ascension symptoms / shaumbra symptoms

symptoms of ascension process / divinity integrating process / going into the new energy;
also see: biology; physical body; aches and pains; adjustment;

< Creator 11QA > These aches and pains of the body are symptoms of going into the new energy. They are symptoms of a change that is taking place at the deepest and most profound levels of your being, deeper than even the DNA. These changes and these aches and pains will continue for a while. There are many, many good methods for relieving this and our recommendation is to find out what works best for you. You do not need to struggle with it. If you find that Reiki provides comfort and relief for you, this is appropriate. There are others who may find relief by simply taking time in nature, walking in quiet through the woods, in the mountains, at the seashore. Many times the Earth herself helps to balance these energies. There are others who will find simply bathing in salt water, as we have discussed, will help. We ask you to look at all these techniques. Again, we learn from you. We are collecting information on what you find works. But it is to know that these body aches are simply a symptom of moving into the new energy and of all the changes that are taking place deep within you.

< Creator 11QA > You are one of the fortunate ones whose biology that is not so much affected by this. Count yourself lucky! It is not something that is pleasant as most Shaumbra can vouch for. You are one who has a biological system that is excellent at processing unneeded energy and disposing of it in the appropriate physical and non-physical ways.

< Ascension 1QA > We are finding that those physical symptoms most closely associated with this process are the ones that affect the spine. Indeed the energy moving and surging through the body, we find, in particular, that there are sensitive areas in and around the shoulders and neck. We find from you that there are more facial, headache type of symptoms. We find that the pituitary and the pineal glands are most likely to be aggravated in this process. Anything associated with a sense of disorientation seems to have a direct tie-in to this whole process you are going through. But we have found for the most part that there is not a direct effect on the heart. This is not a common symptom of going through the new energy. It tends to be more associated with the spine and with the neck and with the head areas, and also with feelings of not having two feet on the ground, being in a spacey area. We will continue to work with you, but again we ask you, whether you are a doctor or not, to share this information, to be part of the group that documents this for others.

< DivineHuman 1QA > What hit them was a human angel going through a crisis. But, it was a divine crisis, not a midlife, not a physical, not an emotional crisis. It is something that they don't understand, and there is not a book on their shelf that explains it. Not yet. Those books, dear ones, will be written by you. They perhaps will not be used by the traditional psychologists and the psychiatrists. But, once you take responsibility for who you are and for your role, strangely, somewhat mysteriously, the ones who are going through the crisis will find their way to you and not find their way to the doors of these offices of the ones who have studied the old ways.

No, dear friend, you're not going through a midlife crisis. You didn't go out and buy that red convertible. (audience laughter) You are going through a spiritual crisis, a spiritual challenge, we might say. And, you are doing just fine.

< DivineHuman 1QA > Now, this thing you call "meltdown." In a sense, what you are literally doing during these fast, and furious, and intense processes you are going through is you are, in a way, vibrationally melting away old attributes, old barriers, old forms of consciousness around you. It is exhausting on your system, mentally, physically, spiritually. But, you are quickly melting away old layers. You are beginning to sense the light at the end of the tunnel. And, no, it is not a train. It is your divinity. As you sense this, you want to speed up. You want to go faster. You can really begin to feel this approaching. So, those final layers that are still around… you are trying to melt through and burn through quickly. That is what is happening.

Now, when you go through these, don't try to fight them. We will add one very simple and one very effective suggestion for all of you, for all Shaumbra. When you really feel these periods of distress and what you call meltdown, take a bath. Take a bath. Use some sea salts in the bath. They do help pull out some of the old energies. They do help this. Breathe deeply. And, dear friends, eat a chocolate chip cookie! (audience laughter) There is more to that than simply the humor behind it. It does two things. You are giving yourself a treat. And, there is a very potent vibration in the chocolate itself. Chocolate does help soothe the ascension symptoms!

< DivineHuman 5 > Your body knows that it needs to change to adjust to your divinity. It needs to change because you are allowing your divine energies to come up from within you. These are high, high frequency energies, unlike what your body has experienced in any lifetime past. These energies are strong. They are high. They are intense. And, they are coming in now. Your body is preparing itself. It is going through the changes at the deepest level. Your body is changing at the levels of the space between the space, then up through the DNA, and the cells, and the tissues, and the organs. What you are going through right now is a biological adjustment so that you can handle all of these New Energies. They are coming in now. That is why your body aches. That is why there are pains. This too shall pass. As your body becomes accustomed and adjusted to the new frequencies, the aches and pains will go out of your body.

< NewEnergy 3QA > Indeed, you're going through a tremendous process right now, this ascension process, which is causing all sorts of changes in your physical body. There are purges, and there are cleansings that are occurring. Sometimes these appear to be… or these come out through things that you would call diseases or imbalances.

Because of the tremendous allowing you have been doing in your life, you have been breaking into wonderful New territory in your life. It is no surprise that you would come into the energy of Shaumbra at our last gathering, that you would allow New Energies to move in, literally allow your divinity to come into a place, and that it could be monitored and measured.

Allow that divinity to be in your brain. Instead of just your Old Energy brain, the divinity is now moving in there, and when they take a snapshot of that, they see something unusual… different… something they never saw before. You are literally allowing. After much work, you are allowing your mental and your divine to meld together.

So, it appears here in this CAT scan in the brain. Understand that that is not the singular point of where this is occurring. It is happening throughout your entire physical body and your spiritual body, as well. But, it was captured here. You are allowing it at all over your body.

In a sense, you had to go through this physical imbalance to put yourself in a state where the spirit could now rise from within. Sometimes, as you know, you tend to hold on… be a bit stubborn… sometimes try to figure things out quite a bit. But, you are allowing this in now.

Remember, it is not just occurring in that one spot in the CAT scan. That is simply where it was captured. It is occurring all over you. You will be ready soon to release any physical imbalances because you will find you don't need them to help you to open up anymore. You can do that on your own without the body having to jolt you into position.

< NewEnergy 9QA > Indeed… as all of you expand your energies, and you go beyond the limitations of what you would call the human condition, there are times that you will feel that part of you is not here. In a sense, you are looking for an Old balance that you would rely on. And, it is going away. As your energy expands, your balance - or your focal point, your center point - changes, so it feels like aspects of you are in other places.

And, you are also going through a metamorphosis where indeed those Old aspects are changing. And, again - how to say - you try to reconnect with them, what they used to be, but they have changed. So, they are different.

All of this is part of this whole awakening process. It is a wonderful Shaumbra symptom that you are experiencing. And, all of the pieces eventually come back together, but in a New place, in a different place. So, release your expectations. Understand this is part of the process. And, understand that it is helping give birth to a New you.

< NewEnergy 9QA > We don't want to say it is temporary (some laughter). As you go through the awakening process - and, again, this could be another Shaumbra symptom - some of the drudgeries of human living become very annoying, become very difficult. You find it is hard to expend your energy and to place time into doing these things. The odd thing that starts to happen, though - and we are seeing it with many Shaumbra - difficult to explain here… but you were locked into a routine of cleaning… that things had to be done at a certain time and in a certain way.

But, what is going to happen in your life is you can break out of the routines. You don't have to do cleaning every Monday evening once a week. You can let some of those concepts go. And, what will start happening is your house will stay cleaner on its own (audience laughter and applause). Your physical home, or apartment, or the place that you live does contain its own energy. It is your energy, but it has its own life force behind it. So, there is a literal distinctive energy in your house and in every one of your houses. If you start living in a New Energy way, the house responds. There is not so much dirt or dust. It tends to take care of more of itself.

So, we say to you, simply let all of these Old things go. We know it is a drudgery, but it is basically trying to tell you that you don't need to do it the way you did it before.

< NewEnergy 9QA > That's one - how to say - another Shaumbra symptom here - Truth changing very quickly… Old visions that you and others have had… not manifesting the way you thought they were… dreams in your earlier years of - how to say - schools, of centers. Then, you become frustrated, depressed, and not trusting of yourself when these things don't manifest.

But, the energy is so much different here. That is why we have said today that the energy of Truth comes in. It is changing and evolving. In a sense, you could say… for those of you who so long ago wanted to open a healing center… and then it didn't manifest… and you wonder what's wrong… you wonder what you did wrong. There was nothing wrong. You have simply moved to a New level. There is other work for you to do. There are other places for you to go.

So, from your standpoint here, you have gone through - how to say - a series of many, many Truths very quickly… almost like you would skip a stone over the water… skipping along… hitting on different ones from different times… until the greatest potential manifests. You didn't feel at your inner - even at your human - level that you were quite ready. You didn't feel that you had learned enough and that the greatest potential was ready to unfold in your life. You weren't sure if physically you could hold up with this potential of expression in your life. And, you weren't sure - how to say - even mentally if you were quite there.

Again, the fact that you would be standing here asking this question means that it is time. But, from our perspective, we ask you - and Myriam jumps in here to ask you also - to release the expectations. It will be FAR different than what you thought it was going to be. Release the expectations so it can flow into your life. And - how to say - we will continue working closely with you. But, more than anything, we say that it is the time right now.

< Embodiment 4QA > This is something, once again, that so many Shaumbra are going through. And, there are a variety of reasons for it. There are some of the - how to say - some of the basic reasons are that your biological body and its rhythms and movements are very much tied into the movements of Gaia. And, for so long the body would sleep and be in a waking state as it had to do with Gaia, and indeed the sun and the moon and all of these things. Now, you are coming to a point where you are changing your inner being. And, as you do, you are not connecting to Gaia biologically as you once did. So, this throws all of the sleep patterns off, and it makes it very, very frustrating.

< Clarity 8 > Symptoms like unexpected tiredness. It happens because, as you are disconnecting from the old way you were feeding yourself, it has to bring up something new from within you. You're in transition from the old way of getting your energy to the new. So, from time to time you're going to have very unexpected tiredness, when you'd least expect it. You're going to have different sleeping patterns, because as your new crystalline self comes on-line, so to speak, within you, you're not going to need the old patterns of sleeping for eight hours. Everything begins changing. The food that you eat changes because you're fueling yourself in a different way.

< Clarity 8 > Your relationships and your connections with other people change, again. They've changed before but they change yet again. The way you employ yourself... the work that you do, even how you get paid... starts to change. You're used to very old energy ways of getting paid; for instance, by the hour. What should be by the creative expansion of what you do, not by the hour. The symptoms for this disconnection go on and on and on. They're very similar to the original Shaumbra symptoms - the awakening symptoms - but there are some differences. Yes, different body aches and pains now, so often in the legs. Where before you were feeling it in the shoulders and back, now you're starting to feel certain aching in the legs. It is because the energy is running in and through you differently now.

< Clarity 8 > You are, in a sense, ungrounding yourself from the old way of how you grounded and now there's a new way of grounding your energy. A new way of even working with the energies of Gaia. There's a whole difference and there are changes going on right now in nearly every aspect of your life. Your dreams are another reflection of this whole process of disconnecting. The way you're breathing changes. Many of you have been noticing that. Your breathing changes as you disconnect. You're invigorating your body in a whole different way through the breath. Everything starts changing.

< Clarity 9QA > No, you are simply going through changes, Shaumbra symptoms, and it tends to affect the head very often... other Shaumbra will tell you they tend to feel pressure in their head... because you're changing the way you operate on Earth. Operating on Earth has been a very mental type of situation ever since Atlantis, and you're changing the way you operate. So it's literally re-programming or re-wiring the electric and the magnetic circuitry that you have in your Being, and sometimes this causes a headache. Any time you go through change, it creates a bit of discomfort for a period of time, and that is why you experience the headache. The disorientation is because you are expanding into other realms.

We are concerned sometimes because some Shaumbras are still sneaking out and going to readers (laughter) and the readers will tell them things that could have only been potentials and not even realities. Sometimes the readers get confused between yourself and the last client they had. They are mixing the energies. They are not doing it deliberately, but they're doing it because they're not in the New Energy. And now all of a sudden you're taking on someone else's reality - the last person who sat in that chair. It's not even your problem and you've just taken it on.

< Clarity 10QA > This is a very large process that you're going through and it could be considered very difficult. You are transforming from a duality-based human into an expansional-based or a New Energy-based divine human. That process is very challenging on every part of you. We are working with you going gradually, going slowly through this, but yet Shaumbra wants to hurry through this.

Tobias tells the story of a group of beings - you could say they were Shaumbra - when the Crimson Circle first started working together back in approximately 2000. This group was more or less an experimental group. They wanted to go very, very fast. They wanted to see how to push the boundaries or the edges of this whole process. It was very difficult on them. Several decided to leave their physical bodies - to go beyond. Others decided they had to totally remove themselves from society and from everything for a while because it was so difficult on the system.

We honor that small group that did this on behalf of all because it gave all of us a chance to take a look at how this process can unfold in a gentle way that didn't destroy the body or the mind. So it is a very, very difficult and tiring process to go through. You are switching over from one type of energy physics into another, and the body is going to respond at times. It will get very tired. The mind will become exhausted.

What we are saying here is that this is just part of the process. It is not going to last forever and particularly, as you disconnect from some of the old ways of feeding and even from the field, you are going to find a whole new burst of energy. We are working with Shaumbra right now who are already experiencing this. It is not something that - how to say - that no one has gone through yet. Many are already experiencing a new sense of vitality, a new ease in their life, a new simplicity.

But they are taking full responsibility for themselves. They aren't blaming it on others. They aren't blaming it on the other Shaumbra or the - how to say - the organization or any of these other things. They are taking full responsibility and they are learning that life becomes very easy almost to the point of it being effortless, because it is so - it becomes such a natural flow in their lives. So it is a process that you're going through and it will not last forever.

< Clarity 10QA > Your body is going through an incredible change at a deep energetic level that makes its way up ultimately into a chemical or biological balance. The way that any energy is taken in and used or processed is different than it was several years ago.

So here you are digesting or eating food and your body is handling it in a whole different way. There is more of a chemical reaction that's taking place when you take the food into your body. So you find that your whole digestion is thrown out of balance. You are going to find that your diet needs are changing, particularly foods that are heavy in acids are going to be more difficult for you to take in. You don't need the level of acid in your digestive system as you once needed. So you're going to be attracted to foods that are more neutral or even potentially more base.

It is a process you are going through but you can, first of all, before you take in any food, you can take a moment to feel into the essence energy of that food. Feel into those things that are going to serve your body the best and use - how to say - have a focus on that when you are taking it into your body. Talk to your body then. Let it know that you know it's changing, that you know that it's handling foods different and that it can come into a little better balance with the way it digests and eliminates food. Your body will soon catch up to and adjust to all of this.

But, indeed, again this is a wonderful example of the changes that you are going through. At its core, there is nothing wrong with the health of your body. It is simply going through this changeover process. Stay away from the foods right now that in particular are spicy or acidic because your body's having a hard time handling these.

< Returning 8QA > The symptoms of menopause have much to do with the integrating of the masculine/feminine self and really ultimately about loving the total self. So they are very, very similar to an ascension symptom, because it's about integration and evolution and going through a life change.

Go back into yourself. Your DNA is changing. You're actually able to produce balancing hormones and balancing antibiotics within yourself. The whole concept of Standard Technology is that you are the healer. Your body already has either the direct cellular potential or the cellular future potential to absolutely balance your body. But don't have expectations, because sometimes in a balancing of the body it also first does an unbalancing, which you're going to perceive as getting sick or getting certain types of problems.

There are some days where that's challenging, indeed, and you don't know if your body's going to make it through, but that's when you really do the breathing and the allowing and the loving of your body, and let it adjust itself to the consciousness. The body tends to be the last in this whole chain of adjustments that are going on.

< (Next) 4 > Your body hurts. You get up in the morning and say, "What is that all about?" The neck. Now you're getting it in the feet. You're getting it so intense that sometimes your hands and your feet start to go numb, shutting down, because it's so intense. Your teeth, your mouth, all of those, feeling the intense energies. What's wrong? And then - let's not get gross - but the sinuses. The sinuses are acting up. Plugged up in the eyes. And then, what's happening down here. It's actually not about you. Your mind is sending out false signals. They are false signals with false responses. Period.

< (Next) 6 > What's the biggest Shaumbra symptom right now - awakening symptom - that people are going through? What we hear more than anything is Shaumbra saying, "What am I supposed to do right now?" 2011 is a good year to discover it. You don't have to think about it, actually. You don't have to try to analyze it or anything like that. It will come to you, if you're willing. It's a potential that is there. All of these things have been in a state of flux and evolution, because you've been going from an Old Energy consciousness into a new, and it had to be in this state of flux. This year it comes to you. It comes to you. And all the energy to support it comes to you.