ease and grace;

< Clarity 7 > Now, in your own personal lives, in this time that you live in, try to keep it simple. It's so easy, especially with everything that you're going through in your lives, it's so easy to get caught up in the complexities. Keep it as simple as possible. This is one of Tobias' reoccurring themes. Keep it simple, Shaumbra. Keep it basic. That will keep you clear as well. Take a look - take an inventory of everything in your life. Not just the physical things. Take an inventory of family and friends. Take an inventory of everything going on around you.

< Clarity 7 > Take a look at what your truths are. Take a look at what you're holding onto and what you believe. Clear out that closet, all the time looking at simplicity. You live in very difficult and challenging times. Thrilling, of course, but very difficult and challenging. It is best to keep things as simple as possible. Now, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy doing a variety of activities. We know some of you are multi-taskers. Some of you like keeping very busy. There's nothing wrong with that. You're simply expressing your creative sense inside. But you can also keep it simple.

< Clarity 7 > That's why we say keep it simple right now. Evaluate every belief system, because some of those old belief systems that you're hanging onto are literally the things that are pushing you to the edge. Get rid of them - the belief system that you have to work hard. That's one of the craziest of all. Shaumbra, you're all working too hard. We're not just talking about at your job, you're just working too hard at your day-to-day life. But you've accepted belief systems that dictate it and cause you to fall into its pattern. You've become the puppet of your own belief systems. Get on the other side. Change the belief systems. You can even get rid of the puppet.

< Clarity 8 > Now, the good news is that you'll find yourself filled with great amounts of energy at other times. You'll have tremendous bursts of creativity and insight. Your mental process goes from being very linear or analytical into being very creative and you find solutions to answers very quickly, and they're very big solutions as well. You find yourself very intuitive about other people, and you find yourself, more than anything, coming up with very simple but profound understandings. Simple - meaning that you see the basic, simple quality of life. You see the core energies of things. You don't have to get muddled in the mind with all of the different analyses that go on. You can see very simply and very clearly and profoundly.

< Clarity 10QA > As you disconnect from some of the old ways of feeding and even from the field, you are going to find a whole new burst of energy. We are working with Shaumbra right now who are already experiencing this. It is not something that - how to say - that no one has gone through yet. Many are already experiencing a new sense of vitality, a new ease in their life, a new simplicity. But they are taking full responsibility for themselves. They aren't blaming it on others. They aren't blaming it on the other Shaumbra or the - how to say - the organization or any of these other things. They are taking full responsibility and they are learning that life becomes very easy almost to the point of it being effortless, because it is so - it becomes such a natural flow in their lives.

< MNEC2006-T > Your mind is playing games on you, because when you get gnost, when you bring that balance back into your life, it creates a glow, first of all. It creates an ease and a grace that you haven't known since the days of Atlantis. It creates a simplicity and a clarity that defies any words that I could say. It is cosmic and it is human - all at the same time. It is the bridge between your crystalline... your internal crystalline realms, your creative self and your human self. It is the missing stepping stone that was taken out, that kept you from easily flowing energies back and forth between the realms.

< MNEC2006-K > Sometimes, Shaumbra, you tend to try to want to over-express and over-explain everything. That is a function of the mind not trusting what it is getting. So instead of using a few words and a few sentences, you will go on for hours with that mouth going. Have you ever noticed how you tend to lose your client? Well they're not going off into the high angelic realms because of the mighty power and energy you're delivering. They are bored! Keep it simple, keep it short.

< MNEC2006-K > Four simple points - that's all - and each point should just be a phrase or a sentence long. And then keep it simple. What happens is gnost, your creative essence, comes in and fills in the rest. Now we're not saying to just speak one phrase or sentence, we're saying when you outline to talk in front of a group or talk to your client, just have four simple points. You'll realize that you've been going through tremendous mental activity to try to get everything down, every idea, every phrase and every word. You lose the impact of what comes through the voice.

< MNEC2006-K > Even with clients or audiences who you would say are not particularly enlightened or spiritual, will still get what is coming outside of the regular frequency of the voice. You're delivering a tremendous amount of information, energy and love and it doesn't all have to be said in words. So keep it very, very simple and listen a lot. Listening is an art. Listening is divine, and as you listen more and more, you're going to find that you've been listening - or hearing - on a very limited level. But there is so much more going on as you tune in and listen to your client, every part of them. You listen to your audience. You're going to discover things that weren't immediately apparent, things that you might have been missing before.

< MNEC2006-K > Keep it very short. Keep it simple. Few words. Every one of you is a teacher, is a communicator. You may communicate through a paintbrush, through words that are spoken, through words on paper, but you'll learn in the New Energy that brevity is sacred. Brevity is divine. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Then, when you do, when you're not so tied up in a mental process, gnost, once again, comes in. And as your friend, gnost fills in and expands in that moment in ways that are quite beyond words.

< MNEC2006-K > So keep it very, very simple and listen a lot. Listening is an art. Listening is divine, and as you listen more and more, you're going to find that you've been listening - or hearing - on a very limited level. But there is so much more going on as you tune in and listen to your client, every part of them. You listen to your audience. You're going to discover things that weren't immediately apparent, things that you might have been missing before.

< Teacher 1 > Even though he's quite the character, quite the comedian, dear Kuthumi is one of the wisest and simplest beings I've ever met. And I say "simple" with the highest form of respect. When a being - any entity - can simplify their energy, can simplify everything about themselves, they are truly sovereign. A sovereign Being is not a complex one. A sovereign Being doesn't have all of these complex systems within it, they become very simple. Why? Because everything is integrated. Everything becomes integrated back into a very simple angelic resonance.

< Teacher 2 > Humans use the busy-ness as an excuse for not looking at their hearts and their desires, their needs. They use busy-ness for a reason not to look at the beauty of life. They use busy-ness for not looking in at the beauty of their spirit. So they are always busy running around, going here and there, and the only time they take a moment is when they're totally exhausted at the end of the day. Shaumbra, you don't need to be busy anymore and you don't need to work hard. Work gnost! Be gnost. Gnost is a beautiful energy. It is yours. It doesn't come from your Correspondent, doesn't come from anybody else, it has always been yours. It is the answer. It is the simplification of any situation.

< Teacher 2 > In using gnost instead of busy-ness, you will become much more efficient. Saint-Germain would venture to say that ... I'm having to check with him here ... 92.5% (laughter) of your energy is inefficient, is absolute wasted energy. With using gnost, you're going to become much more efficient and, like Kuthumi, you're going to become much simpler. Life will get much easier.

< Teacher 11 > Your concept of ascension - what you think it is - you think you're going to become some perfect human. You think you're going to impress the masses by rising up out of the dead. But have you ever thought of where you really go when you ascend? You think that you are suddenly struck with wisdom and knowledge beyond all. Actually, in ascension - true ascension - you just go back to your simplicity, you see.

< QuantumLeap 5 > When your human self is confused, things are complex. Breathe in the simplicity of Yo-ham into your life, because in the simplicity and in the purity are the real answers. Not the old mental answers. Not the - oh, how do you say - your bridges that you tried to build to get you from one challenge to the other. But those bridges were built without the proper foundations. They might have gotten you across on a very shaky way, but Yo-ham comes in different. It is simple. It's not an escape. It's not a temporary repair. It doesn't just get you through the moment. It is that it is, and it's all you.

< Master 4 > I'm going to add one other element for my good friend here - simplicity. Simplicity makes a big difference. Could you just take for a moment to feel into … you have some sort of desire of the soul, something your soul wants to create, and then your mind gets in there and makes it complex? And the mind is what doubts. Your soul never doubts really; the minds doubts. It all gets in the way of this terrible drawing that we're doing here, but you're getting the point and I love to draw.

< Master 5 > "Well, what then creates reality?" Well, as I mentioned before, the driving forces are desire, passionjoy and simplicity. These things create … they actually are creating your reality, but you're just not aware of it. These are true motivators or the true dynamics behind creation of your reality. So the false motivators, the false dynamics, where a lot of people get very - well, where you get confused. The ones that aren't working right now are force. So you have these false motivators that, again, come from the mind, not from the true heart. And they are force, they are power, and they are efforting. Efforting.

< (Next) 5 > I have yet to meet a guru who is enlightened. And I've never met a guru who enlightened anyone else, ever. Because any system that doesn't keep it simple actually pushes it off somewhere else. It's been thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of years where humans have been trying to make it very difficult. Why? They make it complex because nobody's ever really caught on. They really haven't. Nobody's ever really figured it out. So what they do is devise some complex system, put you through the maze, take your money at the same time, and then you walk out of it thinking, "Well, I'm just not good enough. I didn't get it," because it was complex.

< (Next) 5 > This is, again, the definition of ahmyo - the understanding that you as divine parts of God already put every tool in your path long before you got to that place on the path. You have already put all of the potentials in place, and now it's just a matter of being aware of that. It's a matter of clarity. It's a matter of simplicity.

< e2012 11 > We're here for enlightenment. One and only reason. You're here for enlightenment. Enlightenment is about awareness. Enlightenment is about, you could say in an odd way, about fulfillment or completion. Enlightenment is about simplification. Enlightenment is about … (there is a peal of thunder; laughter) integration. Integration with all these parts and pieces floating around out there. Integration, and you can't really do integration if you're trying to make it complex. Enlightenment is a natural process, my dear friends. A natural process. That is perhaps my biggest point and will be until I leave.