the second circle


< New Earth 8 > There is in what we call the second circle (each of you sit in the first circle), there is in the second circle now a group that begins to assemble now that you have provided the proper balance of energy here, the proper melding.

< Creator 11 > They now enter the second circle. You, the humans, are in the first circle. You are in the circle of honor. The others who come into the second circle are the observers. They are the ones who are invited guests.

< Ascension 2 > You sit in the First Circle, the circle of honor. You are surrounded in the Second Circle by those who are the invited guests on this day. And we must also point out, for it has been asked of us recently, "Is it limited to this group?" - the ones that we announce (referring to the invited guests). It is, in the sense that they are the only ones who can energetically come this close to you. But there are many, many others watching from afar. They cannot come in so close. They cannot allow their energies to intrude in any way. It would be like, in your world, watching something on a television show versus being there directly.