ascended master

a master who has achieved ascecsion;
ones who have accepted the sovereignty;

< QLCeleb 4 > I am that I am, slave boy turned grand ascended master, Adamus Saint-Germain.

< Returning 9 > Oh, and right now the energies on Earth are so intense. So intense. I've actually had to stop a few times, dear friends. I've had to stop and reconsider this whole thing about coming back to Earth! (laughter) I…I perhaps fooled myself and said this is going to be a cakewalk. I'm going to come back, what you would call, an ascended master and I'm going to remember it doesn't matter. (laughter) Oh, woe to any ascended master who thinks that it's that easy.

< Returning 10QA > So it goes to say that belief systems are very important, and as the owner, as the sovereign being, you can have your belief systems work for you, not against you. The greatest beings - the ascended masters - develop and have developed belief systems, but they know it's just a game. They know they can create it and uncreate it at any time. They use belief systems like you would use dollar bills.

< MNEC2009-K > Tobias went on to his own sovereignty, and there are not that many what you would say ascended masters in all of the realms - perhaps about 9,000, it doesn't matter - but not many. There are a lot of remarkable masters; there are a lot of remarkable angelic beings at very, very high levels, but yet not many ascended masters - ones who have accepted the sovereignty. And there are none to date - none to date, dear Shaumbra - that have ever returned back to Earth in physical body. Ever.

< MNEC2009-K > But I, Kuthumi, would like to share with you today that Tobias - To-Bi-Wah - is actually the first ascended master to be rebirthing to Earth, something he never mentioned all of these years in working with you. So it is my honor to share that with you. And in a matter of hours, he's going to be back. He's going to be right here with you. It's only been possible - only been possible - because of you; because of passing that marker called the Quantum Leap; because consciousness was at a point that would allow the very complex physics to take place.

< MNEC2009-K > He's going through his own challenges at this very moment of rebirthing, of forgetting, of getting into this type of energy tube that quickly makes you forget where you come from. But I know Tobias is going to remember who he is, for one reason - because you're here right now, helping to bring in that energy. You're not here for necessarily what you think you are. You're here for an event that is of historic proportions - an ascended master rebirthing on Earth - and it's happening right now. I want you to feel … I invite you feel in for a moment, into these amazing energies of Tobias being rebirthed, because part of you is being rebirthed also. Part of you is coming back in on this comet of energy with Tobias.

< MNEC2009-T2 > Up until now it hasn’t been possible for … well, I have to chuckle when you say ascended master - it’s just a sovereign being. That’s all it is. But it hasn’t been very possible for a sovereign being to come back to Earth in physical form. So we’ve come back, the legions of sovereign beings - about 9,000 - we’ve been coming to you through channelers. We’ve been coming to you through mediums and psychics and other sort of ways. And some, like Adamus, can make a temporary illusion of being in human form, but it disappears after no more than a day or two. We’ve been coming back in different ways - burning bushes (laughter) and all these different gimmicks that we’ve tried with you, a few ghosts now and then. But I’m coming back.

< MNEC2009-T2 > The spiritual physics worked out so I could do it. And you know, when they asked for volunteers on the other side and in the Third Circle club, I raised my hand first. I couldn’t wait to get back. But you know what? Next week there’s going to be two more ascended masters who are coming to Earth. One, a natural birth; the other, a young shell body. By the end of next month, there’s going to be over 30 ascended masters who have rebirthed on Earth. By the end of the year, there’s going to be over 120 ascended masters who have rebirthed on Earth. And by mid next year, there are going to be over 1,516 ascended masters embodied back on Earth for you.

< MNEC2009-T2 > They’re coming because of you, because you’ve helped to change the consciousness of Earth. You’ve made it possible for the sovereign being to come back. These ascended masters coming back to Earth are going to work with you in many, many ways - some very human and direct, some in the other realms tightly connected to Earth - but they’re going to work with you to bring the consciousness of this planet to an unimaginable level over the next few decades. This is the shift. It’s happening right now. As Kryon said before, don’t wait until 2012. You’re going to miss it.

< MNEC2009-T2 > As the ascended masters come and they connect with you, which they will do - they’re going to energetically connect with you - this is going to cause great change on Earth, continued change on Earth. It’s going to cause the human masters - you - to step forward. The sovereign beings, the ascended masters coming back to Earth now, they’re going to need guidance, particularly in their early years. They’re going to need the books you have written. Can you imagine just one book that one of you has written getting into the hands of an awakening ascended master, reminding that ascended master of everything that they are? A class that you do, a song that you sing?

< MNEC2009-T2 > Do you get the picture now of what you have been doing here on Earth? Do you understand why Kryon, Kuthumi, Adamus and Tobias have been telling you? You didn’t get it. You didn’t understand. You forgot who you were. You forgot the master that you are. You helped to pave the way. You helped to open the doors, not so the ascended masters can come in and teach you, but so you can work shoulder to shoulder, side by side with them. Let’s take a deep breath and acknowledge - please acknowledge - who you are.

< Master 5 > By the way, remember Tobias talking about the Masters coming back? There are hundreds and hundreds of Masters back on the Earth right now, have taken physical form, and they are becoming so connected with each and every one of you. If you're sitting in the chair here and saying, "Yes, but I'm new here. Adamus isn't talking to me," oh yes I am. If you're sitting here saying, "But I'm not one of the up and coming Shaumbra. I'm trailing behind here," no you're not. No you're not. I'm addressing every one of you. Everyone. So …

< Master 10 > One of the things that is common with what you call Ascended Masters, the ones who really come into their own, is there comes a point in their process when they know they're done. No more Earth, no more lifetimes, no more connections with humans as they knew it. No more sitting around the dinner table. No more taking walks in the woods. No more 'hmm hmm hmm,' you know, with the other person. (laughter at how Adamus alluded to sex) No more gatherings like this. There comes a point every Ascended Master goes through where a real desire to turn back, to stay a few more lifetimes.

< Master 10 > Sooner or later everybody is going to come this way. It might be a lot later for some. You just happen to be on the leading edge of things. Yes, there are some Ascended Masters who came before you, but not many. You're actually what I would consider, truly, the first group to be going through this. A lot of individuals up until now, but you're the first group. So, if you recall your experiences at this point, for most of you, exhilarating; overwhelming; made you reconsider everything; made you just filled with anticipation, joy.

< (Next) 3 > Ahmyo is pure, absolutely pure, the pure self, actually, kind of the realization of the I Am. Ahmyo, where you stop doubting everything that happens, you stop trying to analyze it. "Everything is created by me for" - whatever you want to call it - "a higher good, for my own expansion or for my joy of life. Every little thing." That level of trust in self is what all of the Ascended Masters aspired to, or experienced, I should say, in their final lifetimes on Earth. That - ahmyo - is, what you could say, was the final and perhaps the most joyful step.

< (Next) 4 > In this New Energy, there's nothing that you don't already know, nothing that any of the other Masters or ascended beings have anything any better than you. But what happens when we gather like this, we join our energies together, and in a sense you're making a request specifically for where you are. You're sending a message, shortly in advance or when we go into the Shoud energy, saying, "Here's what I need to know about today." It's amazing. We just went about two levels deeper or broader, as you can say, by allowing me to infuse myself in you. And then you can exhale when Aandrah does the breathing at the end of this gathering.

< (Next) 10 > That (to be a Standard) was one of the things of the past Masters, you call them, some of the ones that you study and read about - so much denial of the human experience; so much thinking or believing the negative about being human, that it was all about getting off this planet. It is about getting into this planet. It is about getting into this life of yours. It doesn't get better when you leave here. You might as well do it here. And it's easy. It is so simply and beautifully and marvelously easy.

< (Next) 11 > You've done all of this - that big evolution - and part of you is not really sure if you're ready. Part of you is not sure if you're even ready to get out of that (spiral), because eventually you're not on that spiral anymore. Spiral, you realize, is an illusion. The mind is trying to fill in 'what ifs.' What if you suddenly had the grand realization in this moment, it all came together; suddenly you're a true Master and these energies just came flowing in, instantly aligned without efforting? Suddenly, you're going to be very different than everybody else. A lot of people won't like you. Look what happened to Jesus. That's where we're at. That's, again, a great starting point for Keahak.

< e2012 4 > Now, this is a bit of a challenge, because most of the Ascended Masters – the 9,000 or so ones who ascended – have their enlightenment and within days, maybe weeks, maybe a year or two, they leave the physical body. It has been too difficult to stay in this dense environment. With enlightenment, it is very difficult to put up with mass consciousness, very difficult to be in this solid mass – hurts the body, very difficult on the consciousness – and many of the Ascended Masters felt like they were being sucked back out of enlightenment, even though that wouldn’t have happened, but there is a kind of a water-boarding effect. You just feel like it’s going to happen.

< e2012 5 > It's one of the things that the Ascended Masters had a particular difficult time with – no pun intended – but they had difficulty with this whole concept of going beyond time and space. So you want more consciousness, you want more energy and all the rest of these things, but they are not going to fit into this tube. This tube is defined by time and space and a certain energy equation. We're going to go beyond that.

< e2012 6 > Ascended Masters came here for themselves. Not even for compassion. They came here for one thing – their sovereignty – and that's what Earth is all about. Sooner or later, everybody makes their way through, including the whales, the dolphins, the bumblebees, everything else. It all works out. It already has worked out.

< e2012 7 > Why am I (Adamus) here? I'm here because you asked me to be. I'm here because you have brought tremendous consciousness. You brought tremendous the Christ Seed consciousness to this planet. You seeded it a long time ago in the ground, in the air, in mass consciousness. You gave it to yourself before you ever got here. You – most of you – were around in the time of Yeshua. You were part of that whole liberation that took place at the time. You were here to bring about what you have commonly called the New Age, and here we're in it.

I'm here because you said this is going to be the lifetime. Tobias was here for the same reason. You said, “This is going to be the lifetime.” You knew in your absolute brilliance, that there was a potential to get stuck; there was potential, definitely, to go mental; the effects of mass consciousness, like a heavy smog, a thick blanket, were going to keep you suppressed. So I'm here to help move you through that.

I'm here because we just haven't graduated many humans. In the course of all humanity, in the millions of years humans have been on this planet – 9,000 (graduates). That's a low, low number. I'm here to graduate a few, hopefully more than a few, hopefully, all of you. But, ultimately, it's up to you.

< freedom 10 > One of the difficulties about being where you are at with the realization of your enlightenment – and I say the realization, because the enlightenment is already there, and you know that. It's the realization or the awareness of your enlightenment. It's the allowing of what is already within you. This stage or in this experience of the realization is that there is very, very little guidance at this point.

You've got a little bit of guidance from me and from some of the other angelic beings, but please realize that there are not that many human or angelic beings who have ever realized and accepted their true sovereignty – you call it being an Ascended Master – very, very few, a little over 9,000, more on the way. Yes, through you of course, more on the way, but very, very few. So how could some of the beings who are in service to humanity – and some who say they're in service to humanity but are more in service to themselves – how could they possibly be working as your guides right now? Because they don't know.

I'll tell you, there are many channeled entities that are being channeled through humans these days, but they have not gotten to where you are in their own freedom, in their own sovereignty. They're still searching just like you. Just because they're from a different dimension or some mother ship or they had an illustrious famous past life, doesn't mean that they understand any more than you do.

You're at the point where there is very little guidance, because there are very few who can actually guide you at this point, who actually understand what you're going through and why you're going through it. Very, very few beings angelic or otherwise who really understand. Furthermore, the ones who do understand, they know it's time to take a few steps back to let you go through the discovery yourself.

< freedom 10 > You're led to feel guilty if you say Jesus had sex or … he wasn't even an Ascended Master. He was just a collective. He was just your potential. I'm going to make a statement; he's not an Ascended Master.

< freedom 10 > Can women not ascend? Well how come there's no … women, you've been following stories of Masters who are men. What is wrong with that? History. Yeah, his story. Quan Yin, was she ascended? Was she a woman? Did she care? No. There are more, first of all, more women in the old Mystery Schools that we had than men, oddly enough. There are more Ascended Masters that came from their last lifetime in the feminine body. Why is that?

They could do it quietly, because all the men were running around having wars or thumping their chests about Jesus. And the women could just stay at home and, you know, take care of the house, but really take care of themselves. There are more, you would say, women – but they're not women – in the Ascended Masters Club.

Although I'd kind of like that. I was a man, so … But there are more that came from feminine incarnations, because they could. They didn't have the demands and the pressure on them. And also it's actually a little easier for women. It's easier for the feminine energy. Yeah, a little bit more intuitive and less rigid. Yes. But have a bitchier time going through enlightenment.

< freedom 10 > Every one of them will tell you – ask any Master you happen to see – they're going to tell you that, “Don't do it like I did.” That's what they're going to say. They don't want you to go through the hardship. And it was a totally different era. Time was different back then, literally. I mean, time was different back then. Energy was different. Consciousness was different. Everything. They're going to encourage you to do it in a different way, hopefully without the degree of suffering and angst that they went through.

< discovery 2 > But you get to a certain point in the awakening – you really can't turn back. You've learned too much. You've been exposed to too much. You know too much by now. You get to a point of no return. And there comes a point in awakening where there really are not many on the outside, because where you're going is where a few angels have ever gone before. Truly, in all of the cosmos, few angels have ever gone there. We talk about the fact that there's less than 10,000 Ascended Masters, but there are not many angelic beings who have gone where you are.

< Discovery 5 > But it is time. There is such a beautiful, beautiful critical mass, I call it, of the Shaumbra consciousness, and it was brought to my attention recently at the Ascended Masters Club. And one of the Ascended Masters asked, “Well how goes that Shaumbra group?” So I thought I'll really check into it. I'll really feel into it. And it even surprised us, delighted us, as we felt into each and every one of you – Where is this entity called Shaumbra? Where are you? – that there was such a critical mass, such a passion and desire. We said it's not about just five, although a couple already have, it's about where you're at. That's when I said, “I'm leaving. I'm leaving so that I can now work with the Masters.” I thought it was going to be just a few. I think it's going to be a few more than that.

< Discovery 8 > But me, I'm just passing through. Just passing through on my way to a, oh, maybe another gathering in the Ascended Masters Club. We picked up another one last week. (a few Ohs! and Ooohs from the audience). You're jealous? (Adamus chuckles) “Oooh,” they say right away. Do you hear that guys (looking up) and ladies? Thank you. There's actually more former ladies in the Ascended Masters Club than there are men. Yeah, it's about the same ratio of what you have here – about 70 percent women Masters, 30 percent men. So men, man up! (laughter) Master up.

< Kharisma 2 > There are a little over ninety-six hundred Ascended Masters in the other realms. Not so many. Not so many when you consider all the billions of incarnations that have ever taken place on this planet. When you consider all the entities in all of the other realms, there's only ninety-six hundred. It's actually a very small and very elite group of beings. Now, this is a fact. It's an Adamus fact, but it is a fact. Of the ninety-six hundred plus, I have taught or guided or been the Master for 852 of these.  Wow! I've impressed myself. That is a wow, kind of. It's actually earned me my own seat at the Ascended Masters Club with my name – in gold, of course – at the Ascended Masters Club. And when I come into the room, everything stops. It gets very quiet and there's a big “Wow!” Wow. And I look over at Buddha, (more laughter as he gloats), and …

< Kharisma 2 > There's Yeshua, and that's the true being that lived some 2,000 years ago. It was a, what you would call, the collective consciousness. It was a combination of a lot of beings putting their energy into what you could say a Standard, Yeshua who was truly a Master, Yeshua, who got angry, Yeshua, who had sex, Yeshua, who challenged why he was here, therefore in a way you challenging why you are here, Yeshua that came to plant the Christ seed consciousness – which means the crystal or Christos consciousness – on this planet. There's not too many that actually remember Yeshua, but for most of you, he was your teacher also, as he was mine. He was your teacher. So you could say that there's quite a few in the Ascended Masters Club that had the true Yeshua as their guide, as their teacher, as their Master.

< Kharisma 2 > So, my dear friends, I do have to my credit 852 who have been my students, who I have taught in the past. Now I'm teaching a very large group. You could say that actually prior to coming to Shaumbra, I taught, worked with, guided, whatever you want to call it, approximately 52,000 beings in the Mystery Schools in the past. That's actually not a lot. It's not a lot. Of those, 852 – whooshhh! – up in the Ascended Masters realms. “Ascended Master” just means you can do anything you want, whenever you want, however you want. It's kind of cool. But that's not new. You already knew that. (Adamus chuckles)

< Transhuman10-1 > Let's take a deep breath and also invite in 1,590 embodied Masters, Ascended Masters who have come back to Earth, like Tobias and many others who have come, many of them right now just seven, eight years old, just young ones, but who are coming into a world at a very interesting time. Coming into a world not to save it, but rather to enjoy a lifetime that they may not have done in their past lifetime, to enjoy life, but also coming in to connect this thing called consciousness, to connect it with each and every one of you. So let's take a deep breath right now and welcome in all of the embodied Masters, the 1,590 who came back, incarnated into the physical body. Let's welcome them in as well.