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steady balanced energy; beacon of light;
embodied enlightenment

< MNEC2006-A > Today we are going to initiate the energy of Crimson Circle and each who chooses to become a Standard - a Standard of the Crimson Circle. We have carefully chosen the word "Standard." In the past we've used words like "knights," we have used words like "priests," or we have used other secret type of words to identify each of those who participates in the Order. We've chosen the word "Standard" for each one of you who chooses to be initiated today. And now you understand why Tobias asked that there be no other initiations, meditations, or anything of the sort. We have been saving it for this moment with Shaumbra.

< MNEC2006-A > A standard is a level of quality. A standard is a foundation and a pillar. A standard becomes an example to others. A standard is a beacon of light. A standard is something that brings in the appropriate energy at the moment. So we choose, with you, with a bit of reluctance perhaps, for the initiation of the Standards of you, initiating you into the Order of the Crimson Council Circle.

< MNEC2006-A > The Way of the Standards begins with Self.

1. It is first about loving yourself, for how can you serve others, how can you help others if you haven't learned to love yourself. So much of what you have learned in your loneliness since you were asked to leave the old orders was about discovering love of self. And in order to discover the love, you had to discover the darkness. You had to discover the rejection and the hatred and the loneliness so that you could come back here knowing what it was truly like to fall in love with yourself.

2. And next, with Self, in the Way of the Standards, is to follow your own truth. You've learned what it was like to follow the truth of others and, as Kuthumi would say, it sucks. (laughter) You've learned that following the truth of others leads to a dead end, leads to anxiety and depression, leads to confusion within yourself. But when you follow your own truth, it is clear; it is apparent; it is pure.

3. And the Way of the Standards, it is also about trusting yourself. Oh, in these past seven years you've played with trusting everything else - spirit, guides, your own mind - everything but yourself so that you could understand now what it is like to hear that blessed inner voice, and it is not a quiet voice once you discover it. It is a voice that is so clear and pure that you know it's your truth.

4. And in the Way of the Standard for Self there is also abundance. You've gone out in these thousands of years of time and discovered what it is like to live in lack and poverty, to live in a belief system of limitations. You've learned what it is like to be a beggar, to be a sufferer. You've learned what it is like to deny the flow of energy into your life. But now as a Standard of the Order of the Crimson Circle, you accept the way of abundance.

Abundance in every form of your life with the appropriate energies flowing in to you at the exact time and the exact moment that you need it. Not delivered on the wings of angels, not delivered as a gift from spirit, but as something that you're choosing and manifesting for yourself in your own life and discovering that abundance is natural. Abundance is flow. Abundance is the expression of the love that you have for yourself.

< MNEC2006-A > In the Way of the Standard of the Order of the Crimson Circle, it is also about Creation, and there are four points to creation.

1. The first way is to take responsibility for your own creation. You have learned that nobody else is responsible for your life. You're not a victim. Nobody else is doing it for you. You set up an elaborate series of energy movements that allow creation - your creation - to come into your life. You can't blame it on anyone else, you can't be the victim to somebody else's abuse. The Standard takes responsibility for their own creations.

2. Point number two of creations is to give your own creations life and freedom. It is one thing to create something, it is another then to bless it with your life force divine energy and allow it its life, allow it its freedom. So often humans will create and then control, but that leaves a true lack, a true vacuum of energy and a true imbalance of energy.

But when you create something in your life, you breathe life into your creation and then you give it freedom. It can grow. It can grow in ways that the human mind cannot even comprehend. It can grow into potentials that you don't even realize are there today. Giving life, breathing life and freedom into your creations is like the relationship between a parent and a child. Parents will birth a child but they don't own it. A parent will raise a child but eventually they must let it go, growing on its own. Now, the difference is that your creations are always yours, always part of you, so why would you want to limit.

3. You want to breathe life into every creation. Breathe life into yourself as a Teacher. Breathe life into everything that you abund into your life. Give it freedom to grow. Give it freedom of beauty and joy and expression and it will come back to you many, many different ways.

The Standard of the Council and the Order of the Crimson Circle never limits their creations, never has expectations of the outcome. It is open ended. You create and then you never restrict. You allow it to keep flowing. All creations are flexible.

4. The way of the Standard is Gnost - point number four - Gnost. Tobias talked about gnost the other day. Gnost is the solution. Gnost is the creative flow. Gnost is an energy that has not been used in eons of time, and as gnost comes in, it bridges the divine and the human, and as a creator as a Standard, you allow gnost to flow in. Instead of being bound and restricted by problems and challenges, you simply allow gnost to come in to present the clear and open solution.

< MNEC2006-A > And the Way of the Standard of the Order of the Crimson Circle, it is also Life.

1. And the first point of life is to choose life. To choose life every moment and every breath. To choose that you are here on Earth at this incredible time, this shift into the New Energy. To choose life everyday, to let your body, mind, gnost and spirit know that you are choosing to be here. When you choose to be in the physical body, it changes the entire composition of your energy structure and therefore attracts a whole different type of energy to you. If you choose life, you will attract life-choosing energies to you.

2. In life, the second point, is to have compassion for everything. Compassion for yourself first of all. Compassion for everything you have done; compassion for every experience that you have ever had; compassion for that moment when you were asked to leave one of the ancient Orders. Oh it has been a heavy burden on your heart and on your history. Take a look at it now. Take a look at the love that your elders had when they asked you to leave. Take a look at the compassion that they had, to ask a dear loved one and an honored leader to leave the very Order that they had helped to create with you.

Have compassion for every person, every experience; compassion for those who are victims and abusers; compassion for those who are having difficulties and problems in their life, because they are choosing it. Compassion is about honoring their choice and about smiling on the homeless person, smiling on one who is handicapped or crippled, smiling on those who are rich and powerful, smiling on all. That is compassion. The Standard has compassion for everything and an understanding that everything is being chosen and acted out appropriately.

3. In life... in life, the third point is to accept the blessings of life. There are many. Life is here to serve you. Life is here to serve everything. It is filled with blessings. There are blessings abundantly around you right now - blessings from Gaia, blessings from other humans, blessings that occur in every moment. Every person that you meet on the street, every person that you have a relationship with, every animal, every bird, every breeze that caresses your face is a blessing. It has a reason and a purpose in your life. Accept each and every thing as a blessing. Not as an accident, not as something that just happens to happen, but as a synchronous event and blessing in your life, and you will start to appreciate life in a whole new way.

4. As a Standard of the Order of the Crimson Circle, it is also about honoring life as you honor yourself, and honoring yourself as life honors you. This is Yeshua's principle. This is about "Treat others as you would have them treat you." There is a reciprocal energy for everything. Treat life as you would have it treat you. Treat yourself well, dear friends. Treat yourself well.

< MNEC2006-A > In the Way of the Standards of the Order of the Crimson Council on Earth is also - the fourth category - is also about teachers. That is what you are, Teachers, and the first point is:

1. Be a teacher to all who come to you - and there will be many. And they will come in many shapes and forms, they will come to you in many different ways. They won't necessarily come just to sign up for a workshop. They may come as someone you bump into at the store, as a co-worker, as a child, a parent, a friend. They are going to come to you in all ways and shapes.

The important thing to note here is they will come to you. The Standard does not evangelize or preach because the Standard honors. But the Standard also knows that they will come to you at the right time. And then listen. Listen. It's not about preaching or even trying to teach. Just listen. You will know what to say at the exact right moment. You will be able to feel and sense into them at every level. You will be able to connect with their divine self and their human self simultaneously and you will know the exact right words to say. You are a teacher and they will come to you.

2. The second point in the Way of the Standard about teaching is to understand that you are a teacher of joy. It is not a duty. You are not being assigned to do it. You don't have to do it. This is not a hoop that you have to jump through, this is not a service that you have to endure in order to make it to your next level. You are not being asked by any of the angelic Beings in the Crimson Council to do this unless it is your joy. If you teach because you feel it is duty, it's going to come across as duty. It's going to be struggling. It's going to be difficult, and your students will come to you with the same energy of duty and it will be unfulfilling. The Standard teaches in joy.

3. The Standard also - point number three of teaching - the Standard also teaches without expectation of reward. There's no brownie points for this, you don't get a better seat in the Crimson Council. (some laughter) You don't get a better DreamWalk just because you've been a teacher. There is no reward, and the paradox is that if you teach in joy to those who come to you, everything will be there for you. But if you are doing it because of expectation of reward, the energy cancels itself out. Don't teach for reward but then understand the reward is there in the Now moment.

4. And the fourth point for the Standards regarding teaching is to teach gnost, to teach dei un gnost to all who come to you, and it may take a while. It may take months or years of time to get to the point where you can speak the words "dei un gnost" to them; to the point where they understand what it is like to complete the fourth leg of their human chair; to bring in the energy of gnost to join body, mind and spirit. But you will be leading them and teaching them and guiding them through the process of gnost.

< Teacher 1 > The teacher understands that they cannot give the answer. You cannot give the answer. A teacher understands that they are there as a guide. They are there as a beacon of light and they are there as a Standard, as a steady balanced energy. You're not there to take over their problems or even solve their problems. That is one thing about a New Energy teacher. You're not there to solve their problems for them.

< Teacher 1 > You become the example or, as Saint-Germain says, the Standard. No matter what you say, it's not that important. You become this example of balanced energy and integrated energy, integrated on every level. Integrated masculine and feminine, integrated human and angel, integrated old energy and new, integrated in all aspects of your Being. So you now become the example to them.

< Teacher 2 > This one cell that you are feeling right now is healthy and happy and knows what it should do. It's a standard, you see. It's a standard for every other cell - every other part of your living biology. This one cell that has this wonderful living energy and healthy energy can, if you allow it to, communicate with every other cell in your body. And it can send out a radiant Standard Technology energy that says, "I am healthy. I am vital. I am here serving the Master" - who is you - "and you (other cells) can do the same." So every unhealthy cell in your body can hear this if you let it.

< Teacher 2 > These things are happening regardless of you, but you're not letting them manifest. You put together a barrier or a wall that keeps it from happening. But you're going to take that down now, if you choose, and let that one standard cell now communicate with every other cell about health and harmony, flowing life force energy. Every other cell, every strand of DNA, every part of your biological beingness can hear this. Let it. Let it happen. Let that one standard cell communicate to every other cell and sing its song of health, of life.

< Teacher 2 > This is for you Shaumbra, and this is healing. Forget everything else, unless of course you want to make it complex. This is healing. You see, we call it reflective or even mirror healing because the other cells in your body can pick up this example of the healthy cell, the cell that you are intimately feeling, and they can start picking up the resonance of health also. You have cancer? It can clear the cancer out of your body in a very short period of time and it can do it naturally, without the invasiveness of some of the human techniques right now that are designed to kill, not to exemplify. A standard cell, in this case, can heal the entire body.

< Teacher 2 > So feel that energy. It is consciousness. That consciousness about being happy with yourself and content in the moment is a Standard Technology. It is a Standard Energy. Now, this Standard consciousness has the same ability as the cell example we just used. You can use this energy of pure delight and happiness with being a human on Earth, in your safe and sacred space. Consciousness is interrelated in much the same way that cells are interrelated.

< Teacher 2 > If you take this one fine moment... maybe not a profound, you know, type of moment where you have cosmic consciousness, but just a simple, beautiful human moment... this becomes the example. This becomes the standard for your consciousness. And you can let it now radiate out into all of the rest of the parts of your consciousness, and it can send the same signal to them. If you want to be happy, if you want to be peaceful, if you want to love yourself: "I am the way; I am the example; I am the standard for happiness within myself." That single moment of consciousness now has an impact on all of the other consciousness.

< Teacher 2 > You can use a standard example, a Standard Technology, to recreate the patterns in the way that you choose to create them. You don't have to get into your brain about this. You don't have to struggle. You don't have to have all of these complex methods and systems. Other humans may want those or need them right now, but you can come to what Saint-Germain calls the Standard Technology.

< Teacher 2 > As you become the true Standard - your body balanced, your mind and your spirit all balanced living a passionate and happy and fulfilling life as a Teacher of the New Energy - you become the Standard for others. When you are with them your radiance now communicates with every part of them and says "It is possible. It can be done. Here is the shining example. Here is the example of health. Here is the example of balance and creativity."

< Teacher 2 > Now, their consciousness and their body see that and feel it. Now you're not letting them steal any of yours because you know that wouldn't serve them or you. But you're saying, "I am the example and you can do it also. If it was done once here within me, it can be done also within you." You, in a sense, become their inspiration. They are going to want to try to take it from you at first, they're going to want to even buy it from you at first. They can't. Then they're going to start saying, "This is an example. This is how energy is balanced." They're going to start asking you a lot of questions and you'll refrain from becoming intellectual, you'll keep it simple. "What I am, you are also. You have it within you."

< Teacher 2QA > The ability for energy to replicate and mimic and mirror itself. We call it now Standard Technology because you set a standard of energy. You choose that standard of energy and then use it, to set the example for everything else. It has been used since the beginning of creation, the beginning of the omniverse. Notice how galaxies mirror other galaxies, they have many of the same components? They each may rearrange their energies in a bit different way, but they are essentially examples or reflections of each other. Planets and stars - very much the same way. Life works like this. Creation works based on previous examples and then it builds on it and expands it. This is a very natural flow of energy.

< Teacher 2QA > But now, as Shaumbra, we add in New Energy. We're no longer just recreating by example. We're using example as a foundation and a basis, but we're opening up or expanding the ability of the example to expand much more rapidly and much more inter-dimensionally, you see. That literally takes you off of a linear path and puts you on an expansional path. You're still using the example of something in your body, in your consciousness or anything, as your base ingredient for new creation, but now you're letting it expand and go even further. Plus, with your use of gnost, it allows the whole process to be done more energetically efficient. It'll happen faster, bigger and much more efficiently.

< Teacher 2QA > You're letting it flow naturally. It may end up going to your fingertips first, for energetic reasons. It may end up going to other places. Usually the source of the ache or pain - or where you're feeling it - is actually not where it's actually originating from. You just happen to be feeling it there. There are energy conduits and energy highways in your body. What you're doing is allowing the standard energy to flow appropriately. You don't have to control anything. You simply create.

< Teacher 3 > Never to forget who you are; what you are doing here on Earth; why you are going through this time of energy transition from old into the new; why we say you are Teachers even when to some of you it still doesn't resonate. You don't understand what we say when we say you are Teachers, you are Shaumbra, you are Standards, you are setting the way for others.

< Teacher 3 > So as this standard of consciousness (pure consciousness) moves in from the suspended realms, the realms where you haven't gone in a long time, and it comes down; let it, for a moment, radiate to every one of your belief systems. Let it radiate to every thought that you've had today. Every thought you've had today. Let it radiate to every experience that you've had today, based on your thoughts and your beliefs.

< Teacher 6QA > For everybody on Earth, no matters what they call themselves - what sexual orientation they have - they're all going to go through a process of reintegrating the masculine/feminine. It takes place with a small group of humans first who recognize that they are no longer man or woman and no longer even human - no longer light and dark. They are that they are. That sets up the potential, because they are the standard, you see. They set up the potential for other humans who are ready to end that internal separation and conflict that they've been having. So this is having - the work that so many of you are doing right now in this arena - is having a profound effect on consciousness in general but also the ability of the sexual energy virus to continue to proliferate. The virus in its own way knows and understands this is happening, and in a sense you could say it doesn't care or it's even happy about it. But in another sense it still has its own programming to continue to feed and to grow.

< QuantumLeap 2 > When you allow yourself the complete love of you, you're going to be such a whole, integrated, divine, human, outstanding, Standard being that that will have the amazing effect on them. That would be like a huge mirror for them. That will give them the motivation and the potential to change things in their life if they choose - and I have to underline that.

< (Next) 5 > And it's a system that you can actually never win at or you can actually never evolve out of until you get outside of it. So this other group got very hierarchal, very structured and part of the game, part of the structure was "We are all healing each other." They forgot one important thing. What's that? Take care of themselves. The greatest healer, the greatest teacher, the greatest Standard is one who is taking care of themselves first.

< (Next) 10 > Standards on Earth. The embodied being. Remember a very well known individual was one of the Standards before you, and you're only a footstep behind? Yeshua. Ah, forget what's been written about Yeshua. Feel into it. Now, the difference between you and Yeshua is that you're a souled being, and he wasn't. You have a soul. Yeshua was a collective, designed as a prototype or as an experience, [to see] if it's possible. Well, it lasted about 33 years, but it was. It started a process, that you supported, by the way, every one of you energetically supporting - whether you were in body or not at the time - energetically supporting what Yeshua was doing. Now it's your turn - with a soul.

< (Next) 10 > That (to be a Standard) was one of the things of the past Masters, you call them, some of the ones that you study and read about - so much denial of the human experience; so much thinking or believing the negative about being human, that it was all about getting off this planet. It is about getting into this planet. It is about getting into this life of yours. It doesn't get better when you leave here. You might as well do it here. And it's easy. It is so simply and beautifully and marvelously easy.

< (Next) 10 > And as the cosmos, as the omniverse is starting to move once again after a long sleep, after stillness, which energy is not good at doing, suddenly it's moving. Suddenly, there are members of your spiritual families from whence you have come who now want to move on for themselves, want to move forward in consciousness. They are looking or feeling here to Earth, into your journey and your experience. You are a Standard. You are the path, in a way. Being that there's not a lot of room here left on this Earth - this Earth can possibly handle up to 10 billion people, even that's pushing it - there are these new Earths.

< e2012 2 > When a person absolutely loves themselves and has full compassion for themselves, to me, to the other Ascended Masters, there's a very beautiful side benefit. Suddenly, they love everybody else. Suddenly, they have compassion for everybody else. Suddenly, they understand everyone else's journey. Suddenly, they're not trying to push everybody else through this tunnel to heaven first. Suddenly, they're going there first, right to their home first and becoming the Standard.

< e2012 3 > The Earth will always need a degree of energy holding - perhaps a better word is "energy balancers" - because as consciousness does this kind of leapfrog thing, as consciousness really moves and expands, for right now there's a dynamic that would have that there's something that's maintaining a balance or a reference point. But then, at a certain time, that changes also and the next new group comes in to hold that balance.

But holding for what? Well, holding to keep the momentum from just going absolutely crazy. Holding, mostly - for the indigenous ones, for the ones who have been doing this for thousands of years - holding it for the right time, for the right group. Holding it until the consciousness of Earth was at such a place where a group of humans could become sovereign beings, could become Masters, could become enlightened, and still stay in the physical body. They're holding it until such a time that there was a enough mass or enough numbers of these people who had truly developed love and compassion for themselves and were the true new standards for this planet. That's what they are holding it for.

< e2012 3 > When you do, that creates a Standard. That creates a template and an energy that then radiates into mass consciousness. It becomes part of mass consciousness, a new wing of mass consciousness for those who are willing to make the changes. You see, by doing these things, you're not directly changing the planet, but you're providing the planet with the tools or the format or the essence that it can change itself - anyone who wants to step up, anyone who wants to do it.

< e2012 4 > Up until this lifetime there was a definite link between lifetimes. There was a type of progression. But then, in the brilliance of the life plan and the life design of the soul, it says, “I’m going to create an expression of myself that’s different, that’s not just another lifetime.” Why? Because it got tired of doing the other lives, and realized it needed something to set itself free. The soul, you realized that you’re the Standard for all those other past lives, for all the other humans, for yourself. You’re the [focal] point of integration of [all of] yourself. You’re the point of enlightenment for yourself, not those other lifetimes. Even if you were a Buddha – not that lifetime. This lifetime, right here.

< e2012 4 > You are the point of integration. You are, as Tobias said years ago, the designated ascendee of yourself, of your soul, and in order to do so, your soul comes in here to join you. Your wisdom arrives. It comes in from the other realms – and it’s not even the other realms, it’s just an imaginary block – but absorbs in to your Body of Consciousness.

It arrives, and in doing so, something interesting happens. You become the Standard for these other past lives of that soul. You become the example. You, by example, help set them free. Not that you’re going to go around with a knife, cutting their chains or their ropes that bind them, but your example will release those ropes.

You release, you could say, some energy of your soul – your wisdom. You release yourself of that burden thinking you were your past lives, and in doing so, you integrate all of that energy, all of the consciousness. It is squished and distilled into wisdom, which arrives. Wisdom arrives for you.

< freedom 6 > You came here on behalf of your spiritual family. You came here to help resolve, let's say, stuck energy. That's why you're still resolving stuck energy. You came here on behalf of your Spiritual Families to come to the wisdom of something that then would be shared with them, to free them. We talk about freedom here in this Shoud – freedom of the human – but in reality, it is truly freedom for your Spiritual Families. You could say that right now back at their home, they're waiting, their energies and their consciousness on hold. They're waiting for you to go through with your lives to learn how to clear energy, move energy, love yourself. Then you will become the true Standards.

< Discovery 9 > A lot of other things happen. When you live you become a Standard for others. When you live, you have vitality and health and abundance. When you live, you inspire others. But the joy, the passion is just to live – wide out, no brakes on, wide open. So I invite you to take this moment to drink deeply, to eat deeply, to love deeply, to breathe, to experience all of these things deeply. The Master drinks deeply. The unawakened, they drink very shallow. But the Master drinks deeply, fearlessly, without limitations.

< Kharisma 2 > There's Yeshua, and that's the true being that lived some 2,000 years ago. It was a, what you would call, the collective consciousness. It was a combination of a lot of beings putting their energy into what you could say a Standard, Yeshua who was truly a Master, Yeshua, who got angry, Yeshua, who had sex, Yeshua, who challenged why he was here, therefore in a way you challenging why you are here, Yeshua that came to plant the Christ seed consciousness – which means the crystal or Christos consciousness – on this planet. There's not too many that actually remember Yeshua, but for most of you, he was your teacher also, as he was mine. He was your teacher. So you could say that there's quite a few in the Ascended Masters Club that had the true Yeshua as their guide, as their teacher, as their Master.