doubt / mistrust / uncertainty

very odd and peculiar type of consciousness virus;

< New Earth 9QA > On our side of the veil allowing is such a natural process that we do not think of it. When you as humans came to Earth, came under the veil and took on a human body, you separated yourself from Spirit. And this was part of the understandings that would come from Earth, the understandings of light and dark. When we speak of the honor that we have for you for the work that you have done, it is because there has been no other creation of Spirit that has ever consciously and purposely disconnected from Spirit. This was part of the energy of Earth, to forget who you were. In doing so, when you became disconnected from Spirit, when you forgot who you truly are, you began to mistrust. You began to rely on your mind and your ego. Your ego then created a new definition of you in the place that was voided by Spirit. Along the way you lost trust. Again, this was a result of the separation that we did not know of.

Now when you are asked to come to a space of allowing, there triggers within you the immediate sense of mistrust. You have tried allowing before in every way imaginable. You have tried allowing goodness and healing and light and abundance to be in your life. You were knocked flat on your butt, so to speak! That is because, my dear, you were working in the old energy that did not provide the proper mechanics for a true allowingness to take place.

< New Earth 13 > As you enter your new house in the future, it may feel a bit awkward. There may be an initial feeling of mistrust. The mistrust is that if you give this a try and it doesn’t work, then you have failed. Indeed this is not so. If you give it a try and it does not work, it only means that you are trying too hard. There should be no effort involved. It should be intent with love. If there is struggling involved as you stand in your new house as a creator… if there is struggle or effort involved, you are not listening to your vibration, to that "hum" you heard when you first walked in. You are only listening to the intellect of the old human.

< Creator 2 > You began to feel a rumble that you had never felt before. You began to feel an uncertainty that was never known within your being. You began to feel a disconnection from Spirit (original separation). In your perception, you began to feel that Spirit was no longer One. That created within you a sense of uncertainty and mistrust. It created within you a sense that all things perhaps were not what you thought they were. The rumbling was the first time that you felt Spirit, the Eternal One, did not have control of everything. You were living on the outer edge of the circle of the first creation. This is, in a sense, the impasse that we have talked of, where you could go no further.

< Creator 2 > At this "edge of creation" you were at, there came to a type of impasse, and then you began feeling - and we emphasize the word "feeling" only - that the core of all things was crumbling. It was coming apart. There was a feeling of uncertainty, a sense of mistrust, and a feeling that there was division (original split) within the house of One. My friends, understand that you were experiencing these feelings because of the work you were doing on the outer edge of Creation. You had gone so far in your work that this impasse was creating a division in itself. It did not come from the core, though that is what you felt, that all things were being pulled apart.

< Creator 4 > You begin to experience things like mistrust. You began to experience things like anger and hate. None of these felt right or appropriate, for you had never known these things before. You were changing. You were transforming. You were the proverbial caterpillar going through the cocoon to become a butterfly. You were leaving the first circle and experiencing two (duality) instead of one.

< Creator 10 > When you step into Divine Will - which is very easy, very simply do it - the answer will come to you. The knowingness and the understanding will come from a place within you that you have not experienced up to now. It will be full and it will be rich and you will not have doubt about where it comes from. It will come from a place of love. It will come from the very inner part of you that is indeed Spirit. This won't be a mental exercise. It will be a feeling, dynamic and expanding, that occurs within you.

< Creator 10QA > There have been prophecies of a quantum leap in the year 2012. It is now predicted to come much sooner. They are somewhat amused that you have so much doubt. If there was a report card, you would all receive high marks for your endurance (audience laughter) and your perseverance. You would receive very high marks for your continual commitment to being in service to Spirit; for your continual commitment to keep going forward. The only low mark on your report card would be for the tremendous amount of self-doubt you have. If you could release that - and we understand that it is heavy - but if you could release that, you would soar so much higher without the burdens that you carry now. But there is also empathy for those of us who have had human experience.

This self-doubt is thick and it is deep and it does relate back to the Wall of Fire. There was tremendous doubt on your part when you crossed over, for you felt that you gave up Spirit. You felt that you deceived Spirit in a way. You felt like a child who had done wrong to a parent. Spirit does not feel that way. There is no original sin that you have performed. What you did was done for the good of all. And here you sit, having coming this far, and we assure you that Spirit loves every step of your journey.

< Ascension 6 > You will be challenged with self-doubt during this year. You will wonder if you are doing the right thing. You will wonder why you are spending so much time on this swing. You will wonder if you are just wasting time and energy in your own fantasy land. And, you will wonder if you should go back to the old ways. 2002 is the final call of the old energy that has been within you, represented by the voice and the energy of a parent, a scolding, frowning parent, trying to get you back. The voice will be distant, but you will hear it. 2002 will be a year of self-doubt, when you have to ask yourself why you are there, why you are on the swing, what you are trying to accomplish.

< Ascension 6 > Now, we will tell you that when this occurs, if you go intellectual on yourself, you will get stuck. It will be difficult to work your way out of self-doubt. It is at this point, when you have the intense self-doubts and these grand questions, to be in a place of peace and acceptance of yourself. Within your being, ask what is happening. Ask why the doubt comes in, and ask your Divine Will to provide the answer. Divine Will is what transcends. It is above free will. There is an answer in Divine Will that was never obvious to you before. When you get into a deep self-doubt situation this year, go to your Divine Will. Go to your inner divinity and listen for the answers. Tune out those old voices of the parent calling you, telling you to come home, telling you to get off your playset. 2002 - the year of self-doubt.

< Ascension 8 > This is what Earth and humankind are going through now. Many shifts, looking for meaning. When the consciousness of Earth discovers that those who have held an energy of leadership and authority and trust have misused that… oh, dear ones, there is much anger… there is much feeling of being intruded upon… there is much mistrust! That is what is happening now. Look at your own institutions and your corporations. Look at the churches. We have spoken of this before. The walls come tumbling down. The trust leaves. That is happening on Earth now.

< Ascension 8QA > Now, is there work ahead? Indeed, there is! You still live in a world of duality around you. It will still have an effect on you. You are still going through the transformational process. You are still releasing energies from the past. There will still be body aches and pains for a period of time. There will still be doubts and swings back and forth. But you will notice an underlying and an overlying New Energy, an energy, an understanding of love that you could never have had before. It begins within you. It is not found in another person. It is found in Self.

< Ascension 8QA > We have talked to you today about grand information: Home finally, finally being able to have the first rays of its energy touch you. Home, now for the first time, being able to touch you and to acknowledge you and to share with you once again. It will take place over a period of time. It will start small within you. It will grow, and then it will touch more and more of mass consciousness. This is grand information, and it opens the door to grand self-doubt. That is part of the energy dynamic of what is going on right now. That is part of this whole process of the transformation of duality into the New Energy. This is appropriate. When the self-doubt comes in, dear friends, this is one of the cycles, what you would call perhaps a low cycle or a down cycle. Do not try to put the blanket over it, or to extinguish it, or to deny it. Walk through it. Walk through that self-doubt. It is one of the snakes on the road. It is there for a reason. It is still helping to produce energies that will propel you, that will propel your own divinity to new levels of understanding.

< Ascension 10 > Many things are happening in your life. You are wondering who you are, what you are doing right now, why you are here. Oh, you are filled with so much doubt at the inner levels. Michael comes in to ask you to trust yourself, to trust in your divinity, to begin to understand that all things are appropriate. Even if it feels like the walls inside are coming down. Even if it feels like the fabric of who you are is coming unraveled. Indeed, it is time to trust yourself. You are carrying the energy of divinity. Indeed, you are carrying your own Sword of Truth. It is time to trust yourself. Come forth, as difficult as it may seem when you're going through challenges in your life, as Metatron talked about. Begin your teaching, begin your work.

< Ascension 10 > You go through a period of no identity. No identity. You look into a mirror and it does not have a reflection. This is the zone many of you are in now. This is part of the reason for the sadness. This is part of the reason why you wonder who you are, and you wonder what you should be doing. This is part of the reason for the deep and extreme self-doubt that you have within. Your identity is fading away. In the meantime you have no identity before you develop your new identity.

< DivineHuman 4 > Feel your own self, the identity that you have created. You know, dear friends, that so much has come from your head. It is your head talk that you have learned to mistrust. It is that head talk that has caused you to not trust who you truly are. Go into the feelings, into the fullness, into your heart. Then, the brain will handle the details. It will handle what needs to be handled in your day-to-day reality. But, allow yourself to feel. Breathe and feel, dear friends.

< Embodiment 2 > So, let us go onto the third TION. It is VALIDA-TION… validation. Shaumbra, right now, sitting here in this safe energy moment of Now together, YOU KNOW EVERY ANSWER. You know every answer. Part of the problem is that you doubt yourself, and so then you seek validation all around you in the world of duality. You know the answer in the New Energy dimensions and realities. But, then you seek validation in the Old Energy duality. And, we have a big conflict there, don't we? They don't work together.

< Embodiment 2 > You're getting all of these new things happening to you in your life. You are getting all of these new sensations and feelings, but the doubt - this bridge of doubt that separates you, the New Energy you, from the Old Energy duality - this bridge of doubt goes back over there to look for validation. You look for it in the people around you. You look for it in the events, the specific events, in your life. Oh, you have all of these wonderful insights, creative realizations. And, you say, "But now I have to see it manifest in a certain way." You are putting a test on yourself to bring it forth in duality. You're going to duality for validation. And, you're going to have imbalances with this.

< Clarity 2QA > But, you asked your question today actually on behalf of so many others who have felt the work come in, but then sat on it, who were uncertain about it. And, that is exactly what you get is uncertainty. The experiences, the activities, in your life will continue to have an uncertainty… where you go, where you live… how you travel will continue to be uncertain until you are certain about yourself. So, in front of Shaumbra and the world and God, we are going ask you to breathe in your own passion. You have felt that passion when you created this work. Now, breathe it in. Solidify it. Ground it in this reality. Believe in yourself as we believe in you. And, do your work; it is precious.

< Teacher 3 > You know what that's like when you start to doubt yourself. Everything seems to fall apart. The walls come crumbling down. Sometimes you feel you've been stripped bare and naked, had everything taken away. You didn't. You just let the old formation of consciousness change itself. Sometimes you feel exposed. Sometimes you feel lost. Sometimes you feel that your identity has been lost forever. It's just a temporary thing. It's a consciousness evolution. It's a consciousness change.

< QuantumLeap 5 > And that, dear friends, is the difference between doubt and triumphant discovery. Doubt. You're all explorers in new consciousness. You all headed out from port carrying the same degree of energy and consciousness. None of you, back when in the angelic realms at the Order of the Arc, had any more or any less. You've all been on your experience of life. For so many that doubt has taken away the real essence of the journey.

< QuantumLeap 5 > Right now today you are the pioneers of new consciousness. You are the ones setting out, not on the seas and the oceans, you're setting out onto the dimensions. The dimensions are the new oceans of the New Energy. You go out there all the time. You go out at night. You go out in your thoughts in the day, in your daydreams. You are constantly going out into the new frontiers of consciousness that exist, as once the oceans existed as the unfound or uncharted territory. You're the ones setting sail out to discovery something new. You don't know what and you don't know where. You're choosing it because you can. It's expression. It's real.

< QuantumLeap 5 > But you're also the ones who so often have let that doubt creep into your journey to take away from the true feeling, the true ability to live. The doubt will drain you. It will run you down. It will make you feel unworthy. It will make you want to crawl into a hole and never go out and journey again.

< QuantumLeap 5 > You are the captains of the consciousness ship going out, expanding and exploring, even where no angel has gone before. You think that the angelic beings have plotted and charted all of the dimensions? They haven't. They can't. There are some dimensions that they can, but only the human and the human consciousness can venture into the true new territories of consciousness, and that is what you are doing for yourself, for all of humanity. But when doubt creeps in, it takes away from the whole journey.

< QuantumLeap 5 > But I am here today with Yo-ham, with you, to ask, Are you ready to stop playing the game of doubt? Oh, it is a game. It is too fun. It is very distracting. You've fallen right into it. You bring doubt into your life so that you can pretend you don't know. You bring doubt in so you can keep this futile search going. Part of you wonders what will happen if the search ever stops? Part of you loves this game of pioneering so much that you never, ever want to stop. So you bring doubt in so you can continue it and pretend that you're lost and pretend that you don't know and pretend that you can come back a failure from your journeys. So you go out and try it again. Doubt is additive. Doubt is sticky. Doubt is a game.

< QuantumLeap 5 > How often every day do you doubt yourself - your decisions, your actions, your thoughts? How often do you let it play with you and guide your ship or at least pretend that it guides your ship, rather than take ownership and responsibility for your journey into new consciousness? Doubt is a game whose time has come, because with doubt on board it's very hard to have triumphant discovery. It's very hard to go off into the new realms of consciousness and truly experience it in the fullest way without running. With doubt, and this game of doubt that you play, you can continue to run in circles and you can continue to be disempowered and you can continue to be a victim.

< QuantumLeap 5 > Doubt was manufactured through a very interesting type of transformation of consciousness going from spirit to human. It entered into the human reality or human consciousness when the very first angels came to Earth, when they pretended that they were no longer angels and they pretended that they were humans. Doubt came in when the angelic beings chose to forget who they were, when you came to Earth. An interesting dynamic happened when you said, "I'm going to forget I'm an angel so I can pretend that I'm a human." This is when doubt entered in.

< QuantumLeap 5 > Doubt has been part of the human consciousness make-up every since, and right now it is very, very strong - very strong - on Earth. So strong that when humans who die and they cross over to the other realms, into the near Earth realms, they bring doubt with them. That doubt that they brought with them in a way then becomes transferred even in the angelic realms. And, you know, now we have a lot of doubting angels because the humans brought that virus back with them.

< QuantumLeap 5 > Again, it wasn't transmutable, but an angel allowing themselves to truly feel a human and to see the human's energy then began to play with that energy themselves. "I wonder what doubt is like?" they said. And they played with it. Now we have doubt on all of the realms, you see. But there are some pioneers on Earth who are going to throw doubt overboard. And that will open yet a new boundary, a new frontier of new consciousness and will have an implication on heaven and on Earth, beyond doubt.

< QuantumLeap 5 > Doubt is a game, Shaumbra, and you play it every day. You pretend you don't know what to choose. You pretend you are making poor judgments. You can't. You can only have experience. You can experience the high road, the low road or the invisible road, but you can only have experience. Doubt tells you that you can make a bad choice, and you can't. You can only experience. Doubt causes you to stay in your little human trap, causes you to stay little, to keep playing the game of "I am little." You have more fun with doubt than just about any other energy. You love it. You're addicted to it.

< QuantumLeap 5 > My question to each one of you who is here today, listening today or reading or listening to this later: are you ready to get over the game of doubting yourself so you can truly feel? Because doubt and feeling - the ability to feel - go hand in hand. When you doubt you hold back real feeling. When you doubt, you are afraid to feel, because feeling will make you big. Feeling will make you real again. Are you ready to stop playing the game of doubt and discover what it's like to have triumphant discovery of new consciousness?

< QuantumLeap 5QA > When your doubt came in you noticed how it suffocates the feelings. Then it goes in and confuses the mind. Then it takes away your sovereignty. It takes away your intuition, your natural ability to feel things and to understand them and to deal with them but not to own them. You had a wonderful experience in true feeling.

< QuantumLeap 5QA > Now, imagine for a moment what it would be like the next time this avalanche of feelings comes into your life if you didn't doubt, if you didn't wonder what you had done wrong. You didn't wonder what was going on or how you could escape from it. Instead of doubting, you used your pure intuition. Your intuition would allow you to absolutely feel the depths of the experience, of the energy, to feel into its many layers, to feel into all of the potentials of why it was there and the potential of the outcomes without having to manipulate it but just to feel it.

< QuantumLeap 5QA > Imagine using intuition instead of doubt, how much richer your life - not just as a human, but as a divine angelic being - how much richer it can actually be. Remembering all of the time that it's not yours. It's not yours. Oh, there is going to be times when you feel your own energy, but your intuition will be discerning enough to let you know is it you or is it something else.

< Master 4 > I'm going to add one other element for my good friend here - simplicity. Simplicity makes a big difference. Could you just take for a moment to feel into … you have some sort of desire of the soul, something your soul wants to create, and then your mind gets in there and makes it complex? And the mind is what doubts. Your soul never doubts really; the minds doubts. It all gets in the way of this terrible drawing that we're doing here, but you're getting the point and I love to draw.

< (Next) 1 > Number one. You could probably guess this - doubt. It doesn't work very well in advanced consciousness. It really doesn't. It's a stupid game. Doubt is an Old Energy vibrational thing. "I'll honor myself, I'll doubt myself. I'll honor myself, I'll doubt myself. He loves me, he hates me." You've kind of used it as a game, kind of to keep things moving, but doubt doesn't look very good in the New Energy. It will be kicked out. It will be rejected, and then you're going to say, "See, I knew I did something wrong." It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. There's no sense, there's no outcome in doubting yourself other than just continual doubt. So get over the doubt. Really. It's perhaps one of the most important things I can pass on to you. Doubt doesn't work.

< (Next) 1 > Tied closely to doubt - makyo doesn't work very well. Makyo. Makyo. Spiritual bullshit. Why do people have - why do some of you have - have makyo? Because you doubt yourself. Do you know what you do when you doubt yourself? You come up with all this crap. You come up with all these little clichés and these little sayings and these little … Well, that's bullshit! And you tell yourself you're spiritual. You're not! Spiritual is so yesterday. It really is. It was just a bad excuse for being in your mind and making yourself seem better than anybody else, because ultimately you really doubted yourself. It doesn't look good on you.

< e2012 5 > Now, if you notice here that in this drawing is contrary to typical perspective. In other words, as you go along in your experience, it's opening up and eventually it dissolves. Typically, in perspective, as you go on your journey, it creates a distant endpoint or really an infinity point that keeps going. So here you're going along on your journey by choice, drawing in energy, and eventually expanding. Now, the question came in about doubt. What happens with doubt? Doubt naturally suppresses or pushes away the energies that are supposed to be moving in. So doubt will decrease the level of energy that's supporting the choice that would eventually give you more experience and wisdom.

< e2012 5 > So basically the formula would be Present moment plus Choice equals Energy and then Expansion. (Adamus writes P + C = E --> E) But when doubt comes in, it has a way of taking the energy out of the equation, or suppressing it to the point that you're never really going to have that expansion, or the expansion just goes along in this linear tube, and you're not really expanding. You just continue traveling along here. So the point is doubt has a significant influence on the energies that are coming in. The doubt comes from you. It doesn't come from anywhere else. So take a deep breath and take a look at what it's doing with the energies. How it's keeping you in a tube – a linear tube.

< e2012 5 > In this whole analogy, the tube that you have is existing within time and space. Time and space make this tube the reality. It keeps it held in there. It keeps you held in there. So as you attract more and more energies with less and less doubt, it will start blowing away the whole concept of time and space. Time and space are brilliant creations, up to a point. There comes a point when you get off of them. As I said before, you start looking into the layers and levels, and suddenly you're not using time and space as the measurement devices and as the devices that hold you into this reality. You start expanding out of them.

< e2012 5 > Doubt will put the time and space equation back into your reality. Doubt gets you right back into time and space. It sounds romantic to get beyond them. It's actually a little bit frightening. As a matter of fact, it can be terrifying to go beyond time and space, because suddenly your tube doesn't exist anymore or the tube no longer has the characteristics that you've always thought it had from looking within. Suddenly, it's expanding. Suddenly, it's not on a linear path; it's flowing in a lot of different ways. Suddenly, you're not bound to or contracted into this reality like you were before.

< e2012 12 > Now, it's not to say that the mind doesn't have a place, but actually, if you really feel into it, the mind doesn't want the place its been in any longer. It really doesn't. It's the thing that makes you doubt. Actually, your mind really doesn't make you doubt, but the mind processes all of the consciousness about doubt. It's you that are doubting yourself, but the mind then goes to work in service to you, processing all of it, coming up with remembrances of the past, times when you've been hurt, times when you've been thrown to the lions and the wolves and everything else. So the mind is kind of a cooperator in this whole thing.

< freedom 9 > But when doubt comes in, in the way of an aspect – big doubt comes in – and it starts to overshadow. (Adamus write a question mark to represent doubt on one of the plates and holds it in front of the I Am plate) And it starts to draw energy to it, and suddenly the energy that should be going to this beautiful enlightenment, suddenly gets distracted over to the huge doubt. However, if you just blindly assume, it goes like that again. (the I Am plate moves in front of the Doubt plate)

But then, of course, things happen. (he writes question marks on more plates) You have people in your life, you have situations that come up, and then you start to doubt again. (Doubt plates again overshadow the I Am plate) And it starts to take the energy, and it starts to cover up your, let's say, your purity. And now you get all discombobulated. The energy's going everywhere, but to you. It's all getting tied up in the doubts.

< Discovery 5 > So I say it ends because we're not going to be talking about the basics of awakening. I'm not going to be having any tolerance for self-doubt or self-loathing. There is not going to be any allowing of this doubt, which is really actually very self-indulgent. Doubt is extremely self-indulgent. It is a human luxury and hopefully you're beyond. We're going to go beyond the doubt. We're going to go beyond the processing. We're going to go beyond the toe-dabbling, the just tinkering with awakening, and I'm asking for those who want to come to this next level to join me. It's going to be about mastery. Absolute mastery.

< Kharisma 5 > Oh, doubt, such an ugly smelly blanket, but you still carry it around. Why would you want to carry around that really grotesque old blanket of doubt? But it gives you a certain degree of comfort. I think there is an odd comfort in it. You think that if you don’t doubt yourself, that you’re going to do something, you’re going to act in a way that you shouldn’t act. So you put that limitation. That doubt is kind of like your breaking system. You’ve got to doubt yourself, got to throw that doubt in there just to make sure. But let’s use this also as a time to say farewell to the doubt.

< Kharisma 5 > What do you have to lose? If you let go of doubt, if you don’t get caught up in doubt, rather, what’s the worst that’s going to happen – that you’re going to do something bizarre like becoming a Master? If you let go of doubt that you’re going to, hmmm, let your light shine? That you’re going to have charisma? That you’re going to let the true you come out? The doubt is like a prison. The doubt is a limitation, and actually so many of you have gotten so used to doubt, this demon, this ghost; you’ve gotten so used to it that you just accept that it’s there and it’s going to keep coming back, that you’re always going to be fighting that doubt. You can let it go right now. You’re going to let go of giving it any sort of credibility, any sort of energy. 

< Kharisma 5 > You’re going to let go of that doubt. Doubt is such an energy drainer, as you doubters know. (Adamus chuckles) Doubting yourself, such an energy drainer. It saps you of energy. Doubt is one of the relatives of [the sexual energy] virus. When doubt gets into your mind it kind of freezes up your mind, and then it penetrates deeper and deeper. That doubt gets uglier and uglier, and what happens is you don’t do anything because you’re doubting yourself. You don’t even do … you don’t do anything. You get frozen. You get stuck. It’s not worth it.

< Kharisma 5 > This is a turning point. This is, what you would say, a moment of truth right here. It's a moment of truth because we're leaving behind not just the old year; we're leaving behind a limited unremembered past. I say unremembered, because you're not remembering what really happened. We're leaving that behind. As we go forward now into the new year, into the new times, it's going to be only for those who are choosing and allowing embodied enlightenment. That's it. No room for anything else. No room in the work myself and the other Masters are going to do with you, no room for doubt. There's no reason for the doubt. No need for the doubt.