The story of four Shaumbra (Samuel)


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So, the four Lightworkers were walking along, somewhat carefree, their heads in the clouds, partly out of their bodies, which is a tendency for many of Shaumbra! (audience laughter) Suddenly, a snake crawled up from the brush, onto the road, and stopped directly in front of the fourth human, a woman one who was at the back of the group. The snake slithered up to her and cut her off her path.

Now, as you know, Shaumbra, in particular, have a fear of snakes. There is a good reason for this.

The snake coiled its body, reared its head and directed energies of fear straight through its eyes directly into hers. This broke down everything she had ever learned or studied. It broke her down for a moment. She shrieked, and she went running back at amazing speed, back to the village where they came from that morning. She left so quickly that the others in the group could not even catch her and settle her down. She was filled with so much fear! She was so deeply terrified by this snake that she forgot every tool she had ever learned.

The snake was very pleased with his activities and his power, for he did not even need to exert himself. He scared away this human. Be gone with her! He instantly slid back into the underbrush, out of sight, out of the way of the other three Shaumbra who remained. They were confused. They did not know what to do. They were sad that one of their own had run back to the village, and would probably not resume her path on this road to ascension for quite some time. They discussed it briefly, and decided to continue on their path. They gave thanks and blessings that at least no one was harmed.

The three remaining Shaumbra continued on the path, enjoying the day, when once again a snake appeared from the underbrush. It came darting onto the road, in direct contact with one of the males. It coiled up his head and opened his mouth to expose his pointed teeth. The lightworker said, "I will kill you. You make me angry! You chased away one of the others. I'm going to kill you once and for all!" He pulled the knife out of the sheath, held his arm back, and was about to strike a blow, when the snake coiled, released, and bit him in the leg. He died instantly. The anger had arisen within him. He was going to save and protect the others. He was going to kill the snake, but the snake was much more cunning. The snake was much faster. The snake caught him off guard and killed him. The snake quickly escaped back into the underbrush, out of sight of the other two Shaumbra.

The two remaining Shaumbra buried their friend. They did ceremony. They wept. Then they decided to continue on the road, two Shaumbra, one man and one woman. They continued walking and enjoying the day, but now it weighed heavy on them - the events of one Shaumbra who had been scared silly and ran back to the village and the other who had come to what seemed to be an untimely death. They continued walking, and as you already know, the snake once again came from the underbrush, slithered onto the road, and put itself directly in the way of the one woman who remained.

The one woman Lightworker who remained decided to use a different tact this time. Instead of trying to kill the snake, she would talk the snake through its fears and angers. She knelt down, just out of reach of the snake. She said, "Oh, dear snake, you must have had a difficult childhood! (lots of audience laughter) Dear snake, I raise my hands now, not to attack you, but I will send you energy, and I will send you love, and I will heal you and all of the wounds from your very disturbing childhood. Oh, dear snake, I imagine that your father beat you, and that is why you are so angry. (audience laughter) And dear snake, I will sing you a lullaby to make you feel better, to nurture your inner snake." (more audience laughter)

Now, the snake coiled back and had an interesting look on his face, a look that was quite puzzled. Here was a human that was not displaying anger. Here was a human that was trying to change him. Here was a human who was trying to process him. (more audience laughter) The snake looked at her, and a big smile came across his face. And the woman Shaumbra thought, "I am connecting with him, heart-to-heart. Look. He is smiling." Suddenly the snake leapt forward and bit her. She died instantly. (some audience laughter) And the snake retreated back into the underbrush, laughing and laughing and laughing to himself. "Here was a human, trying to change the world and to change me. She was the easiest of all my targets!"

Now, the one remaining Shaumbra is one who we will call Samuel. Now, Samuel buried this lightworker, this former healer. Samuel buried her. And he was quite concerned now. He wondered about this road of ascension, Enlightenment Parkway. This was not such a good thing, for now one of his kind had been chased away in fear and two had been killed. He sat and thought for quite awhile about whether to continue on the path. Finally, he said, "It is so deep within my being and deep within my soul that I must continue."

He continued walking, somewhat more carefully and more cautious than he had before, but he continued walking. And as you already know, after a short period of time, the snake crawled up from the underbrush once again, now feeling more invigorated and more powerful for having chased off three in one way or the other. The snake came directly in the path of Samuel. The snake said, "I will allow you to go no further on the path. Like the others who you used to walk with, I will kill you now."

Now, Samuel was much like each one of you here. Samuel had been so diligent in integrating his inner divinity, in his search for his True Self and staying in his sweet spot. Samuel remembered a few things he had learned, even in this terrifying moment. Samuel looked the snake eye-to-eye, who was coiled and ready to bite. The snake was empowered with the blood of a human dripping from his mouth. He was so delighted with himself.

At that moment Samuel said to himself, "I must take ownership of my divinity. It is not about me anymore. I have been told that. I must take ownership and be in a place of balance. I must breathe in - rather quickly here now. (brief laughter) I must breathe in my divinity, for this is what I have learned to be true."

Unbeknownst to either Samuel or the snake, an eagle had been circling overhead, watching the series of events. At the moment Samuel took in the breath, the eagle swooped down, grabbed the snake with its strong and sturdy claws, flew up hundreds and hundreds of feet into the air, did circles and spins with the snake screaming and slithering its claws. Then the eagle dropped the snake to his death on the ground.

Samuel breathed again, but this time, it was with relief. He continued walking on his path, and thought about the events of this very strange day. He contemplated all that had happened. He thought about the eagle, who had truly been there all of the time, waiting for the appropriate moment to come forth, waiting for the appropriate moment for Samuel to be in his balance and his divinity.

Samuel continued walking on the path of enlightenment, when suddenly another snake appeared. It was a relative of the snake who was killed. This new snake was very, very angry. This new snake darted from the underbrush and stopped directly in front of Samuel. It was almost twice as long as the first snake. It coiled in front of him, and said, "I will surely kill you now, for you have killed my own relative. I will have revenge. I must, for that is the way of our snake god. We revenge all who do us harm."

Now, Samuel had been thinking quite a bit along his walk, ever since the first snake was killed. He knew it was a blessed and sacred moment when the eagle came down. He also knew that it was a divine act, and he knew there was more to be learned from all of this. So while he was walking along down the road, thinking, he came asked questions of himself. "What is it that I should know about the events of the snake? What is it that I should do if this ever would happen again to me?" He listened within for the answers to his questions. He knew that the answers always come from within.

Samuel knew that he couldn’t just close his eyes and wish that the eagle would swoop down once again. He knew it was time to truly take ownership of his divinity. He looked the snake in the eye and said, "Dear snake, what is it you seek? Why are you in my path?" The snake was shocked! No human had ever asked this question. Humans had acted in fear or anger or sometimes stupidity, but they had never displayed this kind of wisdom. They had never asked, "Why are you here in my path? What is that you have for me?"

To his questions, the snake responded, "Dear Samuel, I am you. I am no different from you. I am not some external reptile. I am your darkness, and I come here today to stand in your path because you, Samuel, do not like change. You, Samuel, have issues that need addressing. I am here as a messenger to help you bring your issues to the surface." Samuel thought for a moment and then asked the snake, "But if it is so simple, if it is so simple, then why did the first snake kill and scare the other humans? Why couldn’t you just come to us and explain why you are here?"

And the snake shook what little head it had (audience laughter) and said, "That is not the way the energy works. It is only when we are asked, only when you have enough curiosity, only when you open the door by asking the questions, can we then answer. We do not want to be changed. We do not want to be attacked. But when a human comes to us - the snake that is within - and asks, then we must tell. We must share."

So Samuel now understood his own power, his own balance, and he understood why the snake had been sent there in the first place. They talked for many, many, many hours. Samuel learned much through this experience about himself. He saw the darkness and the fears that were within him, expressed through the snake. When they were done, Samuel said to the snake, "I still do not like you. I still do not like when you show up on my path. I still do not like what you represent. But, now I know that you come bearing a gift. Now I know there is a reason for your being, and now I know how to address you and what to do."

Samuel continued on his path. There was an occasional but rare snake that attempted to stop him. He understood it was just a test of his own being to see if he was still staying in his balance. But now, each time a snake appeared before Samuel, he would smile, and he would say, "Why are you here? What is it that I should know? Why are you here? What is it that you want?"