< Creator 11QA > These aches and pains of the body are symptoms of going into the new energy. They are symptoms of a change that is taking place at the deepest and most profound levels of your being, deeper than even the DNA. These changes and these aches and pains will continue for a while. There are many, many good methods for relieving this and our recommendation is to find out what works best for you. You do not need to struggle with it. If you find that Reiki provides comfort and relief for you, this is appropriate. There are others who may find relief by simply taking time in nature, walking in quiet through the woods, in the mountains, at the seashore. Many times the Earth herself helps to balance these energies. There are others who will find simply bathing in salt water, as we have discussed, will help. We ask you to look at all these techniques. Again, we learn from you. We are collecting information on what you find works. But it is to know that these body aches are simply a symptom of moving into the new energy and of all the changes that are taking place deep within you.

< NewEnergy 9QA > Let us talk for a moment about one that is most - how to say - commonly used by Shaumbra and does not - how to say - have its ownership in any individual who is alive right now. Let us talk about Reiki. For so many of you Reiki opened the doorway to help you understand that energy moves… that energy can be transmitted to others and received by others if they so choose… that energy has its own patterns… and that energy has a tremendous capability. It helped you to understand that you could go beyond what is seen with the eyes, that there was the invisible that had as much reality as the visible.

But, when you work with your clients now - those who you help in so many ways - it is time to move beyond methods. You can become trapped in that Truth (belief system) as well. In order for Myriam to work with you, you must be in the Now. You must be so very open, not locked in to anything. When you are working one-on-one with your client, it is about opening your energies of imagination beyond anything you have learned, beyond the limitations of the dimensions that you live in. Then, you can connect with them in such a beautiful and simple but yet effective way.

We know some of you get upset when we have mentioned this to you before in smaller groups or in individual cases, for you feel something is being taken from you. You feel that you do not trust your own energies and your own senses to let go of a technique. We are not asking you to deny the technique. We are not saying that it was wrong.

It is simply time for a New and greater Truth to come in. Don't get locked into a specific thing. As we said, we are going to be going to New places with you, exploring New energies, New ways of living. So, it is important not to hold on tightly to these things you have learned before.