a collective of all of aspects of self; ≒ soul;
larger part of yourself; divine part of yourself;

< New Earth 6 > Have you ever wondered, have you ever thought about where your Golden Angel exists, where it is, where your True Self is when you call upon it, when you call upon this grand being that you are? Why has it not come forth? Why has it felt like you were a child abandoned by its parents, left to fend for itself, hardened by your experiences, all the time feeling the loneliness, feeling the pain, feeling the abandonment? It is because the greater part of Self of who you are, my friends, agreed to be put in what we have termed an "energy cocoon." This is somewhat difficult to describe, but when the call came out to understand the balance of the light and dark, when the call came to understand the eternal process, the Oversoul who you are agreed to go into a cocoon wrapped in energy, protected by angels so it could not be interfered with. Literally it was enclosed in a shell of darkness so that it could not be interfered with by other beings.

< NewEnergy 11QA > This entity you know as Dakkon is… is you. It is an aspect of yourself. It is what you would call more of an oversoul name. It is your spirit and your divinity contacting you. And, indeed, you do work with the energies of Kuthumi. We know that sometimes it seems hard to imagine that this energy - which appears to be so much on the outside - would be so much of you, but it truly is. It is - how to say - you are many, many faceted here. And, this is one opportunity for you to take a look beyond your own humanness, to look at the Master that you truly are, and to look at your own grandness. But, this is who you are, and this is why it has been coming through so strong lately and making itself also known with others. And, Kuthumi and you have known each other for a number of lifetimes, so there is a natural closeness here.

< Embodiment 4QA > An interesting thing is happening right now that you and other Shaumbra are beginning to experience that most humans don't. And, it is that there is a melding that is taking place, that there is an opening for every part of yourself to come in.

There is this thing called the "oversoul" that you humans talk about. The oversoul is a collective of all of the energies of everything you have been. It is not this grand angel that is controlling everything. You have to understand YOU are the grand angel controlling everything. The oversoul is your collective. And, it is looking to come back in to serve you through all of its various experiences. But, you cannot look to it for the answers, but simply for the presence.

There is also - how to say - your divinity. Your divinity is what we call the pure essence. It is the most innocent… and the most grand… and the most glorious of all energies. And, it was - how to say - sealed away for so very long by all humans, by most angels… as a matter-of-fact, by most angels. Most angels will have to come the way of Earth (through 3D human reality) to reintegrate with their divinity.

So, you are seeing aspects and feeling aspects of yourself. And, it is a grand and glorious time that these are coming in. By default for you - and for any of you - if you are seeing things and feeling things, or dreaming of things, understand that it is you, that it is parts of you. Use this as your default when you dream of strange and unusual things. You are really dreaming of yourself. When you feel presences around you - as we were talking earlier today of the Atlantean energies - it is that aspect of you. It comes to you. It is all flowing to you right now.

So, you are very perceptive, very wise to know that this is part of you. It will change. It will be difficult to go back and try to recreate it because it will continue to change and evolve and to be with you in new ways. And, we are going to tell you - you personally - you are going to find and understand a whole new definition of being in love because it is going to be about being in love with yourself.

< Returning 6 > Where so many of you come from a background where you started to open up, but you held that part of your divine off somewhere else (cocoon); you didn't allow it to make its entrance here to Earth; you didn't want it to be distorted by the energies of Earth or manipulated by other humans - perhaps its energy stolen or taken away by others - instead right now Sam is very open. He doesn't have those kind of fears, so he's allowing the divine to integrate.

< Returning 6 > So often the oversoul will create an expression of itself into the human realms, but then will maintain a distance from it. So often the oversoul creates the human entity and finds it difficult to connect with it. The veil goes two ways - definitely goes two ways. Sometimes the oversoul does this because it doesn't want to interfere with the human existence of itself; other times because it fears getting too close and getting sucked into this thing called human reality; other times parts of the oversoul are so wounded and twisted. Some of these parts of the oversoul remain in the near Earth realms, caught in their own horrors and their own hell, that they are somewhat oblivious to this thing called the human living on Earth.

< Returning 6 > So there's a great disassociation between the spirit, between the oversoul, between the other aspects of the entity itself, and with the human on Earth. How often have we seen and felt on our side where there is a disassociation between the soul and the human, where sometimes the soul actually resents or rejects that human expression of itself, turns its back on it - indeed, yes, souls can do that, turn its back on that human expression - and how does that human on Earth feel? Unworthy, unloved, unneeded.