Shiva / destroyer


< Clarity 2 > It is time for a change all over the world. And, the world is crying out for it, calling out for it. It is calling out for it as we approach this time of the quantum leap. It needs to clear itself of Old Energies and consciousnesses. It needs to clear itself of the physical energies that have been stuck and also of the consciousness energies. There is an old belief system on Earth. It is ready to change. And, it is partly an overlay that many of you still carry. And, that overlay says that for everything that is created it must also be destroyed. For everything that is built it must come down. For every good thing that happens something of the opposite energy comes along. In order to make progress the creator must come in with the destroyer, the yin and the yang of the balance.

< Clarity 2 > But, not anymore… not anymore. That is old dualistic thinking that says creator/destroyer are part of the same. We can move beyond that with Shaumbra today starting with this group. Let us bring in the energy of our second guest - Shiva, the destroyer (some laughter). The destroyer energy of Shiva has been waiting to come in. Oh, it has been very active on Earth in these past few weeks. It is very ingrained in many of the cultures of this world.

< Clarity 2 > It is time that… you know, Shiva doesn't like his/her job anymore (some laughter). Shiva got tired of being the destroyer a long time ago, wanted out. But, it would have upset so many across the world who felt that the creator has to be accompanied by the destroyer. But, Shiva finds this wonderful opportunity, this magic moment here with Shaumbra today to go. Now, it's going to piss off a lot of people (more laughter). It's going to throw their balance off because they have to have that destroyer energy. It has been part of their operating system. But, we're going to let Shiva go. Now, we don't have to tell anyone. We'll just let Shiva go today, and leave the other energies, the creator energy, to now find itself in a new way where it doesn't need the opposite. It doesn't need the antithesis.

< Clarity 2 > Shiva comes in a bit tired, has been busy lately, a bit worn out, a bit bewildered of why it took humanity so long to relieve him of the duties… and her. It is a unisex energy. It works either way, depending on what you are calling. Shiva has always been called on to destroy, to take down structure. And, in a sense, that was appropriate. Structure always wants to be restructured. But, it doesn't have to be destroyed. Humans took Shiva too literally, turned Shiva into the destroyer, the annihilator of energies.

< Clarity 2 > So, you found yourself in a rhythm. Humankind found itself in a rhythm of building/destroying. You have seen it in your own lives. One day you have money, and the next day you destroy it. One day you have health, and then you destroy it. One day you have a mate. Oh, that isn't Shiva; that is something else. You go your separate ways. One day you are feeling good and whole and pure into yourself, and then you ask Shiva to come in and destroy what you built up because you felt like you were gods in training, junior gods, that you couldn't allow your creations to go into full reality. So, you brought in Shiva, and Shiva destroyed, tore apart, facilitated change indeed. But, perhaps it is time to move out of that consciousness of having to destroy, of having to have yin and yang.

< Clarity 2 > Now, this will frustrate some of you. You are so used to yin and yang, opposites, two different ways, masculine/famine, all of these opposing forces. You can't even imagine what it is like to not have the opposing force. You're so used to Shiva coming along to destroy what you've built up that you've accepted it. So many of you say, "I will build a company, but I know inside that at some point something will go wrong, and it will come falling down." "It's the way life is, isn't it," you say. It's Shiva coming in to destroy what you built up… junior creators who were afraid to let their creators go into full manifestation.

< Clarity 2 > So, let us breathe in this energy of Shiva. She comes in without the sword, without the dark energies… wasn't at all what she was supposed to be in the first place. She is supposed to be the transmuter. Humans took it into the destroyer. Let us breathe in the energies of Shiva, the energies of Shiva within each one of us as well, within our consciousness, within the way we operate and believe. "We believe in Shiva. We believe in the destroyer. We believe in the devil and in Lucifer and of the energies that take apart."

< Clarity 2 > Let us breathe those in and feel them here for a moment. Let us breathe Shiva in. Honor him for all of the work she has done. Let us breathe Shiva in, and have compassion of why this belief system was allowed to operate in our lives and in our consciousness. And, then let us relieve Shiva of her duties. She wants to go back to her original natural energies, no longer labeled as the destroyer, no longer the one who takes things apart, dismantles. You see, we can restructure energy in a new non-destructive way now. It can be graceful. It can flow.

< Clarity 2 > Let us take that deep breath of Shiva, and then release. Release the Shiva, the destroyer, within yourself and within human consciousness. Others will still want to play with Shiva in their lives. But, now by releasing this energy today… by letting Shiva go… no longer a god… worshiped as a god… no longer a god energy… just released of all of his responsibilities and job descriptions… letting that go… now the potential exists for other humans who are ready to move beyond destructive energy in their life so that they can also let the Shiva out of them.

< Clarity 2 > You don't need it anymore in your lives either. You don't need to have energies destroy. Transmute… yes. Change and expand… yes. But, it doesn't have to destroy. It doesn't have to wipe out. It is part of clarity, part of clearing. We clear the old overlay of destroyer. Creator, the singular Creator, the clear Creator, evolves, expands, flows but it doesn't need to destroy.

< Clarity 2QA > Indeed… and your question went into much of the composition of today's Shoud… and actually asking on behalf of not just yourself, but all of Shaumbra who wonder and who feel that in spite of what they have learned that things still aren't moving. And, that is why specifically Shaumbra today brought in and birthed the Shaumbra energy to be of more direct support and assistance to them. That is why Shaumbra today also released the destroyer energy.

You talk about your own progress. You talk about the enlightenments that you have had. But, yet you say your life is a financial disaster. It has been destroyed or annihilated, as you said, because humans and even Shaumbra continue to build and destroy and build and destroy. You build yourself spiritually, but you don't manifest it in the practical level.

So, release Shiva from your life. Release any destroyer energy. Let the abundance flow in. And, if you find yourself continuing to struggle and continuing to have the hardships, we ask you to simply go into breathing. You are not able to - how to say - because of the various levels that you are operating on and still undermining yourself, you are not able to integrate everything together. Go into breathing.

< Clarity 2QA > You are not able to - how to say - because of the various levels that you are operating on and still undermining yourself, you are not able to integrate everything (all aspects of yourself) together. Go into breathing. Some say that we use this as our - how to say - excuse, or as our simple remedy, much as a doctor would prescribe aspirin. But, the breathing eventually gets you back to a point of integration. You cannot breathe consciously without sooner or later coming into a still point, coming back into a unification point. So, we are going to ask you just to focus on some of this breathing. Let the destroyer energy go. And, give yourself literal permission to enjoy life, which you still aren't doing. Sometimes, you parrot the words, thinking that that will solve the problem. But, now can you truly allow yourself to enjoy life and your creations?

< Clarity 8 > Fear, at its core level, is just energy. It is just energy. It has been assumed to be bad energy. Fear is such an overlay right now that it literally stops people in their tracks. It causes them to do things they wouldn't normally do. Fear is this… well, just feel the energy of fear for a moment. Fear is the demon. Fear is the destroyer. Fear is the darkness and the unknown, at least in the concept or the overlays that you have right now. But when you really feel into it, fear is just energy. That's all it is.

< Clarity 10 > One of the things I want to do here today with Shaumbra is to put an end to those cycles - the ups and the downs. They serve the rest of humanity in a way because that "up and down" does a certain job of clearing out old energy. In a sense it's a purification process. It is also a process that develops a momentum - an energetic momentum. But it is no longer important for you Shaumbra. Tobias, in a sense, alluded to it a number of Shouds ago when he talked about the destroyer energy, the Shiva energy, coming in. That's what you do, right in the top, right when things are going good, you bring in the destroyer energy.

< Teacher 4QA > There is a locked place within you that you have been afraid to open. It was opened before you were about 14 and it closed down. And in its closing you said to yourself, I won't get what I want. Something happened and you didn't get what you want, and so there has become a self-sabotage. When you get close to grabbing that golden ring, the horse goes too quickly around. And so, dear one, look not at money but look at that deep locked box that says I can't have what I want, because it's not just money. You get so close and it dissolves and then you say there I go again. I get so close and it dissolves. Change that decision. Go back to when you were young and it flowed and you saw it flow. Now you don't see it flow even when it flows.