false signals


< (Next) 4 > Your body hurts. You get up in the morning and say, "What is that all about?" The neck. Now you're getting it in the feet. You're getting it so intense that sometimes your hands and your feet start to go numb, shutting down, because it's so intense. Your teeth, your mouth, all of those, feeling the intense energies. What's wrong? And then - let's not get gross - but the sinuses. The sinuses are acting up. Plugged up in the eyes. And then, what's happening down here.

< (Next) 4 > But the mind doesn't know what to do. So the mind goes out and probes in its own way. It sends out energetic signals all over the body - signals to the neck, signals to the back and the tummy and the eyes and the sinuses. "What's wrong?" The mind sends out signals to every part of your life, every what you would call aspect of your life. Because the mind is not at ease right now. When parts of your body receive the signal, they're like, "Oh, let me tell you about what's wrong," and start giving feedback. They start saying, "Oh, the pressure is terrible. The bones and the joints ache." The body, in a strange way, starts doing processing with the mind. They're in kind of a twisted league together.

< (Next) 4 > So you've got all of these signals going out - "What's wrong?" - coming from the mind, and it sets up the game. Everything is wrong. Then you're like, "Where am I? What's going on?" Take a deep breath. It's actually not about you. Your mind is sending out false signals. They are false signals with false responses. Period. There is nothing wrong. You're exactly where you should be. Your body actually really isn't falling apart. You're not going crazy. You're not going backwards. You can't go backwards. You have an elaborate series of false signals.

< (Next) 4 > So how do you get over it? Breathe. Breathe and understand you are more than your mind. Now that's a little bit difficult, because the mind has been highly programmed. But you're above your mind. Your mind actually doesn't really, really, really, really want to get into this again. It was tired. It felt like it could integrate into the divine intelligence. But suddenly, it's being called back up for emergency duty.

< (Next) 4 > When you come in and say, "I Am that I Am, everything actually is okay," it will stop sending false signals. It will stop getting false responses. It will get you back into balance. It will help you to understand, not just from a mental level, but every part of you, that you're being bombarded with energy right now. It is squeezing you just like being under water at 15 meters will squeeze you. It will make the breathing more difficult right now. It will make the appearance of reality very, very distorted. And it's not. It really is not.

< (Next) 4 > For right now, for any of you that has any sort of physical ailment at all, whether it's cancer, diabetes, aches and pains, arthritis, any of those other things, I have to tell you from my perspective these are false. They are absolutely false. Yes, they're diagnosed by a doctor who does X-rays and all of these other things - they're all false. They don't belong there. They're not yours. Don't carry them around anymore. They're old patterns, old ways of really bringing in and then kind of burying energy or avoiding it, and then obviously it pops up somewhere. And then you wonder what you're doing wrong. You're not doing anything wrong. False signals. There is nothing wrong with you. It's that easy.