seven senses / seven human senses

5 physical senses (sensory awarenesses) and 2 non-physical senses;
senses of seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, touching, mind, emotion;
seven human senses expanded with the Language of Ah / divine senses;

< Creator 8 > As you continue to shift in your biology and in your spirit, you will notice things beyond your current human perception. If you have not already noticed, your biology and your senses are becoming much more acute and much more sensitive. Some of you do not so much like what you perceive to be allergies! They are not allergies in the true human sense of your biology. You do not like the body aches and pains. You do not like the feeling of being disoriented, of not feeling there are two feet on the ground. Dear friends, this is all part of the process.

< Ascension 5 > We tell you now where it comes from. It comes in through your seven senses. That is not a mis-channel. It comes in first through your seven senses. It is much like the story of the farmers. The Language of Ah comes in through the senses that you are already using and already aware of.

< Ascension 5 > It comes in through your sense of hearing, but it is not hearing like what you have known before. It is a new way. In the Language of Ah you will be sitting with a group. You will be sitting with an individual perhaps. And, you will be listening to their words, but yet as the Language of Ah emerges through your sense of hearing, it will it be like having an expanded or new sense of hearing. You will not just hear the words of the others around you. You will hear something between the words, and it will be a knowingness, and a deep understanding that causes you to go, "Ah!" The Language of Ah, the Divine language… it comes in through your sense of hearing.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah comes in, dear friends, through your sense of vision. It comes in through your eyesight, but in a different way. When you are in a situation, you’ll see it one way through your literal, visual eyes. If you stand back just a moment, and you allow the Language of Ah to come through your sense of sight, you will see something new. There are those who have seen something in this room today, the energy of Yeshua. They have seen it with their eyes. That is what is happening. It is coming in through your sense of vision, this Language of Ah. And, you will begin to see things that have always been there, energies that have always been present, but your sense of vision was limited. And, now it is opening up, and the Language of Ah, the divine language, comes through the eyes.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah comes through your sense of smell, dear friends. It does. Your sense of smell (Tobias, taking in a deep breath)… it is, in a way, an intuition. It is feeling. You use it much more than you are even aware of. Some of you classify it as one of the cruder senses of the human experience. But, your sense of smell is very subtle. You don't just smell odors, dear friends. You smell energies. The Language of Ah… it is like a new sense of intuition, a "sense of scents." As you allow it to come forward, you will have a knowingness that comes through your human ability to smell out things. You will have an intuition when you are in situations. You will have a new understanding that comes in through this nose of yours.

< Ascension 5 > Breathe in for a second. Do this now. There is much more to the breath than you thought. There is this sense, this smell, this intuition that comes in. When we tell you to breathe in, it is not just about air in your lungs. It is not just about expanding your divinity. It is about a new intuition that comes in through your smell sense. But, in this it is expanded. It is new. It gives you insights and intuitions that you have not had before. Breathe!

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah also comes in through your human sense of taste. Taste. But, when it comes in through here, you have a new and a better level of judgment and discernment. Instead of things being black or white, good or bad, you will have a new taste, a divine taste of things. It is also a type of intuition, but it is centered in a type of judgment. You will not so quickly go to a black and white judgment, rather you will go to a new level that is tied in to the Divine Will. The Language of Ah… it comes in also through your taste, through your discernment. You will have a new type of discernment and understanding of things that are in your reality.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah also comes in, dear friends, through your sense of feel, through your sense of feel, or touch, as you would call it. You are used to nerve endings in your skin. You are used to the physical, the body touch. But, as the Language of Ah emerges, it will come in through that sense also. You will have a new touch of things, a new feeling of things. It will allow you to do things much more powerfully than ever before, such as healing that is associated with the hands, feelings and sensations that are associated with the skin. You will have a type of intuition and understanding and premonition that comes in through the touch, through your skin.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah emerges from your current human senses. It will birth. It will blossom from within through that you are already using. But, it will add new perspective to your hearing, to your sight, to your smell, to your taste, to your touch. It will add a new dimension to each one of these things. But, what do you think happens in the meantime, as this language is coming forth? You will have change and transformation in each one of these human senses in the meantime, much like the farmers went through much change when they went from a central processing center to an intranet system with individual processing centers. It was not easy at first. There were challenges. There were some breakdowns. There were days they each wished they had stayed with the old ways of doing things.

< Ascension 5 > Dear friends, in this process you are going through, there will be days that your eyesight seems worse than ever. You will attribute some of that to old age. You will cuss Spirit, and you will cuss Tobias, and perhaps even Yeshua, and wonder what is happening to your eyesight, because it is blurrier than ever. It is going through changes, and these changes are necessary. This transformation is a natural process.

< Ascension 5 > There will be days when you don't hear so well, and you say, "Huh?" a lot. (audience laughter) And you say, "What?" Or, you won’t ask somebody to repeat themselves because you are embarrassed of your hearing. And, you are thinking, "I'm growing old. I cannot hear so well." But, dear friends, it is not about that. Your sense of hearing is changing, so that you can hear the divine Language of Ah from within and from others. There is a transformation process, and there will be a period of time where perhaps you do not hear in certain ranges and certain frequencies. Do not be so worried. It is simply a change, much like the farmers went through their change in technology. You are going through a change in the senses that have been with you since all days as a human.

< Ascension 5 > Many of you think you have lost your sense of smell. It is almost non-existent. But, once in a while, we know you smell something different. You try to put an identity on it, and you cannot. You smell something that is so unusual, but yet so familiar. But, you cannot remember where that is coming from. Your new sense of smell and intuition are awakening. And, while it does, the old sense of smell may seem dormant. It may seem like it is not working so well, but dear friends, it is just so that you can go through this changeover process.

< Ascension 5 > The same with your sense of taste… it is changing. You wonder why things either taste much worse than they ever did, or why they lose so much of their flavor. Your taste buds… they are changing so that the Language of Ah can come in from within them.

< Ascension 5 > Now, about your skin… you will notice changes here. You are not going through puberty again. (audience laughter) Those rashes and that itching and the dryness and all the problems with your skin, dear friends… this is the biggest organ of your body. Your sense of feel, touch, sensation… it is changing, and the Language of Ah is singing out through every nerve ending that you have. Certainly it will effect your skin for a period of time. It is not to worry here. If you run off to a doctor - (chuckling) as even Cauldre was known to do recently - dear friends, they will not understand what you are going through. And, we caution you - we cautioned Cauldre - do not glop yourself with these ointments that the doctors give you, for you are preventing the new sensitivity from coming through. These things that are happening to your skin… they will balance out shortly, just like with the farmers, and their intranet, and their new equipment. It took a bit of time to make the changeover.

< Ascension 5 > Then, there is the sixth sense. We always wonder why your scientific types have not identified it, for it is there. You have a sense of emotion. It is a sense. It is different from any of your physical senses, yet it is a very important sense. Your emotions. This will be changing also. The Language of Ah will burst forth through your emotions. You will have new understandings and new passion as this does. In the meantime, you may cry a lot and not understand why. Your emotions may be up and down like a roller coaster, all over the place. The Language of Ah is coming through this basically non-physical sense called emotion, and as it does, you will have so much more compassion for yourself and for others.

< Ascension 5 > And, there is the sense of mind, of the brain. It has not been called a sense in the typical terms by any of your scientific types, but it is one of your seven human senses. The human mind is a place that brings in information. It stores information, and it judges information. It is valuable, but its main purpose has been to catalog and then judge information, to decide if something is right or wrong, to decide if you should go left or right. It catalogs past experiences to help you make decisions for what is going on today in your life.

< Ascension 5 > The brain, the mind, the intellect is a valuable human sense. It is frustrating at times, for it is so limited compared to what it could do. And, what it can do is not about intelligence, and not being able to recount historic facts that happened 3522 years ago. That is not the value of the human brain. This sense is wonderful at bringing information and deciding then how to use it. And, as the Language of Ah comes in through the mind, it will bring a new form of knowledge and understanding into your life.

< Ascension 5 > The central processing center for the farmers represents the brain. All of your current human senses are connected to your brain, even though it is a sense in itself, even though the farmer who managed the central processing facility was also a farmer. All of your other senses of feel, touch, taste, sight, all of them are connected to your brain. They have been connected to your brain. But, now each one of your seven senses with the Language of Ah is getting their own processing center. In the new divine energy, information does not have to be processed through the brain, the sense that is the furthest away from the other senses. Things do not have to be shipped to the brain anymore before they are distributed into your life.

< Ascension 5 > Each one of your senses in the divine energy has its own form of intelligence. And, we do not like to use even that word. They have their own form of responsibility and responsiveness. In the Language of Ah you will not send the information back through the brain. The brain does not really want it anymore. The information will come independently through that hearing, the knowingness; through the sight, the insight; through the smell, the intuition; through the taste, the discernment; through the touch, the sensitivity.

< Ascension 5 > Understand the Language of Ah works through each one of your current seven human senses. But, now it operates individually. Yes, they are all intra-connected. They all understand when you have an experience through your new sense of touch, using the Language of Ah. All of the other senses will be aware. They may pitch in to help at the appropriate time. They may limit their production in order to make the production of the hearing the most powerful at that time. They will work to balance each other, for they are connected. But, much like an intranet, there does not have to be a central processor. They are independent, yet they work together.

< Ascension 5 > Is it not interesting - seven senses and seven former chakras?

< Ascension 5 > Be the ones who discover this Language of Ah, the divine language, coming in through the brain, a sense of its own, but in a way that no longer judges, in a way that doesn't have to store vast quantities of information anymore. That is the old way of storing things. It is old. All things now will be brought to you appropriately in the "now," just like the farmers who adapted and adjusted to their new technology. They no longer had to store goods. It was all done just in time, on demand.

< Ascension 5QA > We are here, those in the Crimson Council. We are here, indeed, calling on each one of you, calling on the human angels to begin using your divinity in your day-to-day life. It is not separate and different any more. It does not exist in a far-off, different place. It is not outside of you. It is within you, and it is coming forth now and expressing itself through all of your seven senses. When you acknowledge that your divinity is expressing through your hearing or through any of your other senses, then it does.

< Ascension 5QA > This Language of Ah, the divine language… it is even part of the sense of your mind, your intellect and all of the experiences and the understandings of your company and its competitors and the market and the people behind each of these. These have been stored in your brain, but now with the divine language, you will have a new sense of balanced judgment about what is really going on.

< Ascension 6 > Feel this energy. Feel my love and caring and friendship, directly through you, through all of the seven human senses that we have talked of. Feel the presence of your own "I am." It is not something removed or different, not something outside of you. Sense your own "I am" presence birthing at this very moment within you.

< Ascension 6 > Now, these are the five divine senses. They correspond, and they work with your seven human senses that we spoke of in our last gathering. They work together. The seven human senses are in your tangible reality. They are in your fixed reality as a human. They are associated with body parts like the ears and the eyes and the nose and the mouth and the skin, the intellect, and your emotions.

< Ascension 6 > These five senses that we talk of today… they are divine senses. They are not necessarily new, but the application for them in your human reality is new. You are now able to meld the human and the divine senses together. Is it not interesting, dear friends, that there has always been discussion of the seven plus five chakras? And, in a sense, there are seven human senses and five divine senses.

< Ascension 6 > When combined with the seven human senses, you will find it so possible to do things that you would have called magic or a mystery or a miracle only a few years ago. But, the interesting thing is when these things happen, they will not appear so miraculous. You will have the understandings of the physics and the science behind them. And, you will say to others when they are standing in awe and marvel of what you have done… you will say to them the words that the Master of Love said to you and to the others, "And this, you can do also." It is not a miracle. It is not a gift from God in the sense that God gives this gift everyday. It is not a special gift. It is one that God, that I Am created… what you call this miracle.

< DivineHuman 10 > Breathe in, dear friends. Notice something. You cannot have an intellectual discussion with yourself when you breathe. Your mind stops cranking away. You stop analyzing when you breathe.Take the deep breath. Try to think and breathe at the same time. It doesn't work. Such is the gift of the breath. It opens all of the feeling centers - the human feeling and the divine feeling centers. Now, take a breath and feel the flow of your creation energies come through you. They are unrestricted, undefined. They simply want to dance in your Now. Take a deep breath and feel your creative energies in the Now. They - you - want to express.

< NewEnergy 2QA > There was such an energy attached to the darkness of sex, particularly by the churches. They taught that sex was not a good act. It was only done for producing other humans, and it was not meant for pleasure. Women were taught that they should not have pleasure.

This is a very sad thing, for indeed this is one of the finest parts of being human, where you can be together with another - or just yourself - and truly open up. It opens up all of your senses. It opens up your divine senses as well. But, just like Jesus being placed on the cross - which is the symbol of divine and human intersection - there has been dark energy placed on this thing you would call sex.

Sex is one of the great ways of opening yourself to trust… and to love… and to feelings… and to divinity. If you want to feel your divinity come into play, then open yourself totally when you are making love. So, we see this as a wonderful thing for you.

< Returning 6 > Now, you're racing right now in your mind. Let's stop that. Let's go into the feeling. The feeling is an all-encompassing part of you that integrates the body, the mind and the spirit. The feeling is the opening of your senses and your awarenesses - the physical senses as well as your divine senses.

< (Next) 10 > Everything else (but I Am) is an act. Everything else is just for fun. Everything else is part of an experience. But instead of being unaware of who created the experience, instead of being unaware of why the experience, instead of being unaware of how you get out of the experience, suddenly it all comes together. It all starts to make intuitive divine sense. Not human sense. It will not make human sense, but it will make divine sense.

< e2012 1> There are sensory awarenesses. These come in through your five human senses that you have, and they are things like the smell and the touch, hear. I would say that humans are, in general, oblivious to about 98 percent of the sensory awarenesses around them. They've learned to tune things in and out. Sensory awarenesses are an important part of consciousness. Getting back into sensory awareness just requires stopping once in a while and observing that a fly is going around the room here. But unless it sits right on your face, you're generally not going to notice it, and you tune it out.

< Kharisma 4 > Greatest thing for a souled being is to know the I Am, and that is also to feel alive. They, you, come to this planet to embody in biology. It's kind of foreign, but now you've gotten used to it. You come here to feel alive. There is no better way to feel alive than to have five human senses, a physical body that can experience pain. To be in a linear reality with all of its narrowness actually, in a way, helps you to feel alive. But at a certain point you get caught in the routines and the ruts, in the mass consciousness, in your own dogma, in your own filth – energetic filth – and you stop. You compromise. You hold back. You tell me that you really are ready for it, whatever 'it' happens to be, but you're just waiting.

< WalkOn 5 > What happens to a person that loses all of their five primary senses? They will go crazy. The mind cannot handle it. The mind will try to create new senses. First of all, it will try to get the old ones working. When that doesn't happen, it will try to create new ones, but it'll be too late. You will go crazy if you lose your sensory mechanisms. You'll go out of your mind. The senses are an extension of your mind. The mind uses those five things to gather, interpret and measure data, and create your reality. This is how you live. That and your mind create your reality. This is how you perceive everything, everything, everything all around you. The mind blocks out anything else. The mind blocks out all the other basically motions, lights, energies that are going through, because it's not able to perceive it with these five senses and itself.

< WalkOn 5 > So, a very important point: reality is based on the five senses. Everybody uses them. Everybody uses these five senses to understand their reality. Let's go back to our analogy of the zoo. If you're in the zoo, you're trapped in the zoo and you continue to think and sense as an animal, you'll never get out of the zoo. You never will, because you're using your senses to survive in the zoo, to live in the zoo, to maybe sometimes think about getting out of the zoo, but you become complacent with the zoo. And you use your senses, your animal senses, now, exclusively so you'll always stay in the zoo, even if they open the gates up. And that's exactly what happens to humans. Five senses, pretty old, pretty rudimentary senses, are used to interpret your reality, but there's so much more all around.