< NewEnergy 11QA > This entity you know as Dakkon is… is you. It is an aspect of yourself. It is what you would call more of an oversoul name. It is your spirit and your divinity contacting you. And, indeed, you do work with the energies of Kuthumi. We know that sometimes it seems hard to imagine that this energy - which appears to be so much on the outside - would be so much of you, but it truly is. It is - how to say - you are many, many faceted here. And, this is one opportunity for you to take a look beyond your own humanness, to look at the Master that you truly are, and to look at your own grandness. But, this is who you are, and this is why it has been coming through so strong lately and making itself also known with others. And, Kuthumi and you have known each other for a number of lifetimes, so there is a natural closeness here.