joy and celebration


< NewEnergy 1 > The second attribute of Spirit is simply joy and celebration. Spirit is in continual joy and celebration all of the time at everything going on… so, so, dear friends, in awe of what you are doing, in celebration even when you have a bad day, celebrating now knowing what a bad day feels like. You can stop having so many because Spirit knows now. You made your point. Spirit is in continual celebration… whether there is a battle going on… whether there is a birthday… whether there is a party… whether there is a student studying… whether there is an invention taking place… but a constant joy and celebration.

< NewEnergy 1 > You are God also. Can you be in constant joy and celebration? Can you stop judging what is right and wrong, good and bad? Can you celebrate the death of one who is close to you? Can you celebrate your own impending death? Can you be in joy and celebration when you read of some of the heinous things going on in your world? If you can't, dear friends, then you are not allowing yourself to be God also.

< NewEnergy 1 > You are God also. And, it is time for joy and celebration in your life. It is time, as we said, to release the suffering that you have been going through, placing yourself in. Every moment, joy and celebration… stop looking to us to do it. You do it. Celebrate with abundance in every way in your life. Celebrate everything. When you are wondering what this means - to be God also - it means compassion. It means joy and celebration.

< NewEnergy 2QA > There was such an energy attached to the darkness of sex, particularly by the churches. They taught that sex was not a good act. It was only done for producing other humans, and it was not meant for pleasure. Women were taught that they should not have pleasure.

< NewEnergy 7 > It is simple. Life is simple… you see. Stop trying to figure it out. At this point of where you are at it is either about embracing life, or it is about dying. Perhaps, not tomorrow… it might be several years. But, you will slowly fade away. You've seen it happen to others, others that you love, how they slowly fade away. If you don't embrace your life - embrace the life energies - this is what happens. If you embrace life every moment of every day, take joy in everything, everything… if you embrace it - these New Energies that we talk about, these things that we say "when it will come to you" - they will come to you. They are sitting outside of your energy field right now because you're not sure.

< Embodiment 4QA > There are very difficult energies associated with this. And - how to say - it has to do with depriving the body of any type of joy. It has to do with depriving the soul of the beauty of the feminine energy. And, some will blame it on the social pressures to be - how to say - in a thin body. But, the underlying issue is more depriving Self of the joy of living, and down to the point where it comes to even inflicting wounds on the physical body to deface itself. These are ones who - how to say - are carrying deep and old wounds.

And, it is very difficult in this short time to give a specific answer of how to deal with them. But, it has to do - as all of you Shaumbra know - it has to do with coming to love yourself in every part. And, this is a very long and difficult road with many of these humans. It is very important for them to see a human like yourself and other Shaumbra who have actually made it through the most difficult of times, made it to the point where you can say, "I truly love every part of myself. I truly embody everything. And, I am choosing this right now. I am choosing whatever is happening in my life. And, if I can choose it, I can also change it."

And, we feel that we are just glossing over the subject. We could talk about it in great detail. But, you also have the experience from what you have gone through in your life to understand what it takes to get another human to love themselves. So, begin with that. And, we will come in to work with you.

< Embodiment 11QA > We give you a bit of riddle, a bit of an understanding here about who you are, who Spirit is. You see… Spirit was… and now is… and isloves… and expands… loves to find joy in creation. Yet, in creation Spirit finds that everything is, and it always was (All that was). That will give you something to reflect on for a period of time. It is the basic understanding of Spirit and of creation. You see… Spirit is this dynamic energy that always was. It changed into "is" when it wanted to find out more of itself and to express itself through creation. But, it found creation simply is. Everything is there, and it always was there… you see. And, that is where you are at right now, Shaumbra. The synchronistic life: it already is, and it always was. It is allowing yourself to be the radiant Creator… always is… and always was.

< Clarity 4 > Joy is an energy. It can feed very well. Many of you receive joy in your life. And, it feeds you just like any of the other energies do.

< Teacher 9QA > All Shaumbra have the potential to understand the true magnificence of the sexual energy and to understand that, more than anything, it is just self love. It is not necessarily physical, not even necessarily about what you would term pleasure.

Pleasure - we could do a long dissertation about that - but pleasure ... there's still very old Atlantean implants based on pleasure. It is a trigger. Used inappropriately it can be a method for stealing energy from others, entrapping them, manipulating them and controlling them. So there is always that fine line, that fine balance. You have to answer the question within yourself.

I would give you one hint though. If it is just about sex, whether it is in a physical act with a physical human or in the perception of a physical act with a non-human, I would take another look at it, because there is so much more to sex than the physical. Sex can be enjoyed ... Saint-Germain says he can bring a person to a point of orgasm without it becoming physical or even what you would say is even sexual. It is an energy exchange that is equal and balanced, but more than anything else, has to start at home. It is about self love.

What happens if you are not in a place of self love, when you go out and have physical or even non-physical sexual relations you will find yourself ... you're going to be feeding off of others. You're going to be looking for completion. When you can absolutely love yourself then you will absolutely understand what this whole thing is about energy exchanging and you won't be using terms like "divine prostitute" anymore.

< Master 5 > "Well, what then creates reality?" Well, as I mentioned before, the driving forces are desire, passionjoy and simplicity. These things create … they actually are creating your reality, but you're just not aware of it. These are true motivators or the true dynamics behind creation of your reality. So the false motivators, the false dynamics, where a lot of people get very - well, where you get confused. The ones that aren't working right now are force. So you have these false motivators that, again, come from the mind, not from the true heart. And they are force, they are power, and they are efforting. Efforting.

< Master 8 > This is what your spirit, divine, whatever you want to call it, wants to do. It's out there dancing along, floating along. It just wants to know itself, and it wants to experience. It can't know itself without experience, so it goes through experience. And it wants to continue expanding. That's the joy of spirit, expanding. Going backwards doesn't work. Staying in neutral or park will eventually bring explosion. Bring boom! Something has to move the energy. So it wants expansion and it wants to express that joy. To just know that joy within thyself and then not to express it is, well, unfulfilling. So it wants to express - through singing, through music, through books, through a job, through a bad relationship, through a health issue. They are all forms of expression and this is what your spirit waveform does.

< freedom 7 > How do you measure your awakening progress? The joy. The joy. Now, that being said, there's also going to be very difficult and challenging moments, but levels of joy that you've never had before. It's doesn't mean every day is going to be joy city. It doesn't mean that you're just going to be hop, skipping and jumping down the road. But it means the conscious awareness of a level of joy that you've never had. Usually followed by a deep dive into the abyss, but coming up for a new level.

< freedom 8 > You've been used to using Earth energy. It's very crude, it's very old, it's very slow. We're going to go beyond that. You are the Bringers of Energy – cosmic and crystalline – and you're going to learn to come back into resonance with your core I Am energies that respond to passion. Very simple. Stop focusing on money or abundance or those other things. Start looking at how you're going to bring in these energies. How do you bring in energies? Passion! You bring in energies in passion. It's the passion, and it starts with the passion of choosing life. It's only about the extent you're going to allow it out, and it's joy.