True Self

  1. all of who you are;  all that you are;  who you truly are;  full self;
    all potential of who you are;  full expression of you;  whole aspect of self;  open self;
  2. golden angelhigher selfgod selfdivine selfdivinityChrist Self;  inner being;

・ the larger part of your self that has been in a cocoon;
・ all other part of yourself acting out other potential realities in multiple dimensions;
・ nurturing inward feminine part; Queen part of Oneness; opp: part of outward expression;

< New Earth 3 > Now, we will talk briefly of your beginnings. And we will talk of the new energy of the divine human - of you. We have stated in other sessions that when this place of earth was created eons ago you, the angel, came here. But only a small part of you is truly in consciousness on this place of earth. The other parts of your self - what we call your True Self - are in the grids of earth and in the energetic fields in the other planets.

When you took this journey to earth, most of your True Self was placed in an energy cocoon. There was reason for that. It was that there was much internal, inside work to be done. So, most of your True Self was wrapped in an energy so that others could not see it. Those from other planets and other dimensions could not see your True Self. Your True Self, while wrapped in this energy cocoon, was watched over by legions of guides and angels to protect the delicate balance that was needed.

Your True Self had always been an outward creative expression. Spirit had always been an outward creative expression. It was time now to pause and to turn inward to discover something that could only be discovered in a solitary space.

While your True Self was wrapped in this cocoon and watched over by the angels, a small portion of who you truly are came to this place called Earth and began taking physical form. And when this part of your True Self came here and took physical form it also accepted duality. It took on an attribute that was most needed by your True Self and by Spirit in this great, great understanding called earth. A part of you had to walk without the conscious realization of who you were. You gave up the conscious recognition that you are indeed spirit, that you are indeed Love. You came to this place of earth and water and rock and air and did not remember who you were.

This, my friends, has been noted as the greatest sacrifice that any beings have ever made in the history of this creation. You forget who you were. Even in your deepest prayers and in your quietest moments you were no able to remember. You have struggled to remember. You have asked for signs from Spirit. But those aren’t the rules. The rules are that you would walk without remembering, without connection. Oh, indeed Spirit has heard every prayer! Spirit has felt every emotion but it was imperative to not have you remember. We will not get into the details of this on this night. But we are here to tell you that what you have done is a sacrifice that no other has ever done.

< New Earth 3 > Now, we have also stated that your True Self that has been in this cocoon is now awakening. Imagine this as an energy egg that is now opening. Your own True Self, my friends, seeks to return to oneness with you. As your True Self emerges and is awakened from this long, long sleep it has been in, its first desire is to return to you.

< New Earth 3 > Now, because of the dynamics of your earth (duality and the veil) and because of the way that humans were created, you have been given complete free will, even apart from your own True Self. Your True Self can only wait, patiently and lovingly, while you complete 'your journey in illusion' here on this Earth. Your True Self cannot meld with you until you open your heart, and until you invite that return. It is not up to your True Self, it is up to you. Should you choose to go another dozen, another hundred lifetimes without reuniting, your True Self will be there in total love and total acceptance until you are ready to invite this Golden Angel into your life.

< New Earth 3 > As we scan this room today, each of you has accepted a particle of the energy of your True Self. Each of you is beginning to fill up your new energy field with this vibration of your Golden Angel. Continue to honor and allow and it will continue to build. You will notice things around you look different than before. You will notice insights and perceptions that you have never had before. You will see the changes. You are on your way to becoming what we have termed the Divine Human. You will maintain the energy and the physical attributes and some of the emotional attributes of your human being. But you will integrate and meld with your divine being—with your Golden Angel.

< New Earth 3 > When they came to this energy of earth (duality) and went into their energy cocoon, they were an angel like us, like your family of Crimson who has been at your side. And now as they emerge from their cocoon, they are different. They are not like us. They are grand beings who have learned something incredible. When we look at the emerging True Self it brings tears to our eyes. And now you the child and you the parent, are coming to a point of reconnection. Oh, what a blessed, wonderful, long awaited celebration this will be! It is truly up to you, the child, the human, to honor all that you have been through, to honor this journey, to allow the True Self in.

< New Earth 5 > Your guides left your energy field as appropriate, so that you could begin to take the energy of your True Self into your reality. Your True Self will no longer be maintained in another consciousness (diminsion). You are no longer connecting to your True Self only in your deepest meditative states. Your guides left just as the divas left your Earth years ago. They have now left your energy space to allow you to integrate with your True Self. Your True Self could not come in because the space was taken. When your guides retreated, the space was empty. And there was a reaction on your part.

< New Earth 5 > There are those that are ready to go into the New Energy Earth at this time. There are those that are ready to begin integrating the True Self into their reality. There are those who appropriately have decided that it is not yet time for them, for indeed understand that there must continue to be balances. For if all had chosen at a single time to go into the New Energy, this would have caused an imbalance. So honor those who have not yet come over, who have not yet decided. There is a small group of lightworkers around this world who have decided to take the step into the New Energy World. These two worlds will exist side-by-side together for a period of time. As we have said before, the ones in the New Energy World will be aware of their energy attributes and structures and dynamics as well as the old energy. The ones who remain in the old energy world will not be consciously aware that there has been a split.

< New Earth 6 > Have you ever wondered, have you ever thought about where your Golden Angel exists, where it is, where your True Self is when you call upon it, when you call upon this grand being that you are? Why has it not come forth? Why has it felt like you were a child abandoned by its parents, left to fend for itself, hardened by your experiences, all the time feeling the loneliness, feeling the pain, feeling the abandonment? It is because the greater part of Self of who you are, my friends, agreed to be put in what we have termed an "energy cocoon." This is somewhat difficult to describe, but when the call came out to understand the balance of the light and dark, when the call came to understand the eternal process, the Oversoul who you are agreed to go into a cocoon wrapped in energy, protected by angels so it could not be interfered with. Literally it was enclosed in a shell of darkness so that it could not be interfered with by other beings.

< New Earth 6 > And then your own soul began a journey, an internal journey. Your True Self had always been an outer creative expression, an expression emanating from Spirit, emanating from the source of love but creating outwards. And now, a group of angels agreed to begin an inner work, to begin going within. That was the reason that your own soul went into hibernation, protected by the angels, wrapped in energy to, in a sense, camouflage it. Your parent (in this analogy), your True Self, went into a very internal task. Part of it, part of who you are, remained external as a continuing creative expression with a silver chord attached to the Higher Self, to the cocoon. The information that was being learned and gathered, the experiences of the balance of light and dark, were constantly being fed back to the cocoon which held the True Self. This information was used continually in the internalization process. My friends, the expression is you on Earth, the portion of your True Self that walks in human biology.

< New Earth 6 > You have not been abandoned by your True Self. Your True Self is not punishing you. Your parent has not left. It has been on its own journey. At the core part within you, you are still connected. There is a still a remembrance. Oh, you wonder why, why, you desire to return Home - because you can still feel at the very center of your heart your connection with something so grand. You wonder why you search for your soulmate, your twin flame. My friend, your twin flame is in a blanket, is in a deep sleep. How you long for the return! You wonder why the emptiness is there in your being, why you feel at night in your dreams that you are crying. It is because you know, you know, that your self has not been complete while you have journeyed here on Earth.

< New Earth 6 > What this truly means, my friends, is that the True Self that has been in this cocoon is now awakening. It is now coming out of this hibernation. And the first desire that your Golden Angel has is to reunite with you. It is much like a person coming out of a deep sleep. There is a grogginess. There is a period of adjustment. It is like this person desiring immediately to know where the child is, the child that is placed in another's arms. The True Self, my friends, seeks to return to you, seeks to return to all who are ready to invite this in.

< New Earth 6 > The True Self cannot meld back with the human aspect until the human aspect is ready. That is why we say there is a splitting of consciousnesses. Two worlds. Two Earths. There will be many who continue to act upon the stage. This is appropriate. The True Self will wait patiently for them. It may take one lifetime. It may take a dozen. It may take hundreds. The True Self will wait patiently. For those who are ready to begin integrating, to invite the True Self in, it is now the appropriate time.

< New Earth 6 > Now you might ask, "why has all this been taking place, why the tremendous amount of creation, the elaborate plan here?" As we have said before, there is a new place being created - what we call the Second Creation - with a foundation based on the energies that you have created here, the energies and the insights and the learnings from your Higher Self while it has been wrapped in this energy cocoon. As you create the tunnel and the way to this Second Creation, it is not just you that are ascending. It is like you are creating a vacuum through this tunnel and then all things are able to follow. We say, jokingly, that in listening to your sessions yesterday there was much talk about a "sucking" effect. This is precisely what happens. Sometimes we find much humor in your stories. You - the ones that are here - and other lightworkers around your world are creating this tunnel. You are among the first to go through, among the first to integrate with your True Self.

< New Earth 6 > As we have said before, this (new ascension status: melding of human and True Self) has not been done before. We do not know all the answers from this side. We supply tremendous amounts of energy and love to you. We watch over the True Self in its cocoon state. We guide the True Self as it comes into its awakening and seeks to return to you. We do not know all the answers. And as we have said before, my dear friends, when there is the melding of you the human with the True Self, there will emerge an angel the likes that have never been seen before in all of creation.

< New Earth 6 > "This was a fine story, but what is it that I should do now? What is it that I can do to balance the human self with the True Self? If indeed the True Self is awakening, how can we get back together?" Again we do not know all of the answers, but we can tell you that there is one energy attribute above all that will make the process smooth. And that is quite simple. It is a trusting.

< New Earth 6 > We have used the analogy before of sitting on your bike and not pedaling, not struggling, but allowing yourself to sit on this bicycle that simply floats. The backdrop changes. The environment around you changes. This is trust. If your intellect gets in the way, you will wonder why the bicycle is floating, and why it is not falling over, and why you are not pedaling. And then certainly when you focus your energies on these activities, then you will certainly tip over. The new trusting will present many challenges associated with this. Again it is difficult to describe the feelings that you will have, what will come forth, what it will be like to integrate with the awakening True Self. It will be an experience that will be close and personal to you. But in your trusting state, not asking Spirit or your guides for anything, simply allow it to be in your trusting state. And it will most certainly come to you.

< New Earth 8 > Tonight we gather here as family. There are no weavers who come in; for something changed between the time we last visited and tonight. Something changed for the weavers are no longer needed, my dear friends. They are not needed. For you, the lightworkers and the humans are becoming enabled. You are beginning to hold and sustain the energy that is needed to provide the bridge between the human consciousness and your True Self. You are beginning to integrate your True Self " your God Self " into your body, into your consciousness. So it is not the weavers who now meld the energy, who provide this connection between your dimension that you sit in and the dimension of your True Self and Spirit. No, my friends, you now hold the energy.

< New Earth 9 > To heal yourself simply lie upon the floor and allow it to happen. It is the old energy to have incantations and rituals and disciplines. (Again we say this will be controversial information.) It is allowing, my friends. Your body is divine. Your cells are divine. They will align themselves if you allow. Allowing is releasing. Allowing is taking it from the mind and letting go (forget). Allow Spirit, your True Self, to handle this, your physical ailments.

< New Earth 9 > There is no room or place anymore for drama. But yet you have a tremendous amount of energy coming from your emotional center. Begin to allow this emotion to be used as a driving force. It is a fuel for your own creations, your own spirit in this new energy. This is difficult to describe, my friends, for things will start happening in you and around you. You will begin to feel a new connectedness. You will begin to feel a new partnership. This is your True Self beginning to come in as you allow it to happen. This is your True Self melding with you while you are still in human form on Earth. Again, it is simply a matter of allowing this to take place, of allowing this to happen.

< New Earth 9 > There are many attributes of the new energy that will be very new and unfamiliar to you.
It is a matter of simply calling these into your being. For instance, when you need more physical energy than you have used before, simply access this, simply call it into your being, then allow it to happen. When you need more insight and intuition, simply call this in. All of these energies are, as we see it, around you, surrounding you. They are becoming available to you. These energies are the essence of your True Self. But you must call them in to use them. If you continue to stay in your old energy ways, this new energy, this True Self energy, will stand by patiently waiting until you are ready to call it in.
The energy that we speak of here is what we have termed the Christ energy, what we have talked about in our last gathering like this. It is the energy of purity and strength and love. It is now becoming available to you, but it is up to you to use it.

< New Earth 9 > We know from our side, though, my friends, that as you integrate your True Self, your Divinity, you will become awesome humans, Divine Humans, humans that are teachers to others.

< New Earth 10 > It is powerful. You will learn to work with it. It will address you. It will be there for all that you need, this new energy. My friends, what this new energy is… it is what we have termed the True Self, the Christ Self. It is wanting to come forth into your life, but it cannot if you are busy with your head down, tending the earth, chopping and fertilizing and plowing and watering and praying. My friends, this is a phenomenal energy. It is growing in spite of you.

< New Earth 10 > For there is a grand one… there is a grand one, who wants to be your light, who wants to integrate. It is your True Self, your Christ consciousness. As we have said, in your current human mind, even the human consciousness that you bring here today, you could not possibly imagine the depth of love and the depth of awareness and the depth of creativity that is contained within this divine human that you are becoming. It is time for the old human to release, to allow, and to do "NO-thing."

< New Earth 10 > With the change of the energy at the end of your previous year (1999) and the opening of the gates that held in the consciousness of your True Self - of your Christ Self - the Christ has come forth. As we have said, in similar gatherings, there was to be a day when the consciousness of Christ descended on a crystal staircase (your DNA) and came down to reunite and to meld with you. And now that this is occurring within each of you, as the Christ consciousness is coming forth through your DNA, through the strands, through the staircase, each of your aspects of past lives that have been buried are now asking to come forth for their "judgement."

< New Earth 10 > With the awakening of the Christ consciousness and the releasing of all of your past lives, the releasing of the "dark angels," there is just you. And this provides the ideal energy now for your True Self to come in. It is time to allow this and to listen it and to be in the greatest place of trust with this happening.

< New Earth 11QA > We have talked in previous discussions that the greater part of yourself, the True Self as you would call it, has been in a type of cocoon, an inward-looking type of energy. It is time that that True Self is emerging. It seeks to reunite with you, the one that carries human consciousness. It will stand and patiently wait - your True Self - until you release, until you put down all of your old systems.

< New Earth 13 > This, my dear friends, is the time of the new energy of Earth. With the spiritual physics such that they are, this is truly the first time in the history of humankind on Earth that it is possible to bring in the energy of the Divine Self. Oh, you and others have tried in the past. You have tried to figure out God. You have tried to be holy and spiritual. You have had journeys in past lifetimes in religious orders. You have started many religions, as we have mentioned. But until recent months of your time, it has not been possible to truly begin bringing in this divine energy. The veil was thick. The True Self was in a cocoon of sorts. The vibration of Earth was not appropriate. We come now to the time where it is now possible to bring it in and to begin working with it and to begin using it.

< New Earth 13 > This energy that is here is not a house that you are renting. It is not a house that is mortgaged. It is owned by you. We use the metaphor of the house to help you understand. This is the energy of your True Self, of your Divine Self. It comes from within; it comes from outside. But it is all you.

< New Earth 13 > Dear friends, in your new house you are Divine. You are empowered. There is no other on Earth or in the heavens that can hold and use the power the way you can in your new house. You have chosen the service of Spirit in this lifetime. You have chosen to come to this place. You have chosen to now begin working with the energies of all that you are, of your true and divine being. We bless you for being on this journey. We bless you for all that you are about to create in your life. This house is you. It is owned by you and none other. And none other can take it away.

< Creator 6 > Dear friends, when the greater part of Jack that was in the cocoon decided to awaken, it was like an infant. Oh, you think the True Self is like your father or mother? No, it is like the infant. As it awakens, the first thing it longs to do is to reunite with you. As the True Self is awakening and coming forth from its cocoon, it is seeking to find you. When it does, dear friends, this is what we call the awakening of the Christ consciousness that is within.

< Creator 6 > Jack sat quietly and listened within his being and allowed at the deepest levels. He allowed at the level that meant total release. He finally began to hear and finally began to understand. He finally began to integrate with all that he was, what you call your True Self. This is what some of you mistake for your guides, what some of you mistake for an outer energy, even Sananda, Yeshua ben Joseph. These are all ones who come to guide you and to work with you and to give you love, but dear friends, the integration and the inner discovery is of something far grander.

< Creator 6 > When you left the kingdom and went through the great wall of fire, much of you was left behind. Much of you went through a turmoil that is very difficult to describe and difficult for you to even understand within your being. A small part of your total energy came to this place called Earth and has walked for many, many lifetimes. But the part of you that was left behind - your True Self - is now awakening. This is what is happening within you right now. This is why you are feeling the things within your body and your mind that you do. This is why we gather here. This is why we honor you.

< Creator 6 > Remember dear friends, this is not some outer entity. Your True Self is not some angel-like being with wings. It is you. It is you, and it comes from within. If you review some of the metaphors we have used in this parable, you will come to understand more here. It comes from within you.

< Creator 8 > You ask us, "Where do I find the new energy?" Dear friends, tap into what is called your True Self, what we prefer to call The Inner Being. Sit in the inner room of your new house, a metaphor for sitting in a quiet space. Force nothing in your mind. Force yourself to do nothing. Simply be, and simply listen, and it will come to you. Be patient, and it will come to you. We know this to be true. We know this to be true!

< Creator 11 > If you do not acknowledge your creations, if you give the credit to Spirit or to angels or to any others, this Divinity that is like a seed growing from within will begin to wither like a plant on a hot summer day. It needs your love. Your divinity is your true self. It has been in a cocoon for a long, long time. It is who you truly are, and it is coming back to you as a child. It needs your love. It needs the balanced love of the King and the Queen within You.

< Creator 11QA > There is no other being who will restrict your ability to create. There is a core fear that you do not have an outside Father/God energy to watch over and to regulate your creations. You tend to put on the brakes. We are telling you now that in the new energy it is different. Your own divine self will not allow you to create inappropriately. This divine balance comes from within you. It comes from the wisdom of all of your past experiences. It comes from your True Self.

< Creator 11QA > Your True Self is awakening now. It is emerging from the cocoon where it has slept for so long. It is awakening and coming forth. But interestingly enough, even though this is a more complete Self, it is also like your own child who glows from within, a Christ Child. It is yours to care for and nurture and feed. It is interesting that it is the "complete" you, the True Self, the Divine Self. You would think, would you not, that it would be appropriate for you to give up control to your True Self? You would think this would be the Father/Mother God energy coming back for you. But instead it is the Child. It is the Child energy. It is your creation. And it needs your nurturing. Now, we will talk more of this at another time. But in your long journey here, and to get here and your many experiences, you have created your own child, called your divinity, just as the King and Queen through their love created Jack. This will give you something to think about!

< Ascension 1 > Do you remember when we have spoken to you of the grander part of your energy that stayed behind when you came to this place called Earth? This grander part, what you would call your True Self, what some call the Higher Self, or your Golden Angel… the large part of your energy stayed behind in a cocoon, an energy cocoon. The spiritual physics behind this was such that you and Spirit needed to take a deep inner look, for as we have said, Spirit has always been an outward projection. But your True Self wrapped itself into a cocoon, hid itself, made itself invisible. Your True Self in this cocoon has been watched over. It has been guarded and protected and also disguised by legions of angels, so that it could sleep deeply, so that it could take an inner look.

< Ascension 1 > Part of the role (inner work) of your True Self all of this time (in the cocoon) has been - somewhat difficult to explain - but it has been taking the potentials of your thoughts and actions and deeds, and then living out these potentials in other dimensions. Indeed when you have three choices in front of you - to go left, to go forward, or to go right, and you, as the human, the one who is in control, choose to go right, the other two choices are acted out interdimensionally from within the cocoon of your True Self. At night when you dream, many times you see in a symbolic form all of the potentials, all of the possibilities acted out.

Now you do not need to so much worry about this, for this is something that is being handled by your own True Self, your Full Self. You do not need to worry about these potentials. They are simply energy elements. They do not take on substance in your reality. They do not in any way come back to affect you on your human journey on Earth. But again, we say, while you are going through all of your processes here in the 3D, there is so much else that is happening. Your True Self, your Full Self is exploring the many, many possibilities while you are acting out the chosen one.

Who comes to visit on this day is the energy of self that carries the potential, that carries the alternative realities of who you are. That part of yourself (in other dimensions) comes to visit today. They come into the second circle, first of all to touch you and to join you, but also to applaud you for the choices you did make. There were no choices that were right, none that were wrong. They were all potentials and experiences. The ones you have selected … you have acted out on Earth. The ones that you did not were acted out on an interdimensional basis.

< Ascension 1 > One day when it is appropriate, you will have the opportunity to see and to feel what all of the other choices would have been like. But all the possibilities were somewhat mind blowing, to be able to see all of the things that could have been done and what other potentials would have been created as a result of these. The alternative realities come to visit you, the potentials of all who you are come to visit. They come at this important time to say, "You have never made a wrong decision." The fact is that you made decisions and you made choices, and you created a path that has led you from Home to this precise point that we sit in now. If you ever question your journey and question the appropriateness of your actions, know that it has brought you here together with Self, with Spirit, and All That Is.

< Ascension 1 > Now we will ask you to take a bit of a journey with us today, with your permission. The ones that are around you now, the ones who are your potentials of True Self, (past) potentials of all things you have done, who are your alternative realities… they stand around you. They hug you. They will accompany you on this journey if you give your permission.

< Ascension 1 > Let us talk to you somewhat of timing here. Timing. Much of the potential of who you are is also contained and held in the grids. It is held in the magnetic and energetic grids of Earth before it comes into you. It makes a journey of sorts from the cocoon of True Self, of finding its way to you, but being held in the energetic grids of Earth before it fully comes in, before you are fully ready. If it comes to you immediately and fully, it would upset the balance of all who you are as a human.

< Ascension 1 > But we tell you, each of you, all who are touched by these words, you have already done it. Surprise! Who did you think would be there waiting for you, when you are the first? What did you think would happen when you ascended? The definition of ascension is when you stay in a body in the same lifetime, but yet move to your next lifetime. And all of you have done that. All of you have made the decisions in these past few years to stay. That is why we are here. That is why the ones who represent the potential of your True Self come in on this day, specifically to applaud. You have gone through the gateway of ascension. Ah, but the joke is that now the hard work begins!

< Ascension 1QA > Do not look to the past for ways to handle things. And we will say that many times today in these questions that are about to be asked, for we see what they are. We will say, "Do not look to the past." There will be new ways to handle this. What they are, we are not so sure, for you will be discovering them. But there will be a new element of your divine seed that comes into play in your reality now. It will not be held in the grids far away. It will not be hidden in the True Self. You will be able to bring it to this very place that you reside in with your physical body.

< Ascension 2 > This thing called divinity is like a child. Even though it is you, it is the essence of you from as far away a time as when you left Home. It is your divinity. It is your Full Self. And, we have to interrupt here for a moment, but we ask each of you to stop imagining your Golden Angel, your True Self, as some external, twelve-foot tall, winged being, for it is not so. As long as you continue to think of it that way, it will be difficult to integrate a twelve-foot being into yourself! (audience laughter) It is not an external thing. It is within you. It is not an outside angel. It is the essence of who you are. It is making its way through your body, your DNA, your cells. It is asking for expression through your body.

< DivineHuman 1 > On this day a gift. The essence of Shoud today is expression. It is expression. As Shaumbra, we know it is time to express who we are in all ways. We know it is time to step out from behind that veil that we have put up. We have feared who we are, and who we are becoming. We have been somewhat reluctant about our own divinity. We have been going through an intellectual process with ourselves about who we are and where we are going. But, now that we are beginning to "divine" within ourselves first before we think… now that we are divining instead of thinking… we know it is time to express. We know it is time to let our true selves come forward. We know it is time to step out from behind the very walls and the very veils that we have put up. We are all nervous about this. We are all tentative about it. We are not sure how the world will react to us. We are not sure how we will react to ourselves as we express. We know it is time to tell ourselves to express all of who we are.

< NewEnergy 8 > From this moment forward you have many, many potentials to choose from in your life, many scripts to choose from. You have written every one of the scripts yourself. (Your full self has worked out multiple realities and found the solutions.) Indeed, you have had help on our side, but they are your creations. It is up to you then to choose which one you want to act out, that you want to bring to life in your physical reality. So, you imagine all of the potentials.

< Embodiment 1 > While you were doing your thing, not conscious of other things going on around you, the energy of the OH, the holder of the darkness, your divinity, wants to share with you what it was doing… you see. Oh, it wasn't doing it here on Earth so much. It wasn't doing it in any part of the physical universe that you know. The energy of the OH was embracing you the entire time. It was living through other experiences for you, other potentials for you, things… oh, my dear, dear friends, things that you could not possibly imagine in your mind. It only can be imagined in your soul, in your divinity, in your full expression of you.

< Embodiment 6 > Shaumbra, I'm trying to prove a point to you of how delightful, and exciting, and joyful, and potent the imagination is. The imagination is allowing your true energies to come out and play. Through the imagination you can expand yourself, allow yourself into the other realms, and then through the other realms, where there are other energies, bring these back and manifest them on Earth.

< Clarity 9 > You also have a spiritual network. A network that connects you to the other realms. A network that has connected you to the Field. A network that connects you to what you term your Higher Self. And by the way, sometimes that definition of Higher Self is very limited. It is very elementary. Sometimes your definition of your Higher Self or your Angelic Self gets very religious actually, very much associated with what has been taught by the churches, tends to be parochial. So we want you to understand that even your true Self is much different. It is actually much more. Things are MORE than what they appear or what they seem to be.

< Clarity 10 > Speaking of authentic, it is time to even get away from some of these old terms that you have used in the past relating to your divinity. You call it your Higher Self. You call it your True Self. What about your Authentic Self? What about your Authentic Self? It is truly the greater expanded Being that you are. You've been so focused on this human aspect, you've forgotten. You haven't been authentic with yourself about who you are.

< MNEC2006-T > The spirit also involves all aspects of yourself. It is the total Being. The mind tries to understand "Now what does that mean - total Being." It tries to understand things like your true self or your higher self. Those are all distortions. They are all coming from a smaller place, coming from a mind that's desperately trying to understand this concept of spirit.

< Teacher 6 > Kuthumi's going to take on more of an active role with Shaumbra this year. He's been off in the other regions of the dimensions much of this past year helping to balance things having to do with your spiritual families, having to do with essences of you from a long time ago. Helping to create some new bridges and links so the energies can open up and flow once again, both in your reality here and in these other realities that you are not consciously aware of right now. But now that his work there is done, now that these conduits have been opened up to allow the flow of what you would call your True Self into this reality, he's going to be here as your inspirer.

< (Next) 6 > Many of you go to bed, or have gone to bed, now, really just totally going numb, totally erasing everything, not allowing it to come through, when, in fact, your dreams at night are potent fields of creativity and understanding and wisdom. But this brainwashing has caused you to go out of trust with yourself and to fear going out there at night. You've been programmed to fear the true parts of yourself. That's done and over with now. That's done and over with - at least in this group.