aches and pains

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< New Earth 4 > The Christ light within you is wanting to be birthed again. That's why you have felt the things you have been going through these past few months in particular. That is why the discomfort. That is why the aching within your being.

< Creator 2 > Many of the pains you are feeling in your physical body are related directly to holding onto old belief systems that no longer serve you. You are feeling the pains in your physical body as a reminder to you to let go, to release the grip. These are pains of old beliefs, of guilt, of the way you thought things should be. Letting go allows the divineness to come in and provide that moment that you chose to create.

< Creator 5 > Now, as this fourth marble moves into your being, the other three marbles - the white, the black, and the other clear - are attempting to throw it out! They consider it to be a foreign energy that is coming into their structures and patterns. They do not understand where it comes from, and there is turmoil within! And you wonder why your backs and shoulders ache so much! (chuckling) You wonder why there is emotional struggle within your being, when you thought your life should be balanced. You are taking on the attribute of the fourth marble. The other three marbles are very confused right now, for they have never had a fourth marble since you left the kingdom. They have never had a fourth pattern. We have spoken to you before about the importance of the number four. And this is the core of it. This is the essence of the balance of "four" that we have spoken of.

< Creator 8 > As you continue to shift in your biology and in your spirit, you will notice things beyond your current human perception. If you have not already noticed, your biology and your senses are becoming much more acute and much more sensitive. Some of you do not so much like what you perceive to be allergies! They are not allergies in the true human sense of your biology. You do not like the body aches and pains. You do not like the feeling of being disoriented, of not feeling there are two feet on the ground. Dear friends, this is all part of the process.

< Creator 11QA > These aches and pains of the body are symptoms of going into the new energy. They are symptoms of a change that is taking place at the deepest and most profound levels of your being, deeper than even the DNA. These changes and these aches and pains will continue for a while. There are many, many good methods for relieving this and our recommendation is to find out what works best for you. You do not need to struggle with it. If you find that Reiki provides comfort and relief for you, this is appropriate. There are others who may find relief by simply taking time in nature, walking in quiet through the woods, in the mountains, at the seashore. Many times the Earth herself helps to balance these energies. There are others who will find simply bathing in salt water, as we have discussed, will help. We ask you to look at all these techniques. Again, we learn from you. We are collecting information on what you find works. But it is to know that these body aches are simply a symptom of moving into the new energy and of all the changes that are taking place deep within you.

< Creator 12 > In the old energy it was difficult to accept your human self. In a sense, you considered this the punishment for leaving Home. You ended up in physical body with its aches and its pains and its challenges. Before you came to Earth, you were used to soaring and flying! You were used to lightness in the Kingdom. In the new energy that you are moving into, it will be easy to accept your humanness, because you will understand that you are not locked in there. You will understand that it affords you many things, as well. It provides you with many pleasures. It gives you a vehicle for expression of the light within.

< Creator 12 > When it is abundance you choose to create in your life, do not be so specific with it, but rather breathe in abundance, and understand that it is not coming from the outside. It is coming from within you. When you breathe it in you are allowing this awakening divinity, this Christ consciousness within, to now come from the outer realms of who you are into your very being. You allow it to manifest in your life. When you are paying your bills, breathe in abundance. Breathe in abundance. When your body aches and hurts and is in disease, dear friends, breathe in, breathe deeply, breathe in biological balance.

< Creator 12QA > It is a time for you of releasing right now what you have been going through. You are leaving behind your old human self, the one that you incarnated into, in this body. You are now transitioning into a new type of human, a divine human, a human of the new energy. This process of change is difficult, and it is challenging at the very core. It accounts for the aches and the pains in your body. It accounts for the feelings of climbing one day and falling the next. You are going through the deepest of changes.

< Creator 12QA > We are learning of the aches and the pains that you are going through. There are many, many new facilitation and medical processes, and homeopathic processes that you, the ones who are here and the others who are family in this world, are creating and developing to help to alleviate and to ease this. We are working with those who are helping to create these new things. We have said before that we are aware of many new technologies and healing practices that are coming forth. From our point of view, we know these will be coming out soon. There is still work being done on these.

< Ascension 1 > You wonder about all the aches and the pains. You wonder about your past life karma, and its residues. When you go into the consciousness of not being about you anymore, these things have nothing to stick on anymore. They have nothing to stick on, and so they do not affect you so much. Yes, there is still a transition period in this. Dear friends, there is much work that is taking place within your body, but when it is not about you anymore, how could these things affect you? How could these things affect you?

< Ascension 8QA > Now, is there work ahead? Indeed, there is! You still live in a world of duality around you. It will still have an effect on you. You are still going through the transformational process. You are still releasing energies from the past. There will still be body aches and pains for a period of time. There will still be doubts and swings back and forth. But you will notice an underlying and an overlying New Energy, an energy, an understanding of love that you could never have had before. It begins within you. It is not found in another person. It is found in Self.

< Ascension 9 > And, the quakes that come up… indeed, Metatron was also speaking of the shakings and the rumblings that come up within you, the body aches and pains. Your very DNA is being changed right now by you. Indeed, we are there at night. We stand around and help to provide a buffering effect for this. You are changing your own DNA structure, your own molecules, your atomic-level being. You are changing within, and this will cause quakes. You hold energetic imprints from the past in your tissues, in your bones and all over your physical body. Sometimes it takes a quake to release these imprints from within.

< DivineHuman 5 > Your body knows that it needs to change to adjust to your divinity. It needs to change because you are allowing your divine energies to come up from within you. These are high, high frequency energies, unlike what your body has experienced in any lifetime past. These energies are strong. They are high. They are intense. And, they are coming in now. Your body is preparing itself. It is going through the changes at the deepest level. Your body is changing at the levels of the space between the space, then up through the DNA, and the cells, and the tissues, and the organs. What you are going through right now is a biological adjustment so that you can handle all of these New Energies. They are coming in now. That is why your body aches. That is why there are pains. This too shall pass. As your body becomes accustomed and adjusted to the new frequencies, the aches and pains will go out of your body.

< DivineHuman 8QA > When a human begins their true awakening process, there is a shift in these energies. This can cause much physical discomfort - some of the reason for the body aches and pains. As these energy centers reunite into one, it is somewhat of a difficult time to go through. For you who are energy workers, for you healers, observe the difference between someone who still has the independent chakra system and someone who has a unified chakra system. The healing modalities that you use with them will be very different.

< NewEnergy 10 > But, now we bring in at this time, at this appropriate time, the whole energy of Sananda. We introduced and brought in this energy a week ago of time in "the land of the unknown," what you call Norway. So, now that was the preliminary introduction. And, this entire group comes in now because it is truly the time of the birthing of the Christ seed. Most of you have gone through the birthing, you know. You associate this with some of the difficulties and challenges, the loss of your own identity, who you thought you were, some of the physical aches and pains, but yet some of the great new understandings.

< NewEnergy 10QA > It is about the imagination. Yes, you can literally go back into the past. You cannot alter the sequence of events that took place in the past, but you can change the wisdom and the understanding, and therefore provide the healing.

So, go back to the people who were involved, the incidences that took place. Go back through your imagination. Ask each one of them why these things happened and listen carefully. Ask yourself why you chose this. Ask the energy of anger why it is still around. And, listen… it will tell you something.

Understand at the heart of your heart that these energies want to be released. The energy of anger carries with it other energies. It is simply a carrier of energies that want to be released. And, we will stress this with you - and with all of Shaumbra - over and over. All of the healing wants to take place. It does want to take place - the healing of the body… and the mind… and the spirit… of past lives. It is aching to take place. It is not trying to be more unhealed and unbalanced. It wants to take place, indeed… yes, that aching (come to surfice for your attention).

So, now can you allow it to take place? Can you open your reality base up… what we call the imagination? Open up your reality base to be able to go back and talk to all of these incidences and events.

< Embodiment 3 > Humans tend to get into a type of rut, a type of comfort zone. And, it is very difficult at times for the energy to continue its natural cycle (change). When the energies are very blocked, when there is great resistance to change, they back up in your system, in your physical system. And, you see the results in everything from aches and pains to diseases, to all types of other things. It also backs up in the mind. And, you find yourself being lost or confused or disoriented.

< Embodiment 4 > Take a moment here to feel and to think about what energies you have been holding… carrying in your being… wondering why your knees are going bad sometimes… wondering why your body aches… wondering perhaps why you feel confused… why you're having difficulty finding your own identity, your own being. Shaumbra, you've been carrying so much other energy, holding it. That is why it has been difficult to discover the true you.

< Embodiment 9QA > Sometimes your body goes into pain, and sometimes your system goes into anxiety because it has a difficult time handling the overload of New Energies coming, the changes that are taking place. Sometimes you get the pain and the anxiety because literally your system is trying to protect you, saying, "Do you really want to be doing this? Do you want to be going outside of anywhere that you've ever gone?" So, it is acting, in a sense, as a bit of a - how to say - a balance for you to say, "Do you really want to go here?"

And, then once it understands, once your body and mind understand this is where you are going, it will help regulate the process. It will do so in a way that doesn't burn out or overwhelm your DNA and your cells. We know that to be a potential problem. As we have mentioned before, there was a small group that we worked with back, perhaps six, seven years ago on a very fast track. And, they agreed to go about as fast as they thought they would be able to. And, many of them are not on Earth anymore. They tested the limits of how fast the psyche and the physical body could go before burning out.

So, a lot of the pains, a lot of the anxieties are simply your body doing its own check-and-balance system. And, it is important for you to assure it that this is where you want to go. It is important for you to let go of the control, like what we said. Let the body purge and flush itself, as needed. Let the mind go through its own cycles. You are all going to find that.

< Clarity 8 > Your relationships and your connections with other people change, again. They've changed before but they change yet again. The way you employ yourself... the work that you do, even how you get paid... starts to change. You're used to very old energy ways of getting paid; for instance, by the hour. What should be by the creative expansion of what you do, not by the hour. The symptoms for this disconnection go on and on and on. They're very similar to the original Shaumbra symptoms - the awakening symptoms - but there are some differences. Yes, different body aches and pains now, so often in the legs. Where before you were feeling it in the shoulders and back, now you're starting to feel certain aching in the legs. It is because the energy is running in and through you differently now.

< Teacher 2QA > Usually the source of the ache or pain - or where you're feeling it - is actually not where it's actually originating from. You just happen to be feeling it there. There are energy conduits and energy highways in your body.

< Teacher 10QA > The pain sometimes is caused by a variety of things. Everything within your body is being re-done - the DNA, the cells, the communications network in your body. The pain, while uncomfortable, actually is an indication that this is all taking place. You don't necessarily want to numb the pain, in other words, by taking harsh medications, because the pain itself actually serves a part of the purpose in the reworking of the body. Pain signals to your bio-mechanical system that it needs energy diverted or directed into certain places and it goes into a type of emergency response mode any time it feels pain, even if the pain is throughout your entire body. And it therefore develops a type of bio-intelligence that actually facilitates part of the rewiring or the rejuvenation of your body, literally using the pain not only as an alert system but as an energy system to help with this whole changeover that you're going through. And remember, you're the one who chose the changeover.

< Returning 11QA > Much of the work that Shaumbra and others have done around the world in the integration of the new DNA composition is going to actually make it easier for them. And the other thing that's going to add to it is a lot of the information, whether it's on the website or in the form of books, explaining that the body aches and pains are a natural part of the process. The more you resist them, the more painful it is. The more you actually embrace and embody the changes, well, the faster the transformation goes. It is going to come to a point where humans don't have to go through … they won't need to go through the suffering in the body. But right now, actually, one of the benefits Shaumbra feels from this is they know something is really happening. It's actually a good indicator that there are deep-level changes. But in answer to your question, no, the painful part will become less and less.

< (Next) 4 > Your body hurts. You get up in the morning and say, "What is that all about?" The neck. Now you're getting it in the feet. You're getting it so intense that sometimes your hands and your feet start to go numb, shutting down, because it's so intense. Your teeth, your mouth, all of those, feeling the intense energies. What's wrong? And then - let's not get gross - but the sinuses. The sinuses are acting up. Plugged up in the eyes. And then, what's happening down here. It's actually not about you. Your mind is sending out false signals. They are false signals with false responses. Period.

< (Next) 4 > For right now, for any of you that has any sort of physical ailment at all, whether it's cancer, diabetes, aches and pains, arthritis, any of those other things, I have to tell you from my perspective these are false. They are absolutely false. Yes, they're diagnosed by a doctor who does X-rays and all of these other things - they're all false. They don't belong there. They're not yours. Don't carry them around anymore. They're old patterns, old ways of really bringing in and then kind of burying energy or avoiding it, and then obviously it pops up somewhere. And then you wonder what you're doing wrong. You're not doing anything wrong. False signals. There is nothing wrong with you. It's that easy.

< e2012 6 > By the way, pain, which is really what they don't want, pain is absolutely from the mind. It's not in the body. Body doesn't know anything about pain. It's only the mind. And that's also a scientific fact. If I would stamp on David's foot here, the pain isn't in his foot. It's in his mind.

< Kharisma 4 > Greatest thing for a souled being is to know the I Am, and that is also to feel alive. They, you, come to this planet to embody in biology. It's kind of foreign, but now you've gotten used to it. You come here to feel alive. There is no better way to feel alive than to have five human senses, a physical body that can experience pain. To be in a linear reality with all of its narrowness actually, in a way, helps you to feel alive. But at a certain point you get caught in the routines and the ruts, in the mass consciousness, in your own dogma, in your own filth – energetic filth – and you stop. You compromise. You hold back. You tell me that you really are ready for it, whatever 'it' happens to be, but you're just waiting.

< Wings 4 > The DNA is this amazing, hardly even understood, kind of what you would call a light thread, spirit thread, we sometimes call it the angel thread. It's the life-giving force behind everything. It's the programming. It's the software of life. But even that's changing right now. You're changing in your body, and I do have to chuckle to myself when I hear Shaumbra's like, “Oh, my body. The aches and the pains and what I'm going through.” And I'm like, “Breathe it in. Accept it, because you asked for it. Don't resist it,” and I know that sounds opposite of what you think you should do – run from it, fill yourself up with supplements and holy oils and everything else. No. You're going through a phenomenal change. Can you let yourself experience it?