inanimate object


< Creator 11 > You are awakening. The energy that the Christ Seed needs, that your divinity needs, is your own energy of love and acknowledgement. Do not give it to us. We do not need it. We love you dearly, but nurture yourself. Give thanks to yourself. You are beginning to see examples in your own life where things are beginning to work out for the first time, truly work out. You are beginning to have new understandings. You are beginning to hear inanimate objects talk to you. Oh yes, just the other day the coffee pot talked to Cauldre! (audience laughter)

< Creator 11 > As funny as that may seem dear friends, each object, inanimate as it may seem, has a vibration level. It has an identity of its own. We have said to you before in previous channels that rocks will start talking to you! And it is true. They have their own vibration pattern and they can communicate with you. You will experience more and more of this in your life as you truly begin to understand what it is like to be a creator. You will see it manifest in your life.

< Creator 11QA > These all have energetic identifications, which are somewhat different than an ego. An inanimate object such as a coathanger, such as a bowl, such as an iron; these all have vibrational patterns. Fingerprints, as it were, of vibration. They do not have the type of spiritual energy that you do. They do not have the ability to be a creator like you do. They do not have the type of free will that you once had (audience laughter) and they do not contain the ability for its own divinity to expand.

But inanimate objects do contain a certain amount of vibration and intelligence. They can easily be communicated with. We sometimes have to scratch our head and wonder why you do not talk to more trees and to more bowls and to more rocks and things. They are very pleasant to talk to! Sometimes more pleasant to talk to than humans. (audience laughter)

All things contain their own type of life force and vibration. They are all connected. You are separate - each one of you is separate and independent - but yet you are all connected in a way. Do not think of these inanimate objects having an ego like yours but think of them having a separate identity. They cannot make the type of decisions that you can, they do not have a spiritual intelligence like you do, and they cannot grow or expand their divinity like you can. But at the core level, it all comes from the same place and therefore you can have fun with these things.

< Ascension 2QA > They all have energy vibrations. They all have personalities. They all have consciousness, but when you ask outside objects, whether it is a person or an object or an animal, always demand that the answer come from truth and from love, for sometimes they like to play with you. They like to fool you to see how aware and how God-like you truly are. So, demand as God to have the answer in truth and love.

< NewEnergy 9QA > We don't want to say it is temporary (some laughter). As you go through the awakening process - and, again, this could be another Shaumbra symptom - some of the drudgeries of human living become very annoying, become very difficult. You find it is hard to expend your energy and to place time into doing these things. The odd thing that starts to happen, though - and we are seeing it with many Shaumbra - difficult to explain here… but you were locked into a routine of cleaning… that things had to be done at a certain time and in a certain way.

But, what is going to happen in your life is you can break out of the routines. You don't have to do cleaning every Monday evening once a week. You can let some of those concepts go. And, what will start happening is your house will stay cleaner on its own (audience laughter and applause). Your physical home, or apartment, or the place that you live does contain its own energy. It is your energy, but it has its own life force behind it. So, there is a literal distinctive energy in your house and in every one of your houses. If you start living in a New Energy way, the house responds. There is not so much dirt or dust. It tends to take care of more of itself.

So, we say to you, simply let all of these Old things go. We know it is a drudgery, but it is basically trying to tell you that you don't need to do it the way you did it before.

< Embodiment 11 > Every Creator being, every souled-being has the ability to re-create, to continue perpetuating the creations, to create over and over again. This Creator ability is not inherent in inanimate objects, in things like trees and most animals. Most of your pets even are not Creator abilities. They do not radiate an energy like you do. You are a Creator being. Your radiance is the extension of your creation. But, yet you have been living in this very controlled vessel that you sculpted. And, you are not radiating any longer, not to the degree that you could be. There is no continuation of your energy. In other words, you have everything so tied up in your story, tied up in the overlays, the belief systems, and the hypnosis that your true Creator energy is not free.

< Embodiment 11 > You notice, for instance, that your radiance, your divinity, shines upon everything. That is why even your car, the automobile you drive, takes on your energy because you are literally coloring it with your divinity. You give it a name, your car, sometimes. It takes on you and your attributes. It is filled with your energy. Your animals and pets are filled with your energy. You are radiating to them. The ones who you are close to in your life… you are constantly radiating, shining, glowing. And, after a while some of these things, whether it is people or objects, take on so much of your energy attributes that they even begin looking like you, sounding like you. They take on some of your identity. You see, the Creator being has that capability to do that. The chairs that you sit in… they take on your life force essence.

< Embodiment 11 > You know you could literally sculpt a model, sculpt what you would call a doll. You could sculpt a being out of clay, make it can look like a human, whatever you want. And, you could put your energy, radiate your energy, into that sculpted piece of clay and literally bring it to life. That is what radiance is about. That is the capability that you have… yes, an inanimate object, a hunk of clay shaped into perhaps a figure of a human. As you breathe in and breathe out, as you use no force and no effort, but simply radiance, that hunk of clay that you sculpted into a human can actually come to life. It is true. I have done it before. It can actually begin to breathe with you. You can try this. It takes a while. It takes some understandings of the simplicity of the mystics and an understanding of your own radiance.

< Clarity 5 > How do you feed your car, your automobile? You think it's just a piece of metal? Think again, guess again. It is a spiritual identity. It doesn't have a soul; it has an engine. It's not going to reincarnate; it's going to the junk pile. But, yet it carries a spiritual imprint and identity. It has its own consciousness. And, you feed it, not just putting gas in the tank. Every time you hop in it, your attitude, your presence and your belief systems feed it.

< Teacher 3 > A consciousness. Well, now where do you find that? It's not in your brain, it's not in your physical body necessarily. Consciousness is all around. Consciousness is very close to you and very, very far away. Consciousness is awareness. Awareness first of self, of identity, and then ultimately of everything. That's what consciousness is. You are consciousness. You're consciousness that has a unique identity. You were granted this thing that we call - or you would call - soul beingness, as Spirit. Not all beings have a soul. Trees, planet Earth, most animals do not have a soul being like you. Soul being also is the key to creatorship, or holds the keys to creatorship. You are a soul being. You are consciousness.