< Creator 1QA > When you finally realize that God IS you, you will no longer be listening to channels. You will no longer be students. You will be the teachers. There will be no need to channel.
There is a natural distrust with humans and the messages coming through another who they see as peer. There are many questions that arise, and this is a good thing. This is appropriate. They will not question you when you sit in front of them with your divinity shining strongly, with your truth emanating powerfully. There will not be a question of whether this is true or false, whether this is occurring or not.
This is where we are all going. This is where you are going. And this is where Cauldre is going. There will come a day, when we do not show up for a channel. And on that day he will have to make a decision whether to run out the door or to bring up his own divinity.

< Creator 2 > What you hear in channeling in this Crimson Circle, my friends, should be no surprise to you. It is information that you are already giving to us. We are just mirroring it back to you for validation of what you are truly going through. We do not know the way. We have a different perspective indeed. There are times when we can guide and assist you because we are seeing an overview. But we indeed are learning from each one of you.

< Creator 9 > As we have said to you before, it is not Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) that sits here and channels Tobias or those of the Crimson Council. It is Tobias that channels you through Cauldre. We are channeling you! We are taking your experiences and your energies and your very thoughts and dreams and bringing them back to you. There are very few things that we will say during our times together like this that are totally new to you. They should resonate from within your being because we indeed are channeling you. We are taking all that you know, and all that you are learning, and we are simply presenting it to you from a different perspective. It is us that are channeling you.

< Creator 10 > One of the things you will perhaps feel today, as we have said to you before, is that WE are channeling YOU. We are connecting with each one of you in the room and each one of you reading this, even though it may be some time in the future. We are connecting and we are literally channeling back to you your own thoughts, your own experiences. We ask you to feel yourself in our words today. Feel yourself in our words. YOUR imprint is coming through in the words that are spoken by Cauldre. YOUR imprint is in the energy that is coming through. Your energy imprint comes through the thoughts and the feelings and the spirit of Tobias, and it is conveyed back to you. Feel yourself in our words today. There is part of you in here. It is easy and simple to connect with this. It is YOU.

< Creator 10 > It is no longer separate or different. You are not just listening to some exalted entity who happened to be thrown out of the Bible and land in prison. (audience laughter) Feel yourself in the energy. It is here and it is available for each of you. It will be here throughout the remainder of our time together. You have asked to see the mirror of spirit in you. You have asked to feel the Christ Light within you. It is available now in this next evolution of energy and it is here for you.

< Creator 12QA > We tell each of you that it is us channeling you. We read the consciousness of this group, of Shaumbra. We simply read it back to you. We are channeling you. That is what we are doing. We are seeing into your consciousness and your energy and where you are and simply giving you a report. As we have said before in gatherings like this, we ask each of you to look within for the answers to these upcoming questions, to also look within yourself. When you hear the questions asked on this night, look within your own being. As you do this, your divinity will begin responding. If you put it to practice, it will begin responding. Look within. It will build your divinity. It will allow this light to come forth, stronger and stronger.

< Ascension 1QA > Now we encourage each one of you to begin breathing in your OWN being, your OWN Self. It is a Self that is you, and offers the divine elements, offers a new peace, offers a new balance. Breathe THAT in.

Now we say this, even in front of Cauldre, but this type of channeling will become old soon. It is not the way of the new energy. You do not want to channeling some dead entity! (audience laughter) You want to bring in your own light, and your own radiance. We have said before that there will come a point where we will leave. We will not be here anymore. We said that to scare Cauldre! (audience laughter) We will always be beside you, but we will be encouraging you more and more. We will be encouraging Cauldre - we do not even so much like the word "channeling," - to be all that he is, and for you to be all that you are.

We have told you before, and we will tell you again, we do not know the answers to all of these things. You are the first to be going through this process of divine integration. We are the ones journeying along with you. We are the ones encouraging you. We are looking from a different overview and can therefore offer you advice along the way. Dear friends, you are the first.

Imagine yourself in the role of a teacher in front of another human. You are glowing and illuminating. You are shimmering in colors. They will ask who you are talking to, "Is it an angel? Is it someone from a distant universe, or from another planet, or are you channeling a saint?" And you will say, "No, that glow and that illumination and that love you feel comes from all who I am, the empowerment of my being, my True Self. I am allowing that to come forward."

When the grids change, when the final adjustments are made over the period of the next year or so, many of the entities that have been around will be leaving. And you know why. It is so that you can take your own power. You can take your own place. They do not want you to channeling them. They are here simply in service to you. Many of them will be leaving. They will not be quite so available at that point for channel.

We truly love talking to you. We find it so enjoyable now that you are opening up, now that you are chatting with us, now that you don't feel so embarrassed about driving down the road, talking but having no one else in the car with you! (audience laughter) We welcome these dialogues. We welcome the sharing back and forth. We welcome when you laugh with us, when you allow us close into your life. Oh, this we encourage! You will find that you can open to this. This will be easier and smoother.

We will tell you one thing. As much as we enjoy your friendship - and we hope you enjoy ours - do not ask us how to do it. Do not ask us for the answers. Hold discussion with us, much as you would hold one with your co-worker. But dear friends, when you ask us, you know what we have to do. We have to throw it back at you and say, with all of the potentials that you have to choose from right now, all of the alternative realities, "What would YOU co-create, what would YOU choose?" We will support you in those choices. We will walk beside you, whether you think that choice was right or wrong. We will be there with you forever. You are not alone. The choice is yours.

< Ascension 2QA > I am eating chocolate chip cookies, and I am not overweight. (audience laughter) I get up each morning, and I enjoy hearing the birds sing. I go for a walk, not because I have to, but because I want to. I channeling my inner self because it is the grandest of all beings. I allow my divinity to come forth. I own it. I express it in the world around me, and I do it joyfully. Each day there is abundance in my life. It comes to me in ways that I do not try to plan. I do not try to dictate and control. The abundance and the joy comes to me simply because I allow it." When you sit in front of another, and you are being wise, and you are telling them good things, it is more powerful, believe it or not, that you are channeling yourself, rather than some dead old man, like Tobias. (audience laughter)

< Ascension 4QA > Now, we do have to say this language that we speak of - the divine language - it is new. It has not been used so much in the past. It has not been studied and used by other groups of humans. Unbeknownst to Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), when we came in and started working with him, this was the language that we began with with him. This is how we talked. He is not so much a psychic! (chuckling) He is not so much a sensitive at all. Even when I knew him in physical form, he had a difficult time getting through the day on his own! (audience laughter) So, he does not possess a special gift. And, this was part of our agreement with him. We would come in and communicate at a different level. That is why it took several years for him to integrate this.

We began communicating with him in this new language where it touched his own awakening divinity, and it took a long time before he really began to understand what we were saying to him. But, then it started to rise up. Indeed, he was frustrated initially, because he knew there was something coming in, but he didn't know how to receive the information or to understand it. But, with patience and with work on his part and ours, it began to come up, and one day, indeed, he used the very words "Ah!" He understood. He got it.

Working diligently and practicing, both on our side and his, we began to use this new language in these very channels. We do not do it like the others. It is not to say there is a right or wrong, but we simply note here that we speak through him in a different way. We come in through this new language. Most of this language we communicate in is not processed in the mind. However, a small portion has to be interpreted in words, so that it comes out appropriately to you. But, this is not communication or channeling even in the conventional sense that others do it. It is indeed using the Language of Ah.

< Ascension spQA > You ask how you can communicate with those of us on this side of the veil. And you ask how you can communicate with yourself and your divinity? You say that you have not been able to tap into it yet, that it seems so far away, and so distant, and you are not so sure.
The energy of your divinity, and therefore the knowingness and the love of All That Is, is right at your fingertips. It is already in your heart. It is already part of your mind. It is so close. It is so close that you are overlooking it. You are looking on the other side of that wall, thinking that it will be delivered by someone else from somewhere else. It is so close you do not realize that you are already channel. You are already talking to beings on our side of the veil. You are already in your divinity.

< Ascension spQA > Do you want to channeling I, Tobias, or any other entity - Metatron, Yeshua, or any of those who have shown up at the Crimson Circle? Go closer within. Feel the energies first. Do not worry about the specific words. Understand that it is so close within. Do not worry about the literal words that come through. Feel the energy. In that energy is the knowingness.

Dear ones, you are searching for something that you think looks and sounds and feels different than you. You are looking for yet another outside mirror. It is not so. It will not look or feel or smell different than you do. It will be so much a part of you that it may be a bit difficult to recognize at first. It IS you. It is the divine self that is already there. Even when you come to the realization that you are walking in the divine moment, many of you will deny it. You will continue to look somewhere else for your divinity.

When your awakening divinity is ignored, when you do not acknowledge it, it says to you, "Perhaps I will go back to my sleep for a while to let you finish your game."

< Ascension 11 > You will find more and more people channeling the Mary energy, working with this energy, being drawn to this energy in the next few years of time. You will feel the pure, pure blue color of her energy around you at many times, loving you, and nurturing you, and supporting you. The Mother energy is here because you are birthing your own divinity. The Mother energy is here at this time of birthing your divinity. You will feel this energy through your divine senses. She is very present in this space right now. Many of you have worked with her before. But, there are new aspects to her that you are not so familiar with. There is a brighter and lighter appearance and feel to Mary.

< Ascension 11 > Now… now… dear friends, dear family, we are also going to be changing the way we speak to you after this lesson. When we channeling to you, we come into the room, and we gather up the energy of all of you who are here. And, then we, in a sense, channeling this through Cauldre back to you. It has been somewhat of a passive type of information channel.

< Ascension 11 > When we gather together next month to begin our new series, we will be doing it in a new way. We will be escorting all who are present and all who are willing to a new space. But, it is YOU that will be doing the talking. We will be talking through Cauldre. But, it will not so much be us. I, Tobias, will be there, very present, for I am family, and I love you dearly. But, we will be relying more and more on you. There is a word that we use here on this side to describe this. It is a word that carries the vibration of "shoud." It would be spelled "s-h-o-u-d" in your English language. This is a vibration that means that you are beginning to express yourselves and your own divinity.

< Ascension 11 > You do not need as much of the energy of I, Tobias, or the others. We will gather with you, but it will be more of your voice in Spirit that comes through, more and more of you that comes through. We will become more and more of the audience that is listening to what you are saying. The way that the information is channeled will be different. You will be able to sense it and feel it. We are asking you, and we are asking Cauldre, to make another change and another giant step. This is a new way of communicating and a new way of sharing information. We will still be there at your side. But, we are asking you to step up. We are asking you to own your divinity. We are asking you to be the ones bringing forth your divinity and, therefore, the new information in the New Energy.

< DivineHuman 1 > We have sat here in this chair for three years, channeling you. The dynamics work something like this. You gathered in the room. Your intent was to be here and to share the energy, to share your energy, and also to receive our love. And, when we sat down here, we, in a sense, gathered up the vibration of Shaumbra, and brought it into our reality, into our consciousness on the other side of the veil. Then we flowed it through Cauldre back to you. We went through many levels and many processes to bring in the information.

< DivineHuman 1 > We ask that the channel be a direct interchange between yourselves. We ask that you put your energy in the Circle as always, and, as a group, you will collect this together, meld it together, and then it will come back through Cauldre to you. You will take the middleman out of the process. You will hear yourself. And, it will be a beautiful chorus! On this side of the veil, we call this process "Shoud," "Shoud." Not shout - we do not shout! (audience laughter) Shoud is the vibration of "shou-doe-wah." This is the vibrational pronunciation that we use here. In a sense, it is a derivative of your human word "shadow," or "reflection." That is what you are doing.

< DivineHuman 1 > In Shoud the human channels a group of humans. One human brings together the vibration of all. While it is coming out of one human - in this case, Cauldre - it is the chorus of all of your vibrations. It is like when a group of humans sing. You hear essentially one voice. But, when you listen, you can tell there are many individual voices singing the same word and tune at the same time. When Cauldre goes through Shoud today, it will not just be his voice. You will hear the chorus of your own voice, of your own soul.

< DivineHuman 1QA > There is one example that we would give here. Have them do Shoud together. Have them put their collective selves together. At each meeting have them trade-off of who does the Shoud for the group. There is an interesting dynamic that happens here. It is different when one channels an outside entity like myself. It is quite different. When you channel, when you Shoud, with the ones who are in your group, you have to be in your truth. You have to stand in truth when Shaumbra is channeling Shaumbra.

There are some humans who have interesting interpretations when they channel outside entities. Their own heavy filters distort the picture sometimes. We have seen it happen so often. You could channel any of the archangels, and sometimes the humans in the audience would not even know, would not even know, if you are misinterpreting the information. They would not even know, for instance, if you intended to channel Michael and you ended up with some low-level Earthbound disincarnate entity. How would they know, other than if they were truly connected within?

< DivineHuman 4 > You already know how to channel. You just don't know that you know! It will be so easy for you when you allow yourself to do this, when you truly trust who you are and allow yourself to hear the inner voice, and to feel the inner flame. Indeed, as I have said before, when you connect with who you truly are, what you will hear so clearly in the background is us. You will realize that we have been with you every step of the way. You will realize that you are not alone, that this is a journey of many.

< DivineHuman 4 > There is indeed a new way to channel. We are asking Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) to do this more and more. And, it is not what you have thought it would be. The old energy method of channeling was to "vacate" yourself in order for the angels to talk through you. You would allow the angels to use your body, your voice and your reality as a vehicle for their energies. Do you know, we are asking Cauldre now to be fully present with us, to have his energy fully present in the Now as we channel? This way it will not be so difficult on his body. It will be natural. He will not be an empty vessel. He will be part of the energetic group bringing forth the message. It will be a chorus of angelic and human energies.

< DivineHuman 4 > It is the same for you, dear friends. When you learn how to channel, be fully present. Know that we want you present with us. We are standing together, all of us. You worry that there is some part of you, the part that you do not trust, that will interfere, that will filter, that will distort the messages. Know that you are beyond this. Know that when you truly trust and you truly allow your divine flame to come forth, it will not lead you astray. It will not bring you misappropriate messages.

< DivineHuman 4 > When you open your feelings and participate with us, this creates a strong channel. You will find that it is not so difficult on your body or your mind. You will not have to go through such drastic changes to move out of what you call your humored… human state - or humored state, as we like to call it (audience laughter over Tobias' accidental, but humorous slip of the tongue) - into an altered state. In the New Energy, you are a fully present, divine human, allowing us to come into your Now and then bring forth the chorus of the message of all of us. This is the New Energy channel. This is what you are about. This is who you are becoming. Be with us. Join with us. Say, "Yes!" And, let all of us move into this New Energy.

< DivineHuman 7 > Channeling is old. It is going by the wayside. Sorry, Cauldre! It is about allowing yourself to FEEL once again. And, when you allow yourself to feel, that opens the doorway to connect with your divinity and your God-self. When you allow yourself to feel, you can connect with anything. It has vibration. It has a unique energetic fingerprint. And, you can connect with that. When you allow yourself to feel, you can tap into the energy of a tree. Perhaps, the tree doesn't have anything to share in terms of words or profound wisdom. It may just ask you to feel its energy. And it feels yours. You connect with that tree. You could say you are channeling. There is a channel between you and that tree.

< DivineHuman 9 > There was no need for a separate Shoud. There is no need for I, Tobias, to speak and then for the Shoud. It all becomes one. We sit at that point of separation where all the layers intersect or meld together. The Shoud is the channel. I am you. You are me. All the voices are one. The Shoud is the channel. There is no need for that distinction anymore. A bit of a change… we should have warned Cauldre… he gets so nervous. (audience laughter) For the past 15 minutes he has been saying, "But, Tobias, you are talking long today. Will we have time for a Shoud?" We have been in Shoud, dear friends.

< DivineHuman 10 > You will not hear words from us, believe it or not. If you get words in your head, for the most part, you are not hearing us. You are connecting to an Old intellectual system, an intellectual system that is outdated and archaic. That is not channeling. When you think you have to hear words or have to type something out through your fingers, those are Old ways of bringing messages through. You will hear us in your heart, in your feelings. It will be a movement. It will be an essence and a feeling. Later on, you will know what to do with it. You will understand what was truly being conveyed with you. When you talk to us, just allow yourself to be in the moment and feel us. Feel us.

< NewEnergy 2 > The work with these channels - what we now call the Shouds - is becoming so much easier. There is a profound difference for I, Tobias. I used to come in to a nervous and somewhat bewildered Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe). He was not so sure if I would show up! He was not so sure if his energy was clear enough to allow me to come in with the highest amount of integrity. Back in those early days… oh, dear friends, you were so different then, so much sadder, so much more fearful of yourself!

Now we can join together energetically and Shoud in a single voice, yet in many, many voices. What you hear now is much more than I, Tobias. You are hearing Cauldre. He is finally allowing himself to become part of this. Amazing! (audience laughter)

You are hearing yourself, for you are opening your heart, and you realize that we are all connected. You realize that we simply bring your message back to you. You are opening your heart in love and in trust, and lending your energy. Therefore, you can hear your voice written into these words, written into the vibration of this energy. You are allowing yourself to hear yourself for the first time.

< NewEnergy 3QA > You could say that channelers - any channeler - delivers a message for that Now moment. What was given to the group of Mennonites was, in a sense, channeled. It was meant for that group. And it was meant for that time.

< NewEnergy 11 > How long I, Tobias, will remain on this side before I come back to Earth for another incarnation. It is my agreement, my commitment, to stay here on this side at least through the time of the quantum leap in 2007. Beyond that we are not quite so sure. There are many elements that come into play. Cauldre and I are having a little discussion here. Beyond 2007, dear friends, it would not even be appropriate to do the type of channeling, or what we now call Shouds, as we are doing now. So, the dynamics of all of this will change, the dynamics of how I work with you should I stay here on this side of the veil. After 2007 the dynamics will change considerably.

< Embodiment 4 > As Cauldre sits here now and channels, he is not somewhere else. He is fully participating because we demand it. We want him to be here. And, we want you to be involved in this channel. Your energy is here. That is why these words are familiar, like perhaps you heard these last night or driving down the street the other day. We want you to participate. When you do not participate, when you try to back out of the spiritual equation of yourself and of Earth right now, yes, indeed the voices that will come in will deceive you because you are deceiving yourself. The voices that come in will be untrue because you are being untrue to yourself. The voices that tell you things that are deliberately misleading are really you reflecting yourself. You are deliberately misleading yourself about who you are.

It is incumbent that you participate in this right now in every aspect of your life. If you are going to channel, if you are going to talk to us, you have to participate. There is an Old Energy type of feeling… a type of understanding that you had to back out of the way because you are just a little tiny human… just an insignificant speck… just an unintelligent life force that you had to back out to let the big guys come in… to let these grand and alien intelligences come in… or these grand archangels to come in. You had to move out of the way, and then they could possibly - if they had time and if you were worthy enough - they could possibly… maybe… perhaps… give you a little token message to pass on to the rest of the world. That is our understanding of your understanding, Shaumbra.

It is a different energy now. And, we are asking you to participate. You will hear the true voices when you participate. If you are a channeler, be active in the channel. Stop trying to get yourself out. Embody yourself in that channel, exactly like what you're doing right now. You are embodying yourself in this channel. Cauldre and Linda are embodying themselves in this channel. They are allowing it to be. If you are going to be asking for advice and guidance from our side, you have to participate in that as well. You have to let it come in you and through you. Stop trying to make yourself invisible, make yourself go away. How else do you think the energy of your divinity will ever come through?

< Embodiment 4 > Sometimes you wonder what it is you're supposed to do next in your life. And, we stand waiting for you to make that decision; then we support you. Sometimes you wonder, "How come Spirit hasn't answered my request. It's been five years now. I asked, 'what am I supposed to do?' And, I still haven't gotten an answer." You weren't home, Shaumbra, when the answer came. The answer will keep coming back around. It keeps spinning back around over and over. And, it puts on a new - how to say - set of clothing each time it comes to revisit you. But, so often you have been ignoring it. You've been ignoring the answer that keeps coming back to you. You keep waiting for the big voice in the sky. It happens in the Now moment inside of you.

< Embodiment 4 > This is not just - how to say - a simple request. There is a physics behind this. It requires that in the New Energy that you are now beginning to integrate that you have to be fully present. You can't be an absentee owner of your divinity. In the New Energy you have to be fully present and participating. Then we can come in. We can come in and serve you in the manner that you want to be served and you need to be served.

< Embodiment 4 > In the Old Energy there was an occasional prophet. The prophets actually were all mad - we have to tell you. They were indeed. They had to be. They had to be somewhat crazy. They had to be very unbalanced in order to be able to bring in the energies and the messages. But, there were only a few of them. Now, as we move into the New Energy - as you move into the New Energy - you are all prophets. You are all prophets in your own right. When you move into this New Energy, and you fully participate in your creations in your reality, then we can move in. We couldn't do that before with humans. The veil or the barriers were too strong.

< Embodiment 4 > The veil goes both ways. You knew that, didn't you? No, you didn't. You thought we could peer down and see everything that was going on on Earth. We are sitting up here on our big clouds watching you where you couldn't see, or feel, or hear us, where you were isolated. Shaumbra, the veil is two ways. It requires a mutual participation on your side and on ours to come through. That is why we say that the prophets of old had to a little bit crazy in order to help transcend or to help break through that veil. And, we had to be a little crazy to work with them. We had to - how to say - unbalance our energy. We had to rearrange our energies in order to come through the prophets of your modern era in particular.

< Clarity 3 > We are there speaking with you all of the time. Perhaps, you don't recognize the voice. Perhaps, you think you are one who cannot do channeling. But, you are talking with us all of the time. You hear it most of the time as your own voice or as aspects of your own voice. But, as you continue to be your own vast expanse, you learn to feel the difference between yours… yours from the past… other voices… the voices of I, Tobias… or any of the beings on the angelic realms. This may be familiar to you because it is the energy of Shaumbra. And, you are part of that.

< Clarity 3QA > Channeling is a wonderful way to open yourself to your expanded state of being. In order to channel you have to open up. It's pure and simple. So, it gives you now a whole new tool that you are so much more open. Just because it is channeled information doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be shared with the world. Perhaps, there is a small group, and perhaps there is a book, and perhaps it is just a type of network for you.

Perhaps, it would come in very helpful, having learned how to do channeling, now to be able to take the expanded energies and feelings now when you are working with your clients on a one-on-one basis to be able to read their energy better, in other words, to be able to tap into their higher divine self, whatever you choose to call it. The channeling is not necessarily the end. It is the means.

In other words, just because you are now channeling doesn't mean that has to be your profession. It opens you up to so much other potential. As a person, such as you, opens up to channeling, which is also learning to trust yourself, it also opens up a tremendous amount of other creative energies that can be used in any area you choose, whether it is healing, whether it is opening a restaurant, or whether it is writing music. So, channeling is not necessarily the end.

As a matter of fact, we find that in this society of yours that channeling for the most part is viewed with a very jaundiced eye, and that most people are skeptical about it. That is why we tend to say that channeling has become Old Energy, that it is time to speak in your own voice. But, your one year of training is going to prove to be so beneficial in other endeavors in your life. And, you can still continue channeling all at the same time.

< Clarity 6 > But, Cauldre has spent many lifetimes training as a channeler. And, one of the important things for any of you who channel isn't just about opening up so we can come through. It is about opening up so you can come through also. You open up all of the pipelines - us, yourself, the ones you are channeling or Shouding for. You open all of these. So, Cauldre studied that, as many of you have in the past. But, there is also something else that happens in studying about channeling - how to literally bring all of these dimensional energetic aspects through your voice. When Cauldre channels, also coming through his physical voice are the vibrations of us and you.

< Clarity 10QA > I will support and assist anyone. You, this dear one you are speaking of, any Shaumbra here in what they want to do - but I need their energy in it first. And this one you speak of was too willing to defer to myself and others, and therefore, our energies weren't readily available. We needed this dear one to be so intimately a part of the process. The New Energy channeling is not the channeler, such as Cauldre, taking a back seat. We want them right in the front seat with us and then we will support the activities. "The transformation series" now is old and the materials that were part of that no longer need to be brought through in the same way. There is a new series - the potential of a new series - waiting to be brought out.

< MNEC2009-T2 > Up until now it hasn’t been possible for … well, I have to chuckle when you say ascended master - it’s just a sovereign being. That’s all it is. But it hasn’t been very possible for a sovereign being to come back to Earth in physical form. So we’ve come back, the legions of sovereign beings - about 9,000 - we’ve been coming to you through channelers. We’ve been coming to you through mediums and psychics and other sort of ways. And some, like Adamus, can make a temporary illusion of being in human form, but it disappears after no more than a day or two. We’ve been coming back in different ways - burning bushes (laughter) and all these different gimmicks that we’ve tried with you, a few ghosts now and then. But I’m coming back.

< (Next) 4 > Let me explain the dynamics here. When Cauldre is going into what you call this channel state, there's a surrender that takes place. I assume he trusts me to come into his body and mind and spirit, so we meld together. I infuse my energy deep within him, and then we do this beautiful meld. So what you see here is Adamus, Cauldre, lovely Linda, and now, how about you. How about I infuse into you, hmmm, and then we create this amazing thing, which we've been doing for a while, called a Shoud, where we become together. And let's not call it "one," but we are in sync and in harmony.