sacred symbol; divine symbol;
intersection of the divine and the human; symbol of divine integration;

< NewEnergy 2 > But humanity was still filled with guilt, still filled with so much struggling and suffering that they could not hear your words or the words of Yeshua. Indeed, they nailed Yeshua to a cross! Dear friends, the cross is a divine symbol, a sacred geometric pattern. It is the intersection of the divine and the human. The horizontal line represents the human, and the vertical line represents the divine. They intersect, and all of the elements are equal and balanced. There is not one line longer than the other. It is a sacred symbol that has been around for a long, long time. It has also been abused by many.

< NewEnergy 2 > As this new potential for knowing the God within was awakening on the planet at that time, humanity did something to this sacred symbol (cross). They nailed a man to it! They placed a horrible energy on this sacred symbol. They put suffering in the doorway of divine revelation. It has stayed there ever since. That is why John Paul comes in today. He understands. He has done his work in trying to help remove this suffering energy from humanity.

< NewEnergy 2 > Many of the churches on Earth right now need to change. Their logo is a dead man nailed to a cross. That's the first thing you see when you walk into so many churches. You open the doors, and what energy greets you in this holy house? A dead man nailed to a cross! Dear Shaumbra, it is time to take Jesus off the cross! It represents the suffering that has been placed directly in the doorway of the divine and the human melding. How can humans move to a new understanding that They Are God Also if suffering, punishment and death that greets them?

< NewEnergy 2 > For those who asked the question, "Did Jesus indeed die on the cross," the answer is, yes, he did not continue living as a human on Earth. His energy stayed very present on Earth. It still is. He can't help it. He's nailed on the cross. But, the man, the body died. The work continued. It continues today in you and through you. So many of you are so deeply invested in those times of 2,000 years ago, so deeply invested in the suffering and the struggling that took place. You can't let it go. So many of YOU are still nailed on the cross. When are you going to allow yourself to live without struggling, without suffering? Take Jesus off the cross. Take yourself off the cross!

< NewEnergy 8 > "The Passion of Christ" (referring to a current movie), depicting the misery and the suffering, basically in the movie asking people - not in words, but energetically - do you continue to choose suffering in your life? Yeshua was simply acting out for all of us. Do you choose to continue the suffering and the persecution, the finger-pointing, the name-calling? Or do you wish to release that now? There are some who will watch this movie, who will get caught up in the drama, who will get caught up in the feeling that they should continue suffering. There are others who will realize it is time… it is time to take Yeshua off the cross. It is time to end the suffering. It is time to stop the finger-pointing. It is time to have compassion for the journey.

< Embodiment 4 > Oh, and Shaumbra, one of the greatest of all, one of the greatest crosses that all of you bear is the cross of Yeshuaholding the energy of Yeshua… and the times 2000 years ago… holding it tightly… holding it deeply… and holding it in suffering… holding it with such vows… vows that you gave to never let it go, to never let it be lost. Well, Shaumbra, it's not lost. It's very present on Earth right now. You can see it all over. It is built in churches all over the world… your energy. The work of Yeshua and the work of you in bringing the divine seed to Earth is not lost; it is not gone.

< Clarity 5 > Yeshua comes from the Order of Sananda, the House of Sananda, the angelic family of Sananda. Yeshua was manifested through that portal or that corridor. Jesus is quite different. Jesus is the manifestation of the current consciousness of the Christian Church. So, there is a Jesus up here, and there is a Yeshua up here. We don't often get confused. We see the difference between the two. The energy of Jesus carries this burden. He continues to walk around with a cross. That's why we don't get confused. Yeshua carries no cross because there is no need for suffering. There is no need to pay for human sin because essentially there is no human sin. However, there was a group of humans who created a belief system, therefore an entity called Jesus, who literally on our side and yours either is carrying that cross around or is hanging from it.

< Master 8 > It doesn't matter! Spirit's going to survive, there's no death. Yeshua proved that on the cross. There's no death. He didn't die to atone for your sins. Yeshua came to a point - and it was a collective consciousness, so it's a little different - but Yeshua came to a point of saying, "I'm going fishing. I'm going to intersect. I don't care if I live or die. I'm tired of being in my own prison as a human. I'm tired of not being with me. I'm tired of these two always being apart. I want back with me." Boom! They crossed. Ooh, did I say cross? They merged. Heaven, Earth, coming together. The waveform of divine and the waveform of human finally intersecting.

< Master 8 > So, did Yeshua die on the cross? No. He came alive on the cross. Physical body didn't mean anything. He knew it at the point of the 'cross.' By the way, this symbol was picked up hundreds and hundreds of years later as a form of hypnosis, suffering - "He died for your sins." I don't think so. I don't think so. Nobody can die for your sins. But this was originally meant as this point of intersection - the cross, the coming together - and it was used later to signify suffering and pain and guilt and control.

< Master 8 > Yeshua woke up on the cross, and in that moment released the physical body, which by the way, 2,000 years ago you had to do it that way. You don't have to do it that way now. He released the physical body and he really came to life. He went on merrily with Mary Magdalene. They had children together, even though he didn't have a physical body. Beautiful children. Yes, you can have sex even when you don't have a body. Very true. You have better sex sometimes. (looks at Linda) Not always.

< Master 9 > You've been carrying a cross with you for a long time - a lot of crosses. Take a look at the cross. The cross wasn't the one to be nailed to; the cross was the intersection of the divine and the human right here - the "X" or cross. So look at it from that perspective.

< Discovery 5 > For Yeshua it ended on the cross, and there's a lot of stories what really happened. But he really did leave the physical body. He didn't die for your sins, because there is no such as sin. But he did die for you to come back, to incarnate back on Earth. He left so that those who would become the new Masters would come in. So in a sense you could say the second coming of Christ, the Christ consciousness, the second coming, the incarnation – so that you would reincarnate, would come back at this time right now. So for him it ended on a cross, and he did show up later energetically. He rose from the dead, integrated his body, but he showed up energetically just to remind the Apostles and to remind all that there really is no death. It keeps going.