking about it. You've already posed the question. Anytime any angel or human asks a question - one of the most beautiful things in the world - it sets up a dynamic where the answer comes flowing in. It has to. It's a natural response from what you call the universe. But, it's actually a natural response from yourself. What is happening is that you pose the question, yourself. All levels say, "Oh, it is time to move on. There is a desire for answers and understanding. They're (human self) tired of going through the experience. And, now we (all other aspect of yourself) create, or we bring forth, the answer that was always there anyway."

< Clarity 6 > It is a potential, but there may be other potentials that want to come in first for a variety of reasons. And, this is where the fully loaded dimensional aspect of you - body, mind, feeling and spirit - work together. But, what happens is you bring that shadow forward. You breathe it in. You allow it to come in. You know no limitations. Now, this potential is here. But, in a way, at first it is somewhat etheric, unstable. It is standing side-by-side you, the physical being. It is part of you, but it is also itself. And, now it is needing to be fed. It has a purpose and desire. It wants to create music. And, now it has to be filled in. It is like a blank being, in a sense, wanting now to be filled in.

< Clarity 6QA > Also to remember from today's Shoud was that as these aspects of the Self - what the Self has been constructed of in its reality base on Earth - you have the light and the dark and how they are eclipsing together. They are coming back together providing in a sense a reverse shadow of themselves and a reverse shadow of potentials. Again, it is appropriate because shadows just don't have to be behind where the light source is coming from, or where the reality base is focused on. It can also have a forward type of shadow. I want you to think expanded and to be expanded in every possible way. Take nothing at its face value.

< Clarity 6QA > Then you're going to be posed with a question - "Are you ready to open it up again?" Are you ready to again connect on the crystalline non-mental levels with yourself, with All That Is. You still maintain all your physical attributes. You still maintain all of the - the fact that you're a human on Earth. But now you open to a whole new level. Imagine that you are this vehicle with the Soul, the feelings, the brain and the body and somewhere you have shut down or hidden this connection to realms that are indescribable. Imagine now what that adds to the mix, to the multidimensional layer of Self if that is brought back into reality.

< Clarity 7QA > Your body does go through a tremendous level of change when something like this happens or when you reach this point of - what Tobias calls - a point of separation or cosmic consciousness, when you can actually understand and perceive that you've released your past lives, which so often are still literally in the dirt of Earth, and you've let those go. You've let your whole past be healed so that your future is clear.

< MNEC2006-T > The spirit also involves all aspects of yourself. It is the total Being. The mind tries to understand "Now what does that mean - total Being." It tries to understand things like your true self or your higher self. Those are all distortions. They are all coming from a smaller place, coming from a mind that's desperately trying to understand this concept of spirit.

< Teacher 1 > Gnost is a brilliant energy. Gnost is creative knowingness. Gnost is the energy, the portion of you, the aspect of you that can take an idea or a concept, can take something that is very creative - an inspiration - and then channel those energies down through your inter-dimensional realms and help them to manifest or become solid, stable and balanced here in this realm.

< Teacher 1QA > This feeling of loneliness is very, very common amongst Shaumbra, because you have gone out on your own; you have left old Orders and organizations; you have left your angelic family; you have left everything that you were connected to; you've disconnected from even things like the Field. So you are by yourself. The gift in this is that you're learning to become a sovereign Being. You're learning to find the happiness within. You're learning to find that your own God-self is within. You're learning to bring in all the various aspects of yourself that have been scattered all over, but yet this loneliness is persistent because you can continue to feel energies of family and friends and things that you've disconnected from - again, a very, very common feeling.

< Teacher 3 > What you (Shaumbra) are learning through this series of illusions and mazes that you are going through is something that none of the others have learned. We said to you a long time ago that you are the first to go through this pathway of ascension. And ascension simply means that you are evolving to your next level; that you are integrating all of the parts and pieces of Self together into a whole; that you are completing a cycle, a circle even, and moving from this place of Earth, which is one of the most difficult and challenging experiences - and I speak from experience myself - on your way to a new level. We call it the Third Circle.

< Teacher 4 > We talked about becoming initiated, and this is a personal choice, a personal decision. Are you willing to go to the next level and the next step or do you want to stay behind? It doesn't matter, because sooner or later your soul and all of its aspects will evolve. It doesn't matter. It's not that you're going to get left behind. It just is a question about do you choose to move through now or do you choose to move through later.

< Teacher 4 > You're in the process of birthing right now. During this birthing process of yourself, you become very vulnerable in a way. You are birthing the united reunited energies of the masculine and feminine for yourself. You are birthing what you could say would be your own next lifetime, but not a lifetime that you've been used to, not a lifetime where you come into a physical body. You're birthing the next grand aspect of yourself, the next version of your own consciousness. Right now it's in a gestation process, but soon that birthing is going to take place, and as you guessed for most of you, that next level of birthing takes place in September 2007.

< Teacher 5 > You know what that little bit of energy wants? It wants the parent energy - the creator energy - to come to it, to assure it that everything is going to be alright. That part of you that is somewhat afraid, not sure what tomorrow is going to bring, not sure what happens when you let go of your job that you really don't care for anymore, or let go of a relationship that was old karma. All those energies just want the parent self, the creator self, to come in and assure it. Just like a little child, to take it by the hand and say "It's time. It's time we move on. It's time we evolve." The past will never be forgotten. The past will never be buried. The past can be transformed into the newness, the potential of who you are.

< Teacher 5 > Every little thought that you have has its own identity. Every little fear that you have is actually just a little child. Every piece of stuck energy is really wanting to be unstuck. And you, dear ones, you (the creator self) can guide that part of yourself into your own New Energy. Go in and talk to it - that little fear.

< Teacher 5QA > You don't need to go into a destitute situation. You're the only one who can make that choice. And we know you've made it in your mind, but you also have to make it in your heart. You've said to yourself that you don't want to suffer but yet in many ways you're still choosing it. It's about going in and letting every part of your being know that it's okay. Kuthumi gave the story today about you, the parent self, the god self going into the energies of the rest of you, the other aspects, and assuring every part of you - the financial part, the health part and the relationship part - that this is all a natural and very sacred process.

< Teacher 6 > We begin a New Era. Now there's not a specific point in time that this era begins. You can't say that it starts today. It has been in evolution and process for thousands of years. Remember? Remember how 2,000 years ago you helped to bring this to Earth? It has been evolving and expanding ever since and it comes in now, this new era. I'm going to christen it the Consciousness era. We move beyond the Christos era, which was the time of bringing in the divine seed, the time of beginning the birthing process for the integration of the human aspect of you and the other aspects of you.

< Teacher 10QA > By default, Shaumbra, when you have these entity visits, you feel an energy lingering around and particularly feeding off of you, by default it is going to be an aspect of yourself first. It is going to be one of these disassociated or parts of you that is still lingering. A part from another lifetime perhaps, but very often an aspect of you even from this lifetime. You are so clever, you're such a grand creator that you can disguise even these entities as something outside of yourself, but understand it is part of you.

Now, with any of these entities, whether they are a part of you or outside of you, you - the essence who exists in this Now moment, the one who is conscious of these thoughts - is the Master ... is the Master in the moment - in every moment - and you can literally demand that these entities leave. If it is an external entity, which does happen - they will play games with you at times, pretend that they have control or power over you - simply demand from your place of mastery that they leave. They have to, by the way. And if they don't leave the first time because they don't necessarily believe you - why should they believe you when you don't believe yourself? - demand three times. Use the I am. "I am the Master. I demand you leave. I am the Master." You say it long enough to yourself, even, you might even begin to believe it! But use those simple words.

Now if it is an aspect of yourself, let that aspect know that you are the Master. Let them know that they are simply an aspect and without you they are nothing. Feel the energy of that aspect. Feel where it is blocked or wounded or hurt and then release that energy. You're not trying to annihilate that aspect, you are releasing its blocked energies. "I am the Master, therefore, I release the blocked, wounded or distorted energies of you."

Now, you are tougher to deal with than an external energy because you know all of your tricks. You know your shortcomings and weaknesses, and that aspect entity is going to try to fool you. It's going to try to tell you all sorts of things; that it can't leave until you give it all of these things; it's going to lay a guilt trip on you; it's going to try to fool you, perhaps even tell you that it's not you. But again, you go back to "I am the Master, therefore I release all energies that no longer serve me - and you don't serve me! So I release you back to your pure essence."

Simple as that. If you get more complicate than that; if you get into long discussions with these entities; if you allow them to keep coming back; if you give them an inch, they'll take a foot. "I am the Master and I release you from your blocked energies. And so it is." It's that simple. They will go away.

< Teacher 11QA > It sounds like a book! It could be a fascinating book, a book about the masculine/feminine energy. And whether the story of Lilith ... it is just an interpretation. It is a type of way of explaining how energies work, how Lilith wouldn't accept the terms because of the commitment to the Isis energy, so another aspect of Isis came in became what you would call Eve, took the rap, took the blame for everything that's happened since. And actually, the energy of Eve, you could say, was set up by the churches to bring down the energy of Isis.

In a sense it is interesting to explore the energies of history, energetic history that is, but in another sense it doesn't really make that much of a difference. You can get caught in the trap here. The important thing to remember is that masculine, feminine, duality, the aspects of opposition are wanting to come back together right now. That's the only important thing. Every part of you, every part of the reflection of yourself, wants to join back together. You don't need the two parts of you to understand the question, "Who am I?" Who am I is answered in this Now moment and it is about the complete integration.

< QuantumLeap 1 > There's a wide variety of demons, indeed. You give them different names or different relationships in your aspects or your facets, but they're your demons. We're going to ask you to confront them, meaning to acknowledge them, today and to understand why you've made them into demons, to understand they are yours. One of the things that humans tend to do is deny their own demons. They'll give it to somebody else. They'll say, "This isn't my demon. This is Lucifer, a fallen angel." Lucifer has his own club. Lucifer, Satan, whatever you want to call it. So they give names to the demons, put it outside of themselves, but the reality is, it is yours. It is your demon. That's the first thing in demonology (laughter) is to understand that it's yours.

< QuantumLeap 9 > There is a divine central in him. It wasn't just the aspects. There is the purity of his personal consciousness that has no aspect that overrides the others. It just is. There is that part of his divine purity that always has been and always will be, and even though it creates these aspects and some of them get lost, fragmented, wounded, that the core is always there.

< Returning 4QA > Aspects are the creative expression of yourself, they are created to experience different things in life, and the premise is that the soul always remains pure. The soul or the core self is not broken or distorted. It does not need fixing, but yet the soul creates aspects to go out and experience. Some become stuck. Some actually have had great accomplishments. Some become so disassociated with yourself that you feel disconnected. You feel fragmented or broken. Sooner or later all of the aspects, every part of you, needs to come back to home, come back to you. And for many Shaumbra they are choosing to do it and you're choosing to do it in this lifetime. That's one of the essentials of ascension. You can't go into ascension without taking all of yourself.

So we have this wonderful course in Aspectology, how to invite the aspects to return back to you. We spend several days going into the psychology of aspects - what will bring them back home, how to handle the stubborn ones, even how to handle the darkest aspects. Those voices that so many of you hear in your head come from those aspects. They play games. They are masters at manipulation, and they want something that you have - your soul. They're not souled beings at all. But they don't think that you're an effective boss or manager, they want your job. Through Aspectology, we help you to understand how to reintegrate, how to basically love yourself so they can finally love you too.

< Returning 6 > So there's a great disassociation between the spirit, between the oversoul, between the other aspects of the entity itself, and with the human on Earth. How often have we seen and felt on our side where there is a disassociation between the soul and the human, where sometimes the soul actually resents or rejects that human expression of itself, turns its back on it - indeed, yes, souls can do that, turn its back on that human expression - and how does that human on Earth feel? Unworthy, unloved, unneeded.

< Returning 7QA > You have many different aspects of you, many different personalities from past lives and this life and each one of them has their own flavor. But yet within that is the essence of you - the real you. Not that the rest of them are unreal, but there is that deep inner part that so longs to express itself. So when you are asking about how to speak your truth, it is stopping; it is taking that moment to connect with the place that is the deepest and the simplest and the most joyful within you. And it will be natural. You hear all these voices of the aspects each with their own certain agenda, but at a certain point you'll realize it is coming from the real part of you. Thank you. And don't get so caught up in truth versus no truth, because you'll come to understand there is no single truth. There is nothing that is untrue. There are just perhaps deeper or more beautiful levels of truth.

< Returning 8QA > As you allow yourself to absolutely absorb all of these feelings, understanding they're not yours, you also read into and tap into all of the different potentials, all the different realities that exist, and all of the different facets. This provides a tremendous inspiration to you and a totally different way of looking at life. Rather than on a very linear path based on history and linear future, you now see that it is so much more encompassing and actually a lot more fun.

< Master 3 > So anyway, Shaumbra, you come to the point here in getting back into trust with yourself. Every part of you - your body, mind, spirit, your aspects, the God within, your divinity, every potential experienced and not, every potential to be - truly wants to serve you. It is you. It is you.

< Master 8 > Generally you are listening to the voice of aspects. These are parts of your psyche or your self. They could be from the past life, could be from this lifetime, could be parts of you you don't really consciously know exist - but they're parts of you. Each has their own agenda. Ultimately, their agenda is to return back to you, but there are a lot of conditions that need to be met in order for that to happen, so they act out their own limited agenda and they're constantly chattering.

< Master 8 > Now, in a way, you don't necessarily distinguish the difference in the tone of their voice, because it all comes through your mind and therefore it all kind of sounds the same. But at any given point you could have hundreds of aspects talking. And they do. They chatter all the time. Eventually, they will come back, but right now they're tied up in this game. So the voices go on and on. They push and shove each other out of the way a lot of times, trying to make themselves heard above the vast noise of your psyche. So the voices get louder and louder and louder.

< (Next) 1 > When you left the Wall of Fire, when you left heaven, All That Is, whatever you want to call it; when you left to become a pure sovereign being, as you went through the Wall of Fire, you imagined and experienced all of the potentials of everything that would ever happen to you outside of Home - outside of Home, outside of the First Circle. That's why it felt so awful. You felt you were ripped into billions of pieces, because you were suddenly experiencing everything, every potential that was to ever be. Well, maybe not all of it. You experienced all of it up until right now.

< (Next) 2 > It's all happening in the moment, and guess who really doesn't like that? (someone says "the mind") The mind and? Your aspects. They do not like that one bit. It's uncomfortable for them, they're not used to it, they definitely feel a loss of their control, because that's where they've been working. They've been working from the past, and they make a lot of promises about the future. But aspects - dysfunctional or disconnected aspects - do not like the Now moment at all. No, no, no. They hang out in the past, and they play with the future. So what's going to happen? Aspect riot!

< (Next) 7 > The more difficult cases are the beings who have lived, let's say, in Egypt in past lives. Some of their energy or consciousness was buried in the ground; now they have another physical incarnation happening simultaneously, and that physical incarnation is connecting with the ancient spirit energy of themselves, so it's more difficult for that spirit energy to leave. And a kind of a fight ensues between the current human incarnation and the old aspects. The old aspects want to leave, but the current incarnation is saying, "I'm not ready yet. I'm tied into this land. I'm tied into my family and my job. No matter how miserable it is I'm tied into it."

< (Next) 7 > They almost can't help it, because somebody has been traveling around the world, meeting in groups, talking about sovereignty, talking about freeing themselves, and when the energies in the ground, in the tombs, in the temples feels this and says, "It's time to be released," they do. They do. So there's this huge undercurrent of energies that are being released, that are leaving, that are going back to themselves, back to their true nature. You're going to see it sweeping across the Earth. Somebody's been traveling around, telling these old stuck energies that they can leave. Now, who would that be? And you wonder why some groups get a little upset with you? No mystery to me.

< (Next) 9 > So you're at a point of separation right here, ready to break away. You've gone through it hundreds of times so you know what this is like. Well, it's always filled with anxiety, with excitement, filled with trepidation and filled with a lot of past aspects. Your aspects love lining up on your timeline, on your past. They love it. They cling to it! They hold onto it like it's a rope, onto that past timeline. And aspects get so jazzed up over the past that it solidifies their perception of themselves. They don't want to let go of it. They convince you not to let go of it, even though you really hate it, and it just reinforces the past. And then it's like dragging around a big rope, a big very stiff rope, with you, and on that rope are clinging a bunch of aspects. That's your past.

< (Next) 12 > History is one of the greatest fiction of all times, because history, well, your history, your history of your incarnations, is really not. As Kuthumi pointed out, he was really not Pythagoras. It's the lineage, perhaps, the cousin or brother of his soul, but really wasn't Kuthumi, and he wasn't Pythagoras or Balthazar or any of the others purported to be. That's a linear progression of the spirit, and true spirit doesn't progress linearly. There's an association, you could say, with those aspects of the soul - cousins, a familiarity, and indeed, some bleed-through, because they came from the same soul source - but as Ah-Kir-Rah pointed out to Kuthumi, it's really not you.

< e2012 4 > This life is not just an extension of your past lives, not just another progression of your past lives. Your past lives are not you. Get over it. None of them are important. Half of them are fabricated. Half of them are makyo crap. They really are. The other half you just relate to the archetypical energies of Yeshua or Moses or Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene or whatever. They’re real, but they’re not real. In other words, they’re an active part of this whole experience that you’re having. Yes, you were part of Mary Magdalene, a little part along with a lot of others, but you weren’t Mary Magdalene.

< e2012 4 > You’re not your past lives. They’re your brothers or sisters or cousins, but they’re not you. And the sooner you can let that go, the sooner you’re going to free yourself, unburden yourself, get over their crap. Some of them are still out there, these past lives, traumatized, active, looking for a new residence, looking for a new house – you. They haven’t freed themselves, and the soul, in its brilliance, is allowing them to do that. You say, “Why doesn’t the soul call them back, make them come back?” Well, you can’t. A creator cannot force his or her creations to come back. You can only invite them back.

< e2012 4 > Up until this lifetime there was a definite link between lifetimes. There was a type of progression. But then, in the brilliance of the life plan and the life design of the soul, it says, “I’m going to create an expression of myself that’s different, that’s not just another lifetime.” Why? Because it got tired of doing the other lives, and realized it needed something to set itself free. The soul, you realized that you’re the Standard for all those other past lives, for all the other humans, for yourself. You’re the [focal] point of integration of [all of] yourself. You’re the point of enlightenment for yourself, not those other lifetimes. Even if you were a Buddha – not that lifetime. This lifetime, right here.

< e2012 4 > You are the point of integration. You are, as Tobias said years ago, the designated ascendee of yourself, of your soul, and in order to do so, your soul comes in here to join you. Your wisdom arrives. It comes in from the other realms – and it’s not even the other realms, it’s just an imaginary block – but absorbs in to your Body of Consciousness.

It arrives, and in doing so, something interesting happens. You become the Standard for these other past lives of that soul. You become the example. You, by example, help set them free. Not that you’re going to go around with a knife, cutting their chains or their ropes that bind them, but your example will release those ropes.

You release, you could say, some energy of your soul – your wisdom. You release yourself of that burden thinking you were your past lives, and in doing so, you integrate all of that energy, all of the consciousness. It is squished and distilled into wisdom, which arrives. Wisdom arrives for you.

< e2012 4 > When you consider the amount of particles that you had out there – fragments or essences out there – it was tremendous. It was, for your soul, it was a thousand or more lifetimes. And then you take every human experience and all the fragments that that has – millions and billions, some here on Earth – a lot of them here – some in the other realms.

So here you are integrating them, collecting them. Not forcing them, but – matter of fact, you're doing quite well at this – integrating a lot of aspects. Who'd have thought, who would have even aspired to trying to do it in a single lifetime? That would have been considered madness 50 years ago. Even yesterday! (laughter) It would have been considered madness a while back, because the energy worked different and consciousness was more rigid.

But you, and others around the world, said, “No, we're going to integrate,” and what that meant was not forcing anything – quite the opposite. Integration is about acceptance, not forcing. You can't beat those aspects into coming home. You can't force them.

Integration of past lives is a little different. They, actually – if you want to get specific about it – they don't actually come back to you. They actually go back to what you would call your soul, but into your wisdom. So they – and in a way, yes, you could argue and say, “Well, then they do come back to me” – but, in a way, they don't really. They go back into the soul. But you help to release them.

You and your soul, your wisdom, literally are … you're here; you're focused here on Earth. Your soul, wisdom, is joining you here, and when you do, you start taking DreamWalks into the soul's past lives. Now you recognize at some level, “Ah, these aren't mine,” so you don't get all tangled up into them.

You start doing – and this is a much longer class, please don't think this is all there is on the subject – but you and your soul essence, who are now here, start going back in time, presenting yourself to those past life aspects of your soul.

The nice thing is when you encounter these past lives, you don't get all caught up in saying, “Oh that's me in a past life!” It's like, “Oh, interesting. I'm behind the short wall. These are really my soul's, so I have a connection to them,” but you don't get all caught up in them.

And now you're walking back, in a way – not literally, but you're kind of going backwards in time – having an encounter with a past life, a past life that may still be stuck or traumatized or just enjoying its experience back then in that time period. And you come up to this past life aspect, whether it's in a dream or for real, maybe in the guise of another person or in the guise of an apparition, like an angel-like being, and you present yourself to that aspect. And it recognizes you, and it breaks down in tears, for it can feel the love. It recognizes that it is not alone, and it recognizes that it is far grander than it thought it was.

You're doing that from the Now, you're going into the past, but in a way, it's not really just the past. It's occurring right now. And your soul is rejoicing, because together with you it has freed up a part of itself, brought itself back home. Part of the whole reason for being here in this lifetime, the life design, is to do that.

It's not retrieval. It's just presenting yourself to the past lives. “I Am that Am. Here, I – my soul – I made it, made it into this lifetime,” whether it's 10,000 years in the future or 10,000 years in the past. “I made it to this lifetime. I Am that I Am.” I said, “Yes, I am enlightened, and therefore, I became, and now I come back to greet you. I'm a time traveler, Oh-be-Ahn, in love.” Boom! That past life is suddenly freed. Suddenly, its perception of its journey, the very linear mental nature of its journey, absolutely transforms.

So the question is, did that past life actually occur as the aspect thought it did? Yes … and no. It occurred, but also many other iterations. A grander story, a multidimensional story occurred. So that linear little human back in that past life, that story is still real, but it's not the only story. When that past life is able to then say, “What are my other stories? What else really happened? What was the bigger picture? What was the other side of the pink cowboy hat?” then it goes, “Dear God, I Am that I Am,” and that reunion with the soul takes place. It's a beautiful process. That's one of the many reasons you're here.

Don't consider it a responsibility at all. Don't consider it a duty. Take it in joy, don't do it at all – it doesn't matter; but it's one of the things that actually your passion, working with your wisdom, said, “Let's do that. Let's go back and visit all of our potentials, all of our past lives …”

That's what you're doing right now, and sometimes it's easy for the human self – the seven-year-old with the fast bike – to say, “Well, how come things aren't better? How come I feel so limited?” Well, stop feeling so limited. Yes, you are enlightened. Look at what you're doing right now, all of you, setting a potential for Earth and New Earth. You're going back and opening up the perspective of past lives, helping to illuminate onto your past lives. Imagine the whole change of dynamics when that occurs, when that occurs.

Now, because you were going to ask, why don't you do it yourself right now? Why don't you DreamWalk yourself right now? In other words, why don't you present yourself to you – your soul to you? That's all it is – presenting you to you. It's an amazing thing. It's a real time, in the Now DreamWalk.

< e2012 5 > What Garret is talking about here is the integration of your dreams. You've taken a lot of time, you've felt in a lot of the integrating aspectsyour dreams are an aspect – you've spent a lot of time with all these other aspects. Now you come to this point of distillation where it's integrating your aspirations, your ideas, your fantasies, your magic. Integrating dreams – so important for you this year.

< e2012 6 > Your own personal karma, your aspects that are out there. They have an influence on your physical health. Let’s say you have a very dissociated aspect, a very traumatized aspect. They tend to hang around. Why? First of all, they want something you have that they don’t. A soul. The aspect is a fragment of you, but it doesn’t have a connection with the soul. You do. So these aspects, the, what we call, gray or dark aspects, they hang around, just waiting for the chance to grab that soul. They haven’t figured out where it is or how to get it, but they think if they wait long enough, if you go through enough hell, that they’ll reach in and grab it.

In the meantime, these aspects are hanging around, and grabbing you like claws digging in. Digging in. They’re literally taking energy. This is what keeps … it’s their food. You. You. You’re like a big muffin for them. That’s how they stay focused, connected and present. So if you have a lot of these, you’re going to get real tired. They take that energy. Now, not that you can’t take more somewhere else, but you’re used to being connected in a certain way, receiving a certain amount of energy, so you don’t bring more in, and even if you did, you’d probably just give them more. So you’ve got this kind of interesting, weird balance worked out.

But in the meantime while they’re taking a little energy – no offense here – but while they’re taking a little energy, they could be affecting a vital organ, particularly the kidneys and the liver, taking that energy right out of you. It’s weakening the vital organs. It’s going to compromise your immune system, and no matter how much Spirulina or Echinacea or any of these other things that you take, they’re weakening your immune system.

Want your immune system back? Let go of a lot of this personal karma and a lot of the aspects, the unintegrated, the traumatized aspects. How do you do that? Well, quite simply, you bring these aspects back into love, back into you, by having a safe home space, your Now moment, where you are right now, your present moment. How do you do that? Breathe and love yourself. Unconditional love. As has been said many times, the toughest thing that you’re going to face in this lifetime is how to love yourself.

< e2012 8 > There is actually two moments where the angelic beings are not with you. They're real close by, but one is when you truly decide you're going to be sovereign. You let go of the spirit guides that have been with you for a long time, and it's what some of you call the dark night of the soul. But it's not a night. It lasts a couple of months. (laughter) It's a long time. All the beings have to step away. You've gone through that, so now I can say I'll be with you every step of the way, up until the moment of your enlightenment. That – out of honor – I'm not going to be there or the others. You do that so personal.

In that moment of enlightenment, it's just an acceptance. It's just saying, “Whatever. I Am that I Am.” Suddenly, all the aspects come back in. It's a time of very personal integration. They all fly back in. So we kind of get out of the way and let the aspects come back in so that we don't get sucked in along with them. (laughter at Adamus' joke) We do it so that it can be the marriage or the union of you back into yourself. So nothing wrong there. It would have been totally disrespectful and a lack of compassion for me to stop. First of all, I couldn't. This was her choice, her journey.

< e2012 9 > What is ascension? A lot of confusion. But let's just say that it is the integration of yourself, of your divinity, of your aspects, bringing back together every part and piece of you in the physical body in this lifetime. Now, whether you then leave the body or whether you stay and really enjoy, is to be seen. It's a decision I can't make for you. I don't even want to coach you on one way or the other. But in that moment of enlightenment you'll know. You'll know. There's no need to fear it. It is perhaps the greatest choice you'll ever make. There's no reason to fear the departure of the physical body. As I've said before, you've done it many, many times before. Very easy.

< freedom 6 > And then, in this globe, if you look at its entirety, that is the Eternal YHWH, the I Am that cannot be spoken, but that is always present. And this is you also. This is beautiful you, and right now there is an aspect that is shining, a beam of light illuminating an aspect, the name that you wear on your name badge or have on your lost driver's license. Shining the light on there, but did you know that there is another name that you have? It's the culmination of all of your earthly lifetimes that's yet another aspect.

< freedom 6 > The soul is much like this beautiful globe. The soul comes initially empty simply wanting to know itself, so it creates this thing called aspects that eventually turn into facets. And the aspects, through their experiences, start filling the empty vessel with experience and knowingness, wisdom and love. Within the empty vessel when it first starts, it is filled with potentials, but the potentials have yet to be realized or experienced. So it is like it is empty, and the desire of the soul is to fill itself with its potentials and its experiences, to know the I Am of itself. And it cannot do that through Spirit. It cannot do that through another being, even though it has tried. It can only do it through the experience of its potentials (of energy).

And when this vessel is full, when it has felt into its potentials and experienced as many as it chooses to experience, and even felt into the ones that were never experienced in physical reality, it becomes complete, pure, crystalline, fulfilled. That is the I Am. And within that state of I Am, this vessel, this soul, knows itself beyond knowingness. It knows all of its facets, all of its angles,

And you ask, “Does it continue to experience?” Yes, it does, but not like a human experiences. It continues to experience its love for itself, and that's all it needs, all it wants, all it desires. When the vessel is full, complete, it continues to fall in love with itself every breath, every moment, without condition, without doubt, certainly without shame. It continues to fall in love with itself, because that is the grandest thing of all. I Am that I Am falling in love with myself each day.

< freedom 10 > You have created the aspects, sent out there in your search for enlightenment. You created them a long time ago in past lives, but a lot of them really brought forth into this lifetime. You've created not just one, not just two, but dozens of enlightenment aspects. So I will call these aspects of your expectation of being spiritual, of being enlightened, of being a Master, I'll call them aspectations. You have expectations, you have aspectations of enlightenment. These are literal aspects, many of them, and the interesting thing is they're not all in unison with each other. They're not all in harmony with each other. They are fighting with each other and battling. You have these aspectations of enlightenment. I would like you to become aware of it.

< Kharisma 5 > But what consciousness you have of your past, whether it’s a past life, whether it’s anything in this lifetime, consciousness is generally placed in things like failure and struggle, hardship, suffering, traumas. The consciousness that you have of your past is not truth. Not the real truth. But you put these little particles of consciousness at the most difficult, depressing and dark points of your past. And there they sit, these little particles of limited consciousness, and then they’re separated from the main consciousness, which would be your divine, your Free Self. It’s still consciousness, but then it starts coming back to you in limited thought and memory.

< Kharisma 5 > It’s still consciousness of your past, but now it comes back to you in a very perverse way – bad memories, stuck energy, ghosts, doubts and darkness. Your past, it doesn’t want that. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t want that limitation. It wants full consciousness, the full light … unlimited. I’ll say it over and over and over again until the popcorn starts popping, but your past is not what you think it is, thank god. Your past is not what you remember it as. The past, it deserves as much consciousness as the present. It deserves as much charisma as the future.

< Kharisma 7 > It seems a little fragmented, but it's not. It's not at all. Suddenly, you realize that there was a reason in the first place for being able to create aspects – not to chase them away, but to create them – and you can start living in this beautiful combination, multidimensional, aspected, logical way of being. No longer confined to just that. Now, that brings up a very interesting question. You're going to say, “Well, what is truth? What is reality?” And there is no truth. There is none. Stop searching for truth. It doesn't work. There's no meaning in life. Sorry. There's no truth, because it all becomes the truth.

< WalkOn 6 > That child that you were, that child that was unsafe at some point is here right now, along with the Master. The Master that some of you would call from the future. But it's not. They're here in this pool with you right now. Those aspects of you that you've struggled with, they're in this pool right now, along with the fully integrated Self that you are. All right here, fully integrated. You know, there doesn't have to be linear time and space. You don't have to stand in the river anymore. You can be in this pool. That child that you were that felt so unsafe can be here right now in the absolute safety of this pool, right with that Master. That Master that you're trying to become is right here. There's no separation. There's no distance. They're all here.

< Transhuman 4 > Time starts to dissolve away, and you sit here as the Master in your own life, just observing. Not trying to change any of the aspects. You sit here. That in itself has a profound effect on every one of those aspects, whether they're from a past life or a future life. That suddenly puts them as the Master sitting on their park bench in their lifetime in that story. Suddenly, it's not just you alone sitting on your park bench as the Master, but suddenly every past and every future lifetime becomes the Master also. Then everything changes. As Tobias said a long time ago, “The future is the past healed.” I'll say it a little bit different that every lifetime realizes the Master from this lifetime. It's conveyed out, it's radiated out to every lifetime, and those lifetimes that are stuck in their patterns, that are stuck in in their time, suddenly start transforming.

< Emergence 1 > You're not alone, and what's really meant by that is there's so much within you. You're not just the lonely human now. It's the Master; it's the I Am, it's the human. It's all the facets that you've brought from aspects into facets. It's all the experiences. But it all culminates in the human, Master and the I Am. I won't be able to call you humans anymore. Just a human. I won't be able to address you as such anymore. I'll be addressing you as human Masters, because from here on there's no more just being a lonely human. Now it's everything together.

< Emergence 7 > The dragon is here to help you find all the things that are still aspects, still in an aspect form. The dragon’s here to help bring those aspects forth so they can be integrated deeply, deeply within you. Not just mental integration, but that deep real integration. Some of you still may have some pissed off aspects, and they just don’t want to let go. They’re having too much fun with the games, and I’ll tell you one thing right now – just a little clue for when you’re playing with the dragon and with your aspects, and as things kind of get rolling this month with the aspects – aspects like to hide behind beliefs.

< Emergence 7 > Now you’ve got the dragon – whether you’ve gone through Threshold or not, you’ve got the dragon – that’s coming in and helping to find these aspects, because they simply cannot go into Realization. And we’re at the point, you know, it’s 11:59. Do you know where your aspects are? (some laughter) And if you don’t, the dragon is going to find them and put them right in front of you. Why? To do what? To integrate them. Yes, not to comfort them, not to try to coerce them or not to beat the crap out of them like some of you would like to do, but actually to integrate them.