potential / possibility / probability

a pre-energy in nuetral state (nothingness) that is waiting to be activated;
potential reality;  unexpressed reality;  alternative reality;
creative energy;

< NewEarth 4 > It is not a simple, two-dimensional road that you will be on. The scenery is multi-dimensional and will change constantly all around you. You simply need to be in the Present Moment. You do not need to worry about where you should be or what you should be doing next. For when you sit still upon your bicycle, you will come to a knowingness that all things are as they should be. That you do not need to worry about you next experience, for it will be drawn to you from the grand potentials. From the choices that are out there, the appropriate new "backdrop" will be brought in to you.

< Creator 9QA > It is difficult to transition from the old energy into the new. You are looking for tools that you used in the old energy to try to move into the new. It is time to put these down, your old thoughts, your old ways. Within this circle, within Shaumbra, we are channeling back to you the new ways that you and others are discovering. These are the methods that work, the methods that are effective. Spend more time in your new house. Create WITHOUT intent. This will challenge you. Create without intent. At the core of you, you know of all the appropriate things, but you are getting in your own way. Intent, in the sense that you use it, does get in the way and limits the potential of creation.

< Ascension 1 > Part of the role (inner work) of your True Self all of this time (in the cocoon) has been - somewhat difficult to explain - but it has been taking the potentials of your thoughts and actions and deeds, and then living out these potentials in other dimensions. Indeed when you have three choices in front of you - to go left, to go forward, or to go right, and you, as the human, the one who is in control, choose to go right, the other two choices are acted out interdimensionally from within the cocoon of your True Self. At night when you dream, many times you see in a symbolic form all of the potentials, all of the possibilities acted out.

Now you do not need to so much worry about this, for this is something that is being handled by your own True Self, your Full Self. You do not need to worry about these potentials. They are simply energy elements. They do not take on substance in your reality. They do not in any way come back to affect you on your human journey on Earth. But again, we say, while you are going through all of your processes here in the 3D, there is so much else that is happening. Your True Self, your Full Self is exploring the many, many possibilities while you are acting out the chosen one.

Who comes to visit on this day is the energy of self that carries the potential, that carries the alternative realities of who you are. That part of yourself (in other dimensions) comes to visit today. They come into the second circle, first of all to touch you and to join you, but also to applaud you for the choices you did make. There were no choices that were right, none that were wrong. They were all potentials and experiences. The ones you have selected … you have acted out on Earth. The ones that you did not were acted out on an interdimensional basis.

< Ascension 1 > Let us talk to you somewhat of timing here. Timing. Much of the potential of who you are is also contained and held in the grids. It is held in the magnetic and energetic grids of Earth before it comes into you. It makes a journey of sorts from the cocoon of True Self, of finding its way to you, but being held in the energetic grids of Earth before it fully comes in, before you are fully ready. If it comes to you immediately and fully, it would upset the balance of all who you are as a human.

< Ascension 1 > Your life, if you choose to accept this potential, will now be in service to others. As you walk into this level of service, your own needs will seemingly be taken care of, automatically. It is not about you anymore. You have transcended that. You have gone beyond that.

< Ascension 1 > But we tell you, each of you, all who are touched by these words, you have already done it. Surprise! Who did you think would be there waiting for you, when you are the first? What did you think would happen when you ascended? The definition of ascension is when you stay in a body in the same lifetime, but yet move to your next lifetime. And all of you have done that. All of you have made the decisions in these past few years to stay. That is why we are here. That is why the ones who represent the potential of your True Self come in on this day, specifically to applaud. You have gone through the gateway of ascension. Ah, but the joke is that now the hard work begins!

< Ascension 1QA > We will tell you one thing. As much as we enjoy your friendship - and we hope you enjoy ours - do not ask us how to do it. Do not ask us for the answers. Hold discussion with us, much as you would hold one with your co-worker. But dear friends, when you ask us, you know what we have to do. We have to throw it back at you and say, with all of the potentials that you have to choose from right now, all of the alternative realities, "What would YOU co-create, what would YOU choose?" We will support you in those choices. We will walk beside you, whether you think that choice was right or wrong. We will be there with you forever. You are not alone. The choice is yours.

< Ascension 5QA > Relationships are very intertwined with energies of the past potentials of the future. Relationships are old, in a sense, and very new, in a sense. This is another area we will talk of later in this Ascension Series. A whole discussion will be laid out about relationships. But, it is to say right now that there is no right or wrong answer about relationships.

< Ascension 6 > This is a "4" year and a significant year. It is the year of the completion of the changes in the grid. The grids, in a sense, are reflections of your consciousness. The grids are like an energy surrounding this planet of yours. The energetic grids surrounding your planet keep energies in, and keep other energies out. The grids are a reflection of consciousness. The grids, in a sense, store potential of your new spiritual energy that was not ready to come in.

< Ascension 8 > As you release the energy of duality around you, you will come to new awarenesses, and in those awarenesses new potentials of what can be. You will come to a new way of creating. We are not talking here, dear friends, of months or years from now. It is happening now. These changes are already within you. You are already starting to experience these things.

< Ascension 8 > As we have talked about in our story of Jack, at some point something happened - and yes, we will talk of this some day in great detail - that caused this energy of "was" to want to understand…what it was. It wanted to understand all that it could do and all of the potentials. When this happened, when there was the slightest contemplation on the part of Spirit of who Spirit was, then the energies became mirrors for each other. There was a type of split. It would not be what you now call "duality." That came later. But, there was a mirror image of self.

< Ascension 8QA > Indeed, there IS the potential for disaster to occur. There is the potential for some sort of disaster. This is all part of the energy of duality that we spoke of. Riding right along side of that biker, riding right along side of every vehicle going down the road, is the other potential. And, you are seeing that. You are seeing that, especially now, because you are more sensitive than ever before. Through the Language of Ah, you are beginning to sense things. Do not let it frighten you. You are seeing the beautiful example of duality, working to create new energy.

Now, occasionally what you call disaster does occur. The other potential is put into force. There are times when your psychics, your readers… they are always predicting disaster, but it does not so often occur. They too are seeing an energy potential that is the antithesis of what is taking place at the time. And, occasionally it does. But, it does not mean that the potential you are seeing is the reality that will take place.

So, you frighten yourself when you see these things. You wonder… you think that perhaps then you were going to create the accident for that person? No, it does not work that way, not unless you go over and physically push them off their bicycle. (audience laughter) But, you have too much wisdom for that, so don't scare yourself with that thought either.

This is a beautiful example, Shaumbra, a beautiful example of the duality that we spoke of - the white marble and the dark marble. Even when the white marble is the one expressing itself in reality, the potential of the dark marble sits right along side of it. That is how duality works. That is why Metatron comes in to Earth at this time. He comes to help with the understandings of what we will call the "spiritual physics," but which are the physics of the New Energy.

< Ascension sp > Consciousness is a key word right now in what you are going through, and what Earth is going through. Consciousness is the wisdom of your past experiences, and the potential of the future, brought together and expressed in the "now." Consciousness, dear ones, the wisdom of your past. It is the enlightenments that you have come to through the very experiences of duality that you have gone through. It is the wisdom of the past. It is knowing, dear ones, what it was like to be in duality; to experience battles and love; to experience abundance and lack; to experience a fulfilling relationship… and to be alone. These are all experiences, and they created a wisdom within you.

< Ascension sp > Consciousness is also the potential of what lies ahead, based on where you have come from. You have created many potential scenarios for where you will go. In a sense, you could say that you transcend time, that you investigate the potential of the future. But, you do not experience it. For those who are wondering - for those who think that the future has already been created - it has not. You can only view the potentials, but you cannot experience the future until you are in the "now."

< Ascension sp > Consciousness is when you bring together the wisdom of the past with the potentials of the future into the "now" and express it. That is consciousness. And, consciousness right now is changing rapidly within you and on the face of this Earth. Very, very rapidly.

< Ascension sp > You change your consciousness. You allow it to soar to new heights by releasing the Old. Releasing. Releasing… a rather challenging and difficult thing it is for humans, I know. I, Tobias, walked in sandals at one time. Releasing is difficult . There is a fear that comes from the elements of duality that makes it difficult to release until something new is there to take its place. But, the New Energy does not work like that. It is releasing today in the "now," in the moment. And, immediately a new consciousness will come forth, a consciousness that is the meld of the wisdom of the past and the potential of the future.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, understand that our consciousness is truly a precious thing. When we take our consciousness and place it into a probability or a potential, it becomes our new reality. Our consciousness is our Spirit. It is our oneness with All That Is. Our consciousness is the collection of everything we have been and everything we have done. It is our wisdom. It is our heart. It is our soul. It is not contained within our body. Our consciousness is all of who we are. When we place that into a potential or probability, we transmute what was neutral energy into new reality. Our consciousness melded a probability becomes reality. Through this formula we understand that we are the Creators.

< DivineHuman 1QA > Indeed, as your divinity blossoms within you, this has an effect on energies that are transmitted to other humans. You are, in part, electromagnetic beings. You send out patterns of frequencies and vibrations. Now, you can literally pick up another human's vibrations, then add your own packet of vibration to it. As it continues traveling out and their original vibration touches other people, there is now a new energy attached to it … your energy. It is a potential. It is up to other humans, who are the receivers, how they want to use it, and if they want to use it.

< DivineHuman 7QA > It is not that you, or other humans for the most part, script your exit scenario. There are potentials that exist. But, for the ones who were on this mission, they knew the danger and the risks at many, many levels. But, they didn't know, and it was never scripted that it would end on this day. So, we want you to understand, all of you, that there is not a specific date or time in the future that you will come back to us. It is all about potential. So many of you right now… you have been through near death experiences, almost in a fatal car accident, almost in a tragic situation. But, you didn't experience the death. You changed it.

< DivineHuman 9 > Time does not exist on our side of the veil, but yet there is a progression of events, and a progression of consciousness. Some humans assume that all things have already happened - past, present and future. But understand that the future has not yet been created. The future is not known by Spirit, or by you. The future has yet to be defined. The future is defined by all of the potentials that you have to choose from. It is like going into one of your great department stores where there are thousands, perhaps millions of items from which to choose. The future, in a sense, is like a huge department store of potentials. You select what you want to experience.

< DivineHuman 9 > Then between the potentials that exist, there are the "un-potentials" - we know physicists will not like that word so much. But, there are the "un-potentials" that exist. They have yet to be defined. There is a space of consciousness that is held for those potentials that have not even been considered. The future has not been created. It waits for you to choose what you want to experience. Ultimately it is up to you and up to your soul what you experience. There is no time. There is no space either.

< DivineHuman 10 > This is a point of separation, the fulfillment of a journey that began when you left the Kingdom, when you left Home. It was a potential to leave Home to understand your identity as the Prince and the Princess of creation. It was a potential to know that you too had Creator energies, and that you could create something called the "cosmos." You could create something called the Order of the Arc, where the energies of the archangels reside. It was fulfillment to know you could come to a place of Earth as the launching pad for New Energy.

< NewEnergy 1 > But, within very recent times there are many, many, many of you here… we have been right beside you in the midst of your rather traumatic dream. You have stopped in your dream, and you have said to yourself consciously, "This is only a dream. I can change it. It is an illusion that I am creating. And, because I am the Creator, I can now change the dream to be anything I want. I'm no longer simply a victim of my dream. I am the Creator of the dream."

< NewEnergy 1 > As you sit here now, you are in a dream. It is an illusion. Try to find me. (audience laughter) It is an illusion that is very, very real. It is a potential (reality) that is being acted out in a very intense, and a very focused, and a very material way. But, you see, there are other potentials (other realities) being acted out on other levels (other dimensions). This is the one where the prime focus is, however. We do not need to go off into the hinterlands. We will remain here.

But, dear friends, sitting here as God also, you can do the same thing that you have done in the dreams. Stop for a moment. Breathe in. There you go. You can change it. You are the Creator. You are not the victim of your life. You are the Creator of it. You are the Creator of your life. And, that is one thing that makes you so unique, even from Spirit.

< NewEnergy 2 > Finally, you did release and let go. Many changes occurred in your life. But, you still find yourself here. You are still safe. You are still in the Now, and more than ever, You Are God Also. When you truly, truly released, you transmuted energy. You transmuted energy and created a whole new vibration. When you transmuted the Old, you changed the potential of your future. The future is the past healed, dear friends. The future is the past healed.

< NewEnergy 2 > If you allow yourself to release suffering right now, in our time together, if you allow that process of the suffering to be released, it can be transmuted. It can be turned into New Energy. It can be then made available to others, for when they come to the point where they realize they do not have to suffer, they can pick up on the New Energy that you helped to create. Their transition can be easier because of what you have done here. You're not making the world release suffering. You are letting suffering out of your own life. You are changing the vibration of humanity, changing the potential of tomorrow. You are doing it for yourself in this Now moment that we sit in.

< NewEnergy 3 > Dreams are different now. They changed some time in these past two to three months. Your dreams aren't the same type of activity as what they were before. Often you use your dreams to try to figure out solutions to things that are happening on Earth. You went through an experience of potential realities before you actually brought them into your human reality. This is what you would call a dream. In some dreams you were there in service to others. You went to help them in their dreams. You were there in service to them.

< NewEnergy 7 > Before we begin with the Shoud for this day, we do want to communicate to you that so much of the information that comes to you has been previously downloaded by you. You work on it in your dream state. And, you download information to yourself, things that you are learning as you explore in your dream state. In your dreams you go off into many different dimensions, different types of realities, again exploring, working with energies. In your dreams you take various potentials of what could happen in your human reality and play with them.

< NewEnergy 7 > You may have a situation, something that is coming up in your life. And, you have many, different potentials of how it could be played out. And, in your dream state you experience the many, different potentials, and then choose one that is most appropriate for you. This information is, in a sense, downloaded to you. And, it resides in your energy field, in your immediate Now energy field, waiting to be accessed.

< NewEnergy 8 > From this moment forward you have many, many potentials to choose from in your life, many scripts to choose from. You have written every one of the scripts yourself. (Your full self has worked out multiple realities and found the solutions.) Indeed, you have had help on our side, but they are your creations. It is up to you then to choose which one you want to act out, that you want to bring to life in your physical reality. So, you imagine all of the potentials.

< NewEnergy 8 > The imagination is not mind control. If you find yourself in your mind, take a deep breath and get out. We are opening a whole new center, somewhere between the heart and the mind. We are not speaking geographically. We're talking consciously. It is about creation. It is about bringing in potentials. It is nothing that has to be pushed. You don't have to struggle with this. You allow yourself to soar… to open up… to have freedom.

< NewEnergy 9 > As you choose and embrace a potential, the grander potential behind it begins to unfold. Generally, when you go and feel a potential, you don't realize everything that surrounds it. There are potentials within potentials. So, now you embrace, and you choose this thing called unemployment. You say, "It is time to release that Old job. Let me choose unemployment." Now, you simply breathe it in. What does that mean - breathe it in? How can you breathe in unemployment? What you are doing is taking this potential that you have chosen, and now letting it come into the human reality, the Now moment. You're not keeping it off there in some distant place, some dreamy place. Now, you are bringing it in. There is no easier or more effective way than through the breath. Breathe in the potential you have chosen.

< Embodiment 1 > Imagine now for a moment here what your divinity was doing… playing with all of the potentials that could have been brought in, experiencing those on your behalf. Those things it would like to share with you in your life now. That is why we stress the imagination. That is why we said it is time to open the heart and the mind… because we knew that when the divinity was embodied within, when the essence of the OH energy was accepted and brought in, there would be stories to tell, experiences to share.

< Embodiment 2 > I, Tobias, give myself permission to be fully present in the Now, and that includes not just the human reality, not just the human illusion, but all of the others. I give myself permission to be here with Shaumbra on Earth as I am on the angelic realms. I give myself permission to be full and expansive, soaring across the realms and through the realms of dimensionality. I, Tobias, give myself permission to be more than Tobias, to be more than an aspect that it was in one lifetime a long, long time ago. I give myself permission to be all that I am and all of the potentials that I can ever be and all of the expressions I choose to express.

< Embodiment 2QA > A salute to you… I, Ohamah, will answer this for you. Every expression of who you are that exists in another dimension or another reality must pass through you, dear child, in the Now. It must pass through you. It must come in through you now. It is not that you go out there. It is not that you have to worry about all of these expressions having all of these various livelihoods and jobs and other things that they do. Everything comes back through you.

Now, you have to realize that many of these expressions that are out there - it is so difficult to put into words - but many of them are fragments of you, fragments that you have disregarded or abandoned. They are like orphaned children, wanting to come back to their mother. Many of the expressions are also potentials that you are working out in other realities, some potentials that you are afraid to bring into this reality, others that you just choose to keep out there.

It is time for your re-integration. It is time to bring everything back in through this vehicle of the Now moment in your physical body and your divine being in this Now moment.

Is there another part of you wandering lost across the Earth somewhere else? We don't even know why you would want to think this. You are sovereign. It is contained within YOU right now. Stop fragmenting yourself.

Yes, there are parts and pieces of you wandering around. They don't have physical bodies, though. They are aspects and energies of yourself that you have fragmented, that you have abandoned, and that are roaming the Earth. And, they don't even come with you when your physical body dies. You leave them roaming.

Not just you… we are not singling you out. Tobias is asking me to settle down a bit (audience laughter). It is all of humans.

I look at humans and become so aggravated sometimes - and I was one at one time - because you shatter yourselves, and you deny yourselves, and you leave parts and pieces of yourself. You are littering the cosmos (more laughter) with parts of yourself. And, we are trying to clean this up (more laughter). But, in greatest love to all of you, it was done for many, many reasons. But, now it is time for all of that to come back together, all of that to rejoin you in the Now.

So, don't worry about aspects of yourself in some other part of the world, other than the aspects that you have sent out there in nonphysical ways. Don't worry about a soul mate, or any of this.

What matters now… we are going to ask you to take a deep breath. What matters now, yes, is this moment. Everything comes to you now (new paradigm #3). You are like a magnet now, a magnet energetically attracting, bringing in all of these aspects, all of these energies so that you can be the sovereign God being right now. Everything emanates from this moment, so bring it all together. Bring it all back home.

< Embodiment 5 > It is important to continue to move energies, continue to help them flow. It is important that energies find their way into this - what you call - human reality and human consciousness right now. Energies from the other realms… the other dimensions… energies that are pure in a neutral form… but other energies that are simply the creations of dreams… the creations of potentials… they are all wanting to come in right now.

< Embodiment 7 > When you left Home and went through this thing called the Wall of Fire - when you were in the Wall of Fire for those who remember from the schools - you were shattered into billions and billions of pieces, almost an infinite number of pieces. Every piece that you were shattered into represented a potential of something that you would experience. Now, can you imagine how many potentials there are just in this moment? I will give you some ideas of potentials that you went through in the Wall of Fire.

< Embodiment 7 > Every potential, every potential experience and thought and deed creates energy outside of Home, outside of the Wall of Fire. You could say that the outside of the Wall of Fire, the outer view of the Wall of Fire, is the grid that we speak of, or "the field." It is the source of the energy that you have used once you left Home. It lies in a dormant state. It is neutral. It is, in a sense, a nothing, a potential, waiting to be expressed.

< Embodiment 7 > There is an equation: energy equals potential expressed. Energy is a nothing, but it sits ready and waiting to serve you. It serves you the moment that your imagination triggers it, and then it goes to work. Then, it begins forming itself. And, it begins to take a shape and an expression. Right now you're sitting in a moment that is filled with potential energy, waiting to be expressed. It lies in a neutral and a dormant state. Your scientific instruments could never find it because it is neutral. It is waiting to be expressed through your imagination.

< Embodiment 7 > There are also many, many layers of energy that have been expressed. They have been created by you, shaped by you. They have been formed by you over eons of time, long before you came to Earth when you were in angelic forms, many energies that you shaped. They are not in material form. But, they are in a type of creation in the other dimensions and realms. Many times, even now as you are in human form, you go into the dimensional realms and play with potentials. You play with energy. You shape them. You create. Sometimes you leave your creations in the other realms, just sitting there, energy that has been formed into something. It's been sitting there, waiting to go. Sometimes you just leave it there like you would leave a book on the shelf.

< Embodiment 7 > You are souled. You have the ability to initiate potential into energy form and have it manifest. When you begin to manifest potential, when you begin to create energy back in this thing that we call "the field," you could say that it is expressed in a series of energy attributes. I am going to oversimplify this for the sake of understanding. But, you would express it in either a plus or a minus. Those are the basic elements… or positive/negative… however you want to express this.

< Embodiment 7 > Then, you start to put together all of these elements. There may be a series of pluses and a few minuses. Now, you see energy as taking shape. And, yes, there is a correlation between that and what you would call your new digital society. It is very similar, very parallel. You are going back to the origins and back to the understanding of energy. When you tap into "the field," you use a series of positives and negatives to begin shaping that potential, that energy, into something.

< Embodiment 7 > There is no space. There is no space… you see. There is no space between the elements of the atoms. There is no space when you look out into your sky. When you look out into the stars, there is no space. It is filled with potential. It is teeming with potential, potential that is ready to be initiated and activated by you and brought into this reality. There is no nothingness. There is no nothingness. It is all a "somethingness," ready to be activated by Creator beings such as yourself.

< Embodiment 7QA > Today we talked about what energy is, the fact that there really isn't anything called energy. It is a nothing. Energy doesn't exist in this place you call heaven or in Home. There is no energy there. Energy is only a potential that becomes expressed. Potentials lie in a neutral type of state of being until they are activated or expressed. A good example in your own culture right now is gasoline. Gasoline is neutral until it is expressed, until it is put through something that then generates a momentum that generates a potential. You run it through your car, for instance. And, it moves the car. It was a potential that existed sitting in that tank, and then was expressed. We say it was expressed when you put your foot on the paddle, and you started the car, and all of these other things.

< Embodiment 7QA > It's all imagination. You use your imagination. But, the imagination seems so real and so tangible that you define it as these sets of actions that take place. It is just your imagination. You are expressing a potential. That is all energy is. Once you understand that… once you understand that you can't force it… and that it truly at its core doesn't have any dualistic elements… at its core it is generally a nothingness waiting to be expressed… then we can start doing some work. Then, you can do things like transmutation.

< Embodiment 7QA > There is a potential of new jobs, new houses. There is a potential of staying stuck. There is a potential of anything you could possibly think of. And, they are YOUR potentials. They don't come from me. They don't come from Tobias. They are your potentials. They are almost like little - we'll call them - pods in love and respect to the ones we work with. We will call them little pods of potential, waiting to be expressed and activated.

Part of the problem is that you have to activate them. We can't do it for you. Nothing is predestined. NOTHING IS PREDESTINED. There are patterns that could lead you to believe that certain things may happen in the future. But, it is up to you to choose those.

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go to? How do you want to live your life? The only clue we'll give you here is to get out of your Old way of thinking. Some of it tends to be fear-based and wondering if things are going to be there for you. Yes, they will be… if you choose them… if you activate that energy.

We're going to be going into this in the next few discussions that we have. But, I want you to spend some time viewing your potentials. Don't just jump out and try to pick one right away. Your potentials are like one of your supermarkets where you can go and choose anything you want… anything you want.

Don't worry about the money to pay for the potential. That comes in. That is always there. And, I know some of you have a hard time believing that. But, it is always there. Whatever potential you pick, what you call money, or the financial energy, automatically comes in and coincides with it. It may not be there in advance. That's part of the fallacy of this whole banking system. It may not be there in advance, but it will coincide the moment you select a potential.

Spend some time feeling all of those potentials around you. They're like little bubbles. I can see them. They're pods of potentials. Feel them… contemplate them… decide what you want for you.

But, don't use fear as your measuring stick. Use blissful creation and imagination. And, then start picking what potentials you want. Allow… when you pick the potential… allow it to continue its own energy evolution and life force energy. You don't want to start structuring it once again. You don't want to start confining the energy. You want to select it and then flow with it. You want the energy and you doing this beautiful dance together.

< Embodiment 7QA > You choose the potential. If you want to get to the potential through drumming… if you want to get it through anything else… that is fine, but YOU pick the potential. You pick the potential. The other thing that I want to point here while we are discussing this… and Cauldre is letting us wander. So many of you say, "I want to do what is in the highest good." You use that as your point of reference. "I want to do what is in the highest good." Well, we say back to you, "Choose something then." We don't know. It is ALL for the highest good ultimately! We don't know. You still have to pick. You are not taking on your own responsibility. EVERYTHING IS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL! Anything you select is for your highest good and ultimately for anyone. Pick something.

< Embodiment 8 > So, I had to learn to let go of everything… everything… 100 percent. I had to learn to let go of every belief system. And, that's where I came to understand what hypnosis is. We'd never talked about this thing called hypnosis back in the temples. But, that's exactly what it was - belief systems that can be like demons, like monsters… needing to feed off of more energy… needing more and more energy… needing you to create more stories… in other words, taking a neutral state of being (potential), turning it into energy. It's a vicious and mad cycle. A belief system needs to continue feeding. So, it needs you to continue creating story. It needs you to make your story bigger. You see… you see how this works? It is a very interesting dynamic… until you walk out of it… until you walk out.

< Embodiment 8QA > Some of you have practiced it. You get your client to focus their energy. You get them to supposedly relax, but there is nothing relaxed about the state (of hypnosis) that they are in. And, then you interject belief systems at various energetic levels. You get them to buy into it. What you are doing is helping them shape energy. Remember we talked last month - energy is potential expressed. You are helping them to take energy out of the air, the thin air, and to shape it into something, into a belief system about themselves.

< Embodiment 9 > You will be able to see how easy it is to walk out of your body. When you begin to understand energy for what it is - a potential that is waiting to serve you - that's when you'll pull gold out of your pocket where only stones were before. That's where you will be able to command a disease back into balance, where you'll be able to work out the flaws in anything if you choose.

< Embodiment 9QA > Basically water is an element that you created to help stabilize an angelic or divine energy as it came to Earth. It is an essential part of, not only your body, but it is an essential part of holding you here on Earth. If there is anything you should ever be upset with for keeping you here, it should be water, for it is truly the single most important element of holding you here on Earth.

Water is also the greatest transmuter of energy outside of yourself. It has the incredible ability to cleanse and to purify and to change the wavelength nature of any energy. Most of your Earth is covered and surrounded in water for that very purpose. It literally holds vibrations. It literally is the element that - how to say - holds the magnetic grid of Earth in place. And, also water is also the element that holds the Earth grid or the crystalline grid of Earth in place.

So, the water is very important. It, as you know, shifts and changes from time to time where the oceans, where the lakes and the rivers are. The water also holds… one drop of water holds the memory of everything that has ever occurred on Earth. Every lifetime of every individual is contained within that water. It is the holder of every potential, and it is the partner of the imagination here on Earth.

< Embodiment 11 > So, let us talk a little bit about the physics of energy once again. As we said, energy does not exist. It does not exist in the heavens. There is no such thing called energy. There are no opposing forces of positive and negative. It is all just neutral potential, waiting to be activated. You activate it through your connection with the thing called "the field." Then, you bring it into various states of realities or dimensions. When you bring it to Earth, it is formed and shaped and controlled, then put to work for you. You can choose any set of potentials. You can choose it to have a positive expression or a negative expression, masculine or feminine. You are choosing.

< Embodiment 11 > Energy by itself doesn't exist. It is just potential, waiting to be expressed. Now, you are the ones forming it. You are also the ones controlling it. The control limits the ability of any of your creations, including yourself and your story to radiate.

< Embodiment 11 > The importance of this radiance of energy is multi-fold, multi-dimensional. First, when you allow your divine energies to radiate, it means you aren't trapping them inside your body or your reality. You're letting them flow. And, every energy is designed to flow. It's not designed to be pent-up, caught up in that vessel, in that sculpture of your body. It's meant to flow. When you are radiating energy, you are being a true Creator. What you are doing is letting the potential flow out into all things. You are expanding energy. When you are radiating energy, what you have done is given yourself and every one of your creations the freedom and the right to continue evolving… you see.

< Embodiment 12 > There is no energy. It doesn't exist. There is nothing but potential. "The field," the grid - whatever you want to call it - is nothing but potential in a neutral state of being, waiting to be activated by consciousness, whether it is group, family, or individual. The true source of all is in a neutral state of being, all potential, all neutral. It has no agenda… it has no desires… it has no movement of its own until it is activated by consciousness. When it is activated, it takes on attributes of energy. It takes on different types of balances of what you would call positive or negative, plus and minus, masculine/feminine… however you want to term it. But, it takes on attributes of duality. And, then it goes to work.

< Embodiment 12 > But, you were also shattered into a billion and a billion pieces when you went through the Wall of Fire. And, in that experience of going through that event of the Wall of Fire, the shattering, you also experienced every potential that could ever happen. Now, that is a lot… that is a lot. You experienced the potentials within potentials. Imagine all of this coming at you, what would seem to be a single point of time and one experience. All of the potentials you would ever have to choose from flowed into you. Imagine that.

< Embodiment 12 > But, in a way, you are still in the Wall of Fire, Shaumbra. We all are. We are still experiencing the Wall of Fire. You chose one potential, and you hopped on it. And, that potential appeared to be the reality of leaving the Wall of Fire and going off into this grand adventure of creating the physical universe, and all of the dimensions, and ending up sitting right here at this gathering of Shaumbra. But, that was one potential that you chose. There are many, many others that are of equal or significant balance. So, in a sense, you are still in the Wall of Fire. The potentials are still all right there. The potentials are flowing in and through you like a stream of dreams, coming in and flowing out.

< Embodiment 12 > The clarity is going to help you to see all of the potentials that exist in your life right now. They surround you. They are swirling around you… potentials for what's going to happen in the next moment… potentials for what can be brought into expression in your life in the days to come. So many of you are unclear, layers of mud or tar, layers and layers of this all around. And, you call upon us. And, you ask us, "What is it I should know?" We say that we love you. We want you to know now that you can be clear. It's not a magical thing. It's nothing you have to strive for or try to do. Stop trying in your life, Shaumbra. Take that word out of vocabulary… no more trying. It simply is. It is a potential. You have chosen through the clarity of your soul to bring into expression in this and many other realities… you see… no more trying. Trying brings in the energy of efforting, of struggling. And, you have chosen easy now. So, you want the easy life.

< Embodiment 12 > It is not about trying. It is about choosing. It is about allowing, letting it in, of clarity about your own choices and potentials. There are almost an infinite number of potentials swirling around you right now. The ones that are the closest are the ones that you are most likely to choose. But, you don't have to. You can change in a moment, and choose another potential.

< Embodiment 12 > And, yes, we know so often you say, "Before I choose the potential, I have to know exactly what is contained within it (some laughter). I want to read the script. I want to know what the fine print is. I want to know all the details and ramifications. I want to analyze all of this before I make a choice." You have just lost the potential. It goes back out of your grasp at that point… you see… because now you are trying to pull it in through the head; you're trying to analyze; you're trying to dissect. And, it loses the Now moment, the spontaneity and synchronicity that is contained within it.

< Clarity 1 > But, you are living, in a sense, in both worlds at one time. You are living in the Old, but yet beginning to experience the New. It is a very difficult task, but it can also be most joyful. You can come to the point here where you feel almost like a magician because you will find how to bring potentials into your life, convert them into energy, and then into reality, and do it very easily, whereas the others are still struggling, still going through the very Old and labored dualistic way of doing things. So, Shaumbra, difficult, challenging times you live in.

< Clarity 1 > Before things are even brought into reality, before they are formed into matter, they exist on the invisible side. We don't want to say the other side of the veil; that wouldn't be accurate. But, they exist in a neutral state, sometimes directly in your third-dimensional reality base, sometimes outside of it. But, they exist in a potential. And, then they are all brought in, and brought to manifest. So, going back to the example of the chocolate, it is the ingredients. But, then let's go deeper. Yes, indeed, it is the atoms - we hear some of you saying - it is the molecules. It is all of these things that make it up. But, beyond that there is a whole other subset of structure. Similar, in a sense, to what the atomic structure will be to the physical universe, there is an energy structure of potentials.

< Clarity 1 > The potentials… let us envision these almost as bubbles, as circles. Each exists outside of physical reality, waiting to be brought in. Each, in a sense, is a bubble on its own, representing a different potential. As the human chooses their experience, and chooses to bring things into reality, literally these bubbles of potential start gathering together, similar to what the atoms do in all the molecules in your scientific structures. These little bubbles of potentials begin to gather together. They form a larger bubble of potential. That eventually finds its way through this very thin layer, very thin layer that separates what you would call physical reality from the invisible, the unseen, or the etheric side. These potentials gather together.

< Clarity 1 > They (larger bubbles of potential) are attracted to what you are choosing in your life, and they begin to come in. Sometimes they will cluster all around you still in the state of potential, waiting for expression. Sometimes they will begin… they will come into Earth reality and begin turning into matter or opportunity or concept, and then finding their way to you.

< Clarity 1 > But, at the very core they were little bubbles of potential. They were energy - and we have to rechannel that - they were not even energy yet; they were potentials. And, as they were drawn to you, it activated them into energy. That energy then began to manifest itself. What was just potential in the chocolate then came through a very interesting and elaborate series of movements to get its way to you. At some point you requested chocolate, and it found its way to you.

< Clarity 1 > We are asking you to return to core root energy. You aren't going to get there logically. You're only going to get there by allowing yourself, by understanding the building blocks of energy. It starts as potential. Everything… everything starts as potential. Then, the potentials, like bubbles, flow into your reality because you are calling on them. One way or the other, you're calling on the potential. As these bubbles of potential cross over that thin line that separates the material from the nonmaterial world, it starts transmuting, changing its energy. It turns from potential into energy. From energy it can turn into matter. It can turn into something material. It can also turn into simple etheric energy that you can use in your own life.

< Clarity 1 > We are going to ask you to take a look at all of the major issues you've had in your life these past six years - physical, emotional, spiritual. Every one of them you brought to you. It was a potential, a bubble, a beautiful clear bubble potential that then joined together with other potential bubbles. This is all spiritual energy that joined together with those, and then grouped together, and then found their way into reality to serve you. We are going to ask you to take a look. We're going to clear through what was the obvious problem or imbalance and go back to the core energies… clear.

< Clarity 1 > Saint Germain has talked to us recently about transmuting stones into gold. And, some of you went off and tried it. This is where he and I had a good laugh because you were trying to force; you were trying to literally push your way into transmutation. That is so Old also. It is about clearing your way. You see, within that stone is the potential of gold. Within that stone are all of the ingredients of gold. They just haven't been potentiated yet… you see.

< Clarity 4 > Our spiritual being has to be fed from something. Something has to sustain consciousness. So, even we are always bringing in things. Something is feeding us. Basically, if you want to the look at the physics of it, we are taking energy from "the field," which is neutral; in a sense, it doesn't even exist. We are "dualizing" it. We are then breaking it down into duality elements. We are shaping it into potentials. And, then that energy flows into - whether you are an angel, whether you are human - that energy then flows into your reality. It feeds you and sustains you. You are the one determining the vibration (Old Energy) or the expansional (New Energy) characteristics of that energy coming in that's feeding you. It's coming from the Source of All, coming into you. But, you are shaping it.

< Clarity 5 > That is all life on Earth is - hypnotic overlays… you see. Oh, you know it intellectually and perhaps haven't felt it in your heart. But, in a sense, you could say you're really not here. You're really not in this human body. You're really not in this lifetime. You're really not sitting here in these chairs.

In a sense, they are all hypnotic overlays, very strong, very, very powerful belief systems that you've let yourself go into. Don't be mad at the belief systems or the hypnosis. You induced it on yourself. And, then you melded it with the belief systems of other humans to create this mass consciousness overlay. And, here you are.

You could say, in a sense, it is like a science fiction because while you feel you are here, in a way you're really not. It is but one aspect and one potential. We're not saying it is unreal. It is only a reality, a reality (illusion) that (you believe that) you are living in.

< Clarity 5 > There is a belief that you can only express one reality at a time; you can only choose one experience at a time. Some of you are already discovering - the rest of you will discover - you can express multiple probabilities, alternatives, whatever you want to call them simultaneously, to move in and out of those you feel are almost appropriate. It begins with giving yourself permission to be who you are. And, it continues by recognizing what feeds that reality, as we discussed in our Shoud last month.

< Clarity 5 > Shaumbra, you're literally truly leading the way to break through those barriers, that barrier that separates the mental or human reality from the imagination. The imagination represents multiple realities, multiple probabilities. So, we felt it was very important to bring in the energy of Santa Claus. And, some of you may think it is childish, that it is not real. We're going to ask you to feel it for a moment. Feel this energy of Santa Claus. Yes, it was created by humans; indeed it was. But, now it is a real entity who has a presence or an identity both on our side of the veil and yours.

< Clarity 5 > When there is enough energy behind a concept and imagination, whether it comes from one person or a group, it therefore becomes a reality in its own right. It doesn't have to exist in the physical planes. It can co-exist in the physical planes. Shaumbra, for instance, was created out of your hearts. It is now an entity, much like Santa Claus is. Shaumbra is real on our side of the veil. It has a definable, identifiable nature; therefore, it becomes real on your side as well, if you allow it and accept it. Shaumbra carries an energy just like Santa Claus carries an energy. The imagination, allowing yourself to be who you are, creates things, creates them on probability dimensions and planes that are… oh, it would be difficult for your mind to even fathom right now.

< Clarity 5 > These are some very essential principles, essential tools, that we're going to talk about. We are going to discuss shadow potentials and probabilities. Santa Claus, in a way, is a shadow, is a potential or probability that exists; it is very, very real. You are a myriad of shadow potentials and probabilities. You're seeing and experiencing just one expression of yourself, one expression because you've gotten locked into it. You've agreed to it. Now, you want to get out. You want to go beyond it.

< Clarity 6 > While you always had nearly infinite potentials to choose from in your life, the ones that were more within reach or grasp were somewhat limited… you see. The ability to bring in a whole different type of potential was limited. It was there, but it was beyond the conscious understanding or the ability of the biology to truly bring it in. But, with this soul eclipse that's taking place in your life, the number or potential of potentials is now closer. The ability to bring in things that would a year or two ago have seemed impossible, incredulous, now are possible. This is all as a result of the soul eclipse. The number of shadows or potentials that are now within reality's grasp are far, far grander… far grander.

< Clarity 6 > Every one of you has been there (crystalline realms) at some time or the other. So, now the recollection is there, but it's not recalled in the brain… you see. The brain is struggling to try to figure it out. And, the brain is telling you right now, "Oh, yes, I have been there. I'm a master there; I'm a teacher there." (audience laughter) I don't remember inviting Kuthumi in, but I guess he showed up (more laughter). The crystalline realms are where the true probabilities and potentials are created. And, it's where all problems are solved… you see.

< Clarity 6 > Experience what it is like to have everything about you re-invented, re-created. Imagine all of the potentials that can be brought into your reality. And, imagine that it doesn't have to be just one potential; it can be many. And, then let them flow in. Yes, your life will change… again… we know. Things will happen. But, take a deep breath, and let them happen. Stop trying to hold on so tightly to that old car. Stop trying to rebuild that old car. Perhaps, there is a potential that exists that the car can re-invent itself without having to destroy itself first… you see… you see, how it's all put together.

< Clarity 6QA > One of the greatest frustrations that you have is this element of time. Understand that you can expand, contract time. You can literally - literally create multiple time dimensions in your reality. You don't have to just expand out time but you can literally create a series of time potentials all existing right now in your Now. You can have a condensed dimension of time. If you're trying to get through a project fast, you can have it so that time appears to go quickly and when you need more time for another project you're working on, simultaneously expand it. Time doesn't have to be singular either.

< Clarity 7 > Take a moment here as we sit together, as individual sovereign beings and as a group that has many common attributes. Feel for a moment, or even imagine for a moment. There is this Crystalline Realm within you and in the crystalline realms all the birthing of every creative energy that you could ever want. Stop going into the fourth dimension for your answers. Go into your own crystalline realms.

< MNEC2006-A > I'm responsible for providing an organization of energies, because in a sense you could say energies are in a state of potential and sometimes what you would call a state of chaos. You call it chaos only because you do not see the potentials that lie in every - every - morsel of energy that surrounds you, that is inside of you, and that is in the other dimensions.

< MNEC2006-A > There is flow of energy and then the energy receives structure or order out of what you would call chaos or nothingness, but what is truly potential, and this structure or order is important for the work that you do. It is basically a focus or direction.

< Teacher 4 > Your gnost is your creative solution. It is all of the potentials, all of the answers in various states or forms. Some are of higher consciousness, some are of lower, but they are all answers depending on where you are at the particular moment. If you're into suffering, certainly the answers from your gnost will come from a different place. And if you are coming from a place of balance and integration and efficiency.

< Teacher 4 > Energy (potential) is in a generally neutral state and it can be activated by desire. It can be activated by passion or need or fear. But it is just in a neutral state waiting for you to activate it and do something with it. Energy that has been activated by individuals or groups at some point can be released from them, and it just goes back into its neutral state after a certain evolution or time progression. Other energies are activated and never released but rather put out into mass consciousness. Sometimes when these energies are not tended to they tend to go into a bit of a state of confusion. So we use the term "Order" meaning that we are bringing direction and we are bringing a specific motive to energy.

< Teacher 5 > As you create, as you take pure, raw energy and begin to create with it, it then transforms itself into mathematical equations putting this pure raw energy into a type of logic. But the logic itself doesn't hold the answer. The logic itself - the logic of mathematics - is not the source energy. The logic, the mathematics, did not create the universe. You did. You creators. You imaginers and dreamers. You angel beings, who came to Earth, who did this magnificent job of lowering your energy. You're the one that created the potentials and ultimately the reality. And then you can understand it or you can interpret it through the numbers and the math.

< Teacher 6 > In the Old Energy (separate energies) you were always carrying around a certain number of potentials or choices - potentials for what could happen to you in your career or with other people. But because you were in a limited belief system and consciousness, you had a limited number of sub-potentials that could occur in your life.

< Teacher 6 > It is a physics, what you would call a spiritual or a omniversal physics that is taking place. It is not necessarily a belief system. It just is. It is the way that you have worked to construct the universe and bring it into physical form. The potentials that occur in this bubble here - the collision. We froze-frame right when the two energies smacked into each other. The potentials are nearly unlimited, and there's the potential to bring in what we call New Energy. So instead of just the sum total of dark and light coming together, we now have something far, far grander.

< Teacher 6 > Some new ones will come to the forefront. Ones that aren't into the energy of your desire and passion, they step backwards. You see the energy comes forth to meet and greet you and now, instead of millions of potentials to choose from, now the primary ones, the ones that resonate most with you, move forward. And now you have it down to a point where you can make a very simple decision: What do you choose?

< Teacher 6 > The story comes around again, it is time for another journey. This time it is not about laziness and not about fear. This time it's about activating potentials previously unknown. It's about going beyond comfort zones, to be able to choose a new potential and to play with it. It is about taking the energy of collision - collision of old opposing energies - and being in that moment of creating new energy and new potentials beyond your wildest dreams. So Archangel Raphael comes in.

< Teacher 8 > Energy doesn't work - how to say - just on the level that scientists and physicists and the others know right now. Energy moves in and out of this dimension, moves in and out of perceived reality. Energy, in itself, is a constant stream or constant flow that is always available but seldom used. Energy is a series of potentials that are created in the - what you would call - the highest realms and then brought to Earth as tools - tools by those who are aware of how to bring them in and how to use them.

< QuantumLeap 2 > Prana is everywhere. It emanates from souled beings. Period. It doesn't come from a far-off God somewhere. Prana emanates from souled beings, and it goes out into this vast thing called the omniverse. It is radiated every moment of everyday by every human. Prana is a flow of potentials that can be transformed into energy or what you would call a motion or manifestation.

< QuantumLeap 2 > But right now, the vast, vast, vast majority of all the prana that's out floating around, radiating off of human beings is unused. It's potential that is never tapped into. It is a dream that is never allowed to become fulfilled. It comes from you, it comes from others. Oftentimes it mixes into this vast pool of energy. It is often used by Earth herself and the beings who help take care of Earth. It can be used by you. It's yours in the first place. You are radiating this prana energy right now. Don't compare it to any other energy that's out there, especially now. It is interwoven with this new prana, New Energy. It is so potent - but it's not powerful, you see. It doesn't have to be powerful. It just is. It works very, very quickly.

< Returning 2 > They also begin to understand that the future is not destiny. Most humans right now believe that the future is destined and they have very little to say about it. They believe - even what you would call some of the enlightened beings, some of the great philosophers and writers of your time - believe that the future has already been semi-created. They believe that there is a path that's already been created for them, or perhaps that they had already created, and it's not. In this House of Awakening they'll start to understand that the future is nothing but potential and the potentials are things they are imagining.

< Returning 2 > So often the human is afraid of the future because it's been created from the past. They're afraid of the potentials because the ones that seems to attract them the most are some of the most dramatic, some of the most severe (worst things). Because if they're in a place of fear and drama, if they're in a place of uncertainty about themselves, that is the future potential that they're going to be attracted to. They're not going to see the other grand potentials that are available to them. The future is wide open, but it hardly seems that way when they've been following a linear karmic path. Just like for you, tomorrow could take a sudden change in direction. Tomorrow could open up to reveal a grand new consciousness for yourself - if that is where you choose to go.

< Returning 8 > You were there when you crossed through the Wall of Fire and experienced all of the potentials of every lifetime, physical and nonphysical, of everything you would ever think, everything you would ever do and all of its subpotentials and their subpotentials. You had already arrived. So it really doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all.

< Master 2 > And then there's working with your Pakauwah, your animal totem. Now, some of you said, "Well, I've done that before." Not like this. Some of you say, "Well that sounds like we're going backwards," but in a way, yes, because you're familiar with doing it. But we're going to use it because that Pakauwah is going to go out and do work for you. When you're sitting right here, it can be out there doing work for you. It can be helping to energize potentials that are waiting for you. It can also be on surveillance. It can be watching other energy in the room right now.

< Master 2 > You're now choosing to release that energy. You're now choosing to bring it into this Now moment, this reality. You're choosing to realize, above and beyond anything, that your history itself is an illusion. Your history itself is nothing but potentials. You are not … you are not your history. You are not the past that you think you are. And this is the "I Am" principle.

< Master 2 > When you do this, it will also invite into your life this thing called New Energy. I don't want to define New Energy, we're not going to get into that today. Later. But now, with the potentials of the past opened up, brought here, now New Energy has the freedom or invitation to come in. Within New Energy … I'm going to have to write a book about this. Within New Energy are not potentials. There are no potentials in New Energy, and I know that seems to be contrary to what we've talked about, but there are not potentials in it anymore, and we'll talk about that in our next gathering. What is in New Energy? If it's not potentials, what is in it?

< Master 3 > The potentials allow you a series of choices that you can make, and then you go through life choosing which potential. And generally you're going to choose the one that has the strongest energetic effect on you - not necessarily the best for you, but the one that is the most seductive. The most seductive potentials are the ones you're going to pick. They often lack logic. They often work in other realms of you. They're very, very seductive, and then you make yourself think that this is a good choice. It is just seduction. So you don't always choose what you really want. I know it seems like a contradiction, but you don't always choose what you really want; you choose what seduces you.

< Master 3 > Up to now the potentials that you've felt, the potentials that you're aware of that are out there, are the ones that have been created by the past, for the most part, by past experience. Those potentials involve a wide variety of choices. In other words, you're not limited in the choices of those potentials, but their dynamics have been Old Energy and they've been based on the past. And therefore, at times you feel like you're stuck. You feel like you're under the spell of somebody's destiny, whether it's yours or your soul's or somebody, and you felt frustrated, because it's all been based on the past.

< Master 3 > These new potentials contain none of that. They have your deepest essence in them, but unrestricted and unlimited, not based on the past. Dear Shaumbra, this is New Energy. You say, "Haven't these always been there?" Absolutely. They've been in a state of dormancy. They've been sleeping. Even prior to today, if you would have gone in looking for them, you would have never found them, because you were looking for something else. You were looking for something with other attributes, and you were always pulled away by seduction - your own seduction.

< Master 4 >
So this (=consciousness) is you. Consciousness uses energy. It calls on energy. It attracts energies to it based on its desires. It could be to know thyself, express thyself, play with thyself, learn for thyself, anything. But at a very deep inner level, it's calling on energy. Energy is basically potentials, probabilities that are sitting in a dormant place, neutral place. They're sitting over here in neutral land waiting to be called upon. Energy is motion and stimulation. Energy breathes life into consciousness. Consciousness, therefore, calls on this, brings it in and starts to use it. Quite simple.

< Master 4 > And if you can't speak in a human voice and get your passion into it, now that energy is suppressed. All that energy and potential is just stuck and trapped in these different places, and it explodes sooner or later. And what happens when it explodes? Well, you scream out. You yell out. You're real and expressive, but it's usually too late. You've usually done a lot of damage by then. Ah, you can always correct it, but it's a waste of time.

< Master 5 >
This is you. This is you, as we talked about before. It's represented by the circle with a dot in between, very simple, ancient symbology because it shows that you came from All That Was - which does not exist anymore and because it's changed. You came from All That Was. You went outside of All That Was. You developed your own unique identity, your soul expression. So this is you. It's consciousness. You are consciousness. In a very, very unique way your consciousness draws in energy - neutral energy - so I'm going to put "neutral energy" here. (Adamus adds to the drawing) The question is where did that energy come from to begin with? Spirit wasn't energy. Spirit was - still is - absolute consciousness.

< Master 6 > When there is no true meaning in anything anymore, you're in the right place. And in you're in the right place and it's appropriate, and don't panic. Just trust - in yourself, not me, not anybody else - because this New Energy is even probing that. The nothing, the void, the in-between, the total sense of loss - it's trying to understand that. It's trying to understand you. It's you. You could say - this isn't quite right - but it's you from the future coming to you right now. But it's not the future in terms of a time line. It's you of all the potentials that you are, now coming to you right now. Not just coming to visit, but moving in. Moving in. And that's what's happening.

< Master 9 > We're in the "X" zone here, and you say, "What next?" Where do we go from here?" Where we go from here is we start going into potentials. Potentials are actually not in the future. It sounds like they would be. It sounds like they'd be off on some linear line down there, but they're not. The potential for anything outside of this immediate experience is already right here. Very, very few people actually imagine potentials. So part of the problem has been a lack of imagination. When certain of you have gone into the potentials of the future, you get analytical. You want to make it very orderly, or you do it with a very limited human perspective. In other words, you're imagining small. You're missing most of the potentials, almost all the potentials. You're not allowing yourself to feel into them.

< (Next) 1 > What happens right now is these areas here (inside the "loops" of the intersecting waveforms), in this dance of human and spirit, these are filled with potentials. Potentials. What is a potential? It's unexpressed reality. The potentials can be grand. They can be small. They can be earthly and human or they can be totally beyond anything that you've known.

< (Next) 1 > A potential is everything that you could be and everything that you could have been. Potentials are not … please, please do not look at potentials as being just something in the future. That's limiting. When I say potentials, some of you think, "Oh yeah, what's out in the future." No, no, no. What are the potentials in this moment? What are the potentials for the past? You say, "The past was the past." No. No, no, no, no. The past was only one potential that was activated or realized. The past contains potentials that are as dynamic or perhaps even more dynamic than the one you picked or the one that somehow made its way to you.

< (Next) 1 > So the past is also filled with incredible potentials that aren't negated just because they're in the past. The past contains … well, the past isn't the past anymore actually. You have to get through that thinking. Thinking. The past has nothing to do with before. The past is in this room right now and all of its potentials, and you are not - you are absolutely not - who you think you are. You think that you were born into this certain household and had these certain experiences and traumas, and you think that's you. It is NOT! It is one potential of you. But what if you are all of these other potentials?

< (Next) 1 > What is in here are potentials that are very viable. They have been created by you. They have been imagined by you, not in your mind, but in your heart, in your soul. They have been imagined by you and acted out in your dream state - some of them. But there is a pool of potentials right here and right here and in every one of these corresponding areas. (the "loop" areas in the intersecting waveforms) You could say that you created them from out here (outside the waveforms) and then brought them into here (inside the waveform spaces), because here is where you're going to start shaping reality for yourself.

< (Next) 1 > So I'm going to talk a lot of about potentiating. It's a term. It means that you're actively aware of potentials. And if you don't like the potentials that come into view, that you start feeling, potentiating allows you to create any new potentials you want - any new potentials you want for yourself.

< (Next) 1 > It's there. Just hasn't been recognized. It's almost like some of these new advanced answers have been just sitting in limbo waiting for somebody to acknowledge that it's really amazing, really brilliant the way energy moves and flows and the way then particle move in and out of different dimensions, different states of realities or different pods of potentials.

< (Next) 1 > I see potentials as just a myriad of balls, millions, billions of them, each representing different potentials, and they all can work in different ways with each other. You can combine potentials. You can segment them. You can choose whichever ones you want. And the mind says, "Well, how does this all work? And how do we figure all this out?" You don't. You experience it. You transcend that mind. You move beyond the linear or the horizontal flow, now have gone into this new (vertical) form. There are all these potentials for your life.

< (Next) 1 > Clarity! I don't care about riches or you shouldn't either. They're there, but if you're not clear, you're never going to know that they're there. Enlightenment. You're already enlightened, you're just not clear about it. Everything is there. Every potential. It's about being clear. So here you are at this point in your life, moving through, moving on, whatever you want to call it. No longer just waiting for it, just on the brink.

< (Next) 1 > When you left the Wall of Fire, when you left heaven, All That Is, whatever you want to call it; when you left to become a pure sovereign being, as you went through the Wall of Fire, you imagined and experienced all of the potentials of everything that would ever happen to you outside of Home - outside of Home, outside of the First Circle. That's why it felt so awful. You felt you were ripped into billions of pieces, because you were suddenly experiencing everything, every potential that was to ever be. Well, maybe not all of it. You experienced all of it up until right now.

< (Next) 1 > What happens now, and what's going to be such a factor for you, is suddenly you realize that you couldn't have experienced all of the potentials for all that would be, because you would get to a point - let's just say it's the point of I Am and New Energy merging together - where there is potentials that could have never been imagined by you or by God, ever. Brand new potentials that were never there before. You had to destructure yourself to make room for some of these potentials that were never imagined, even in the heart of hearts of God.

< (Next) 1 > Take a deep breath and feel and imagine the potentials of your I Am - every potential that was written and every potential from this moment on - for you. Not in some far off place, but right here. Right here in this amazing creation called you. In this amazing creation of the human and the divine, the thing that ETs and aliens would love to have, but it's yours; the thing that they're drooling at the mouth, if they had one, to have - to be human, to be divine, to be so very real, to have a mind, to really understand the existence of the I Am. Imagine every potential. Just feel into it.

< (Next) 2 > Potentials used to come from out here (outside the waveform) and be attracted by the dynamics of the waveform. Waveform attracted energy that brought in potentials that you had once contemplated when you went through the Wall of Fire. That make sense? In other words, in the Old Energy, the old waveform going like this (horizontal), depending on the balance of the waveform, would attract energies from the outside that would then basically manifest potentials you had contemplated when you left Home. So you brought the appropriate situation into your life.

< (Next) 2 > What happens now is that the potentials no longer come from outside, and the energy no longer comes from out there. You're not having to call anything up or call anything in. It's all in the moment. The energy is in the moment. The energy's already in here now, in other words. You're no longer having to wait for the old situation of 'cause and effect' to take place, and that's going to be one of the most challenging things you're going to have to work with, because you're used to cause and effect - something happens, something happens as a result of that. It's not going to work that way anymore. There'll be a transition period, of course.

< (Next) 2 > The potentials are not going to come from what you experienced in the Wall of Fire - going through that zone, coming to this reality, and the energy is not going to be coming from the outside. It happens absolutely the moment. When we did the song before in the moment, Linda writing in the moment, Hannibal singing in the moment - you're going to be experiencing that in your lives. Not necessarily writing and singing, but the experience of being in the moment. There's going to be a tendency to want to quick go out there somewhere else for the answer or go back there, back into memory, back into previous experience for the answer. It's going to knock you flat off your feet.

< (Next) 2 > You're going to have to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and realize the energy and the potential is already right there. The potential … it's kind of interesting because the potential is in the moment. It didn't happen 'back when' so that you can pull it in now. So the potentials are right there right now, but if you try to go in mentally and try to figure them out in advance, you won't be able to. It sounds terribly confusing, but it's really not. It's terribly simple, wonderfully simple - wonderfully simple.

< (Next) 2 > It's all happening in the moment, and guess who really doesn't like that? (someone says "the mind") The mind and? Your aspects. They do not like that one bit. It's uncomfortable for them, they're not used to it, they definitely feel a loss of their control, because that's where they've been working. They've been working from the past, and they make a lot of promises about the future. But aspects - dysfunctional or disconnected aspects - do not like the Now moment at all. No, no, no. They hang out in the past, and they play with the future. So what's going to happen? Aspect riot!

< (Next) 2 > You actually don't have to do a lot. You don't have to go and beat yourself, please. You don't have to drink twelve gallons of water a day; three or four is good enough. (1 gallon = 3.8 liters) There's not a lot other than accept. Accept. That's it. Anything else is makyo.

< (Next) 5 > This is, again, the definition of ahmyo - the understanding that you as divine parts of God already put every tool in your path long before you got to that place on the path. You have already put all of the potentials in place, and now it's just a matter of being aware of that. It's a matter of clarity. It's a matter of simplicity.

< (Next) 8 > That energy then comes in … energy, remember, is in a neutral state. It's all around. It's tingling in the air right around us right now. It's in neutral. The energy is basically in a form that has positive and minus - positive and negative - potential capabilities and it's ready to attach itself to consciousness and then create reality. It sits in this neutral form until it's called up.

< (Next) 9 > Potentials are not energy. Potentials are little flecks of consciousness. They're little pearls of consciousness floating around all out there. When activated by humans, by you, through clear and conscious realization, then those potentials draw energy to them, and then they bring that energy to life, kind of like a beautiful ball of consciousness now layered with very dynamic energy, and then they can be manifested or experienced here on Earth.

< (Next) 9 > One of the core connections you have with reality - with your reality - is time. Time doesn't exist at all. However, the evolution of experience exists. What we have is an unfolding or unraveling of experience. And they tend to expand or to unfold in a very dynamic way. And we can actually look back - not a very good word but there's not another one - we can actually look back into the unfolding of experience. It gives us a concept of what you could call the past - it's really not the past, it's the unfolding of experience - to help them determine the potentials that they want to choose for the next experience.

< e2012 5 > This is the year (2012), the high potential opportunity to really invite your wisdom and your potentials, also known as your soul, into your reality. In order to do so, it's about going beyond the mind, trusting yourself; going beyond the mind, as it would try to define the soul, because the old definition you can definitely throw out the window. It is about trusting yourself that there is something beyond the mind, that there is this part of you that's really aching to be here, wanting to be here with you.

< e2012 5 > Inviting your soul, your wisdom, potentials, your I Am-ness into the tube, into this reality is perhaps the greatest gift you could have ever given yourself. So a funny thing happened. We talked about what would you tell a human being about this year. Imagine just for a moment that you are the soul; you were outside now giving advice to the human in the tube, that you gave all these for yourself. You're the divinity giving it to that human aspect. What if it wasn't the human sitting here inviting the divine in, what if it was just the other way around? What if it wasn't the human sitting here making a list, but those were from the divine?

< e2012 12 > Again, the mind has limited your ability to see the potentials. You have allowed the mind to keep you from seeing potentials, therefore, you really haven't been free. The potentials that are beyond the mind are phenomenal, breathtaking, exciting, but they are so quantum, quantumly different than the way you've been thinking up until now. They are beyond the mind. Things that you would consider yourself crazy to even imagine right now, say, “That's just crazy. That's just absolutely crazy,” but actually it's not. But there will be shifts in your life. There will be shifts.

< freedom 1 >
Here is consciousness. This is you, souled being. The beautiful circle with a dot. Pretty soon you're going to inherit that dot. It's going to be your own. And no, that's not the original sin. That's your essence. Consciousness contains no energy. Energy was created out of the deep passion and desire to either go back Home or go into freedom. So now, consciousness, this thing that you already have that's awareness and all of your potentials – not that was given to you by anybody else, but you gave to yourself – this consciousness inspires energy. Energy is just sitting there. Neutral.

Energy is free to those who are free. That's another great quote. What's wrong with humanity right now? They're not free, so energy is not free. See, all this is really simple. Consciousness inspires energy, gets it out of its neutral state, and there's a lot of it. When consciousness is open and free, that energy is Just free and abundant, and it kind of just looks like the sun, it's just radiating. There's no control of it. It just is. It's very literal. Very literal.

Consciousness in its freedom will create anything it needs, wants, choose – cars, nice houses, any of that, any of that – and you should have it. That's the first reason. Second reason: If you're going to be a true Standard for others, Walk like a Master. You should have gold shoes on. Humans need to see that. You can have grand abundance. When are we going to do it? When are you ready?

So consciousness, when it's open, when it is free, the energy moves so easy. When consciousness is limited by beliefs, by the mind, by mass or group consciousness, when it is limited because of its fear of becoming free, what you have is very weak, little tiny spurts of energy, which account for a lack of abundance, lack of passion in your life, lack of friends, lack of self-esteem, all lack, lack, lack, lack, and the energy does not move. And then you wonder what's wrong.

< freedom 2 > Is it more responsibility to carry your past? Which really isn't your past, you're going to see, because your past is not what you think it is. Your past is a series of potentials, most of which have never been realized or understood. None of them – or very few of them – actually manifested, but you believe it's your past because of programming. But your past can be changed the moment you say, “That was not my past.” Suddenly, your past really isn't a series of chronological linear events that took place. Suddenly, your past is no longer history or his-story. Suddenly, the past is but one of many potentials or options that could have been played out. And now, literally, the moment you release yourself from your past, you suddenly realize how you can also change it tomorrow.

< freedom 6 > The soul is much like this beautiful globe. The soul comes initially empty simply wanting to know itself, so it creates this thing called aspects that eventually turn into facets. And the aspects, through their experiences, start filling the empty vessel with experience and knowingness, wisdom and love. Within the empty vessel when it first starts, it is filled with potentials, but the potentials have yet to be realized or experienced. So it is like it is empty, and the desire of the soul is to fill itself with its potentials and its experiences, to know the I Am of itself. And it cannot do that through Spirit. It cannot do that through another being, even though it has tried. It can only do it through the experience of its potentials (of energy).

And when this vessel is full, when it has felt into its potentials and experienced as many as it chooses to experience, and even felt into the ones that were never experienced in physical reality, it becomes complete, pure, crystalline, fulfilled. That is the I Am. And within that state of I Am, this vessel, this soul, knows itself beyond knowingness. It knows all of its facets, all of its angles,

And you ask, “Does it continue to experience?” Yes, it does, but not like a human experiences. It continues to experience its love for itself, and that's all it needs, all it wants, all it desires. When the vessel is full, complete, it continues to fall in love with itself every breath, every moment, without condition, without doubt, certainly without shame. It continues to fall in love with itself, because that is the grandest thing of all. I Am that I Am falling in love with myself each day.

< freedom 6 > You came through the Order of the Arc, and in that Order of the Arc it was decided that there would be a place set up in physical reality where representatives, teachers, would go in and experience; experience life in a physical form – the deepest experience ever known to angelic beings – within their creation, living within it, part of it, carrying around the essence now known as your biology. Living deep, deep within the creation to help understand consciousness, and to help understand energy and how it worked with consciousness. And, more than anything else, to help understand the true potentials for every souled being in creation.

< WalkOn 6 > This is timeless, what I call the Ineffable Moment, the Ineffable Presence. Ineffable means without description. No trying to quantify it. No trying to define it. Just floating. Not being pushed here or there. Just floating. The Ineffable Presence, the I Am, surrounded by this ocean of potentials that exist beyond time and space. That's what that water is – all potentials. It's also time and space, but it's very different than the river, because the moment you choose now to experience something, the moment you choose to be creative, the moment you choose to express yourself, suddenly that nonmoving water, that time and space, which is not moving, suddenly gets activated. Suddenly. Then it moves in absolute perfect response to your desire. But unlike the river, it doesn't just flow for an eternity. You can change it. You can move it. You can adapt it or it rather adapts to you the moment you choose something. And it's out of time and space.