Ascension Series 2
Presented at the Crimson Circle September 1, 2001
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Tobias: And so it is, dear friends, that we join together again in this energy. We can feel Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) now. He gets the chills coming through him, but it is really coming from us, as we gather here together with Shaumbra on this day. So joyous is it for us to be here with you! So joyous to come through this energy portal that you create when you invite us in. Now we can come so close to you. Such a moment! We will spend these next few minutes melding our energy together, melding this energy of Home, of Spirit, of your divinity - those who are on this side of the veil, all coming together with you. Incredible it is to be able to gather like this. Incredible!

In my days on Earth, which number several thousand years ago, we would gather indeed, but we could not pull in the energy of Spirit, of our divinity, the way you can now. If every once in a brief while we would get just a glimpse, just a glimpse of the type of energy that is flowing through here now, we would be so delighted. We would feel we had touched God.

And now look at you! Look at what you are able to bring in. Look at the pathway you are able to create between your space on Earth, through the veil, into our space. A direct line that works its way to your true and divine being. Incredible! I, Tobias, look forward to the time when I will return to follow in your path on Earth, to experience for myself what it is like to be in biology and to be able to hold my divinity. I look forward to this.

Breathe deeply, dear Shaumbra, breathe deeply. As you breathe, release those tensions, release those cares and worries. Breathe deeply through your entire being. Breathe all the way to your feet. Breathe now also into your mind, into that intellect that has served you so well. Breathe into your emotions. Breathe deeply into your emotions, for you often forget to go there. It seems like so many times you use the pathway to your mind to (get to) your emotions, but now breathe deeply.

Allow this breath of your divinity into your emotional being as well, bypassing the brain and going straight in, with no filtering, no telling self what is right or wrong, or how to behave, or how to act. You are emerging and maturing spiritual beings. You do not need to have your mind telling you how to act anymore. Breathe deeply and allow that emotional, wonderful, exuberant being that is within you to come forth without the judge and the jury of the mind.

Now… (pausing) we look around this space on this day. We look around. (noting that Cauldre is now sitting on the stage in the ballroom) We see we have been moved up onto a stage! (audience laughter) And we promise Cauldre, we promise his dear wife, that we will not stand up for too long today (lately, Tobias has been nearly standing during the channels), for we see the energy that was put here, the fear that we would get up and fly off the stage! (audience laughter) We will not do that on this day, so you may relax, and you may go out to your zone (referring to Linda habit of going out during the channels). You may go into your deep spiritual journey here. You do not need to worry about Tobias dancing on this stage. (audience laughter) We will save that for another time.

It is often difficult to get started here, for we would just like to sit with you and enjoy this energy in this space. We enjoy sitting here watching you at times like this. We can see, little by little here as the moments transpire, that you are glowing and illuminating more and more. You are allowing that inner smile to come out. Indeed, you know you are in a safe space. You are in a sacred space. Sometimes we would just like to sit here and watch you grow.

But there is much to talk about today. There is a new lesson to discuss. It will be a very simple one, one that does not require much homework, but one that will perplex you. You will wonder how to embrace it. You will wonder what to do with the information that we give you today. But it is simple. We ask you to look at this lesson from the perspective that it is not so much about you anymore.

As we speak today, think about how you will teach this lesson to your students. Think about how you will help them to understand this lesson that will be revealed on this day. How you will explain to them the simplicity and the truth? So listen today from this other perspective. Say to yourself, "How will I teach this to those who come to me. How will I explain this simple yet challenging and important concept of their own divinity?"

Let us talk for a moment here. Let us talk for a moment of your ascension. Now, in a manner of speaking, we have been getting much spirit mail, much "thought mail" coming to us since our last gathering. We are somewhat thankful that the information contained in the channeling from one month ago (The Ascension Series, Lesson One: It’s Not About You Anymore) has not yet been on your Internet in written form. Indeed, the thought mail coming to us would greatly increase. (audience laughter) We may not have enough assistance here to handle all this!

We have been hearing from many of you, wondering, saying, "Tobias, what is up with this, with this ascension? What does ascension mean?" "Tobias, this is nothing of what I expected. You tell us we have ascended, but I don't think you were talking to me." We have felt your frustration. Some of you have become angry, and we smile at this, for we understand. You have asked for definition. You have asked for more insight into this. Today we share a bit more with you.

Ascension. Ascension is when you do not need to die in between lifetimes. You do not shed the physical body. You do not need to go through this very difficult and challenging experience of death and rebirth. It is all done while you are still contained in the same package. Ascension is when you move from one lifetime to the other. In the past it was important to work on a single set of contracts in a lifetime, to complete those, and then to leave, and to not have the memory that is carried forth.

We have been speaking in the seminars here these past few weeks some of the important aspects of the human journey. One of those that we have talked of at length is death. When the human goes through death there is so much emotion and fear in this. There is so little understanding. In a sense, the anticipation of death by all, not just by people who are lying on their deathbed, but by all… this anticipation builds up a tremendous wall of fear that needs to be released now. In ascension status, dear friends, you do not need to die. You continue on. You do not have all of this anxiety associated with the process.

There is a period of grieving, indeed. And there is a long period where you are going through deep inner changes. All of you who are connecting to these words in one way or the other are experiencing this type of thing. But you do not have to die. You do not have to leave your body. You move into your next lifetime. What is different about this new lifetime versus your other ones is that you are not bound by contract.

Even before you came to Earth in this lifetime, you had a long set of goals and objectives. You had an extensive spiritual contract. You had a checklist of things to work on. In a sense, this was the lifetime of final clearing. Now you are transitioning, as you have ascended. There are no contracts. The difference between ascending versus dying is that now you get to write the book. Now you get to create what it is you want and who you choose to be. It is no wonder then that in your new ascension status things are blank, things are in neutral. Things are waiting for you, waiting for you to react. The transformation process you are going through… it will last for a period of time. There will be ups and downs in your journey, but understand that it is all simply part of a process.

As we heard Cauldre say earlier, the reason that his eyes hurt so much this morning was not because the angels were giving him a lesson, or Spirit was trying to teach him something. As a human he simply forgot to take out those things he wears on his eyes (contact lenses), and he slept with them. There is no big lesson here.

For any of you, there are no large lessons at this point. There are just things happening in your life. It is not about you anymore. There are no contracts. There are no lessons. The angels and the guides and Spirit and Tobias are not trying to bang on the door of your house to get your attention. It is not so much about you.

The clearing that you worked on so diligently in the earlier years of your lifetime has proven to be quite successful. You have cleared old karmas. In a single lifetime you have taken on more karma, more clearing and more lessons than you have in the past ten lives put together. That is why it has seemed so intense up to now. And all of this time that you were clearing past lives, you were also clearing ancestral karma. Oh, no wonder some of you are tired to the bone! Tired to the bone. No wonder some of you long to return Home, thinking you do not have the energy to go forward. But dear friends, I, Tobias, and all the others who come in on this day, are here to tell you that going forward will not be like the past. It will not be filled with lessons and contracts and karma. Period.

We have heard some of you say, "How can you possibly say I have cleared my karma, for I have done such terrible things? I have not yet begun to repay the debts." Then so be it with you! Continue your karma if you choose. We will stand there, loving you and honoring you, walking beside you. But the moment you press the stop button on the karmic merry-go-round, no matter where you are, if you consciously choose to stop, you can get off. There is no prescribed amount of suffering that you must go through. It is in your enlightenment when you choose that you no longer need this. You choose when you can get off… when you can get off this karmic merry-go-round.

In ascension status - that you are in now, all of you - you are in new territory, uncharted territory. None of us who come here today to join you from the other realms has been to where you are. We are observers. We are counselors. We are guides. But WE follow YOU. None of us has been into this new ascension status. The difference is that there are no contracts, or karma, or lessons. That is the difference. It is up to you to create whatever it is you choose.

And in this series that we are now in, that we are now speaking to you of… what we are now channeling back to you from your own being… it is funny. It is simple. We are simply taking your thoughts and feeding them back to you. How could you be angry with us for telling you that you have ascended, when you have asked us to tell you that it is so? We were glad when you announced to us that you had ascended, and we could now reveal this to you.

In your ascension status, it is up to you which way to go and what to do and what to create. The tools are coming in and will continue coming in for you. As we have said so many times, work together. Help each other to understand what it is like in this ascension status. You have crossed many markers. You have crossed the marker of the destruction that might have occurred fifty years ago and sixty years ago of your time. You have crossed the marker of the destruction that might have occurred two and three years ago of your time.

You are about to cross another marker here in the next year or so of your time, and that will be the completion of an energetic tapestry that is being created to enable you to truly hold your divinity, to truly access all that you are. This is the work of the Kryon with the grids. You will cross that marker also. You have crossed many, many. But the important one is that you have moved from the old into the new. You have gone from one lifetime to the next. You have ascended. Perhaps it doesn't look like what you thought it would - but then what did you expect? (audience laughter)

Now, there are those who come in on this day. As always, there are invited guests. And we should point out to you that you, the humans, the "ascendees" - you sit in the First Circle, the circle of honor. You are surrounded in the Second Circle by those who are the invited guests on this day. And we must also point out, for it has been asked of us recently, "Is it limited to this group?" - the ones that we announce (referring to the invited guests). It is, in the sense that they are the only ones who can energetically come this close to you. But there are many, many others watching from afar. They cannot come in so close. They cannot allow their energies to intrude in any way. It would be like, in your world, watching something on a television show versus being there directly.

The ones who you have known in this lifetime who have crossed over and are your very best supporters, even though they were the ones who were the very hardest on you when they lived on Earth… they are the ones watching. The ones who come from your past, your past lives - they too are watching, as a matter of fact, they are even in this room today. This is one of the most popular shows on our side of the veil! (audience laughter)

We are watching with such interest and such curiosity. We have so much hope. We are watching the steps that you take. We are so curious about the questions that you ask. We are cheering you on in every way. The hardest part for us is knowing that we cannot do it for you… none of us. None of us can intervene or interfere. We can only love you.

When miracles happen, when things out of the ordinary happen, it is not because the angels have interfered, or intervened, or done it for you. It is because for a moment of time, even with all the tension or stress of a traumatic situation taking place, you call on the help of the angels and of Spirit. What is happening is that you are letting your guard down. You are letting your mind get out of the way. You are opening up to the energy of love that comes flowing through the veil at that moment. It is not the angels who lift a car to enable someone to get out from underneath. The prayers you have prayed have been heard, but when miracles happen, it is YOU allowing our love to come in.

There are many on our side watching your progress to see what is happening, to see what you are experiencing. Our invited guests that come into this space have to make reservations to be here. And the ones who come in on this day… before we even announce them, we will ask you to stay out of your mind for a moment. Do not try to analyze anything here, but simply breathe in their energy. Breathe it in. Do not try to guess. Do not try to intellectualize. Breathe in their energy. Allow yourself to feel the ones who come in without putting any label on them. Simply breathe it in.

For the ones that come in today to join in this room are quite familiar to you. They come here today for a special reason, a type of energetic hand-off, an acknowledgment. The ones who come into this space, who are standing beside you very, very close, in a familiar position… they are the ones who used to be your guides. They are the ones who were your guides up until a year or two or three ago. They are the ones who held and occupied that balance of space, the balance that created the appropriate energies between your world, your Earth, and our side of the veil. Your guides where the ones who did not talk to you so much, but the ones who were with you always.

These guides, and others who have been your guides in the past on your journeys to Earth, come into this space on this day. They stand beside you. They take the position that they once took as the solemn keepers of the gate, the solemn holders of the energy, side by side with you. And they smile at you on this day. They know it has been difficult for you to go through this transformation process. They know it has been difficult for you to walk the corridor of ascension all by yourself. But it had to be that way. They could not accompany you on that journey.

They come back today, now that you have walked through the corridor of ascension, and they stand beside you. But now, instead of the ones that hold your energy, they are the ones that applaud you. They are the ones that are grateful to you. They are the ones who, more than anyone else, honor your graduation. And they come in today for a reunion and a visit. Most of you have two standing beside you now, even the ones reading this message. Some have three. There are others that - difficult to explain - back them up, who were guides to you, even before the ones who stand before you now. Oh, in a sense, there is a whole chain of guides, but the ones who now occupy the immediate energy around you in the Second Circle are your own guides, the ones who you missed so dearly when they left, the ones you long for.

They come here today for a special reason, which we will talk of, but for this moment of time, we will pause. We will allow the embrace, the time of getting acquainted once again, the time to chat with them for a moment, the time for them to share the gift that they bring to you on this day. Each gift is personal. Each is meant for you. You may be aware of it immediately. You may not be aware of it for a bit of time. All, who are touched by these words, know that it is time to pause, to close your eyes, to literally open your hands and breathe in.

We will be in pause for a moment while this reunion and this giving of the gift comes to you. And by the way, we ask you to share this gift. Tell the others who are here, the others who you talk to. Know that, after this gathering and in the days and weeks to come, it is time to share with others what has been given to you. It is appropriate to tell others what this gift was.

Now, we will return in a moment, after this reunion and giving of the gift takes place.


How do you humans say - we wish - we wish we could bottle this moment. We wish we could bottle it, and we wish you could bottle it. We wish that you could have your students, the ones who will come to you, drink of this. And you could say, "In the difficult times that you go through in walking this road to ascension by yourself, know that there is a payoff, know that there is a sweetness about it." And you would hand them this bottle that has been taken from this moment and ask them to drink of it, and they would see, they would feel, how sweet it is to have walked that long road to be able to gather like this.

Now as we said, there is much to discuss on this day, but it is quite simple. It is quite simple. It is quite simple.


There is a lightworker by the name of Rachael. And this one that we call Rachael… it is not necessarily her real name, but she is a real person. She is also a composite of all of you. She represents parts and pieces of all of you. We tell the story of Rachael to help you to understand the lesson on this day.

Rachael, like you, came to Earth. She had lived a thousand and ten lifetimes on Earth before - not many, compared to some of you who like to keep coming back over and over. (audience laughter) She lived a thousand and ten lifetimes, and she chose this lifetime as her final clearing. She chose it, knowing there was the potential for the Earth to be terminated, either by the hand of man, or by what you would call the hand of God. But she also knew - for she had spoken at length with her guides and the angels on our side of the veil - she knew there was a strong potential that all this would be circumvented, that this potential for destruction would be transmuted into the potential of ascension, the potential of moving forward.

Either way, she came into this lifetime for the final clearing. And she was like many of you. She said, "This will be my last lifetime. I will not come back to Earth again." And we joke, and we laugh, when we sit here and see you who came back in ascension status!

Now this one we call Rachael had a difficult childhood, for her mother had abandoned her at an early age. Her father tried to be loving, but he was overwhelmed by taking care of the four children. He could not find the time, between his work and trying to support them in a decent way, to nurture any of them, so they spent much time alone. They hardly knew what a babysitter was, for they could not afford one. While Rachael's father was busy at work, she would be at home helping to care for the others. But more important, she was setting up the opportunity to be within her self, to create her own games, to create her own fun, to create her own expressions.

There was very little guidance from her father. As a matter of fact, later in her teenage years, there was resentment, for the family was starting to come back together financially. They were now able to afford a middle class house in a middle class neighborhood in a middle class town. But now the father was treating himself to the things that he had missed. He was going out at night, and he had lady friends. He spent little time with his four children, and little time with Rachael. Indeed, there was much anger and resentment because of this.

As she grew into her later teens and into her early twenties, she would try to find the love that she had not received from her father in other men, but these relationships did not work out so well. None were able to fulfill something within her. There was something that had occurred when she was a child. There was an inner ringing that occurred. There was an inner voice that kept coming up. It needed to be fulfilled. It needed a partnership. In this portion of her life, Rachael looked for this partnership in her relationships with men.

Now, she was indeed one who was very bright, one that did go to college to become self-supporting. And when she graduated, because her relationships were so poor, she threw herself into business. She worked hard. She worked hard in large companies, moving her way up the ladder. But all of this time, there was something unfulfilled within her. As we said, she kept on trying to find this in relationships, but these would not last so long. She would tire of the men in her life quite quickly, for they did not fill the role she was looking for.

She became quite successful in business. In her early thirties, she opened her own business, and that took off as well, for there was a drive within her and a light within her. Yet there was this continual gnawing, a feeling, a sense that there needed to be something more, that there was something missing.

And one day a business associate of hers talked with her about this thing called Spirit. Oh, and immediately lightworker Rachael shunned this and said she did not so much care for the churches. Her father had sent her, and relatives and friends had taken her to their services and tried to convert her. They tried to have her enlist or enroll in their churches, and none of this interested her.

But now, after these discussions with her business associate about Spirit and about self, she became quite interested. She began to read books, like so many of you, and she began to go to meetings. She began to beam from within for the first time in a long, long time.

Along the way she did find a husband, if any of you were wondering. She did find a husband, and she did have several children, but part of the reason for doing this was that she felt she must. She felt that this was part of the program for humans. She felt it was important for the looks of her business to have this mate so that people did not think she was odd or different.

She got deeply involved in this spiritual work. The more she looked into it, the more she saw of herself, and the more she realized that those early years that she had spent by herself as a child… she realized there was so much more going on during that time. She realized that she was communing with Spirit. She was talking with the angels. She was feeling her guides. There was so much that was going on back then. She remembered this, as she studied more and more of these materials.

Yet she was frustrated, even with this New Age material. She was frustrated, for it felt good for a while, but still did not fill the desire she felt within. She still did not know how to speak to God. In spite of all the wonderful people she met, and all the wonderful words she heard, she still did not have that deep inner connection with Spirit. It was still an outside and elusive thing. It still had not clicked within.

She heard all these words about being the Creator, and to a large degree, she was beginning to understand in her intellect what this meant. She read the Creator Series, and she found value in it. Yet there was still something gnawing within lightworker Rachael. She wanted to feel. She wanted that connection with whatever it was. "What is it?" she would wonder at night. "Is it God in some far off place? Is it my former guides? Is it the angels?" She would not feel this. She would think it, but not feel it.

Dear Rachael was so very frustrated with the process and wanted this connection so deeply, and we on the other side sat and watched her and watched you. This brought tears to our eyes, because we understand at the deepest level that you are so pure in your intent. You are so pure in your desire. All you want to do is to be touched by Spirit and to be aware of Spirit’s love. We realize that. We realize, in listening to your prayers, that you are not asking for all sorts of worldly goods. You are not asking - most of you - to be thirty or forty years younger. You are not asking to have the brains of an Einstein. Your deepest, deepest prayer and wish and desire is simply to be touched by Spirit.


Now, we watch Rachael. We watch you. We know that you are working so diligently on your progress. But we see one thing - and it became very obvious to us after our last gathering, very obvious to us, dear friends, that you have all of these things happening. You have the availability of energy like it never was before. As I said earlier, we could not gather together like this in my days two thousand years ago and have the type of energy you have here. We had nothing like it! You have all of this available to you. You even have us letting you know that you have gone into ascension status. You have the tools to create.

Oh, yes, there is much more to understand and to learn. But before we go another step further, and before lightworker Rachael gets her true wish, there is one thing that each of you should look at very closely and assess within you at the deepest levels. Dear friends, it is quite simple. There is no hocus-pocus here. There is nothing you need to do. Lesson Two of the Ascension Series is, "Own Your Divinity." OWN YOUR DIVINITY! Own it at this moment, right now.

And you say, "Tobias, but how do we own it?" It is simple to own it. How do you own a house, or a car, or your talent, or your love? You simply accept it within your being. Why has it been so difficult for you to accept your divine rights and your divine heritage that are here?

Lesson Two of the Ascension Series, before we go any further: Own Your Divinity. Take ownership of it.

We have seen since last month that you do not want to own it. You want to throw it out the window! You want to deny its existence! You want to deny the very power that you have. You want an angel to appear before you - and they do on this day, and there are some who still do not believe it! You want an angel to appear before you and take you off in their arms. The only way you are going to see that in your lifetime on Earth is through death. Other than that, do not expect to see the angel who comes, to take you and to carry you away.

We have stayed away on purpose. We have not manifested before you. We have not come forth to you in vision for a reason. Oh, yes, there are others who see us, who see others. There are others who have appearances by those on our side. We have not done that with you. And you know why. It is because we love you. It is because, dear friends, we do not want to distract you from your own journey.

There is one person here who begs almost nightly for us to show up, to give her a sign, and then she will believe. She says that when we show up, and we give her a sign, then she will believe. But dear friends, that is not believing. That is not believing. That is dealing. That is bargaining. Take ownership in your own divinity. When you do… when you do, then we will appear to you, and we will shake your hand. We will thank you for the work that you have done.

How do you take ownership? What do you do? We hear you asking now, frantically, in your mind. "How can I own this divinity?" First of all, you will never own it through your mind. You will never own it through your mind. Your divinity - and it is there - we can see it all around you. In many of you, we can see it emerging from within, because you are breathing it in.

There is person who is reading this, and continues to intellectualize everything we say. He breathed three times, and because great miracles did not occur, he was upset. And he says, "So, Tobias, this does not work so well." And we remind him - this is an ongoing, conscious process.

Your divinity exists all around you. Each one of you here, including those who are reading this or listening… we can literally see it emerging within you. It is not a concept. It is not just creative thinking. We can see it. We can see it now rising from within you. For some, it looks like a flame within you. For others, it looks like a type of beautiful plant that is growing. And in still others, it is a ball of light that is coming through. Each of you is somewhat different. There is not a single type of expression of the rising divinity. It is unique to each one of you. It is there. Take ownership.

How do you take ownership of it, this thing called divinity? How do you take ownership? It is not through your mind. If you sit down and try to write this out on paper, try to figure it out, it will hurt. It will cause you much pain in the head.

This thing called divinity is like a child. Even though it is you, it is the essence of you from as far away a time as when you left Home. It is your divinity. It is your Full Self. And, we have to interrupt here for a moment, but we ask each of you to stop imagining your Golden Angel, your True Self, as some external, twelve-foot tall, winged being, for it is not so. As long as you continue to think of it that way, it will be difficult to integrate a twelve-foot being into yourself! (audience laughter) It is not an external thing. It is within you. It is not an outside angel. It is the essence of who you are. It is making its way through your body, your DNA, your cells. It is asking for expression through your body.

Own your divinity through your body by being playful with your body. You get so serious! You diet and hurt yourself. Do you know what causes you to be fat? It is your damn diets! (audience laughter and applause) You hurt yourself and your body by the thoughts that you put through it. Your divinity is coming up from within your body. Play with your body! Feed it those chocolates! (audience applause) Oh, we know we will get this thought mail from many who will say, "Oh, Tobias, medical history and science has proven these things to be bad." No, what is bad is some of the thoughts that you have, some of your rules and regulations. (audience applause)

Sometimes I am sad that I did not return in physical body to your Earth, but other times I would not want to go through what you are putting yourselves through. Enjoy your body, no matter what size or shape it is. Love your body. Stop trying to create a certain pattern for it. Your divinity is rising up within it. This is one of the ways it comes to you. Play with your body.

If you need a day or two of lying in bed and doing nothing but eating chocolate chip cookies, so be it! (audience laughter and applause) You will quickly out-amuse yourself and realize that there is work to do. Your body will tell you - if you simply listen to it, if you take ownership of it - what types of foods are good. Do not go by these prescribed methods that have been written about, the ones that are all over your grocery stores and television channels. Listen to your body. Play with your body. Allow yourself this luxury.

There are some now who even shake their heads, who say, "Tobias, you do not know what you are talking about." And we say to you, "Fine. Continue your game of rules and regulations and self-punishment of your body." To the others we say, "Go have fun!" Allow your divinity to come up. This is how you own it. You own it by playing with it, by playing with it.

Your divinity is like a child. Even though it is your essence, even though it is all who you are, it is being rebirthed. You died. You died, and now you are being rebirthed, and that is what is happening inside of you. You are birthing your own divinity in your body, in your mind, in your emotions. Play with it!

How would you treat a child? Would you give a two-day-old child or a six-month-old or one-year-old child a list of rules and regulations? Some of you may! (audience laughter) Most of you would find joy with that child. Most of you would take responsibility for it, hold it in your arms, look at it lovingly, feed it, nurture it, and look forward to every moment you could play with it. That is how you take ownership of your divinity.

Oh, you try to intellectualize it so much. How are you going to teach of this thing, of divinity and of owning it, if you are intellectualizing it? Is it not easier to tell your students to go outside and play with their divinity, rather than to write 100 books trying to explain what it is? The words would be empty. For each of you, own your divinity. Play with it. You have forgotten how to play, haven't you? You have forgotten! We knew it. Our lightworker Rachael forgot how to play, because there was so little of it in her lifetime when she was young. There was so little. She had such a serious contract, as all of you have had.

We are jesting with you on this day. We know you came in with serious contracts, heavy contracts, challenging contracts. We know you took on the most difficult things that you have ever taken on. That is why you have forgotten how to play. You had so few games when you were young. You had to be so serious about life at such an early stage and work so hard.

Even those who came from well-rounded families, even you… you had to prove yourself early in life. Look at the young ones now. They do not have this. You are amazed when you find out there are ones who are twenty-eight and thirty years old still living with their parents and still have not decided what to do with their lives.

You are the ones who had the heavy contracts, and you were very specific about your time frames to get them done and how to do them. And you continue to push yourselves. You continue to approach your divinity in the same way - that it must be studied hard, worked hard, that in order to be worthy of it, it must exhaust you, and must be painful.

No, we are here to tell you that it is not that way anymore. You have ascended. You have left behind that old way of doing things. It is time to play. And certainly, many of you will feel guilty about this. You will allow yourself five minutes per day. You will structure it and organize it. And we are particularly jabbing Cauldre when we say this. (audience applause and laughter)

You own your divinity by treating it as a loving child, nurturing it, attending to it, taking responsibility for it and playing with it. You do not start teaching a child all of the things that come from your books and your schools when they are young. This is the time of nurturing and having fun.

It is so simple. We said, when we began this discussion on this day, that it would be simple and would be challenging. Lesson Number Two, the next big step in your ascension status, is to take ownership of this thing you have been searching for for so very long, so very, very long. In the story of Rachael… she has been searching for it, and she cannot even accept that it has finally come to her. She has been waiting for some grand angel to come, and that would signify that she has ascended.

No, it comes from within. It must be owned from within. Before you can go too much further in this process and truly enjoy all of the benefits and all the good things from ascension, you must take ownership of your divinity. The way to do this is to treat it like a child, to play with it, to nurture it, to find time each day. Each day, dear friends, find time to spend with yourself. Find plenty of time.

If you must go from this room and from this space with a specific assignment, which so many of you need to have, your assignment and your homework is to find time each day to play with your divinity, to enjoy life. You are still surrounded by this energy of hard work and difficulty and challenges and "DayTimers." When I come back to Earth, I have vowed to NEVER have a "DayTimer!" (wild audience laughter and applause) It ruins a perfectly good flow of expression, of life, of being.

It is hard for many of you to accept the fact that you are in this new ascension status. You are trying to deny it. But it is so. It is truth. It is here. It is time to accept it. As you play with it, it becomes expression. It is expression that moves throughout your being, and it moves into all things around you.

And as we have talked of in our last series (the Creator Series), it then brings the appropriate things back to you. Stop struggling so hard. Stop struggling to bring these things to you. They will come. Now take ownership.

This was not the original lesson and discussion that we had planned for Lesson Number Two of the Ascension Series. When we were initially working on the curriculum, there was something else. But as we approached this time, and we saw the reaction from our last discussion, we then began taking a look at the situation. We then began getting the information from you as to what you would like said. It became apparent to all of us that we needed to interject this. It even became apparent to you that you could go no further in your path without taking ownership.

At this very moment, dear friends, each of you, breathe in your divinity down to your feet and own it. Do not let it leak out, but own it, embrace it. Understand that you are spiritual beings. Understand that the past is the past. It does not have to cling to you anymore. Because something was difficult in the past does not mean this new energy and this new way of ascension needs to be so. Now when you breathe in this time, own it, hug it and nurture it like you would a child. Breathe in deeply and own your divinity. Own your new ascension status.

Sometimes we ask, "What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?" And then we see you are waiting for a grand being to appear. There are others, not in this room, but there are others who are waiting for these little metal ships, and waiting for green people to get out. And we say to ourselves, "They will wait a long time. (audience laughter) They are still giving away their power to something on the outside." And it amuses us, because we can see your divinity directly within you. We can see how powerful you are, what beings of light you are.

Now, hold that flame. Play with it. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Walk from this room on this day with a new attitude, with an attitude of enjoyment of life. You have reached your goals already. You have fulfilled your contract. Allow yourself to enjoy. When you do, you change the cycles of energy. You change the way that the outside world reacts to you. And it will start reacting differently. It will start coming back to you more joyfully. It will come back to you with more fulfillment. The things that come to you will not be so hard and difficult and challenging. You can drop that from your energy makeup right now. You can drop that difficult, challenging setup that you brought into this lifetime. You do not need it anymore. It is, above all, for each of you, the time to play, and the time to enjoy. And that is how you will truly take ownership of your divinity.

Now, those who were your guides that come in on this day stand beside you, love you, and thank you. They remember when they had to hold your energy. They had to create that balance. They are here for somewhat of a graduation ceremony today, knowing that you can now own that yourself. The ones who were your guides come in today into the Second Circle to acknowledge that you can own your divinity, that you can hold this space.

Oh, there were some shaky days when they first left, some shaky days when you and they and us were not sure you would be able to hold this energy. But you are. You are still timid about it, but each day getting a bit stronger, owning a bit more. That is why they come here on this very special day. It is graduation. They tell you also to own this space that they held for such a long time. They tell you to bring it in through your heart, to each morning acknowledge the Allness of who you are, to each evening understand and acknowledge the I AM, not through your head, but through your heart.

That is another challenging area, for you to think through your heart. You do not understand this so much. It still seems to flow through your intellect. Your intellect, in a sense, is like the words on a page. Do you know you are much like a book? The physical body is like the pages and the binding and the cover. And then you have the words that are written. This is like the intellect. It is the spacing. It is the characters that are used. It is the way the paragraphs break. It is your commas and exclamation points. It is even the design of the individual letters and how they are put together as words and then sentences. This takes an energy and puts it into a series of symbols that flows. Your intellect, in a sense, is like the words in a book, on the pages. Yet what leaps from the pages, what draws your interest and attention, are the feelings and the emotions and the spirit. There is a spirit in your books. It is not contained in the individual letters or the exclamation points, or the spacing between the lines. Those are simply ways to express the spirit of the book.

You are the same. You have a body to get you around, to focus you in the now. You have a mind, which is a way to take all these symbols and put them together in somewhat of a logical sequence. But it is your Spirit, and it is your heart that needs to sing now, to come forth, to express itself. Your divinity does not come through the intellect. The intellect is simply a way of organizing and understanding. The divinity flows through your entire being.

There are those here who try to say it is also in one space in the heart. It is in all the spaces. It is between the lines. It is on every page. It is on the cover. It chooses to sing out in every way. This is all to say to you, do not try to regulate the path. Do not try to intellectualize this process. Playing is not intellectualizing. Playing is simply having fun for the sake of expression. Do the same with your divinity. Play with it, for the sake of expression. Own it. Own it.

And think of all the words that we have spoken on this day and your reactions and emotions to them. And think of how someday you will sit in front of those who come to you and try to explain to them, explain to them it is time for them to take ownership of their divinity. They will be the ones that look back at you with fear, for they have been expecting you to hold it for them. They have been expecting you to be the guide, the one who shows them the way to their divinity.

And one day you will cut them loose, and it will hurt you. It will hurt, for there will be part of you that loves them so dearly. There will be part of you that loves even the role that you have been playing as the teacher. There will be a day when you will tell them it is time to take ownership of their own divinity and to go outside and play. And they will give you the strangest look. You will tell them to go out and play and to throw away all their rules.

Oh, students will come to you. They will have spiral notebooks after spiral notebooks with all of the great things you have ever said to them - and with rules, and with damn diets and all of the rest of the intellectual guidelines. They will clip things from papers, as you have done, that tell them how to live. You will take all those notebooks, throw them off in the trash, and tell them to take ownership of their divinity by going outside and playing.

It is so simple, dear friends. We do not need to say much more. It is so simple. It is time to own it and to play with it and to express it. It has been held up in your brain. You have been searching for it for so long that you almost forgot what you were searching for. You almost lost your sense of humor. It is time to simply play with it.

There are those who will not like the words that we speak. They will not like that we say it is time to throw out these things that you have learned. We remind you that they have served you well. They have brought you to this place. They have gotten you to this point. But it is time to let these go. Listen to your body. Listen to your entire being, and play with your divinity.

We love you dearly, and your guides ask if they can stay around and play with you for a while! (chuckling) We will return in a moment for your questions.

And so it is.



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