The spirit is a Latin word, spirari that literally means breath...life force...movement of energy.
Spirit is the creativity of God. Spirit is the creativeness of consciousness.

1. esprit;  essencesoulconsciousnessvibrationenergylove;
2. Sprit from Home/kingdomGodEternal Onethe king and the queendivinity;
3. the energy part of you that connects with The Field;  life force energy within you;

< New Earth 1 > And so it is that there came a time for Spirit to understand the balances of energies, for the struggle and the wars in the universes had been long and many. And all sides were tired. There did not seem to be a natural resolution so this place of Earth was created. The energies and the patterns of those energies were set into place and this grand thing called duality was put into force. And then there came the call to the greatest of the angels. These were the ones who had experienced the most and endured the most. They came to this place for what we have called the final experience of the First Creation.

< New Earth 1 > The biggest issue that each of you will face is trust. As humans you have not been so good about trusting yourselves. You have learned well to trust your mind. When you have been in trouble you have trusted your guides and Spirit.

< New Earth 2 > When the dynamics of your universe and your consciousness were originally created, it was that there was a "split." There was a split from what was once Oneness, or All That Is, into duality. There was a separation of energies and this was by design. This was for Spirit - for you - to understand more of creation and of energy. It is somewhat difficult to explain the rationale, but this split from oneness into two, into opposites, was of utmost importance for Spirit.

< New Earth 3 > Do you know that even a stone on your ground remembers that it is part of Spirit? Every tree, every molecule, every particle of light remembers that it is part of Spirit, remembers its origins. That is why when the animals die, they do not grieve.

< New Earth 3 > Now what happens to us? What happens to those angels that have been at your side through these many lifetimes with you, who have watched over your True Self while it has been in this egg? Now it will be our turn. You have been the first to go through this. You have been the first angels to go through this process. What you have learned will now enable the rest of us, the rest of your family of Crimson, the rest of your family of Spirit to go through the process. Indeed, we will not have to go through all of the difficulties and the separations that you have, for you have done this in sacrifice for us. We will go through a type of metamorphosis after you are complete and after this place of earth comes into its ascension status. Then the rest of us will follow you.

< New Earth 6 > Think of the physics of this, think of the physics. Here you sit, supposedly as humans, and invite Spirit into your space, invite us into your space. This melding, this overlay of consciousnesses, creates truly a new dimension. It is not a dimension that you can relate from what you would normally think as in your third or fourth or fifth dimensions. My friends, this dimension does not own a number. It is a new dimension, a new consciousness that is created when humans meld with Spirit like this.

< New Earth 9 > You have been journeying into new areas that even Spirit does not understand. That is why you agreed to come to Earth in the first place. In your lifetimes in the past, in your current lifetime up until recently, you were working under the veil to help to understand the balance of light and dark. It was not a test. It was a new energy construction. You wondered why when you prayed to Spirit, when you prayed to your guides, that many times nothing would happen. It is not that your prayers were unheard, my friends, for you have never been alone. It was simply that we did not know the answers. It is only through you, through your work on this Earth, your work in duality, that we learn. It is only through your work that we learn.

< New Earth 9 > Now we move to the third area, that which we call the emotions. Now your emotions, my friends, have been an interesting substitute for Spirit. As you know, you have not carried your full spiritual potential with you in your physical body on your side of the veil. So your emotions have been a substitute, in a way, for Spirit. In the new energy your emotions will be a driving force for you. They will allow responses to take place. Your emotions, what comes from your inner being, your desires, will cause action and reaction. Now your emotions in the past have been used to play out dramas. Your emotions have been used to feel things, to understand joy, to understand darkness.

< New Earth 10QA > When they understand that they have not died, there is not a jury on our side waiting to judge them, there is not a place of hell where they will burn forever, there is overwhelming joy at this point. There is tremendous release, and generally at that time is when this spirit of that soul then says, "I’ll go back."

< New Earth 12 > There have always been two sides, a light and a dark. You moved into this energy and accepted those parameters. You also accepted free will. You accepted the fact that you would not know who you were. You accepted a "spiritual amnesia (veil)." You came to Earth to begin a long, long cycle of lifetimes and learnings and understandings. It will be revealed to you, each of you individually in these coming times of why it was so important for the Eternal One, for Spirit, to know of these things, and why you have participated.

< New Earth 14 > The first truth, dear friends, is that Spirit does not know the outcome of your journey here on Earth. God does not know what is going to happen. You have all been under the belief system that your journey on Earth has been planned in advance. You have thought that the outcome was known. Your churches teach that well. They teach you that God knows all. He even knows what you are going to do next. Dear friends, the truth of this, the truth of Spirit, of the Eternal One is that God does not know the outcome. A little frightening perhaps. A little frightening to know that you, each of you here, each human upon the Earth, you are the ones creating. You are the ones creating each new moment in time.

< New Earth 14 > You who are in human consciousness and in human body, you live outside of the "circle" of the first creation. We live inside the circle of the first creation. We live in a different dimension than you. You live on the outside of the circle. For each day, each moment, each choice that you have is creating something new. Spirit does not know the outcome.

< New Earth 14 > With the understandings that come from allowing, you will then see how true creation works. You will then be able to create from a space within your being that you have never felt before. Much of this is why you have come here to Earth in the first place, to arrive at this point, to arrive at a point of the integration of the Divinity, your Godself, with your human consciousness. Each of you has been walking under the veil, separated from Spirit in your consciousness for eons of time. As it was said earlier on this day by the speaker, Dr. Reynolds, the greatest feeling of loss was the separation from Spirit. You have gone full circle to the point now where you can accept this Divinity within.

< New Earth 14 > As we have said before, the very work that you and the other humans do here on Earth is freeing all of the rest of creation to continue expanding, to continue growing in a way that it could not before. Again we ask that there is no judgement on this event, this impasse. It simply was. It simply came to a point that deeper understandings were needed. And for those understandings to take place, a certain group of angels would come to a place with a heavy veil, would be separated in their consciousness from Spirit. And so you chose to come here. And so you have given so much to all of the rest of creation. What comes forth from your work here is what we have termed "the second creation."

< Creator 1 > And then, as we have talked of before, something happened to you, whether it was twenty years ago or ten or just two. There came an awakening in your life. Perhaps it was a book that fell from the shelf. Perhaps it was a message from a friend, or an insight that you had in a dream or while you were dazing. But in this experience you came to an awakening point. You came to an awakening point that led you here. It has led you to a journey of understandings of Spirit, of your relationship to Spirit.

< Creator 2 > You were always pushing the envelope, always seeking new experiences, new experiences that allowed the Eternal One, the Creator, God, or Spirit - by whatever name you call the Oneness - to continue to expand. The experiences that you had within the circle of All That Is, within the original creation, allowed that circle to continue to expand. Then you began pushing the outer edges of creation. You began creating at the very fine line of existence of All That Is, if you could possibly fathom that. You began to have experiences there that were given in love by you to Spirit, and accepted by Spirit in thanks and honor.

< Creator 2 > The biggest challenge will be the remembrance of the time when you lived at the outer edge of the All That Is. This is when you felt the original rumblings of duality and separation, and you lost trust in Spirit. This is what will be coming back to challenge you right now. It is not about your past lives. It is not even about this life. The nightmares you are having are about a different time and a different place and the original feeling of the rug being pulled out from underneath. We are reminding you of this at the very time we are asking you to trust in self. This will be the challenge.

< Creator 3QA > Your space, your energy (3-dimention) that has been created around Earth and your physical universe is unlike any other. It is, as we have said, existing outside of All That Is. It is not at all getting a bad rap! It is only the most difficult to go through. From my own personal experience… I had walked the Earth in many, many lifetimes and found it to be extremely difficult to be in duality, to be cut off from connection with Spirit. It was overwhelming. That is why there is so much respect and honor from our side for what you are doing. All realities, all dimensions indeed have validity, but there is none other in all of creation that is like what you are experiencing here. It is the most challenging but yet it provides the greatest potential of new creation.

< Creator 4 > In this zone at the edge of the first circle is where you have experienced some of the most traumatic and difficult things that your soul has ever gone through. If there is ever an understanding of what hell is like, it was there. If there was ever true war and combat, it was there, and this hurt you deeply. It is something you and the others who were there never felt or experienced before. There was disharmony, and there was to an extent an energy destruction. But friends, understand that none of this was a mistake. There had been an agreement with Spirit that you would be explorers, that you would go out to areas of creation that had never been explored before. You would learn something new, and none of you, neither you nor Spirit, nor any of us, knew what this would be. It is now called duality. There was so much energy behind this, so much focus here, so much intensity in this experience at the edge of All That Is, that it literally catapulted you into a new place called the second circle, the second creation. It took you from the caterpillar through the cocoon to be here on Earth.

< Creator 4 > Do you understand what we are saying to you? There is nothing that you have done wrong here on your Earth! You have chosen experiences to help you understand something and to help Spirit understand something that happened a long time ago, but not that long ago. You use Earth and the elements of duality, the physics of duality. You use mass and matter to help you and Spirit understand. You use physical bodies to help you understand, to help you RELIVE the experiences that you had at the edges of the first circle. Your experiences on Earth relate to the experiences in the original Creation. You are now playing them out in duality and matter for deeper understandings and definition. It is not about karma, rather about a REENACTMENT of something that happened in any other time, in another place.

< Creator 4 > Understand that quite unlike what your books tell you and what other teachers tell you, there was never a fall from grace. There was never a Lucifer that was thrown out of heaven. These are all metaphors. You experienced the very edge of creation. You experienced something that you had never done before, and it was called duality. That sent you into the second creation. There was an energy that was needed to send you beyond the limits of creation. This duality, this friction created the energy that catapulted you into the second creation called Earth, into where you are right now. It was like feeling the power of the rockets exploding with so much force that it made you forget where you came from. But there was not a fall from grace. We look at it like it was a step from one into two, a step that was taken in love for Spirit and all of us who will follow behind you.

< Creator 6 > While these pieces of Jack were sleeping in this cocoon, they looked inward. Jack had always been the outward creator, the adventurer, the one who sought new lands. Jack had always been an outer expression, but now most of Jack lay within a cocoon, deeply asleep, looking inward.
This had never been done before. There was in a need on the part of Spirit, through Jack, to look inward, to look from a new perspective, rather than to create outward.

< Creator 8 > As you continue to shift in your biology and in your spirit, you will notice things beyond your current human perception. If you have not already noticed, your biology and your senses are becoming much more acute and much more sensitive. Some of you do not so much like what you perceive to be allergies! They are not allergies in the true human sense of your biology. You do not like the body aches and pains. You do not like the feeling of being disoriented, of not feeling there are two feet on the ground. Dear friends, this is all part of the process.

< Creator 8 > It was decided that there would be a slowing down of energy by placing your spirit into mass. It was also decided that you would not remember the journey that brought you to this point. You would not remember the battles. You would not remember going through the Wall of Fire. You would not remember the kingdom from whence you came. This would be a new start. It would allow you and it would allow Spirit to truly understand the nature of duality and the nature of "two." Up to the point of the crossing through the Wall of Fire, Spirit had always been an expression of "one." By coming to Earth with no remembrance in physical form, it would allow the true understanding of duality.

< Creator 8QA >
Passion is the expression of love. (Jack is the expression of Unity/Oneness/King+Queen.)
Spirit is filled with passion. (Unity/Oneness is filled with desire to express.)
Spirit IS passion. (King+Queen bore Jack. Jack is the mutation of them.)
Spirit is the expression of love. (King+Queen are expression of Unity/Oneness.)

Love (Unity/Oneness/King+Queen) sits in a place of stillness and quiet, peacefulness and serenity.
Love is the acceptance of all things as they are, and acceptance of Self as it is.
When passion (Jack) is added to love (King+Queen), an expression begins, a searching begins, a journey begins.

This (the fruit of King+Queen) is what Jack had and what you had. In the kingdom, on the throne of the king and the queen, sits the elements of love, but they are still and they are quiet. They are complete unto themselves. Passion adds feet to love.

< Creator 9 > The work you are doing is powerful. It is incredible. It is done in the greatest service to Spirit and All That Is. And you do not yet see it! You do not yet see who you are or the effect that you are having on the people around you. You do not yet see the effect that you are having on your Earth and the consciousness of this planet. You do not yet see how you are changing your universe, and how you are changing the place that we call Home. The very work that you do today, tomorrow and in the days to follow is changing everything around you. Indeed it is changing the very nature of the kingdom from whence you came.

< Creator 10 > When you move into Divine Will, you are transcending a duality and a separation that you have carried with you since the Wall of Fire. You are transcending the separation from Spirit you first experienced when you left the Kingdom. When you move into Divine Will it is about the Divine Will that comes from within you. It is connected and it is integrated with Spirit at the deepest levels of who you are. When you move into Divine Will you transcend the humanness (ego) that you have carried with you. You transcend the duality that has been part of you are ever since you have been on Earth. You move past the two into what we call The All. In the Divine Will there will be solutions that have never been there before. They have not been able to come through Free Will and duality. In the Divine Will there is not so much the consideration for just yourself, but there is a greater compassion and understanding for All That Is.

< Creator 10 > The Divine Will is not owned outside of yourself. The Divine Will is contained within. When you move into Divine Will, when you release the old Free Will, you once again make a type of connection with Spirit. It becomes a conscious connection and a conscious understanding that you have not felt for eons of time. Divine Will is not sitting and waiting for God, for Spirit, to tell you what to do. It is an understanding that it is already a part of you. It is an inner understanding that Spirit is there, that there are no outside voices to listen to, that Spirit and God and Divinity and the Christ Consciousness is already within you. Divine Will is listening to this deep, passionate inner voice.

< Creator 10 > When you step into Divine Will - which is very easy, very simply do it - the answer will come to you. The knowingness and the understanding will come from a place within you that you have not experienced up to now. It will be full and it will be rich and you will not have doubt about where it comes from. It will come from a place of love. It will come from the very inner part of you that is indeed Spirit. This won't be a mental exercise. It will be a feeling, dynamic and expanding, that occurs within you.

< Creator 10 > We ask you to remember these words for much of where we are going with you will revolve around this: Dear friends, it is not about you any more. It is not about you! You thought it was, but it is not. We will spend much of our third series dealing with this. You will come into new enlightenments and understanding of who you are and why you are here. You will feel it at the very deepest levels within you - it will be almost like a shock, almost like a cold shower - when one day you realize it has not been about you and it is not about you any more. You will realize that what you have been doing is for a love of Spirit, a love of All That Is.

< Creator 10 > When you step into Divine Will - which is very easy, very simply do it - the answer will come to you. The knowingness and the understanding will come from a place within you that you have not experienced up to now. It will be full and it will be rich and you will not have doubt about where it comes from. It will come from a place of love. It will come from the very inner part of you that is indeed Spirit. This won't be a mental exercise. It will be a feeling, dynamic and expanding, that occurs within you.

< Creator 10 > But now dear friends we are asking you to step beyond that into Divine Will. It will be challenging. You will wonder what this thing called Divine Will is - who owns this? Is this Spirit coming back now to once again tell you what to do? Is it your guides or angels now who will dictate to you? No, Divine Will comes from within. It is your Will but it is on a Divine basis that transcends duality. It transcends the human dynamics that you have been used to. It is directly linked to All That Is and to Spirit, but understand dear friends that you are Spirit. Divine Will comes from within. It provides answers and solutions and experiences and new powers that you have never experienced before.

< Creator 10QA > This self-doubt is thick and it is deep and it does relate back to the Wall of Fire. There was tremendous doubt on your part when you crossed over, for you felt that you gave up Spirit. You felt that you deceived Spirit in a way. You felt like a child who had done wrong to a parent. Spirit does not feel that way. There is no original sin that you have performed. What you did was done for the good of all. And here you sit, having coming this far, and we assure you that Spirit loves every step of your journey.

< Creator 11 > In the Kingdom, all was One. All was singular. There was a singular expression in the Kingdom. But at some point in this Oneness, in the love and the bliss of Home, Spirit, All That Is, the Eternal One, God, knew that it was time to take an inner look. It was time to come to a greater understanding of why existence existed. It was time for All That Is to take an account of Self, of all of creation, of all that had been done. Everything up to that point had been a singular outward expression.

< Creator 11 > The very moment Spirit even contemplated looking within, even contemplated taking a look in the mirror at Self, what had been one became two. God now had the ability to look at Self. What had been a singular energy in the Kingdom now became the King and the Queen. It became what you would call a "male" energy and a "female" energy. And there was a "marriage" between the two. There was still unity, there was still oneness. But now, because Spirit even thought of looking within and contemplating Self, it instantly created a duality of sorts, different than what you have here on Earth, but it created two energies that we call the King and the Queen, the Mother and the Father.

< Creator 11 > For those who walk on earth in the female biology in this lifetime, you will appreciate the fact that in the Kingdom, sitting on the throne, is predominantly a "female" energy. It is not balanced 50/50, male to female. In your way of thinking, Spirit and All That Is is predominantly female. And again, we caution here. We are using terms for the easiest understanding.

< Creator 11 > In the Kingdom, there was oneness that moved into two. It was the King and the Queen. The moment they looked each other in the eye, they saw the greatest love for each other and for all they had created. The moment they looked each other in the heart, they knew what love was, in ways Spirit never could have understood before. This was the original love story. The King and the Queen, now able to look at each other, fell in love. And when they did, the Queen gave birth to a son that we have named Jack. This is the father and the mother and the child trilogy that you even use as humans on Earth.

< Creator 11 > They knew that one day he would cross through this thing we call the "Wall of Fire". He would leave Home. He would leave the First Circle and go into a void where nothing existed. The King and the Queen had no concept and no idea of what existed outside of the First Circle, the original creation of Spirit. But their only begotten son was to journey there. In a sense, it frightened them for they did not know what would happen to their own offspring. In another sense they understood the implications of love behind the journey.

< Creator 11 > We spoke of ego earlier because the first thing that will happen, when you go to thank yourself, this male-oriented energy of ego is going to pop up. You are going to say to yourself, "I cannot give myself thanks." This is the energy of male ego coming through. It that has caused battles in the void when you first crossed through the Wall of Fire. It has caused battles on Earth. It has caused the misperception of Spirit as a strict and stern and even cruel Father.

< Creator 12 > That next level is to bring in your new relationship with Spirit. Up until now it is not been quite so possible or quite so easy to understand and to truly know God. Up to now it has not been quite so easy to understand who you truly are, to see yourself as an angel in the mirror. You have had to work at it and struggle. Even then it has seemed elusive and distant. Spirit has seemed like some intellectual concept, far and removed from you. It has seemed to you that you have been placed here on Earth, not knowing what you were here to do exactly, not knowing your relationship with Spirit, but desiring it and longing for it.

< Creator 12 > Come now your new relationship with Spirit. Now specifically, how do you bring this new relationship into your life? How do you manifest it into your being? It is quite simple. It is really quite simple. It is done through breathing. It is done through breathing. As you breathe in, consciously breathe in, become aware of your new relationship with Spirit. Breathe deeply now. Breathe in your new relationship with Spirit. This will feed and nurture the divinity that is within.

< Creator 12QA > There has been a projected quantum leap or shift that has been estimated for the year 2012. There is nothing magical about this date. We have said in channeling before that from the very work that you and other humans do that you are actually ahead of schedule, actually ahead. Do not wait for 2012 for that quantum leap within yourself. You can have it now, and once you have it, and once you bring forth this divinity within, then it will touch another, and it will touch another. That is the quantum leap that will take place.

What will it mean for you personally? We said earlier tonight - instead of riding the wave and then crashing, you will ride from one wave to the other. Your job will not seem like a job anymore. There will be much love going into it. It will seem like they are paying you great sums of money that you no longer know what to do with. It will be much easier. It will not be the struggle that you are going through now. Your body, your mind will have better connection with your spirit. They will work in harmony together.

< Ascension 1 > Right now there is still a new relationship developing between you and the spirit within. Neither is quite so sure of the other yet. You, your human ego, find yourself putting on the brakes. At times you are not quite so sure what this new energy is. But as you breathe it in, as you allow it - all of who you are - to come out and express itself, you will have such a different life, such a different way of looking at things. The struggles that you have felt up to now will change. They will change.

< Ascension 1 > Do you remember when we have spoken to you of the grander part of your energy that stayed behind when you came to this place called Earth? This grander part, what you would call your True Self, what some call the Higher Self, or your Golden Angel… the large part of your energy stayed behind in a cocoon, an energy cocoon. The spiritual physics behind this was such that you and Spirit needed to take a deep inner look, for as we have said, Spirit has always been an outward projection. But your True Self wrapped itself into a cocoon, hid itself, made itself invisible. Your True Self in this cocoon has been watched over. It has been guarded and protected and also disguised by legions of angels, so that it could sleep deeply, so that it could take an inner look.

< Ascension 1 > All of creation is watching. Now you understand the importance of your work? All of creation is watching and waiting and wanting to know. We are waiting to come in, waiting to expand the first circle into the realities that you have created (second creation), which do not exist within All That Is. Much to think about here! (Home/Spirit/God/Oneness/King and Queen comes to you.)

< Ascension 2 > That is another challenging area, for you to think through your heart. You do not understand this so much. It still seems to flow through your intellect. Your intellect, in a sense, is like the words on a page. Do you know you are much like a book? The physical body is like the pages and the binding and the cover. And then you have the words that are written. This is like the intellect. It is the spacing. It is the characters that are used. It is the way the paragraphs break. It is your commas and exclamation points. It is even the design of the individual letters and how they are put together as words and then sentences. This takes an energy and puts it into a series of symbols that flows. Your intellect, in a sense, is like the words in a book, on the pages. Yet what leaps from the pages, what draws your interest and attention, are the feelings and the emotions and the spirit. There is a spirit in your books. It is not contained in the individual letters or the exclamation points, or the spacing between the lines. Those are simply ways to express the spirit of the book.

< Ascension 2 > You have a body to get you around, to focus you in the now. You have a mind, which is a way to take all these symbols and put them together in somewhat of a logical sequence. But it is your Spirit, and it is your heart that needs to sing now, to come forth, to express itself. Your divinity does not come through the intellect. The intellect is simply a way of organizing and understanding. The divinity flows through your entire being.

< Ascension 3QA > Why? … is such a good question, and it is about your journey. It is about your search. It is about your ascension. It is the question that has been asked by entities ever since we left Home. It is about your journey on Earth. Ever since you left Home there has been one basic thing - the search for God, the search for God. When you were in the void and creating this Second Creation, the real question was about where to find God, how to get back Home. As we all matured, we understood it was not about getting back Home. It was about creating something new. But, the search for God continued.

The Order of the Arc was created, it was to help define a very imbalanced energy (duality), an energy that was searching for God. It was an answer to the question "why." It was about a venue and an experience that would enable you, and then ultimately us, to once again know God, but a different relationship than you had with the King and the Queen when you were Jack. The relationship now comes from within you. The relationship is yours to hold personally. It is about integrating your divinity.

Why? If you return to the story of Jack, you will recall that we chose our words very carefully. It was said that Jack was the prince, the son of the King and the Queen. One day he would inherit the throne. But, he wanted one last journey. Why? It was to understand how to bring the energy of Home, how to bring the energy of God, how to bring the divineness into you directly, into your experience and your being. Jack did not have ownership of this when he was in the Kingdom. In order to be a true creator, Jack needed to discover this on his own.

You have been searching for God ever since. You are beginning to understand the dynamics of this and how this works. It is difficult. It does not come so easy. Why? It is the fulfillment of a circle that started the moment Spirit contemplated Self and began a whole dynamic of new creation, of duality, and of experience. It is the completion of Spirit’s quest to know Self, to know of expression by living through experience.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron comes in today to fulfill a promise. He made this promise when he sat next to you at the table in the Order of the Arc. Metatron comes in today to fulfill a promise that is even written of in your scriptures, but it is taken out of context. Metatron said, "I will come to Earth to see you again when the energies and the times are appropriate." And, he comes back now, without the other archangels having to interface for him. He comes back directly to be with you. There is a reason for this, and there is a reason for his visit. This will be a scientific year for Earth. It will be a year of many technological developments. The reason is simple. You have made the change in your own consciousness, and this allows science to move forward. Consciousness provides the energy for scientific changes. Indeed, science and spirit work together, hand-in-hand.

< Ascension 7 > As you accept all of who you are, and as you accept the fact that you are God  Ethat you are Spirit  Eas you accept this into your being, you become so much stronger. You become so much more aware. This opens new dimensions and whole new areas of consciousness for you.

< Ascension 8 > In the First Circle there was the energy of "Was." It simply was. That energy of Spirit did not know love, for there was nothing to compare it with. All That Is… simply was. All That Is was not aware of Self. It did not need to "be." It simply "was." It was an energy that existed and flowed. It was not even an energy of "one," as you would think of it. For, in order to have a "one," you would have to have something to compare it with. Spirit simply was.

< Ascension 8 > As we have talked about in our story of Jack, at some point something happened - and yes, we will talk of this some day in great detail - that caused this energy of "was" to want to understand…what it was. It wanted to understand all that it could do and all of the potentials. When this happened, when there was the slightest contemplation on the part of Spirit of who Spirit was, then the energies became mirrors for each other. There was a type of split. It would not be what you now call "duality." That came later. But, there was a mirror image of self.

< Ascension 8 > From this union, and from this to-be-discovered love between the King and the Queen, you were birthed. You were birthed from an energy that was part of the King and Queen, but yet different and separate. You, the creation of Spirit, went forth outside of the First Circle. That in itself is amazing! For, how can you go outside of All That Was? How can you go outside of a circle that contained all of the known energy and had the ability to expand itself within that circle? These are all things we will address, all fascinating issues.

< Ascension 8 > All of this time, dear ones, we and you have been on a quest for love. That is what we have been doing. Spirit by herself does not understand love. That is why you, Spirit, are on this journey. That is why you have taken the elements of duality, the spiritual physics of "2" and put them to work so well in your life. You have been on a quest for love, trying to understand, to learn, to feel.

< Ascension 8 > You, Spirit… you, divine one, have also been learning to understand your own identity. As you do, as you come to understand the identity of your own divinity, then you begin to understand God. It has been said that you could never figure out God in your head. And, indeed that is true. It comes in through your heart. And, it comes in after you learn to understand your own divinity. When this happens, dear Shaumbra, then Home comes to you. As we have told you, you never go Home. That was not the purpose of all this. You don't go Home. Home comes to you.

< Ascension 8 > What happens here in the new understanding of love is that Home, Home can finally come in. That is what is happening. That is why we are so fascinated. That is why the children-to-be are so excited. For the first time since all of us left Home, Home is starting to come in. Home is starting to, in a sense, reawaken, expand forth, come to meet you. This is what we have all been excited about ever since our journey began. We all wondered, "Where is Home? Where is Spirit?" We all wondered when that time would come when Home would come to get us. And, you thought that Home would save you. But, it’s not like that. There is no saving. Home comes to greet you and to hug you and to thank you for this long journey that has changed the nature of All That Is. "Was" is no longer "was." "Was" IS now.

< Ascension 8QA > Duality, an energy used to move yourself forward, can now begin leaving. When that happens, you come to a new understanding of love. As we said before, the quest for love has been on ever since you left Home. The quest for love is the desire to understand who you truly are. You have sought to know your Self with your own unique identity and fingerprint… a being who IS Spirit, but has uniqueness as well… a creator in your own right as well… one who will soon inherit the throne, as we have spoken of. The new understanding of love is something that you have sought.

< Ascension 9QA > The Fruit of the Rose is your divine lineage. It comes truly comes through and manifests when you sit in the void we have discussed today. It is the solution that has not been brought in yet. It is a potential solution that exists in a neutral or dormant state. But, it has always been there. It is all of the answers that you have ever sought, but you could not come to realizations until the appropriate time. We have said before that, in a sense, you have already buried the answer for yourself, along your path. You have already created all of the potential solutions before you got there. This is the Fruit of the Rose. It IS your divinity. It IS that part of God that you brought with you from Home. It is your individual identity in meld with the essence of Spirit.

Now, that does not mean that the answers have already been worked out. It means the energy for the solution is there. It still takes you living in human form, living in the "now," to bring the solution to realization. There requires participation at all levels of your being. Your divine consciousness has been behind the seven seals that are now opening. The Fruit of the Rose is the unrealized solution, but the solution that has always been there. The Fruit of the Rose does not contain the exact road map and directions for the solution, but it contains all of the energy for realization of it.

< Ascension 10 > Metatron IS you! Metatron is "your voice in Spirit". Metatron held a balance of energy on the other side of the veil. Metatron held the balance of energy in a very sacred temple within the Order of the Arc, a temple that was secure, and safe, and very sacred. Very few were allowed into this temple. That is where part of your own divine energy has been watched over by Metatron. That is where part of you that is so divine, and so pure - the purity of love - has been waiting, watched over by your voice in Spirit, Metatron, until the time was appropriate. Metatron has walked with all of us throughout this Ascension Series.

< Ascension 11 > In the new clarity you will be able to talk to your body. You will be able to talk to your cells. You will be able to feel things and know things from them. Do not try to go in and will the cells and the molecules and the atoms of your body to change. How do you know what you want them to change to? Go in with the new clarity and listen. They will tell you. They will tell you something. They will tell you what type of balance is most desired. Your own soul and spirit will tell you how to bring things back into harmony and balance within your body. But, stop going within and trying to WILL that cold, or that flu, or that cancer out of you. When you do that, when you try to will it out, is that you are truly nailing it in place.

< DivineHuman 1 > This New Energy seed within you will have touched this vibration from another person. Let us use the example of the headache energy that you have touched and released. This headache energy then will come back to them at the appropriate time when THEY are ready, transformed now into pure energy of love and Spirit (waves of love vivration). Do you see, do you see, how you are teaching and affecting with just the touch? Do you see? It is so simple. It is so subtle, but you have just helped another human. You have helped them transform their own energy for them to use when they choose.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, understand that our consciousness is truly a precious thing. When we take our consciousness and place it into a probability or a potential, it becomes our new reality. Our consciousness is our Spirit. It is our oneness with All That Is. Our consciousness is the collection of everything we have been and everything we have done. It is our wisdom. It is our heart. It is our soul. It is not contained within our body. Our consciousness is all of who we are. When we place that into a potential or probability, we transmute what was neutral energy into new reality. Our consciousness melded a probability becomes reality. Through this formula we understand that we are the Creators.

< DivineHuman 2 > There is a divine mind that supersedes the human mind. There is a process that goes far beyond thinking. In your heart, and in your soul, and in your essence, there is intelligence. It is not like what you know from the human brain at all. It is a new type of intelligence, and knowingness, and understanding, and wisdom. We will be asking you over and over to feel who you are, to feel those around you, to feel us. Open those feeling centers.

< DivineHuman 5 > The stress right now is because you are making an adjustment in your mind and in your spirit to live in the Now, to live in the Now, in the moment. It is difficult because you still want to know what is going to happen tomorrow. Living in the Now is NOW. It is the moment. So, there is much stress in your mind … much stress in your mind. Understand that all of this is appropriate, and it all has to do with this alignment of the magnetic grids.

< DivineHuman 5QA > Duality was a wonderful game that you (God) created to help you see both sides of yourself, to help you see the mirror in order for you to understand who you were (* in the kingdom). But, now you are moving into a time and energy of "I Am. I Am Spirit. I Am God also. I Am the light, and I Am the dark. I Am That I Am." (* re-uniting of the king and the queen, male and female)

< DivineHuman 5 > Dear friends, you left Home so very long ago on a journey to learn something that Spirit, that you, could not have learned staying in the Kingdom. You left Home to learn about something that was not possible for Spirit to learn on its own. Part of this journey meant leaving Home and essentially erasing any identity that you had in order to create a new identity. When you left Home, you created a new identity so you could experience in a whole new way. It was a brilliant, brilliant plan to forget who you were, to wipe out identity… be on your own.

< DivineHuman 5QA > Even the energy of a pencil you hold in your hand has a consciousness of its own, not a spirit like yours. But, it has a consciousness and you can talk to it.

< DivineHuman 7 > When you open up to Spirit (divinity) within you, it does bring back old memories. It brings back memories from a time long, long ago before you came to Earth, when you were so powerful and so expressive, when you created grand things, and also destructive and terrible things. You shut down. As you open up again and learn to feel, it is a bit confusing and somewhat terrifying at first.

< DivineHuman 7 > What are you doing on Earth? You are helping come to new understandings and new wisdoms for all of Spirit. You left Home so very long ago - but not long ago at all - on behalf of Spirit to be a creator in your own right, to go expand the love of Spirit. That is why you are on Earth. It is that simple. You are here, living and experiencing in the moment, and creating in the moment on behalf of All That Is.

< DivineHuman 10 > What a difficult job it is for any mother to birth a child, to nurture that child through the early years where it is so dependent on the love of the mother, but then one day to set the child free. That takes the greatest amount of love and compassion. That is what Spirit did for you. Spirit said, "I give you the same Creator abilities as I. And, someday you shall inherit the throne. Someday after all of your experiences throughout all of the dimensions, you shall inherit the throne." That is why you are here on Earth. That is why you have created this dynamic, marvelous experience, being an angel in human form.

< DivineHuman 10QA > So, why oh why would you have this large, large living room? It is so that guests can come in. It is so that when Spirit expands from the Kingdom through you, it has a place to play in this thing called the cosmos or the universe. What is being learned here on Earth about life force and life forms will then be carried to other planets and other places, places that right now seem uninhabitable by the likes of human forms like you. But, the human form will take on a whole new dynamic as we go into the New Energy. The universe is not so large, but it is indeed not at all what you think it is. The universe is the New Home for the expanding Spirit. And, you are the ones who are creating it.

< NewEnergy 1 > Through you, Spirit experienced the sunrise in the morning. Spirit could never have experienced that without your eyes, and your feelings, and your heart. Spirit felt the hurt of a broken relationship through you and had never felt that before. Spirit did not even understand a relationship until you came along. Spirit knew the joy of friendship through you. It knew the exhilaration of success through you. It knew the despair of the dark days through you. Spirit has total compassion for you. And, the compassion includes the acceptance and the honoring. YOU ARE GOD ALSO. And, dear friends, you are a reflection of Spirit.

< NewEnergy 3 > In some of the dreams, you're back on our side of the veil. And you're teaching classes. There is a bleed-through into your dreams where you can feel or see this, even have visuals of it. All of you - all of you - teach classes back here three or four nights a week. You are teaching those angels who have never been in human form the processes of the integration of the Divine. You see, that's what it was all about. That's why you left Home in the first place - to have your own unique identity, but also to understand that you are God also. Spirit doesn't know her own identity. You do. You have that unique gift of your own awareness of Self, now melding with God. The angels on our side of the veil, particularly those who have never been to Earth, gather around in what you would call large, huge auditoriums to hear about what this is like.

< NewEnergy 4 > Oh… long before you came to Earth, you found what it was like to love another entity. Magnificent! Magnificent! There was the potential, you know, that you could have only loved yourself. Just think of what that would have created. (some laughter) Outside of All That Is, outside of the First Circle, you learned to love someone else, another entity. And, we are not talking about a male/female or sex thing. We are talking about love, pure love, and pure compassion for another being, a trait that you picked up from Spirit. Spirit has true love and compassion for you. What a day it was, back in the Kingdom, when you learned to love someone outside yourself.

< NewEnergy 5 > It is so difficult for us to even define God, as it were, so we will not try, so you will not go intellectual, trying to figure it out, other than to say, "It is simple. It is loving. It is unconditional compassion." You see… in your former journey you were trying to find God. You were waiting for an outside manifestation. You were waiting for something to appear to you. Over the course of this lifetime you have asked over and over again for signs. You have asked for a presence to appear to you. For the most part this hasn't happened, so that you didn't become distracted by this… so you didn't begin to think that God was external… so that you didn't think God would only come occasionally.

< NewEnergy 5 > Spirit has always been there within you, but it has been dormant, in a sense. Now, the love of God, the God that you are, the God of all things, the Elohim, can come in and be with you. When you try to figure it out, when you try to grasp it in your mind - like some of you are doing now - it is elusive, isn't it? It goes away. That works through the heart, through the soul, and through the spirit. God defies explanation or definition, so that it can simply be "is-ness." Can you open now to feel the "is-ness" of Spirit here in this room? Can you be in such a place of peace with yourself… to know the presence of God is in the molecules in the air… in the cells of your body… in the light that shines all around? The essence of God dances in the fire. It flows into you through the foods that you just ate.

< NewEnergy 5 > But, God is not impersonal. God is not simply an energy. God has the character of all creation… the love of All That Is. God has such a presence within you and all around you. And, it is appropriate on this day, on this gathering after the recent alignment of the stars that the energy of God can be here. There is not some far-off place called "heaven." There is not some point a long, long way from here that holds the energy of Spirit and is limited to that. It is all around. It has always been within you, waiting to come forth. It is simple. It is loving, unconditional compassion.

< NewEnergy 5 > Let yourself feel this energy of Spirit within and all around. And, feel the character… feel the warmth and love… and, again without trying to define, without trying to define. The moment that the energy of God is defined it immediately changes. It immediately limits it. It is a difficult concept for humans who always work in their minds, for humans who are opening up the heart right now. You can begin to truly feel, truly feel.

< Embodiment 1 > Your spirit… how many of you have really felt your spirit? Sometimes, yes… once in a while for many of you… generally, it has been only on a rare occasion. But, it has only been in what you called some type of altered state. But, your own spirit comes in now. And, it feels full. It feels like it has taken everything in, accepted all of the parts of itself in. It doesn't feel like it needs to be going to find the answers, to find the lost parts.

< Embodiment 3 > Let us take a look now at embodying changes within yourself. Let us take a look at the physics here of how changes occur. Changes are natural. As long as there is any energy and any type of entity - or what you would call a soul - to correspond to that energy, there will be changes. It is the nature of Spirit and the God that you are to have continual evolution, expansion, and new expression of energy. This means to say here that there will always be changes.

< Embodiment 3 > We want to share something with you about this resistance to change. It is the spirit that is resisting, Shaumbra… it is the spirit. Now, we have to look at the definition of spirit here, for human terminology does not always accurately depict these things. The spirit is the energy part of you that connects with what we call "The Field," the energy source of All That Is. Right now your spirit, your energy, is connecting with The Field in a way it knows how. You can almost see it, almost like highways, like roadways, or like threads, or whatever you want to call them, connecting to The Field, the source of infinite, infinite energy, the source of All That Is outside of Home. Your spirit is connecting to that. And, it feels very comfortable.

< Embodiment 3 > Now, we have to back up for a moment and say that there is a difference - at least from our perspective - of the spirit energy of you and of the soul energy. Your soul is the collective of everything that you have ever done and been and thought. It is ALL of your experiences. That is your soul. But, your spirit is the life force energy within you. The spirit is actually the one resisting all of these changes.

< Embodiment 3 > It is not the mind that truly resists. It is simply trying to protect, trying to hold on to what the spirit is feeling. It is not the body that resists. The body is a beautiful vehicle, a beautiful creation that simply responds, the body responds. The body has all of the capabilities to heal, and to rebalance, and to rejuvenate when it is called on to do that. But, the spirit resists. Why would that be, Shaumbra? Why would the spirit resist? It is because it is used to connecting and corresponding to The Field, to this infinite energy source, in a certain way. It is comfortable in that. It has established a connection with The Field in a very certain way. It is not sure what will happen when it changes that connection.

< Embodiment 3 > The spirit energy, you could say, is energy that has felt traumatized. The spirit energy of you is an energy that has gone through many, many difficulties. It has its own type of identity, its own resonance, or perhaps you would call it vibration. It is, in a sense, like a child. In another sense, it is like a jackass (some laughter). It is very stubborn… very, very stubborn… very inflexible at times. So, we want you to stop blaming it on your mind. We want you to talk to your spirit… to talk to the essence… to talk to the energies. Your mind is actually very, very smart.

< Embodiment 3 > But, let us go back here to the spirit. This energy that is within you connecting to a source, pulling energy from The Field, or the source into your reality - like we said - it is a bit inflexible. It has been a bit traumatized. It is not so sure of itself anymore. So, who saves the spirit? What comes in and assures the spirit? Why, you do… you do, because you are the collective of your body… and your mind… and your spirit… and your divinity… and your soul… YOU. You thought you were just a human, sitting here.

< Embodiment 3 > But, now let's talk about you and your spirit and how to assure your spirit that it is okay, that it can find its new balance, and its new safe energy space in The Field. Now, again The Field is the source of energy that is in a neutral place. It is far beneath what you would call the subatomic level. It is at the space between the space, if you know what I mean. It is sitting there dormant. That is why they can't see it. It is, in a sense, invisible. It is waiting to be activated, waiting to be tapped into. Then it goes through a whole process - the energy from The Field - following the line back to you. It comes in as spirit energy, and then turned into a type of what you would call a light energy, and then it is turned into electrical energy, and then it is brought into your reality.

< Embodiment 3 > It is a marvelous process. It is happening in your body right now, this whole process, this whole process of spirit energy from The Field into light energy. The light energy is all over your body. It is in every cell. It is communicating with every other cell. It is communicating with your mind, with your biology, and with your spirit. In any given moment, any fraction of the second, there are millions and millions of individual communications taking place within your being, within your body. Again, it emanates from The Field and comes into this reality. Oh, but your spirit has been a bit reluctant to find a new way to handle all of this. And, that causes the backup in your mind and your body and everything else.

< Embodiment 3 > You always thought your spirit had to let you know it's okay. But, you - the embodiment of all of you - can tell your spirit it's okay. It is safe. It is what you choose. It is what you choose. You choose to go through these changes in a very graceful way… in a loving way… in a fun way… in a way that does not have to be so difficult or challenging… in a way that doesn't have to break you down anymore to build you back up. You know what that's like - being ripped apart… being scattered all over… being broken into pieces… just so that you can create the opening for the whole new wave (New Energy) of field energy to come in.

< Embodiment 3 > You keep wondering, "But who am I? What part of me?" It is the part that I am talking to right now - not some grand angel off somewhere else… not just your mind… not just your body - but you. We can do that. Let us do that right now. "Spirit… me… out there… in here… spirit, I choose this. I choose to embody the New Energy. I choose to have these changes graceful. Spirit, I choose to connect with The Field and All That Is… the universe… the grid… the lattice… whatever you want to call it. I choose to connect in a new way, an open way."

< Embodiment 3 > Isn't it funny that it was the spirit holding out, that it was the spirit perhaps protecting you, or you protecting it? Does it matter? Isn't it funny that all this time you were blaming that mind of yours, beating yourself up, wondering, wondering, wondering where all of this was going to come from? It is you right now. Yes, you are at the steering wheel. You are at the controls. You are the ones making the choices and the decisions… you. Don't break yourself into all these parts. You get all disoriented. It is just you in this moment.

< Embodiment 3 > There is a part of you that is so structured and bottled up and hurts… hurts, yes, from this time of Atlantis. It comes out because it wants change also. And, it wants to know that YOU - you, you who are sitting here, listening here - are going to allow this to happen. Yes, so much of your spirit is tied up in those energies. So much of your soul is tied up in your energies. And, they're all looking to you to allow the change and the release to take place… yes.

< Embodiment 3 > But, perhaps some wise one soon will discover the phenomenal amount of limitless energy that can be tapped into at the other levels and brought back to this reality, brought into a material reality. You see… it is possible. Perhaps, you won't even call it a discovery when it happens because it is already happening. You are doing it as we speak right now… you see. Your spirit is connecting with The Field, bringing back energy into your Now. Your spirit is doing it in a bit of an Old Energy way… yes. We are here correcting that with you today. We are helping to have it connect in a New Energy way.

< Embodiment 4 > Yes, indeed, there have been times when who you thought you were, when your identity was shattered by yourself, deliberately, where it was taken over by another being, deliberately, and at some level by agreement. Shaumbra, the energy of the unit of yourself - the energy of you, that angel, you, that aspect of Spirit - has always been there and always will. It was created for you and shall always be. It can never be taken away. It can never be destroyed. Nobody can ever take it from you.

< Embodiment 10 > Words will not even do this justice, Shaumbra, in trying to describe the Third Circle. Let us just say it is the place for full Creators… full Creators without limitation, without restriction… full Creators, what you have always thought of as the capabilities, the abilities of Spirit itself… full Creators, when you're not limited to any dimensions, any type of specific reality. We are going to ask you to feel it from the heart, not from the mind. But, you are at this point now in the evolution of humanity in the fulfillment of the Order of the Arc where it is time now to go beyond while you are still here on the Earth… still here in these human bodies… still going through this beautiful, sometimes frustrating awakening process. You are doing so many things to open the doors for others, to help others free their energies.

< Embodiment 10 > You're not so much blocked up there in the head. You've slowly, surely, very gracefully been allowing yourself to go into a feeling sense. This isn't just about emotion. It is about feeling. It is an expanded state of being, a knowingness that is divine, and not intellectual, a knowingness that you can't put your finger on. You want to… you want to try to analyze it… you want to try to figure out where the knowingness is coming from. Don't! You don't need to. You are going to know from the depths of your spirit where this is coming from - not from your mind, but from the depths of your spirit.

< Embodiment 11 > Spirit, the essence of Spirit, doesn't create on one level. Spirit creates on every possible level at the same time simultaneously. And, one of the things that you are learning as Shaumbra, as the New Energy teachers, is that you can be many things at once. You can have many stories going on. And, it doesn't need to be a negative. Oh, integrated stories indeed… the difference between having many stories and being - what you would call - a multiple-personality disorder is that they are integrated. They know about each other. They come from the same active source of energy. They love each other. They honor the roles each other plays, whereas a multiple-personality - in your psychiatric sense - plays hide-and-seek games with the aspects. There is tremendous denial. But, Shaumbra, one of the things that you are already learning is how to operate on these different levels.

< Embodiment 11QA > We give you a bit of riddle, a bit of an understanding here about who you are, who Spirit is. You see… Spirit was… and now is… and isloves… and expands… loves to find joy in creation. Yet, in creation Spirit finds that everything is, and it always was (All that was). That will give you something to reflect on for a period of time. It is the basic understanding of Spirit and of creation. You see… Spirit is this dynamic energy that always was. It changed into "is" when it wanted to find out more of itself and to express itself through creation. But, it found creation simply is. Everything is there, and it always was there… you see. And, that is where you are at right now, Shaumbra. The synchronistic life: it already is, and it always was. It is allowing yourself to be the radiant Creator… always is… and always was. (was: potential / is: expression)

< Embodiment 11QA > The surprising information in all of this is quite simple. It is that in creation you don't need to create. In other words, there is no such thing as creation, at least not in your terms. Your terms were always such that there was a proactive outer force taking place that would cause creation, that would make things happen, that would manifest things in your life. But, ultimately there is no creation because it always is, and it always was. Everything is there.

Creation is no creation. It always is, and it always was. That is the spiral of Spirit… Spirit was… Spirit is… Spirit loves to create… which always is… and always was… it is a spiral. That is who you are. Allow yourself to shine from this moment on.

< Embodiment 12 > When Spirit, the raw energy of Spirit, creates, there are no limitations. Spirit creates, then blesses the creation and lets that creation continue expanding and evolving without controls, without dragging old baggage on it, without agenda and without limitation. That is the way you are remembering to create.

< Embodiment 12CC > You've been embodying in every way, learning to embody those people that are close to you in your life. And, sometimes you found out that embodiment actually is release, the acceptance of them, the acceptance that they were your partner, or your child, or even for some of you your parent. You embodied them. And, then, you can release them. What a blessing that you don't have those connections, the Old Energy connections, with them… what a blessing that you can let them go because when you let them go, you also let yourself go. These are beautiful, simple principles of energyNew Energy… beautiful, simple principles of Spirit… the continual creation… a continual embodiment… and the continual release. It is the flow. It is what brings about the synchronistic life.

< Clarity 1 > Let us release the concept that God is power. And, breathe in the pure expression of Spirit. Breathe in the pure expression. As you begin to understand that God is not power… God does not giveth and taketh away. God simply is. God is not an individual being, but rather in all things. Spirit has no agenda, has no desired outcomes. It simply is. You could say God is - Spirit is - your expression, your experience. Let us be the first here to put into consciousness that Spirit is simply expression. And, expression in the New Energy doesn't need a force or power behind it.

< Clarity 1 > Spirit is expression. It is a life energy, but not a life force energy. And, you are Spirit… you are Spirit. Those conversations you were having were with yourself, you see, all the time. Oh, it was indicative of the separation that you had between the human self and the spirit self.

< Clarity 1 > God is not a power. It is an expression. Spirit is expression of life - not just life here on Earth - but life, the ability to be, the ability to express, the ability to create in your spirit. It is that simple.

< Clarity 3 > We concept it here. We discuss it. We have a different type of perspective and different insights than so many of you do because we aren't held in such a tight energetic formation. So, we have the ability to be our own vast expanses. So, eventually, though, we have to go to Earth. We have to be intimate with it, be intimate with Spirit. We have to be intimate with ourselves. You have spent so many lifetimes learning the intimacy of self… what a beautiful concept! And, as you get so intimate with yourself that you sometimes literally drive yourself crazy - in there, in that moment of intimacy and that moment of that single breath - you discover Spirit. You know, it cannot be written about. It can only be told that you did it, this discovery, this integration of intimacy with yourself, with the God-aspect of you. No one could ever write about it because there are simply no words to define it.

< Clarity 4 > So, we are asking you now once again to look at what is feeding you in your life right now. Is it anger? Anger is an energy, a very strong, a very dualistic energy, and it comes into your life. Yes, anger can feed you. It feeds the spirit and the consciousness. Some of you wonder why you're trying to live these calm and peaceful lives. You think you have to be peaceful to be spiritual. And, that is a bunch of crap (some laughter). And, then you bring anger in. Why are you doing that? Why do you feed yourself with anger? And, there is no judgment here. Anger is - we feel - is very appropriate sometimes. But, what does it do for you? How is it serving you, Shaumbra?

< Clarity 4 > Sometimes you feed yourself with laughter. It sustains the spirit. You bring laughter in in a variety of different ways. You tell jokes, or you associate with people who are funny. Or, perhaps you sit down and watch a movie or a television show that has comedy. And, there is laughter in that. Laughter is an energy, and it feeds you. How are you bringing it in? Why are you bringing it in, Shaumbra? How does it feed you? Again, we are asking you to be the observer here.

< Clarity 5QA > You - and all humans - came from the source, the Oneness. You are an expression of Spirit with a very unique identity of your own. You are God also. You are part of that oneness. But, you gave - you God - gave yourself the gift of an individual identity. You are part of the whole, but you are whole unto yourself… you see. It seems like a contradiction or a paradox, but it is not at all. You are part of the fabric or the matrix of everything, interconnected to every other energy. But, yet you, by yourself, are wholeness and complete. You can literally let go of your connection to everything else and still be whole and complete within yourself. So, that is truly where you came from.

And, as you entered into the realms of Earth, into this reality, you literally came through the house of Metatron. There were 144,000 archetypical portals, or what you call "archangels." And, you came through that of Metatron. It is your spiritual family. It is what you have been connected to in lifetimes as well as when you are not physical here on Earth. But, you are also coming to the point now of releasing that definitive tie that you have to Metatron so that you can begin to embrace all of the other energies of the archangels. You no longer need to define yourself as a Metatron-ic family member. You can become all. It is a true sign of one who is evolving when they can let go of their family connections.

< Clarity 6 > Now, let us add spirit to the car, spirit. Oh, imagine what that does! Spirit is purpose. Spirit is awareness. Spirit is "I am." The car now realizes that it is a car. It has its own personality, its own identity. It has a body and a brain and some feelings. But, now it is truly complete. With spirit added to this vehicle, now there is meaning. Now, there is purpose, not just survival, not just avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. But, there is the purpose of evolving and expanding, growing and creating.

< Clarity 6 > Now, with the spirit entered into the car, the car also takes on a whole new aspect, a whole new understanding. It realizes that it can re-create itself over and over again. It can re-create itself, going from being a Chevy Lumina, and now can re-create itself as a Mercedes, to use a few of your overlay examples. It can create itself as a Jeep. It can re-create itself as a taxicab. The spirit in the car understands creation and re-creation. Then, the spirit says to itself, "If I created myself once, I can create myself and re-create myself over and over and over," you see.

< Clarity 6 > In your case it was the other way - the spirit that took on feeling or emotion, that took on brain, that took on body… you see. We want to have you to understand how each one of these layers work… how when adding a brain to a body, it changes, the whole composition… when adding feeling to the brain and the body, it changes everything. And, adding spirit is the ultimate. It adds the ability to understand self as self, have an awareness of self, have purpose in self, the purpose not just to survive, not just to live, but to drive like hell, to feel the wind against the windshield, to see the beautiful, panoramic views. The spirit helps it to understand joy, fulfillment, creation, all of these things.

< Clarity 6 > One of the other blockages, Shaumbra, the biggest blockage, the biggest blockage of all… you've been operating in the body, in the brain, and to an extent the feeling levels or dimensions. You've been removed from Spirit. Spirit has been with you, even though you've been looking out there. Spirit has been there. Now, let's bring in Spirit into this mix. It is you; it is the "I am." It is the awareness. It is the part that knows no death… you see. Spirit cannot know death… ever… never. There is no death in the heart of Spirit. It is re-creation, re-creating, re-inventing yourself over and over.

< Clarity 7 > As we said, at a point everything was one, then it became many. That's where, what you would call, the angels (souls) were created. It became many. The many have always been connected and interconnected to something that Tobias calls the field. The field is the source of energy. The field is what has connected you and kept you connected to yourself, your spirit and everything else. You hear these discussions that everything is all one. In a sense that is true. It's all interconnected through the field. The field does not exist in a particular point in time or space. It simple is. It has been the energetic power plant for everything that is taking place. Everything has been part of this grand field.

< Clarity 7 > So, you're in this month of love now in your human consciousness. Human love is nothing compared to the love of Spirit and Self. The whole purpose of Soul is to understand that sovereign nature - the gift of love from Spirit, from All That Is. But in order to fulfill that, there must be the total disconnection. Total disconnection.

< Clarity 11 > Any other theoretical lifetime that you have had was not the same. There is not that relationship between the soul and the human. The soul essentially created an energy in a past life and then let it go and released it, gave it its own freedom, it's own ability to go off and do things. But the connection was generally very loose and it wasn't as - what you would say - real or spiritual. This lifetime, this time you are embodied in, is VERY special. The relationship between spirit and human has always been there. The links are very strong, the connection. In a sense it is ubiquitous, it is all the same. It is just the illusion that the divine, the spirit self is not here right now.

< MNEC2006-T > The spirit is a Latin word, spirari... and Cauldre does not do very good Latin. Challenges of channeling, you know. Spirit is a Latin word that literally means breath. Breath, that is what it means - the breath of spirit.

< MNEC2006-T > There are so many different concepts of spirit and what it is and what it does, and humans tend to assign a human value to spirit through their various gods and deities. They tend to give it a very human persona and they give it all the power. They give it all of the dominion over themselves and over humanity. Humans set up many different gods, many different sub-gods. There has been a great distortion of this whole concept of spirit. Spirit is just life force, the breath, the original. Spirit and the breath mean birth. Movement of energy.

< MNEC2006-T > The spirit also involves all aspects of yourself. It is the total Being. The mind tries to understand "Now what does that mean - total Being." It tries to understand things like your true self or your higher self. Those are all distortions. They are all coming from a smaller place, coming from a mind that's desperately trying to understand this concept of spirit.

< MNEC2006-T > Somewhere within you, you know that there is a thing of spirit. You know that there is a life force within you that is yours personally. You know there is one life force or spirit within everything. Some of you even know that the life force within you is unique to you. Many still think that the life force is one large homogeneous energy, and it is not. It is not. Spirit is very personal. Spirit is very much in you, but right now in the consciousness of humanity, spirit is so misunderstood. It is so distorted.

< MNEC2006-T > So it is time to really let go of that wall, to understand or even to admit that you don't have an understanding of what spirit is. At least not a complete understanding, an understanding that would give you a whole new perspective of yourself. A new understanding of spirit that would allow you to see yourself and all of the aspects of yourself now and how they work together, play together, and now it's time for them to come together.

< MNEC2006-T > You have to understand all this time that the element of spirit was not really understood. Back then the alchemy of Atlantis was to try to find the source of life force energy but spirit, as you know it today, and religion as you know it today, were not part of the Atlantean consciousness. There was no understanding, no concept of God. There wasn't a word to describe God. The alchemy or the search was to try to discover what caused life. What fueled and energized life? What was the source? So while much of the research was being done in Atlantis on the mind, there were many that felt that the source of life, or spirit, came from the mind as well. So there was research. There was experiments, and there was also very inappropriate misuses of energy in mind control.

< Teacher 3 > A consciousness. Well, now where do you find that? It's not in your brain, it's not in your physical body necessarily. Consciousness is all around. Consciousness is very close to you and very, very far away. Consciousness is awareness. Awareness first of self, of identity, and then ultimately of everything. That's what consciousness is. You are consciousness. You're consciousness that has a unique identity. You were granted this thing that we call - or you would call - soul beingness, as Spirit. Not all beings have a soul. Trees, planet Earth, most animals do not have a soul being like you. Soul being also is the key to creatorship, or holds the keys to creatorship. You are a soul being. You are consciousness.

< Teacher 9QA > I have to share with you right now. "Spirit," "God" - first of all, throw out those words, Jesus Christ! (Tobias and audience laughing) Even that - throw that out! But what you would call Spirit, God, whatever, is not energy at all. God is not an energetic being. Energy is just a tool. Your soul does not contain any energy whatsoever. Energy is just a tool, a fuel if you would.

< Master 5 >
This is you. This is you, as we talked about before. It's represented by the circle with a dot in between, very simple, ancient symbology because it shows that you came from All That Was - which does not exist anymore and because it's changed. You came from All That Was. You went outside of All That Was. You developed your own unique identity, your soul expression. So this is you. It's consciousness. You are consciousness. In a very, very unique way your consciousness draws in energy - neutral energy - so I'm going to put "neutral energy" here. (Adamus adds to the drawing) The question is where did that energy come from to begin with? Spirit wasn't energy. Spirit was - still is - absolute consciousness.

< Master 5 > So the question is where did this energy come from in the first place? Good question. When you left Home - I'm going to put Home in a big cloud up here. You left Home, your own unique identity, your own consciousness - one of the first things you did was to separate, of course, from Home. So you … I'm going to show this as a way of depicting it, but - many different ways - but you basically separated yourself from Spirit. The original separation, the original seal. So you separated yourself from Spirit, pulled yourself apart.

< Master 5 > So that is where energy came from. Spirit basically did not know what energy was. It had no clue. Never heard of energy. Didn't need energy. It was only when you left Home, created or owned your own separate identity, your sovereignty, and then went out to experience yourself through the dynamics of duality or separation, that it created energy. It created energy, and that's what you've been working with ever since.

< Master 8 > We talked in our last conversation about the Body of Consciousness, but the Body of Consciousness has different - I'm going to call them - waveforms or different dances that they do. Your spirit has a waveform. It's a beautiful waveform. Don't take this literal, this is symbolic. Your spirit is on this journey, and it has a few of its own desires. The desires can be summed up very easily. Your spirit, your self wants to know thyself, in answer to the age old question you asked a long time ago, "Who am I?" It's finding out. It wants to know thyself, and it does it through what I call the three X's - triple X-rated - which are experience, expansion and expression.

< Master 8 > This is what your spirit, divine, whatever you want to call it, wants to do. It's out there dancing along, floating along. It just wants to know itself, and it wants to experience. It can't know itself without experience, so it goes through experience. And it wants to continue expanding. That's the joy of spirit, expanding. Going backwards doesn't work. Staying in neutral or park will eventually bring explosion. Bring boom! Something has to move the energy. So it wants expansion and it wants to express that joy. To just know that joy within thyself and then not to express it is, well, unfulfilling. So it wants to express - through singing, through music, through books, through a job, through a bad relationship, through a health issue. They are all forms of expression and this is what your spirit waveform does.

< freedom 1 > When Spirit, the Eternal One, gifted you with your potential sovereignty, your unique I Am-ness, said, “Go forth. Discover yourself. Discover the I Am,” you did. All of you did. Any souled being did. But they came to a point, a point that still exists, a point that's still in its form of stuck energy because of stuck consciousness. Consciousness of all of the angelic beings played and had fun and created cosmic, angelic experiences. But at a certain point, this consciousness –your consciousness, the consciousness of your angelic families, of the Order of the Arc and everything else – suddenly stopped and said, “The next step is freedom.”

Freedom from what? Well, essentially freedom from Spirit. Freedom from Home. Freedom from God. Freedom from the Eternal One. You see, as children of God, we all come to the point of even releasing that. Some of you saying, “But, but, but … how can I possibly have freedom from Spirit? Am I not Spirit? What happens when I accept my freedom from Spirit, from the Godhead?” Well, you suddenly accept the I Am-ness and your own sovereignty, free and independent – something that Spirit always wanted. Always wanted.

< freedom 1 > Spirit gave each of us the greatest gift of all – sovereignty, freedom, the I Am that I Am. Spirit wouldn't have it any other way, wouldn't just do it partway, wouldn't say, “I'm going to let you exist, but I'm going to have limits on it. I'm going to let you exist, but you're always mine. You always came from me.” No. Spirit, in this infinite compassion and love said, “I'm going to give you all. All. Even to the point where someday you have total freedom even of me. We'll always be pals. I'll always know everything you ever did. I'll always love you, but at some point even the freedom from me.” That's the true sovereignty and the true discovery of the soul, and the hardest step of all.

< freedom 1 > When the energies stopped moving in the angelic realms a long, long time ago, that's when you, as angelic beings, decided to come to this planet – a way of understanding consciousness and energy, a way of understanding yourself as unique beings, a way of understanding yourself from within, very deep in an experience. You knew from the very beginning that sooner or later your own call to freedom would come forth, and here we are. It's not just the end of the Mayan calendar or some cosmic astrological cycle or even just the Atlantean cycle. It's the end of an era that had you dependent on something or someone else, including Spirit.

< freedom 1 > Now it's time for freedom, something the Eternal One has always wanted. Why? Well, you could say that to truly know the I Am-ness of the Eternal One, of Spirit, Mother/Father God, however you want to put it, to truly understand it, there had to be freedom. There had to be a final release of self, a final letting go of self. No more control of self, and for a long time that self was also you. But ultimately it's about the release, about letting go, so Spirit, the Eternal One, can really know thyself. As you come to know yourself, to accept your freedom and sovereignty, Spirit will understand Its sovereignty.

< freedom 1 > When you discover something about yourself, Spirit discovers something about Itself. When you see a beautiful sunset, Spirit sees a beautiful sunset. Spirit didn't see it before you and then send you out there to go see, “Look at this beautiful sunset that I created.” Spirit asked you to create it and the Eternal One then sees it and feels it and experiences it. So one could say that Spirit truly will understand his/her sovereignty when you understand yours. And the same applies to freedom. Spirit understanding freedom when you do.

< freedom 8 > Consciousness continues to unfold. It continues to become. It's not static. It doesn't just stay in its current level of consciousness. To say that it grows isn't quite right, or to expand; it continues to become more conscious. So we put a circle around that – the circumpunct, the symbol for consciousness, the I Am. Very simple. You could say also it started with the spark of Spirit. You're going to discover sooner or later that that wasn't actually true, but we'll use it. We'll pretend for right now that it was, hopefully confuse a few of you about that.

< Discovery 11 > “Because when one does not recognize themselves, Spirit does not recognize them either.” That is the greatest gift of compassion that Spirit can offer. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. When you do not recognize your own existence, when you rely on others for measure, for assessment, to know whether you're doing right or wrong. When you do not see yourself through your own eyes and hear yourself through your own ears, Spirit doesn't recognize you either. Spirit doesn't know you exist until the moment you know you exist, you see.

< Kharisma 8 > You have not lost yourself. All these new age stories and your stories and even Tobias told a few – “You got lost on the journey to this planet Earth. You got lost down here.” Not really. You're still here. You can feel yourself. You're still here. You're not lost. Your creativity is lost. That's what's lost. Kyeper came from the term that many misunderstand, a very simple term that's used very inappropriately these days. Very simple: Spirit. Spirit. There's a lot of misunderstanding of the terms “God” and “soul” and “Spirit” and everybody kind of wraps them all in one. You talk about the spirit world. No. Spirit is the creativity of God. Spirit is the creativeness of consciousness. That's what got lost.