enjoying life


< Clarity 2QA > You are not able to - how to say - because of the various levels that you are operating on and still undermining yourself, you are not able to integrate everything (all aspects of yourself) together. Go into breathing. Some say that we use this as our - how to say - excuse, or as our simple remedy, much as a doctor would prescribe aspirin. But, the breathing eventually gets you back to a point of integration. You cannot breathe consciously without sooner or later coming into a still point, coming back into a unification point. So, we are going to ask you just to focus on some of this breathing. Let the destroyer energy go. And, give yourself literal permission to enjoy life, which you still aren't doing. Sometimes, you parrot the words, thinking that that will solve the problem. But, now can you truly allow yourself to enjoy life and your creations?

< Clarity 5 > Absolutely enjoy life. There is an old overlay on Earth, and it is still there. It is still strong. You see it in some of your more radical religions and political systems where that life is not to be enjoyed. Life is to be barely tolerated. Life is to be survived but not lived. You know, there is a difference. You can survive. You can get along just enough. Or, you can truly live. Literally, governments and churches work at "just enough" of a hypnotic overlay… just enough so they don't revolt or rebel or take us over… just enough food and money… just enough freedom where they think they truly have freedom but they have just enough… just enough money where they think that having a house and three meals a day is fulfilling. Shaumbra, that's a bunch of crock.

< Clarity 5 > Do you see how the overlays work and people fall into them… and they believe it… and the governments play along with it because the governments are a representation of the people? Just enough. And, then once a year you get this thing called Christmas. You get a few extra days off. "Boy, the company sure was nice to give us a few extra days!" Just enough, Shaumbra. Two weeks vacation… barely enough to keep you from going absolutely wild and mad crazy from working all of the time. Just enough… you see.

< Clarity 5 > Most people don't enjoy life. They "just-enough" life… just enough of it… just enough to keep you in the physical body… just enough to keep you in that nice little resonance called hypnotic overlay of life. Yes, one of you is asking us… Adamus coming through as well right now indeed… you can probably feel his energy. We are singing somewhat of a tune together today during this Shoud. So, Shaumbra, life is to be enjoyed. Life is to give yourself permission to be who you are and enjoy life. Get rid of those overlays that say "just enough, just barely enough." Don't be afraid to enjoy life.

< Clarity 5 > It is not a punishment. You're not there even to save the world, you know. Some of you carry that responsibility. You feed on that. You're here to save the world. You are not. To put it succinctly you're here to discover what it's like to enjoy life. What does that mean for you? What does that mean? Well, it probably means having the energy to do the things that you want, to do the things that you love, not to have the limitations anymore. Enjoying life probably means letting go of some old belief systems that are still dogging you… that are still with you… letting go of some of the old overlays… particularly some of the concepts of "have" and "have-not."

< Clarity 5 > Some of you still are afraid if you have too much that others will suffer. Oh, Shaumbra… old news. That is SO last generation (some laughter). There is not a limit to the amount of energy that can be brought in, especially now that New Energy is playing such a new and different role in your civilization on Earth. There is not a limit. So, if you could get rid of some of the old concepts of limitations and truly enjoy life… what does that mean for you? We are going to ask you to feel that and to even think about it a bit. What does it mean to enjoy life? What if there were no limitations? What if there was nothing in your way… because truly there is not. It is only illusion. Everything you see in your way is an illusion. Sometimes you insist on that illusion being there for whatever reason.

< Clarity 5 > You think that you need discipline to keep you focused. That is actually what has kept you limited. Discipline will definitely create a focus, but the focus can be so limiting. And, it causes things like depression. The human spirit was never intended to be so focused, so limited that it got lost. That is why so much depression occurs because these beings are screaming out from within, screaming out to be who they are, to enjoy life. But, all of the overlays, all of the hypnosis from themselves and from society holds them back. It is probably one of the greatest causes of depression - limitation. The spirit was not meant to be limited. You are not meant to be limited.

< Clarity 5 > If you ever want to, what you say, quote/unquote activate the "shadow biology," it is simply a matter of being in a safe space, being in a point of that stillness, that quiet, where it's you and your breath. You're giving yourself permission to be who you are and enjoy life. Well, then it's automatically activated. It automatically starts coming into your new reality base that you have. The "shadow biology" doesn't need to be brought in from other realms. It simply needs to be accepted in your life. You can't push it or force it. It doesn't work that way. It's about accepting it, and it's about looking at how your belief systems are creating your body, creating your physical being.

< Teacher 11QA > There is something - and you know about this and we have talked about it - the resistance to absolutely enjoying your life. You measure it through abundance - and this is causing you great stress, as you know - but there is that something in you that won't open up and let you just enjoy life.

There is past life reasons for this, there are self worth issues for this, but you still haven't let yourself enjoy. You say that when the abundance is there, then you can enjoy. But it is the other way around. Can you enjoy life right now? Can you give yourself that blessed gift of enjoying life? Forgetting about all of these other things - for you, in particular - let go of all of these other things we have talked about, the breathing and everything else. For you it's important to ask yourself the question over and over again, "Can you let yourself enjoy?" Part of you says "Yes," but there's another part that continues to say "No," that continues to be cautious, that doesn't want to get hurt, that is afraid that if you open up, that if you let go of some of these walls that you have, that you're going to get hurt.

This is a time of truth or consequences. This is a moment of truth for you. And this is something I would like you to work on, to consider, not just for a day or two, but until you truly arrive at the answer. Can you enjoy life? When you can get beyond the mind and honestly say to yourself "Yes," and honestly understand what I'm saying here, not out of desperation that you have to have the dollars to pay the rent. ... I went homeless for a long time, wandering, not wanting any of these things, and I found that I could completely sustain myself as you can also. Let go of the expectations and ask yourself over and over: Can you actually let yourself enjoy living? Being on Earth? Being in your body? Being a human being? Then all of these other things come in.

You understand also that when you have had money, it hasn't brought you happiness. It has brought you relief, but not happiness. When you have had the energy of abundance flowing in your life, you found a way to turn it around and use it to actually destroy yourself. You found a way to sabotage this flow.

So let's get back to the basics. Can you enjoy life? Take a look at that question over and over again. Let go of the abundance thing for now. You'll have just enough to get by until you answer that question. And please do come back to us and let us know.

< QuantumLeap 4> 5. Thou shall not kill.
Well that's a pretty obvious one in the Old Energy, I guess. In the New Energy - enjoy life. Enjoy life. It is that simple. You're here on Earth. You've taken on difficult tasks and assignments of being consciousness leaders - enjoy life. You have so many rules that have been created by people like Moses about ... (Tobias chuckles) ... what you can and can't do, so you feel that it's a sin to actually enjoy life and this concept has been perpetuated by nearly everything and everyone. But what greater, greater joy than actually to enjoy life. Enjoy the food you eat, it won't turn into fat in your body then. It will process itself quite naturally getting rid of what you don't need. Enjoy taking time, even if it's reading a book, watching television. Enjoy life from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed and while you're in your dreams. Enjoy life. As we said before, it's not a punishment to be here. This isn't a prison sentence. It's not a bad karma that you're working through. Please enjoy life.

< (Next) 5 > We would like you to be here first of all - first and foremost - to experience what it's like to have joy on Earth. We don't want you leaving here with some old hard energies, bitter energies, old stuff left behind. We want you to celebrate what it's like to be on Earth, particularly to be on Earth in the midst of chaos all around you, and have the time of your life. Second, it's more effective when enlightened beings are here rather than there. You go over there and, you know, your energy changes. Your connection with Earth and people and everything else changes. It's not as effective as if you're sitting right here in the chairs.

< (Next) 9 > Tobias spent lifetime after lifetime studying a damn book trying to comply with rules. You know - I want to make sure he's not listening - he even had rules about when he could have sex, how he could have sex, and to the degree in which he could enjoy having sex. I hear you with the same thing! He had so many rules about what he could eat on certain days and everything. That's not enjoying life. That is not being spiritual. It's the antithesis of being sensual.

< e2012 4 > We’ve talked about it many times. You’re walking backwards through time to experience how you got enlightenment, and now you just take a deep breath and say, “Yes, I am enlightened.” And suddenly – you say it with a smile and a laugh – suddenly, it changes. Everything – the energy, the amount of wisdom that comes in, the reunion or the reconnection between the human self and the wisdom (=divine) - and it comes in and it says, “Wow! Glad to hear you finally admit you’re enlightened. You’re no longer on the path. You’re no longer striving for enlightenment. You no longer care. It’s just, ‘Yeah, I’m enlightened!’” Why not? Let’s enjoy life.