anger / hate


< Creator 4 > You begin to experience things like mistrust. You began to experience things like anger and hate. None of these felt right or appropriate, for you had never known these things before. You were changing. You were transforming. You were the proverbial caterpillar going through the cocoon to become a butterfly. You were leaving the first circle and experiencing two (duality) instead of one.

< Creator 6 > While he was in this wall of fire, it shattered him, dear friends. It shattered the oneness that he had been, and in a sense, you could say it created a war within him. There were experiences that he had during his brief moment that he passed through the wall of fire that seemed to last an eternity. Prince Jack, the one who was a creator within the kingdom, had experiences within the wall of fire that were filled with the deepest of sorrows, that were filled with anger and hate. Oh, we know some of you have a hard time hearing this. But all of this was appropriate. All of this was meant to be. And all of this, you will see in its finality, was filled with the greatest of love.

< Creator 7 > You were in chaos. There were terrible wars in your universe. This was a time where the concept of killing and death first began to appear. There was anger towards others and towards yourself. There were groups that roved in the ever-solidifying universe, trying to take power from others. They thought that if they took power and energy from another being, it would raise their vibration and send them back home to the kingdom.

< Creator 12 > You woke into this (void), dear friends, carrying nothing with you from Home. In the metaphor it would mean that you had no luggage. You had no belongings. You had no real remembrances. You woke up into nothing. It was part of your new journey. It was part of your new adventure. And from this there was a tremendous sense of loneliness and separation and guilt and anger. When you woke up in the void after you left Home, after you left the original creation, there was nothing. The feelings of loneliness and separation and guilt and anger and sadness and the wanting to return back to wholeness and completeness have been with you ever since.

< Ascension 3 > When you try to kill the snake as the second, male lightworker did, when you go after it in anger, it is throws you into imbalance. You have discovered that in yourself. When you are angry, when there is something that happens from within and you get angry within yourself, you lose! Anger is an imbalance. Understand this when the snake is standing in front of you, and you are angry, and you draw your knife, and say, "I will cut your head off. I will kill you here." Even if you do manage to kill the snake, it will come back through all of its relatives. It will be there, because the darkness seeks to be released. You have only inflicted anger and pain on it. But it will persist. It will be there. It will be in your path of ascension and enlightenment. Anger does not solve the problem.

< Ascension 3 > Look at the world situation now. If your country of the Americas had immediately responded to the events of September 11 in anger, which in a sense, many of these terrorists had hoped for, it would have made the situation so much worse. But yet, the world held a balance of energy that prevented any immediate strikes. It prevented an assimilation of what was going on. Anger will not solve the problem.

< Ascension 6QA > In this year of 2-0-0-2 (two-zero-zero-two) there will be great swings. In those great swings indeed there could be many outbreaks. There could be much anger. Anger, in a sense, is a way of releasing Old Energy. So, there could be these things. When they happen, Shaumbra, stand behind the short wall. Stand behind the short wall, even in situations with the Jews and the Palestinians. There is not one that is right and one that is wrong. There is not one side that is God's chosen side. It does not work that way. Stand behind the short wall, and you will see energies there, particularly when you use the Language of Ah, that you have never seen before.

< NewEnergy 4 > Anger is a natural reaction. It is a natural emotion to things taking place around you. You can't ever suppress it. It will come out somewhere. If it doesn't come out in that harsh word that you speak to your spouse - Cauldre - if it doesn't come out there, it will come out when you are driving, and you have a little accident. If it doesn't come out there, it will manifest itself in your physical body. It will come out as irritations… rashes… or potential cancers… or other great imbalances… or "dis-eases" within your body. Anger is natural. And, it is happening right now. It is best not to deny it. There are ways to handle it. But, it's best not to deny it.

< NewEnergy 4 > The anger issues that you have are also causing depression and sadness, partly because you're sad and depressed that you can't seem to break through. You can't seem to move beyond. You want that knowingness so bad. And, it is right there. Yet, you can't get your hand on it. It is like the carrot in front of the horse. At one point the horse gets tired of that game. It gets depressed. It gets sad.

< NewEnergy 4 > And, last week you have seen some of the grandest bursts of solar energy ever recorded, ever known, even on our side of the veil. Solar flares… grand eruptions from the sun… and, you think your anger doesn't have power behind it! What is happening through the consciousness of you and the consciousness of humanity… you are releasing so much Old Energy that it literally is being reflected in the energy of the sun. Grand solar bursts… they come rocketing to Earth. You have been bombarded with these over the last couple days. And, you wonder, dear friends, why your body feels funny… why your mind is out of balance… why you're feeling a flurry of emotions! Emotions occur when you let go of things. Emotions occur when you allow the anger within you to manifest in such a way - grand energies coming from the sun - but you created them.

< NewEnergy 4 > The wound is deep. That is part of the reason for the anger also that you have been experiencing. Why… why the wound? Will the wound ever heal? Or must we continue on this cycle again, a cycle that could span tens of thousands of years? The alignment that is coming about (Harmonic Concordance) - that was going to be there anyway - the alignment is very rare, very rare. There is the eclipse that happens with it, the hiding of the moon energy, the hiding, the - how to say - something that comes between the male and the female. But, it is also a time of clearing.

< NewEnergy 4 > At this time of November 8th (11/8/2003 - Harmonic Concordance) - and for every day that follows - is a time for the divine plan to meet the human plan. You've kept them separate, much as these two triangles have been separate in the Star of David. You have kept them separate - your divine plan and your human plan. And, this also brings in anger.

< NewEnergy 4 > You think because of some of the - how to say - your perception of destruction and chaos, of working with the dark forces… you think that is something to be shameful of. You have carried that wound with you for so long. Some of you here allowed yourself to be enlisted by the dark forces. Oh, your movies (referring to the Star Wars movies) depict it so well. You go over to the dark side. You work for them because of your anger. And, then you feel guilty about it, and you make yourself suffer. We are talking about events that took place a long, long time ago, in a place far, far away. But, dear friends, it was only a breath away.

< NewEnergy 10QA > It is about the imagination. Yes, you can literally go back into the past. You cannot alter the sequence of events that took place in the past, but you can change the wisdom and the understanding, and therefore provide the healing.

So, go back to the people who were involved, the incidences that took place. Go back through your imagination. Ask each one of them why these things happened and listen carefully. Ask yourself why you chose this. Ask the energy of anger why it is still around. And, listen… it will tell you something.

Understand at the heart of your heart that these energies want to be released. The energy of anger carries with it other energies. It is simply a carrier of energies that want to be released. And, we will stress this with you - and with all of Shaumbra - over and over. All of the healing wants to take place. It does want to take place - the healing of the body… and the mind… and the spirit… of past lives. It is aching to take place. It is not trying to be more unhealed and unbalanced. It wants to take place, indeed… yes, that aching (come to surfice for your attention).

So, now can you allow it to take place? Can you open your reality base up… what we call the imagination? Open up your reality base to be able to go back and talk to all of these incidences and events.

< Clarity 4 > So, we are asking you now once again to look at what is feeding you in your life right now. Is it anger? Anger is an energy, a very strong, a very dualistic energy, and it comes into your life. Yes, anger can feed you. It feeds the spirit and the consciousness. Some of you wonder why you're trying to live these calm and peaceful lives. You think you have to be peaceful to be spiritual. And, that is a bunch of crap (some laughter). And, then you bring anger in. Why are you doing that? Why do you feed yourself with anger? And, there is no judgment here. Anger is - we feel - is very appropriate sometimes. But, what does it do for you? How is it serving you, Shaumbra?